International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 20  (2015)  





Miniaturization and Improvement of RFID Antenna by Using Metamaterials
pp 40761-40767
Lassaad Latrach, Seif Naoui and Ali Gharsallah

Design of Optimized Data Driven Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) using GA and ABC Algorithms to CSTR Plant
pp 40768-40774
K. Prabhu and V. MuraliBhaskaran

A Virtual Scaffold for Storage Multi-Tenant SaaS Data Models
pp 40775-40780
Nagarajan Balasubramanian and J. Suguna

A Security Protection Model for Process-Oriented Systems Using BPMN 2.0 and PCF Framework
pp 40781-40787
Sooksawaddee Nattawuttisit

The use of renewable energy sources for the introduction of construction projects in the Arctic regions
pp 40788-40790
Liubov A. Shilova, Andrey P. Pustovgar, Aleksey O. Adamtsevich and Dmitriy A. Solovyev

Performance study of a proposed hybrid desiccant based air conditioning system supported with solar heat for energy saving
pp 40791-40799
M. M. Bassuoni

About Magnetic Measurements and Plastic Deformation of The Ni3Al Single Crystal
pp 40800-40803
N. V. Kazantseva, N. I. Vinogradova, D. I. Davidov and P. B. Terent’ev

Level of Core Competencies and Educational Needs for Public Health Workers working for the Integrated Community Health Promotion Program at Public Health Center
pp 40804-40809
Eunok Park and Kyungja Kang

Flow Analysis of the Automotive Compressor ECV Solenoid Valve
pp 40810-40813
Seo Hyun Sang and HaengMuk Cho

Study Of A Process Of A Component Surface Layer Changes During Wire Electrical Discharge Machining
pp 40814-40823
Timur Rizovich Ablyaz, Krim Rvilevih Murtv and Aleksandr Valentinovich Zhurin

About Application of Unstructured Meshes in Discrete-Continual Finite Element Method of Structural Analysis
pp 40824-40829
Pavel A. Akimov and Oleg A. Negrozov

Using Bim Technologies At Key Stages Of Life Cycles Of Natural Light Emulation Systems As A New Qualitative Approach To Organization Of Indoors Lighting
pp 40830-40833
Bekker Yury Lvovich, Ulianov Roman Sergeevich, Zavialov Vladimir Andreevich and Shikolenko Ilia Andreevich

Model Of Innovative Development Of Regional Transport Infrastructure
pp 40834-40840
Nadezhda Nikolaevna Bulatova, Igor Stepanovich Korodyuk and Natalia Yurievna Sandakova

Experimental Study Of Wind And Snow Influence On The Unique Buildings And Facilities
pp 40841-40843
Pavel Churin and Julia Buslaeva

Improving The Sustainability Of The Span Of The Bridge, By Changing The Structure Of The Wind Flow Around It
pp 40844-40845
Fedosova Anastasia Nikolaevna

Structure Of Intelligent Control System Of Auger Vacuum Extruder For Ceramic Bricks' Manufacturing
pp 40846-40852
Stanislav Yakovlevich Galitskov, Maxim Aleksandrovich Nazarov and Konstantin Stanislavovich Galitskov

Mechanics Of Shape Distortion Localization Upon Upsetting
pp 40853-40860
Ganiy Akhmet, Nikolai Soimin and Ping Hu

Laser Quenching Of Axial Bearings In Submersible Multistage Pumps Made Of Steel-Brass Pseudo-Alloy
pp 40861-40868
Viktor Gilev, Evgeniy Morozov, Almaz Khanov and Timur Ablyaz

Technology for Enhancing Safety of Buildings and Constructions
pp 40869-40872
Ginzburg Alexander and Kachanov Sergei

Algorithm Of Critical Conditions Detection At 24-Hour Monitoring With A Multifunctional Portable Device
pp 40873-40881
Alexey Valerievich Ilyin, Arkadiy Pavlovich Kuleshov and Anastasia Valerievna Poteryakhina

The Influence Of The Heating And Aerodynamic Modes Of The Ventilation System Operation On Energy Efficiency Of The Demand Controlled Ventilation Systems
pp 40882-40887
Lidiya Vasilievna Ivanihina, Sergey Fedorovich Serov, Vladimir Vladimirovich Efremov, Dmitry Vladimirovich Kapko and Alexander Alexandrovich Naumov

Setting Priorities In The Traffic Structure Development
pp 40888-40892
Leonid Vladimirovich Kievskiy and Ilya Leonidovich Kievskiy

Information And Mapping Technologies As A Tool For Analysis Of City Development Programs
pp 40893-40898
Ilya Leonidovich Kievskiy and Leonid Vladimirovich Kievskiy

Alternating Metal Magnetization Method for Diagnostics of Heating Pipelines
pp 40899-40907
Yury Leonidovich Kolesnikov, Anastasiia Sergeevna Ptitcyna, Olga Vladimirovna Baranova, Dmitry Evgenevich Avilov and Mikhail Evgenievich Fedosovsky

Nanotechnogenic Raw Materials For The Production Of The Construction Materials
pp 40908-40913
Sofia Fedorovna Korenkova and Yulia Viktorovna Sidorenko

Complex Calculation Of The Flight Technical Characteristics Of A Descent Space Vehicle
pp 40914-40922
Dmitriy Vyacheslavovich Smirnov

Digital System Of Measuring The Signals Of The “Electric Circuits” Experimental Stand
pp 40923-40930
Vladimir Ivanovich Koroteyev, Vitaly Vitalievich Florentsev, Ilya Igorevich Rodko and Igor Andreevich Yudin

Interaction Of The Planetary Robots Collectives At Orientation To The Object Of Interest
pp 40931-40938
Yuri Stanislavovich Bekhtin, Valery Dmitrievich Ivchenko, Petr Germanovich Krug, Maxim Vyacheslavovich Kurakov and Sergey Aleksandrovich Pavelyev

Asymmetric Gas Transport: Composite Porous Ceramic Membranes
pp 40939-40945
M. Kurchatov, N. I. Laguntsov, V. I. Uvarov and O. V. Kurchatova

Organizational And Technologic Potential Of Setting Of Enclosing Structures For Residential Buildings
pp 40946-40949
Azariy Abramovich Lapidus and Petr Anatol'yevich Govorukha

Comparative Analysis Of The Reserves And Estimated Resources Classification Of Solid Minerals Of State Committee Of Reserves And The JORC Code
pp 40950-40955
Olga Jurjevna Lepikhina and Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Pravdina

Potential of Microarc Oxidation for Implementation of Dry Friction and Boundary Lubrication Modes in Free-piston Internal Combustion Engines
pp 40956-40964
Leonid Lesnevskiy, Maxim Lyahovetskiy, Alexander Troshin and Nikolay Khripach

The Development Of The Routing Pattern Of The Backbone Data Transmission Network For The Automation Of The Krasnoyarsk Railway
pp 40965-40975
Sergey Viktorovich Makarov, Omurbek Anarbekovich Anarbekov and Faridun Mirzosharifovich Abdulnazarov

Forecasting Production Output Of JSC RG BRANDS On The Basis Of The Econometric Modeling
pp 40976-40982
Aimzhan Tulegenovna Makulova, Zhadyra Sailaubekovna Mukhametzhanova, Zhanar Sailaubekovna Mukhametzhanova, Gaukhar Kaldanovna Zhanibekova, Kenzhegul Kalmuratovna and Aizhan Zhildikbayeva

Preparation Of The Global Elevation Models For Creating Watersheds On The Lowland Territories
pp 40983-40987
Oleg PetrovichYermolaev and Kirill Alexandrovich Maltsev

A Complex Approach To The Improvement Of Energy-Efficiency Of Construction Projects
pp 40988-40990
Andrey Petrovich Pustovgar, Liubov Andreevna Shilova and Aleksey Olegovich Adamtsevich

Formation Of The System Of Indicators To Assess The Impact Of Energy Efficiency On The Innovative Development Of The Enterprise
pp 40991-40997
Melnik A.N, Lukishina L.V and Sadriev A.R

Practical Guidelines Development For Use Of Light-Emitting Diodes For Lighting Of Public Buildings
pp 40998-41003
Svetlana Anatolyevna Amelkina, Lyudmila Vasilievna Sinitsyna, Olga Evgenyevna Zheleznikova and Svetlana Anatolyevna Mikaeva

Design Principles And Classification Of The Adjustable Electronic Loads Of Electrical Power Systems Of Spacecrafts
pp 41004-41010
Aleksandr Sergeevich Fedchenko, Dmitriy Konstantinovich Lobanov and Enis Avrumovich Mizrah

Upon The Issue About The Textile And Clothing Industry Development In PRC
pp 41011-41017
L. N. Nikitina, S. A. Motuz and Z. Yuan

Models Of Inventory Management At The Enterprises Of The Maintenance Of The Road Construction Equipment
pp 41018-41024
Andrey Borisovich Nikolaev, Dmitry Vladimirovich Zaitsev, Victor Yurevich Stroganov, Boris Vladislavovich Sakun and Leonid Adamovich Khvoinskiy

Statistical Aspects Of Imitation Modeling Of Conventional Nonstationary Processes
pp 41025-41031
Andrey Borisovich Nikolaev, Zaitsev Dmitriy Vladimirovich, Sergey Nikolayevich Satishev, Victor Yurevich Stroganov and Boris Vladislavovich Sakun

Construction Of An Object Design Element From The Perspective Of Utility
pp 41032-41037
Lyazat Tuleuvna Nurkusheva, Zhanerke Askhatovna Imanbaeva and Oksana Olegovna Karpechenko

Main Directions Of The Reproduction Of The Life Cycles Of A Post-Soviet Machine-Building Enterprise
pp 41038-41045
David Borisovich Odlis, Mihail Nikolaevich Rudakov and Ilya Romanovich Shegelman

Factors Affecting The Efficiency Of Low-Temperature Distillation
pp 41046-41050
Pavel Sergeevich Prokofyev and Valeriy Mikhailovich Tarabanov

A Complex Approach To The Improvement Of Energy-Efficiency Of Construction Projects
pp 41051-41053
Pustovgar Andrey Petrovich, Shilova Liubov Andreevna, Adamtsevich Aleksey Olegovich and Shilov Leonid Andreevich

The Analysis Of Specialization And Concentration Of The Types Of Economic Activity In The Territories (As Exemplified By Municipalities Of The Primorye Territory)
pp 41054-41059
Matvey T. Romanov and Olesya S. Kornienko

Energy Efficiency Positioning In The System Of Innovative Development Of An Enterprise
pp 41060-41065
Azat Rafailovich Sadriev, Valentina Mikhailovna Nasrtdinova and Aleksandr Nikolaevich Melnik

Evolution Of Innovative Approaches To Improving The Energy Efficiency In Power Generation, Transmission And Consumption
pp 41066-41071
Azat Rafailovich Sadriev, Tatiana Yurevna Anisimova, Olga Nikolaevna Mustafina and Lyudmila Vladimirovna Lukishina

Development Of Region’s Transport Infrastructure Under Purpose-Driven Changes Of Economic Space
pp 41072-41078
Natalia Yurievna Sandakova and Victor Georgievich Belomestnov

Economic And Energy Approach To Innovational Development Of Transport Infrastructure
pp 41079-41085
Natalia Yurievna Sandakova and Victor Georgievich Belomestnov

Substantiation Of The Size Of The Absolute Rent And Keeping Its Impact On The Management Methods Of Agricultural Sector
pp 41086-41090
Grigory Mikhailovich Semyashkin and Efim Grigorievich Semyashkin


Conceptual Model Of Process Formalization For The Analysis Of Architectural Heritage Monuments
pp 41091-41093
Victoria V. Pishchulina and Alexey I. Koshevoy

Cogeneration: How It Works
pp 41094-41100
Pavel Sergeevich Prokofyev and Valeriy Mikhailovich Tarabanov

Selecting The Location For Installation Of A Co2 Sensor For An Operating Office Ventilation System
pp 41091-41097
Sergey Fedorovich Serov, Dmitry Vladimirovich Kapko, Vladimir Vladimirovich Efremov, Georgi Vasilievich Esaulov and Marianna Mihailovna Brodach

Research Of The Impact Of Injection Pressure 2000 Bar And More On Diesel Engine Parameters
pp 41098-41102
Mikhail G. Shatrov, Leonid N. Golubkov, Andrey U. Dunin, Andrey L. Yakovenko and Pavel V. Dushkin

Plasma Surfacing Of High-Alloy Steel 10cr18ni8ti On Low-Alloy Steel 09mg2si
pp 41103-41109
Yury Dmitrievich Shitsyn, Dmitry Sergeevich Belinin and Sergey Dmitrievich Neulybin

Methods Of Piecewise Continuous Control For Spacecraft With Solid-Fueled Engine At The Boost Phase
pp 41110-41120
Dmitriy Vyacheslavovich Smirnov and Aleksey Igorevich Alatortsev

Use Of Acoustoelasticity Effect With Application Of Laser Sources Of The Ultrasound For Control Of The Stress State Of Railbars Of The Continuous Welded Rails
pp 41121-41128
Oleg Aleksandrovich Suslov, Aleksandr Anatolievich Novikov, Aleksandr Alekseevich Karabutov, Nataliya Borisovna Podymova and Varvara Arkadievna Simonova

Fuel Economy in Light Vehicles in Winter by Optimizing the Warm-up Mode
pp 41129-41135
Nikolay Stepanovich Zakharov, Irina Mikhailovna Titla, Aleksandr Vladimirovich Maniashin, Viacheslav Anatolyevich Tiulkin and Georgy Valeryevich Abakumov

Design Principles Of Space Power System Primary Energy Sources Simulators
pp 41136-41142
Enis Avrumovich Mizrah, Stepan Borisovich Tkachev, Nikolay Vladimirovich Shtabel and Daniil Nikolayevich Poymanov

The Introduction Of Quality Management System In The Russian Higher Education: Problems And Prospect
pp 41143-41149
Svetlana Evgenyevna Turkulets, Evgenia Vyacheslavovna Listopadova, Aleksei Vladimirovich Turkuletc, Ruslan Ivanovich Bazhenov and Svetlana Vasilyevna Dimitrova

The Development And Use Of Diagnostic Systems And Estimation Of Residual Life In Industrial Electrical Equipment
pp 41150-41155
Zhukovsky Yury Leonidovich and Vasiliev Bogdan Urievich

Managing To Provide The Building Industry Of A Megalopolis With Material Resources On The Basis Of Balance Method
pp 41156-41163
Natalia Grigorevna Verstina, Tatiana Nikolaevna Kisel, Natalia Nikolaevna Taskaeva, Elena Mihailovna Akimova and Anastasia Viktorovna Fedosina

Methodical Aspects of the Decision-Making within the Working Capital Management at the Enterprises of the Construction Materials Industry
pp 41164-41171
Natal?a Grigorievna Verstina, Elena Vladimirovna Khokhlova and Rinat Almazovich Khusnutdinov

Formation Of Management System For Sustainable Development Of Enterprices In The Various Industries
pp 41172-41177
Mikhail Yakovlevich Veselovsky, Julia Vladimirovna Gnezdova, Margarita Arkadevna Menshikova, Marina Alekseevna Izmailova and Julia Alexandrovna Romanova

The Basin Approach And Mapping To The Anthropogenic Impact Assessment On The East Of The Russian Plain
pp 41178-41184
Oleg PetrovichYermolaev, Bulat Mansurovich Usmanov and Svetlana Sayasovna Muharamova

Innovations in the Financial Management System of Oil and Gas Industry
pp 41185-41189
Arthur Mazhitovich Ziyatdinov

Analysis Of Equipment By Kinematic Characteristics For Finishing Precision Surfaces
pp 41190-41200
Khanov Almaz Mullayanovich, Gashev Evgeny Anatolevich, Muratov Karim Ravilevich, Ablyaz Timur Rizovich

Position Control of Stepping Motors Using Artificial Neural Networks
pp 41201-41204
R. Jenin Prabhu, S.C. Vijayakumar, M.Karthikeyan and R.Niranjan kumar

Optimal Location Of Discrete Heat Sources On And Inside A Wall With Natural Convection
pp 41205-41211
P. Anu Nair, Aby. k. Abraham, S. Premjith and S. Sreekanth

Lightning Stroke Flashover Detection Algorithm Based on Mother Function
pp 41212-41216
J. Morales G and G. Guidi

Insulator String Deterministic Sensitivity Analysis Considering Pole Footing Resistance Ionization
pp 41217-41220
J. Morales G, I. Cueva and P. Ramón and R. Cabral

Quality Assessment of Tone-Mapped Images
pp 41221-41224
K. Sunitha and G. SateeshKumar

An Efficient Black Hole Attack Detection And Prevention Technique Based On Trust In Manet
pp 41225-41232
K. P. Manikandan, R. Satyaprasad and K. Rajasekhararao

Improving Air Quality Management Using Fuzzy Controlled Radial Basis With Resonance Theoretic Neural Networks
pp 41233-41238
S.Sagayaraj and N. Vetrivelan

Multi-Spectral Land Sat Images To Study Desertification Temporal Changes In Sagzee Desert, Iran
pp 41239-41242
Maryam Marani Barzani and Khairulmaini Osman Salleh

Application of RS & GIS in Estimation of Sub-Basin Runoff Potential using HEC-HMS
pp 41243-41248
Ishtiyaq Ahmad and M.K. Verma

Optimal Power Flow with SVC to Overcome Contingency in Power Systems
pp 41249-41253
Mohammad Rafee Shaik and A. Srinivasula Reddy

EEG Alpha Wave Analysis of Visual Arts Major and Non-major Groups for Contrasting Visual Stimulations
pp 41254-41258
Kwang-Ju Kima, Yunja Choib, Kyoung-yong Leec, Naesun Leec, Cheol-Sung Sond and Doo-Hyun Choi

A Design and Implementation of Hybrid Controller for 3 Phase to 3 Phase Power Conversion using Matrix Converter
pp 41259-41266
B. Muthuvel, T. S. Anandhi, K. Ramash kumar and M.Janani raj

A Review Paper In Steganography Method that Using Message Integrity Techniques
pp 41267-41270
Mohammed Salem Atoum and Ahmad Khader Habboush

Thermal Simulations of a Journal bearing using ANSYS
pp 41271-41278
Peeyush Vats and B.C. Sharma

Design Solution for Highly Fire Loaded Mall Buildings
pp 41279-41283
Lilly Grace Murali. P and R. Padmapriya

Socio-economic Differentials in Fertility Transition
pp 41284-41289
Samsik Lee and Hyojin Choi

Secure Data Transmission In CLOUD Using Code Verification
pp 41290-41293
Vijyendra Karpatne and A. Rengarajan

About Confusion Among Products And Manufacturers
pp 41294-41302
Nicola Cappetti, Michele Perrella and Alfonso G. Salvati

Laboratory Analysis for the Performance of Anchor Footing in Non Swelling Soil
pp 41303-41306
A. K. Agarwal, Shahi Shanker and P. B. Kulkarni

Analysis Of Accidents On National Highway-18 Passing Through Kurnool District, Andhrapradesh (During Construction Phase)
pp 41307-41316
B. Naga Kiran, N. Kumara Swamy and C. Sashidhar

Utilization of Nylon Fiber and Synthetic Bag Pieces in Stabilization of Expansive Soil
pp 41317-41321
A. K. Agarwal, V. Rajurkar and P. Mokadam

Study of Organization’s Life Cycle to Unearth Determinants to ameliorate Decline Stage using MATLAB Programming
pp 41322-41325
Pankaj Aswal, Manish Kumar, Vikas Verma and Anand Chauhan

Estimation of Pitzer Parameters for Aqueous salts equilibrium. Ternary system with a common ion. Al (NO3)3-Zn (NO3)2-H2O
pp 41326-41328
A.Jouaiti, B. Mekkaoui, M. Boulghallat, A. Barroug and L. Lâallam

Effect of condenser water flow rate on COP of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System
pp 41329-41331
Akash Kumar Modi, Dishant Lodha, Shikhar Gupta and M. Senthil Kumar

Robust Text Hiding Steganography in Color Images
pp 41332-41336
P. S. Shenbagaraja, V. Rajendran, T. Purusothaman and G. Sivagurunathan

Robustness Analysis of Predictive Controller for Boiler Turbine Process under Model Perturbation
pp 41337-41339
Sandeep Kumar Sunori, Shweta Shree, Renu Bisht and Pradeep Kumar Juneja

Experimental Study on the Effect of Rise on Shallow Funicular Concrete Shells over Square Ground Plan
pp 41340-41345
P. Sachithanantham, S. Sankaran and S. Elavenil

English Language Teaching through Bilingual Method for engineering students with reference to Indian context
pp 41346-41349
P. Santhosh and K. Meenakshi

A Variable Cache Set Architecture
pp 41350-41352
S. Subha

PBR: Perspective Based Ranking of Selected State IT Policy Documents in India using AHP
pp 41353-41356
Rahul Raghvendra Joshi, Kalyani Dhananjay Kadam, Maya Shelke and Vrashali Deshmukh - Joshi

Robust And Efficient Driver Monitoring System Using A Synthesis Of Facial Features And Biosignals
pp 41357-41361
S. P. Predeep Kumar and E. Babu Raj


Physical, Structural and Optical properties of Iron doped Bismuth Silicate Glass Ceramics

pp 41362-41370

Rajesh Parmar

A Review on Performance Characteristics of Heat Exchangers using Nanofluids
pp 41371-41376
Subhasisa Rath and Sikata Samantaray

Improving The Leg Movement In Locomotion Hexapod Robot For Industrial Automation
pp 41377-41387
S.Senthilkumar and P.Suresh

Analysis of Detection Mechanisms of Micro aneurysms in Retinal Images
pp 41388-41393
G. Srinivasa Rao and Y.Srinivasa Rao

Improvement in Time-Bandwidth Product in Pulse Compression with Chebyshev Polynomials of Fourth-Kind
pp 41394-41399
Salman Raju Talluri and Prabhat Thakur

EMD based Fuzzy C-Means clustering algorithm for medical image segmentation
pp 41400-41405
B. Srinivasa Rao and E. Srinivasa Reddy

The Correlation between Sand Media Thickness and Density of Typha angustifolia L with Pb Level Segregation from Leachate Landfill Overflow Pollutant on Constructed Wetland
pp 41406-41412
S. Nuradji, S. Anggoro, H. R. Abdurahim and B. Hendrarto

Energy Efficient VLSI Architecture for Image Enhancement Application
pp 41413-41418
Narendra C. P and K.M. Ravi Kumar

Performance Improvement of Hybrid Cognitive Radio Networks with MIMO
pp 41419-41423
Satheesan U and Sudha T

Analytical Investigation on Solidification of Ice Storage in a Rectangular Capsule with different Temperature Profiles
pp 41424-41430
P. Bhargavi, Radha Gupta and Rama Narasimha

Critical Parts Retrieval And Profit Maximization For Medical Sustainability Using Design For Disassembly And Modularity
pp 41431-41443
Tzu-Liang (Bill) Tseng, Karthik Varma M Koppella and Yongjin (James) Kwon

Investigating University-Industry Partnership of Higher Engineering Education Using Cause-Effect Analysis and Multi-Criteria Decision Making: A Malaysian Perspective
pp 41444-41450
Sivajothi Paramasivam, John Kian Tan and Kanesan Muthusamy

Comparative Analysis Of Voltage Source Inverter Using Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation And Third Harmonic Injection Method For Different Levels And Loads
pp 41451-41457
Sandeep Ojha and Ashok Kumar Pandey

Vibration Estimation, Assessment and Prognosis in Electrical Machines
pp 41458-41463
C. N. Gnanaprakasam and K. Chitra

Analysis of Memristors with and without Temperature Effects
pp 41464-41470
A.Haritha, Y. Bhavani Prasad, M. Kamaraju and T. Venkata Lakshmi

Recognizing The Moving Vehicle While Driving On Indian Roads
pp 41471-41477
S.Karthiprem, S.Selvarajan and S.Sankar

Enhanced Performance of Wireless Sensor Networks using Smart Mobile Agents
pp 41478-41482
A. Vijayalakshmi and T. G. Palanivelu

Power optimized CODEC for DSRC applications
pp 41483-41489
A. Venkateswararao, N. Sambamurthy and M. Kamaraju

Simulation of Hybrid Renewable Recharging Mechanism for Full Electric Vehicle
pp 41490-41501
C. Chellaswamy and R. Ramesh

Decremental Transmit Antenna Selection Based on Channel Scaling in Spatial Multiplexing UWB Communication Systems
pp 41502-41507
Sangchoon Kim

Authentication Based on Finger Vein Recognition Using Neuro-Fuzzy Technique
pp 41508-41512
Ramaprabha R and Vasantha Kalyani David

Noise Level Estimation and Mixed Noise Reduction Using Threshold Based DWT for MRI Images
pp 41513-41520
S. Shajun Nisha and S. Kother Mohideen

An Optimization Fuzzy Economic Order Quantity Model with discount and Partial Backordering
pp 41521-41526
B.Bharani and A.Praveen prakash

A Comparative Study of Various Protocols and their Enhancements in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 41527-41531
Mano Shalini. S and M. Shivakumar

Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Tube Using Rectangular Strip Inserts
pp 41532-41545
K. Swathi and P. Srihari

Visual Merchandising: Effects of store image and store design on the female consumer decision process
pp 41546-41550
Shabana K A and S Radha

Missing Sensor detection and restoration for a Repetitive controlled DVR
pp 41551-41554
Rashmi Kapoor and M. Sushama

Opinion Mining Approaches-An Analysis
pp 41555-41559
V.Rajarajeswari, E. Ilavarasan and V.Uma

Comparison Analysis For Different Types Of Web Usage Mining Techniques
pp 41560-51565
Anupama Prasanth and R. Gunasundari

Design and Development of Hybrid Hydro Tyres
pp 41566-41569


Intelligent Multiple Vehicular Detection and Tracking Using Haar and Filtering Techniques in Dynamic Environment with Occlusion Handling and Collision Avoidance
pp 41570-41574
D. Sudha and Priyadarshini J


Failure Analysis of 1/4" Ø Stainless Steel Tubing Control Line in an Offshore Oil-well

pp 41575-41582

Nazim Mohamed, Frank Byron and Clément Imbert

Production, Testing and Microstructural Investigation on Fly ash Reinforced Aluminium Alloy Matrix Composite
pp 41583-41590
Shivaprakash Y.M, Gurumurthy B.M, S.S. Sharma, Jayashree P.K and Gowrishankar M.C

Performance Enhancement of Isolated Soft Switching Interleaved Boost converter using different MPPT algorithm
pp 41591-41599
Chenthil vel. B, Parthasarathy.S and A.Ramesh Babu

Experimental Study On Thermal Efficiency Of Flat Plate Solar Collector Using Water, Ethylene Glycol And Sic Nanopowder
pp 41600-41607
M. Deepthi, M.V. Ramana and K. Mohan Lakshmi

A Comprehensive Analysis of Routing Protocols for Diverse Vehicular Models
pp 41608-41614
A. M. Mohamed Rabik B. and K. Balasubadra

ARM based Cost-Effective and Real-time exertion of Internet empowered Platform Avenue over smart devices
pp 41615-41622
Kavitha Patcha and K.Vijaya Vardhan

Cross-Layer based Fair Resource Allocation for MANET
pp 41623-41628
Narayanan.S, and Rani Thottungal

A Study About User Perception Towards Social Media Marketing
pp 41629-41635
Suresh v, K. Maran, V. M. Ponniah and R. Seetharaman

Necessity Of Wavelet Transform And Its Applications: A Study
pp 41636-41639
R. Raghavan and K. John Singh


Influence of Aluminum and mild steel on the Punch Force in sheet metal forming processes by using tandem dies
pp 41640-41642
C. N. Ashok Kumar

A Pioneering Approach For The Prognosis Of Cancer From Micro Array Data Using Bi-Bpca And Id3 Algorithm

pp 41643-41649

M. Sangeetha, N. K. Karthikeyan and P. Tamijeselvy


Hepatitis B Disease Diagnosis Using Meta-Cognitive Neural Network And Extreme Learning Machine

pp 41650-41654

Madhuvathani.R, and Jeevitha.R


A Qualifying Approach for Multicast Opportunistic Data Forwarding in MANET

pp 41655-41660

K.B.Gurumoorthy and A.Nirmal Kumar


Video Mosaic Image Creation For Secure Secret Image Transmission

pp 41661-41664

Deepan. S, Ganesan. R, Ilangovan. G and SurryaPrakash.D


Congestion Management In Deregulated Environment Using Generation Rescheduling With An Intelligent Approach

pp 41665-41668

R.Rajesh, A.Mutharasan, T.Rameshkumar and B.Senthilkumaran


Certain Investigation on the Analysis of Low Power Double Tail Comparator in 180μm Technology

pp 41669-41673

N. Deepak, and R. Bharani Kumar


A Multi Relational Fuzzy Classifier For Health Care System

pp 41674-41680

M.Thangaraj and C.R.Vijayalakshmi


Parametric Study of Double Point Cutting Tool on Chip-Tool Interface Temperature during Turning of Aluminum Bar

pp 41681-41684

S. Vanangamudi and M. Pradeep Kumar


Fabrication and Impact of chills on the Strength of Chilled aluminum alloy-borosilicate glass particulate composite

pp 41685-41688

Anupama Hiremath and Joel Hemanth


Experimental Investigation Of Frictional Loss Estimation In A Square Channel Using Delta Wing Vortex Generators

pp 41689-41698

Anandkumar S Malipatil, Vadiraj V. Katti and PraveenKumara B.M


Design and Implementation of Multi-Precision Floating Point Arithmetic Unit on FPGA

pp 41699-41704

N.RamyaRani, V.Subbiah and L.Sivakumar


Experimental study of energy harvester by considering fatigue property of PZT-5H disc

pp 41705-41709

K. Viswanath Allamraju


Denial-of service attack detection based on effective IP-trace back mechanism

pp 41710-41713

Kandru Nischel, Kurapati Yuva Pavan, Phalguna Tejaswi Bhamidipati and Krishna Kanth Tammana


Jamming Detection at Base-Station for Wireless Networks using Jamming Index

pp 41714-41716

Kandru Nischel, Kurapati Yuva Pavan, Phalguna Tejaswi Bhamidipati and Krishna Kanth Tammana


Prediction of Faults and dynamic re-routing in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)

pp 41717-41720

Kandru Nischel, Kurapati Yuva Pavan and Krishna Kanth Tammana







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