International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 1  (2015)  





Differential-Capacitance Instrument For Measurements of Inertial and Gravitational Forces and Torques: Parametric Design (Part 2)
pp. 1-15
Igor Gilavdary, Samir Mekid

Parallel Task Mapping Offloading Algorithm For Mobile Cloud Computing
pp. 17-27
K.Ravindranath, Dr. K. Rajasekhara Rao

Bifurcation Analysis of H-H Parameters and Their Contribution To Neurology
pp. 29-36
Taslima Ahmed, Jiten Ch. Dutta

Proportional Analysis on Texture Image Retrieval Using Double Density 2d Dwt and Double Density Dual Tree Dwt
pp. 37-47
T. Jasperlin, Dr.D.Gnanadurai

Comparison of Boiler Control Using Wireless Bridge Between PLC , SCADA , Wi-Fi
pp. 49-57
J. Adeline Sneha, V. Amala Rani, Subha Austalakshmi, J. Aran Glenn

The Effect of Karanja Oil and Its Blend With Additive on Performance and Emission From A Diesel Engine
pp. 59-68
M.K.Murthi, Dr.S.Nithiyanandam, Dr.Pss.Srinivasan, D.Sivakumar, T.Ashok

Automatic Car Parking and Controlling System Using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
pp. 69-75
Md.Abdullah Al Mamun, S.A.M. Matiur Rahman, Nizam Uddin Ahamed, N. Ahmed,R. Badlishah Ahmad, L. A. Hassnawi and Zulkifli Bin Md Yusof

Load Balancing on Gateway Nodes Using Bootstrapping Approach In Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 77-94
K. Munusamy, Dr. R. M. S. Paravathi

A Universal Turing Machine Design Approach For English To Tamil Language Conversion
pp. 95-104
A.Maheshwari, M. A. DoraiRangaswamy

Trusted and Authentication Based Routing Security for MANET
pp. 105-120
Dr.A.Jayanand and N.Chenthil Kumaran

A Survey on Recent Security Threats and Its Prevention Methodologies
pp. 121-127
Varun kumar K.A, Alex David, Durai, Thanjai Vadivel

Location Based Multipath Routing Protocol For Network Connectivity In MANET
pp. 129-143
K.Vinoth Kumar,and S.Bhavani

Gsm Based Fully Automated Surveillance Ensuring Road Safety And Data Acquisition For Legal Prosecution
pp. 145-157
R. Senthil Kumar, K.R. Sugavanam, S.Jalaja, S. Sri Krishna Kumar, A.L Meenal, G.Chandni

Morphological Effects of Alternating Voltage Anodizing In The Production of Tio2 Nanostructures
pp. 159-165
Francisco Quintero, Pedro J. Arias, Hugo Zea

Privacy Preserving and Match Making Scheme in Mobile Social Networks
pp. 167-181
T. Hemalatha, Dr. D.Rajeswara Rao, T. Sai Teja, T. Rakesh Kumar

Versatile Histogram-(Shifting & Clustering) and Ga Based Reversible Watermarking In Robust
pp. 183-191
Shinu Sadeyone

Characterization of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) Based on Chlorophyll Dye
pp. 193-205
Sholeh Hadi Pramono, Eka Maulana, Akhmad Farid Prayogo and Rosalina Djatmika

Effect of Turbulence Model In Computational Analysis of Active Flow Control on Aerodynamic Drag of Bluff Body Van Model
pp. 207-219
Rustan Tarakka, Jalaluddin, Baharuddin Mire, Muhammad Noor Umar

Surface Finish Generated During Hard Turning of Ohns Using Ceramic Inserts
pp. 221-229

V. Prem Ananth Dr.D.Vasudevan

Effect of A Crack on The Eigenvalues of Rectangular Isotropic Plate Using Finite Element Method
pp. 231-240
Mohammad Sikandar Azam, Vinayak Ranjan, Bipin Kumar

Assistive Device for visually impaired
pp. 241-247
Padmini T.N, BhargavKumar G, BachalaAlekya Reddy, Mahalakshmi.S

ANFIS Base Enhanced Shunt Active Filter For Compensating Power Quality Issues
pp. 249-268
T.Rajesh and A. Nirmalkumar

Principle of Immersion Interferometer For Measurement of Ultrasound Velocity In Solids With The Highest Possible Accuracy
pp. 269-274
B.F. Borisov, A.I. Nedbai, V.M. Sarnatskii, E.L. Lebedeva, I.O. Mavlonazarov

Performance Evaluation of Uasb Reactor For Treating Brewery Effluent In Mesophilic Temperature
pp. 275-284
R.Sivakumar, b.Dr.V.Sekaran

An Automated Detection of Optic Disc From Digital Retinal Fundus Images Using Region Based Segmentation Technique
pp. 285-296
K. Malathi, R.Nedunchelian

An Efficient Hybrid Approach For Prediction of Weather Forecasting
pp. 297-309
R.Rajkumar, Dr.A.James Albert, Dr.D.Chandrakala

Optimization of Melting Process In Casting Industry Using GA and Reduction of Lead Time Using VSM
pp. 311-323
Barani Thambachya Varadarajan, S.Karthikeyan, A.Sivasubramanian and Dr.G.Arunkumar

Investigation of The Failure of A Drive Rod on an Offshore Platform Due To Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC)
pp. 325-344
Frank Byron, Nazim Mohamed, Clément Imbert

Remote Sensing Methods For Land Cover Assessment: Case Study of Jharia Coal Field
pp. 345-359
Rashi Agarwal

Application of Fuzzy Logic on Selected Palatability Traits Preferences In Traditional Rice Varieties Across Assorted Consumers
pp. 361-369
A.Sathya, G. Indra kumar, and S.Jayalalitha

An Aggregated Trust Model To Isolate Free Riders In P2p Network
pp. 371-384
Arockia Mary and M. Radhakrishnan

A Performance enhanced Adaptive Intrusion Detection system for Mobile Adhoc Networks
pp. 387-401
M.Senthilkumar and Dr.R.Anitha

Flexible Pavement Design At Sholingallore Intersection Chennai
pp. 409-412
J. Samuel Simron Rajkumar

Effect of Fibers In Concrete Composites
pp. 419-429
C. Selin Ravikumar, Dr.V.Ramasamy, Dr.T.S.Thandavamoorthy

Quantifying Interface Friction using Forward Cone Extrusion Test
pp. 431-441
Dr. R. Velu, Dr. M.Amala Justus Selvam

Analysis Study on Security Concerns In LTE
pp. 443-450
JijiNarayanan, Dr.P.Visalakshi, M.Veeramanikandan

Thermodynamic Investigation of Diffusion Absorption Refrigeration Technology With Triple Fluid
pp. 451-468
Mukul Kumar, Randip K Das

Active Human Visual Segmentation And Restoration of Degraded Sculpture Using Binarization Methods
pp. 469-481
S.Pavithra Dr.Rengarajan

Secured PPEM Based Multi-Hop Strong Path Geographic Routing Protocol For Manets
pp. 483-504
S.Vimala, Dr.S.K.Srivatsa

Optimal Power Flow Including Unified Power Flow Controller in a Deregulated Environment
pp. 505-522
Pramod Kumar Gouda, Dr. Ashwin Kumar Sahoo and Dr. P.K. Hota

Threshold Based Image Compression
pp. 525-534
B.M.S.Rani, M.Divya Sree,T.Ravi

Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm For Independent Task Scheduling In Cloud Computing
pp. 535-543
Shimpy, Jagandeep Sidhu

Energy Aware Mobile Sensors Deployment Scheme In A Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks – A Survey
pp. 545-561
Dr. B. Chellaprabha, S. Saranya

Identifying The Sustainability of Concrete By Partial Replacement of Cement With Glass Powder
pp. 563-571
M.Praba, S.Vanitha, J.Samuel Simron Rajkumar

Causal Effect Analysis Between Brain Dominances And Multiple Intelligences
pp. 573-587
Lakshmi Dhandabani

A Technical Review on Engineering Applications of Nitinol
pp. 589-618
Mohit R. Jiwnani, Shubham Shekhar, Shubham Bansal, Pulak Agrawal, Dr R. K Tyagi

Transforms Quantitative Route Information into Qualitative Route Information of Navigational Route using Fuzzy Logic
pp. 619-626
Dalip, Vijay Kumar and Sushil Kumar

Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 627-641
V.Balaji, J.Manivannan, N.Murugunachippan, Salla Venkata Subba Reddy, R.Velu

Performance Comparison of Different Processor To Provide Benchmarks For Wimax Scheduling Application
pp. 643-661
S. Fouziya Sulthana, S.Shaffath Hussain Shakir

A Survey on Corrosion Monitoring by Robotics
pp. 663-671
R. M. Joany

Image Fusion For Pet Ct Images Using Average Maximum And Average Contrast Rules
pp. 673-681

Comparative Performance Test on IPv6 Migration Technique: Tunneling
pp. 681-688
E. Rajinikanth

A Comparative Study on Sibling’s Adjustment To Disability: An Exploration of The Communication, Social Skills and Self-Care Profiles
pp. 689-706
Preeti Tabitha Louis and Arnold Emerson Isaac

Alternate Computational Algorithms For Minimization of Unconstrained Nonlinear Functions
pp. 705-715
K. Karthikeyan

Flexural Behavior of Reinforced and Pre-Stressed Concrete Beam Using Finite Element Method
pp. 717-736
D S Vijayan1 Dr J Revathy

A Resemblance Outsource Data Leakage Detection In Cloud Computing
pp. 737-748
Dr.R.Vasanthi, Dr.R.Prakash,

Experimental Simulation of Critical Thickness of Insulation For A Hollow Copper Cylinder
pp. 749-755
Amith Kishore. P, Jayaprabakar.J

Experimental Study on Performance of Concrete Using Nanotechnology
pp. 757-768
Metro.M. M, Praveen Kumar

Energy Conservation In Plastic Injection Moulding Machines
pp. 769-782
Muralitharan T

Health Parameters Estimation From Noiseless Ppg Signal Using Lpc3250
pp. 783-789
Mary Suma Laali. R

Analysis and Design of High Speed And Efficient Mlat Fault Diagnosis Algorithm With Test Pattern Generation
pp. 791-804
M.Monisha Sibiah, Dr.T.Jaya

Dielectric Constant Characterization Using Open Split Ring Resonatorsensor
pp. 805-814
Beulah Jackson,T. Jayanthy

Enhancing The Strength of Concrete By Using Plasticwastes As A Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate
pp. 815-824
S. Vanitha, Dr. V. Natarajan, M. Praba

Algorithm of Hybrid Switching Visual Servoing For Controlling Eye-In-Hand Configuration Real Time Robot
pp. 825-838
Parag Verma, Vinay Gahtori, Rajesh Singh, Anita, Praveen Kumar

Utility Chart For Temperature Error Correction In Image For PCB Health Monitoring
pp. 839-845

An Efficient Technique For Extracting The Opinions From The Online User Reviews
pp. 839-845

Implementation of A Reconfigurable Decimator Using FPGA

pp. 857-863

Varadaraju H.R1, Dr. N.Vasudevan2 AND Dr. S. Ravi

Crack Analysis In Friction Stir Weld of AA7075-AA2024 Using Dimension Reduction Method
pp. 865-876
Dr.D.Muruganandam, D.Raguraman, S.Gopalakrishnan, L.A.Kumaraswamidhas

Graphical password authentication using CaRP
pp. 877-884
M.SangeethaPriya, and S.Sarika

Improvising the Network Performance using Modified Acknowledgment Approach in MANETs
pp. 885-898
V.Brindha and Dr.A.Rajaram

Progressive Event R-Tree Miner: A Sampling-Based Approach to Mine Sequential Patterns from Spatio-Temporal Event Dataset
pp. 899-924
R. Geetha and S.Sathiyabama

Passive Attack Resistive Key Distribution Scenario: QKD
pp. 925-935
V. Muni Sekhar, Dr.KVG Rao and CH. Sravan Kumar, Dr.N Sambasiva Rao

Forecasting the Long – term Deflections in Reinforced Concrete Girders
pp. 937-945
K. Sarumathi and Dr. S. Elavenil

Load Balancing with Reliable Link in MANET Using Predictive Back-off Mechanism
pp. 947-960
D.Maheshwari and Dr.R.Nedunchezhian

Modified Drina: A Lightweight And Reliable Routing Approach For In-Nework Aggregation In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 961-978
Dr.M.Prabu, Dr. D. Thilagavathy , P.Venkatesh S. Vijaya Rani

T-Select: Trust based Cloud Service Provider Selection
pp. 979-995
B. Lydia Elizabeth, K. Ramya, A. John Prakash and V. Rhymend Uthariayaraj

Performance Analysis Of Flat Plate Solar Collector
pp. 997-1002

Fusion and Texture based Classification of Indian Microwave Data - A Comparative Study
pp. 1003-1009
Y. Murali Mohan Babu

QuAADD: A Quick Access Routing Algorithm using Distance and Direction of Nodes in MANET
pp. 1011-1022
K. Kotteswari, Dr. S. P. Manikandan and Dr. R. Manimegalai

Design and Implementation of Quadratic Buck-Boost Converter for PV array
pp. 1023-1033
R.Mahalakshmi, Dr.H.V.Manjunath and Dr.K.C.Sindhu Thampatty

Single Phase Induction Motor Fault Detection Using Acoustics Signals And Datamining
pp. 1035-1044

A Comparative study of ARIMA model with Radial Basis Function for Forecasting Monsoon Rainfall in Tamilnadu
pp. 1045-1054


Gypsum Board And Cement Board As An Acoustic Material For Building

pp. 1069-1076

James Rilatupa

Development of Data Recovery System for the Data Transmitted over Rayleigh Faded Channel
pp. 1077-1082
S. Venkateswarlu, Dr. Sastry JKR

Design and Acceleration Analysis of Logic Element for High Performance FPGA Architectures
pp. 1083-1090
V.J.K. Kishor Sonti

Implementation of Sidelobe Cancellation In Multiple Jammer Environments

pp. 1091-1098
Jagadesh.T,  Nanammal.V

Effect Of Temperature And Particle Sizein Biomass Pyrolysis And Properties Of Bio Oil
pp. 1099-1104
G. Mathiselvan, M .Senthilkumar, Venkatesan

pp. 1105-1112
Gopikaramanan.R, Mr.S.Sivakumar , Mr.S.Suresh, Mrs.A.B.Anitha

Mining Students’ Record to Predict Their Performance in Undergraduate Degree
pp. 1113-1142
L. Ramanathan, Dr. Angelina Geetha, Dr. M. Khalid

Adhesion Behavior of Polyurea Coating on Mild Steel
pp. 1143-1149
Arunkumar.T , S.Ramachandran

Classification Of Breast Tumor Using Fractal Based Fourier Transform Method
pp. 1151-1159
B. Monica Jenefer, V. Cyrilraj

Effectiveness of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm For The Fixture Layout Optimization
pp. 1161-1173
Jeya Jeevahan

Finite Element Analysis On 302 Stainless Steel To Avoid Failure Of Windmill Tower
pp. 1175-1184
Salla Venkata subba reddy, N.Murugu Nachippan, V.Balaji, J.Manivannan

Experimental Investigation on the Influence of Selective Laser Sintering Process Parameters on Surface Roughness
pp. 1185-1194
D.B.Vennilaa, G.Karuppusami, P.Senthil

Two Tank Water Level Control Level System Using Pi, Pd And Pid Controllers
pp. 1195-1206
M.Lavanya ,P.Kartheek ,B.Nagaparvathi ,K.Vineesh

A Novel Method to Find the Difference in Coating Uniformity on Surfaces
pp. 1207-1213
G. Sajiv

Design of an Electronic Reconfigurable Dual- Frequency Antenna for HIPERLAN
pp. 1215-1224
Arpita Sen, Neela Chattoraj

Energy efficient Dynamic MANET On-Demand with Delay QOS (EE-DYMO-D) Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 1225-1232
Y. Azizi, M. Azizi And M. Rahmoun

A Detection And Removal Of Random Value Impulse Noise In Images
pp. 1233-1

P.N. Sundararajan, S. Sasi Kumar

A Survey On Control Strategies For Shunt Active Power Filter For Reactive Power Compensation
pp. 1243-1252
S. Ravichandran

An Enhanced Mutual Authentication Scheme using Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography for Smart Card
pp. 1271-1284
Vijayakumar P, Vijayalakshmi V, and Zayaraz G

General Manpower -Two Phase Machine System With Markovian Production And General Sales
pp. 1285-1300
K. Hari Kumar, P. Sekar, R. Ramanarayanan

Micro-Controller Based Burglar Alarm Security System For Homes
pp. 1301-1309
SreejithSekharan, Karthik Balasubramanian, Arokkia Jerald Praveen

A Novel Low Power FIR Filter Architecture For Signal Processing Applications
pp. 1311-1319
Jagadesh.T , Jebastine.J , Mahalakshmi.P

Parametric-Neural Approach For Linear Fractional Programming Problems
pp. 1321-1332
G. Selvaraj and P. Pandian

Stage-Manage Of Reinforcements In Wear Behaviour Of Aluminium Matrix Composites
pp. 1333-1342

A High Capacity Data Hiding Scheme for Digital Images Using Normalization
pp. 1341-1350
D.R. Denslin Brabin, J.Raja Paul Perinbam

High Security And Traffic Constraints Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography Algorithm In WSN
pp. 1351-1363
Dr. P.Karunakaran, K. Saravanan, Dr. C.Venkatesh

An Adaptive Traffic Controller With Traffic Flow Streamlining Capability
pp. 1365-1375
J Jayavel, R Venkatesan, S Uma Devi

Proposal Of Modified Split Radix Algorithm For The FFT Processor
pp. 1377-1384
Mr.Sinuvasan M, Mr.Ramesh S. Mr.Jagan G.C

Optimization Of Heavy Truck CHASSIS Design Parameters Using Finite Element Methods
pp. 1385-1396
S.Manova Raja Singh, N.Murugu Nachippan, R.Ganesh, Mathew Alphonse

Investigation Of Process Parameter Variations On NQS Delay, Intrinsic Gain And NF In Conventional And Junctionless Gate-All-Around Devices
pp. 1397-1409
B. Lakshmi and R. Srinivasan

NIR Spectroscopy Based Blood Glucose Range Estimation Using Decision Tree Algorithm With Cogent Analysis
pp. 1411-1420
S. Vivekanandan, M. Devanand, P.V Amruth, Vasudev Kumar

Assessment Of Risk Factors Contributing To Health Of Inhabitant Around Perungudi Dumpsite, India
pp. 1421-1430
K. Parameswari. B.V. Mudgal

A Theoretical Review On Job Simulation Techniques For Two Single-Machine Scheduling Problems
pp. 1431-1438
T. Nivinjoy

Maximum Demand Control Using Ad-Hoc Network To Avoid Grid Failure
pp. 1439-1448
S.Philomina, Dr.R.Ramesh, Mr.A.George amal jose, Ms.Janavi Anand

Hierarchical Classifier For Microaneurysm Detection
pp. 1449-1458
M. Kavitha, M. Kavitha, Dr. S. Palani

Multiple Imputation Of Missing Data Using Efficient Machine Learning Approach
pp. 1473-1482
S. Kanchana

CAD: Diagnosing Breast Masses in Digital Mammography Using Feature Selection and Classification Methods
pp. 1483-1498
BV Kavetha, TR Chenthil, GBala Chandran

Resource Allocation in Cloud Environment Using Cloud Analyst
pp. 1499-1510
Dr. P. Venakateswari, M. Aruna

FPGA Implementation Of Hybrid Pulse Width Modulation Strategies For Three Level Inverters
pp. 1511-1518
L.U.Sudha, J.Baskaran, S.Thamizharasan

An Algorithm For Detecting Outliers In Distributed Environment
pp. 1519-1523
Dr. E.Chandra, P.Ajitha M.C.A.,M.Phil

Identification of Irrigation Gap in Kiliyar River Sub Watershed
pp. 1525-1543
C. Nedunchezhian, P.Kasinatha Pandian, V.Lenin

Air Intake System Performance Analysis By CFD Simulation Method For Automotive Engine
pp. 1543-1553
R.Manikandan, Dr. E. James Gunasekaran

Mechanical Behavior And Microstructure Evaluation In Aluminum (Al) And Born Carbide (B4C) Composite Process Through Equal-Channel Angular Pressing(ECAP)
pp. 1555-1564
Saravanan, K, A Senthil Kumar, M.B Venkatachalam, P, Jaiganesh.V,

Power Quality Improvement In Fourteen Bus System Using EZSI Based DVR
pp. 1565-1573
Dr. S.Leela and Dr. S.S.Dash

Simulation Of Co-Efficient Of Thermal Expansion Of Ti-6al-4v Alloy/ Nano Sicpcomposites Based On Ansys
pp. 1575-1579
S. Krishnamohan, S. Ramanathan, V. Ramakrishnan M. Anandajothi

An Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller for Load Frequency Control of a Distributed Grid Systems
pp. 1591-1604
Dr. Ashwin Kumar Sahoo, Aswin Gautham D

New Type of Contra Strongly
a-I- Continuous Functions in Ideal Topological Spaces
pp. 1605-1614
M.Parimala & C.Indirani

Need To Understand The Growing Importance Of Article Evaluation Process Towards Retail Outlets In Current Scenario (With special reference to Retail outlets in Chennai)
pp. 1615-1625
Dr. R. Dhivya

Improving The Video Quality Of The HEVC Standard Using A Modified Band Offset Design
pp. 1627-1636
Mohamed M. Fouada and Alaa F. Eldeken

FPGA Implementation of New Codec for the Avoidance of Crosstalk in On-Chip Buses
pp. 1637-1651
Kovvuri Srinidhi Reddy, Mrudula Singamsetti, Sarada Musala and Krishna chennakesava Rao

An Efficient Feature Extraction Method with Exact Legendre Moment forAmazigh Word Recognition System Using Segmentation and Hybrid Classifiers
pp. 1653-1670
MohamedAbaynarh, Hakim El fadili and Lahbib Zenkouar

Improvement Of Efficiency In An Active Clamp Zvs Multioutput Flyback Converter With Voltage Doubler By Using Uc3825 Analog Controller
pp. 1671-1686
K.Deepa, Sanitha Mary Kurian, M. Vijaya Kumar

Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows Having Uncertain Demand using Fuzzy Ant System
pp. 1687-1699
Sandhya, V.Katiyar

Reduce Torque Ripple Using Novel Torque Distribution Function For Embedded Applications
pp. 1701-1707
S.Vetriselvan, Dr. S.Srinivasan, Dr. G.P.Ramesh

Palm Vein Recognition: A Novel Approach Used In Multi-Biometric Personal Authentication System
pp. 1709-1719
DR.T.Karthikeyan, T.K.Sumathi

Comparative Study On Data Centric - Wireless Sensor Network Protocols
pp. 1721-1726
S.Sibi Chakkaravarthy, R.Prabhakaran, M.Sureshkumar, S.Thiyagarajan, K.Kalaiarasan

Generalized Differential Quadrature Method for Timoshenko Beam with Varying Cross Section
pp. 1727-1735
Mladen Meštrovi´c

Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing of the Weldment of Dissimilar Metals
pp. 1737-1749
Ahmad AL_Fasfous, Suleiman Obeidat and Mohammad Aljarrah

Effective Storing and Retrieval of Big Data and Ultimate Filter from Attacks (UFFA)
pp. 1751-1758
D.Hemapriya, S. Deepan, K . Durairaj1, R.Hariharan

The Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation Of Turbulent Natural Convection In A Differentially Heated Cavity With Large Eddy Simulation (LES- Model)
pp. 1759-1764
Taloub Djedid, Beghidja Abdelhadi

Capping Technique to “Rapid Sand Filter”
pp. 1765-1772
Mr.Ranjeet Sabale, Mr.Rajaram Shinde, Mrs.Usharani Sangar

Towards Incredible Evaluation of Conserving Groundwater for Irrigation System: Issues and Challenges
pp. 1773-1790
S.Vijaya Rani, Dr. M.Prabu, R. Santhosh Kumar, P.Venkatesh

An Efficient Method for Quality Estimation in Open Source Software Using Improved Particle Swarm Optimization
pp. 1791-1806
V. Suganthi, Dr. S. Duraisamy

A Survey of Sequence Patterns in Data Mining Techniques
pp. 1807-1815
S. Muthuselvan, Dr. K. Soma Sundaram

Intelligent Control Using Neural Networks & Reinforcement Learning
pp. 1817-1831
Unnikrishnan P.C., Dr. P Vijayakumar

A Fuzzy Ant System Routing Algorithm For Ad Hoc Communication Network
pp. 1833-1853
Kacem Ibrahim, SaitBelkacem

Analysis Of Indian Cybercrime Dataset For Age Demography
pp. 1855-1861
Mr. K.Sankara Moorthy, Dr. C. Senthilnathan, Mr. C.Arun Kumar, Mr. Densingh Joshua Israel

A Review On Opinion Mining In E Commerce And Using Classification For Sentiment Analysis In User Feedback Comments
pp. 1863-1870
V.Manopriya, S.Chakravarthi, S.Esthershalinrooth

A Dynamic And Ingenious Phonic Energy Metering System
pp. 1871-1878
M. Ramya, M. Muthuvinayagam

Comparative Study Of Validity Indices For Clustering Over Ill-Structured Datasets
pp. 1879-1889
Sheik Faritha Begum, Rajesh

Forecasting Indian Stock Market Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Support Vector Machine
pp. 1891-1900
K.Nirmala Devi and Dr. V.Murali Bhaskaran

Identifying Selfish Misbehavior Nodes In Wireless Networks With Enhanced Data Transmission Rate
pp. 1901-1910
Mercy Paul Selvan, T.R. Rajesh

Fuzzy C Means Based Hybrid Classifiers For Offline Recognition Of Handwritten Indian (Arabic) Numerals
pp. 1911-1924
Maen Takruri, Rami Al-Hmouz, Ahmed Al-Hmouz, Mohammad Momani

An Improved Method of Cryptographically Generated Address for IPv6 Network-Based Mobility
pp. 1925-1937
Dr. Senthilkumar Mathi and Suganya Veluswamy

A Study of Oxide Effect in Cutting Tools, toward the Cutting Tools Wear on Cast Iron Turning
pp. 1951-1960
Ahmad Yusran Aminy, Rudy Soenoko, Wahyono Suprapto, Yudi Surya Irawan

Quality Evaluation Of Compressed Retinal Images
pp. 1961-1970
A. Kanagalakshmi and M. Suganthy

High Performance ECG Compression Using 2D Bi-Orthogonal Multi Wavelet And Hybrid SPIHT Deflate Algorithm
pp. 1971-1979
T.Somassoundaram and Dr.N.P.Subramaniam

Colour Image Enhancement Using Discrete Wavelet Transform-K Means Clustering Hybrid Design
pp. 1981-1994
K.Baranitharan and Dr S Srinivasa Rao Madane

An Efficient Implementing Solution For Three Channel OSD Based Audio Crosstalk Cancellation With Stereo Inputs
pp. 1995-2014
Chunduri SreenivasaRao, Dr. Dhulipalla VenkataRao and Dr. S.LakshmiNarayana

Optimization of process parameters for Electron Beam Welded Cu-Cr-Zr to Cu-Cr-Zr using Taguchi’s Technique for Fusion reactor application
pp. 2015-2021
P.Amith Kishore, and M.Manikandan

Distributed And Improvised Up-Growth Approach For Utility Based Mining
pp. 2023-2029
A.Pio Sajin, R.Aswini, B.Baron Sam

Linear Stability Analysis Of A Motorcycle Model Using Matlab
pp. 2031-2039
Soumya Kanta Das and Dr.K.Manivannan

An Empirical Study On Emotional Intelligence And Effectiveness Behaviour In Work Place
pp. 2041-2047
Mrs. S. Joyce

Analysis of Single Phase Induction Motor and Switched Reluctance Motor with a view of Energy Conservation
pp. 2049-2065
Asok Kumar A., Bindu G.R

Text Feature Classification Approach for Effective Information Extraction via Discriminative Sequence Analysis
pp. 2067-2079
Dhanasekaran K, Rajeswari R

An Efficient Feature Reduction Technique For An Improved Heart Disease Diagnosis
pp. 2081-2090
G. N. Beena Bethel, Prof. T. V. Rajinikanth, Prof. S. Viswanatha Raju

Analysis of Normal and Cancer DNA Sequences Using Genomic Signal Processing
pp. 2105-2115
Inbamalar T M and Sivakumar R

Lifetime Enhancement of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Energy Efficient AO - Star Algorithm with Link Stability
pp. 2117-2135
M. Yuvaraja and Dr.M. Sabrigiriraj

Myocardial Infarction detection using DSKC6713
pp. 2137-2148
K.Padmavathi and K.Sri Ramakrishna

Unsupervised Co-Channel Speech Separation Using Vector Quantization Based Heuristic Clustering Algorithm
pp. 2149-2164
G.Logeshwari and G.S.Anandha Mala

Enhancement Of Speech In Stationary And Non-Stationary Noisy Environment
pp. 2165-2177
G.Logeshwari , N.Ayshwarya , G.S.Anandha Mala

Hybrid PVT System based on Non-Uniform Differential Evolution for Solar Fraction Optimization
pp. 2189-2199
Prof.C.Ramesh and Dr.J.Kumar





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