International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 19  (2015)  





Inferring Human emotion recognition based on Skew Gaussian mixture model using EM algorithm and frequency range features
pp 39858-39864
M. Chinna Rao, A. V. S. N. Murty and Ch. Satyanarayana

Effect of Waste Water Type on Concrete Properties
pp 39865-39870
Nabil M.A. Al-Joulani

Low Cost Hybrid GSM & Cloud Based Remote Relay Control And Management System With Android Application
pp 39871-39874
Dinesh. R, Gautham Ramesh, Gandhirajan.R and Sundaraman.K

Usage whatsapp application for e-learning and its impact on academic performance in Irbid National University in Jordan
pp 39875-39879
Fawzi hasan altaany

HCI Degradation Effect on VDMOS Transistor with Geometric and Process Variations
pp 39880-39884
H.H.M. Yusof, N. Soin and W.B. Murti

Energy Based Multicast Routing Protocol Using Self Organizing Map in MANETs
pp 39885-39890
X.S. Asha Shiny and R. Jagadeesh kannan

Indirect Space Vector Modulation scheme for Indirect Matrix Converter
pp 39891-39897
R. Natarajan, B. Baskaran and G. Irusapparajan

Three Steps AC Voltage Regulator Based on One Step-down Transformer
pp 39898-39902
Hussain Attia

A Zonal Congestion Manage
ment Using Hybrid Evolutionary Firefly (HEFA) Algorithm
pp 39903-39910
Jagadeeswar Reddy Cintam, D. Mary, P. Thanigaimani and P.Salomipuspharaj

BER Performance of OFDM System with various OFDM frames in AWGN, Rayleigh and Rician Fading Channel
pp 39911-39916
Salauddin Mohammad, Piyush Kuchhal and Rajeev Kumar Gupta

Iterative Decoding of FEC Based Multiple Description Codes over Fading Channel and Opportunistic Relay Networks
pp 39917-39924
Saikat Majumder and Shrish Verma

Development of a Competitiveness Analysis Model for Railway Supply Industries
pp 39925-39933
Sungbong Chung and Shinae Kang

Multidimensional Benchmarking of Indian PSBs’ Basis of Efficiency and Service Quality: DEA and Co-plot Analysis
pp 39934-39939
Purnendu Paul, Swapan k Bose and Supriyo Roy

Measurement Of Service Quality: Indian PSU Bank
pp 39940-39943
Purnendu Paul, Swapan k Bose and Supriyo Roy

A Survey on Road Condition Monitoring and Mitigation
pp 39944-39949
Dorathi Jayaseeli, D. Malathi and S. Gopika

Effect of Particle Volume Fraction on Ageing Behaviour of 8011 Aluminium/SiC Composites
pp 39950-39955
V. Vembu and G. Ganesan

Improving User Hypothesis Using Locational-Social-Tropical Prediction Framework
pp 39956-39962
J. S. Kanchana and S. Sujatha

Analysis of Applications and Technologies for Smart Home System
pp 39963-39969
Prabhu. J, Navaneethan. C, P. Thanapal and R. Vijay Anand

Smart Home Energy Management System
pp 39970-39974
S. Meikandasivam, R. Thirumalaivasan, M. Janaki, PallaviRath and Arvind Shanmuganaathan

The Benefits Of Distance Learning To Adult Learners
pp 39975-39978
Khalil alsaadat

Operators induced by fuzzy stack on a fuzzy topological space
pp 39979-39982
Rashmi Singh and Sonal Mittal

Web Cluster Load Balancing Techniques: A Survey
pp 39983-39998
Kadiyala Ramana and M. Ponnavaikko

Hardware in Loop Simulation of an Adaptive Traffic Light Control System
pp 39999-40004
Anna Merine George, Ciji Pearl Kurian, V.I. George and Mary Ann George

Braking Performance Improvement Method for V2V Communication-based AEB System at Various Intersections
pp 40005-40009
SangduckJeon, Gyoungeun Kim and Byeongwoo Kim

Modified Dugdale Model for Three Equal Collinear Straight Cracks: A Theoretical Analysis
pp 40010-40020
Naved Akhtar and S. Hasan

Statistical Research of Drilling Rig’s Top Drive Stress Loading
pp 40021-40026
Aleksandr Ashcheulov, Sergey Nikitin and Artem Khoroshanskay

Effect of Seawater on Mechanical Properties of GFRP with Cement as Filler Material for Fishing Boat Application
pp 40027-40030
Manjunath Shettar and Pavan Hiremath

Implementation of effcient cluster based method to enhance Connectivity in wireless sensor networks
pp 40031-40038
Channakrishnaraju and M. Siddappa

Performance Prediction of Absorber Tube of Parabolic Trough Concentrator with the Enhancement of Heat Transfer by varying width of Twisted Tape Inserts
pp 40039-40044
Y. K. Nayak, U. K. Sinha, P. Kumar and N. Kumar

Investigation of ZARI yarn faults using a OFF line ZARI yarn fault analyzer
pp 40045-40049
S. Sundaresan and K. Thangamani

Concept of the Automated Control System for Vehicle Remote Diagnostic
pp 40050-40053
Andrey Vladimirovich Ostroukh, Andrey Mikhailovich Ivakhnenko, Nikita Alexandrovich Krupenskiy and Fyodor Andreevich Borisov

Diagnosis of Heart Disease from ECG using Clonal Neural Network with Derivative-Threshold based Generic Features (CNNDT)
pp 40054-40058
S. Silvia Priscila and M. Hemalatha

Review Paper- Materials, Design and Manufacturing Technologies for Orthopaedic Biomaterials
pp 40059-40062
Aby K. Abraham and V. G. Sridhar

Automated Information-Analytical System for Dispatching Control of Transportation Concrete Products
pp 40063-40067
Andrey Vladimirovich Ostroukh, Igor Vadimovich Nedoseko, Nataliya Evgenievna Surkova, Muharam Minniyarovich Fattakhov, Yashar Elshan-ogly Nuruev and Alexander Sergeevich Salov

Economic Utilization Of Fresh Graduates In Software Projects
pp 40068-40072
D.Nirmalraj and N. Santhosh Kumar

Stability Analysis of Photovoltaic Systems using Krasovskii’s method based on the Second method of Liapunov
pp 40073-40075
Anbarasi MP and Jovitha Jerome

Optimization of Cassava Distribution and Marginal Area Usage for Supporting Food Endurance
pp 40076-40085
Masyhuri M

Neutral Point Clamped Multilevel Indirect Matrix Converter
pp 40086-40089
K.Ganesan, R.Prabhuraja, K.Prabu and A.Rajasekar

Survey on Software Measurement Systems Based on Software Metrics
pp 40090-40095
K J. Eldho and D. Maheswari

Implementation of web based platform independent DSS for electricity department
pp 40096-40101
Pooja Nahar, Vijay Pal Dhaka and Pankaj Lathar

Performance Evaluation of Flexible Pavements Laid over Treated Marine Clay Subgrades Embedded with Geo- synthetic Interface
pp 40102-40108
D.Venkateswarlu, C. Surya Sarat Chandra, M. Anjan Kumar, G. V. R. Prasada Raju and D. S. V. Prasad

Proposal and Verification of an AEB System Algorithm Based on Slope and Surface Condition of Roads
pp 40109-40113
M. Lin, J. Yoon and K. Byeongwoo

Analysis on the Effect of V2V-based AEB Systems According to Various Road Alignments and Surface Conditions
pp 40114-40118
Hyeonggeun Mun, Gyoungeun Kim and Byeongwoo Kim

Classifier for Non Transitive Relations in Trust and Reputation of Web Services
pp 40119-40123
T. N. Aruna and Viji Vinod

Optimizing Routing in MANET using Genetic Algorithms
pp 40124-40129
P. Calduwel Newton, C. Prasanna Ranjith and Mary Jane Aragon

An Analysis of the Fuel Efficiency and Emission Gas of Gasoline-mixed Somatid Substance
pp 40130-40132
Byungmo Yang and Haengmuk Cho

A Study on the Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics in Utilization of the Somatid-processed Fuel
pp 40133-40135
Byungmo Yang and Haengmuk Cho

A Study on the Fuel Efficiency and Emission Characteristics of the Somatid-mixed Engine Attachment
pp 40136-40138
Byungmo Yang and Haengmuk Cho

Multi-area economic dispatch using Improved Bat Algorithm
pp 40139-40147
S. Vijayaraj and R. K. Santhi

Phase Diagram Of The Quaternary Al (NO3)3-Cu (NO3)2-Zn (NO3)2-H2O System at 10°C.
pp 40148-40152
A. Barroug, A. Jouaiti, M. Boulghallat, L. Laâllam and D. Dafir

Evaluation Of Spatial And Temporal Characteristics Of Wind And Wind Resources: A Case Study Of Some Nigerian Cities
pp 40153-40158

Production of High Amylopectin Artificial Rice Based on Cassava Flour, Glutinous Rice Flour and Addition of Cowpea Flour
pp 40159-40164
Arie Febrianto Mulyadi, Sri Kumalaningsih and Sri Kartina Indriati

An Automated Tool for Job Shop Scheduling by Optimisation of Make Span through CPSO and GA
pp 40165-40170
J. V. S. BHASKAR, B. Dattatreya sarma and K. Hema chendra reddy

Some New Classes of Even Even and Odd Even Graceful graphs
pp 40171-40176
Amiya Kumar Behera, Debdas Mishra and Purna Chandra Nayak

Implementation of Patent Searching techniques using Patent Mining Tool
pp.pp 40177-40182
M. Pratheeban and S. Balasubramanian

A Novel and Low Cost Secure Key Management using Verifiable Secret Sharing in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
pp 40183-40190
M. Devi and S. Chenthur Pandian

Balancing Performance and Security for IPv6 Neighbor Discovery
pp 40191-40196
Amjed Sid Ahmed, Nurul Halimatul Asmak Ismail, Rosilah Hassan and Nor Effendy Othman

Designing The Antenna For Ism Band Application
pp 40197-40202
T.Kavitha, S.Shiyamala, A.Farithkhan and J.Gnana Arun Johnson

Portable USB mobile charger
pp 40203-40204
K.L.Venkatesh and Sairam.C

Smart suggest search engine with Location Sensing Recommendation
pp 40205-40208
P.Avanthi and M.Sreedevi

A Text-To-Speech using Rule-based and Data-driven Prosody Techniques with Concatenative Synthesis of the Philippines' Bisaya Dialect
pp 40209-40215
R. A. Caroro, A. B. Garcia and C. S. Namoco Jr

Mobility-aware Contention-based Forwarding in Highway Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
pp 40216-40223
Mojtaba Asgari, Mahamod Ismail, Raed A. Alsaqour

Align_MLCS: A Sequence Alignment based Efficient Algorithm to Identify Multiple Longest Common Subsequence (MLCS) in DNA Sequences
pp 40224-40227
B. Devika Rubi, and L. Arockiam

Affix Stripping Stemming Algorithm Using Hybrid Approach For Information Retrieval
pp 40228-40233
Sikha B Kadayath and G. Radhamani

Classification of breast masses in mammogram images through Shearlet transform and SVM
pp 40234-40240
Manoharan, R SubiStalin. M, Kalaimagal. R

Marketing of Fishes – A study with reference to Rameshwaram
pp 40241-40246
R. S. Mani and R. Geetha

A Study on the Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty at a Private Sector Bank, Vellore
pp 40247-40254
G. Velmurugan, V. Selvam and R. Subashini

Dynamic Routing for ATM Networks Using Genetic Algorithm
pp 40255-40258
J. Padma and M. Sailaja

New Surface Through-Hole Sensors Required For Oil And Gas Drilling
pp 40259-40264
P. Kishore Kanna, N. Vinoj Kumar, V. G. Arun Deepak and J. Dhanush

Investigation on Performance and Emission Behaviour of a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Fuelled with Mixture of Cottonseed and Sunflower Biodiesel Blends along with Diesel
pp 40265-40269
Vignesh Da and Srihari S

BER Analysis And Interference Cancellation In SFBC-OFDM With Timing Offset
pp 40270-40275
M. Vijayalaxmi, and S. Narayana Reddy

Quntification of Ultrafine Particle Emission Factors from Motor Bikes
pp 40276-40281
Arinto Y.P. Wardoyo, Sugeng Rianto, Unggul P. Juswono, Alfero Valentino, and Fathul B. Huda

Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Solar Photovoltaic Module using Perturb and Observe Algorithm
pp 40282-40287
Arther Jain, Bindu.K.V and B. Justus Rabi

Utilization of Rice Residue as an Alternative Energy Source in South Korea
pp 40288-40290
Shah-Mesbah Uddind Chowdhury and Haeng MukCho

Design of Flywheel for Maximization of Storage Energy using ANSYS
pp 40291-40300
S. M. Muzakkira and Vikram Talreja

Heat Flux And Drag Reduction Over A Blunt Body By Using Different Aero-Disc Spike At Mach 6.2
pp 40301-40306
Sudhir joshi, Rajesh yadav, Ugur Guven, V K Patidar and Ramesh Repaka

Performance Improvement In Nonlinear Control System Using RTOS
pp 40307-40314
B. C. Premkumar, P. Subbaiah, S. Ravi and Suresh D

Detection Of Disease In Bitter Gourd Leafs At Early Stage
pp 40315-40321
Sam Abraham, T. S Balasubramanian and D. Dhanasekaran

A Novel Signcryption Scheme Based on ECC with Fuzzy Ontology for Body Area Network Security
pp 40322-40330
A. Arul Jothi and B. Srinivasan

Assessment of Pollution Indices for Evaluation of Heavy Metals in Soil in and Around SIPCOT Industrial Complex Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu
pp 40331-40335
T.Inbanila and V.Arutchelvan

A Service Approach to Preserve the Heritage and Culture through Cloud Storage
pp 40336-40341
N. Srinivasan and R. S. Ponmagal

Assessing the stability of antivirus software and data protection means against erroneous outcomes
pp 40342-40349
Dmitry Sergeevich Silnov and Oleg Vladimirovich Tarakanov

An Evaluation of Alternative Approaches to Reliability Centered Maintenance
pp 40350-40359
Deepak Prabhakar P and Jagathy Raj V.P

CFD Modeling of a Left Ventricular Diastolic Filling Problem
pp 40360-40362
Taewon Seo

Analysis on Random Password Authentication
pp 40363-40364
N. Krishnaveni, P. Sudhakar and A. Selvi

Efficient Transportation System Using Internet of Things
pp 40365-40370
Ganesh Balaraman and Harisudha. K

Interaction Effects of Composite Fibres in a Carefully Designed Slag Based Concrete Matrix
pp 40371-40378
J.Vikram and S.K.Sekar

PCA-Based Face Recognition Using EIGENFACE Method
pp 40379-40382
A. D. Chitra and P. Ponmuthuramalingam

ST segment Variability Analysis based on Complexity Factor and Linear Regression
pp 40383-40390
S. Thulasi Prasad and S. Varadarajan

ECC Implementation for Wireless Data Transfer in Mobile Devices
pp 40391-40395
Edna Elizabeth.N and S.Kaushik

Compact Microstrip Defected Ground Structured Antenna for Reduction of Harmonics and Cross Polarized Radiations
pp 40396-40399
E Sarva Rameswarudu and P V Sridevi

Numerical Study on Behavior of RC Framed Structures subjected to Recorded and Spectrum Compatible Ground Motions
pp 40400-40408
C. Preeti and K. Jagan Mohan

Engaging with the consumer in a Digital World: An Empirical study with special reference to Online Apparel
pp 40409-40414
Brijesh Sivathanu

Numeral N-folded parallel string matching
pp 40415-40433
K Butchi Raju and S Viswanadha Raju

Adsorption of Copper using Modified and Unmodified Sugarcane Bagasse
pp 40434-40438
I U. Salihi, S.R.M Kutty, M.H Isa, Emmanuel Olisa and Nasiru Aminu

MaBLS: An Interactive Reference Guide for Basic Life Support in an Android Application
pp 40439-40443
Marylene Saldon-Eder, Romelyn B. Ardeño, Noelfred B. Balarote,, Jennie S. Pagalan and Jezil L. Paica

Multicast File and Screen Sharing using Wi-Fi Connectivity
pp 40444-40450
Marylene Saldon-Eder Juan Miguel R. Torres, Eggar D. Cortez, Kirsty S. Falle Assumpta Mae F. Cuerquis

Additive Based on Biosiliphycated Nanotubes
pp 40451-40453
N. Lukuttsova and A. Ustinov

Some Practical Aspects of Fractal Simulation of Structure of Nano-Modified Concrete
pp 40454-40456
L. Evelson and N. Lukuttsova

Concrete modified by additive based on biosilicated nanotubes
pp 40457-40460
N. Lukuttsova and A. Ustinov

A methodology of Lean implementation in hospitals
pp 40461-40467
K. Khlie and A. Abouabdellah

Development Of Nano Structured Super Hydrophobic Coating For The Electrical Safety Of Porcelain Insulator
pp 40468-40473
Isaac R, Kamal Bansal and Rajeev Gupta

Efficient Removal of Impulse Noise in Tamil Sign Language Digital Images using PSO Based Weighted Median Filter
pp 40474-40480
M. Krishnaveni, P. Subashini and T.T. Dhivyaprabha

Development and Verification of Mathematical Model of Optical Measuring System
pp 40481-40487
Daria A. Osipovich, Stanislav G. Jarushin and Sergey A. Melnikov

Outlier Detection Methods for Identifying Network Intrusions – A Survey
pp 40488-40497
J. Rene Beulah and D. Shalini Punithavathani

Simple Hybrid Feature Selection (SHFS) for Enhancing Network Intrusion Detection with NSL-KDD Dataset
pp 40498-40505
J. Rene Beulah and D. Shalini Punithavathani

fStudy of the structural and acoustic properties of clothing materials for thermal protection of human
pp 40506-40512
Cherunova I.V, Kolesnik S.A, Kurenova S.V, Eremina Yu.V, Merkulova A.V and Cherunov P.V

Relationship between Telecommunications Investment and Total Factor Productivity (TFP): The Case of 29 OECD Countries
pp 40513-40524
Wanghun Seok and Chuhwan Park

Self Adaptive Predator Prey Flower Pollination Algorithm Strategy for Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch
pp 40525-40530
P. Paramasivan and R. K. Santhi

SMScala: An Android Service Manager Component Against Malicious Service Launch In Scala
pp 40531-40534
Sreenitha N

Design and Implementation of Low Power Multistage AES S Box
pp 40535-40540
Rajasekar P and H. Mangalam

Antecedents And Consequence To App Self Connection And App Prominence
pp 40541-40547
Souvik Roy and Santanu Mandal

An Improved Method for Image Segmentation Based on Mathematical Morphology and Mean Value of K-Mean Clusters
pp 40548-40552
Pinaki Pratim Acharjya and Dibyendu Ghoshal

Interpretation of watershed transform based image segmentation from the concept of statistical moments
pp 40553-40556
Pinaki Pratim Acharjya and Dibyendu Ghoshal

Energy Efficient L4-Leach Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 40557-40565
K. Thangaraj and M. Chitra

Exploring the Influences of Relational Competencies on Supply Chain Agility
pp 40566-40574
Santanu Mandal

Determination Of Optimal Parameters For Detonation Spraying Technology Used For Production Of Electrical Insulators Of Aluminum Oxide
pp 40575-40579
Pavel V. Rogozhin, Sergey Y. Ganigin, Ilya V. Nechaev and Andrey Y. Murzin

Development And Production Of Multi-Layered Electrode System For Electrical Impedance Tomography Devices
pp 40580-40584
Grayr K. Aleksanyan, Nikolay I. Gorbatenko and Artem I. Kucher

Environmental Safety Provision During The Operations With Mercury In Lighting Industry
pp 40585-40589
Irina I. Bayneva

Experimental research and methods development of an efficiency estimation of intelligent power management state of the building systems of the real object
pp 40590-40594
Sedov Artem, Ainagulova Aliya and Temirgaliyeva Ainur

Quality Control Procedure For Gaseous Detonable Mixture In The Process Of Detonation Spraying
pp 40595-40598
Sergey Y. Ganigin and Pavel V. Pismennyi

Reduction Of Energy Consumption Of Thermal Insulation Materials
pp 40599-40602
Valerii S.Lesovik, Oleg V.Puchka and Sergei S.Vaisera

Selection Of Special Clothes Design Parameters On The Basis Of Optimisation Of Dynamic Conformance Parameters
pp 40603-40606
G.A.Ganiyeva, B.R.Ryskulova and S.S.Tashpulatov

Systems Of Management And Tendency Of Development Of Organic Dairy Cattle Breeding In The World And Kazakhstan
pp 40607-40612
Murat Aliyev

Tribological Characteristics Of Electric Spark Coatings Of Electroerosion Fast-Cutting Steel
pp 40613-40616
E.V. Ageev, A.Yu. Altukhov and S.V. Pikalov

Influence Of The Inorganic Modifier Structure On Structural Composite Properties
pp 40617-40622
Aleksandr A. Volodchenko, Valery S. Lesovik, Liliya H. Zagorodnjuk and Anatoly N. Volodchenko

Design of Binary Comparators in QCA using 5-input Majority Gate
pp 40623-40626
T. Sridevi and G. Manmadha Rao

Dynamic Placement of Autonomic Internet Services
pp 40627-40631
Rakesh R J and Jayasudha J S

A Novel Authenticated Encryption Technique for Message Passing
pp 40632-40635
G. Annapooranam, and K. Thangadurai

Implementation of a 1.5GHz-Bandwidth Radar with Digital Signal Synthesis and Processing for Probing in Arctic Area.
pp 40636-40641
S. A. Ermushev and A. G. Balashov

Cost Minimization Of Turning Machining Process Using Cuckoo Search, Pattern Search, Firefly And Flower Pollnation
pp 40642-40646
S.Elizabeth Amudhini Stephen, Koduri Susmitha and Ajay Joe

Optimized Artificial Neural Network model for day ahead maximum temperature forecasting
pp 40647-40655
ShilpaHudnurkar, Ankita Wanchoo and Akshay Malhotra

Workplace Spirituality and Ethical Behaviour – An Empirical Stud
pp 40656-40658
A. Prince Jason and S. Sudha

A Novel Approach of Numerical Analysis towards Spatial Resolution for Electrical Impedance Tomography Applications
pp 40659-40662
Venkatratnam Chitturi and Farrukh Hafiz Nagi

An Outline on Trajectory Data Mining
pp 40663-40665
Anju J. Prakash, A Ferdinand Christopher and Jinan. S

Aerofoil Inclination Angle For Favorable Ground Effect And Drag
pp 40666-40671
N. Nisaantha Kumar, Rahul Venkatesh and M. Suresh

Time Optimal Path Planning while Considering Physical and Geometrical Limits during Obstacle Avoidance
pp 40672-40678
Raimarius Delgado and Byoung Wook Choi

Reconfiguration Based Expansion Planning and Reliability Evaluation of Radial Distribution Networks Using BFA
pp 40679-40685
E. R. Biju and M. Anitha

A Study Of Kiran Desai’s Hullaballoo In The Guavaorchard As An Indian Middle-Class Family Saga
pp 40686-40689
B. Sangamitra and N.S. Vishnu Priya

Multi-metric Neighbour coverage based Quality of Service Routing Protocol with mobility prediction for Ad hoc Networks
pp 40690-40695
V. Jayanthi and M. Sundarambal

Reliable and Error Free Transmission through Multimode Optical Fibers Networks at Physical Layer
pp 40696-40698
Mohammed S. Al-Kahtani and Tariq Ahamad

Fast and Enhanced Context Based Information Retrieval in Big Data using Hadoop and Spark
pp 40699-40702
N. karthikeyan and R. Dhanapal

Identification of Defect Types by Analysis of PD Pulses in SF6 Gas
pp 40703-40708
Hyang-Eun Jo, Gi-Woo Jeong, Guoming Wang, Gyung-Suk Kil and Sung-Wook Kim

An Efficient Approach for Lossless Image Cryptography
pp 40709-40717
Sourav Dinda, Kalyani Mali and Prasenjit Das

Input-Output Models for Energy Demand-Side Management
A. Karpovich

Mango Fruit Processing Industry in Karnataka-A Cost Economic Study
pp 40722-40725
Mohithkumar. G.V, Chowde Gowda M, Manikandan. R., Usha Ravindra and Honabyraiah

Performance Enhancement of a 2-D Low Wave Drag Supersonic Busemann Biplane at Off-Design Condition
pp 40726-40733
Vijay Kumar Patidar, Ugur Guven, Rajesh Yadav, and Sudhir Joshi

Noisy quantum mixed state pattern classification based on the Grover's search algorithm
pp 40734-40738
K. Aghayar E and Rezaei Fard

Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement Using Non-Decimated Wavelet Transform and Gaussian Mixture Model
pp 40746-40753
T. V. Hyma Lakshmi, T. Madhu ,E V Krishna Rao  and K CH Srikavya

Registered nurse skill mix and staffing level determinants in long-term care hospitals
pp 40754-40760
Donghwan Kim, Donghwan Kim and YuKyung Ko







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