International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 2  (2015)  





Use of Information Technology among school students in the State of Tamil Nadu, India
pp. 2201-2209
Magesh G, Prema Muthuswamy, Brijendra Singh

Thermal And Structural Analysis Of Friction-Welded Dissimilar Materials R.
pp. 2211-2219
R.Sathish, Vaddi Seshagiri Rao, N. Sundar Raman, P.Venkateshwaran

Performance Prediction of WiMAX (IEEE 802.16d) Using Different Modulation and Coding Profiles in Different Channels
pp. 2221-2234
Arun Agarwal and Kabita Agarwal

Comparative Analysis On Spectral Unsupervised Feature Selection: A Review
pp. 2235-2240
R.SathyaBama Krishna, K.Monica, Dr. M.Aramudhan

Design And Analysis Of A Mobile Modular Fixture Robot Using Image Processing
pp. 2241-2255
Jinju Joseph and S.Prabhu

Performance Of Support Vector Machine In Predicting The Relative Risk Of Diabetes Mellitus With The Help Of Association Rule Mining
pp. 2257-2264
Hema Prasanna K , Murari Devakannan Kamalesh

Short Circuit Analysis of an Industrial Co – Generation Power Plant
pp. 2265-2274
K. Ramalakshmi, J. Rajamohan, K.Ramchandar

Development of RFID Based Automatic Metro Rail System
pp. 2271-2277
E. Brumancia, Hylish. J, Karunya. N

Enhancing Energy Efficiency In Visual Sensor Networks Through Actor Node
pp. 2279-2290
Mr. G. Aravind Swaminathan, Dr. D. Manimegalai And S. Murugeswari

Coalitional Based Approach For Optimum Resource Allocation In Wireless Networks
pp. 2291-2304
L.Rajesh and K.Bhoopathy Bagan

Coalitional Based Approach For Optimum Resource Allocation In Wireless Networks
pp. 2291-2304
L.Rajesh and K.Bhoopathy Bagan

Empowering Women Through Education: India
pp. 2305-2313
Prof. Dr R Jayam

Improved Energy Based Stable Cluster Routing In Mobile Ad Hoc Network
pp. 2315-2326
Mrs. J.Nandhini, Dr. D.Sharmila, Dr. K.K.Savitha

An Adaptive Truncated Wavelet Filter for Speckle Removal in Ultrasound Images
pp. 2327-2337
Nirmala Devi Periyasamy and Asokan Ramasamy

An Effective Framework For Managing Replica System In Distributed File Sharing Environments
pp. 2339-2344
Tesmy K Jose Dr.V.Ulagamuthalvi

Extracting Product Features from Consumer Reviews and Its Applications
pp. 2345-2351
Murari Devakannan Kamalesh and Himanshu Kumar Diwedi

A Prediction Method For Blind Source Separation Of Speech Signals By Instantaneous Mixing Plus Auto Regressive Model
pp. 2353-2369
C.Anna Palagan

Finite Element Analysis of Laminated and Bimetallic Spur Gear
pp. 2371-2392
A.P. Arun, B. Giriraj, A. P. Senthil kumar, Suresh Williams

Comparative Analysis On Discriminative Unsupervised Feature Selection: A Study
pp. 2393-2399
R. Sathyabama Krishna, M.Jayanthi, Dr.M.Aramudhan

EVM Based Performance Analysis Of LTE Downlink & Its Real-Time Evaluation Using WARP
pp. 2401-2418
Mugelan R K, Thilaga P, Bhagyaveni M A

Optimized Path Evaluation For Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Using Enriched Protocols
pp. 2419-2431
K. Devarajan and V.Padmathilagam

Fuzzy Multiple Attributes Decision-Making Models Using TOPSIS Technique
pp. 2433-2442
P. K. Parida and S. K. Sahoo

A Review Of Energy Demand Forecasting Technologies
pp. 2443-2453
A.K. Karthik

An Innovative Approach For Extracting Web Pages
pp. 2455-2463
R.Vijay, Dr. K. Prasadh

LVC-D: A Technique to Extract Web Page Data Using Layout, Visual and Content-Based Features
pp. 2465-2481
T.Sureshkumar and N.Shanthi

Real Power Compensation and Loss Reduction Using UPFC by Imperialist Competitive Algorithm (ICA)
pp. 2483-2494
Dr. E. NandaKumar, Dr. R. Dhanasekaran and N.K. Senapathi

Minimizing The Number Of Voids And Exceptional Elements In Multi-Dimensional Cellular Manufacturing System Using Meta-Heuristics
pp. 2495-2504
S. Karthikeyan, M. Saravanann

Reuse Of Sago Treated Wastewater Partially Substitute In Concrete
pp. 2505-2512
M. Karthikeyan, Dr. B.Asha, P.Swaminathan, B.Sekar and N. Naga Arjuna

pp. 2513-2521
S. Maheshwari, S.K. Sharma, Divya Gupta Dr. R.K Tyagi

Level Orient Density Estimation Technique Based Cluster Formation To Improve The Performance Of LEACH For Lifetime Maximization Of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Particle Swarm Optimization
pp. 2521-2529
P.Priya, Dr. J.Senthil Kumar

Performance Analysis Of Pca And Artificial Intelligence Techniques For The Detection Of Application Layer Attacks
pp. 2531-2540
Prof. P.Krishna Kumar, Prof. Dr.K.Vijayalakshmi , Prof. Dr.R.Bharathi

Integer Programmig Model in Project Selection And Prediction using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
pp. 2541-2561
S. Shenbaga Ezhil

Mobile Node Tracking Process using Circle and Ellipse Intersection Point (CEIP)
pp. 2563-2574
Dr. D. Jagadeesan, G. Subramaniyan, G. Asha, V.S. Nateshwar

Classification and Topic Discovery of Web Documents Using Semantic Deep Learner Based on Semantic Smoothing Model
pp. 2575-2598
Mrs. E.V.R.M. Kalaimani, E.Kirubakaran and P.Anbalagan

Secure Network Design And Architecture Optimization Using Friend Of Nodes
pp. 2599-2607
J.JayachandraBensam, Dr. T.Jayasingh and Dr. S.Ravi

Hypernym Based Feature Selection For Semi Structured Web Content Classification
pp. 2609-2626
Mrs. E.V.R.M. Kalaimani,Dr. E. Kirubakaran, Dr. P. Anbalagan

A Complete Survey On Application Of Data Mining Techniques On Medical Image Databases
pp. 2627-2640
B.V.Kiranmayee, Dr. T.V. Rajinikanth, S.Nagini

PLGRR: A Novel Bandwidth Allocation Schema Supported For Packet Switched Networks
pp. 2649-2661
R.Sunitha, Dr.Antony Selvdoss Thanamani

Dynamic QoS based Bandwidth Allocation using Semi Persistent Technique in LTE-A
pp. 2663-2672
Rakesh Achar, Shaik Sardar, M Swagath Babu, G Vishnu Vardhan, R K Dinesh, Ravi Teja Goud Ediga and D K Harish

Economical And Efficient Method Of Optimizing The Roof Top Wind Turbine Location For Increased Power Output Through CFD
pp. 2673-2688
K.K. Padmanabhan

Fuzzy Control Strategy For The Speed Control Of BLDC Motor With Load Variations
pp. 2689-2703
C. SheebaJoice, P.Nivedhitha

Scientific Approach to Developing Scenarios of Computer Business Games for Personnel Training at Industrial and Logistic Enterprises
pp. 2705-2714
Andrey Vladimirovich Ostroukh

Fuzzy Logic Based Sensorless Speed Control of SEPIC Fed BLDC Drive
pp. 2715-2722
Meena Devi R

Effect of Variation in Al/Si Content on Mechanical Properties of Zn-Al-Si Alloys
pp. 2723-2731
S.R. Kasthuri Raj, S. Ilangovan, Sanjivi Arul, A. Shanmugasundaram

Performance Analysis of Parallel Co-operative Spectrum Sensing Using Scheduling Algorithm In CRNs
pp. 2733-2747
T. Gomathi

Analysis Of Personal , Social & Professional Wellbeing Of Women Employees: An Empirical Study With Reference To Indian BPO Sector
pp. 2749-2759
Dr.K.Maran and Dr.P.Priyadharshini

Wear behavior of nano graphite reinforced Al6061-10TiB2 hybrid composite using powder metallurgy
pp. 2761-2770
C. M. Anand partheebana, M. Rajendranb, S. C. Vettivelc, S. Sureshd and J. Bensam Raje

A Novel Energy Efficient Ad hoc On-demand Multipath Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
pp. 2771-2789
T. Sivaraman and Dr. E. Karthikeyan

9.4GHz of Low Noise Amplifier Design Using Advanced Design System (ADS)
pp. 2791-2801
Fajri Darwis, Taufiqqurrachman, I Dewa Putu H and Deni Permana K

Effect Of Copper Alloy Elecro Deposition On Steel Substrate
pp. 2803-2807

Mitigation Of Nox Emission From Mango Seed Methyl Ester Fuelled Di Diesel Engine Using Antioxidant Additive

pp. 2809-2818
Velmurugan.K and Sathiyagnanam A.P

Oil and Gas Company as State Owned Enterprise’s Case Study: Perspectives of PT. PERTAMINA on Service Quality and ARENA Simulation Software
pp. 2835-2844
Khristian Edi Nugroho Soebandrija and Endah Nurdianti

Enterprise Risk Management and Case Study: Supply Chain Management of PT. Kakada Pratama
pp. 2845-2854
Khristian Edi Nugroho Soebandrija and Hendryvan

Analyzing factors leading to Construction Project Success Using Total Interpretive Structural Modeling

pp. 2855-2868

Sayali Sandbhor, Mugdha Kshirsagar, Snehpriya Choudhary, Anubhav Arora, Prlavya Katoch


QoS Aware Resource Provisioning in the Grid Environment by using BAT Algorithm

pp. 2869-2893

K. Nirmala devi and A.Tamilarasi


Synthesis And Characterization Of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles Against Dental Implant Associated Infections

pp. 2895-2908

Jayasree, KV, Neelakanndeswari, K, Elayarajah, B, Rajesh, R


Effective Job Scheduling in Grid Computing by Hybridization of Modified ABC and Intelligent Water Drops Algorithm

pp. 2909-2917

K. Sathyalakshmi and Dr. M.A.Maluk Mohamed


A Novel Steganographic Method Based On Vector Quantization Of Integer Lifting Wavelet Coefficients

pp. 2919-2932

R Sunder and P Eswaran


Experimental Investigations On A Residential Air Conditioner Working With R22 And R32/R125/R600a Mixture As An Alternative

pp. 2933-2951

N. Suguna Ramu, P.Senthilkumar, M.Mohanraj


Decision-Driven Classification And Prediction Of Brain Tumor

pp. 2953-2967

J Silviya Nancy, SP Chokkalingam


WRB Scheduling for Meta Brokers in Heterogeneous Grid Environment

pp. 2969-2979

Gokuldev. S  and Radhakrishnan. R


Descend Traversal Prioritization And Ascend Traversal Abstraction Based Data Anonymization Over Big Data
pp. 2979-2994
S.Nikkath Bushra and Dr.A.Chandrasekar

An Improved Adaptive Emergency Message Dissemination System For Vanets
pp. 2995-3007
J Jayavel, R Venkatesan, Herwin Praison

Framework For Fast And Efficient Way Of Retreiving Data In P2p Network Environment
pp. 3009-3018
Shanthosh Priyanka S, Preethi E, B S Praviya Bharathi, Thamarai Selvi V

Evaluating Classification Methods for Computed Tomography Medical Images
pp. 3019-3028
S.Valarmathy and Dr.N.Suthanthira Vanitha

A Service Oriented Agent-Based Workflow for Business Process Coordination
pp. 3029-3048
Tarini Prasad Panigrahy and Manas Ranjan Patra

An Extensive Review On Generations Of Growth In Telecommunication
pp. 3049-3060
S Swathi

A Breadth First Search Approach Of Domatic Number On Hypercube
pp. 3061-3068
A.Antony Mary

Haar Ranking Based Fuzzy Replacement Problem
pp. 3069-3079
S.Dhanasekar, S.Hariharan, P.Sekar

Voltage Stabilization Of Combined Electric Generator And Wind Mill Using Electric Spring
pp. 3081-3088
Merin Lizbeth George and Dr.C.N.Ravi

Transformerless Inverter using Unipolar Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation Technique for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power System
pp. 3089-3100
M.Kavitha and Dr.V.Sivachidambaranathan

DIBL Improvement in 65 nm Metal Gate Flash Memory Cell by Using Quantum Dots Floating Gate
pp. 3101-3110
RasikaDhavse, Neeraj Gupta, Chetna Sinha

Challenges in Positioning of a Brand through Advertisement with Special Reference to DTH Market
pp. 3111-3120
Dr. S. Vasantha

Hybridization Of Wind With Solar Using Cuk And Sepic Converters
pp. 3121-3131
Mrs.R.A.Priya, Dr.D.Dhanasekaran , Mr.S.Manikandan, Mr.R.Karthikeyan

Design Of A Fractional Order PID For A Three Tank System
pp. 3133-3148
GSSSSV.Krishna Mohan and K.Venkata Lakshmi Narayana

Improving the AGC Performance of an Interconnected Multiunit Hydro-Thermal Power System with Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage
pp. 3149-3160
Rinu Susan Roy and Aryanandiny B

Water Management: Studies Through The Reactant Flow Orientation And The Operating Condition In The Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell
pp. 3161-3173
V. Savithiri and G. Nagarajan

Speech Signals Filtering Using The Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Method And The Intrinsic Mode Functions Energy Assessment
pp. 3175-3185
Alimuradov Alan Kazanferovich

Intelligence Swarm Techniques Based Dynamic Subcarrier, Bit And Power Allocation For Of DMA-Based Relay Networks
pp. 3187-3208
S. Nagarani

Location-based Ranking Method (LBRM) for Ranking Serach Results in Search Engines
pp. 3209-3219
S.Geetha rani and Dr M. Sorana Mageswari

Robust Controller For Non-Linear Systems
pp. 3221-3232
S.M.Kamali, A.Shakila Banu

A Rational approach in Medical Data Mining for Breast Cancer Datasets Using Association Rule Mining
pp. 3233-3238
Dr. S. Rajalakshmi and Ms. R. Anitha

Code Security Using Control Flow Obfuscation With Opaque Predicate and Ms. R. Anitha
pp. 3239-3249
Mr. R. Senthilkumar and Dr. Arunkumar Thangavelu

Harmonic Reduction of Three-Phase Eleven-level DCMLI with Fuzzy MPPT for Grid Connected Photovoltaic System
pp. 3251-3268
A.Ravi, M .Valan Rajkumar , P.S.Manoharan

Optimality of Inventory Decisions in a Joint Two-Echelon Inventory System with and without Fuzzy Demand
pp. 3269-3281
Vineet Mittal, Dega Nagaraju and S. Narayanan

Power Optimization In SRAM For FPGA Routing Applications
pp. 3283-3293
Sundar Prakash Balaji M., Vijayan S

In-mould Gel Coating Under Flexible Moulding Techniques Using A Separator Fabric
pp. 3295-3299
Bharaneedharan Muralidharan, Dr. R. Narayanan and Dr. John summerscales

Optimization Of Ultrasonic Metal Welding Parameters For Copper Sheet To Copper Wire Joints And Numerical Analysis Of Ultrasonic Wire Bonding
pp. 3301-3310

Implementation of Digital Hologram Using Different Wavelenghts & Color Quick Response Codes For High Profile Security Application
pp. 3311-3320
Divya Prakash S, Sneha Sara Thomas

An Android Based Application for Alerting The Elder-Caregiver Monitoring Paradigm
pp. 3321-3328
Baron Sam B, Geo George, Ashokkumar K

A Comparative View of Micron Ceramic – Drinking Water Technology With A Actual Implemented Case Study
pp. 3329-3336

Dr Ganesh Narasimhan

A Statistical Methodology for Evaluating MLIR Systems: Web Service based Analysis
pp. 3337-3348

PFCM: Patch Wise Feature Comparison and Matching Method for Image Mining
pp. 3349-3364
S. Subashini, S. Appavu alias Balamurugan

Graphical Password Based Authentication for Mobile Devices
pp. 3365-3371
Dr. M.Kameswara Rao, C.V.Phaneendra kumar K.Haritha

Chemical Analysis on Scrap Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete
pp. 3373-3390
Assoc. Prof. Vasudev R, Prof. Dr. B G Vishnuram

Realization of OFDM Transceiver System and Paper Reduction Using Walsh Hadamard Transform
pp. 3391-3398
Neenu Joseph, Dr P Nirmal Kumar

Effect of Machining Parameters on EDM Process Responses: A Taguchi Based Approach For Al-Sic MMC
pp. 3399-3410
D. Veenaraja, V. Muthukumar, M. Dharmendhirakumar, R. Venkatasamy

Enhanced One-To-Many Data Linkage
pp. 3411-3416
E.Nagarajan and Rintu George

Corporate Governance : A Must In Every Indian Company
pp. 3417-3424

Alternative Charging Of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
pp. 3425-3430
G.Prabhakaran and P.Deepak

High Capacity Watermarking Technique for Medical Images Using Fibonacci Decomposition
pp. 3431-3437
N. H. Ghazali, Azizah Abd Manaf, G. Sulong

An Experimental Study of Cross Domain Sentiment Analysis
pp. 3439-3447
M.V.B.T. Santhi, Dr. D. Raja Sekhara Rao

Reliability Performance Comparison of Different Wavelet Transform Based Facial Image Retrieval Under Partially Occluded Faces
pp. 3449-3466
Madhavan.J, Porkumaran.K

Strategies For Evolving Concept Extraction Technique
pp. 3467-3478
Ezhilarasi. P, Iyem Perumal. A, Rajagopalan. S.P

Comparision of Hybrid Intelligent Techniques To Solve Unit Commitment Problem With Cooling-Banking Constraints

pp. 3479-3488

Dr. R Lal Raja Singh, R. Leena Rose


Privacy Protecting Secure and Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Manet

pp. 3489-3506

E.Ahila Devi, K.Chitra


Content Based Facial Image Retrieval Using Semantic Analysis

pp. 3507-3514

Manikandan K , Dr.Ilango Krishnamurthi , Thiripurasundari


Electronic Simulation of Genetic Interplay Between LRRK2, SNCA and BDNF Genes In Parkinson’s Disease

pp. 3515-3525

Nivedita Chaudhary, Yogender Aggarwal,Rakesh Kumar Sinha


Improving The Life Time of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Secure Source-Based Loose Synchronization (SOBAS)

pp. 3527-3536

Dr.S.Ananda Murugan, Mr.R.Deenadhayalan


A Novel Approach To Dynamic Voltage Restorer (Dvr) With Minimum Energy Injection In Distribution System

pp. 3537-3547

S.Arumugom, Dr.M.Rajaram


Harmonic Reduction Study in KY Boost and Single Phase AC Converter

pp. 3549-3558

M. Pushpavalli


BIECC- An Efficient Cryptographic Scheme for Authenticate False Data Injection Over Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 3557-3565

Sakthi Prabha


Optimization For Dissimilar Friction Stir Welding Parameters With Multiple Performance Characteristics By Weighting Method

pp. 3567-3578

S.Ravikumar, R.B.Barath, V.S. Achuth Chandrasekhar


Bidirectional DC–DC Converter By Using Solar Powered BLDC motor

pp. 3579-3592

Dr.S.A.Elankurisil, S.Kamal sakthi,M.Dinesh,N.Dhivya Devi


High-Voltage Gain Boost Converter for Battery Charging Using PV Panels

pp. 3591-3600

M.Kalpana, B.Prabakaran , C.Vivekanandan


Lightning Precautions and Guidelines To The Common Man In Developing Nations Like India

pp. 3601-3606

S.Selvi, .Dr.S.Rajapandian


DSP Based IPM Control For Induction Motor Using Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation

pp. 3607-3616

J. Komathi


Cellular Materials for Green Energy In Automotive Applications

pp. 3617-3625

Prabhu S, Bupesh Raja V K, Nikhil Rajan, Valarmathi


Tri-Material Gate Work Function Engineering of Gate-All-Around (Gaa) Nanowire Tunnel Field Effect Transistors: Scale Length Model

pp. 3627-3638

D.Saraswathi, Dr.N.B.Balamurugan, and G.Lakshmi Priya


An Resilent Audio & Image Watermarking Scheme Using DWT-DCT-SVD-DEO

pp. 3639-3648

S.Venkatesh and Dr.M.A. Dorairangaswamy


Fabrication of Rice Husk Gas Stove

pp. 3649-3658

Sivasaravanan.S, Harshavardhan.V, Krishnasagar.G,  Sreesh.P


Analysis of Efficient Character Matching Algorithm For Intrusion Detection In Wireless Body Area Network

pp. 3659-3666

D. Kaavya,J. Hemamalini

Experimental Analysis Of Frictional Behavior Of Piston Rings With Modified Profiles
pp. 3667-3684
Prof.P.Senthil kumar, ,Dr.J.S.Senthilkumaar, , and Dr.A.Selvaraj

Security Enhancement of Cloud Data Storage Using Modified Blowfish Algorithm
pp. 3685-3700
R. Kalaichelvi and Dr. L. Arockiam

A Scrutiny on Mobile Ad hoc Network With Unipath Routing Practice
pp. 3701-3709
D.Sujeetha lakshmi, Hemanth.S, R.T.Thivya lakshmi, N.Bindhu, M.Ramya and Vinayagam

Mobility Aware Group based Job Scheduling Algorithm for Mobile Grids
pp. 3711-3725
G.Saravanan and V.Gopalakrishanan

Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks with Heuristic Approach
pp. 3727-3742
Danee Joycee.C.S

Numerical Simulation Of Storm Water Drain For Ram Nagar South – Chennai - Tamil Nadu
pp. 3739-3751
K Muthulakshmi, Mr.A.Suresh

Indomitable Forensic Tools Of Computer Aided Investigative Environment (Caine) Linux
pp. 3753-3759
Talatam. Durga Rao, Vankayalapati. Sai Madhav, Konduri. Sai Ram Kiran

Design an Extended Proxy Cache Method for Controlling Peer-2-Peer Networks
pp. 3761-3771
S.Sivakumar and S.Anbu

Formulation of Clusters with Minimum Limitations Using Modified Algorithmic Techniques
pp. 3773-3782
K.Mohana Prasad and G.Charan Sai

Image Reconstruction from Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Based on the Design of Bi-orthogonal Wavelets Using Factorization of A Generalized Half-band Polynomial
pp. 3783-3794
Pramod M. Kanjalkar and Dr. M. Venu Gopal Rao

Hash Function Based Malicious Node Detection System
pp. 3795-3806
S. Shivkumar and Dr G. Umamaheswari

Studies on the Various Design and Manufacturing Parameters of Roller Shafts for Sugar Cane Mills Using FEA Technique
pp. 3807-3825
D.R.P.Rajarathnam and M. Jayaraman

Intense Explore Algorithm – A Proactive Way To Eliminate PUE Attacks In Cognitive Radio Networks
pp. 3827-3842
A.C.Sumathi and Dr.R.Vidhyapriya

ECBF:A Defence Mechanism for DDoS Attack in Cloud Using Enhanced Packet Filtering
pp. 3843-3855
Shynu P. G., Lakshmi Priya.S and Pavithra J

Vacation Decision Making Process Of Domestic Family Tourists
pp. 3857-3870
Prof.G.Saravana kumar and Dr.R.Krishnaraj

Experimental Study Of R134A And R404A With Poe Oil In Vapour Compression System Using Water Cooled Serpentine Condenser
pp. 3871-3888
K.Saravanan and Dr. R. Vijayan

An Improved Face Tracking Method In Wireless Sensor Networks For Effective Recognization Of Target Node
pp. 3889-3897
A.Kishore Kumar and Prof. M.Iyapparaja

Design And Implementation Of Efficient Modified Booth Recoder And Wallace Tree For The FAM Operator
pp. 3899-3907
I.Mary Sajin Sanju

Rainfall Pattern And Classification Of Districts In Tamilnadu Using Data Mining Techniques
pp. 3909-3922
G. Palanivel , Dr.P.Vaishnavi and Dr.K.Duraiswamy


Best Management Practices For Water Quality Improvement of Bertam River, Malaysia
pp. 3923-3935
Mahdieh Eisakhani, Md. Pauzi Abdullah, Othman Abd Karim, Amirhossein Malakahmad

Design of A Detection System for The Tracking of Physically Disabled Humans
pp. 3937-3945
J.Jai Ganesh, Subha Austalekhsmi.T.V , Krishna Moorthy.N.R

Dynamic Data Security Considerations In Multi-Cloud Storage
pp. 3947-3955
N. Anusha, Raveendrareddy Maram

Dynamic Performance Analysis of Vector Controlled Pv Powered Induction Motor Drive
pp. 3957-3966
Rameshkumar. N , Md. Zubair Rahman. A.M.J

Study on Advance Representation Method Using Four Dimensional Composition
Four Dimensional Recomposition of Jenck’s Architectural Tree Four Dimensional Recomposition of Jenck’s Architectural Tree Four Dimensional Recomposition of Jenck’s Architectural Tree
pp. 3967-3979
Firza Utama Sjarifudin

Engineering System in Implementing Building Installation Management Process
pp. 3981-3992
Nima Amani and Majid Hojjati

Performance Enhancement of Bldc Drives In Electric Vehicles By Using Fuzzy Gain Scheduling Pi Controller
pp. 3993-4006
Gunapriya.B, Sabrigiriraj.M, Pavithra.C.V, Vivekanandan. C

Glass Ceramics Based on Alkali Metal Niobates
pp. 4007-4010
I.A. Verbenko, L.A. Reznichenko, A.G. Abubakarov, L.A. Shilkina, S.I. Dudkina, A.A. Pavelko

An optimized Topology Control for MANETs using Kiefer-Wolfowitz Stochastic Approximation Algorithm
pp. 4011-4027
P.Ramya, V.Gopalakrishnan

Mitigating Inter-Cell and Inter-Tier Interference By Covariance Based Zero-Forcing Beamforming In Two-Tier Massive Mimosystem
pp. 4029-4041
MinsuKim , Woojae Kim , and Wonsik Yoon

Identification of Plasmodium Falciparum Development Phase in Malaria Infected Red Blood Cells using Adaptive Color Segmentation and Decision Tree based Classification
pp. 4043-4055
Adi Pamungkas, Kusworo Adi, Rahmat Gernowo

Denial of Service Attack : Real Vulnerabilities and Mitigation Techniques
pp. 4057-4067
Akshat Verma, Roopak Rajpal, Shubham Goel, Agilandeeswari L

Design of A Single Feed Dual Frequency Microstrip Antenna for GPS and IRNSS Applications
pp. 4068-4077
S.Murugan, E. S. HARSHITHA, V. Rajamani

An Efficient Lossless Image Compression Technique
pp. 4079-4088
B.M.S.Rani, M.Divya Sree, T.Ravi

Role of Estimation of Effective Reactive Power Compensation For Increasing Energy Efficiency In Industrial Distribution

pp. 4089-4098
K.Suresh and Dr. J. Devi Shree

Task Scheduling of Time Critical Projects Using Max Min Ant System Algorithm
pp. 4099-4110
Tamilarasi.M, Jayanthi.J

Solving Combined Economic Emission Dispatch With Valve Point Loading Problem Using Firefly Algorithm
pp. 4111-4121
C. N. Ravi and G. Selvakumar

Study of Fuel System Optimization For Achieving BS IV Norms In 1.5L Diesel Engine
pp. 4123-4130
R Ranjit, ,K.Arunkumar, ,Dr.M.Amala Justus Selvam, Ramakrishnan

Using Huno Algorithm Design Interleukin Database
pp. 4131-4140
N. Deepak Kumar, Dr.A.Ramamohan Reddy

Comparative Survey on Various Solar Battery Systems and Tracking Mechanisms
pp. 4141-4154
A.Nandhini, T.Elakkiya

Implementation of Risk-Aware Mitigation With Identification of Critical Node In A Wireless Multihop Mobile Ad Hoc Network
pp. 4155-4169
V.S. Suresh Kumar, Dr. K. Ravi Kumar

Convex- Hull Non-Negative Matrix Factorization (Chnmf) Based Tumor Clustering With Hybrid (Svm With Ica) Based Gene Selection
pp. 4171-4190
S.Praba, Dr.B.Srinivasan

Study on Surface Integrity of High Speed Turning of Inconel 718 Using Taguchi DOE Approach
pp. 4191-4200
Dr.M.Nataraj, M.Ramamoorthy, Dr. M.Pradeep Kumar

Scheduling In Cloud: Investigation of Existing Scheduling Algorithms
pp. 4201-4214
Sivakumar. M and Chitra. S

A Hereditary Disease Analyse Using Cluster Forming Method In Data Mining
pp. 4215-4227
B. Lakshmipathi and Dr. G. Kousalya

Designing Intelligent System Of Location Control In Turbojet Engine (MPM-20) With Using Fuzzy Logic
pp. 4229-4233
Amirhossein Pourtavasoli , Vahid Monfared, Saeed Daneshmand

Efficient Monitoring Of Network Using Hybrid Cross Regression Classification Algorithm (HCRCA) In Distributed System
pp. 4235-4248
I.Henry Alexander and Dr.R.Mallika

Emission Characteristics Of Homogeneous Charge Compression Engine (HCCI) By Decreasing The Compression Ratio
pp. 4249-4264
Mrs.K.R.Kavitha , Dr.S.Prakash ,  Mrs.P.Sivashankari

The Simulation and Analysis of RS4 and 3DES Algorithm for Data Encryption in RFID Credit Card
pp. 4265-4274
Rohit sharma and Dr. P.K. Singh

Multi-response Optimization of Cutting Parameters During End-milling of AA6101 T6 Aluminium Alloy Using Grey Relational Analysis
pp. 4275-4286
P. Jayaraman, L. Mahesh Kumar, V. Jayaseelan

Design And Performance Analysis Of Ultra Low Power Risc Processor Using Hybrid Drowsy Logic In CMOS Technologies
pp. 4287-4296

An Adaptive Multi Wavelet Transform For Medical Image Compression Using Adaptive Lifting Scheme
pp. 4297-4310
R.Sumalatha and M.V.Subramanyam

Swarm Based Optimal Data Storage Position Using Enhanced Bat Algorithm In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 4311-4328
R. Mohanasundaram and P. S. Periasamy

An Exploration Of Sturdiness Of Ant Colony Optimization Technique On Brain Tumor Image Segmentation
pp. 4329-4342
Dr.T.Logeswari and Dr. M.Duraisamy

Optimization Of A Cast Magnesium Alloy With Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites And Iron (Fe3O4)
pp. 4343-4361
Dr.R.Maguteeswaran, Dr. R.Sivasubramanian, Mr.V.Senthilraja

Anfis Based Speed Control Of BLDC Motor
pp. 4363-4372

Face Recognition Using Prominent LBP Model
pp. 4373-4384
V. Vijaya Kumar, K. Srinivasa Reddy, V. Venkata Krishna

Quipper Based Implementation Of Quantum Crypto Scheme
pp. 4385-4394
B.Raja, Dr. M.Anand and Dr.S.Ravi

Evaluation of Spatial Query Processing in Spatial Database
pp. 4395-4402
N. Anusha

A Measurement of Packet Losses in Input Queued Switch Scheduled by LLQ and WFQ
pp. 4403-4418
D.Raghupathikumar and Dr K.Bommanna Raja

Free Cooling Feasibility Of A Typical Commercial Building In Pune City, India
pp. 4419-4435
M. Thambiduraia, N. Krishnamohana, M. Rajagopalb R. Velraj

Optimal Location and Sizing of SSSC Controller Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
pp. 4437-4446
Sadhan Gope

Real Time Context Based Study On Various Attacks And Its Counter Measures In LAN & WLAN: A Review
pp. 4447-4456
Kamalanaban Ethala, R. Sheshadri and S.Sibi Chakkaravarthy

Impact Of Corporate Wellness Programmes On The Performance Of Employees In Information Technology Industry
pp. 4457-4462
John Britto M and Magesh. R

Security Improvement Using Oracle Database
pp. 4463-4470
Dr K Kiran Kumar, I Ramya Krishna and G Avinash Reddy

A Study of Saving and Investment Behaviour of Individual Households – An Empirical Evidence from Tamilnadu, India
pp. 4471-4485
R.Shenbagavalli, Dr.T.Ramachandran, Dr.V.M.Ponniah, S.Senthilkumar

Design Of Power Aware On Chip Embedded Memory Based FSM Encoding In FPGA
pp. 4487-4496
M.Jasmin, Dr T.Vigneshwaran, S.Beulah Hemalatha

Optimality Of Inventory Decisions In A Joint Two-Echelon Inventory System With And Without Fuzzy Demand
pp. 4497-4510
Vineet Mittal, Dega Nagaraju and S. Narayanan

State Feedback Control For A Bridgeless SEPIC PFC Converter
pp. 4511-4528
B. Geethalakshmi

Visualize Biological Database for Protein in Homosapiens using search Model
pp. 4529-4539
N.Deepak Kumar and A.Ramamohan Reddy

Paradigmatic Integration Of Wind Turbine Generators For A Real Time System
pp. 4541-4550

Performance Of Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine (HCCI) By Increasing The Compression Ratio
pp. 4551-4568
Mrs.P.Sivashankari, Dr.A.Krishnamoorthy, Mrs.K.R.Kavitha

Experimental Investigation On Optimum Possibility Of Replacing Cement By Redmud
pp. 4569-4577
D.Linora Metilda, Dr.C.Selvamony, R.Anandakumar and A. Seeni

Novel Memetic Algorithms for Flexible Manufacturing Systems
pp. 4589-4596
F. Choong, S. Phon-Amnuaisuk, M.Y. Alias

A new Method For Part Classification In Group Technology
pp. 4597-4602
M. Prabhu, P.Shanmughasundaram

Multi objective Multi Swarm PSO Based Feature Selection in Classification
pp. 4603-4618
M.Balasaraswathi, Dr.B.Kalpana

Applying Regression Technique On Environmental Data By WEKA
pp. 4619-4626
Vidyullatha Pellakuri, D. Rajeswara Rao, Lakshmi Narayana

Power Allocation for OFDM Based AF Cooperative Diversity Systems using Water Filling Algorithm in CRN
pp. 4627-4644
M.Bhuvaneswari, Dr.S.Srinivasa Rao Madane

Multi-criteria Decision Making Using Fuzzy Logic System for Optimized IDS
pp. 4645-4662
Syeda Gauhar Fatima, Dr. Syed Abdul Sattar, Dr. K Anitha Sheela

MSK: Session Based User Centric Light Weight Key Management Scheme for Secure Data Access Control in Wireless Broadcast Networks
pp. 4663-4674
Geetha, Dr.S.Sakthivel

Efficient Caching Techniques for Spatial Query Processing in Mobile Computing Environment
pp. 4675-4690
G.Kalaimani and Dr. B.G.Geetha

Identifying Functional Competencies Of Teaching-Faculty In Engineering College In Chennai
pp. 4691-4695
Mohanakumari, Magesh

Intelligent Street Lighting Concept with Maintenance
pp. 4697-4706
Haritha.C And Chandu.P.M.S.S

Optimization Of Multi Objective Fuzzy Integrated Inventory Model With Demand Dependent Unit Cost And Lead Time Constraints
pp. 4707-4721
Dr. K.Kalaiarasi, Emmanuel Rajarathnam

Determinants Of Customer Retention - A Comparative Analysis Of Organized And Traditional Retailers
pp. 4723-4740
ShyamalaDevi Balakrishnan and Ravilochanan Parthasarathy

Derivation Empirical Formula of Inductance Gradient of Rails for Circular Bore Geometry Using Regression Analysis Technique
pp. 4741-4750
R.Murugan, S.Poorani,

Scale Length Determination of Gate All Around (Regular Hexagonal Cross Section) Junctionless Transistor
pp. 4751-4759
Kaushik Chandra Deva Sarma, Santanu Sharma

Telemedicine Technology In Wireless Network
pp. 4761-4773
H. Lilly Beaulah, S.Sumathi R. Samson Ravindran

A Modified Differential Evolution Algorithm For Scheduling Of Software Project Problem
pp. 4775-4787
M. Kumaresan, Dr. S.Subramanian, Dr. P.Thangam

Simulation Of Three Tank System Using Hybrid Perti Net For Batch Process
pp. 4789-4801
B.Muthuraj, Dr.V.Mahesh and Dr. R.Senthil

Feature Fusion For Cervical Cancer Detection Using Colposcopic Images
pp. 4803-4810
Ramapraba P S, Dr Ranganathan H,

An Analysis Of Disease Characteristics Using Incremental Affinity Propogation Clustering In Cloud
pp. 4811-4819
B.Sambalaji, J.Rameshbabu, S.Anusuya

Optimal Power Flow Using Hybrid PSO-LRS Technique
pp. 4821-4834
K.Ezhil Vignesh, Dr. B.Dora Arul Selvi

Intelligent Tracking And Comparative Study on Incremental Conductance Based MPPT Algorithm with DC-DC Boost Converter Of Standalone PV System Fed DC Motor
pp. 4835-4847
Thulasiyammal.C and Sutha.S

Intelligent Video Surveillance System Using Background Subtraction Technique and its Analysis
pp. 4849-4863
M. Ramamoorthy, Dr. U. Sabura Banu

Area And Power Efficient Analysis In Various Types Of Adder
pp. 4865-4873
R.Dhayabarani, R.S.D.Wahida Banu

Maximize Network Lifetime Through Cluster Formation In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 4875-4884
V. M. Priyadharshini, Dr. V. M. Anitha Rajathi, G.Annapoorani

An Hybrid Motion Estimation Algorithm For Video Coding Standards
pp. 4885-4894
Vani Rajamanickam, Sangeetha Marikkannan, T. Rajavelu

A Comprehensive Review Of Composite Leaf Spring
pp. 4895-4905N.
Azhaguvel, S.Charles

Individualisation Of Specialised Training Source Environment
pp. 4907-4917
Andrey Yu. Nikiforov

Comparitive Performance Analysis On Adaptive Filters For Color Image Processing
pp. 4919-4928
Babitha.T and, Raja.S

A Characteristic Study Of High Performance Concrete With Silica Fume And M-Sand
pp. 4929-4938
T.Shanmugapriya, Dr. R.N.Uma, K. Sathish Raja, S.Kaveen

A Framework for Integrated Postnatal Care Services for Traditional Malay Medicine and Modern Medicine
pp. 4939-4947
Raja Rina Raja Ikram, MohdKhanapiAbdGhani

Detection Of The Fetal Abnormalities Using Binarization And Triangulation Based Approach
pp. 4949-4956
K. Vijay, Dr. R. Anitha

Noise Resistant Image Steganography using Iterated Truncated Mean Modulation in the Spatial Domain
pp. 4957-4972
A Nagalinga Rajan, P Eswaran

A Study on Proxy Caching Methods for Multimedia Streaming
pp. 4973-4990
Ponnusamy S. P

Review of Watermarking Techniques for Medical Images
pp. 4991-5003
N. H. Ghazali, Azizah Abd Manaf, G. Sulong

Monitoring And Control Of A Plc Based Vfd Fed Three Phase Induction Motor
pp. 5005-5014
D.N.S Ravi Kumar

Prevention of Shoulder Surfing Attack by Color Mapping Application
pp. 5015-5022
Mr. R.Balaji, Mr. L.Lakshmanan

Proton Exchange Membranes With Titanium Dioxide Prepared By Sulfonation Of Rubber
pp. 5023-5030
A. Realpe-Jiméneza, K. Barriosa, M. Acevedo-Morantes

Analysis of Zeta Converter with Fuzzy Logic Controller
pp. 5031-5039
P. Abirami, Dr. K.Vasanth

Effect of Injection Timing on Performance and Emission Analysis of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Fuelled with Dual Bio-Fuels
pp. 5041-5047
J.Senthil kumar, S.Mahalingam

Analysis Of Correlation Among User,Operator, And Operational System Of Bentor In Supporting Makassar Urban Area’s Mobility
pp. 5049-5061
Ahmad Yauri Yunus, Wihardi Tjaronge, Nur Ali dan Sakti Adji Adisasmita

A Review of Routing in Mobile Adhoc Netowrk and MACRO Approach for Load Balancing
pp. 5063-5071
S.Esthershalinrooth, V.Manopriya, J.RameshBabu, Dr.M.S.Saravanan

Drying Kinetics of Canola in Fluidised Bed Dryer
pp. 5073-5090
S. Uma Maheswari, R. Kumaresan, A.Janet

An Exhaustive Survey on Human Computer Interaction’s Past, Present and Future
pp. 5091-5105
Archanaa Rajendran, Vamsee Krishna Kiran, Shriram K Vasudevan, A Baskar

Implementation Of Isolated Full Bridge ZVS Pwm DC-DC Converter For High Voltage Application
pp. 5107-5116
V. Geetha

Reduction Of Accident Fatalities And Injuries In Frontal Collision Of A Passenger (Suv) Car Travelling At High Speed
pp. 5117-5124
T.Raja, Venkat Ramarao

Mesh Based NoC Implementation of Network Processor for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 5125-5135
Saraswathi Venugopal and Arokiasamy Arulanandasamy

Modeling And Analysis Of Disc Brake For Various Friction Materials
pp. 5137-5143
S.Yuvaraja, S.Stalin Wilfred Gunadoss

Road Accident Modeling In NH 47 (Salem - Coimbatore Stretch)
pp. 5145-5149
R. Murugesan, A. Guruvalakshmi, K.G.Devaki

Response Surface Methodology For Optimizing EDM Process Parameters In Machining Of Inconel X750 Using Copper Electrode
pp. 5151-5163
Sabareesaan Dr. R.Varahamoorthi Dr. Habeeb Al Ani and Dr. J.Jaya

Application Of Ultracapacitor, Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage System Integrated With UPFC To Improve Power Systems Stability
pp. 5165-5177
K. Saravanan, Dr. R. Anita

MPPT based Photovoltaic Connected to DVR and DSTATCOM using Multilevel Converter with Reduced Number of Switches
pp. 5179-5200
K Prasada Rao, Sukhdeo Sao

Implementing Cooperative Language Learning Strategies in Enhancing Writing Proficiency of the Undergraduate Engineering Students
pp. 5201-5225
M.Thenmozhi, Dr. Sarika Gupta Tyagi

A Qualitative Analysis on the Risk Determination and National Security
pp. 5227-5233
F. Anitha Florence Vinola, G. Padma

Performance Analysis Of Point Processing Techniques In Sonar Images
pp. 5235-5243
Anitha. U

An Efficient Optic Disc Segmentation Approach For Computerized Glaucoma Detection
pp. 5245-5255
N.Thulasi, Dr. K Thirunadana Sikamani

Analysis Of Different Wearable Textile Substrate Using Aperture Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna For ISM Band
pp. 5257-5269
P.Jothilakshmi, V. Ramkumar , J. Bharanitharan And M.Sai Srikar

Theoretical And Experimental Dynamic Analysis Of High Speed Mechanism Of A Switch Gear
pp. 5271-5283
J.Anjaneyulu, G.Venkata Rao, G.Krishnamohan Rao

Role Of Demographic Factors In Managing Poultry Business
pp. 5285-5293
Dr. S.C.Vetrivel, Dr. R.Somasundaram

Chaos Scrambling Based Image Transfer Over OFDM
pp. 5295-5300
A.Venkateswaran , M.Lenin, J.Shankar , N.R.Raajan

Rainfall Pattern And Classification Of Districts In Tamilnadu Using Data Mining Techniques
pp. 5301-5315
G. Palanivel , Dr.P.Vaishnavi And Dr.K.Duraiswamy

Study of Tsunami Warning Alert system on Coastal Region
pp. 5317-5329
Ilango Sivakumar, Sivagamasundari.R

Executing Object Oriented Metrics For Downsizing Pace Complexity Over Mutation Examination
pp. 5331-5337
Revathi P, Revathi S, Chandu P.M.S.S





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