International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 11  (2015)  





ANN Modeling of Emission and Performance Parameters of Polanga Biodiesel based CI Engine at Different Injection Pressures
pp. 27453-27470
Abhishek Sharma, P K Sahoo, R K Tripathi and L C Meher

A Study on the Concurrency Control Model using BIRDT
pp. 27471-27476
Hui-Jeong, Ju and Seong-Je, Cho

Implementation Of Fir Filter Using Booth Multiplier And Carry Skip Adder
pp. 27477-27486
Kondeti Lakshmi and K.Chitambara Rao

Temperature Rise Of Hot Bar In Induction Heating Process
pp. 27487-27492
Jong-Hyun Lee, Jin-Taek Kim, Byung-JoonBaek, Sung-Hyuk Lim, Do-GyunJung and Hyeong-Jin Kim

Analysis of PMDC Drive Performance Based on PSO Algorithm Based Tuning of PID Controller
M. Antony Freeda Rani, and B. Sankaragomathi

Comparison Study of Certification Emission Test and Real-time Road Driving Emission Test for Various Emission Level Vehicles
pp. 27505-27511
Myungdo Eom, Junhong Park and Doo-Sung Baik

Comparison of Checkpointed Aided Parallel Execution Against Mapreduce
pp. 27513-27524
Nisha Rani N, Shiju Sathyadevan, Eric Renault and Viet Ha Hai

Comparison Study on Emission Measurement with MOVES and Emission Factor Methods
pp. 27525-27530
Myungdo Eom, Junhong Park and Doo-Sung Baik

Validating The Choice of A, B, C Parameters of The PID Compensator For Controlling The Key Paramaters of High Frequency Dc-Dc Buck Converter
pp. 27531-27540
P. Kausalya, G. Pavithra and Jayanta Biswas

Reconfigurable STIM For Robots In Iot Environment
pp. 27541-27551
Y. Bharath kumar and S. Ilaiyaraja

A Study about Robotic Hand and Finger for Violin Playing Robot
pp. 27553-27557
Hyeonjun Park, Wonse Jo, Kyeongmin Choi and Donghan Kim and Bum-Joo Lee

Design of A Stable Closed Loop Model of Buck Converter and Digital Controller With Tuning of PID Parameters
pp. 27559-27568
G. Pavithra, P. Kausalya and Jayanta Biswas

Construction of the Multi-sensory Service Space to increase the Neuro-energy
pp. 27569-27574
Jung-Min Kim and Myung-Ho Kim

“Human Resources Audit Practices Among It Firms: A Descriptive Analysis”
M. N. Praba Devi and. A. Chandra Mohan

Classification of Roadway Type Based on Roadway Characteristics Using RCCC
pp. 27587-27592
Sang-Chan Moon, Soon-Geul Lee, Dong-Han Kim

Low Area – High Speed – Energy EfficientOne Bit Full SubtractorWithMTCMOS
pp. 27593-27604
M. MahaboobBasha, K. VenkataRamanaiah, and. P. Ramana Reddy

A Study On Impact Characteristics Of Aluminum Foam Sandwich As A Function Of Impact Energy And Thickness
pp. 27605-27611
Teng Gao and Jae Ung Cho

NIOS Ii Based Secure Test Wrapper Design For Testing Cryptographic Algorithms
pp. 27613-27620

K. Chakrapani and P. Neelamegam

Design of the Location Based Service System for Local Area Tourism
pp. 27621-27633
Jaegeol Yim

Quantification of Human Error Probability By Cognitive Approach In LPG Dispenser
pp. 27635-27650
A. Maniram Kumar, S.Rajakarunakaran and V. Arumuga Prabu

A Profile Analysis of an Accelerated Thermal Life Test
pp. 27651-27659
Kyu-bark Shim and Jae-geol Yim

Efficient Birch Clustering Algorithm For Categorical and Numerical Data Using Modified Co-Occurrence Method
pp. 27661-27673
P.Parameswari, J.Abdul Samath and P.Saranya

A Study on the Emotional Values of the Smartphone Use of the New Silver Generation: Focusing on In-depth Interviews
pp. 27675-27681
Huh, Won Whoi

Test Vector Based Multiple Parametric Faults Detection In Non Linear Analog Circuits
pp. 27683-27694
G.Puvaneswari and S.UmaMaheswari

Design and Implementation of Collaboration Tourist Information System using Location-based SNS
pp. 27695-27700
Eunmi Jung, Sungwook Yoon and Hyenki Kim

A Review on Energy Efficient Routing Protocols In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 27701-27715
Srinivasan. R and E. Kannan

Car Manufacturer and Model Recognition based on Deep Network
pp. 27717-27723
Yongbin Gao and Hyo Jong Lee

Efficient Authentication Method Using Score Level Fusion and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) of Multimodal Biometrics
pp. 27725-27737
P. Sugantha Priyadharshini, A. Kayalvizhi and B. Mohankumar

P. Sugantha Priyadharshini1, A. Kayalvizhi2, B. Mohankumar
pp. 27739-27745
Byeong Jeong Kim, Seong-Ho Song and Seop Hyeong Park

Investigation of Independent-Gate Operation in Junctionless Devices
pp. 27747-27755
N. Vinodhkumar and R. Srinivasan

Special Interface Using Handy Joystick on Tablet PC for Augmented Reality
pp. 27757-27762
Young Jae Lee

Image Processing Algorithm For Quantitative Characterization of Austenitic Stainless Steel Weld Defect In TOFD Images and Validation With Radiographs
pp. 27763-27768
C. F. Theresa Cenate, B. Sheela Rani and B.Venkatraman

Enhanced Cell Search with Signal Tracking in 3GPP LTE based FDD Receiver1
pp. 27769-27773
YoungkwonRyu, Bangwon Seo and Jeong Gon Kim

Phishing Prevention System Using Session Based Color Model
pp. 27775-27788
D. Muthu Krishnan, D. Anantha Kumar and V.Subramaniyaswamy


NMEA2000 Ship Area Network Design and Test Bed Experiment using Power Line Communication with the 3-Phase 3-Line Delta Connection Method
pp. 27789-27797
Jun-Ho HUH, Taehoon KOH, and Kyungryong SEO

Searching the Nearest Neighbour with a keyword based on Max- Priority
pp .27799-27811

An Improved MAC Protocol with Delay Limitation for Medical Wireless Body Sensor Networks
pp. 27809-27816
Rae Hyun Kim, Pyung Soo Kim and Jeong Gon Kim

Study on Parameters Influencing Fill Time In A Multi-Cavity Mold
pp. 27817-27826
Anoop.K.Philip and M.Elangovan

An Integrated Inference Platform Using Customer Feedback for Performance Management of the Service Industry
pp. 27827-27833
Eun-Jee Song and Min-Shik Kang

High Payload and Secured Video Steganography Using Compression and AES Crypting System
pp. 27835-27844
T V S Gowtham Prasad and S Varadarajan

Decision Feedback Signal Processing based on Constant Modulus Errors for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 27845-27852
Namyong Kim

High Performance Filter For Removing Impulse Noise From Video
pp. 27853-27860
Jerrin Thomas Panachakel

An Enhanced Application Protocol for Image Transmission in WMSN
pp. 27861-27867
Hyun-Soon Son, Jeong-Hyeon Park and Sung-Keun Lee

Prediction of Breast Cancer Outcome Using KNN With Dimensionality Reduction
pp. 27869-27878
N. Oliver Smith Iruthayaraj and.N.Sairam

Application of Agent-Based Simulation and System Dynamics to Control the Risk of Enterprises and Human Life
pp. 27879-27894
KyoungJong Park

Efficient Prediction Model For Multi Dimensional Images In Social Networks
pp. 27895-27902
S. Venkatraman

Betterment of Infrared Image Resolution Using Infrared RGB Filter and Common RGB Filter
pp. 27903-27908
JongwooJoo and DaewookKim

An Efficient 16-Bit Carry Select Adder With Optimized Power and Delay
pp. 27909-27916
Bobbala Madhukar Reddy and Prabhu E.

A Hybrid Optimization Model Using Decomposition and Integration of a Supply Chain Network at Risks
pp. 27917-27922
KyoungJong Park

Load Balancing on Eucalyptus Platform
pp. 27923-27929

Study on the Effect of Physical Symptoms, Stress, and Self-Esteem Factors on the User Satisfaction of the Mentally Handicapped
pp. 27931-27942
Jong-Pil Kim and Sung-Je Cho

Resolving LPN Problem In Vector Processing Architectures
pp. 27943-27950
N. Hari Ram Kumar

Study on the Influence of Resilience on Suicidal Impulse of the Elderly Population in City and Fishing Village
pp. 27951-27959
Mi-Ja Yang and Sung-Je Cho

Design and Performance Evaluation of The Multi-Gateway Smart Grid NAN Networks For Maximizing Network Capacity
pp. 27961-27980
Seok Hong Min,Jong Uk Kong, Byung Chul Kim and Jae Yong Lee

Criterion For Assessing The Effectiveness of Functioning of Complex Systems Based on The Use The Amount of Information
pp. 27981-27985
Abdullakh L.S., Smetannikova T.A.and Korneev A.M.

Genetics For Enhanced Heart Murmur Classification
pp. 27987-28000
G. Venkata Hari Prasad and Rajesh Kumar

Morphological and Mechanical Properties of Natural Zeolite-High Density Polyethylene Composite
pp. 28001-28012
Purnomo, Rudy Soenoko, Yudy Surya Irawan and Agus Suprapto

Design of Low Power Dual Dynamic Node Flip-Flop Using Sleep Transistor With NMOS
pp. 28013-28022
Ajeesh Kumar and N. Saraswathi

An Approach to Manage Handover Decision Process in Heterogeneous Networks Using Fuzzy Logic
pp. 28023-28030
K. Janardhana Rao and A.S.Srinivasa Rao

Patch Based Prior Occlusion Detection In Vital Sites With Performance Analysis
pp. 28031-28040
Smitha Suresh and K Chitra

Continuous and Non-Continuous Stirring Patterns For The Reactive Mixing Process of Glycerin
pp. 28061-28072
Retno Wulandari, I.N.G. Wardana, Slamet Wahyudi, and Nurkholis Hamidi

Design and Analysis of Creep Failure In Clinker Feeding System on VRPM Circuit Maintenance
pp. 28073-28096
A. G. Mohandas Gandhi K. Soorya Prakash, K. Saravana Kumar, R. Suresh Kumar, K. Sangeeth and R. Sakthivel

Modeling of A Power Balance of A Three-Phase High Voltage Power Supply For Microwaves Generators With One Magnetron By Phase
pp. 28097-28104
M.Bassoui, M.Ferfra and M.Chraygane

Mixed Convection Heat Transfer In A Lid-Driven Square Cavity Completely Filled With Porous Material
pp. 28105-28128
Mohamed A. Teamah, Wael M. El-Maghlany, M.M. Abo Elazm, and Ali S. Bakr

A New Tool For Analysis of HPC Concrete Beam Under Static and Cyclic Loading Using Matlab
pp. 28129-28136
Seshadri Sekhar.N and P.N. Raghunath

Surface Treatment of Concrete By Using Bacterial Calcite Precipitation
pp. 28137-28143
Krishnapriya. S, Prince Arulraj. G and Moorthi. M

Optimisation of Process Parameters of Co2 Moulding Process For Better Tensile Strength-Taguchi Approach
pp. 28145-28154
M. Venkata Ramana

Congestion Based Delay Model For Asynchronous NOC
pp. 28155-28160
K. Ilamathi, and.P.Rangarajan

On Distinguished GB-Compact Topological Spaces
pp. 28161-28176
Vidyottama Kumari and Thakur C. K. Raman

A Review on Road Traffic Accident and Related Factors
pp. 28177-28183
Muthusamy A P, Rajendran M, Ramesh K and Sivaprakash P

Novel Implementation of Image Restoration Schema Using Band Reject Filter Processing Techniques
pp. 28185-28194
A. Shakul Hamid and S. P. Victor

Real-Time Vehicle License Plate Detection and Recognition System
pp. 28195-28210
Kumar Rajan, V. Laxmi, D. K. Mohanta and S. Das

Experimental Studies on The Performance and Emission Characteristics of A Turbocharger Coupled Multi Cylinder Diesel Engine
pp. 28211-28223
I. Vimalkannan, K. S. Babulal, A. Pradeep and P. Muthukumar

A Computer Aided Design For Mass Classification In Digital Mammogram Using Dual Tree M-Band Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine
pp. 28225-28232
C. Suba and K. Nirmala

Water Management In An Institutional Building In Northern, India
pp. 28233-28244
Architect Gaurav Chandra

A Survey on Modeling and Simulation of Cloud Computing
pp. 28245-28254
Prince Mary, and V.Anusha

Influence of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Circularity of Drilled Holes In Epoxy/Glass Fabric Polymeric Composite
pp. 28255-28262
S. Ponnuvela, T.V. Moorthy and P. Hariharan

Fingerprint Matching Algorith musing Advanced Pre-Processing Technique
pp. 28263-28271
Sarbjit Kaur, Urvashi Garg and Manjit Kaur

Data Duplication Using Ensemble Classification
pp. 28273-28286
M.Padmanaban and R.Radha

An Efficient Privacy Preserving Mechanism In Geo-Social Applications
pp. 28287-28294
S. Deepika and D.Ganesh

Design and Implementation of Double Tail Dynamic Comparator For Low Power 3-Bit Flash ADC
pp. 28295-28304
K.Vijay kumar, Sakthivel.R and VanithaM

Content Addressable Memory of Reordering Overlapped Mechanism With Efficient Power In Asynchronous Transfer Mode
pp. 28305-28316
Dr.M.Meenakumari and S.Sharmila

Induction Motor Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Cascaded EMD and DWT techniques
pp. 28317-28330
Raj Kumar Patel and V. K. Giri

Design and Implementation of Digital Household Energy Meter With A Flexible Billing Unit Using FPGA
pp. 28331-28340
Vigneshu R I, Dinesh Udhayan R, Raghav S, Wilfred Thadeus P, Anguselvan S, Prabhu E

A Multi -Objective Bee Swarm Optimization For Energy Efficient Clustering In Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 28341-28354
D. Rajendra Prasad, P. V. Naganjaneyulu, and. K. Satya Prasad

Single Supplier Multiple Cooperative Retailers Fuzzy Inventory Model With Quantity Discount and Permissible Delay In Payments
pp. 28355-28368
K. Kalaiarasi and G. Ram Sankar.

A Technical Comprehensive Survey ForUser Input Models For Mathematical Expression
pp. 28369-28378
Sachin Naik and PravinMetkewar

An Approach To Make Energy Efficient Routing Protocol Based on Improved RSSI Value
pp. 28379-28388
Manpreet Kaur and Gulshan Kumar

Speaker Identification Using Relevance Vector Machine
pp. 28389-28399
C. Sunitha and E. Chandra

Experimental Investigation of Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer flooding Forcarbonate Reservoirs
pp. 28401-28410
Khaled A. Elraies, Shuai A. Kalwara, Mohamme A. Ayoub and Hadi A. Belhaj

A Study on Remote Method Invocation In JAVA
pp. 28411-28415
Asha Sukumaran

Performance Analysis of Gain Flattened L-Band EDFA For WDM System
pp. 28417-28426
J. Helina Rajini and S.Tamil Selvi

Formant Estimation of Speech Using Discrete Hartley Transform
pp. 28427-28438
Madhukar.B.N, Sanjay Jain and P. S. Satyanarayana

Secure Resource Authentication Module In Public Cloud Access Management
pp. 28439-28446
S Ramamoorthy N Kumaran, JS Shyam mohan and MThirunavukkarasu

Performance Characteristics of Electroless Ni-P-Cu and Ni-P-Cu-Pvp Composite Coatings
pp. 28447-28454
Hareesh P, S. Karthikeyan, K. Raja and P. A. Jeeva

Detection of Retinal Blood Vessels Using Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform (NSCT) and Multistructure Elements Morphology By Reconstruction With Length Filtering
pp. 28455-28470
D. Karthika and A. Marimuthu

Design and Implementation of A Low Power Comparator Circuit Using Reversible Logic Technology on FPGA
pp. 28471-28479
Priyanka Katta, G Rakesh Chowdary and T V Rama Krishna

Collision and Congestion Recognition With Aid of Test Packet Generation For Network Troubleshooting Nodes
pp. 28481-28494
T. Prasath, M.Babu and T. Lakshmi

Block Based Error Correction Code Watermarking With Video Steganography Using Interpolation And LSB Substitution
pp. 28495-28503
Gurbakash Phonsa and Priya Sidhu

High Speed and Low Power Glitch Aware Magnitude Comparator Using Reversible Logic
pp. 28505-28513
Gomathy Kannan and Prashanth Radhakrishnan

A Novel Algorithm For Detecting Moving Objects In A Real Time Video
pp. 28515-28525
Amrutha S and S Ravishakar

Dc Motor Speed Control Using Fuzzy PID Controller
pp. 28527-28538
M. Kathamuthu, G. Balasubramanian and K. Ramkumar

Landslide Spatial Data Analysis Using Decision Tree Classification Approach
pp. 28539-28553
P. Anbalagan and R. M. Chandrasekaran

Content Ranking Using Semantic Word Comparison And Structural String Matching
pp. 28555-28560
R. R. Sathiya

Prediction of Compressive Strength of The Fibre Reinforced Slag Geopolymer Concrete
pp. 28561-28574
Srinivasan.K, G. Mohan Ganesh and. A.S.Santhi

Human Activity Analysis For Video Surveillance Based on Visual Features
pp. 28575-28585
Sivaprakash Paramasivan and 2Ravichandran C Gopalakrishnan

Micro Solar Inverter Applications Using PV Cells
pp. 28587-28591
K Bhaskar and K. Siddappa Naidu

Big Data Literature Survey
pp. 28593-28602
Shobhanjaly P. Nair, N. Gomathi and D. Archana Thilagavathy

A Comparative Study of Single and Dual Database In Tamil Text To Speech Synthesis System
pp. 28603-28609
Kiruthika S and Krishnamoorthy K

Implementation of Network Security: Voice Based Authentication Using Kerberos Protocol
pp. 28611-28624
Apoorva P

Analysis of ST Segment Variability Dynamics and Detection of Myocardial Infarction
pp. 28625-28634
S. Thulasi Prasad and S. Varadarajan

ATSA: Advanced Task Scheduling Algorithm For Grid Computing Environment
pp. 28635-28644
S. Vaaheedha Kfatheen

A Fast and Robust Level Set Method For Medical Image Segmentation
pp. 28645-28655
P Sudharshan Duth

Laws of Thermodynamic Description In The Economic System
pp. 28657-28668
S Prabakaran and Carlos D. Paternina-Arboleda

Methodology To Reverse Engineer A Javacard Appletusing Pattern Matching Attack
pp. 28669-28679
Mohammed Amine Kasmi, Azizi Mostafa and Jean Louis Lanet

Medicinal Sapling-Plants Diversity At The Peat-Swamp Forest In Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
pp. 28681-28690
Wahyudi, Sih Winarti, Nisfiatul Hidayat, Herwin Joni and Hendra Toni

The Architecture & Connectivity of IOT For The Things In Automation and Industrial Environment
pp. 28691-28700
K. Ramyasree and P. Venkateswarlu Reddy

Congestion Control in Peer-To-Peer File Sharing Based on Message Deleting and Transferring
pp. 28701-28710
T. Nikhila and S. Bavaji

Analysis and Evaluation of Proposed Algorithm For Advance Options of H.263 and H.264 Video Codec
pp. 28711-28731
M. A. Ansari and Imran Ullah Khan

Static Relaxation Technique With Test Vector Compression
pp. 28731-28739
Deepak Rajan and J.P.Anita

The Effect of Mechanization on Operator Performance – An Ergonomic Perspective
pp. 28741-28748
Prathik Rudresh, Vigneshwaran Ramesh, Anbuudayasankar S. P., Rahul P. Kikani and Ayush Khandelwal

An Overview of Apache Mahout
pp. 28749-28758
Niveditha M, Deeksha Vimmadisetti and Aarthi R

2-D Digital Waveguide and Finite Difference Modeling of A Sitar
pp. 28759-28777
Priya D. Deshmukh and Neela Rayavarapu

Platform Independent Generic Compiler Design Using Reverse Engineering
pp. 28779-28795
Amit Verma, Shruti Gujral and Nikita Bakshi

Single Image Super-Resolution Based on Sparse Representation Using Batch-Wise K-SVD Algorithm
pp. 28797-28809
Jino Hans W and Venkateswaran N

GA Trained Classification For Behavior Based Anomaly Detection in the MANETS
pp. 28811-28827

An Extended Extreme Learning Machine With Multi-Hidden Layer Feed Forward Networks
pp. 28829-28844

Vimala Alexander and Pethalakshmi Annamalai

Fast Rerouting Technique on Energy Efficient Routing
pp. 28845-28851
A. Anbarasan and P. Venkateswarulu Reddy

Myhill Nerode Theorem For Fuzzy Automata (Min-Min Composition)
pp. 28853-28861
Chatrapathy. K and V. Ramaswamy

M/M (A, D, B)/ (2,1) Queueing Model With Servers Single and Delayed Vacation
pp. 28863-28874
R. Sree Parimala and S.Palaniammal

Data Security on Cloud: A Survey, Research Issues and Challenges
pp. 28875-28887
Deeksha Vimmadisetti, Tushar Sharma, Ashwini Bhaskar and Kavitha C R

Early Stage FPGA Architecture Development By Exploiting Dependence on Logic Density
pp. 28889-28902
Prem Lal Paleri and Ramesh. S R

A Novel Advertisement Recommendation System For Online Video Portals
pp. 28903-28910
Soundappan. S, Shaji Kumar. R and Ritwik. M

Semi-Analytical Solutions of Nonlinear Transient Circuits Using Differential Transform Based Methods
pp. 28911-28922
E. R. El-Zahar and H .M. Habib

Evaluation of DC-DC Power Converters For 3.5kw Micro-Butt Welding Applications
pp. 28923-28933
M. Thiruvenkadam, S. Thangavel, S. Paramasivam and R. Govarthanan

An Improved Tamil Text To Speech Synthesis System With Annotated Dual Corpora
pp. 28935-28944
Kiruthika S and Krishnamoorthy K

Cartesian Product Representation of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Matrices
pp. 28945-28954
T. Gandhimathi

Design & Analysis of Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicle (VTOL)
pp. 28955-28962
Aditya M. Intwala

On Designing of MEM Switch
pp. 28963-28974
C.Pamuleti, K.Lal Kishore and M.Satyam

An Effective Online Gross Motor Movements Screening Tool For Dyslexia Based on Kinesthetic Perception
pp. 28975-28986
V.ThulasiBai, P.M.Beulah Devamalar, M.Arun Marx and L.Padmanaban

Real-Time Reconnaissance Robot Using FPGA
pp. 28987-28994
Apoorav Gupta and Kambhampati Sumant V

Empirical Modelling and Optimization of Friction Stir Welding Process Parameters Using Multiple Regression Method and Genetic Algorithm
pp. 28995-29004
Vaibhav R. Shinde, Mandar Sapre, VijayKumar S. Jatti, Rahul Dhabale and Nikhil M

A Naive-Bayes Approach For Disease Diagnosis With Analysis of Disease Type and Symptoms
pp. 29005-29014
Shahid Khan and Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib

Survey Study on LEACH Protocols For Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 29015-29024
S. Ananda Kumar, P. Ilango, Dinesh Kumar, Silla Shameer Guptha and Grover Harsh Dinesh

Hicast-K: A Novel Hybridized Gene Clustering Algorithm With Inbuilt Validation
pp. 29025-29040
Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghali and Motaal Ahmed

Karatsuba Multiplication In Galois Field For The Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography
pp. 29041-29049
Ashkar Mohammed M and. S Suresh Babu and M Navas chokli

Internet of Things: A Vision Through Data Mining, Cloud Computing and Semantic Technologies
pp. 29051-29060
Sini Raj P, Y Reethu Sasira, L Revathi, and Su Rubaasri


Brain Tumour Segmentation Using Clustering and Em Segmentation
pp. 29061-29075
M.Malathi, K.Sujatha and Sinthia.P

The Consequences of Stage-Based Knowledge Management Evolution
pp. 29077-29097
Dennis Joseph and Nasina Jigeesh

A Novel Approach For Solving Quadratic Riccati Differential Equations
pp. 29121-29126
Abiodun A. Opanuga, SundayO. Edeki, Hilary I. Okagbue and GraceO. Akinlabi.

Effect of Temperature on 1 Micron Thick Silicon Solar Cell
pp. 29127-29133
M. R. Tamjis ,A. A. Zulkefle and, Z. A. Baharudin

Nonlinear Design and Performance Analysis of An 8/6 Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM)
pp. 29135-29138
R.T. Mohamad, Z. A. Baharudin, A. I. Abdul Rahman, M. Zainon, R. R. Raja Abd Rahman, A. A. Zulkefle, S. N. Syed Salim, M. A. Mat Hanafiah, I. Abu Shah, M. Ibrahim and N. M. K. N. NIK REMELI

Efficacy of A Machine Learning Approach To Pricing Options In The Indian Context
pp. 29139-29145
Dipti Ranjan Mohanty and Susanta Kumar Mishra

Secure Emergency Response Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 29147-29154
A. Deepika

Improvement In Load Balancing Technique For Mongodb Clusters Using Data Center Awareness and Ant Colony Optimization
pp. 29155-29173
Harpinder Kaur and Janpreet Singh

An Efficient Algorithm With Low Power Implementation For Hearing Aids
pp. 29175-29192
D. Joseph Jeyakumar, J.Raja Paul Perinbam, N.Ramadas and L. Vinoth

Improving Annotation Process and Increase The Performance of Tag Data
pp. 29193-29200
A.Harikrishna and K.Bhaskarnaik

Ranking Based Dynamic Query Forms For Database Queries
pp. 29201-29208
S. Naresh and B. Gurunadha Rao

EPASAL: Effective Path Selection Algorithm For Congestion Control In Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 29209-29219
P. Renish Kumar and K. Jeevan Pradeep

Effect of Chemical Warm Asphalt Additive on Wettability of Aged Binder Incorporating Waste Engine Oil
pp. 29221-29229
Nurul Hidayah Mohd Kamaruddin, Mohd Rosli Hainin, Norhidayah Abdul Hassan and Mohd Ezree Abdullah

Wind Turbine Modeling And Control Using Fuzzy Logic
pp. 29231-29256
B. Deepa Lakshmi, K.Sujatha and T.Godhavari

Novel Image Retrieval Approach in Similarity Integrated Network Using Combined Ranking Algorithm
pp. 29257-29265
P.Selvi1, R.Sandya, T. Yogeswari and G.Viveka

Admin Leach: A New-Fangled Well-Organized Energy Efficient Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 29267-29282
S.G.Susila and J.Arputhavijayaselvi

Experimental And Analtical Study Of Plate Formed Box Column Subjected To Axial Compression And Biaxial Bending
pp. 29283-29302

T.Raja Durai, P.Kanimozhi, S.Kanthimathinathan and T.Rajprabhu

Analysis Of High Power Multifunctional Grid Connected PV System Using Multilevel Inverter
pp. 29303-29319
Jeyasudha.S, Ramya.S, and Geethalakshmi.B

Text Mining For Vulnerable Software Components Envisionment
pp. 29321-29325

Analysis of Avalanche Effect In Modified Des Algorithm
pp. 29327-29335
Raja Sekhar Krovi and Pujyasri Jetty

SecureDBaaS Model for Accessing Encrypted Cloud Databases
pp. 29335-29346
P Jagadeeswaraiah and M.R. Pavan Kumar

Allocation of data in HadoopClusters
pp. 29347-29353
G. Divya and ShaikSalam

A Method for Classification of Bulk Grain Images and Detection of Unwanted Residue in Bulk Grain Images
pp. 29355-29366
Harish S Gujjar and M. Siddappa

Efficient Association Rule Mining Based On Correlation Analysis
pp. 29367-29383
M.L.Valarmathi, Siji P D and S.Mohana

Multiple Human Tracking and Prediction under severe Occlusions using GMM and Kalman Filter
pp. 29385-29404
D. Harihara Santosh and P.G. Krishna Mohan

Strategy for Overlap Minimization in Sensing Area
pp. 29405-29415
Sravani Anne and N.Radhika

Fundamental of IEEE 802.15.4 and Its Application on Vehicular Wireless ADHOC Network
pp. 29417-29423
S. R. Lalhruaitluanga and M. Nirubama

High Efficiency Video Coding Using NCDS Algorithm For Edge Preservation
pp. 29425-29438
D.Monisha and G. Sethuram Rao

State Estimation Based on Probabilistic Contaminated Exponential Square Method
pp. 29445-29455
Gomathi Venugopal and Uma Velayutham

Overview of Terminology Related To The Security Issues In MANETS
pp. 29457-29466
Suma Patrac

Over View of The Face and Facial Feature Detectors Based on The Viola–Jones Algorithm
pp. 29467-29475
Gunjala Shashidhar and Nirupama

Improved Interoperability In Heterogeneous Nodes For Manets
pp. 29477-29484
T. V. Krishna Reddy

pp. 29485-29503
G. Ananth and B.K.Vinayagam

Performance Comparison of Uncoded OFDM & Uncoded Adaptive OFDM System Over AWGN Channel
pp. 29507-29514
Njilo jemu and Saravana

Enhanced Xpress Architecture For Wireless Multihop Networks
pp. 29515-29525
G. Sandhya and.P.Rajani.

Channel Estimation of OFDM System Based on PACE Using LAB VIEW
pp. 29527-29537
S. K. Mydhili and. A.Rajeswari

Adapting Map-Reduce Programming Model With Container Based Virtualization For Self-Organizing Networks
pp. 29539-29554
Premnath KN, Srinivasan R and Elijah Blessing Rajsingh

Real Time Guidance For Indoor Navigation Using Bluetooth Technology
pp. 29555-29567
V.Prithiviraj, Meenakshi Pavithra C., Sakthipriya G and Suprabha S

A Novel Design Optimization of a Fault-Tolerant AC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine-Drive System
pp. 29569-29579
K. Sabir Khan and B. Murali Babu

Performance Analysis of AOMDV Under The Impact of Rushing Attack
pp. 29581-29594
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Understanding Oil & Gas Pipeline Failures and Mitigation Measures Using Bayesian Approach
pp. 29595-29608
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Optimum Cost Allocation For Reactive Power Planning In Wind Farms Using Modified Artificial Immune System
pp. 29609-29620
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Design of Programmable JTAG Controller In FPGA
pp. 29621-29630
Ramesh Bhakthavatchalu, and Saranya K Kannan

Comparision of Image Classification Methods on Event Data
pp. 29631-29640
Dinesh Kumar. C. K, Manjusha. R and Latha Parameswaran

Low Cost Heart Rate Monitoring Using Fingertips
pp. 29641-29649
Naman Jain, Priya. G and Ramya. G

A Hetero Dictionary Learning Based Noise Removal in Gray and Color Images
pp. 29651-29679
P. Jothibasu and P. Rangarajan

On the M/G/1 QueueWith Batch Service and Compulsory Server Vacations
pp. 29681-29694
S. Vanitha

A Novel Study on Learning Evidence From Distance Metric For KNN Based Text Classification Algorithm
pp. 29695-29704
P. Umar Sathic Ali and C. Jothi Venkateswaran

Managing Resources Through Selection of Leader To Achieve Energy Efficiency For Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 29705-29715
S.Diwakaran and K.Vimala Devi

Context Based Ranking of Web Database Based on User Query Search
pp. 29717-29724
Koteswari. C and Saleena. B

Research on Energy Efficient In MANET Using MAC Protocol- A Survey
pp. 29725-29731
T. Dheepak and S. Neduncheliyan


An Enhanced Query Manipulations In Temporal Database Using TSQL3MINE Approach
pp. 29733-29747
N. Duraimutharasan and K.Sarukesi

Legal Aspects of Real Estate Valuation In India
pp. 29749-29759
Sayali Sandbhor and. N.B. Chaphalkar

A Low Delay Column Bypassing Multiplier With AHL Implementation For Digital Filters
pp. 29761-29772
Y.R Annie Bessant, T Latha and Alma J John

An Efficient Method For Computing Total Autocorrelation Over Shared Binary Decision Diagram
pp. 29773-29782
S. R. Malathi and P. Sakthivel

Secure and Resource Optimization Mechanism For Improvising Privacy and Throughput In Wireless Network
pp. 29783-29796
D V Srihari Babu and P Chandrasekhar Reddy

A Traffic Locality Oriented Second Route Discovery For Manets
pp. 29797-29808
S. Vinoth, and G. Shanmugaraj

Experimental Study on Influence of Recycled Fresh Concrete Waste Coarse Aggregate on Properties of Concrete
pp. 29809-29815
G.K.Arunvivek, G.Maheswaran, S.Senthil kumar. M.Senthilkumar and T.Bragadeeswaran

Development of A Regression Model To Enhance The Economic Status of Self-Help Groups
pp. 29817-29824
Soumitro Chakravarty

Change Detection In Mammogram Images Using Fuzzy C- Means Clustering
pp. 29825-29834
Nazneen P Kotwal, M. Kirubaa, R. Lavanya and Devi Vijayan

Optimization of Fuzzy EOQ Inventory Cost Under Order Crossover
pp. 29835-29843
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A Survey on Context Based Image Annotation Techniques
pp. 29845-29856
Swati Nair L, R Manjusha and.LathaParameswaran

Model Based Design Approach In Automotive Software and Systems
pp. 29857-29865
P.Sivakumar, B.Vinod , R.S.Sandhya Devi and S.Poorani Nithilavallee

FPGA Implementation of An Area Efficient Digit-Serial FIR Filter’s Using CSE and GB Algorithm
pp. 29867-29874
FazalNoor Basha and K.Vamsi Krishna

Performance Analysis and Thermal Modeling of A Solar Flat Plate Collector With Concave Ridged Profile
pp. 29875-29882
R Gopi Krishnan, Vignesh Venkatesan, Pratik Nayak, Aditya Kumar Yadav andRajesh.V.R

Compact Triple Band Patch Antenna For Cognitive Radio Applications Using Defected Ground Structure
pp. 29883-29891
Janardan Sahay and Sanjay Kumar

Modelling and Analysis of Space Vector Modulation Based Three Phase Voltage Source Inverter
pp. 29893-29906
V.Indragandhi, A. Kannabhiran, R. Santhi and K. Giridharan

Optimization of Machining Parameters In Turning Process Using Exergy Analysis
pp. 29907-29916
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Edge Preserving Image Fusion Using Linear Prediction
pp. 29917-29926
Hema P Menon, Sreeja S and K A Narayanankutty

Power Quality Improvement In A Distribution System Using D-STATCOM With Fuzzy Controller
pp. 29927-29936
B. Gokulakrishnan and T.Govindaraj

Monthly Groundwater Level Fluctuation Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network
pp. 29937-29948
G. R. Umamaheswari and D.Kalamani

Optimization of A Multiple-Vendor Single Buyer Integrated Inventory Model With A Variable Number of Vendors
pp. 29949-29962
K. Kalaiarasi and K. Praveen Kumar Rao

Covariance-Fitting Based Sparse Spectrum Estimation of Non-Uniformly Sampled Data In Presence of Noise
pp. 29963-29975
Neetha I Eappen, Arunprakash Jayaprakas, and G.Ramachandra Reddy

Optimal Consistency Measures For Pest Identification Based on Ant Colony Optimization In Agricultural Field
pp. 29977-29987
A.Siva Sangari, and.D.Saraswady

Implementation of Low Pin Debug (LPD) Interface For Data Acquisition In Automotive Applications
pp. 29987-29998
S.M.Dhanya and N. Kirthika

Energy Aware Clustering Algorithm For Distributed Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 29999-30008
P.Anbhazhagan and S.Nagarajan

A Study on Treatment Efficiency of Tannery Wastewater Using Up Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor
pp. 30009-30018
R. Elliss Yogesh, and V. Sekaran

Numerical Investigation of Natural Convection Heat Transfer In A Square Cavity With The Influence of Prandtl Number
pp. 30019-30028
Chithra D, Eswaramurthi M. and Sundararaj K

An Intelligent Business Expert System For Predicting Sales Patterns Using Temporal Association Rule Mining
pp. 30029-30043
C. Perkinian and P. Vikkraman

A Review of Medical Image Classification and Evaluation Methodology For Breast Cancer Diagnosis With Computer Aided Mammography
pp. 30045-30054
Venmathi A R, E N Ganesh and N. Kumaratharan

Experimental Evaluation of Performance and Emission Characteristics of Minimally Processed Ethanol Fuelled HCCI Engine
pp. 30055-30070
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Criticality Analysis and Inventory Cost Reduction For High-Value, High Volume Spares
pp. 30071-30082
Sonujalam.K and Raghuram.P

TCAD Simulation Study of Algan/Gan High Electron Mobility Transistors(HEMT)
pp. 30083-30089
T.Venishkumar and N.B.Balamurugan

Criteria Based Supplier Selection Model By Integer Linear Programming- A Case Study In A Manufacturing Organization
pp. 30091-30100
SVS Rajaprasad and P Venkata Chalapathi

Human Energy Harvesting Through A Low Cost Footstep Power Generator
pp. 30101-30107
Abhimanyu Dev, Prayrit Arora and Ravi Sekhar

Image Contrast Enhancement using AGCWD with Region Based Enhancement
pp. 30109-30119
Sourav Das, Tarun Gulati and Vikas Mittal

SAR Considerations of The EM Radiation & System Requirements of The EA Uplink-Downlink LTE Systems and The Performance Evaluation of The Resulting FDD & TDD Duplexing Schemes
pp. 30121-30134
V. Rama Krishna Sharma and.P.Chandrasekhar

Single Moving Object Detection and Tracking Using Horn-Schunck Optical Flow Method
pp. 30135-30152
Akshay S

Bottom Up Approach For Modelling Visual Attention Using Saliency Map In Machine Vision A Computational Cognititve Neuroscience Approach
pp. 30153-30166
Manjunath R Kounte and B.K. Sujatha

Analysis of Students Behavior Using Moving Objects Using Rpart and Rattle - R Software
pp. 30167-30175v
Pallavi M S