International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 18  (2015)  





Image Compression,ECG Data Compression and Image Encryption by Binary versions of Discrete Cosine Transform, Haar Transform and Discrete Hartley Transform
pp 38638-38642
P.Ramesh, B.I.Neelgar and B.M.S.Sreenivasa Rao

An Optimal Weighted Fuzzy Rule Mining Classification On Multidimension Data Stream
pp 38643-38651
P.Velvadivu and C.Duraisamy

Intelligent Gesture Controlled Automation
pp 38652-38656
Vishesh N Pamadi, Debashish S Sanyal and Gautam Reddy

Intelligent Placement of Multiple DG’s in Distribution Networks for Loss Reduction, Reliability and Voltage Improvement using IPSO
pp 38657-38663
S. Jayalakshmi and V. Balaji

A Low-Power Sensor Processor with a Approximation-based Fractional Wakeup Timer for Long-Term Sleep of Wearable Sensor Devices
pp 38664-38670
Daejin Park and Jeonghun Cho

Quality Management in Information System Development Units – An Empirical Study
pp 38671-38678
Murugavel R

A Novel Approach For Performance Testing On Web Application Services
pp 38679-38683
B.Shyaamini and M.Senthilkumar

Evaluation of Integrated Hyperbolic Tangent and Gaussian Kernels Functions for Medical Image Segmentation
pp 38684-38689
Nookala.Venu and B.Anuradha

Thor-Fd: The Hierarchial Online Ranking Fraud Detecting For Mobile Apps Using Sentiword Dictionary
pp 38690-38692
Tamilmani.G, K.Rajathi, K.Antony kumar and Durai.S

Numerical study on the heat dissipation of a vacuum compatible motor
pp 38693-38697
Chan Byon and Juhee Lee

Analysis of mechanical stresses caused by the hydriding of Zr (Ni0, 75V0, 25)2 alloy
pp 38698-38703
M. Boulghallat, A. Jouaiti, L. Laâllam and D. Dafir

Improving Software Quality through Effective Software Testing
pp 38704-38707
B.Saravanan and C.S.Ravichandran

A Novel Zero Knowledge Protocol based on Bin Packing Problem
pp 38708-38713
Debajit Sensarma and Samar Sen Sarma

1D and quasi-2D numerical models of the cathode temperature in steadystate magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters
pp 38714-38719
Thada Suksila

Optimizing the Lighting System in a Commercial Railway Depot Using Energy Audit Technique
pp 38720-38723
M. Arun Govind, K. Gopinath,N. Kamaraj, Sa.K. Vishnoo Prathap, and S. Sendilvelan

Efficiency Enhancement of PV based Dynamic Voltage Restorer using Zeta converter
pp 38724-38728
P.Rajakumar, R.Saravanakumar and R.Thirumalaivasan

Supervised Machine Learning Techniques For Predicting The Risk Levels Of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
pp 38729-38732
Srideivanai Nagarajan, RM. Chandrasekaran and P. Ramasubramaniam

Development Of Ecological Monitoring System Of Environmental Energy Pollution
pp 38733-38740
Marina Vladimirovna Grafkina, Boris Nikolaevich Nyunin and Evgeniya Yurevna Sviridova


Speaker Identification and Spoken word Recognition in Noisy Environment
pp 38741-38745
Shaik Shafee and Prof. B.Anuradha

Experimental Investigation on Dynamic Characteristics of Unidirectional and Woven Glass Fiber Laminated Composite Plates With and Without Cut-Outs
pp 38746-38752
Manoharan. R

HVOF Spray Parameter Optimization to Obtain Maximum Hardness and Minimum Porosity in WC-Co-Cr Coatings on AISI 304 Stainless Steel
pp 38753-38765
M.S.Sampath Kumar, K.P.Arulshri and C.Thirumoorthy

A Critique on Authentic Materials for Effective ESP Materials Design
pp 38766-38768
A. Rajesh and SarikaTyagi

Network Route Optimization
pp 38769-38773
Anand Kumar and S. Thulasi Krishna

The Thickness and Firing Duration Dependence of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Nanoparticle Against to the Output Power of Dye-sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC)
pp 38774-38777
Muslichin, Amiril Mu’minin, Adabina Husna Yuriz Fridasavema, Muhammad Aulia Rahman Sembiring, Cindy Mutiara Septani and Eka Maulana

Deployment and analysis of Fingerprint Data using cloud services
pp 38778-38784
Harneet Kaur, Sukhjit Singh Sehra and Sumeet Kaur Sehra

Low Power Datapath Architecture for ANN
pp 38785-38789
S N Prasad and S Y Kulkarni

Effects of perceived organizational support on job commitment for research engineer
pp 38790-38793
K. Y. Song and H. Lee

Digital Signed Mash up Security Framework
pp 38794-38797
N. Angel, R. Ilavarasan and A. Chandrasekar

Indoor Object Tracking Using Low Energy Bluetooth Module
pp 38798-38801
Shoban Narayan. R and Varshini TN

Stress Analysis of Inlet Pigtail Pipe Bend under Internal Pressure due to Ovality
pp 38802-38807
P.Ramaswami and P. Senthilvelmurugan

Research of digital signal processing methods on the basis of the wavelet transformation for signal processing from a position sensor of the angle-component solvers
pp 38808-38811
Kovtun D.G, Sinyutin C.A, Prokofev G.V, Stakhin V.G and Obednin A.A

Semantic Based Ima`Ge And Video Retrieval Techniques: A Comparative Study
pp 38812-38819
S.Suguna and C.Ranjith Kumar

Dynamic Clustered Mobile Ad-hoc Network Model to Enhance Internet Access for Heterogeneous Devices
pp 38820-38828
Udai Shankar and Rakesh Kumar

An Enhanced Data Cleaning Approach for Data mining Using Neural Network Methods
pp 38829-38833
Agusthiyar.R and K. Narashiman

Interface Behavior between Normal Concrete and Fibre Reinforced High Performance Concrete
pp 38834-38841
Tara Boby and Nivin Philip

Mechanism Selection of Subsidized Diesel Oil Pricing Policy in Indonesia Using Analytic Network Process
pp 38842-38844
Irfana Hardiati, M. Dachyar and Yadrifil

Optimization the Volume of Business Services for Companies-residents in Linear Model of Technology Park
pp 38845-38850
A. Maltseva, Ilya Lesik and Aleksandr Perevozchikov

Security of Shared Data through Efficient Data Revocation in Financial Market
pp 38851-38854
Krishna Kumar Singh, Priti Dimri and Himanshu Pathak

Bee-Inspired Routing the ultimate routing process for Energy Efficient MANET
pp 38855-38862
Sasmita Mohapatra and M.Siddappa

Finding the best suited classification function to analyze the association of students debugging skills with Trait Emotional Intelligence
pp 38863-38872
V. Maria Antoniate Martin and K. David

Development of a Three Dimensional Code based on Diluted Perfect Difference and Multi-Diagonal Codes for OCDMA Systems
pp 38873-38879
Rasim Azeez Kadhim, Hilal Adnan Fadhil, S. A. Aljunid and Mohamad Shahrazel Razalli

CODED EKSTRAP Clustering Algorithm
pp 38880-38884
Terence Johnson, Santosh Kumar Singh and Valerie Menezes

Design Optimization To Increase A Cross Flow Turbine Performance: A Review
pp 38885-38890
Rudy Soenoko

Fuzzy model of temperature control in the bread-baking chamber
pp 38891-38897
V.I. Finaev, E.D. Sinyavskaya, V.Yu. Evtushenko, V.V. Shadrina and S.V. Vasilenko

Control model of bread-baking oven under uncertainty
pp 38898-38904
V.I. Finaev, E.D. Sinyavskaya, V.Yu. Evtushenko, S.V. Vasilenko and I.V. Pushnina

Comparison Of Voltage Profile Improvement using Structural Characteristics based method with Modal Analysis method
pp 38905-38912
J.Vanishree, Srihari Mandava, V. Ramesh

Behavior of Expansive Soil under Water Content Variation and Its Impact to Adhesion Factor on Friction Capacity of Pile Foundation
pp 38913-38917
Daniel Tjandra, Indarto and Ria Asih Aryani Soemitro

Horizontal and Vertical Packet Combining Scheme with maximum erroneous bits limit: Proposal and study
pp 38918-38922
Yaka Bulo, Yang Saring and Chandhan T Bhunia

Comparison of Two Dual Input DC-DC Converter Topologies for Renewable Energy Integration
pp 38923-38930
Sivaprasad A, Kumaravel S and Ashok S

Study of a photovoltaic system connected to the network with different technologies the panel PV centred
pp 38931-38936
Meriem Chadel, Boumediene Benyoucef, Asma Chadel3, Mohammed Bouzaki and Abdalah Benyoucef

Entropy-based fuzzy clustering to classify software quality: Comparison with Fuzzy C-Means clustering
pp 38937-38942
J. Pal and V.Bhattacherjee

Geo-Engineering Properties of Lime Stabilized Expansive Soil-Shredded Waste Tyre
pp 38943-38947
Akshaya Kumar Sabat

Internal Governance Mechanisms and Managerial Decision on Foreign Direct Investment in Korean Firms1
pp 38948-38954
Wonyong Choi and Shinae Kang

Assessment of Awareness of Livestock-Vehicle Traffic Accidents in Dhofar Region, Oman
pp 38955-38959
A. M. Abu Abdo and A. A. Al-Ojaili

Recursive Synthesis Framework of On-ChipMask ROM Circuits for Scrambled Mask Pattern Generation of Binary Code
pp 38960-38966
Daejin Park

Influence Of Ultrafine Natural Steatite Powder On Strength And Permeability Of High Performance Concrete
pp 38967-38971
M. Shanmugasundaram, S. Karthiyaini and K. Sudalaimani

The Effect of Impeller Meridional Shape and Vane Curvature Modifications in a Mixed Flow Submersible Borewell Pump
pp 38972-38976
C. Murugesan and R. Rudramoorthy

The Effect of Smartphone Addition, Parenting Efficacy, Antenatal Stress and Fatigue on Depression among Pregnant Women
pp 38977-38983
Soon Jung Yoon and Hee Kyung Kim

Experimental Investigation Of Using N-Hexanol As Additive To N-Butanol/Diesel Blends In Diesel Engine To Study The Emission And Performance Characteristics
pp 38984-38988
Vigneswaran M and Thirumalini S

Mathematical Competencies in Higher Education in Oman: A Critical Review
pp 38989-38994
Sonal Devesh

Design of Special Purpose Machine for Counter boring Operation on the hub of a impeller blade
pp 38995-38999
Arvind Kannan and Vinayagamurthy Ganesan

Framework for Language Independent Stemmer Using Dynamic Programming
pp 39000-39004
M. Kasthuri and S. Britto Ramesh Kumar

The Aesthetic View of Digital Games: Following the Concept of Heidegger’s Art Theory
pp 39005-39007
Taeyeon Kim and Junghwan Sung

Adaptation on IC Engine driven bike into Electric engine driven bike using retrofit techniques
pp 39008-39012
S. Devaneyan and V. Kirubakaran

A Study on Hierarchy according to the Spatial Configuration of Nurse Station in Geriatrics Hospital
pp 39013-39018
GangminJeon, Heangwoo Lee and Yongseong Kim

Hammerstein Type Decision Feedback Equalizer For Compensating Wiener Type Nonlinear Channels
pp 39019-39023
L.Jibanpriya Devi, Shailendra Kumar Mishra, M.Kalaiarasan and Vijay Albert William

Analysis on Main Parameters of Fire Service Deployment of 119 Recue Center Using Spatial Information
pp 39024-39029
Ji-Soo Lee, Seung-Yeob Lee and Won-HwaHong

Construction of a Simplified Software Defined Networking (SDN) Test-Bed
pp 39030-39033
Sanjeev Rao Palamand and Shakthipriya P

Comparison Research on the Characteristics of Architectural Plans per Change in Administrative Clients of Newly-Established Elementary Schools in Sejong City, Korea
pp 39034-39043
Dong-hoon Chang and Jin-ju Jung

Effects of Engagementsof Parents of Disabled Children in Leisure Activities on their Sense of Depression
pp 39044-39047
Gi-Sun Kim and Sung-Je Cho

Optimization of Honda Algorithm for Rear End Collision Avoidance System with Particle Swarm Optimization
pp 39048-39052
Manjunath K.G and N. Jaisankar

A Characteristics through the Exterior Space of Mixed-Use Residential Tall Buildings
pp 39053-39057
LeeYong Sung

Design Optimization of a Pico Linear Permanent Magnet Generator with Novel Shaped Magnet for Wave Energy Conversion using Finite Element Analysis
pp 39058-39065
Aamir Hussain Memon, Taib bin Ibrahim and Perumal Nallagowden

Study on the Comparative Analysis of Criteria Conformity of Road Facilities and Inconvenience from Them for the Vulnerable and Non-vulnerable
pp 39066-39070

An Algorithm for deskewinga Document Image
pp 39071-39073
Prof Akila Victor, Gurleen kaur brar and Sanyam Seth

Analysis of the Usability of a Traffic Guide Robot on a Road Work Zone using AHP
pp 39074-39077

Cervical Cancer Detection through Automatic Segmentation and Classification of Pap smear Cells
pp 39078-39084
Sajeena T A and Jereesh A S

A study on the hierarchy in spatial configuration of outpatient department in general hospital through spatial distinction theory: Focusing on general hospitals located in Korea
pp 39085-39090
Sangwon Oh, Heangwoo Lee and Yongseong Kim

Graph Based Test Case Generation
pp 39091-39100
V.Vani, G. S. Mahalakshmi and Betina Antony J

A Study on the Algorithm for Building EnvelopeDesignin accordance withUrban Data by Scattered Data Interpolation
pp 39101-39104
Jinho Park and Woo-HyoungLee

Boundary Detection in Medical Images Using Bonding Box Based Contour Method
pp 39105-39108
B. Jyothi, Y. MadhaveeLatha and P. G. Krishna Mohan

A Study on the Block unit architectural plan for Taepyungdong Housing regeneration-focused on the original part of Seongnam city
pp 39109-39114
Young Lee

Development Of An Improved Scheduling Scheme For Multicast Traffic Delivery Over Wimax Networks
pp 39115-39121
A.D. Usman, S.M. Sani and Aliu D

Estimation of Construction Waste Amount Generated by Demolition of Deteriorated Singlefamily Housing
pp 39122-39125
Seung-chan Baek, Young-chan Kim and Won-hwa Hong

An Enhanced and Productive Technique for Privacy Preserving mining of Association rules from Horizontal Distributed Database
pp 39126-39130
Sreevidya. B

A Study on Changes of Slate Buildings’ distribution in Korea using GIS -Case Study of Gang-won Province-
pp 39131-39137
Su-Young Kim, Young-Chan Kim, Byeung-Hun Son and Won-Hwa Hong

Current ISBN System – Learning & Practicing via Simulation
pp 39138-39144

Community Space Reflected in Park Taewon's Novel, “Riverside Landscape” on Seoul
pp 39145-39149
Hae-yeon Yoo

Heap Sorting based Node Exchange and Detect Failure Node Recovery in wireless sensor Actor Networks
pp 39150-39156
C. A. Subasini and Chandra Sekar A

Cost Efficiency of Foreign Banks in India with Information Technology (IT) Investments- A Stochastic Frontier Approach (SFA)
pp 39157-39162
S. T. Surulivel, S. Selvabaskar, R.Alamelu and L. Cresenta Shakila Motha and R.Amudha

Availability Evaluation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for the Cadastral Confirmation Survey
pp 39163-39167
Joon-Kyu Park and Dae-Wook Park

Solution of Differential Equations by Three Semi-Analytical Techniques
pp 39168-39174
A. A. Opanuga, O. O. Agboola, H. I. Okagbue and J. G. Oghonyon

Application of the Coordinate Transformation for Cadastral Resurvey Project

pp 39175-39178
Joon-Kyu Park and Dae-Wook Park

Energy efficient distributed flooding time synchronization Protocol for Heterogeneous WSN’s

pp 39179-39183
Harshjit Singh, Er.Parminder Singh and Er.Vikram Dhiman

Application of Construction Management using Robotic Total Station and BIM Technology
pp 39184-39187
Joon-Kyu Park and Dae-Wook Park

The Assistance of Surfactant to Alcohols in Reduction of Soy-Polyurethane’s Water Absorbency
pp 39188-39191
F.E. Firdaus

Availability Evaluation of the Smart Phone Application for the Topographic Surveying
pp 39192-39195
Joon-Kyu Park and Dae-Wook Park

Preparation and Characterization of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing Lime Stone powder
pp 39196-39200
D. A. Najm, N. Begum and K. N. Ismail

Time Series Analysis of Land Cover and Land Surface Temperature Change using Remote Sensing Method in Seoul
pp 39201-39207
Joon-Kyu Park and Dae-Yong Um

Comparison Of Case Based Reasoning And Support Vector Machines Algorithm
pp 39208-39210
Ponni. J and Shunmuganathan. K. L

Analysis of Change about Reclaimed Land using Landsat Satellite Images of Time Series
pp 39211-39216
Jong-Sin Lee and Hee-Cheon Yun

A New Chaotic Algorithm For Image Encryption And Decryption Of Digital Color Images
pp 39217-39222
M. Surya Bhupal Rao and V.S. Giridhar Akula

Analysis of Land Surface Temperature Corresponding to Biotop Index for Eco-friendly Urban Management
pp 39223-39227
Jong-Sin Lee and Hee-Cheon Yun

Review of Light Fidelity Technology for Wireless Communication
pp 39228-39231
P. G. Kuppusamy, S. Kannan, S. Bharath Kumar and G. Arunraj

Establish of the Image Color Extraction Algorism for Selective Classification of LiDAR Point Cloud
pp 39232-39238
Yong-Hyun Song and Dae-Yong Um

Experimental investigation of Surface roughness of cylinder liner for HT 100 material using RSM Technique
pp 39239-39246
B.N.Tripathi and N.K. Singh

A Study on Improvement Plans for Evacuation and Information communication Method through the Awareness Survey of Flood Damage
pp 39247-39252
Ji-Eun Sun, Ji-Soo Lee and Won-Hwa Hong


Insulin Attenuates Gene Expression of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase during Hemorrhagic Shock in Rats
pp 39253-39256
Jihwan Bu, Chang Bae Park and Woo Jeong Kim

Texture Based Watershed 3D Medical Image Segmentation Based on Fuzzy Region Growing Approach
pp 39257-39265
Rajaram M Gowda and Lingaraju G M

Can the optic nerve sheath diameter in brain magnetic resonance imaging be a predictor of elevated intracranial pressure
pp 39266-39268
Jeongho Kang, Woo Jeong Kim, Young Joon Kang and Su Jin Kim

Incremental Spammer Feature Extraction for the Spam Detection in Social Networking Service
pp 39269-39273
Jin Seop Han and ByungJoon Park

Model and Implementation of a Financially Converged Transportation Management System
pp 39274-39277
Hee-Yong Kang, Hyeon-Kyung Lee, Yong-Lak Choi, Yongtae Shin and Jong-Bae Kim

Design and Development of Fuzzy Logic Based Solar Panel Tilting Mechanism for Automobiles
pp 39278-39280
M. Harikrishnan, Sai Preetham Sata, B. Vikas Reddy and P. Sateesh Kumar Reddy

Big Data Analysis System Model using Field Data
pp 39281-39284
Jae-Joong Kim, Baek-Min Seong, Min-Gyu Lee, Hyo-jung Sohn and and Jong-Bae Kim

Stabilization of switched linear systems using differential evolution algorithm
pp 39285-39289
Houssem HOSNI, Walid BEN MABROUK and Noureddine LIOUANE

A study on Penetration testing methodology
pp 39290-39293
Yong-Suk Kang, Hee-Hoon Cho,Yongtae Shin and Jong-Bae Kim

A study on the optimization of rectangular steel storage tanks
pp 39294-39301
I.Rohini, R.L.Lija, S.Minu and V.Arularasi.

A Study on Method of Calculating Cloud Computing Server Capacity for SaaS
pp 39302-39306
Kook-Hyun Choi, Yang-Ha Chun, Se-Jeong Park, Yongtae Shin and Jong-Bae Kim

A study on the Performance test of swash plate compressor in vehicle
pp 39307-39310
Seo Hyun Sang and HaengMuk Cho

Effects of Organizational Commitment and Job Description of Childcare Staff on their Life Satisfaction-Around O-Gu, Ulsan
pp 39311-39314
Dong-Hyun Kim and Jae-Mo Lee

Performance Evaluation of Merge and Quick Sort using GPU Computing with CUDA
pp 39315-39319
Neetu Faujdar and SP Ghrera

A Study on Comparison of Attitude and Problem Solving Ability in Students and Teachers through Global Connected Learning Based on Smart Education
pp 39320-39323
Youngkwon Bae, Seungki Shin and Meeyong Kim and Ikseon Choi

Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Graph Coloring
pp 39324-39333
D. Sathya srinivas and S. Veni

Pubertal Timing, Subjective Health, and Suicidal Behaviors in Korean Adolescents
pp 39334-39337
Ju-Young Ha, So-Hee Kim, Hye-Young Choi and Young-Mi Ahn

The Influence of Knowledge Management Practices and Systems on Firm Performance
pp 39338-39344
Y. K. Santosh, J. Dennis and Dr. J. Nasina

A Study on Sino-Korean Word Usage Aspects as Subjects of Articles in Online Newspapers and Traditional Newspapers
pp 39345-39348
Hyuk Suh, Soon-hee Kwon, Jung-woo Kim, Eun-sung Kim and So-yeon Chung

Secure Sharing Of Data In Private Cloud Using Oaep Algorithm
pp 39349-39353
S. Selvakumar, and A. Rengarajan

A Study on the Sustainable Classical Literature Education Based on the Knowledge Reproducing Process of Learners
pp 39354-39357
So-yeon Chung and Yong-ran Hyun

Detection of Fatigue Crack Initiation in a Spot-welded Joint by Monitoring its Compliance
pp 39358-39365
S. J. Chu, T. K. Jeong and K. J. Hwang

Study on the Positive Psychological Capital, Organizational Commitment and Job Stress
pp 39366-39371
Kyung-Sun Han and Kyung-Hee Chung

A Review On Effect Of Admixtures On Durability Properties Of Concrete
pp 39372-39377
Sumi Joy and Nivin Philip

Dietary Behavior, Nutrition Knowledge and Health Status by meals intake or skipping in University Students
pp 39378-39386
Tae Kyung Kim and Hye Jin Kim

Substantiation of the Composition and Structure of the Economic-Mathematical Model of Forecasting and Assessment of the Socioeconomic Efficiency of the Investment and Construction Projects
pp 39387-39394
Elena Mikhajlovna Akimova and Dmitriy Vladimirovich Knyazev

Antibacterial effect of the Lonicera japonica extract on oral microorganisms
pp 39395-39397
Myoung-Gun Choung, Seoul-Hee Nam and Hye-Young Kim

Features of formation of the system of innovative development of the industrial enterprise
pp 39398-39403
A.N. Melnik, O.N. Mustafina and A.R. Sadriev

The Quantitative Risk Assessment for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
pp 39404-39407
Tae Kyung Kim

Design of high level railway embankment under constrain site conditions
pp 39408-39412
Rakesh Kumar, Pradeep K. Jain and Pratik Parmar

Relationships among the Involvement on Luxury Goods, Satisfaction, Trust, and Buying Behavior: Comparison of Types of Internet Shopping Malls
pp 39413-39415
Sora Kang, Jounghae Bang and Min Sun Kim

Implementation of Near-Threshold gates at 45nmTechnology
pp 39416-39421
N. Geetha Rani and P. Chandrasekhar Reddy

Terahertz Responses of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
pp 39422-39424
Ki-Chul Kim

Dynamic channel allocation using Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares in wireless sensor networks
pp 39425-39430
S. Elamathy and S. Ravi

A study on the factors that influence oral health status of college students
pp 39431-39433
Hae Young Kim, Young Min Lee and, Jeong Min Seong

Frame Work For Video Content Management
pp 39434-39438
Sanjeev Thakur and Sanjeev Bansal

The Relationship between Post-traumatic Stress and Quality of Life in 119 ambulance workers
pp 39439-39442
Sang-Yol Shin and Sung-Soo Choi

An Elliptic Curve Cryptography based adaptive and secure protocol to access data outsourced to cloud server
pp 39443-39450
D.Sudha Devi and K. Thilagavathy

Analysis of Positioning Performance about VRS and RTK
pp 39451-39453
Min-Gyu Kim and Dae-Yong Um

Trends and Implications of Bilingual Education for Minority Language Students in the US
pp 39454-39457
MyungHee Kim

An Isolated Voltage regulator with boost circuit for Variable DC sources
pp 39458-39462
Sarath.K.S and Edgar Ruskin Frank

Applicability Evaluation of Ortho Image and 3D Digital Surface Model about Golf Course
pp 39463-39465
Keun-Wang Lee

Refining of Numerical Solution for Nonlinear Transient Heat Conduction in a Plate Made of Polymer Composite Material

pp 39466-39469
V. M. Kudoyarova and V. P. Pavlov

Analysis of Crustal Movement Velocity After the Great Earthquake using GNSS
pp 39470-39472
Min-Gyu Kim, Kap-Yong Jung, and Dae-Yong Um

Selection and Implementation of a Set of Key Performance Indicators for Project Management
pp 39473-39484
G. Montero, L. Onieva and R. Palacin

Decision Feedback Channel Equalization for a Wireless Access inVehicular Environment System
pp 39485-39487
Dae-Ki Hong

Review of Drag Reduction Techniques for Hypersonic Flows
pp 39488-39495
Bibin John and Vinayak Kulkarni

Photoelastic Measurements for Mixed Mode Stress Intensity Factors of an Inclined Crack in a Tensile Plate
pp 39496-39500
Tae-hyun Baek, Myung-soo Kim, Young-chul Kim and Chun-tae Lee

Learning Bilingual Lexica from Non-parallel Comparable Corpora Using Perceptron Learning
pp 39501-39508
Jae-Hoon Kim, Hyeong-Won Seo and Hong-Seok Kwon

Analysis of Automotive Seat with Load and Vibration Transmitted due to Motor Position
pp 39509-39517
Jae Ung Cho

Reduction of seismic response uncertainty by the introduction of dampers in civil engineering structures
pp 39518-39521
B. Benahmed and M. Hammoutene

A Study on Structural and Thermal Durability for the Types of Brake Pad and Shoe
pp 39522-39527
Jae Ung Cho


SEEHPIP: Secure Energy Efficient Homomorphism based Privacy and Integrity Preserving Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 39528-39535
H. S. Annapurna and M. Siddappa

A Study on Formation of Anodic Oxidation Film on Type 60 Aluminum Alloy Followed by Difference of Pretreatment
pp 39536-39540
Sung-Il JEON

Performance Comparison of Six phase PMSM Drive system by Using Conventional PI and Fuzzy Logic controller
pp 39541-39546
Anurag Singh Tomer and Satya Prakash Dubey

An Approach of Data Aggregation base on A Geographic Cluster for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 39547-39549
Khoa Thi-Minh Tran and Seung-Hyun Oh

Intelligibility Of Speech Using Short Time Fourier Transform Phase Spectrum
pp 39550-39557
Prabhavathi C. N and K. M Ravikumar

A Radiation Detection Wireless Sensor Networks in the Nuclear Power Plant
pp 39558-39561
Seung-Hyun Oh

Energy Efficient Clustering Mechanism for Virtual MIMO Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 39562-39569

Polynomial Multiplication Method Using the Modified Cooley-Tukey FFT Method for Next-Generation Cryptography
pp 39570-39574
Sangook Moon

Relationship Between The Discharge Of Sewage And Of Drainage In The Wadi Righ Channel And Groundwater On The Degradation Of Palm
pp 39575-39583
S. Benguergoura Laradj and B. Remini

Life experience of Korean men who married immigrant women through international marriage
pp 39584-39589
Eun Sil Jung, Hye Jin Kim, Eun Kwang Yoo and Yeun Mi Kim

The Spiritual Intelligence And Its Relationship With Employee's Perception Of Organizational Justice
pp 39590-39596
Masoumeh Esmaeili, Seyed Yaghoub Hosseini and Seyed Abbas Mousavi

Impact Of Social Welfare Center Users’ Participation In Cultural Activity On Satisfaction With Life With Focus On Stress Management Approach
pp 39597-39600
Hyeong-Seok Seo and Sung-Je Cho

To the question of geodetic and cartographic provision of cadastral register
pp 39601-39602
A. P. Karpik, E. I. Avrunev and A. E. Truhanov

Impact of social welfare center users’ utilization of social care facilities on the mental state
pp 39603-39606
Hyeong-Seok Seo and Sung-Je Cho

Techniques for Software Design Validation: A Survey
pp 39607-39610
Sumangala patil, A. Nagaraja Rao and C. Shoba Bindu

Study on the Self-Esteem and Physical Symptoms of the Elderly in Nursing Homes in Relation to the General Characteristics
pp 39611-39614
Jung-Hee Choi and Sung-Je Cho

A Bio-Inspired Optimized Path Detection (OPD-BA) Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
pp 39615-39620
Konduri.Sucharitha and R. Latha

A Study on the Influence of Support of Surrounding Environmental Factors on the Dangerous Behaviors of Adolescents - Moderating Effect Analysis of Responsibility and Self-Esteem -
pp 39621-39624
Deok-Jo Kim and Sung-Je Cho

A Framework for Semi Semantic Ontology Based Document Clustering in Geospatial Domain
pp 39625-39630

Effects of Satisfaction with Leisure Activities of Parents of Disabled Children on their Sense of Depression
pp 39631-39634
Gi-Sun Kim and Sung-Je Cho

The Effect of Land Consolidation to Changes in The Most Extensive Puddle in Semarang-Indonesia
pp 39635-39641
Pratikso and Soedarsono

The Influence that a Female Volunteer’s Motive of Participation and the Characteristics of the Volunteer Activity have on the Sustainability of the Volunteer Activity
pp 39642-39646
Hee-Jin Kang and Sung-JeCho

The Method for Control of the Energy Efficiency of Chain Transmissions
pp 39647-39653
K. Kozlov, A. Egorov and V. Belogusev

A Study on the Influence of Maternal Depression on Parenting efficacy
pp 39654-39656
Jae-Young Kim and Sung-Je Cho

Extension of PROMETHEE V Method for Project Portfolio Selection and Scheduling
pp 39657-39662
T. Heydari, S-M. Seyedhosseini and Ahmad Makui

The effect of happiness of mothers with children in their infancy on emphatic abilities
pp 39663-39669
Geun-hye Jeon and Sung-je Cho

Automatic Determination of Pathological Voice Transformation Coefficients
pp 39670-39674
H. Belgacem, L. Salhi and A.Cherif

A Study on the Correlation Between the Self-Esteem of Parents of Infants and their Ability of Empathize
pp 39675-39678
En-Young Lee and Sung-Je Cho

Hybrid DTCWT-SVD based video watermarking scheme for protecting rightful ownership using Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
pp 39679-39688
Anjaneyulu Sake and Ramashri Tirumla

The Influence of a Child’s Emotional Intelligence on their Self-Esteem Centered on OO-Gu, Ulsan City
pp 39689-39695
Pil-Yeon Kim and Sung-Je Cho

A Systematic Literature Review: Recent Trends and Open Issues in Software Refactoring
pp 39696-39707
Sreeji K. and C. Lakshmi

ProductEffect of Children's Kindergarten Adaptation on Peer Interaction Centered Around OO City of Gyeongsangnam-do
pp 39708-39713
Geun-hye Jeon and Sung-je Cho

Feature Detection Using Dimensionality Reduction
pp 39714-39716
Brindha.T.Sambandam and Josephine

The Influence of a Child’s Self-Esteem on their Communication Skills Centered on OO-Gu, UlsanCity
pp 39717-39723
Pil-Yeon Kim and Sung-Je Cho

Optimization of Real-Time Video Over 3G Wireless Networks
pp 39724-39730
A.S.Syed Navaz, P.Jayalakshmi and N.Asha

Effect Of Private Tutoring On Life Satisfaction Of Adolescents Mediated By Self-Regulated Learning Ability And Academic Achievement
pp 39731-39734

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Air Preheater for Waste Heat Recovery of CI Engine using different fin type
pp 39735-39744
P. P. Patnaik, S.K.Acharya, H.C.Das and MD.AYUB Ansari

Differences in Financial Well-being of Users of Social Welfare Institutions by Housing Tenure Type
pp 39745-39750
Dong-ho Jang

IangIdentification of the edge corner deflection related to the process variables on the glass edge sealing using double torch
pp 39751-39754
Dong Min Lim, Youngshin Kim and EuySikJeon

Weight minimization of Spring design problem using PSO, SA, PS,GODLIKE, CUCKOO, FF, FP, ALO, GSA and MVO
pp 39755-39759
Christu Nesam David. D, S.Elizabeth Amudhini Stephen and Ajay Joe, A

Development of Camping Equipment with Carbon Nanotubes and Management Strategy
pp 39760-39762
S. Lee and Y. Lim,

Discovering useful Patterns in Text Mining using AMLNS-GA Algorithm
pp 39763-39767
I. Berin Jeba Jingle and J. Jeya A. Celin

ATC Enhancement through optimal placement of UPFC using WIPSO Technique
pp 39768-39774
R. Sripriya and R. Neela

Study Assessment on Occupational Safety and Health in small scale foundry environment
pp 39775-39779
N. Nandakumar and M. Arularasu

Characterization and Analysis of Z Pinned Bi directional CFC using Minitab 17
pp 39780-39788
J Dhanraj Pamar, B Balu Naik, D Ramana Reddy and H Krishnamurty Dora

Privacy Preserving Clustering process with Cost minimization for Big Data Processing
pp 39789-39794
V. S. Thiyagarajan and K. Venkatachalapathy

MEMS Sensors Based Cancer Detection System
pp 39795-39798
Reena Sebastian and NJR Muniraj

Efficient Multiplication in Finite Field for FPGA Design of EC Cryptosystem
pp 39799-39802
Ashkar Mohammed M and S. Suresh Babu

Sylvester Matrix Theorem an Ideal Tool in MIMO ChannelEstimation
pp 39803-39807
Vikash Sharma and Sanjay Kumar

Relative Analysis of Sizing Methods in the sense of E-Commerce system
pp 39808-39816
John T Mesia Dhas and C.R. Bharathi

A novel label fusion technique for segmenting subcortical brain structures using multi-atlas and multi-graphcuts
pp 39817-39821
R. Neela and R. Kalaimagal

Regression Testing Using Aigrtp Algorithm For Industries
pp 39822-39827
K. Hema Shankari and R. Thirumalai Selvi

Secure and Reliable Group Communication in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
pp 39828-39832
S. Manohar and S. Selvakumar

Improved ECG signal denoising by using an EMD-based algorithm
pp 39833-39840
G. Sreedevi, B. Anuradha and T. Sreenivasulu Reddy

Test Suite Reduction Mechanisms: A Survey
pp 39841-39848
A.D.Shrivathsan, K.S.Ravichandran and K.R.Sekar

A Fuzzy Approach To Three Stage Flow Shop Scheduling Model Including Job Block Criterion Using Branch And Bound Technique
pp 39849-39852
K. Thangavelu, G. Uthra and S. Shunmugapriya

Test Data Compression Techniques Emphasizing Linear Decompressor Based Schemes: A Review
pp 39853-39857
S. Rooban and R. Manimegalai






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