International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)


Volume 5, Number 1 (2009) 




Corrosion characterization of Al 6061 / Zircon metal matrix composites in acid chloride mediums by open circuit potential studies
pp. 1-10

Authors: A. Abdul Jameel, H.P. Nagaswarupa, P.V. Krupakara3 and K.C. Vijayamma

Preparation and Structural Characterization of Copolymer of Melamine - Silicic Acid N, N Dimethylthiourea by Elemental and Spectroscopic Analysis (IR, UV and NMR)
pp. 9-16

Authors: Vandana, Pratibha Chaudhary and Man Singh

A Stoichiometric Study on The Reaction Between Ferric Ion and p-Chloro N- Phenyl p-Chlorobenzo hydroxamic acid
pp. 17-25

Authors: M. J. A. Abualreish

Characterization of Thermally Degraded Pulp by Near-infrared Spectroscopy
pp. 27-37
A. K. Kaushik, R. Mehrotra and H.C. Kandpal

Trace Metal concentration in Rainwater in Calabar Metropolis, S. E. Nigeria
pp. 39-45
Authors: I.E. Uwah, R.A. Etiuma and I. Ogbonah

Synthesis and Ultrasonic Studies of Some Dihydro Pyrimidines in Different Solvents at 298.15k
pp. 47-55
Authors: Shipra Baluja, Rahul Bhalodia and Ravi Gajera

Studies On Various Organic Reactions In Thin Film Agitated Evaporators For Better Process Efficiency
pp. 57-62
Nikhilesh G. Dhuldhoya






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