International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 14  (2015)  





ModBlockExpoA- Enhancement on Speed and Security using Modularization in Public key Cryptograph
pp 33996-34000
D.I.George Amalarethinam, J.Sai Geetha and K.Mani

An Effective Method of Content Based Image Retrieval System using Support Vector Machines Classifier
pp 34001-34007
L.Jayanthi and K.Lakshmi

Computer Aided System For Segmenting Region Of Interest In Medical Images Using Optimization Algorithm
pp 33970-33975
Saranya Rajendran and Uma Maheswari Sankareswaran

Cellular Automata Based Noise Removal and Its Application in Speaker Recognition
pp 33976-33980
Ahmed Sajjad Khan and Ahmed Sajjad Khan

Parameter Based Change Detection In Human Crowd Movement Using Hidden Markov Model
pp 33981-33986
Nitish Ojha and Abhishek Vaish

Control And Programming Of A Robotic Arm Using Gestures And Skeleton Tracking
pp 33987-33989
Vasanth.S, Gayathiri.D, VinothKumar.P

An Enhanced Data Security Algorithm for Cloud Environment
pp 33990-33995
V.Poongodi and K.Thangadurai

pp 33914-33918
Harsha Damodaran, Sudheesh.P, and M.Jayakumar

Prediction of Spring back on Sheet Metal Wipe Bending using FEM
pp 33919-33923
E.Venkatesaperumal, E. Balaji and K.Parthiban

Performance Analysis of Robust Controllers for Inertially Stabilized Platform
pp 33924-33928
Rajesh Kumar and Sanjeev Kumar

Study Of Air Flow Over The Truck Using OpenFOAM
pp 33929-33937
N. A. Nawale and S. L. Borse

Human Authentication By Matching 3d Skull With Face Image Using Scca
pp 33938-33948
M.Pushparani and T.INDUMATHI

Face Recognition Using Curvelet Transform
pp 33949-33954
Sampada A. Dhole and V.H.Patil

Design Of Hairpin Bandpass Filters Using Coupled Resonator Theory
pp 33954-33957
A. Christina Josephine Malathi

Risk in Chiang Mai Tourism Supply Chain
pp 33958-33962
K.Y.Tippayawong, C.Kamkorkaeo, S.Ramingwong and V.Jangkrajarng

Flow in the Boundary Layer of Visco Elastic Liquid around a Body of Revolution
pp 33963-33969
Ramesh Chandra Samal and Trilochan Biswal

Brain Tumor Classification in MR Images Based on Multi-modal Texture Features and Kernel Based Support Vector Machine
pp 34008-34013
G. Kharmega Sundararaj and A. Jayachandran

FRRSCR -Fuzzy Based Robust Reliable and Scalable Clustered Routing Protocol for WSN
pp 34024-34028
J.Rethna Virgil Jeny, and E.Babu Raj

Enhanced Data Mining Techniques for Improving the Women Entrepreneurs Quality of Service
pp 34029-34034
C.Grace Padma, and Arunkumar Thangavelu

Performance Analysis of Secure Leach Based Clustering Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 34035-34041
P. Sasikumar and K. S. Preetha

FPGA Implementation of Multi-Bit Flip-Flop Based on Power Optimization Technique
pp 34042-34046
Kareti Pamulu, B Murali Krishna, G L Madhumati, Habibulla Khan

An FPGA Implementation of OnChip UART Testing with BIST Techniques
pp 34047-34051
P Bala gopal, K Hari Kishore, R R Kalyana Venkatesh and P Harinath Mandalapu

Brain computer interface based robot wheelchair control using motor Imagery
pp 34052-34062
M.Uma and T.Sheela

Chameleon Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm For Efficient Web Usage Mining
pp 34063-34067
Anupama Prasanthand and M. Hemalatha

Dynamic Key Cryptography in Sharing Medicine
pp 34068-34071
A. Manimaran, V. M. Chandrasekaran and Archit

Design and Analysis of Low Swing Conditional Capturing Flip-Flop for LC resonant Clock Distribution Networks
pp 34072-34077
P Kalpana and Ch. Rajasekhara Rao

Wrapper Annotation For Web Database Search Results
pp 34078-34083
N.Sowndhariya, T.C.R.Jeyarathika, C.Valarmathi and P.Saranya

Design and Analysis of Low Cost Lift System for Disabled Citizens at Railway Stations
pp 34084-34088
M.Elangovan and Amruth T.M

A Survey On Scheduled Based And Contention Based Mac Protocols And Its Essentials
pp 34089-34096
G.M.Karpura Dheepan and K.V.Anusuya

A Goal Programming Model For Public Accounting Firms
pp 34097-34102
Uday Kumar K N, Harish Babu G A and E Keshava Reddy.

DMUCE- A Confidentiality Enabled Technique To Improve Cloud User Security
pp 34103-34108
D.I.George Amalarethinam and B.FathimaMary

Empirical Study On Heart Disease Prediction System using Particle Swarm Optimization Clustering Mechanism
pp 34109-34113
Sana Bharti and Shaliendra Narayan Singh

Implementation Of Reversible Logic Adder Circuits And Their Power Analysis
pp 34114-34119
Renganayaki G, Reeba Korah and Salivahanan S

Very Fast Phase Unwrapping Via Grid-Cuts: G-PUMA
pp 34120-34131
Sharoze Ali, Habibulla Khan and Idris Shaik

Reliability Evaluation of Power System Using Equivalent Energy Function Method with Integration of Solar Power Plant
pp 34132-34136
A.Durga Devi and N.Shanmugavadivoo

An FPGA implementation of Phase-locked loop (PLL) with self-healing VCO
pp 34137-34139
Sravani Bandlamoodi, and K.Hari Kishore

A Survey on Command and Control Channel Based Botnet Detection Sys-tems
pp 34140-34143
Beena J Stuvert and Soniya B

A Novel Search Engine for Identifying Musical Instruments in a Video File
pp 34144-34148
S.Metilda Florence and S. Mohan

ERP Project Stakeholders
pp 34149-34154
Anusha Sreeram and Sashikala Parimi

Radiation Induced SEU Impact on DG-SOI FINFET based Class E RF Power Amplifier
pp 34155-34160
P Chitra and V N Ramakrishnan

Performance Analysis Of Routing Behaviour Between OSPF And EIGRP In Hierarchical And Flat Structures
pp 34161-34170
Simarjit Singh Malhi and Parampreet Kaur

New Approaches To The Substantiation Of The Concept Of Optimum Of The Technological Process Of Manufacturing Facilities Of Atomic Power Engineering
pp 34171-34173
Pavel DavidovichKravchenko

A Comparative Analysis Of Data Mining Techniques Used In Health Care Systems
pp 34174-34179
S. Mohandoss, V. SaiShanmuga Raja, SP. Rajagopalan

Effects of Setbacks on Solar Accessibility In Abu Nseir, Amman, Jordan Abstract
pp 34180-34189
Khaled Al Omari and Arch.Hind Alshoubaki

Potential 2D Flows Of Real Gases. Invariant Equations In Natural Coordinates. Hodograph Transformation
pp 34190-34193
Ernest G. Shifrin

Evaluation of Risk Priority Number (RPN) in Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) using Factor Analysis
pp 34194-34198
Sellappan N, Nagarajan D and Palanikumar K

Theoretical and Experimental Study on Passive Magnetic Bearings with Square Permanent Magnets
pp 34199-34211
K.P. Lijesh and Harish Hirani

Cooling Performance Comparison Of The Number Of Swash Plate Compressor Cylinders For Cars
pp 34213-34216
Seo Hyun Sang and Haeng Muk Cho

Discovery Indonesian Medical Question-Answering Pairs Pattern With Question Generation
pp 34217-34223
Wiwin Suwarningsih, Iping Supriana and Ayu Purwarianti

Agent-Based Platforms Comparison
pp 34224-34229
Nawfal NACIRI and Mohamed TKIOUAT

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient Of Particulate Composites As Defined By The Particle Arrangement
pp 34230-34237
J. Venetis, E. Sideridis

Pair in Software Requirements Engineering: A Review
pp 34238-34243
Ow Li Lee, Massila Kamalrudin and Safiah Sidek

Modeling Of Solar Panel As Gendralised Structure
pp 34244-34250
K Karthikumar, V Senthil kumar, M Karuppiah, A Arunbalaj and S Krishnakumar

Min-max frequent pattern mining technique for privacy preservation in transactional data sets using support threshold
pp 34251-34255
Vijaykumar and T.Christopher

Copy move forgery detection using fusion of zernike and dct
pp 34256-34361
Gelareh Majid, and Ghazali Sulong

Effect of spacing between electrodes on the hydrogen generation
pp 34262-34264
A. Realpe-Jiméneza and A. Salamanca-Echeverri

A general analysis of homomorphic cryptosystems
pp 34265-34269
M. Jayanthi and Kannan Balasubramanian

Optimization and Scheduling of HAZCHEM Logistics with Time Windows
pp 34270-34276
Sarath S, Raghuram P and Venkateswaran R

Performance enhancement of maodv based multipath routing algorithm using link repair prediction technique
pp 34277-34280
S.Jebakumar Gomer Rajadurai, J.Veerappan and K.Ramasamy

Mitigation of Session Hijacking in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
pp 34281-34287
K.Geetha and N.Sreenath

Parallelization of Smith Waterman algorithm using Mat Lab, Open MP, MPI and Hybrid Approach and their Performance Analysis
pp 34288-34293
V. Nagaveni and G T Raju

Protection of sdn by implementing firewall policies in controller
pp 34294-34301
Manasa.S and Manivannan.S.S

A data mining approach in cloud for secure, scalable and efficient retrieval of data
pp 34302-34306
S. Artheeswari, and RM. Chandrasekaran

Evaluating service quality of international airlines based on customer survey
pp 34307-34309
Giftleen K. Jebakumar and Krishnaraj R

Exact solutions of mhd, radiation and rotation effects on impulsively started vertical plate with variable mass diffusion
pp 34310-34315
A.R. Vijayalakshmi and B. Kanimozhi

Order Reduction Of Linear Interval System Using Differential Evolution Algorithm
pp 34316-34323
Gulshad Begum and M.Siva Kumar

Analysis of routing mechanisms using QoS metrics in Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Network – A Survey
pp 34323-34327
Siva Rama Krishnan Somayaji and Arunkumar Thangavelu

MPKGRP: Mobility prediction and N-Anonymity based geographical routing protocol
pp 34328-34334
T.Sarathamani, and M. Rajesh Babu

Stability enhancement of doubly fed induction generator equipped wind farm using facts device
pp 34335-34338
Priyanka and Amardeep Singh Virdi

Design of a Novel RF MEMS Dual and Quad Output Switches For Satellite Payload Applications
pp 34339-34345
John Wiselin, B.S. Sreeja, K.Sureshkumar, C.Joshitha V.I. Nandhini, Roshini Shetty, K. Suneri and S. Yazhini

A Novel Artificial Neural Network Model for Prediction of Soil Total Porosity
pp 34346-34351
Ashok Kumar D and Kannathasan N

Analysis of low power unsigned array multiplier architecture
pp 34352-34356
S.P.Prakash and S.Valarmathy

Enhancement in BEENISH Protocol to increase Lifetime of the Network
pp 34357-34362
Naveen, and Mritunjay Kumar Rai

Artificial neural network approach in transmission line with prpd statistical analysis
pp 34363-34368
Natarajan.A and Suthanthiravanitha Narayanan

Software Based Prototype for Data Confidentiality in Databases
pp 34369-34371
T.Sasikala ,Naveen Kumar Ala and Ramesh Gorantla

Network Anomaly Detection Stochastic Model Analysis
pp 34372-34374
D. Ayyamuthukumar, S. Karthik, A. Rajivkannan

Surveillance of human tracking using gaussian beta-likelihood matching and kalman filter
pp 34375-34382
Michael Kamaraj and Balakrishnan

A Novel Signature Verification System on Bank Cheque with Fractal Dimensions and Connected Components
pp 34383-34389
Ashok Kumar. D and Dhandapani. S

Dynamic Simulation of Lightning Strikes on Transmission Lines Based on ATP-Matlab
pp 34390-34395
John A. Moralesa, Guillermo D. Guidib and Bjoern M. Keune

Designing Process Improvement of Order Fulfillment in an Indonesian Lubricant Company Using Business Process Reengineering Method
pp 34396-34400

Conservation Of Broad Crested Weirsimulation Under A Height And Slope Alteration On A Weir Hump
pp 34401-34404

Evaluation of Olive Pomace as a Source of Phenolic Antioxidants for the Production of Functional Cosmetics
pp 34405-34409

Roberto Lavecchia and Antonio Zuorro

Chebyshev polynomials Transform for abnormalities detection using Artificial Neural Network classifier
pp 34410-34415
Benali Medjahed Oussama, Bachir M’hamed Saadi and Hadj Slimane Zine-Eddine

Current developments of material characterization using microwave resonator based sensors: a review
pp 34416-34419
Amyrul Azuan Mohd Bahar and Zahriladha Zakaria, Azmi Awang Md Isa, Eliyana Ruslan and Rammah A. Alahnomi

Prediction of service life of concrete structure from half-cell potentiometer data – validation based on case study
pp 34420-34427
K.M.Godbole, P.H.Sawant, B.B.Das and J.R. Dhanuskar

Toward a proposal of alternative development for data migration using dynamic queries generation
pp 34428-34432

Functionally Complete Tolerant Elements
pp 34433-34442
Sergey FeofentovichTyurin and Artem Vladimirovich Grekov

Motorization in Russia: challenges and solutions
pp 34443-34448
Natalya Sergeevna Pogotovkina, Zlata Viktorovna Almetova, Yury Nikolaevich Gorchakov, Sergey Alekseevich Kosyakov and Valentina Dmitriyevna Khegay

Study on the Performance Improvement of the Heat Pump Dryer Using the Waste Heat Recovery System
pp 34449-34452
S. W. Jang1, Y. L. Lee

Electrostatic field effect on the movement of metallic particles in three phase common enclosure gas insulated busduct with and without image charges
pp 34453-34457
L. Rajasekhar Goud, D.Subbarayudu, G.N.Srinivas and M. Sivasatyanarayana

A Low Noise Chopper Stabilized CMOS Fully Differential OP-AMP with CMFB Amplifier for Biopotential signals Monitoring
pp 34458-34463
B.Sai Abhinav, A. Suresh and Kumaravel.S

Scalable and Reconfigurable Kernel Configurations For Embedded System
pp 34458-34463
R.Elavarasi, T.Jayasingh, S.Ravi and M.Anand

AN Implementation to Detect drowsiness and Control Vehicle through BCI
pp 34468-34472

Review: Cerium Oxide nanoparticles in Engineering, biology and medicine
pp 34473-34475
M. S. Kumaravel, M. Arun Prasad, S. Sekar and P. Mathiyalagan

Implementation of RFID based Kanban System in a Manufacturing Industry
pp 34475-34478
Kevin Thomas, Sreyas Tribhu, S. P. Anbuudayasankar

Job-Profile based selection of Scheduling Algorithms in Grid Environment
pp 34479-34484
Bimal.V.O and G.Raju

A new re-encryption scheme with improvised delegation mechanism and homomorphic encryption
pp 34485-34489
S.Kalaivany, and T.Nalini

Design of PFD, CP and FD circuits for 3.4 GHz PLL using 0.18-µm CMOS Technology
pp 34490-34496
N.Ramanjaneyulu, D.Satyanarayana, and K. SatyaPrasad

A Low cost Automated Fire Rescue System for Locomotives
pp 34497-34500
Sunitha K.A, Prema.K, Balavivek.S, Manikandan.R, Akshay.R and Priyanka. J


Harvesting vertical vibration of automotive tyre to monitor tyre pressure using applied machine learning technique
pp 34501-34508
Hemanth Mithun Praveen and V. Sugumaran

A Study on Assessment of Service Quality of Chennai Tourism Destination Based on Visitor Satisfaction and Expectation
pp 34509-34517
Saranya Vijay, S. Ramalingam, S. Kumaran and Malini Pande

Issues of training and development in Project Management in the construction industry
pp 34518-34520
K. Ramakrishnan

Denoising of MR images using curvelet transform
pp 34521-34526
Noore Zahra and A.H.Siddiqi

Remaining Useful Life Time Prediction of Bearing using Naïve Bayes and Bayes Net Classifiers
pp 34527-34531
R.Satishkumar and V.Sugumaran

Knowledge engineering based on big data for enterprise project management
pp 34532-34534
Anton Ivaschenko, Oksana Dvoinina, Michael Andreev, Pavel Sitnikov, Dmitriy Martyshkin

Intelligent human resources (HR) portalbased on knowledge engineering
pp 34535-34536
Anton Ivaschenko, Pavel Sitnikov, DmitriyMartyshkin, Sergey Fedotov and Oleg Surnin

Knowledge engineering method implementationfor digital archives
pp 34537-34539
Anton Ivaschenko, Pavel Sitnikov, DmitriyMartyshkin, Sergey Fedotov and PavelVasin

Adaptive routing protocol design for underwater wireless sensor network
pp 34540-34543
Shylaja.N and Anitha Vijayakumar

Software Oriented Development Of Junior MCU Model System
pp 34544-34548
Victor A. Rusakov

Semantic retrieval based on SPARQL and SWRL for learner profile
pp 34549-34554
T.Sheeba and Reshmy Krishnan

Study of Two Input Fuzzy PID Control for Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in the Activated Sludge Process
pp 34555-34559
Ahmed S. Abd El-Hamid, Ahmed H. Eissa and Aly M. Radwan

A comparison of machine learning algorithms for electricity load forecasting
pp 34560-34564
Akshay P. Dubey, Santosh Mohan Pattnaik, Vijay Kumar Singore, Sibani Palo, and Mathew M. Noel

A Compact CPW-FED curved patch antenna for UWB applications
pp 34565-34571
S.H.V.PRASADA RAO and A.Sudhakar, Principal

Improvement of Power Quality by Current Controller for Grid Connected PV System
pp 34572-34576
S.Raiendra Prasad, K.B.Madhu sahu CH.Krishan rao

Performance Analysis of different Discrete Time and Discrete Amplitude Representation Techniques used for Encoding the Speech Waveform Digitally
pp 34577-34585
Pranjay Gupta and Inayat Singh

Estimation of performance measures related to time to recruitment in a two grade manpower system with two sources for depletion, correlated inter-decisions and three components for thresholds
pp 34586-34590
S. Dhivya and A. Srinivasan

A survey on optimizing cross layer design for wireless sensor networks
pp 34591-34593
C.Chandravathi, K.Mahadevan and P.Vinoth Kumar

Production and Characterization of Al-TiB2-ZrB2 Hybrid Composite Using In-situ Stir Casting Process
pp 34594-34599
Rajakumar S. Rai and J. David Rathnaraj

Influence of Needle Thread Tension on Different Types of Fabrics and Sewing Threads
pp 34600-34602
C.S.Sentthil Kumar and K. Ramachandralu

Filter Based Feature Selection for Protein Sequence Classification over Hadoop
pp 34603-34606
R Bhavani and G Sudha Sadasivam

Mechanical and Durability Properties of Geo polymer Concrete
pp 34607-34611
N. Sathishkumar and E. K. Mohanraj

Study on compressive strength of mineral admixtures and fibers to develop high performance concrete
pp 34612-34617
Nivin Philip and Neeraja

A new energy efficient communication protocol (NEEP) for wireless sensor networks
pp 34618-34624
Alli Rani.A

Efficient hybrid speech enhancement using PCA and ANFIS for hearing aids
pp 34625-34631
N. Shanmugapriya and E. Chandra

Design and implementation of layered security protocol using Customized Chaotic Code Transformation for Military Applications
pp 34637-34646
B.Amutha, Karthick Nanmaran and Revathy.Nair

FPGA Implementation and Performance Analysis of Stream Ciphers for Cryptographic Applications
pp 34647-34651
K. Kalaiselvi, and H. Mangalam

Requirement Prioritization In Software Release Planning Using Enriched Genetic Algortihm
pp 34652-34657
Sandhia Valsala, and Anil R Nair

Content Based Security Policy in Cloud Environment
pp 34658-34663
Rama Krishnan and V. Mathivanan

Quantitative Analysis on Facial asymmetry: A Review
pp 34664-34669
Aida Khairunnisaa, Hassrizal Hassan Basri and Shafriza Nisha Basah

Performance assessment for main stages in genomic and transcriptomic data processing based upon reads from illumina sequencing technologies
pp 34670-34674
Nelson E. Vera-Parra, José N. Perez-Castillo and Cristian A. Rojas-Quintero

Designing a model to improvecustomer loyaltyin chemicals tradingcompanywith servicequalityand structuralequation modeling method
pp 34675-34681
Ika Arum Sari, M. Dachyar and Yadrifil

Comparison of heat transfer enhancement of aluminum oxide nano-fluids with graphite nano – fluids with and without twisted tapes
pp 34682-34686
V. Vedhagiri Eswaran, G.Ramadoss and N. Subramaniam

Comprehensive survey of coupling metrics in object-oriented software
pp 34687-34698
V. S. Bidve and P. Sarasu

Duality Theorem for Discrete Hartley Transform
pp 34699-34703
Madhukar.B.N, Sanjay Jain and P.S.Satyanarayana

Corrosion effects of yttrium stabilized Zirconia coating on A105 medium carbon steel by Electrophoretic deposition process
pp 34704-34706
R. Vinodh Raj and C. Bhagyanathan

Fail-safe design of journal bearing hybrized with passive magnetic levitation
pp 34707-34711
S. M. Muzakkira, K. P. Lijeshb, and Harish Hirani

Comparative analysis of jumping finite automata and classical finite automata
pp 34712-34716
Anita Padyal and Rahul Kumar Singh

Evaluation on software reliability approaches
pp 34716-34719
Gurmanpreet Singh Sandhu, Rahul Kumar Singh, Gurmanpreet singh sandhu and Rahul kumar singh

Interface for protein structure prediction using self-organizing genetic algorithm
pp 34720-34725
Amouda Venkatesan, Dheebika Kuppusamy, Jeyakodi Gopal and Kamelesh Gasva

An improved privacy tackled hybrid elliptic arc digital autograph algorithm (eadaa) in vanets for secure communication
pp 34726-34731
C.Thangamalar and K.Ravikumar

Emergency message broadcasting in VANETS
pp 34732-34735
A. F. Sangeetha Francelin Vinnarasi

Processing of visual Evoked Potentials
pp 34736-34742
G. Hemalatha and B. Anuradha V. Adinarayana Reddy

Success of six sigma in indian companies- an over view
pp 34743-34747
V.Thirunavukkarasu, V.Ramesh and M.P. Siva

Multimodal biometric recognition system using palm print and inner-knuckle print
pp 34748-34751
Arulalan.V, Balamurugan.G and Premanand.V

Coherent Translucent Testing Of Firewall Policies
pp 34752-34755

Surface wave suppression band, In phase reflection band and High Impedance region of 3DEBG Characterization
pp 34756-34765
Praveen Kumar Kancherla, and Habibulla Khan

Contemplation Of Human Factors In Impelling Software Project Management
pp 34766-34775
Vinoth M.P and M. Ramasamy

Analysis Of Compressive Strength Of Concrete Using Polyethylene Terephthalate [PET] Fibres
pp 34776-34778
S, Karthikeyan and G, Vennila

Automatic Positioning And Optimal Inclination Angles Of Photovoltaic Panels For Maximum Power Output
pp 34776-34778
S.Senthil Kumar, B.Karthikeyan, S.Senthil Kumar

Comparison of Image Segmentation Algorithms
pp 34785-34791
Selva Kumar C, Krishna Sandeep Reddy G and B.Rajathilagam

ANFIS based MPPT and Load regulation in paralleled connected LUO converters for standalone photovoltaic system
pp 34792-34798
M.R.Geetha, R.Suja Mani Malar and T.Ahilan

Reliable Multicast Routing based on Energy for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 34799-34805
M.Balamurugan, and R.Poongodi

Duplicate Sensitive Data Aggregation In Heterogeneous WSN
pp 34806-34812
Jasmine Norman

A Statistical Study of Artist Style from Raga Performance
pp 34813-34819
Poonam Priyadarshini and Soubhik Chakraborty

Fault Ride through technique in Doubly Fed Induction Generator based Wind Turbines
pp 34820-34828

Available Transfer Capability Estimation Using Fuzzy Logic
pp 34829-34833

A New Approach for Path Selection Using Energy in Multipath Routing for Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
pp 34834-34843
M. Kokilamani and E. Karthikeyan

3-Dimensional View Of Cleft Lip Images Using Speed Up Robust Features With RANSAC
pp 34844-34848
N. ShanmugaVadivu, K. Sankaranarayanan, V. Vijayakumarai and M.Shanmugasundaram

Efficient Algorithm For Cooperative Node Communication Using Signal Strength Tracking For Use In Modern Digital And Mobile Communication
pp 34849-34855
E.Kavitha, and L.C. SiddannaGowd

Performance Analysis Of Page Access Coefficient Algorithm For Information Filtering
pp 34856-34860
L.Rajeswari, and S.S.Dhenakaran

Remaining Life Time Prediction of Bearings Through Classification Using Decision Tree Algorithm
pp 34861-34866
R.Satishkumar and V.Sugumaran

Automation of a CNC Lathe Using Open Architecture
Aji Joy and B. Vinod

Economic Order Quantity Model With Taguchi’s Cost Of Poor Quality
pp 34873-34878
K. Kalaiarasi, and A.Sudhakar

Investigation On The Effect Of Content Extraction In Heterogeneous Web Pages
pp 34879-34882
G. Naveensundar and A. P. Haran

Measurement and Analysis of Power Quality Issues in Wind Farms-A Real case study
pp 34883-34888
T.Magesh 1 ; Dr.Geetha Ramadas2; Dr.C.Chellamuthu3, M.Parameswari

Enhanced Text Categorization Using Normalized Term Weighting and Particle Swarm Optimization Techniques
pp 34889-34893
N.Naveenkumar and K.Batri

A Novel Method for Document Skew Detection and Correction : Application to, Handwritten Document and Bank Documents
pp 34894-34898
Prabhanjan Soukar, Ramegowda Dinesh, Santosh Naik

Hardware Implementation of Optimized PI Controller for Luo Converter
pp 34899-34905B.
Achiammal and R.Kaualvizhi

Driver’s Head Tracking with Pose Estimation using Computer Vision technology under 2D environment
pp 34906-34910
P.Meshram and N.Auti

Performance Analysis of Various Outdoor Propagation Path Loss Models for WiMax Wireless Network in Different Environments
pp 34911-34918
Naveen Rai, Shubham Agarwal and Kottu Yeshwanth

Evaluating the Efficiency of the Banks in India during the Pre & Post Recession period using DEA Approach
pp 34919-34934
Samyadip Chakraborty

Design and Development of Multilevel Authentication of Cloud Services Through De-duplication Mechanism
pp 34935-34938
K. Saritha and S.Subasree

BRAND POWER: A Study On New Product Development Strategy In Bathing Soap In Special Reference To Chennai City
pp 34939-34944
R.Murugan and K.Narashiman

HB-K Means: An Algorithm for High Dimensional Data Clustering Using Bisecting K-Means
pp 34945-34951
Aparna K and Mydhili K Nair

Continuous Mood Monitoring System (CMMS) for Vehicle Drivers
pp 34951-34953
M. Harikrishnan, S. Vasanth, B. Vikas Reddy, P. Sateesh Kumar Reddy

A Web Robot for Extracting Personal Name Aliases
pp 34954-34961
Thangaraj M and Sivagaminathan P G

A Framework to Secure Outsourced Data in Public Cloud Storage Environment
pp 34962-34968
RamalingamSugumar and SharmilaBanu Sheik Imam

An Efficient Method to Encrypt Information in Large Database
pp 34969-34973
V.S.Thiyagarajan and K.Venkatachalapathy

Threshold Cryptosystem with Factoring and Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problems
pp 34974-34977
Mohd Saiful Adli Mohamad and Eddie Shahril Ismail

pp 34978-34984
A. N. Kumbhar, S. S. Kadam, C. P. Pise and Y. P. Pawar

Delay properties of a transmission line model with non linear Miller loading
pp 34985-34988
Salman Raju Talluri

pp 34989-34993
R.Subramaniyan and R.Ramesh

Vibration Energy Harvesting Using Drum Harvesters
pp 34995-35001
Ritendra Mishra, Shruti Jain, C Durgaprasad and Subrat Sahu

Cryptanalysis of Data Encryption Standard Cipher System using Heuristic Search Algorithms
pp 35002-35005
G.Selvi and T. Purushothaman


Information Flow Tracking Approach for Vulnerability Signature Generation inWeb Applications
pp 35006-35022
Raman Dugyala, Bruhadeshwar Bezawada, Rajini Kanth V. Thatiparthi and Sai Sathyanarayan






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