International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 13  (2015)  





Level Shifter Using A Self Cascode Current Mirror Hybrid Buffer
K. Mathan and T. Ravichandran

Fuel Your Growth with Integration: Hybrid Cloud Computing
NehaTyagi and Ajay Rana

Fake Biometric Detection Using Image Quality Assessment And PSO Classifier
Shyam Mohan and Vishwanath N

Non Data Aided SNR Estimation for OFDM Signals using Machine Learning Algorithms
K.Seshadri Sastry

Radiation Effects Of MHD Oscillatory Flow Along A Porous Medium Bounded By Two Vertical Porous Plates In The Presence Of Hall Current And Soret Effect With Chemical Reaction
K.Balamurugan and R.Karthikeyan

The Pair-wise Bus-Invert Coding for Low-Power Bus Design
Myungchul Yoon

Calibration And Characterization Of Polarizing Waveplates
Kalyani Akkole, Akshay Malhotra and Praveen V. Naidu

An interesting double equations 3b+4T=x2 ,b+T=y2,T≠ a square
N.Saivaraju and D.Geetha

Spoken Language Identification System for Web Audio and Videos
Drisya D and C.Santhosh Kumar

Enhanced BeeGA Algorithm for Route Optimization in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks(VANETs)
Daljeet Singh Motton and Arvind Kumar

Need of Tuning the Fuzzy Logic Furnace Temperature Controller
Rachana R. Mudholkar, Ravindra R. Mudholkar and UmeshV. Somnatti

Relevant Subspace Clustering using Fuzzy Attribute Weighting Approach
M. Suguna and S. Palaniammal

Diagnostically Lossy Image Compression using Convex Hull Algorithm
Roshan Lal. Dev Kumar Chaudhary and Nirbhay Kashyap

Experimental Study On Partial Replacement Of Crushed Cockle Shell (CCS) As Fine Aggregate In The Strength Of Concrete
J. Allen Paul Edson and V. Keerthika

Lehmann-Type Laplace Distribution-Type II Software Reliability Growth Model
V.S.Akilandeswari, R.Poornima and V.Saavithri

Design of an Intangible-based E-Commerce for Digital Creative Industry
Abdul Syukur and Aris Marjuni

Weighted Application Scheduling Algorithm for VoIP under Data Traffic in LTE Networks
Sung-ju Kim

2-D Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Dual Material Surrounding Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistor with halo doping
Vanitha.P and N.B.Balamurugan

Computational Studies of Air Flow Pattern on the Headlight Domes of Different Bikes Using CFD Tools
C L V R S V Prasad and K. Samadhanam Raju

Machine Learning For Medical Decision Support Systems (MDSS): A review
Sunila Godara and Rishipal Singh

A New Single Stage Three Level Integrated Ac-Dc Converter
K. Barathi, Vinoth John Prakash, P.Chandrasekar, G.Murugesh Babu, K.Sivaraja and E.Thamium Ansar

Cuckoo based Enhanced PEGASIS for Energy Efficiency in WSN
Harmanjit kaur

Effect of Mangan Content on Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behavior of as Cast Fe-7.5Al-0.6C Alloy
Ratna Kartikasari

Energy Efficient Improved Bandwidth Video Streaming through Reliable Multipath Propagation in MANETs
S. Mohideen Badhusha and K. Duraiswamy

A Comparative Study On Various Signal Processing Algorithms For Real-Time Noise Elimination In Wireless Sensor Networks
D. Rene Dev and S. Edward Rajan

Divergent of Firewall Fashion: A Survey
S.Rajasekaran, A.Rengarajan and P.Kumaran

Design and Analysis of absorber for Solar Water Heater using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Bhushan A. Magdum, Mandar S. Sapre and Abhijeet B. Auti

Test Case Prioritization
Lilly Raamesh

Control of Chaotic Jerk Systems using Nonlinear Feedback Control
Suresh Rasappan, Sathish Kumar Kumaravel and Naresh Kumar Jothi

Image Restoration using Modified Gaussian Filter
Jamshid.M.Basheer and V. Murugesh

Portable Runner System for Yield Improvement in Sand Casting
Selvaraj J and Tom B Thomas

A Multi-Algorithm based Gender Classification using Fingerprint: A Feature level Fusion and SVM Approach.
Revate S.S. and P.D.Deshmukh, K. V. Kale

Performance Evaluation of Power Converters for Hybrid Electric Vehicle with BLDC Motor Drive
A. Balamurugan and S. Ramkumar

Study On A Layered Photo Composite Of Hydroxyapatite-Bioplastic-Camphorquinone Composed By Response Surface Method
Alva Edy Tontowi, Irfan Shafiqy Dwi and Joko Triyono

Performance Enhancement of MOS Transistor using Ge-Nano-wire Hetero junction Interband Tunnel Diode
Vimal Kumar Mishra and R.K. Chauhan

Experimental Investigation of Retempering on Strength of Concrete
Geeta Mehta and Amit Mehta

Extensive Study on Text Representation Models in Text Mining
Shantanu S. Pathak and D.Rajeswara Rao

Bio-Document Retrieval System With Re-Ranking And Cross Ontology
D. Jayasri and D. Manimegalai

Implementation of Memory Based Crypto Processing Systems
A.Sudhakar and K. Kalaiarasi

Comparitive Study Of Curvelet And Waveatom Transform In The Classification Of Microcalcifications Using Complex Neural Networks
E. Malara, Priya Krishnamurthy and A. Kandaswamy

Review on Performance and Exhaust of EGR in CI engines
S.Senthil Kumar, K.Purushothaman and R.Arun

Slope Failure Of Waste Rock Dump At Jayant Opencast Mine, India: A Case Study
Sachin Sharma and Indrajit Roy

PAPR Reduction and Performance Analysis of Alamouti MIMO-OFDM Systems Using Slantlet Based P-SLM Scheme
S. Venkatachalam and T. Manigandan

A framework for Identity and Access Management In HealthCare Cloud
S.N.Dhanabagyam and G.R.Karpagam

Analysis of the p+n n+ Back Surface Field Silicon Solar Cell and its Comparison with the Conventional p+n Structure
Ashim Kumar Biswas, Avigyan Chatterjee, Sayantan Biswas and Amitabha Sinha

Spoof Detection Based On Phase Congruency Method
Arunalatha G and Ezhilarasan M

A Cluster Based Differential Zone Partitioning Approach for Delay Reduction in MANET
K.S.Riya and T.Kesavamurthy

Polarization and Depolarization Current Measurement – An Effective Technique for Detection and Analysis of Mechanical Displacement of Transformer Windings
S. Natarajan , S. Venkatesh, R.Rajesh, and S. Mohamed Ghouse

Pulsed CMOS Neural Network Design in Subthreshold Region using Translinear Principle
Ayyavoo Mithila and Vijayakumari Valsalam

Study on Influence of Lattice Structures on Product Strength in a Rapid Prototyping Environment
M.Elangovan, Sreeram.N

Solar Powered Switched-Capacitor Reduced-source DC-link Impedance-source Inverter System
Nisha K.C.R and Sanjay Jain

Condition Monitoring of a Valve in a Reciprocating Compressor Using Machine Learning Approach
M.Elangovan, Suraj Suresh Kumar and Bharathi Ganesh H.B

Design and Verification of Memory Controller AXI for DDR4 Memories
R.R.Kalyan Venkatesh, M.Harinath and B.Murali Krishna

Design and Implementation of Adaptive Router Architecture in FPGA for Torus based Network on Chip
Saraswathi Venugopal and Arokiasamy Arulanandasamy

Transfer Function Based Condition Monitoring Of Transformer Through Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
R.Preetha, R.Rajesh and B.Divyabharani

Transformer Fault Diagnosis Through Transient Voltage Analysis
B.Divyabharani, R.Rajesh and R.Preetha

Automatic Detection and Classification of Pomegranate Disease using Image Processing
Ranjit Bharane and SwatiKadlag and Narayan Pisharoty

Energy Efficient Scheduling For Beacon Enabled Cluster Tree Home Security Wireless Sensor Network
Jothin R. and Vasanthanayaki C

Analysis of Friction Stirs Welding Using Aluminium 2024 and Aluminium 7075
W.EdwinSanthkumar and V.K.Shunmughanaathan

A rank based multi trust incentive mechanism for resource sharing in network transportation peer systems
A.Jebaraj Ratnakumar and P.SathishKumar

Segmentation and edge detection of brain images using clustering and canny edge detector algorithm
B.SHAJI and M.Babitha

Cluster based Trustworthy Service Discovery Scheme for MANET
Shirin Bhanu Koduri and M. Seetha

Performance analysis of soqpsk modulation scheme for telemetry applications
Jagdish Prasad Gupta and Debashis Adhikari

An Improved k-means Clustering Algorithm for Image Segmentation
Suresh Kurumalla and P Srinivasa Rao

A brief analysis on conduction mode of bridgeless single ended primary inductance converter
Ramesh M and Gopinath M

Power quality improvement of grid connected wind energy conversion system for optimum utilization of variable speed wind turbines
G .Siva Kumar and A Lakshmi Devi

Improving usability of web using hybrid approach– hit and time spent
T.Tamilselvi and G.Tholkappia Arasu

Suppression of Common mode signal using novel DGS for high speed circuit applications
Vadivel .S, K.Vasudevan and A.Thenmozhi

A fast converging decoding scheme based on particle swarm optimization for block codes
Sai Vamsi Krishna Vadlamudi,Harish Kolisetty, Vamsi Krishna Chennam, Reddy Raju R, BhargavAnand Reddy S, and Yamuna B

Mobile dbms: a client-server rdbmsfor mobile devices using bluetooth technology
Nitesh Kumar, Rohit Beniwal and Anup Singh Kushwaha

Fabrication of a six-legged robot with crank and slotted lever mechanismusing RF communication
A.K.Matta and A.S.Kranthi

Optimization of Brake Rotor by using Taguchi Method and 3D Finite Elements

Internet connectivity in wireless multihop networks: A critical review
Prakash Srivastava and Rakesh Kumar

Cross-layer designed scheduling algorithm for QoS enhancement in Wireless Broadband networks

Optimization operation of bening reservoir to maximize irrigation allocation
Rispiningtati and Rudy Soenoko

Using of dynamic integrated expert systems for intelligent control
V.M. Rybin and S.S. Parondzhanov

Modified harmony search for optimizing 2d steel structurebased on aisc360-05 code
Mohammad Ghozi and PriyoSuprobo

Feedback enabled transmission control protocol for next generation networks
K.LakshmiNadh, Y. K. Sundara Krishna and K.Nageswara Rao

An overview on impedance source inverter control methods, types and performance
A.Radhika and L.Sivakumar

Preparation and thermophysical property evaluation of al2o3-ethylene glycol and tio2-ethylene glycol nanofluids for heat transfer applications
Nandhakumar.R. and Senthilkumar.D

Space time block codes (STBC) in mimo-ofdm system
Tanu Shree and Debashis Adhikari

Comparative analysis of computer aided segmentation of ovarian images
Saranya Rajendran and Uma Maheswari Sankareswaran

Probabilistic Activity Estimator and Timing Analysis for LUT Based Circuits
Ramesh.S.Rand R.Jayaparvathy

A scalable load balancing using hybrid ab algorithm for cloud environment
D.Ramesh and N.Sasikala

A real time algorithm for the m2m-smart warrior system
Chanakya Kumar and Rajeev Paulus

Intrusion detection system using decision tree algorithm to improve network transmission accuracy
SushantPawara and Praveen Gubbala

To reduce data leakage in horizontally distributed database using association rules
E. Gokulakannan and K.Venkatachalapathy

Experimental study on rc beams with recycled concrete as aggregate under combined bending and torsion
Geolin Sugantha Kumar

Effect of corrosion of reinforcement on the fatigue life of the high performance concrete beams
Seshadri Sekhar. N and Raghunath. P.N, Govindarajalu.D, K. Suguna

RDS framework for improving the reliability and availability of cloud services using new ruminant digestive system from ruminant animals.
S.K.Senthil Kumar and P. Balasubramnie

Brain functional model of natural language understanding
Meenakhi Sahu and HimaBindu Maringanti

Effect of P2O5 content on the physical and biological properties of SiO2-Al2O3-CaO-Na2O bio-glass ceramics
A. Rahamana and Abdul Rahima and Ram Pyare

Magnetic Resonance in Spiral Resonators
Rajni and Anupma Marwaha

A Testbed for Traffic Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Network
Attada Venkataramana, K.Jayasri and M.Vijayasagar

Experimental modal analysis of the vibratory feeder and its structural elements
M. L. Chandravanshi and A. K. Mukhopadhyay

An obstacle avoidance algorithm with spatial and temporal constraints for visually impaired
B.Amutha and Karthick Nanmaran

Digital watermarking using amalgam transform
Umaamaheshvari , Thanushkodi

A Novel Prefetching Approach for Effective Web Latency Reduction

Web Service Message Contract Validation using Server Logs at Implementation level
M.Priyadharshini, T.Vimala, R.Baskaran and K.Manju Bharathi

Automated Menu Planning System to maintain Balanced Diet in Children
Ashvini Kale and Nisha Auti

Contour Based Obstacle Detection Using Stereo Vision
Nitheesh A S and Hema P Menon

Footprint Score Evaluation Of Process And Transport Of Two Kinds Of Biomass Production
Ricardo Díaz Martín, GastonSanglier Contreras and Adib Guardiola Mouhaffel

Fractal Image Compression Using Frog Leap Optimization Algorithm
M. Sobia and and M.L.Valarmathi

Analytical Design Sensitivity And Optimal Design Of An Induction Motor Framefor Reduced Vibration
Jeong Sam Han

Thermal And Structural Analysis Of Combustion Chamber Outer Case
G. Surya Chandra Swamy and N.Hari Babu

Analysis Of Internet User’s Log Details Using MapReduce And Hadoop Distributed File System
P.Kanchanamala and G.Ayyappa

Effect of Sintering Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Powder Metallurgy Titanium Composites
PapaRao Mondi, R. Mariappan, C.Raj Kumar, S.Jayavelu and G.Dharmalingam

Development of Paddy Seed Management by using Long Range Passive RFID Technology at Ultra High Frequency Band
A. Salleh, N. R. Mohamada, N.M. Z. Hashima , M. Z. A Abd Aziza, Z. Zakariaa and N. A Abd Hadi

Investigations On Thermal Behaviour Of A Through-Hole Ball-Screw With Air And Ideal CO2 Gas As Cooling Media Using Computational Fluid Dynamics ool
Sunilkumar S Honnungar and S.R.Devadasan

Efficient and Fast Study of Arbitrarily Shaped Substrate Integrated Waveguide SIW Devices with the Iterative Method WCIP
J. Ben Rmodhan Hajri, H. Hrizi and N. Sboui

Leverage your Data Efficiently: Following new Trends of Information and Data Security
K.Kiran Kumar, B.Kumar Babu and Y.Rekha

Effect of Steel Fiber on High Performance Concrete Subjected to Heating
B.Soundara and M.Mahalakshmi

Sparse Representation Based Image Compression Using Discrete Rajan Transform
Kethepalli Mallikarjuna, Kodati Satya Prasad and M.V.Subramanyam

Continuous RC Slab Flexural Limit State Optimisation From Slab Depth Consideration
Kachalla Mohammed, IzianAbd. Karim, Nora Farah AbdAznieta Aziz and Law Teik Hua

Design and Implementation of a Robot Controlled by Android
Mohsen Emami and Mohammad Reza Bahmani

Exergy Analysis On LiBr-H2O Absorbtion Refrigeration System Using Membrane For Regeneration Process
Bayu Rudiyanto, Armansyah H. Tambunan and Tsair-Wang Chung

Effect of Gain Changing to Maximum Visualization Depth on Diagnostic Ultrasound B-Mode Image
Giner Maslebu, Kusworo Adi, and Suryono

Induction Motor Bearing Fault Detection Using Hybrid Kurtosis-Based Method
Mohd Sufian Othman, Mohd Zaki Nuawi and Ramizi Mohamed

Power Quality Improvement by MC-UPQC Using Intelligence Techniques
B.Rajani and P.Sangameswara Raju

Perceived Sacrifice Index of Public Transport Passengers
Sik Sumaedi and Medi Yarmen

Measuring The Financial Performance Of The Stock Process In The Case Of Pharmacies Grouping

Efficient Knowledge Management for Reusability in Bank Loan Process Using GA and ACO
Er. Iqbaldeep Kaur and Rajvir Kaur

Energy Efficient Scheduling Technique for Cluster Based Data Gathering in MWSN
Sachin Paranjape and Mukul Sutaon

Sign Language Recognition and Translation
Sreehitha K M, Pooja Venugopal and Santhosh Kumar B J

Green Cloud –The Safe Prospect in Computing
D. Chandrika, D. Kamal Kumari and Nandita Bhanja Chaudhuri

A Comparative Analysis On Java Code Coverage Tools In Software Testing
Subrat P Mishra, Srinivas Prasad and Manas Ranjan Senapati

A survey on Segmentation and Classification Approach for Skin Medical Image
E.Kaveri, T.Chakravarthy, and P.V.Arivoli

Study On Solid Waste Management And Also To Assess The Impact Of Solid Waste Disposal On Land Around Coimbatore City
N. Sengottaian and R. Murugesan

Comparative Analysis Of Diverse Frequency Domain Feature Extraction Schemes For Human Palm And Face Recognition Based On Machine Learning Approach
Valarmathy S, Arun Kumar M and Santhi.E

Effective Hybrid Tool for Global Software Development
S. Hariharan, A. Renga Rajan and R. Prem Kumar

Outlier Detection based on RBF Networks with Clustering from Agriculture Datasets
Deepak Sinwar and V.S. Dhaka

FPGA implementation of DS-CDMA Transmitter and Receiver
Harinath Mandalapu, B Murali Krishna, R R Kalyana Venkatesh, and P Balagopal

Parametric Optimization Of Electro Chemical Machining By Response Surface Methodology
A.Kumaravelu, C. Jagadheesan and C. Senthilkumar

Renovative Credibility Using Multi Hybrid Technique For Structural Health Monitoring
Jajneswar Nanda, D N Thatoi, Harish Chandra Das and Dayal R. Parhi

Deployment of Roadside Units based on Markov Clustering Algorithm
Jeonghee Chi, Sunyoung Do, Youngseok Kim, and Soyoung Park

A comparative survey of bioeffect-aware routing protocols in wireless body area networks
Thien T. T. Le and Sangman Moh

Comparative analysis of temperature rise in proactive and reactive routing for wireless body area networks
Christian H. W. Oey, Sangil Choi, Sangman Moh, Moonsoo Kang, and Ilyong Chng

Modeling balancing scheme of international money transfer
David S. In

Vibration Data Acquisition with Smartphone Interface
Surgwon Sohn

A design of authentication method based on magnetic field area network
Juyoung Park, Yun-Jae Won and Sanghoon Jeon

Trusted multi-factor authentication methodology for devices in IoT (Internet of thing) environment
Sanghoon Jeon

An efficient source authentication method for IoT based on multicast network
Sanghoon Jeon

An IP mobility management framework based on handover type differentiation and distributed location management
Sangyup Han, Myungchul Kim, Kyounghee Lee, Kwihoon Kim, Hyunjae Kim and Woongshik You

Design of semantic web reasoning model for map reduce framework
Jinhong Kim and Yongsoo Choi

Quality informatics for the enhanced visibility of networked robotic operations
Jungwan Hong and Yongjin (James) Kwon

Placement Accuracy Enhancement for the Vision-Guided Robot
Yongjin (James) Kwon and Younghoon Kho

A positioning framemwork for wps-imu hybrid indoor navigation system
pp 33598-33600
Jae-Hoon Kim and Kyoung Sik Min

The relationship of online game attachment and online game community participation : focused on tam
pp 33601-33604
Seung-Bea Park and Kyoung Sik Min

Challenges and opportunities in next generation personal small cell networks
pp 33605-33607
Wooseong Kim and Soonuk Seol

Feature enhanced video stippling for moving objects
pp 33608-33610
Seulgi Oh and Haewon Byun

A Modified Point Placement algorithm for Video Stippling
Seulgi Oh and Haewon Byun

A device identification method in the internet of things (IoT) environments
pp 33614-33616
Jae-jung Kim and Seng-phil Hong

A study on the accredited certification system without password using fido(fast identity online)
pp 33617-33619
Jae-jung Kim and Seng-phil Hong

study on the user controllable biometric-based universal authentication framework
pp 33620-33622
Jae-jung Kim and Seng-phil Hong

De-identification data modeling using anonymous process in big data: A case study in korea
pp 33623-33625
Kyong Jin Kim and Seng Phil Hong

Insulin attenuates gene expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase during hemorrhagic shock in rats
pp 33626-33628
Jihwan Bu, Chang Bae Park and Woo Jeong Kim

Nonattachment as a mediator of the relationship between dispositional mindfulness and psychological well-being
pp 33629-33632
Se-Jin Ju and Woo-KyeongLee

Mobile application design of healthcare for the elderly
pp 33633-33637
Byung Mun Lee

Development of IOT-based smart hazard condition sharing system
pp 33638-33640
Chol-U Lee, Sang-Wan Kim and Ryum-Duck Oh

Designs of learning environment for effective pbl in engineering school
Keunsoo Lee

A slot allocation scheme in wireless cellular networks
Sangjoon Park and Jongchan Lee

A Measurement on the Social Welfare Effects of Korea Agricultural Outlook Information System
pp 33647-33649
Bae Sung Kim and Seong Bo Ko

A load management scheme in wireless cellular networks
pp 33650-33652
Gisung Lee, Sangjoon Park, Jongchan Lee and Seongyun Shin

Reliable emergency message delivery based on clustering in error prone vehicular communication environments
pp 33653-33655
Si-Ho Cha

Synthesis techniques in Creative Music
pp 33656-33658
Yoemun Yun

Hyper Branched Graphene for Solar Cell Applications
pp 33659-33661
Rajangam Vinodh, Cadiam Mohan Babu, Aziz Abidov, Mei Mei Peng, Muthiahpillai Palanichamy, Wang Seog Cha and Hyun Tae Jang

Adaptive logarithm quantization-based tone mapping for high-dynamic range images
pp 33662-33664
Donghyung Kim

Age Verification Model Considering Privacy
pp 33665-33667
Tae Kyung Kim

The antibacterial effect of Camellia japonica extract on oral microorganisms
pp 33668-33670
Myoung-Gun Choung, Seoul-Hee Nam, and Hye-Young Kim

Thickness effects of anti-reflection coating with graded refractive index structure
pp 33671-33673
Ki-Chul Kim

Antibacterial effect of the flower petal extract from Camellia sinensis on oral infection-inducing Candida albicans
pp 33674-33676
Myoung-Gun Choung, Seoul-Hee Nam, and Hye-Young Kim

An Error Concealment Technique Based on Directional Interpolation
pp 33677-33679
Seung-jong Kim

Experimental study on performance characteristics of the inner condenser in air-sourced heat pump
pp 33680-33682
Ho-Seong Lee, Jong-Phil Won, Taek-Kyu Lim, Han-Byeol Jeon, Sang-Taek Oh, Moo-Yeon Lee and Yong-Chan Kim

Distance Recognition-based Intelligent LED control system
pp 33683-33685
Yong Deok Ahn, Sungwoo Bae, Jae-Jung Yun, Moo-Yeon Lee, Suk-Ju Kang

Collaboration system of Technology and Manufacturing process for 3D printing industry
pp 33686-33688
Kyung-a Kim

Development of a safe operating space on a green car side door beam manufacturing process
pp 33688-33690
Gyuhyo Choi, Tuan-Ho Le, Bogeun Lee, and Sangmun Shin

Content based Image Retrieval Method using Edge and Color Features
pp 33691-33693
Daedong Hwang and Keunsoo Lee

The Correlation between the law of Bernoulli and vocalization- Description of the production of vocal sound -
pp 33694-33695
Tae-Seon Cho

A Study on the Usage Intention at Restaurant Websites
pp 33696-33698
Min Sun Kim, Sora Kang and Jounghae Bang

Anti-halitosis effects of Aegopodium podagraria
pp 33699-33701
Young-Ran Yeun, Seoul-Hee Nam, and Hye-Young Kim

The comparative software development cost model of considering inverse rayleigh distribution
pp 33702-33704
Hee-Cheul Kim

A Study on Development and Application Plan of Smart Pipeline Management System for Agricultural Water
pp 33705-33707
Young Hwa Kim, Joon Jae Yoon, Seok-Jun Choi and Hyoung-Keun Park

Performance Improvement by Diversity Techniques for WAVE Communications
pp 33708-33710
Dae-Ki Hong

Frequency characteristics for the layers distance of double-layer spiral planar inductors
pp 33711-33713
Jae-Wook Kim

Effective monitoring system using circulation manifold exhaust pressure check method
pp 33714-33716
Jun-Woo Cho and Hyoung-Keun Park

Networkimg system for expanding of Additive manufacturing technology Based on open API
pp 33717-33719
Kyung-a Kim

A study on the substantial image of city: Its analysis of Santa Monica city
pp 33720-33722
Hyun Hahm

Improvement of injection molding process using classification and RSM mixture model
pp 33723-33725
Kang-Min Cheon, Jaekyung Yang, Myoungjin Choi and Yong-Wan Byun

Numerical Investigation on Cooling Performances of the Stack Cooling System for a Passenger FCEV
pp 33726-33728
Ho-Seong Lee, Jong-Phil Won, Eun-Woung Lee, and Moo-Yeon Lee

Availability evaluation of smartphone GPS for the positioning in forest area
pp 33729-33731
Joon-Kyu Park and Myung-Kwan Oh

Business Process Modeling for a Smart Street Lights System
pp 33732-33734
Muhammad Sohail Khan and DoHyeun Kim

Systematic Management Plan of Street Trees Utilizing Coordinate Indicating Camera for Environmental Improvement
pp 33735-33737
Jong-Sin Lee and Young-Ju Lee

Change analysis of lake environment for efficient management of water resource in drought damage region
pp 33738-33740
Kap-Yong Jung and Jong-Sin Lee

A design improvement access control for secure contents management in big data environment
pp 33741-33743
Byung Wook Jin and Moon Seog Jun

The effects of academic personality type, teachers’ devotion and expectation on the recognition of media utilization
pp 33744-33746
Ji-suk Kim and Jeong-kyoum Kim

A traffic flows based congestion control algorithm for content-centric networks
pp 33747-33749
Jung-Jae Kim, Minwoo Ryu, Si-Ho Cha and Kuk-Hyun Cho

Internet of Vehicles: Challenges and Issues
pp 33750-33752
Minwoo Ryu and Si-Ho Cha

Design for new harmonics reduction type ballast enabled harmonic reduction, power factor upgrade and efficiency
pp 33753-33755
Young-Choon Kim, Ok-Hwan Kim, and Moon-Taek Cho

Design of electric power loader system for driving test of electric vehicle
pp 33756-33758
Young-Choon Kim and Moon-Taek Cho

Factors influencing dental fear in adolescents
pp 33759-33761
Hye-Young Kim and Young-Ran Yeun

Risk factors of delirium in the emergency intensive care unit patients
pp 33762-33764
Hyun Kyung Kim and Young Mee Lee

Optimal voltage regulation method in distribution system using step voltage regulator and energy storage system
pp 33765-33767
Byungki-Kim, Dong-Hyun Tae, Jong-Yong Wang, Jong-yun Jeong, Soo-young Park, and DaeseokRho

Evaluation algorithm for system disturbances in fuel cell generation system
pp 33768-33770
Sung-Sik Choi, Gi-Young Kim, Jae-Beom Park, Zakhar V. Semenyuk, Mi-Young Kim, Dae-Seok Rho

A study on the development of high-efficiency solar electric cart applied with MPPT
pp 33771-33773

Superposed multicarrier transmission with interference cancellation for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
pp 33774-33776
Dae-Ki Hong and Bub-Joo Kang

Development of AMI Service Software for Smart Water Grid
pp 33777-33779
SeokRak Kang, ByoungSup Shim, SeokJun Choi, KyungtTaek Yum and HyoungKeun Park

Construction of GIS Database using GNSS with Laser Range Finder
pp 33780-33782
Joon-Kyu Park and Keun-Wang Lee

H-GROW Coaching Model Development for Hybrid Coaching
pp 33783-33785
Mi-Sun Hong , Kyoung-Chul Lee, and Jung-Hwan Park

Development of web app for mobile inquiry-based learning using cross platform
pp 33786-33788
Jin-Hee Ku

Management of privacy of mobile computing in cloud environment
pp 33789-33791
Yongjoon Park and Yunjung Lee

An analysis of death education-related work duty on medical care providers using the dacum method
pp 33792-33796
Arma Park, Kwang-Hwan Kim and Sang-Yoon Anh

Related Factors on Breast Self-Examination in Women’s Students
pp 33797-33799
Young Mee Lee

Tensor-based Traffic Sign Representation and Multilinear Analysis for TSR System
pp 33800-33802
Seungdo Jeong

A systemic review on the predictive variables that influence the acculturation stress of immigrant women married to South Korean men
pp 33803-33805
Young-Ran Yeun

Natural Convection Characteristics of the Horizontal Duct using Ferrofluid in a 2:1 Aspect Ratio
pp 33806-33808
Jae-Hyeon Seo and Moo-Yeon Lee

Electro-optical characteristics of micro dielectric barrier discharge by adding tio2 or mgo powder
pp 33809-33812
Don-Kyu Lee and Sung-Suk Wi

Generalization of Crossfilter.js for Amrita Dynamic Dashboard
pp 33815-22818
Jasna Aksa James, Karthika S, Keerthana SKK, Reshma PK, Sarath S, Shiju Sathyadevan and Hariram S

An Improved Log-based Scheduling and Load Balancing in Computational Grid
pp 33819-33825
S. Gokuldev and R. Radhakrishnan

Mechanical Properties Of Carbon-Epoxy With Ceramic Particles On Composite
pp 33826-33830
K. Karthik, T.Raja, S.Prabu and R.Ganesh

Designing Jewellery Manufacturing Industry Productivity Improvement using DMAIC Method
pp 33836-33841
Adhini Ayu Lukitaputri and M. Dachyar; Yadrifil

Performance Analysis of RSA Algorithm with Different Key Lengths
pp 33831-33835
Madhumita Panda

The Optimal Thresholding Technique for Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Otsu Method
pp 33842-33846
P. Rambabu and C. Naga Raju

Bidirectional Indonesian-Gorontalo Text Translator: Rule-Based Approach
pp 33847-33852
Wrastawa Ridwan and Rahmat D.R Dako

Application of Data Mining in Software Engineering for PASED
pp 33853-33857
AliReza Honarvar, Fatemeh Sarikhani and MohamadSadegh Kargar-Khormari and Kazem Fardidi

Identification of threat to public life by classifying NEWS RSS Feeds
pp 33859-33862
M.Prathilothamai, M. Meena Devii and V.Viswanathan

A review of Optimization techniques in agricultural engineering
pp 33863-33867
Nisha Payal and J. V. Desai

Bus Querying System To Minimise Waiting Time
pp 33868-33872
A.Naresh kumar and P.S.K.Patra

Alocation And Water Price Model At Multi Reservoir River System
pp 33873-33880

Make in India a Manufacturing Hub Campaign: Perception of Budding Entrepreneurs
pp 33881-33887
V.Selvam and G. Velmurugan

Effort Estimation On E-Learning Projects Using Function Point Analysis
pp 33888-33892
C.Rajankrupa and M.V.Srinath

Analysis of Semi Automated Extraction of Domain Specific Cognitive Portrayals
pp 33893-33897
M. Pushpa and K. Nirmala

Comparative Analysis of Different Filtering Techniques for Research Articles Recommender System
pp 33898-33903
Amit Verma, Er.Sumit Kaur and Er.Atul Kumar

Yaw Control of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Using LVDT Module
pp 33904-33908
T.V.S. Madhav, P. Devendra and L.V. Suresh Kumar

Elastodynamics Of Two Dimensional Plane Problem In Magneto Micropolar Elastic Solid
pp 33909-33913
Ranjit Singh and Varun Kumar






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