International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 15  (2015)  





Comparison of Efficiency Hierarchy of Production Lines Using Entropy-based and Non-entropy based Taguchi Grey Relational Analysis

pp 35023-35026
Ranjit B. Nair and Regi Kumar V

Intelligent Classifier model employing Hybrid ELMAN Neural Network Architecture and Biogeography Based Optimization for Data Classification
pp 35027-35038
N. Mohana Sundaram and S. N. Sivanandam

Manipulating the Collision response of Rigid Bodies with special effects using Unity 3D
pp 35039-35044
Sagar Gupta and Prashant Kaushik

Influence Of Escarpment On Rainfall Pattern: A Case Study Of Udi-South Eastern Nigeria
pp 35045-35049
Ben Ngene U, Jonah Agunwamba C, Theophilus Tenebe I and PraiseGod EMENIKE C

Multi Attribute Content Searching Scheme Based Social Group Identification For Social Networks In Mobile Disconnected Networks
pp 35050-35054
S.Sangeetha and B.Ananthi

The Probability That a Group Element Fixes a Set UnderRegular Action forMetacyclic 2-Groups of Negative Type
pp 35055-35059
Mustafa Anis El-Sanfaza, Nor HanizaSarminb, and Sanaa MohamedSalehOmerc

Examining the Effects of Channel Flow Diversion in a Supply Network
pp 35060-35063
Meena Madhavan

An Empirical study of DNA Compression using Dictionary Methods and Pattern Matching in Compressed Sequences
pp 35064-35067
KeerthyA S and Appadurai

Rule based Scheme for Mitigating TCP SYN Flooding Attack in MANET
pp 35068-35073
Vimal Kumar and Rakesh Kumar

Comparative Analysis and Design of Chemical Cryptology
pp 35074-35084
Amit Verma and Anjali

Design and Development of Cluster based Adaptive Energy Routing Protocol to Improve the Performance of MANET
pp 35085-35090

Image Tampering Detection Based On Contrast Enhancements In Digital Images
pp 35091-35094
Amal P S, Vishwanath N

Design of Embedded Linux Based Voice Calling Device
pp 35095-35102
Mahendra Swain and Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

Selecting an appropriate Replication Protocol
pp 35103-35109
Parul Pandey and M.Tripathi

Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Energy Efficient Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
pp 35110-35113
S. Soumya and M. Siddappa

BISTArchitecture For Digital System UsingCA-LFSR And MSICTest PatternGenerators
pp 35114-35119
A.V.Mutyalamma,G.RakeshChowdary and T.V.RamaKrishna

Water Films (Nanofilms) in Cement Concrete Deformations
pp 35120-35124
N. Lukuttsova

Enhancing the Spam Email Classification Accuracy using Post Processing Techniques
pp 35125-35130
M.Nandhini, S.N.Sivanandam, M.Rajalakshmi, D.Sidheswaran

Novel Image Scrambling Algorithm using Graph Coloring
pp 35131-35146
D.Sathya srinivas and S.Veni

Chaos based Encryption Mechanism for Wireless Local Area Network Authentication
pp 35147-35152
Sanjay Kumar and D K Shaw

Performance Evaluation of High Step-Up DC-DC Converter Working Under Closed Loop Control Scheme
pp 35153-35159
P.Phalguna rao, K.B.Madhu sahu, C.H.Krishan rao

An Investigational Study On Intrusions Based Traffic Identification Using WEKA Tool
pp 35153-35159
VidhyaSathish and P. Sheik Abdul Khader

A Novel Approach To Tornado Codes For Archival Storage System
pp 35167-35173
N.Gopika rani, G.Sudha Sadasivam and G.vignesh

Cloud ROI Taxonomy and Framework for Enterprise Application Modernization on Hybrid Clouds
pp 35174-35181
Ravikumar Ramadoss and N.M.Elango

Analysis Of Multicast Routing Protocols Under High Network Load Conditions
pp 35182-35186
S.JebakumarGomerRajadurai, J.Veerappan and K.Ramasamy

Experimental Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide Heat Pump
pp 35187-35189
Ravi P, Basavaraju M G, K V Sreenivas Rao

Multi Walled Carbon Nanotube Composites with Mumetal for Electromagnetic Interference shielding
pp 35190-35194
C. Sarala Rubia, S. Gowthamanb and N. G. Renganathan

A New Pupil Boundary Detection Method Based On Chord Intersecting Algorithm
pp 35195-35201
P.Kalaiselvi and M.Madhewaran

Recurrent Bug Fixing: Keshmesh and Naive Bayes
pp. 35203-35208

Discovering The Novelty Of Self-Citations
pp 35210-35220
M. Raja and T. Ravichandran

Integrative Information River Model For Financial Market’s Big Data Analytics
pp 35221-35225
Krishna Kumar Singh and Priti Dimri

Simulation and Analysis of Mass and Interactive flows in a Label Switching Backbone
pp 35226-35228
Nancy Y. Gélvez G, Danilo A. López S and Jhon F. Herrera C

Domain-Driven Design of Information System for Queuing System in Terms of Unified Metamodel of Object System
pp 35229-35238
Pavel P. Oleynik, Nikolay V. Kuznetsov, Edward G. Galiaskarov and Ksenia O. Kozlova

Model-Driven Design and Implementation of Scientific Data Management Information System
pp 35239-35246
Pavel P. Oleynik, Nikolay V. Kuznetsov, Edward G. Galiaskarov and Natalia E. Borodina

A Comparative Study of Evolutionary Based Optimization Algorithms on Image Quality Enhancement
pp 35247-35252
D. Yugandhar and S.K. Nayak

On Demand Replica Management of Application Servers with Service Level Agreements for Quality of Service Improvement
pp 35253-35257
J.Parthasarathy and R.S.D. Wahidabanu

Shortest Energy Based Optimal Route In Zigbee Mesh Network
pp 35258-35260
T.Senthil Murugan

Encapsulation of proteinextractof phytoplanktonandits applicationinsago starch from North Maluku
pp 35261-35263
DeasyLiestianty, Muliadi, Irdhawati, Khadijah, Patimah, and Indah Rodianawati

A novel range-free localization algorithm based on optimal anchor placement and reliable anchor selection in wireless sensor network
pp 35264-35271
Priya Dev Anand, Hyunjae Woo and Chaewoo Lee

Non linear vibrations and bending stresses of symmetrically laminated composite skew plates
pp 35272-35277
Hanane Moulay Abdelali and Rhali Benamar

Effect of pH and Total Hardness on Stability of Crude Oil Water in Oil Emulsions
pp 35278-35281
Hamed Mattar AL-qamshouai, L.Nageswara Rao and S.Feroz

Application for sharing movie information based on open API and GCM
pp 35282-35286
Min-Ji Chu, Yun-Geol Jeong and Jaejoon Kim

Analysis of Crude Palm Oil Price and Biodiesel Production in Indonesia: A Vector Autoregressive Model Approach
pp 35287-35290
Yandra Arkeman, Dhani S. Wibawa, and Muhammad Syamsun

Analyses of risks and labor competence in occupational safety and health at a palm oil mill (pt. X) Indonesia
pp 35291-35295
Yandra Arkeman, Wan Dodi, Hermawan Prasetya and Dhani Satria Wibawa

Modeling of a High Performance Photovoltaic system using MPPT Algorithm for seven level Asymmetric H-Bridge Inverter
pp 35296-35302
V.S. Kirthika Devi and S.G. Srivani

Features Of Technology Of Superficial Electrodes For The Appointment Starterny Lead-Acid Accumulators
pp 35303-35307
Victor A. Shlykov, Sergey G. Yemelyanov, Alexander V. Kripachyov and Inga A. Avilova

Influence Of Operating Temperature On Efficiency Of Silicon Photovoltaic Devices
pp 35308-35312
Kryukov Yu.А,  Zaitsev А.Ye, Feshchenko А.А and Gorshkov А.V

Analysis of Biogas as An Alternative Fuel for Electric Generator Engine in Bawean Island - Indonesia
pp 35313-35317


Influence Of The Aerodynamic Vibration Suppressor On Wire Stability Of The Self-Supporting Ferroconcrete Vl Support Of 35-110 Kv, In The Flooded Soils
pp 35318-35321
L.V. Lyakhovetskaya

Performance analysis of M-ary QAM modulated FSO links over turbulent AWGN channel
pp 35322-35327
Jaspreet Kaur, Rajan Miglani, Jagjit Singh Malhotra and Gurjot Singh Gaba

Model Of The Network Method Of Optimization Of The Routers For Exchange Of The Information Between Elements Of Automated Control Systems
pp 35328-35331
Vladimir I.Lobeyko and Nikolay A. Bashtannik

Analysis Of Load And Gradient Effect On Hand Force Responses During Brick Carrying In A Brick Kiln
pp 35332-35336
P.K.Manoharan, B.K Singh and Sanjay Kumar Jha

Modeling Of Queuing Networks With Nodes In Series
pp 35337-35341
Dmitriy P. Anufriev and Artem Yu. Kholodov

An Electrical Equivalent Circuit of Slotted Metamaterial Antenna for Mobile Handsets
pp 35342-35344
N.Prasanthi kumari, Piyush Kuchhal, B.R.Manohar and R.Gowri

Synthesis And Analysis Of Algorithm For Tracking Of Pilot Component Phase Of L1oc Glonass Signal Processed On The Subcarrier Frequencies
pp 35345-35353
Alexander I. Perov

Efficient Ranking and Retrieval of Reusable Software Components
pp 35354-35361
Iqbaldeep Kaur and Satvir Kaur

The Test Rig For Analysis Of The Fog Optical Properties
pp 35362-35367
Sergey A. Vishnevsky, Ruslan R.Volkov and Albert A. Ashryatov

Impact Of Mobile Banking Technology On The Operational Efficiency Of Indian Banks
pp 35368-35372

Tools For Data Mining And Secure Transfer In The Wsn For Energy Management
pp 35373-35381
Valery Kamaev, Alexey Finogeev, Ludmila Fionova, Anton Finogeev, Egor Finogeev and Mai Ngoc Thang

Adaptive based clustering for life time energy efficiency using duty cycle in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 35382-35389
S.Tamil Selvan and K.Venkatachalapathy

Wireless Sensor Network For The Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition In The Heating Supply System
pp 35390-35393
Valery Kamaev, Alexey Finogeev, Ludmila Fionova, Anton Finogeev, Egor Finogeev, and Thai Quang Vinh

Stabilization of Fly Ash for Use as A Pavement Material
pp 35394-35398
Akshaya Kumar Sabat and Susanta Kumar Choudhury

Analysis Of Possibilities For An Efficiency Improvement For Industrial Silicon Photovoltaic Devices
pp 35399-35404
Kriukov Yu.А, Zaitsev А.Ye, Feshchenko А.А and Gorshkov А.V

Closed Loop V/F Speed Control Of Induction Motor Using A Cascaded Three Level Inverter
pp 35405-35409
Syam Vishnu and Sampath Kumar S

Experimental Study Of Non-Waste Recycling Tailings Ferruginous Quartzite
pp 35410-35416
V.I.Golik, S.G.Stradanchenko and S.A.Maslennikov

Design of Algorithm for Fault Node Recovery using Improved LeDiR
pp 35417-35427
Amit Verma, Jaspreet Kaur and Parminder Kaur

Fine-Dispersed Mineral Admixture-Modified Polystyrene Concrete
pp 35428-35430
A.V. Uglyanitsa, N.A. Mashkin, G.I. Berdov and V.B. Duvarov

Rapid Web Development Life Cycle: A Structured Methodology for Web Application Development
pp 35431-35435
Rayaguru Akshay Kumar Das, Binod Kumar Pattanayak, Surjya Kumar Misra and Abdul Basit Khan

Generalization And Assessment Of Results Of Researches On Creation Of The Starter Batteries With Superficial Electrodes
pp 35436-35440
Victor A. Shlykov, Sergey G. Yemelyanov and Yulia V. Kramskaya

Enhanced Image Compression Using Haar Wavelet Transform and Adpative Median Filter
pp 35441-35445
K.Janaki and M.Madheswaran

Influence Of Operating Temperature On Efficiency Of Silicon Photovoltaic Devices
pp 35446-35450
Kriukov Yu.?, Zaitsev ?.Ye, Feshchenko ?.?. and Gorshkov ?.V

Augmentation in dynamic sharing of bandwidth in campus area network (CAN) using Xen
pp 35451-35455
Shubham Agarwal and Shivam Shrivastava

Methods And Devices For Local Coating On The Working Surfaces Of Metal-Cutting Tools
pp 35456-35460
A.R.Gallyamov, I.D.Ibatullin and S.G.Emelyanov

Analysis of Factors that Support the Operational Excellence inTelecommunication-Supporting Companies
pp 35461-35465
Yunita Sari Nendhya Susanti and M. Dachyar, Yadrifi

Modelling Of The Movement Of Object In The Flat Dynamic Environment With Use Of Global Algorithm On The Basis Of The Sufficient Condition Of Lack Of Collisions
pp 35466-35469
VladimirK.Karpasyuk and IgorV.Karpasy

Hybrid Classifier And Orthogonal Local Preserving Projection For Heart Disease Prediction
pp 35470-35480
V.Poornima and D.Gladis

Physicochemical Basics of Production of Samarium Monosulfide for Strain Gauges
pp 35481-35487
V. V. Ivanov, A. Yu. Chibisov, I.V. Brovkin, and G. V. Tsepilov

Performance Evaluation of a Multipurpose Bare PC Gateway
pp 35488-35495
Anthony Tsetse, Patrick Appiah-Kubi, Alae Loukili and Samuel Tweneboah Koduah

The Device For Out Of Bathing Electrochemical Drawing Functional Coverings
pp 35495-35498
A.R.Gallyamov, Y.N. Gubareva and S.G.Emelyanov

Ultrasound Computer Tomography Digital Image Processing for Concrete Hole Inspection
pp 35499-35503
Suryono Suryono, Kusminarto Kusminarto, Gede Bayu Suparta, Aris Sugiharto

Use Of Waste Of The Fruit And Vegetable Industry By Production Of Compound Feeds
pp 35504-35507
Nurgul B. Batyrbayeva, Saule T. Zhiyenbayeva, Nurlaim Ongarbayeva and Zheksenkul S. Alimkulov

A Multi-Metric QoS based Gateway Discovery for Multi-hop Wireless Network
pp 35508-35516
Jay Prakash, Rakesh Kumar and J.P. Saini

Determination Of Some Indicators Of Quality Of Natural Waters Of The Astrakhan Region
pp 35517-35522
Vladimir A. Andrianov, Elena G. Loktionova, Lyudmila V. Yakovleva and Mikhail Yu. Puchkov

Evaluation of relationship between split tensile strength and compressive strength for geopolymer concrete of varying grades and molarity
pp 35523-35529
G. Lavanya and J.Jegan

Biometric IRIS Recognition based Age Estimation in Security Systems
pp 35530-35536
U. Satheeshwara, T.Saravanan

The Impact of HTML Tag Amounts on the Effect of Web Page Classification
pp 35537-35541
Yonghe Lu and Yanhong Peng

Data Provisioning In Multi- Cloud Server For Point Failure
pp 35542-35545
K. Manoj and Y.C.A. Padmanabha Reddy

Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of friction welded Aluminium-6061-T6
pp 35546-35551
E.Ravikumar, N.Arunkumar, M.S.Kumaravel

Performance evaluation of PI controlled Soft Switching Converter for Switched Reluctance Motor
pp 35552-35558
M.Madheswaran and M.Muthuvinayagam

Anaerobic Biodegradation using macroalgae Eucheuma cottonii to produce bio-methane
pp 35559-35565
Mujizat Kawaroe, Dina Augustine and Adriani Sunuddin and Fitrianti Sofyan

Customer Retention in the Indian Banking Sector -Managing Customer Churn
pp 35567-35584
P Sashikala

Dynamic Query Based System for Efficient Data Retrieval
pp 35585-35595
Amit Verma, Ankita Sharma, Parminder Kaur

An Entropy Reduction for Improving Clusters Formulation
pp 35598-35617
Amit Verma and Sandeesh Kaur

Evaluation Of Geopolymer Binders Biopositivity Based On Low-Calcium Fly Ash
pp 35618-35620
N.I. Kozhukhova, I.V. Zhernovsky and V.V. Strokova

Automated Traffic Sign Recognition System For Indian Roads
pp 35618-35626
Greeshma Sivan and Dhanya M.D

Image Based Heart Murmur Classification Using Acoustic Wave Pattern
pp 35627-35633
Suresh. D, B. Ramamurthy, S. Ravi, P. Thimmaiah and B. C. Premkumar

The Vibration Signal For Identification Of Condition Of The Technical System
pp 35634-35639
B. Zóltowski

Intensification Of Calcined Clay As A Pozzolanic Material In Cement Mortar
pp 35640-35644
P. Sudha, R. Selvaraj and T.Palanisamy

A New, Fast and Efficient Compression of Digital Images based on Image Quality Assessment
pp 35645-35649

AGRIKIOSK – A Digital Tool to Reach Farmers And Rural Communities
pp 35650-35656
Muhammad Afzal, Junaid Ahmed Zubairi and Attiya Akram, Hina Akram

pp 35657-35663
R. Thanuja, A.Umamakeswari and S.Dilipkumar

A Novel Data Hiding Technique via Mosaic Image Steganography
pp 36664-35672
Shyama Nair V.S and Vishwanath N

Development of Students’ Technological Competence in the Specialty “Garment Industry and Fashion Design
pp 35673-35676
S. Zholdasbekova, G. Karataev, S. Uzakbaeva, A. Yskak, K. Zholdasbekova, J. Nurzhanbaeva and A. Dildabekova

Power Quality Improvement using Shunt Active Filters for Three Phase Traction Drive
pp 35677-35682
Aishwarya A.Nair, M.R.Sindhu, Aiswarya.V.Satheesan and Pallavi Kadirimangalam

Investigations on Vehicle Rollover Prevention using Fuzzy Self Tuned LQG Regulator
pp 35683-35689
Binda.M.B and M.Rajaram

Unified Power Quality Conditioner with PI, Fuzzy and Hysteresis controller for power quality enhancement
pp 35690-35697
Sugath S Kumar, T. Samina and S. RamaIyer

Determination of the level of undergraduates’ willingness to research activities
pp 35698-35700
Tlegen Akhmetov, Bibigul Utegenova, Botagoz Baymukhambetova, Tatyana Smagliy and Tatyana Pchelkina

Durability of Concrete Pavement with Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate by Copper Slag
pp 35701-35703
M.Bagyalakshmi, L.Andal and A.V.Deepan Chakravarthi

Age Classification of Facial Images Using Third Order Neighbourhood Local Binary Pattern
pp 35704-35713
V.Vijaya Kumar, P.J.S. Kumar and Pullela S V V S R Kumar

Target localization and failure node recovery mechanism in wireless sensor networks
pp 36714-35719
T.Samraj Lawrence, V.Seenivasagam and D.C.Joy Winnie Wise

Energy Management Techniques in Smart Grid
pp 35720-35724
R.Govindarajan, S.Meikandasivam, D.Vijayakumar

Anonymous and CDCF Based Detection for Blackhole and Wormhole Attacks in DSR Based Manet
pp 35725-35732
M.D.Vimalapriya and S.Santhosh Baboo

An Ant Based Rate Allocation with Scalable Video coding for video streaming in Peer to Peer Networks
pp 35733-35739
N.Velvizhi, Anith Kumar.R and Avinashilingam.N

Combining Ability Analyas for Yield and Anthracnose Resistance in Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)
pp 35740-35743

Deformation and densification characteristics of P/M alloys: A systematic review
pp 35744-35752

Performance Analysis of 4G (OFDMA), 3G,2G and 1G cellular systems
pp 35753-35756
G Sasibhushana Rao, Ch Venkata Rao and K Satya Prasad

Mechanical Characterization and Evaluation of Delamination of Polymer Composite Laminate
pp 35757-35769
Nagaraj Shetty, Divakara Shetty, Vijay G. S and Raviraj Shetty

An Inventory Model of deteriorating items under Time varying Demand condition
pp 35770-357733
S. Barik, Srichandan Mishra, S.K.Paikray and U.K.Misra

Monitoring Probability of Failure on Demand of Safety Instrumented Systems by Bayesian Updating
pp 35774-35777
G. Unnikrishnan, Nihal Siddiqui and Shrihari Honwad

Investigation of Aluminum (Al7050) Metal Matrix composites reinforced with Graphene nanoparticles using Stir casting process
pp 35778-35783
S.Venkatesan and M.Anthony Xavior

pp 35784-35786
R.Saravanan and R.Muthaiah

Transient Security Assessment in Power Systems using Deep Neural Network
pp 35787-35790
K. Jothinathan and S. Ganapathy

Augmented Reality based heart murmur classification
pp 35791-35796
Suresh.D, B.Ramamurthy, S.Ravi and B.C.Premkumar

Exploring root cause for barriers in the Indian education for international students
pp 35797-35804

pp 35805-35809
Soundarya M S, Jenitha Rashmi P, Akilaa Sre R and Uma S

Comparison of Influence of Wind and Earthquake Forces on Low-rise and High-rise Multi Storey Structures
pp 35810-35816
K.Shashidhar, K. V.G.D Balaji, K. Poleswararao and P.G.Malavika Chakravarthy

L(d,2,1)–Labelingof Basket graph
pp 35817-35819

Distortion response of Carbon Reinforced Aluminium Laminates under axial compressive loading: Upshots of addition of natural fibre
pp 35820-35824
M.Vasumathi and Vela Murali

Strength Prediction of Composite T-Joints With and Without Cut-outs
pp 35825-35831
Veerandra Chakkaravarthy A, Nikhil krishnan, M.Nivetha, Vinu R and V.Sivakumar

Fingerprint Enhancement and Ridge Refinement using ESMQT, MDS and MDT
pp 35832-35839
A. Yesu Raja and S.Arumuga Perumal

Experimental Study on Behaviour of Retrofitted GFRP Wrapped Beams
pp 35840-35842
S.Gowri and G.S.Thirugnanam

Influence of Fly Ash and LYTAG Light Weight Aggregate on Concrete
pp 35843-35848
S.Sivakumar and B.Kameshwari

Autonomous recognition of Weld seam in 3D for robotic path planning
pp 35849-35855
Srinivasan.L and Pugazhenthi.S

An Efficient Secure Intrusion Detection System for Data Integrity in MANET
pp 35856-35861
N.Sureshkumar and S.Bhavani

Optimization of Dry EDM by using Cryogenic Treatment
pp 35862-35869
Hirendra shekhar, Jasdeep and Uday K. Ravella

High Gain Dual-Band Monopole Patch Antenna Using Mirostrip Fed for WLAN Applications
pp 35870-35874
Chandan and Dr.B.S.Rai

Software Maintainability Compliance Management Model Towards Quality Enhancement
pp 35875-35882
Kanchana Natarajan, Ramyachitra Duraisamy

Studies on NDT Curve establishment of AA 5052 Honey Comb Sandwich Panel using Fokker Bond Tester
pp 35883-35890
P. R. Jeyakrishnan and A. Geetha

Anthropometric Data Of Women In Kazakhstan For Corsetry Design
pp 35891-35896
Tavarkul Alzhanovna Baskimbaeva

Calculation Methodology Of Blasting And Explosion Operations' Parameters For Construction Of Horizontal And Inclined Excavations
pp 35897-35906
Georgij Sergeevich Kurchin, Sergej Antonovich Vokhmin, Alexander Konstantinovich Kirsanov, Andrey Olegovich Shigin, Anna Aleksandrovna Shigina

Pulsed Non-Explosive Seismic Sources With An Electromagnetic Drive
pp 35907-35913
Georgiy Yakovlevich Shaidurov, Danil Sergeevich Kudinov, Alexandr Alexandrovich Shchitnikov

Application of Feed-Forward Internal Model Control To Time Varying FOPDT Temperature Process
pp 35914-35917
Ahmed S. Abd El-Hamid and Ahmed H. Eissa and A. M. Abouel Fotouh

A Research On The Aerodynamics And Dynamics Of A Low-Sized Tethered Aerostat Of A Hybrid Design
pp 35918-35926
Sabir Magomed-Kadievich Bakmaev, Gregory Victorovich Tsepilov, Ilya Sergeevich Vorontsov and Valery Victorovich Ivanov

Technology and Machinery for Construction of Winter Roads
pp 35927-35935
Nikolai Nikolaevich Karnaukhov, Shakhbuba Magomedkerimovich Merdanov and Andrey Leonidovich Egorov

One Step Integrity Management Approach Based Public Auditing In Shared Data In Cloud Environment For Privacy Preservation
pp 35936-35940
A.Kalaivani and B.Ananthi

Blood Flow In Stenosed Artery: A Mathematical Model To Investigate The Flow Characteristics
pp 35941-35944
Smarita Pati, Bimal Kumar Mishra and Tarini Chandra Panda

Preparation and Characterization of Non Asbestos Brake Pads
pp 35945-35947
R. Umamaheswra rao, G.Babji and T.Venkateswara rao

Smart Pharmacist For Visually Impaired
pp 35948-35953
Silpa Maria Thomas and A Baskar

ICT Applications in Healthcare Sector in Tamil nadu: Implementation and Benefits of PICME and MRMBS
pp 35954-35958
S. Meenakshi and A. Murugan

A Novel Document Clustering Algorithm by Fusing Bisecting k-means and UPGMA
pp 35959-35963
G. Loshma and Nagaratna P Hedge

Technology and Social Media as Modern Tools that Help to Understand Factors and Signs Facilitating ‘Human Trafficking’: The Perspective of Social Studies in Indonesia
pp 35964-35970
Siti Nurbayani

Experimental And Numerical Investigation On Flow Induced Vibration Excitation In Engineering Structures: A Review
pp 35971-35991
K.Karthik Selva Kumar and L.A.Kumaraswamidhas

pp 35992-35997
G.Veerababu, G.Suresh and S.V.Chalapathi Rao

Zooplankton Distribution And Sound Scattering Layers In The Bulgarian Black Sea Area – A Case Study Cape Galata Transect
pp 35998-36003
K. Stefanova and V. Marinova

Comparative Study between LM-DH Technique and Huffman Coding Technique
pp 36004-36011
Ahmad Odat, Mohammed Otair and Mahmoud Al-Khalayleh

Energy saving in residential apartments by using PV shading
pp 36012-36015
Narciss Karimi, Eka Sediadi and Lim Yaik Wah

Image Denoising by Comprehensive Median Filter
pp 36016-36022
Ahmad Odat, Mohammed Otair, and Fadi Shehadeh

Performance Comparison of Huffman Coding and Tunstall Coding
pp 36023-36029
E.Thirunavukkarasu, G.Karuppusami, P.Ezhilarasu and N.Krishnaraj

Shannon-Fano Coding for Lossless Data Compression – A Review
pp 36030-36036
E.Thirunavukkarasu, G.Karuppusami, P.Ezhilarasu and N.Krishnaraj

Intrusion Detection And Reduction Of The Attack Volume On Cloud Computing
pp 36037-36041
Shilpa. S, Theofilla Paul P. A, P. Karthikeyan, and R. Raghavan

Study of Challenges and Survey on Protocols Based on Multiple Issues in Mobile Adhoc Network
pp 36042-36045
Mamata Rath, Binod Kumar Pattanayak and Umesh Prasad Rout

Dynamic Document Clustering Using k mean with Cosine Similarity for Effective Software test cases Reuse
pp 36046-36054
Amit Verma and Chetna

Theoretical Analysis Of A Cooling Tower For Condensation Of Fresh Wa-ter From Plume
pp 36055-36060
P.Sellamuthu and C.Manoharan

Remote Firmware Update of Networked Data loggers
pp 36061-36064
Janjanam Aditya and M.V.Nageswara Rao and D.Y.V.Prasad

Video Key Frame Extraction using Thepade's Transform Error Vector Rotation with Sine, hartley, Slant and Assorted Similarity Measures
pp 36065-36071
Pritam H. Patil, Sudeep D. Thepade, Mahesh Maurya

Electrostrictive energy in cancer cells – Modelling based on Nyquist Criterion
pp 36072-36075
T Ramanujam

A New Software Cost Estimation model for Small Software Organizations: An Empirical Approach
pp 36076-36082
H P Patra, Kumar Rajniish and Uma sankar Panda

Characterisation of Municipal Solid Waste Leachate of A Landfilling Site
pp 36083-36086
Phani Madhavi .T and Karthick Raja.M

Investigation the Effect of Injector Nozzle Multi Holes Geometry on Fuel Spray Distribution Flow of CNG Engine based on Computational Modeling
pp 36087-36095

pp 36096-36098
Bojja.Venkat Sai

Mechanical Characteristic of concentric and Eccentric Drilling Cutting Tool
pp 36099-36105
Hasan AL Dabbas, Nabil M Musa, Mohammad Quqazeh

Coverage Driven Verification environment for AMBA architecture
pp 36106-36109
Sundararajan PH, S.Balaji and H.Khan

Cost reduction by using Combination Die instead of Tandem dies in the manufacturing of U Clamps
pp 36110-36115
C.N.Ashok Kumar







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