International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 22  (2015)  





A new approach to the simulation of the rods in the strength analysis of the structures by the finite element method
pp 42804-42809
Agapov Vladimir Pavlovich

Optimization of Latency for Color Interpolation Processor
pp 42810-42814
T.Nistchala, M. Kamaraju and T.Venkata Lakshmi

Copyright Protection for Digital Colour Images in RGB Planes using Improved DWT-DCT-SVD Algorithm
pp 42815-42821
Lakshmi Priya. A and S. Letitia

Performance Analysis of PI and Fuzzy Logic Controllers of Shunt Active Power Filter for Harmonic Suppression
pp 42822-42832
G. Malathi and T. Venkatesan

Vortex Shedding From a Circular Cylinder According to the Mesh-Free Vortex Method
pp 42833-42838
Amirreza Mohammadian, Souresh Akella and A. M. K Prasad

Compression and Construction of Optimal IP Routing Using Optimal Route Table Construction Algorithm
pp 42839-42845
Rupa Madhuri Pattanaik, J. Chandrakanta Badajena, Chinmayee Rout and Shatabdinalini

Deduction of orphans and suitable parent candidates using Statistical Modelling
pp 42846-42850
J.Naren, Nikilav P V, Anuraag Vikram Kate and Achyuth Mohan

Laminar Flame Burning Velocity of Fuels/Air Mixture at Different Pressure, Temperature and Equivalence Ratio
pp 42851-42857
S. Brusca, R. Lanzafame, A. Marino Cugno Garrano and M. Messina

Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Video Enhancement using Modified Adaptive Gamma Correction Method
pp 42858-42863
N. Sudha, N. Santhiyakumari and N. Santhiyakumari

Skewed Data: State-of-the-Art and Research Directions
pp 42864-42868
Prakash Chandra Jena, Susree Sudesna Ashe and Subhendu kumar Pani

Efficient and Secure Data Transmission using Steganography Technique
pp 42869-42872
Basant Sah and V. K Jha

Robust Partition Based Classification Technique for Network Intrusion Detection
pp 42873-42876
P. Sita Rama Murty, R. Kiran Kumar and M. Sailaja

A Steganographic Method Based on Modified Pixel-Value Differencing
pp 42877-42880
Azhar Ahmad Jaini and Ghazali Sulong

On Hydromagnetic Channel Flow Of A Rotating Oldroyd-B Fluid Induced By Tooth Pulses
pp 42881-42891
Sanchita Ghosh

Design of the wearable complex hardware for the photoplethysmogram analysis on various element bases subject to requirements for the overall dimensions and energy consumption minimization
pp 42892-42896
Evgeny Sergeevich Sinyutin and Elena Sergeevna Semenistaya

Neuro-Genetic Hybrid Optimization for Multi Objective Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 42897-42901
Vinodh P Vijayan and E Gopinathan

LOCOBIS A Low Cost Business Intelligence System for Small Scale Organizations
pp 42902-42906
Dojohn Loyd B, JeyaBalaji S and Deepak S

A Fuzzy Based Methodology for User’s Perception Evaluation of Low Floor Buses for Bhopal City
pp 42907-42909
Ajay Pratap Singh, A. K. Sharma, Varun Singh and A. Sharma

Ranking The IndexofQuality of Work Life (Qwl) And Its EffectsonEmployee Productivity (Case Study: The NewEconomicsof Bank BranchesIn Tehran)
pp 42910-42913
Ghassem Farajpour Khanaposhtani and Mona Asgharpour

Fuzzy ANNs approach for predicting the type-2diabetes mellitus
pp 42914-42920
M. Mahmoodi Tabrizi, A. Jafarian and Bahlol Rahimi

Time Efficiency And Error Estimation Analysis For The Family Of Co Tetrahedral Elements In Closed Form And Gauss Quadrature
pp 42921-42926
R. Yogeshwaran and P. V. Jeyakathikeyan

Root Cause of Reinforced Concrete Dapped-End Beams Failure
pp 42927-42933
M. Aswin, M.S. Liew, B.S. Mohammed and Z.I. Syed

Secret Sharing Homomorphism and Secure E-voting
pp 42934-42941
Binu V P, Divya G Nair and Sreekumar A

MHD Free Convection Transient Flow past an Infinite Vertical Porous Flat Plate in Presence of Mass Transfer
pp 42942-42948
S. Panda, S. S. Das and N. C. Bera

Modeling and Simulation of Direct Injection Diesel Engine to Analyze Combustion and Emission using KIVA 3V Code
pp 42949-42954
B V Krishnaiah and B Balu Naik

A Novel Triangular Boundary Based Classification Approach for Effective Prediction of Outliers
pp 42955-42962
D.Rajakumari and S.Pannirselvam

Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Differential Evolutionary Algorithm
pp 42963-42966
S.R.Suryas and D.S.Dayana

Combining the Evidences of Temporal and Spectral Enhancement Techniques for Improving the Performance of Indian Language Identification System in the presence of time varying noises
pp 42967-42973
Phani Kumar Polasi and K Sri Rama Krishna

Prediction of RC Beams Failure Load using Non-linear Finite Element Analysis
pp 42974-42980
M. Aswin, B.S. Mohammed, M.S. Liew and Z.I. Syed

Experimental Performance Evaluation of Flywheel
pp 42981-42985
Lijesh K.P and Rathin Dutta

Developing the System of Attracting Talented Young People to the Engineering Educational and Career Paths: The Russian Problem Field and Empirical Research on School Graduates’ Expectations
pp 42986-42993
Akimova Elena Mihailovna, Eleneva Elena Anatolievna, Elenev Konstantin Sergeyevich and Eleneva Yulia Yakovlevna

Experimental investigation of single phase Al2O3-polyethylene glycol and TiO2-polyethylene glycol nanofluids flow through a minichannel heat sink
pp 42994-42999
R. Nandhakumar and D. Senthilkumar

Current monitoring instrumentation system for detecting airgap eccentricity in mine winder motor
pp 43000-43007
Ananda Shankar Hati and Tarun Kumar Chatterjee

Impact on Revenue Generation for Telecom Operators for Missed Calls and OTT Applications
pp 43008-43015
Sunil Patil, Yatin Jog, SauravHora and DavishaVerma

Analysis of Malignant Nucleus and Cytoplasm Segmentation using ASIC algorithms (Accurately Segmenting the Individual Cell)
pp 43016-43021
K.M. Ponnmoli

Cross-layer Based Congestion Control and Scheduling for MANET
pp 43022-43028
G.Suseendran and A. Sasikumar

Mobile sink routing and relocation strategies in wireless sensor networks A Review
pp 43029-43044
Vicky Kumar, Ashok Kumar and Gaurav

Texture Segmentation using multivariate generalized Gaussian mixture model under log DCT domain
pp 43045-43051
K.Naveen kumar, K. Srinivasa Rao, Y. Srinivas and Ch. Satyanarayana

Outage based Underlay Cognitive Radio deployment for a Cellular Network
pp 43052-43058
Astha Sharma and Debjani Mitra

2-Dominator Coloring in Graphs
pp 43059-43062
A. Sangeetha Devi and M. M. Shanmugapriya

Methodological basis for the rational development of car service
pp 43063-43065
Denis Mihailovich Lysanov and Ramis Favzyatovich Utyaganov

Write Pattern based Hot/Cold Separation for Flash Translation Layer
pp 43066-43068
S. Hwang, T. Jung and I. Shin

Transient Analysis of a Thee Node Tandem Communication Network Model with DBA Having Homogeneous Compound Poisson Direct Bulk Arrivals at node 1 and node 2
pp 43069-43076
G Rajendra Kumar and Kuda Nageswara Rao

Image Restoration using modified binary particle Swarm Optimization Richardson-Lucy (MBSO-RL) algorithm
pp 43077-43081
Hari Shanker Shukla Narendra Kumar and Rakesh Prakash Tripathi

Challenges of Women Self Help Group Members towards Marketing
pp 43082-43088
S. Vasantha and M. Thaiyalnayaki

Effect of flux on microstructure and mechanical properties of super martensitic stainless steel using Activated Tungsten Inert Gas welding process
pp 43097-43102
M.Chellappan, K.Lingadurai, P. Sathiya

Development of Well Killing Technology During Well Service on Oil, Gas and Condensate Fields With Carbonate Reservoirs
pp 43103-43105
Mardashov Dmitrii Vladimirovich and Vasiliev Bogdan Urievich

Assessment of possible investments in energy efficiency increase in housing sector of Russian Federation
pp 43106-43107
Volkov Andrey Anatolievich, Sedov Artem Vladimirovich and Chelyshkov Pavel Dmitrievich

Asymmetric Dual Keyword Encrypted Fuzzy Search for Effective Data Utilization in Public Cloud
pp 43108-43119
M. Shyamala Devi and C. Arun

Handwriting Word Recognition Based on Neural Networks
pp 43120-43124
Alia Karim Abdul Hassan and Mustafa S. Kadhm

VLSI Architecture for Impulse Noise Reduction Using Modified Decision Tree Based Denoising Method
pp 43125-43130
S. Arul Jothi, N. Santhiya Kumari and M. Ramkumar Raja

City planning issues for sustainable development
pp 43131-43138
Sherbina Elena Vital`evna, Danilina Nina Vasil`evna and Vlasov Denis Nicolaevich

Determination of limit load bearing capacity of rod metal structures
pp 43139-43142
Korgin Andrey Valintinovich, Kudishin Uriy Ivanovich and Zeid Kilani Leys Zeidovich

Computer Modeling of One-Phase and Two-Phase Flow in a Vortex Atomizer
pp 43143-43151
N. E. Kurnosov, K. V. Lebedinskiy, A. A. Nikolotov, D. P. Alekseev and A. A. Zemcov

CFD Simulations of Flow over Passenger Vehicle with Airfoils for Aerodynamic Lift Reduction
pp 43152-43156
Prashant Kumar, Raghav Malhotra, Naushad Ahmed Ansari and Mohammad Zunaid

Application of Rough Sets and Ant Colony Optimization in feature selection for Network Intrusion Detection
pp 43156-43163
Ravi Kiran Varma P, Valli Kumari V and Srinivas Kumar S

Large-Scale Complex Construction Projects: Managerial Issues, Problems and Challenges
pp 43164-43176
P. James

Bio inspired Ferret Auditing Technique (FAT) for Cloud Computing
pp 43177-43181
S. Tejaswini, D. Akshay Kumar and K. Indu Prudhvi

Frame Packing Algorithm for Minimizing Bandwidth Consumption of the Flex Ray Vehicular Network
pp 43182-43188
Minkoo Kang, Kiejin Park and Limei Peng

Application of Process Capability Study as a Diagnostic Tool for Process, Productivity and Quality- In- Management Improvement
pp 43189-43194
Prabir Kumar Bandyopadhyay

Fabrication and Experimental Study on Optimization of Process Parameters for Drilling of GFRP with Iron Ore as Filler Material using Taguchi And ANOVA
pp 43195-43198
Vithal Rao Chauhan, K R Dinesh, Pavan Hiremath, Manjunath Shettar, K Veeresh and Veerabhadrappa Algur

Statistical Analysis of Optimization of Abrasive Wear Behavior of PEEK/Nano Alumina Particles Reinforced UHMWPE Composites
pp 43199-43206
S. Selvam and K. Marimuthu

Power Quality Improvement Using Four Leg Shunt Active Power Filter
pp 43207-43214
V. Parimala, S. ChenthurPandian and D. Ganeshkumar

Aerosol lidar method of remote sensing winds in the atmospheric boundary layer using cross correlation technique
pp 43215-43220
V.A. Jyothsna, Y. Bhavani Kumar and T. Sreenivasulu Reddy

Novel Hierarchical Trust Management for Dynamic Mobile Inter Cluster WSN
pp 43221-43224
S. Asayh and R.Paulus

Wear Behavior of Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloys at Elevated Temperatures
pp 43225-43232
B.M.Angadi, A. Chennakesava Reddy, R. S. Ellur and S. A. Kori

Performance Analysis of new Swarm Intelligence based Algorithms in optimizing the design of CMOS Folded Cascode OPAMP and Comparator Circuits
pp 43229-43238
P. K. Paul, NaushadManzoorLaskar, SouravNath and Krishna Lal Baishnab

Modeling Of Heat And Mass Transportation In The Keyhole Of 316l Stainless Steel And Steel Joints During Pulsed Nd: Yag Laser Welding
pp 43239-43243
K. Suresh Kumar and A. Jayanthi

Comparative Study Of Image Resolution Enhancement Techniques For Aerial Images
pp 43244-43249
Malothu Nagu

Sensitivity analysis of S-lay pipe-laying configuration
pp 43250-43255
S. Ivić

Dual Delegation Model – A Solution against Session Fixation Exploitation in Web Applications
pp 43256-43261
A. Saravanan, M. S. Irfan Ahmed and S. Sathya Bama

A Comparative Study on Optimum Transmission Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Wireless Communication System
pp 43262-43268
J. P. Senthilkumar and M. Chandrasekaran

Computer modelling in evaluating standard projects of school buildings
pp 43269-43272
Volkov Andrey Anatol’evich, Sedov Artem Vladimirovich, Chelyshkov Pavel Dmitrievich, Denis Lysenko Andreevich and Doroshenko Anna Valer’evna

The Analysis of Expediency of Application of Translucent Structures with Using Of Low-Emission Covering

pp 43273-43276
Volkov Andrey Anatol’evich, Sedov Artem Vladimirovich, Chelyshkov Pavel Dmitrievich and Radzievskiy Evgeny Evgen’evich

The formation of microclimate parameters in agricultural buildings in the cold season
pp 43277-43280
Bodrov Valery Iosifovich, Bodrov Mikhail Valerievich and Lushin Kirill Igorevich

An Efficient Transmit Antenna Selection Algorithm in Spatial Modulation Systems
pp 43281-43284
Sangchoon Kim

Graph-based Optimization of Area and Delay in Multiple Constant Multiplication
pp 43285-43289
C. Uthayakumar and B. Justus Rabi

Supporting Irrecoverable File Deletion using Inter-arrival Time
pp 43290-43293
I. Shin

Development of a novel approach for design reconfigurable fractal antenna using iterative method
pp 43294-43297
S.Alayet, L.Latrach and A.Gharsallah

Performance Evaluation of Search Engine using VSM & User feedback sessions
pp 43298-43300
Siddharth Ghansela and Ashish Negi








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