International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 12  (2015)  




Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna For Enhancement of Gain Using Superstrate Layer and Array
pp. 30177-30183
P.Poorna Priya, Mounika.T, S.Nimmelitha, V.Swetha and G.Bhargava krishna

Intelligent Navigation and Discovery of Path In Critical Place Using Autonomous Robots
pp. 30185-30194
A. Bhuvaneswari, S. Sakthitharan and M. Vishnu Vigneshwar

A Comparative Study of English To Kannada Baseline Machine Translation System With General and Bible Text Corpus
pp. 30195-30201
Shiva Kumar K M, Namitha B N and Nithya R

Shortest Path Algorithms Using Map Reduce For Automatic Vehicle Location Systems
pp. 30203-30217
N. Minni and N. Rehna

Big Data Storage System Handling and Analytic Platform on Technology
pp. 30219-30231
M.Chithik Raja, M.Munir Ahmed Rabbani and Chithik Raja.M

Region Growing and Modified Neural Network Classifier Based Face Detection Technique from Video
pp. 30231-30248
Vivek Yoganand A and Celine Kavida A

Collabarative Neighbor Based Associative Filter For Secured Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 30249-30266
L. Devi and S. P. Shantharajah

Optimal Peak Power Ordering (OPPO) in MMSE-SIC for IEEE802.11ac Industrial Standard
pp. 30267-30277
Syed Moinuddin Bokhari B, Karthika S, and Bhagyaveni M A,

Effect of FSW Process Parameters on Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Aluminum Alloy AA6061 T6 and AA5083 O
pp. 30277-30285
Sabitha Jannet

Analysis of Various Compensation Techniques To Reduce Dispersion In An Optical Fibre Transmission Communication System Using Optisystem (Advantages of RZ Over NRZ )
pp. 30287-30304
Naveen Rai, Pushkar Prashant and Vidhyapati CM

A Mathematical Implementation of Time Series Method For Exchange Rate Forecasting
pp. 30305-30328
Subhasmit Mondal, Prajnashree Dakshinakabat and Santosh Kumar Swain

Replica Consistency Maintenance In Unstructured Peer To Peer Network Using Push and Pull Approach
pp. 30329-30335
A. Sai Pavanee Geervani and N Papanna

A Security Framework For Internet Of Things (Iot) Authentication Using Certificates
pp. 30337-30344
T B Stanley, S Murali Krishnan and P Prakash

Understanding The Conceptual Value In Adopting CMMI Process Maturity Framework
pp. 30345-30351
S. Vince Raicheal, M.V.Srinath and P.M.Shareef

High Functioning and Scattering System For Huge Data Processing and Storage With The Help of Hadoop
pp. 30353-30358
M. Harika and B. Gurunadha Rao

Comparision of Performance Analysis of Rectangular and Circular Phased Arrays Using HFSS
pp. 30359-30370
P. SaiVinay Kumar and M. Padmaja

Parallel Processing For Using A Shared Memory In A Network With The Help of Context Switching Semaphore Using Self-Healing Approach
pp. 30371-30392
Karthik P., Ravikiran B. A., Suresh K., Manu D. K., and Gopalakrishna Murthy C. R

Cloud Testing as a Service (CTaaS) – Analysis, Design and Implementation
pp. 30393-30405
V. Janani and K. Krishnamoorty

Development of Aluminium-Silica Sand Metal Matrix Composite and Its Improved Hardness
pp. 30407-30411
M.S.Kumaravel, N. Alagumurthi and P.Mathiyalagan

Evolutionary Algorithms For Feature Selection and Classification In Intrusion Detection System
pp. 30413-30430
R.Sridevi, and G.Jagajothi

An Efficient Handoff Allocation During Travel By Time Based Algorithm
pp. 30431-30439
K. G. Chiranjeevi, R. Latha and S. Saravanakumar

Wormhole Attack Efforts on Manets Challenge on The Mobile
pp. 30441-30448
S. Sathish Raja and S. Saravana Kumar

Development of An Algorithm For Optimization of Nesting ProcessFor Allocation of Parts In Sheet MetalBy Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)
pp. 30449-30462
T. Niruban Projoth, R.Rohith Renish, I.Irfan Ahmed, and M.Shri Harish

The Impact of Plasma Treatment As A Sustainable and Green Technology on The Supply Chain Management of The Spinning Mills
pp. 30463-30470
K.T.Anand, A. John Rajan, K. V. Narayanan and B.R. Ramesh Bapu

Experiences of Mothers in Caring for Their Children Suffering from Cancer: With Special Reference to Maternal Role Performance in Korean Society
pp. 30471-30484
Seong-heui Kim

Equalization Suitability Estimation for 2x2 MIMO using QAM
pp. 30485-30498
Hadimani H.C, Mrityunjaya V. Latte, PH.S.Tejomurthy and V.R.Sarma Dhulipala

Robust Feature Extraction From Hand Biometric Images Using Orthogonal Moments
pp. 30499-30510
Lakshmi Deepika C and Kandaswamy A

Facial Expression Analysis using Hybrid Transform approach
pp. 30509-30519
A.Punitha and M.Kalaiselvi Geetha

Electronic Procurement Adoption Framework – A Case Based Study of Indian Automobile Companies
pp. 30521-30539
Mukul Jain, Asit Bandyopadhayay and Naseem Abidi

Solar Cabinet Drying of Copra using Flat Aluminium sheet Reflector Assisted Evacuated Tube Solar Air Collector
pp. 30541-30555
Venkatesan N and Arjunan T.V

Energy Efficient Burst Communication Through Self Adaptive Buffer Allocation For Body Sensor Network
pp. 30557-30564
N. Sangeethapriya, R. Sasikala and L.Bharathi

GPS Tracking of Transport System for VIT University
pp. 30565-30571
Lavin Khandelwal, Manali Shah and K. V. N. Kavitha

An Anomaly Intrusion Detection With Group Signature Based Authentication In VANET
pp. 30573-30588
A.M.Arul Raj, and E.R.Naganathan

To Decreasing The Convergence Time In UPPM By Using The Flow Control
pp. 30589-30596
M. Ashok Kumar and E. S. Phalguna Krishna

Portable Biomass Gasifier Power Generation Using Non Edible Seed Cake
pp. 30597-30604
M Vivek, P.K.Srividhya and K.Sujatha

Data Auditing In Federated Cloud Environment
pp. 30607-30614
K. Brindha, S. Sudha

Authentication For Handoff In Wireless Mesh Networks By Granting Tickets
pp. 30613-30619
D Naga Venkata Parvaty and M Bhargavi

Nullifying The Channel Length and System Enhancement Using Different Channel Estimation Techniques For LTE Downlink Systems
pp. 30635-30648
Chandika Mohan Babu and Isha

An i-vector Based Speaker Recognition SystemWith Improved Performance
Parvathy Jayaprakash, Kuruvachan K. George and C. Santhosh Kumar

Implementation of LEACH and LEACH-C Protocols in NS2
pp. 30659-30670
K.Thangaraj and M.Chitra

Medical Document Clustering And Summarization Approach In The Distributed P2P Overlays
pp. 30671-30686
A.Srinivasa Rao, Ch.Divakar and A.Govardhan

Reduction of Tool Wear by Using Aluminium Oxide Nano Particles with Experimental Analysis
pp. 30687-30697
Balaji S, Arunkumar V, Jayaraj J and Ramkumar A S

Resource Estimation of Programs for Reconfigurable Computing Systems
pp. 30699-30712
Ashish Mishra, Vivek Vanga, Vani V, Abhijit Rameshwar Asati and Kota Solomon Raju

Reconstruction Of Image In Electrical Capacitance Tomography
pp. 30713-30724
K.Manikandan and S.Sathiyamoorthy

Comparative Numerical Analysis Of Heat Flux Measurement Over An Aerodynamics Vehicle Surface
pp. 30725-30744
Ashish Narayan and Rakesh Kumar

Optimal Capacitor Placement For Loss Reduction Of Radial Distribution Systems By Cat Swarm Optimization
pp. 30745-30760
V.Tamilselvan and T. Jayabarathi

Image Fusion Techniques for the Assessment of Multi-focus Ultrasound Placenta using Quality Metrics
pp. 30761-30774

Optimal Energy Allocation Through Utility Maximization In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 30775-30792
C. Karthik Sendhil Kumar and R. Sukumar

Implementation Of Fuzzy Tuned PID Controller For DC-DC Buck Converter
pp. 30793-30800
S.Augusti Lindiya, S.Palani and K.Vijayarekha

Multipath On-Demand Routing for Large Scale Multi-Hop Networks
pp. 30801-30817
H.Santhi and N.Jaisankar

Expatriates Management In Cross Cultural Context: A Study With Special Reference To Indian Expats
pp. 30819-30832
S.Arun Kumar and N.Santhosh kumar

Dynamic Dependency Version Control System
pp. 30833-30844
Adivandhya B. R. and Alind Jain

Precipitation and Temperature based Spatial Data Preprocessing Using Machine Learning Techniques
pp. 30845-30859
Bhabani Shankar Das Mohapatra and Dejenie Aynalem

Channel Estimation Using Extended Kalman Filter and Adaptive Maximum Likelihood Estimator in MIMO-OFDM System
pp. 30861-30882
Sanjay Kumar K V S and B L Malleswari

Control Challenges and Techniques in Islanded Micro Grid Operation
pp. 30883-30900
N.S.Srivatchan and P.Rangarajan

Effect Of Shallow Cryogenic Treatment On Mechanical Properties Of AISI 1018 Steel
pp. 30901-30910
T.S.V.Dheemanth, K.Rahul, N.Suman, R.Devanathan and Sanjivi Arul

Design of Mechanical Oil Seal and Gasket
pp. 30911-30926
S. M. Muzakkira and Satish Kumar

Clustering of Ears based on Similarity Metrics for Personal Identification
pp. 30927-30942
M.A.Jayaram, Prashanth.G.K. and Divya K.M

Studies on Impact of Copper Slag as Fine Aggregate Replacement in Concrete Pavement
pp. 30943-30952
M.Bagyalakshmi, L.Andal and A.V.Deepan Chakravarthi

PSO_SYN Strategy for Defending SYN Flooding Attacks
pp. 30953-30960
Thelukutla Lokesh and K Munivara Prasad

Survey On Reusable Software Component Repository In Green Technology
pp. 30961-30967
Pradeep Kumar and Shailendra Narayan Singh

Existence results for mixed fractional integrodifferential equations in Banach spaces with impulsive and nonlocal conditions
pp. 30969-30983
M. Punitha and A. Santha

Linking Meta Cognitive Awareness And Consumers’ Decision Making With Respect To Brand Selection
pp. 30985-30999
Divya Shukla and Meena Madhavan

Experiences of Mothers in Caring for Their Children Suffering from Cancer: With Special Reference to Maternal Role Performance in Korean Society
pp. 31001-31013
Seong-heui Kim

Programmable Hardware Scheduler for Reconfigurable MPSoCs
pp. 31015-31022
P.M.Lalley and T.Latha

Hardware Architecture Implementation Of Wallace Tree Multiplier Using 180nm Technology
pp. 31023-31-31038
Sai Ram Jamalapurapu and Francis s. xavier

Estimation of User Value of Innovation in Airport Facilities
Sungbong Chung and Shinae Kang

Computer-Aided Choice Of Machining Process
pp. 31053-31060
Mokhtar. Bourdim, Abdelghafour. Bourdim and Ali Benamar

Timing Patterns Of Speech As Potential Indicators Of Near-Term Suicide Risk
pp. 31061-31090
Nik NurWahidah N. H, Mitchell D. Wilkes and Ronald M. Salomon

An Improved Approach for Colour Extended Visual Cryptographic Scheme using ARTMAP Network
pp. 31091-31106
J. Ida Christy and V. Seenivasagam

A Review on Vehicular Networks (VANETS) and Security Related Issues
pp. 31107-31113
M.Thanjaivadivel, M.Viswanathan, G.S.Raj and N.Bindhu

Review On Impact Of Ambient Light Noise Sources And Applications In Optical Wireless Communication Using LED
pp. 31115-31130
K.Sindhubala and B.Vijayalakshmi

Speech Signal Denoising Using Global Threshold Based Cellular Automata
pp. 31131-31141
Ahmed Sajjad Khan and E.G. Rajan

Writing Scientific Papers: Tips, Tools and Technologies
pp. 31143-31152
Freeda Rajakumari and Pushpa Nagini Sripada

Enhancing Route Recovery in Autonomous Mobile Mesh Networks
pp. 31153-31161
G. Naga Chandana and N. Papanna

The Effects of Rebate Regulation on Cost Behavior inthe Korean Pharmaceutical Industry: Focusing on Cost Stickiness
pp. 31163-31174
SungMan Yoon and YeYoungMoon

Significance Of Critical Success Factors Of ERP Implementations – Indian Context
pp. 31175-31190
R. Saravanan and Dr. C. Sundar

Power Oscillation Damping In Doubly fed Induction Generator Based Wind Energy Conversion System
pp. 31191-31204
K.Arunkumar, C.Iswarya and P.Duraipandy

Design and implementation of a Floating-Point Fused Add-Subtract Unit using CSLA
pp. 31205-31212
Fazal Noorbasha and Shaik Manjusha

Effect Of Turmeric (Curcuma) Treatment Toward The Single Fiber Akaa (Corypha) Tensile Strength
pp. 31213-31222
Ilyas Renreng, Rudy Soenoko, Pratikto, Yudy Surya Irawan

An Efficient Ranking And Predicting Based Keyword Query Interface
pp. 31223-31232
S.Jayasundar, V.N.Rajavarman and P.Dinesh Kumar

Crash Testing Of Self Piercing Rivet Using Ls Dyna Software
pp. 31233-31248
Mathew Alphonse, R.Ganesh, N.Murugu Nachippan, and V.Vennishmuthu

A Cost Efficient Technique To Enhance The Life Time Of Ad Hoc Networks Under RREQ Flooding Attack
pp. 31249-31255
S Nitya Muneendra and K Jeeevan Pradeep

Direct Inverse Control of A 3 DOF Tandem Helicopter Model using Wavelet Neural Network
pp. 31257-31267
Pavithra Madhavan, Akarsh Sinha and Jaganatha Pandian

Co-location Data Mining on Uncertain Datasets Using a Probabilistic Approach
pp. 31269-31280
M.Sheshikala , D. Rajeswara Rao, and Md. Ali Kadampur

Analysis of Electrodermal Activity during Performance of Two-Leveled Mental Arithmetic Task and Its Possible Implications in Man-Machine Interface
pp. 31281-31290
Nishant Singh and Rakesh Kumar Sinha

A Study on Emergency Handling in WBAN
pp. 31291-31308
A.Muthulakshmi and K.Shyamala

Design of CPW Based Wideband Efficient Power Amplifier for Wireless Applications
pp. 31309-31317
J.P. Keshari, Sandeep Kumar and R.M.Mehra

A Novel Method For Regulation Of Wind Speed Of Wind Turbines
pp. 31319-31328
C.Vivekanandan and B.Prabakaran

Quality Assessment of Drilled Holes in Al 6063 Plate at Sub Zero Temperature
pp. 31329-31340
Shanmugam Murugappan, Sanjivi Arul, Surendran K.Narayanan.

Determination Of The Optimal Parameters Of The Equipment To Obtain Fine Powders
pp. 31341-31348
Rashid R.Sharapov, Ivan V.Shrubchenko, Rinat R.Sharapov and Aleksandr M.Agarkov

Electromagnetic Wave Transmission Issue In Cylindrical Waveguide
pp. 31349-31362
Irina L. Alexandrova

About Perspectives Of Simulation Technological Processes Functioning With Using System-Object Approach Node-Function-Object
pp. 31363-31370
Alexander G. Zhikharev, Sergey I. Matorin and Natalia O. Zaitseva,

Human Resources Potential As An Object Of Automated Control
pp. 31371-31380
Olga A. Ivashchuk and Igor S. Konstantinov

Modified Layered Alumosilicate Nanosorbents For Water Treating
pp. 31381-31388
N. Volovicheva, A. Vezentsev, S. Korolkova and P. Sokolovskiy

Implementation Of Green Building Project Within The Example Of Techno-Eco-Park, Rostov-On-Don
pp. 31389-31402
S.G. Sheina, S.A. Tikhomirov and E.N. Minenko

Optimization Of Reciprocating Linear Generator Parameters
pp. 31403-31414
Reshetnikov A.P., Ivshin I.V., Denisova N.V., Safin A.R., Misbachov R.Sh and Kopylov A.M

Quantum Communications Based On Quantum Hashing
pp. 31415-31426
Alexander Vasiliev

Selection And Justification Of Design Parameters For Reversible Reciprocating Electric Machine
pp. 31427-31440
Safin A.R., Ivshin I.V., Kopylov A.M., Misbachov R.Sh and Tsvetkov A.N

Use Of Natural Language Texts To Create Ontologies During The Development Of Applied Interface For User Requests In Analytical Systems With High Performance
pp. 31441-31448
A.V. Prokofyev, M.A. Khlamov and R.G. Chesov

Assessment, Calculation And Choice Of Design Data For Reversible Reciprocating Electric Machine
pp. 31449-31462
A.M. Kopylov, I.V. Ivshi, A.R. Safin, R.Sh. Miesbachov and R.R. Gibadullin

Determination Of Led Lighting Effectiveness On Visual Performance And Visual Fatigue Degree
pp. 31463-31469
Olga E. Zheleznikova


An Analytical Study On Micro-Entrepreneurs And The Role Of Tamil Nadu Corporations For Women Development With Reference To Self Help Groups
pp. 31471-31501
D. Arul Paramanandam
Intense User Tracking Incorporating Mobility Mapping Technique In Shotgun Clustering For Wireless Signal
pp. 31503-31512
Franklin George Jobin and M. Rajaram

Some Properties of Subclass of Analytic Functions with Respect to 2k-Symmetric Conjugate Points
pp. 31513-31525
B. Srutha Keerthi and P. Lokesh

A New Supervised Learning Method and Its Application in Improving Classification Efficiency of Large Data Sets
pp. 31527-31540
Bhabani Shankar Das Mohapatra and AmareAnagaw Ayele

Fatigue Detection Using Voice Analysis: A Review
pp. 31541-31554
Sonika and Mandeep Singh

A Novel Approach for Secure Data Gathering in Body Area Network Using PRESENT Algorithm
pp. 31555-31564
Blessed Prince. P, K.Krishnamoorthy, Anandaraj. R and Jeno Lovesum S.P

Development Of Secure Cluster Based Multipath Routing Scheme For MANET
pp. 31565-31583
M. Kaliappan and and B.Paramasivan

Top-Down Approach for Modelling Visual Attention using Scene Context Features in Machine Vision
pp. 31585-31594
Manjunath R Kounte and B.K. Sujatha

Learning And Memory Issues In Neuromorphic Engineering: A Review
pp. 31595-31612
Mohammed Riyaz Ahmed and B.K. Sujatha

Plano Framework For Graph Indexing – A Statistical Analysis
pp. 31613-31628
A. Pankaj Moses Monickaraj,J..B.Raj Kumar, K.Vivekanandan and E.D. Boopalan

Step Voltage: A Major Cause For Lightning Casualities
pp. 31629-31634
S. Selvi and and S. Rajapandian

A Review on Market Trends and Applications on Mobile Cloud Computing
pp. 31635-31640
Jae-Hyun Seo and Yong-Hyuk Kim

Regulation of Sutami Reservoir to Have a Maximal Electrical Energy
pp. 31641-31648
Rispiningtati and Rudy Soenoko

The Determinants of Taxpayer’s Satisfaction of Reverse Charge System and Bank Service: Case of Korean Value-Added Tax
pp. 31649-31662
JiSun Chung and SungMan Yoon

Simulation of Magnetic Field in Automotive ECV by Finite Element
pp. 31663-31669
WANGWENHAI and Haeng Muk Cho

Radiation Tests of a Commercial Temperature Sensor for Monitoring System
pp. 31671-31680
Marina Y. Nikiforova

Calculation of the Equilibrium Moisture Content of Pellets and Olive Stones using the Henderson Mathematical Model
pp. 31681-31690
Ricardo Díaz Martín, Gaston Sanglier Contreras and Adib Guardiola Mouhaffel

A Study on Application and Comparison of Warehousing Systems in Coal Storage and Transportation
pp. 31691-31705
Wang Yao and Meng Wen-jun

New Frame Work for QRS Complex Monitoring
pp. 31707-31720
Chaouch.H, Ouni.khaled and Nabli.L

A Secure Robust On-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol Over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
pp. 31721-31726
Seetha.R, R. Saravanan

The Effect of Three Different Training Methods on Motor and Psychological Variables among Men Volleyball Players
pp. 31727-31738
S. Jayakumar and S. Vairamani

Plan To Reduce Housing Prices With An Emphasis On Cost Reduction By Using QSPM Matrix And SWOT Model: Case Study Tehran Metropolis
pp. 31739-31753
Seyed Mohammadreza talakesh, Jamal Mohammadi and Ali zangiabadi

Multi Objective Virtual Force Particle Swarm Optimization In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 31755-31762
Shibin David and Mande Rebecca

Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization based QoS Aware Scheduling Routing Protocol (APSO-QSRP) for Heterogeneous Mobile Ad hoc Networks
pp. 31763-31785
M.Mohanraj and M.Punithavalli

A Hybrid Cluster based Multipath Routing for Packet Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 31787-31800
A.P.Sridevi and A.Rajaram

Design of Two Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier with Enhanced Slew Rate for High Speed Applications
pp. 31801-31806
Anil Kumar Shukla

Sentimental Analysis for Social Networking Sites Using Different Techniques
pp. 31807-31816
Balrajpreet Kaur and Roshan Srivastava

Automation Of SLA Life Cycle In Cloud Using Semantic Negotiation
pp. 31817-31833
Saravanan K, Rajaram M and RoshanRizanaA

SHRM from an Anthropometric Perspective: A Case Study of Chennai Coir Industry
pp. 31835-31843
M.Radhikaashree, B.Suchithra and S. Hannah Rajini

Forked Embedded System Models for Automotive Airbag Control System
pp. 31845-31854
B. C. Premkumar, P. Subbaiah, S. Ravi and Suresh. D

New Two-Sided Complete Group Chain Sampling Plan for Pareto Distribution of the 2nd Kind
pp. 31855-31860
Abdur Razzaque Mughal, Zakiyah Zain and Nazrina Aziz

Fabrication and Evaluation of Nano Carbon Reinforced Polymer Composites
pp. 31861-31870
M. Melkin Jebasingh and G.Antony Wilbert singh

Loop Transformation for High Level Synthesis ofIterative Algorithms
pp. 31871-31882
E.S.Preethi and B. Bala Tripura Sundari

Application of Particle Swarm Intelligence for Load Balancing in Cloud Environment
pp. 31883-31898
L. Aruna and and M. Aramudhan
Analysis Of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Plates Using Finite Element Method Through Ansys
pp. 31899-31909
Ch. Srinivas1 and Arthesh Basak

Comparative Analysis Of OWDM As A Modulation Scheme For DVB T2
pp. 31911-31929
Karanjot Singh, Vijay Kumar and C.Sasivarnan

A Review Of Extended Boost Quasi Z-Source Inverter Topologies For PV Applications
pp. 31931-31946
N.Hemalatha and R.Seyezhai

Meshing VANEMO Protocol into VANETs
pp. 31951-31958
M. Dileep Kumar, M. Trinath Basu and T. Gunasekhar

An Efficient Read Dominant Data Replication Protocol under Serial Isolation using Quorum Consensus Approach
pp. 31959-31981
Vinit Kumar and Ajay Agarwal

Multicast Route Stability based Intrusion Detection System for MANET
pp. 31983-31998
S.Gopinath and N.Nagarajan

Layered Approach For Intrusion Detection Using Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization
pp. 31999-32014
B.Ben Sujitha and V.Kavitha

Theoretical Framework In e-Advising Using Association Rule Mining: A Review And Forecast
pp. 32015-32024
Hisham Al Saghier and Saravanan Venkataraman Tirumalai

Kidney Segmentation For Finding Its Abnormalities In Abdominal CT Images
pp. 32025-32034
M.S. Abirami and T.Sheela

A Survey on Various Predictability and Survivability Factors in Breast Cancer Using Data Mining and Soft Computing Techniques
pp. 32035-32045
K.Sangeetha, P.S.Periasamy and S.Prakash

Manifold Robotic Lamps With An Automatic Illumination System
pp. 32047-32054
S.Sutha, and T.Lavanya

Monitoring Software Quality Using SPC – An Order Statistics Approach
pp. 32055-32070
K.Sobhana, R. Satya Prasad and Ch.Smitha Chowdary

Aeroelastc Analysis Of Aircraft Tail Wing Section Using Nastran Code
pp. 32071-32085
G. Kannan, M. Rajagurunathan, V. Vishnu, and M. Suresh Kumar

An Expert System for Diabetes Diagnosis using Extreme Learning Machine and Simulated Annealing
pp. 32087-32101
Anto S and Chandramathi S

Efficient Content Sorage And Just In Time Retrieval In Cloud
pp. 32103-32112
S.Sageengrana, P.Ponnaruvi G.Tamilmani and K. Rajathi

Implementing Results of Exergy Analysis in Steam Turbine Power Plants
pp. 32113-32123
M. Sreekanth and Joseph Daniel
A New Simplified Symmetrcial Multilevel Inverter Topology With PV Applications
pp. 32125-32140
Rajesh Bose, Sudipta Sahana and Debabrata Sarddar
An Enhanced Storage Management Scheme with Search Optimization for Cloud Data Center
pp. 32141-32150
Rajesh Bose, Sudipta Sahana and Debabrata Sarddar
Matrix Approach of Apriori Algorithm using Subset Count Technique
pp. 32151-32158
T.Sasikala and K.Vimal Reddy
Behaviour Of Berthing Structure Subjected To Stack, Crane And Mooring Load
pp. 32159-32174
G.T.Naidu, K.V.G.D. Balaji, T.Abhiram Reddy and M.Pavan Kumar

Fuzzy Based Quality of Service Trust Model for Multicast Routing in Mobile Adhoc Networks
pp. 32175-32194
Nageswara Rao Sirisala and C.Shoba Bindu

Convergence Analysis of Underwater Moving Object Tracking Based On Bearing and Elevation Measurements
pp. 32195-32211
Nagamani Modalavalasa, G.SasiBhushana Rao. K.Satya Prasad and Rajkumar Goswami

Price Integration In The Indian Stock Market: S&P CNX Nifty And S&P CNX Nifty Future
pp. 32213-32222
P. Karthika and P. Karthikeyan

Speech Processing through Shadow based Adaptive Filter
pp. 32223-32232
M.koteswar Rao and I .Santhi Prabha

An Efficient Multipath Delay Commutator FFT Processor for MIMO-OFDM Systems
pp. 32233-32258
S.P.Valan Arasu, K.Saranya and S.Baul Kani

Performance And Analysis Of Z-Source Inverter Based Grid Connected Solar Power System
pp. 32259-32274
P. Nammalvar and S. Ramkumar

High Dynamic Range Image Based Graphical User Interface For Glare And Uniformity Analysis
pp. 32275-32283
Sudheer Kumar T S, Ciji Pearl Kurian, Kumara Shama, Eldho Jacob, Nithya Merin Jacob

Multi - Document Summarization Using Cluster Model Incorporating Building Dictionary Method
pp. 32285-32295
Gayathri. P, and N. Jaisankar and Ankur Jain

An Efficient XML Keyword Search With Efficient Ranking Technique
pp. 32297-32310
Dayananda P and Rajashree Shettar

Influence of Nickel Content on Mechanical Properties of Aluminium-Boron Carbide Hybrid Composite
pp. 32311-32320
N. K. Robin, S. Ilangovan, Sanjivi Arul, A. Shanmugasundaram

A Comparative Study of Hybrid Video Segmentation Techniques using Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms
pp. 32321-32334
K. Mahesh and K. Kuppusamy

Feature Extraction of Ear by using Histogram Equalization, Binarization and Edges
pp. 32335-32342
Shekhar Karanwal

Regulation Analysis of Time Series Gene Expression Data in PCOS Using Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm
pp. 32343-32354
Murshidha.S.G.Taj and Thangaraj.P

ANFIS MODEL for Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete
pp. 32355-32362
S. Eswari, N. Natarajan and P. Deepan

A 2.89ppm/°C Current Reference Generation with Temperature Compensation using 90-nm CMOS Circuit
pp. 32363-32369
Nitha Mathew and N.Kayalvizhi

Trust Based Ranking Service Models in Cloud Computing Environment
pp. 32371-32385
M.Saravanan And M.Aramudhan

Dashboard To Show Key Metrics For Teams Following Agile Methodology
pp. 32387-32397
Sangeeta S. and Malarvizhi V

STM: A General Model For Mining Long And Closed Sequence In Time Series Databases
pp. 32399-32414
M. Parimala, S. Sathiyabama and N. Karthikeyan

A New Integrated Computer Architecture Simulation Framework Towards Next Generation Approach
pp. 32415-32422
M. Narayana Moorthi and R. Manjula

Minimizing Routing Overhead in Topology Concealing Multipath Routing Protocol (TOCOP)
pp. 32423-32431
B.SalimBasha and M.R.Pavan Kumar

Production Scheduling Problem Solving With Sequence Dependent Set-Up Times By Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 32433-32450
A.Muthiah and R.Rajkumar

Prevention & Detection of Intrusion & Increase in Lifetime of Ant-Networks using OLSR
pp. 32451-32458
j.jijin godwin and S. A.dhivyamalini

A Robust and High Secure LWT based Image Steganography and Optimized Genetic Algorithm based Chaotic Encryption Approach
pp. 32477-32492
G.Sudha Devi and Dr.K.Thangadurai

A New Multipath Protocol for Path Stability in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 32493-32506
G. Harikrishnan and A. Rajaram

Understanding Technological And Market Related Factors For Accelerating The Adoption Of Iot Products In India
pp. 32507-32524
Yatin Jog, Anuja Sajeev, Shreyas Vidwans and Chandradeep Mallick

Iris Recognition Techniques: A Literature Survey
pp. 32525-32546
A. Alice Nithya and Dr. C. Lakshmi

A Hybrid Microstrip Patch Antenna with Parasitic Slot for WLAN Applications
pp. 32547-32555
L. Nageswara Rao, M. Basha, Ch. Udaya Bhaskar

A Novel Framework for Securing Health Data in Pervasive Environment Using Hybrid Cryptography
pp. 32557-32575
Blessed Prince. P, K.Krishnamoorthy, Ananda Raj R and Jeno Lovesum S.P

Design And Fabrication Of Foldable Bicycle
pp. 32577-32584
Kottieth Korambeth Rajat, Akhil Rajan, Meghanath T.v, Pramod S.M and Sai Murugan M.

Analysis Towards Optimum Features And Classifiers To Recognize The Emotion Happiness From Speech Signals
pp. 32585-32600
A. Miltona, E.S. Nivea Ghosha, Shilpa S Mohana and S. Tamil Selvi

The Agile V Process Model
pp. 32601-32608
Surendraj Dharmapal and Thirunadana sikamani k.

Design and Simulation of Remotely Power Controller
pp. 32609-32626
Hussain A. Attia and Beza Negash Getu

Determination of Dual Phase Forced Convective Heat Transfer of Nano Fluids by Means of CFD
pp. 32627-32635
Appadurai. M, Baburaj Prasath.A, Chithambara Thanu.M and Richard.S

Design And Investigation Of A Novel Zeolite Coated Films In Sensor Applications
pp. 32637-32644
K.Jegan Mohan, K.Jagadeesan and Aravind Yadav

A Bio Inspired Energy And Delay Aware Multipath Routing Algorithm For Manet
pp. 32645-32652
S. Varadhaganapathy, K.G. Santhiya, V.Krishnaveni

Improving the Efficiency of FSO Communication System with Multi-laser Beams
pp. 32653-32662
Abhinav Anand, G. Aarthi and Harsh Vardhan

A Novel And Efficient Hybrid Authenticated Trust Mechanism For Clustered Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 32663-32679
R.Sivakumar and S.Duraisamy

Enhancing Privacy Preservation In Cloud Database Querying, Comparative Analysis By Cobweb & KMeans
pp. 32681-32688
Nazneen Mulani, Ambika Pawar, Preeti Mulayc and Ajay Dani

A Survey Of Financial Forecasti ng And Customer Analysis In Banking Institution
pp. 32689-32695
K.Selva Sheela and K.Hema Sundareswari

Modelling On Wrinkling Behvaviour During Deep Drawing Of Different Grades Of Stainless Steel Sheets Using Artfifical Neural Network
pp. 32697-32710
Karthick Sivaraman , Ashwin S and Raghuraman S

Design of An Economic Voice Enabled Guidance System For The Visually Impaired
pp. 32711-32721
D.Radha and Amudha J

A Heuristic Approach for Modeling of the Furnace of a Utility Boiler
pp. 32723-32740
L. Sivakumar and P. Rajalakshmy

Comparing Performance of AODV, DSR, DSDV, ZRP with Black Hole Attack and without Attack through Use of NS2 Simulator
pp. 32741-32755
Akanksha Bali and  Shailendra Narayan Singh





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