International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 10  (2015)  





Classification of Wireless Sensor Networks Clustering Techniques
pp. 24747-24757
Jatinder Kaur and Gurjot Singh

Performance Analysis of Raman LiDAR over Raman Spectroscopy for Detecting Remote Trace Explosives
pp. 24759-24772
Aishwarya Singh, Anupama Bhattacharya, Sangeetha N and S. Rajalakshmi

Modeling and Analysis of Cabin Suspension and Rear Suspension of 6x4 Tipper Vehicles for Ride Comfort Using Creo1.0, Ansys 13.0 and Matlab 2013
pp. 24773-24789
N. Raghu Prasad and Jeeoot Singh

Detection of Stator Inter-Turn Fault of Three Phase Induction Motor by Fast Fourier Transform and Parkís Vector Approach Using ARM Microcontroller
pp. 24791-24804
B. Rajagopal and S. Singaravelu

Multiple Target Localization Using Wideband Echo Chirp Signals
pp. 24805-24816
V.Dedeepya and Nimmagadda Padmaja

Experimental Investigation of Diesel Blended With Camphor Oil for Performance and Emission Characteristics in Compression Ignition Engine
pp. 24817-24828
M.Rajesh Kumar, H.Gowtham Kumar, M.Selvamuthukumar and, V.Vivek Raj

Hydrogeochemical studies on Pazhayar river of Kanyakumari District in Southern Tamilnadu, India
pp. 24829-24844
Elangovan Anantha Krishnan, Karuppiya Ganesan, Sutha Shobana, Sundaram Arvind Narayan and Jeyaprakash Dharmaraja

Application Of Value Stream Mapping In An Indian Brass Lamp Manufacturing Organisation
pp. 24845-24860
K.P. Paranitharan, V.Vidhu Balan, .T.Ramesh Babu, A. Pal Pandi, D.Chella Ganesh

Selection of Cross Over Ratio Factor in Differential Evolution Algorithm for FIR Filter Design
pp. 24861-24870
Kotha Srinivasa Reddy

Development of Debug monitor and Uploading Data to Server Using System-on-Chip
pp. 24871-24882
Pranathi Nandhigam and Dr.Jayanta Biswas

Hazards Analysis In A Processor Using Bluespec System Verilog
pp. 24883-24892
Siva Kumar Nagulapati and Jayanta Biswas

Design and Development of Low-cost Rice Harvesting Machine
pp. 24893-24904
Elangovan M, Muralidharan K, Pradeep kumar K, and Sridhar G

Market Based Trends Analysis Using ĎSentiments Analysis
pp. 24905-24916
Rohit Gore and Swati Ahirrao

Soret And Dufour Effects On Unsteady MHD Free Convection Flow Of Casson Fluid Past A Vertical Plate Embedded In A Porous Medium With Convective Boundary Condition
pp. 24917-24936
G.Mahanta and S. Shaw

Leveraging Organizational Memory to Build Mid- Tier Leadership in Large Enterprises
pp. 24937-24956
K M Suceendran, Saravanan Ramachandran, Dhilip Kumar, Divya Ananthram, K Sarukesi and Sudhakar Pandiarajan

Reimagining Employee Connects To Build an Attrition Predictor Model
pp. 24959-24978
K. M. Suceendran, Saravanan Ramachandran, Divya Ananthram, S. Poonkuzhali, R. Kishore Kumar, and. K. Sarukesi

Automatic Ear Segmentation Using Banana Wavelets And Hough Transform
pp. 24979-24989
Lija Jacob and G. Raju

A Analysis on Various Data Mining Approaches To Predict Fibroid Tumor Presence In Women
pp. 24991-24997
M.Renuka Devi and V.Sindhu

Qos Guided Route Discovery Based on Bandwidth and Latency
pp. 24999-25016
K. Santhi

Mining User Interests From Web Log Data Using Long-Period Extracting Algorithm
pp. 25017-25025
K. Srinivasa Rao, M. Krishna Murthy and A Kannan

Evaluating Vulnerability Tool To Analyze The Web Security Mechanism
pp. 25027-25034
Arunraj L, Vasanth S and Ramanathan M

Reactive Power Compensation of Three Phase System Using Shunt Active Filter and Model Predictive Control With Static Var Compensator
pp. 25035-25046
N. Balasubramaniam and J. Devi Shree

Effective Security Mechanisms To Provide Multiparty Access Control In Online Social Media
pp. 25047-25058
R. Prem Kumar, A.Renga Rajan and S.Hariharan

Domestic Power Line Carrier Communication
pp. 25059-25063
Sanaullah Ahmad Rizvi, K.B.Neelima and. T. Saravanan

Power Harvesting of Wind Energy Conversion System With Induction Generator Using Fuzzy Controller
pp. 25065-25074
S Lakshmi Priya, and N. Mohan raj

Construction of A New Cryptosystem From An Arithmetic Group
pp. 25075-25080
Chandradeo Prasad

Implementation of Parallelism on Block Cipher Modes Using Des In Lab View
pp. 25081-25093
K. Raja Sekhar, V. Sankeerthanreddy, D. Priyanka, S.GopiKrishna and B.Vijaya Sree

A Noval Cryptographic Technique Magnified With Shielded Key Contract
pp. 25095-25105
M.Janaki, and.M.Ganaga Durga

Delay- Dependent Stability Analysis of Load Frequency Control System Using Rekasiusís Substitution and Resultant Theory
pp. 25107-25116
T. Jesintha Mary and P.Rangarajan

A Study on Compression Ignition Internal Combustion Engine Operating on Diesel Blended With Pongamia Oil For Performance and Emission Characteristics
pp. 25117-25129
P. Palanikumar, E.Thambiran, D. Samuel Raj, Sugash. G

Elimination of Rough Milling and Grinding Machining Operation in Casting Bay Parts
pp. 25131-25142
P. Divyakumar and C. Bhagyanathan

Functional Coverage For DDR4 Memory Controller
pp. 25143-25153
M.A.Srivatsav and.Kakarla Hari Kishore

Extraction of Touching or Overlapping Lines From Handwritten Document Images Using Normalized Chain Codes And Projection Profiles
pp. 25155-25164
N. Shobha Rani, Hemanth K. P and Hrudya

Analysis of an M[x]/G/1 feedback Queue with Two stages of Repair times, General Delay Time
pp. 25165-25174
S. Maragathasundari and B. Balamurugan

A Parallel Disk Scheduling Algorithm for Multicore Architectures
pp. 25175-25188
PranavPATEL, Chirag PATEL, RutulSHAH and VijayarajanV

A New Approach Of Opinion Mining For Online Marketing Using A Sentiment Sensitive Thesaurus
pp. 25189-25206
A.G.Balamurugan and K.Durairaj

An Encryption Scheme Based on AES and SHA-512
pp. 25207-25218
Veerpal Kaur and Aman Singh

Automated Spam Detection In E-Mail Using SVM
pp. 25219-25227
Pallavi M S, Vinayak Hegde, Anushadevi H G, and Ambika V

Investigations on Mechanical and Water Absorption Behaviour of Woven Banana - Cotton Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composite with Addition of Nanoclay
pp. 25229-25240
Kavin Kumar. V and Murugarajan. A

Developments in Heat Pipe: A Comprehensive Review
pp. 25243-25285
Nishtha Vijra and T.P.Singh

Empirical Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms In Detecting Cardiac Arrhythmia
pp. 25287-25295
L.V. Nandakishore and. S. Aruna

Improving Performance of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Genetically Driven Cluster Based Data Routing
pp. 25297-25305
Rimple Manni and Mritunjay Kumar Rai

Performance Analysis of Truncated Software Reliability Growth Models
pp. 25307-25315
Sangeetha Yalamanchili and Satya Prasad

A PFC Control Strategy For Single Phase Bridgeless Diode Rectifier Based on SEPIC Converter Topology
pp. 25317-25328
G.Venkatesh and Y.P.Obulesh

Analysis of Temporal Expression In The News Articles Using Temporal Taggers
pp. 25329-25346
R. Suganya Devi, R. Vidhya and. D. Manjula

Evaluation of Student Performance Using Z-Score and K-Means
pp. 25347-25354
Vinayak Hegde, Deepika N C and. Sushmitha K

Improved Link Communication and Fast Recovery In MPLS Network
pp. 25355-25365
Smarth Chabbra and Jyoti Kohli

Studies on Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash and Bagasse Ash As A Cementitious Material In Concrete
pp. 25367-25378
Murugan Usha Rani, Binu Sukumar and Martina Jenifer

A Velocity Based Vertical Handover Decision Technique Using TOPSIS Method
pp. 25379-25387
Raman Kumar Goyal and Sakshi Kaushal

Parameter-Selective Based CAD System For Epileptic Seizure Classification
pp. 25389-25407
Meenakshi Sood and Sunil V. Bhooshan

Novel Approach To Avoid Black-Hole By Applying Trust Based Method In Manet
pp. 25409-25415
T. Senthil Murugan, C. Ambika Bhuvaneswari, M. Thanjaivadivel and D. Sugumaran

Asic Implementation of Low Power Nand Flash Controller With E-MMC Interface
pp. 25417-25431
J.Rajesh, B.Muralikrishna, Habibulla Khan, and G.L.Madhumati

Deep Learning Ė An Overview
pp. 25433-25448
Remya Ramachandran, Devi C Rajeev, Swathi G Krishnan and P Subathra

Multiple Error Detection and Correction Using Orthogonal Latin Squares (Ols) and Majority Logic Decoders
pp. 25449-25456
Fazal Noorbasha and Yamini Pallapolu

Resource Allocation Using Virtual Machine of Data Center To Reduce Cost
pp. 25457-25463
R.T.Thivya Lakshmi, M.Thanjaivadivel, V M Vinayagam, N.Chandra Sekhar and K. Kishore Kumar

A Method of Ranking Generalized Trapezoidalintuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers
pp. 25465-25473
A. Nagoor Gani and V.N. Mohamed

A Novel Method For Seizure Prediction Based on Autoregressive Modelling and A Real-Time Error Correction Algorithm
pp. 25475-25492
Hari Prasad S. A, Gowtham S, Radhika R, Arvind K. S, Gowthami Renny and Pradeep Kumar K. A

Automating Runout Decisions In Cricket Using Image Processing
pp. 25493-25500
Sabarish B A, Sheethal Mohan, D P MamthaShri, Rishikesh C Ajit and A VR Arun

A New Steganographic Technique Using Combination of EEE and DDE
pp. 25501-25510
Manish Grover, Pushpendra Kumar Petriya, Sandeep Tripathi

Text Summarization using Clustering Technique and SVM Technique
pp. 25511-25519
ShivaKumar KM and Soumya R

Secure Multi Owner Data Sharing In Cloud
pp. 25521-25529
Abdul Ahad, G.Sarma, V.Sai Mounica, P.CH.S.B.Sruthi and D.Sai Sirisha

Smart Building Automation Using Device Free Localization Technology
pp. 25531-25546
Rashmi Priyadarshini, Anubhav David, Arun Kumar, S. RN. Reddy and R. M. Mehra

Desired Sound Source Localisation Using Advanced Signal Processing Techniques in Multiple Sources
pp. 25547-25562
D. Lakshmi Srinivas, P. Satyanarayana and V.S. Bhagavan

I2C Master Bus Controller Implementation on FPGA with RAM as Slave
pp. 25563-25570
Ch Monica, K Hari Kishore and B.Praveen Kitti

Review Of Automatic Detection And Grading Of Diabetic Maculopathy
pp. 25571-25588
Bijee Lakshman and R.Radha

Mitigating Congestion Based DoS Attacks By Using Weighted Fair Queuing With An Enhanced AQM Technique
pp. 25589-25598
A.Sreeja and M.Ganesh Karthik

Entropy Based Support Vectors And Ant Colony Networks For Intrusion Detection
pp. 25599-25605

Frame Aggregation And Fragment Retransmission For Very High Throughput WLANs
pp. 25607-25616
K.Vijayarekha and C.Madhusudana Rao

Survey and Comparative Study of Wireless Technologies for Enhanced MANET
pp. 25617-25627
P. Aruna and N. Vetrivelan

Opinion Mining And Market Analysis
pp. 25629-25636
Vinayak Hegde,. Karthika P and. Madhu M G

Presentation of FEA for Fibrous Composites in Second Stage Creep
pp. 25637-25641
Vahid Monfared and Saeed Daneshmand

Towards An Alternative Middleware Approach For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
pp. 25643-25652
Nor Effendy Othman and Rosilah Hassan

Accounting Of Dynamics Of Standing Waves In A Rotating Ring With Supports
pp. 25653-25669
AleksandrIvanovichPolunin and TatyanaVladimirovnaBondarenko

Comparative Analysis Of Structural And Dynamic Models Carbonic Acids With Six-Membered Basic Fragments
pp. 25671-25681
Michaeel D. Elkin , Vladimir V. Smirnov and Anatoley M. Likhter

Biogas Production In The Bioreactor With Bubble Mixing
pp. 25683-25690
Denis Yuryevich Suslov, Leonid Anatolyevich Kuschev and Valeriy Anatolyevich Uvarov

Rotary Haulm Chopper Parameters Development And Substantiation For Root And Tuber Crops
pp. 25691-25697
Marat Nazipovich Kalimullin, Rinat Kadyrovich Abdrakhmanov and Arkhipov Sergey Mikhailovich

On Creating Of Body Gravitational Attraction Jet Model
pp. 25699-25709
Nikolaj Ivanovich Karpenko and Sergej Nikolaevich Karpenko

Density Of Structure And Extent Of Saturation By Water Of Composites As A Factor Of Change Of Their Durability When Freezing And Thawing
pp. 25711-25719
Yerofeyev Vladimir Trofimovich, Fedortsov Anatoly Petrovich, Novichkov Petr Ignatyevich, Bogatov Andrey Dmitrievich, Lesovik Valery Stanislavovich and Rimshin Vladimir Ivanovich

Use Of Geosynthetic Nonwoven Roll Material For The Restoration Of The Natural And Technogenic Systems
pp. 25721-25727
Puchkov Mikhail Yuryevich, Lysakov Maxim Arkadyevich, Loktionova Elena Gennadyevna, Puchkova AlyonaMikhaelovna, Yakovleva Lyudmila Vyacheslavovna, and Andrianov Vladimir Aleksandrovich

The Power Supply System With Geothermal Heat Pumps Based Diesel Generator
pp. 25729-25738
S.K. Abildinova

Modeling And Estimation Of Casual Components Errors Of Polygon Measurements Without Attraction Reference Measurements
pp. 25739-25745
Lobeyko Vladimir I

Multiple Sink Positioning and Relocation For Improving Lifetime In Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 25747-25760
R.Latha, T.N.Prabakar and G.Jegajothi

Fencing of Unfriendly Nodes and Optimized Network Topology With Remote Procedure Call
pp. 25761-25771
Ansilla J.D, N.Vasudevan and S.Ravi

Performance Comparison of DS-CDMA System Using Wavelet Based Shrinkage Methods
pp. 25773-25788
Arunarasi Jayaraman and P.N.Jebarani Sargunar

Analysis of Pathloss Models For 3g Mobile Signals Inurban, Suburban and Rural Environment
pp. 25789-25800
N.V.K.Ramesh, K.Sarat Kumar, D.Venkat Ratnam, P.Sarathchaitanya, P.A.Rajeswari and P.V.S.L.Meghana

Design of High Gain and Wideband Microstrip Antenna Using Metamaterials
pp. 25801-25809
Ritika Saka, Ch. Ravi Sankar, R Madhusudhan Goud

EEADRT: Energy Efficient With Assured Delivery Rate and Throughput Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 25811-25817
M. Deepa Lakshmi and K. Anitha

Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis For Textual Reviews Using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm
pp. 25819-25829
K.Kalpana, M. Kanipriya, M. Krishnamurthy and S. Bairavel

Effect of Process Parameters and Cr Addition on Microstructure, Hardness and Wear Rate of Surface Modified Cast Iron
pp. 25831-25842
Adithya Sankar and R. Sellamuthu

Fuzzy Optimum Solution Through Pascalís Triangle Graded Mean
pp. 25843-25850
A.Praveen Prakash and M.Geetha Lakshmi

Novel Approach of FFT Using CORDIC Algorithm and Analyzed With Chipscope Pro
pp. 25851-25857
K G V Nageswara Rao, B Murali Krishna and G L Madhumati

Reducing Can Bit-Stuffing Using Selective Xoring
pp. 25859-25866
B.Pazhanthanigai Malar, B.Vinodhkumar and J.Ramesh

Strength and Durability Characteristics of Stabilized Red Mud Cushioned Expansive Soil
pp. 25867-25878
Akshaya Kumar Sabat and Swapnaranee Mohanta

A Novel Bal-AODV Algorithm In ISM Band For Efficient Routing Based on The Energy of The Nodes
pp. 25879-25890
L.K.Hema and D Murugan

Multi-Response Optimization of Machining Parameters For Hybrid Aluminium Matrix Composites Using Grey Relational Analysis
pp. 25891-25908
S. Venkat Prasat and S. Venkatesa Prasath

Enhancement of Security In Block Based Visual Secret Sharing
pp. 25909-25916
G.Shoban Raj and.K.R.Manjula

Network Condition Based Handoff In Wlan For Avoiding Unbeneficial Handoffs
pp. 25917-25928
V.Saravanan and A.Sumathi

A Novel Scheme For Detection of Selective Forwarding Attack and Sybil Attack In Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 25929-25937
Preeti Aggarwal, and.Mritunjay Kumar Rai

Solution to Graph Coloring Problem Using Heuristics and Recursive Backtracking
pp. 25939-25944
Raja Marappan and Gopalakrishnan Sethumadhavan

Various Authentication Schemes For Secure Data Storage In Cloud Environment: A Survey
pp. 25945-25955
R. Parimala and C. Jayakumar

An Analytical Model of Consistent Checkpointing In Computational Grid
pp. 25957-25965
Ch. Ramesh Babua and Ch. D. V. Subba Rao

Effective Storage and Search Optimization In Cloud
pp. 25967-25975
U.M.Ramya, G.L.K.Vasista ,E.Jhansi and P. Sai Bharadwaj

Mode Choice Behaviour of Commuters For Socio-Economic Analysis In Tiruchirappalli City
pp. 25977-25994
G. Elangovan and V.M.Rajanandhini

Designing of ALU using Vedic Multiplier for Single Precision IEEE 754 Standard Floating Point Numbers
pp. 25995-26003
Satnam Singh Shergill and Arvind Kumar

Artificial Neural Networks Approach For Predicting The Stability of Cantilever RC Retaining Walls
pp. 26005-26014
Rohaya Alias, Anuar Kasa and Mohd Raihan Taha

Analysis of Various Pulse Width Modulation Techniques Applied To Voltage Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
pp. 26015-26024
V. Bhavyashree, K. Vijayarekha and D.UMA

Technical Challenges in Mobile Multi-Hop Relay Networks
pp. 26025-26036
M. Arthi, P.Arulmozhivarman, K.Vinoth Babu, Jimy Jose Joy and Emy Mariam George

Surrogate Modeling of Quadruple Tank System
pp. 26037-26047
V. Mamtha, S. Rakesh Kumar

First Order Confirmatory Factor Analysis To Determine The Influence of Parameters on Land Value
pp. 26049-26062
I Nyoman Dita Pahang Putra, Nadjadji Anwar and Christiono Utomo

Online Calibration Techniques For Core Thermocouples
pp. 26063-26071
Vasa.V.N.H.Karthikeya, S.Sridhar and N.Sairam

Enhancing Run-Time Configurable Features Using Kernel Information
pp. 26073-26083
Rajamohan.L,.Ravi.S and P.Revanth Mahesh Kumar Sai

Design and Verification of Configurable I2 C Subsystem Bus
pp. 26085-26091
Jaladi Chaitanya, V. Narasimha Nayak and B. Murali Krishna

Computation of Trust
pp. 26093-26102
Aiswarya P.L, C. K. Shyamala and Sukanya V.S

Programming Style In Introductory Programming Courses
pp. 26103-26114
Teodosi K. Teodosiev and Anatoli M. Nachev

Human Detecting and Location Mapping Robot Using PIR Sensor and Velocity Motion Model
pp. 26115-26126
Reethu Mariam Raphael, Sreerag Veppil Sasikumar, Vaishnav Mohanan Mavilakandy, Vishnu Sudheer Menon and Praveen Kumar

Handover from LTE to VSAT with an Analysis to Provide Optimized Performance in Telemedicine Ambulances
pp. 26127-26137
Adwitiya Mukhopadhyay, Navyashree V and Meenakshi M B

Effect of Chemical Warm Asphalt Additive on Wettability of Aged Binder Incorporating Waste Engine Oil
pp. 26139-26147
Nurul Hidayah Mohd Kamaruddin, Mohd Rosli Hainin, Norhidayah Abdul Hassan and Mohd Ezree Abdullah

Analysis of Power and Gain using Standard L9 (34) and L27 (313) for Class AB Amplifier
pp. 26149-26163
Siti Amaniah Mohd Chachuli, Tuan Hamzah Tuan Baharuddin, Muhammad Idzdihar Idris and Khairun Nisa Kamil

Flaw Detection and Characterization in Butt Friction Stir Welded Joints of Aluminium 6061 Alloy
pp. 26165-26173
Ritu Jacob Boby, Thomson Manoj and E. Raj Kumar

Feature Selection based on Term Frequency and Term Document Frequency for Text Clustering
pp. 26175-26190
Sivaram Prasad Nalluri and Rajasekhara Rao Kurra

Back Propagation Algorithm for Bearing Fault Detection of Induction Motor Drive Using Wavelet Pocket Decomposition
pp. 26191-26208
K. Jayakumar, S. Thangavel and M.K. Elango

Weighted Differential Evolution Approach Based Optimization For Power Flow Problem
pp. 26209-26220
M. Letaief, H. Yahia and N. Liouane

Power Optimization of Feed Back Shift-Register for LBIST
pp. 26221-26229
Fazal Noorbasha and K Puja Madhuri

Ameliorated Location Aided Routing Protocol in VANET
pp. 26231-26244
Ikjot Saini and Vikram Dhiman

Implementation of various interfacing techniques between an FPGA and a microcontroller targeting complex cost effective embedded applications
pp. 26245-26257
Anusha Janardhan and Jayanta Biswas

Experimental Studies For Treatment Of Seawater In A Re-Circulation Batch Reactor Using Tio2 P25 And Polyamide
pp. 26259-26266
S Feroz, Widaad Al Harthy, Mahad Baawain, Shamsa Al Saadi, M.J. Varghese and L.NageswaraRao

Effect of poly(ethylene glycol) end groups on properties of plasticized poly(L-lactide) bioplastic films
pp. 26267-26276
Yodthong Baimark and Yaowalak Srisuwan

Porosity Of The Filler For Asphalt Concrete As Controlling Factor Of Structure Formation
pp. 26277-26285
S.S. Inozemtcev and E.V. Korolev

The use of local defoliants to enhance efficiency of defoliation in the condition of Uzbekistan
pp. 26287-26294
Shukhrat J. Teshaev and Fatulla J.Teshaev

Design Of A Novel Pressure Replenishing System To Sustain Automobile Tyre Pressure Without Human Intervention
pp. 26295-26306
Sivaraos, D.Ainol, M.J.Raguvaran, M. Shajahan, K. Kadirgama and M.A.Lajis

Electromagnetic Fields Measurements of a Cellular Mobile Systems
pp. 26307-26320
Nasser A. Hamad, Beza Negash Getu and Hussain A. Attia

Implementation of New Algorithm for EV fed through an Impedance Source Inverter
pp. 26321-26338
Ananda Kumar A and Dheerendra Singh

Water-Filling for Cyclic Prefixed Multi-Carrier Transmission over an ADSL Channel using a TEQ Equalizer
pp. 26339-26345
F. Bouasria and M.chetioui

Economic Valuation of Coal Mining Activity in Samarinda City, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
pp. 26347-26362
Edi Prasodjo, Santun R.P. Sitorus, Setyo Pertiwi and Eka Intan Kumala Putri

Implementing Two Phase Geographic Greedy Forwarding protocol for Multiple Source Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
pp. 26363-26378
Muhtade Mustafa, Mohd Azlishah Othman and Ahmed Abu-khadrah

Effect Of Turmeric (Curcuma) Solution Treatment Toward The Interfacial Shear Stress And Wettabilty Of A Single Fiber Akaa (Corypha) On Epoxy Matrix
pp. 26379-26390
Ilyas Renreng, Rudy Soenoko, Pratikto and Judy Surya Irawan

Power Quality Improvement In Renewable Power Generation System Using Active Power Filter
pp. 26391-26400
S. Ariprasath, R. Murali Sachithanandam, V. Venkatesh, U.M. Meenakshi

CapacitanceModelingofSingle andDouble-Walled Gate Wrap Around Carbon Nanotube Array Field Effect Transistor
pp. 26401-26421
P.Geetha and R.S.D.WahidaBanu,

Simulation of Unified Power Flow Controller Closed Loop and Interline Power Flow Controller For Closed and Open Loop Using Pspice
pp. 26423-26433
Kavitha Kumari KS Pravina P Reena Joshi Vince V Ashly Mary Tom

An Intelligent Power Meter System
pp. 26435-26446
Krishna Gandhi P and Prabhakaran S

Design of 10 Bit R/2r Digital To Analog Converter In 180nm CMOS Technology
pp. 26447-26453
D. Nageshwar Rao K. Rama Krishna Reddy, N. Himashailaja and G.Amulya

Real Time Implementation of Moving Object Detection Using OMAP3530
pp. 26455-26462
P.Satyanarayana, S.Venkata Praneeth, N.Sai Sree Harish and K.Hemanth

Analysis of Probabilistic Times In A Construction Project Using Monte Carlo Simulation Technique
pp. 26463-26474
B. Indhu and Mohamed Farhan

Modeling and Analysis on An Enclosed Impeller Blades
pp. 26475-26481
Venkatesh Kumar Tavvala, Naveen Janjanam and Ramesh Kumar Sunkara

A Zero Text Watermarking Algorithm For Protecting Plain Text Documents Using Combined Image And Text Through Compression And Encryption
pp. 26483-26496
Jaseena K.U, Murugan R.and. John T Abraham

FPGA Implementation of Variable Bit Rate 16 Qam Transceiver System
pp. 26497-26507
S. Dhanasekar and. J. Ramesh

Degraded Document Image Restoration
pp. 26509-26519
Navami.A.P and S.Ravishankar

Secure Delegation Using Key Aggregate Cryptosystem
pp. 26521-26528
M.Vinothkumar and.N.Balaji

A Novel Reversible Data Hiding Scheme Based on Enhanced Difference Pair Mapping
pp. 26529-26542
Greeshma Balachandran and S. Ravishankar

Higher Order Mel-Frequency Cepstral and Autoregressive Reflection Coefficients In Recognizing Three Dimensions of Speech Emotions
pp. 26543-26558
A. Miltona and S. Tamil Selvi

A Hybrid Dynamic Multi-Swarm Particle Optimizer With Cooperative Learning Strategy
pp. 26559-26564
S.Bhaskaran and P.Swaminathan

Elastic Buckling of Columns By Differential Quadrature Method
pp. 26565-26572
J. Girish

Solution To Graph Coloring Problem Using Evolutionary Optimization Through Symmetry-Breaking Approach

pp. 26573-26578
Raja Marappan and Gopalakrishnan Sethumadhavan

Smoothing Noisy Data Using Variational Mode Decomposition
pp. 26579-26586
T. Palanisamy 

A New Strategic Design and Control of MV Microgrid under Unbalanced Condition Including PV&FC
pp. 26587-26597
S.Anupama and M.Muqthiar Ali

An Allegiance Based Approach for Controlling Social WebServices Operations
pp. 26599-26605
Haneesha Balasada and Nagaraju Rayapati 

A Generalized Statistical Traffic Pattern Discovery System for MANETs
pp. 26605-26614
P.Mounika and S.Bavaji

A Novel Parallel Frequent Pattern Mining Algorithm
pp. 26615-26628
Yamuna Devi. N, and Devi Shree J

Predicting the Hard Keyword Queries over Relational Databases
pp. 26629-26640
B. Rupesh and M.Sunil Kumar

Design and Modification of Stacker Mechanism For Seal Pressing Machine
pp. 26641-26656
Sarabjeet Singh, Nitin Solke

The Factors that Affects the Needs of the Korean Language Education in Children in Multi-cultural Families: Results of a National Cross Sectional Survey
pp. 26657-26667
Raeho Lee and HaewonByeon

Implementation of Power Gated Design and Leakage Optimization Techniques
pp. 26669-26679
Vikram Kolanu and Fazal Noor Basha

Quantification of Two Level Game Theory: Focusing on Its Practicability in the Analysis on International Diplomacy
pp. 26681-26688
Seongho Park

Condition Monitoring of Synchronous Generators Using Sparse Coding
pp. 26689-26697
Vaisakh B.K, Gopinath R, Santhosh Kumar C and Ganesan M

MRI Brain Tumour Image Retrieval Using Low Level Features and High Level Semantics
pp. 26699-26711
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Design of Cognitive Memory for Autonomous Virtual Characters Based on Information of Visual Sensing
pp. 26713-26721
Myung-Hee Cha

Health Care System Towards Elastic Multicloud With Load Balance And Group
pp. 26723-26735
R.Aruna Devi and Nirmala

An Analysis of the Characteristics of the Environmental Impact of Residential Facilities in Korea
pp. 26737-26746
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A Giant Leap Toward Privacy of Customerís Personally Identifiable Information
pp. 26747-26751
Pramod damle

An Experimental Study on the Characteristics of Electrical Power Generation Using a-Si Thin-Film PV Module in Self-Shading Buildings
pp. 26753-26760
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Secured Data Aggregation In Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 26761-26768
Shivakumar K.M, Shruthi K and Shruthi V

A Study on the Appropriate Position for an Illumination Sensor for Lighting Control Based on Actual Residence Environments
pp. 26769-26776
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An Analytical Study on The Versatility of A Linux Based Firewall From A Security Perspective
pp. 26777-26788
Adwitiya Mukhopadhyay, V.Srinidhi Skanda and C.J.Vignesh

Study of the Use of Walkway Facilities for the Vulnerable and Non-vulnerable through AHP
pp. 26789-26796
Hyuck-jun Kwon and Young-woo Lee

Lighting Use Characteristics and Potential of LED Replacement of Single Householdin University Town
pp. 26797-26803
HyunCheolSeo, Minseok Kim, Soohyun Park and Wonhwa Hong

Synchronous Reference Frame Control Algorithm Based Four-Leg Inverter Dstatcom For Power Quality Improvement
pp. 26805-26816
R Senthil Kumar, C Vivekanandan and M K Amaljith

Indoor Thermal Comfort Characteristic Of The Living Space Of College Students
pp. 26817-26822
HyunCheol Seo and Yoonkyu Seo

Generating Classification Rules by Applying Rough Set Theory on Pair Programming Data
pp. 26823-26836
R.K. Kavitha and M.S. Irfan Ahmed

Automatic Integration of Multisource Building GIS Using Attribute and Spatial Matching
pp. 26837-26843
Junho Yeom, Yongil Kim and Jeabin Lee

A Novel Centric Vector Based G-Means Algorithm For Text Dataset Clustering By Feature Selection Model
pp. 26845-26850
Prabakaran M and. C G Ravichandran

Improvement of Flood Disaster Information Map using the Spatial Inundation Data
pp. 26851-26856
Ji-Eun Sun, Ji-Soo Lee and Won-Hwa Hong

Computerized Methods For Audio Segmentation and Classification: Survey
pp. 26857-26870
A. Muthumari and.K.Mala

Evaluation of the Basic Characteristics of Thermal Insulation Performance for Different Parts of Outer Walls that Considers Year-on-Year Change
pp. 26871-26878
Doo-sung Choi and Myung-eun Lee

Studies on High Strength Self-Compacting Concrete With Copper Slag
pp. 26879-26895
R. Elangovan, D.L. Venkatesh Babu and R. Venkatasubramani

A Performance Evaluation According to the Distance of an Internal Double Light-Shelf
pp. 26897-26902
Yuchang Choi, Heangwoo Lee and Yongseong Kim

A Review on The Friction Stir Process Using Aluminium Alloys
pp. 26903-26911
M. Annadurai and S.Charles

Inertia Effect Of A Moving Mass On Beam Structure For Damage Identification
pp. 26913-26918
Young-Jun Ahn, Seung-Guk Lee, Dong-Ho Cho and Hee-Chang Eun

A Study on Application of Information and Communication Technologies In Medical Care Profession
pp. 26919-26931
A. Indiragandhi and G.Aghila

A Study on Analysis of Residential Environment Improvement Strategies in Slum Area: Focusing on Central Semarang Sub District, Indonesia
pp. 26933-26940
Won You Ho, Lee, Won Chul, Park, Chan Don and Dhiyan Krishna Wardhani

Delay Line Characterization and Generation of PVT (Process, Voltage, Temperature) Invariant Delay Line
pp. 26941-26950
N. Santhosh Priya and Jayanta Biswas

Performance Evaluation of Light-Shelf According to the Reflection Rate of Finishing Material in Indoor Space
pp. 26951-26957
GangminJeon, Heangwoo Lee, Yongseong Kim

The Imperatives Of Social CostóBenefit Analysis
pp. 26959-26968
Dr Malini Pande

BIM to BEM Interoperability Using Web Based Process Model
pp. 26969-26978
Young-Jin Kim

Multicore Architecture Cache Framework Analysis
pp. 26979-26994
M.Vijay Albert William, K.Bhaskar and Hemakumar.V.S 

A Planning Direction of the Prefab Public Housing in Deteriorated Residential Area
pp. 26995-27003
Hae-yeon Yoo and Jung-dae Park

Evaluation Of Data Encryption Techniques In Cloud Database Services

pp. 27005-27014
A. Bhuvaneswari and M. Pradeepa

Influence of Placing Method on Flexural Toughness of UHSCC with Steel Fiber
pp. 27015-27021
Su-Tae Kang, Sung-Jin Ha and Kyung-Taek Koh, Gum-Sung Ryu

Load Voltage Regulation of Grid Connected Wind Energy Conversion System Coupled With Fuzzy Controlled D-Statcom
pp. 27023-27030
P.Arun Kumar, K.Shanmugam, and K.Sabarirajan

Optimizatiov Design for a Solar Water Heating System using the Genetic Algorithm
pp. 27031-27042
Doo-sung Choi and Myeong-jin Ko3

Analysis of Fault Monitoring and Isolation of Induction Motor
pp. 27043-27050
R. Ramanathan, S. Muthumari and, L. Sarojini

Research on the Granger Causality of ICT Trade and GDP
pp. 27051-27058
Chang-Gyu Yang

Analysis of Mechanical Damping of Composite Materials
pp. 27059-27066
F. Fredrick Gnanaraj and K. R. Vijaya kumar

What Determines Acquisition as the Next Strategic Choice: An Alliance-Network Approach
pp. 27067-27078
Do BumChung and Jooyoung Kwak

A Statcom Based on Neutral Point Clamped Multi Level Inverter Using Multi Carrier Pwm Techniques
pp. 27079-27092
Arulmozhi. N and Gowri shankar. J

The Determinants Influencing Satisfaction On Using Mobile Web And Application
pp. 27093-27100
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Modeling & Simulation For Transformation Matrix, Rotation Matrix & Remaining Energy
pp. 27101-27110
Anita Singhl, Rajesh Kumar, R. P. Tripathi ,S.P. Gaba & J. P. Singh

The Framework For Analyzing The Efficiency Of Global Arms-Producing And Military Services Companies based on DEA-AR and ANP
pp. 27111-27120
Jun-young Kim and Jong-yi Hong

The Performance Analysis of Optimal Adaptive Threshold Control In Cognitive Radio Networks
pp. 27121-27128
V.Arthi, N.Nagarajan and S.Praveen Chakkravarthy

Asymmetric Preferences on Electric Vehicles from the Relative Importance Point of View
pp. 27129-27136
Chan Jung Park, Jung Suk Hyun and Gyung Leen Park

Text Mining Approach For Information Retrieval Used In Product Rating
pp. 27137-27146
Tapaswini Nayak, Srinivas Prasad and M R Senapati


A Study On The Relationship Between Adoption Factor, Attitude And Intention Of Mongolian Smartphone Banking Service

pp. 27147-27154

Seong Ho Kim and Jungah Lee

Design of An Optimized Fir Filter For Signal Processing Applications
pp. 27155-27163
B.Akila and R. Parameshwaran

Design and Implementation of a Personal Information Retrieval System in the Web
pp. 27165-27172
Young-deok Seo,Il-Min Kim and JaeYoung Chang

Hardware Implementation of All Digital Phase Locked Loop For Communication Applications
pp. 27173-27180
M.Subbulakshmi and R. Parameshwaran

The Predictability of Korean Equity REITs Returns
pp. 27181-27189
Cha-Soon Choi

Performance Evaluation and Optimization of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Firefly Algorithm
pp. 27191-27203
Y.Chalapathi Rao and Ch.Santhi Rani

A Study of Implementation of Kinesthetic Feedback on Game Framework Using the Haptic Device for Realistic Interaction
pp. 27205-27212
Hye-Young Kim and Jongwan Kim

A Low Power Neural Amplifier Designing In 180nm CMOS Technology
pp. 27213-27224
K Pratyusha and Sanjeev Kumar

The Development of Universal Design for Students with Visual Impairments in Educational Contexts
pp. 27225-27232
Jong-Gu Kang

Detection of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy Using Retinal Imaging Techniques
pp. 27233-27240
P U Ilavarasi, N Jeevitha,
K Vijayalakshmi, S Padma

Targeting Enemies Using Reverse Skyline Query in Spatial Game
pp. 27241-27248
Jongwan Kim and Dukshin

OhRf Secure Coded Communications System
pp. 27249-27253
Ashish Patel and Abhinav Anand

Modeling the Real Estate Information System Based on Virtual Reality Technology
pp. 27255-27263
Seungwook Kim

Simulation of Sliding Wear Using Finite Element Analysis
pp. 27265-27274
Mehak Pannu, Mandar Sapre and Vijay Kumar S. Jatti

The Effect of Art Activities Using Natural Objects based on Forest Experience on Children's Emotional Intelligence
pp. 27275-27282
Young-sik Kang, Kyoung-Chul Lee and Jung-Hwan Park

Study on Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber Reinforced Sisal-Coir-Glass Hybrid Epoxy Composites Using Experimental Method
pp. 27283-27299
G. Dharmalingam , V.Thirunavukkarasu , Gandhi Mallela, V.Sriram & S.Jayavelu

Smart Robot For Disaster Detection Using Zigbee Technology
pp. 27311-27320
S.Kanaga Suba Raja, V.Balaji, and M.Vivekanandan

A Study on Parentsí Perception of Early Childhood Creativity & Character Education through Forest-Experience Activities integrated Smart Media
pp. 27321-27331
Heejeon Suh

Autonomous Mobile Navigation Robot For Agricultural Purpose
pp. 27333-27341
S.Kanaga Suba Raja, V.Balaji, and M.Vivekanandan

The Development and Application of the Augmented Reality Based STEAM Education Program: Based on the Inquiry Learning Model
pp. 27243-27354
Hee-Sook Ahn and Yoo-Mi Choi

A Survey on Classification and Clustering Algorithms For Uncompressed and Compressed Text
pp. 27355-27373
Akshay S, Nayana K ,and Karthika S

In Search of Principles and Methods of Pedagogical Content Knowledge Based on Narrative
pp. 27375-27386
Hyeon-Suk Kang

An Economic Analysis on the Research Infrastructure for Next-Generation Network Computing Platform
pp. 27387-27392
Dae Ho Kim

Providing Privacy Towards Personalized Web Search
pp. 27393-27405
M. Subhan, and M. Sunil Kumar

Delay Analysis of M2M-Applied Multi-Rate Wireless Communication System
pp. 27407-27412
Choongchae Woo and Hanho Wang

Enriching utilization of Cloud storage system
pp. 27413-27418
Shraddha Ghogare and Ambika Pawar, Ajay Dani

Portable Class-D Type Audio System Design with Fast Walsh Transform and Adaptive Noise Cancellation Method
pp. 27419-27424
Joon-hoon Park

Optimized Service Selection In Web Service Discovery
pp. 27425-27431
M. Akila Rani and D. Shanthi

A Comparison Study on Mobile Accessibility of Mobile Websites with High Traffic in Korea and the United States
pp. 27433-27439
Eunju Park, Yangwon Lim and Hankyu Lim

Reduction of BER in Cellular Communication System Using MC-CDMA
pp. 27441-27452
Podugu Manikanta and M.S.R Naidu





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