International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)


Volume 7, Number 2 (2011) 




Study of Anti-Nutritive Factors in Some New Varieties of Oil Seeds
pp. 111-116
Authors:Satish R. Ingale and S.K. Shrivastava

A Facile, Convenient Synthesis of Z-11-hexadecene-1-ol with Exceptional Regioselectivity
pp. 117-121
Sreeraj Gopi, V. Balasubramani, D. Priya Matharasi and S. Narasimhan

Cross-linked Bovine Serum Albumin Microspheres Prepared by a Water-in-Oil Emulsion Solvent Diffusion Method for Drug Delivery Applications
pp. 123-131
Authors: Yaowalak Srisuwan and Yodthong Baimark

Efficient Synthesis of a Novel Class of 1,ω- bis(triazoles) and 1,ω-bis[[1,2,4]triazolo[3,4- b][1,3,4]thiadiazoles] with Potential Antimicrobial Activity
pp. 133-157
Authors: Nasser S.A.M. Khalil

Synthesis, Characterization, Antimicrobial and DNA Cleavage Studies on Some Metal Complexes Involving N, S, O Donor Schiff base Ligand
pp. 159-168
Authors: P. Muthuselvan, S. Theodore David and M. Sivasankaran Nair

Protection of Some Alcohols with Carboxylic Acids under Microwave Irradiation Catalyzed by H5PM10V2O40, M= W, Mo
pp. 169-174
Authors: Reza Tayebee

Deposition and Characterization of Tin Sulphide Thin Films by Chemical Bath Deposition Technique
pp. 175-182
Authors: Anuar Kassim, Tan Wee Tee, Ho Soon Min and Teh Xui Yee

Synthesis of Novel 1,ω-Bis[4- [(arylcarbamothioylamino)carbamoyl]phenoxy]- alkanes and 1,ω-bis[4-(4-aryl-5-thioxo-1H-1,2,4- triazol-3-yl)phenoxy]alkanes with Potential Antimicrobial Activity
pp. 183-201

Authors:Nasser S.A.M. Khalil

Synthesis of bis-amide and Hydrazide Containing Derivatives of Malonic Acid and Thiophenoladducts of Acidhydrazones Derived from 2-[(N-acetyl) 2, 3- Dichloroanilido] Acetohydrazide
pp. 203-212
Raj Narayan Sharma, K.P. Sharma and S.N. Dikshit






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