International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 23  (2015)  





An Efficient Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for Intelligent Watermarking of Document Images
pp 43301-43308
Sarada Sreepada and Venkateswara Prasad Evani

An Application of Repetitive Control Scheme and DSP-based Digital Controller for Active Power Filter in Micro-Grid
pp 43309-43317
A. Asuhaimi Mohd Zin, A. Naderipour, M. H. Bin Habi Buddin and A. Khajehzadeh

Analysis on Nonlinear characteristics of EDFA in single channel dispersion compensated and uncompensated Telecommunication System
pp 43318-43327
Vasudevan. B, Sivasubramanian. A and Ramesh Babu. M

Design and Development of a Subsonic Ramjet for Experimental Comparison of Biofuel with Jet Fuel
pp 43328-43335
Karthik Selvam S D and Suresh Chandra Khandai

Control of Compensation Devices by p-q, d-q and Fourier Control Methods to Improve the Power Quality in a Microgrid
pp 43336-43344
A. Asuhaimi Mohd Zin, A. Naderipour,  A. Khajehzadeh and M. H. Bin Habi Buddin

Zynq FPGA based embedded system for wide band dielectric measurement with digital methods
pp 43345-43354
M.SandhyaRani, K. Soundararajan and K. NagabushanRaju

Fuzzy Economic Product Quantity with Planned Backorders at a Single-Stage Manufacturing System
pp 43355-43359
A. Nagoor Gani and S. Raja Dharik

Classification of SAR Images Using Support Vector Machine Learning Algorithm with Different Kernel Functions
pp 43360-43367
P. Deepthi Jordhana and K. Soundararajan

Performance And Emission Characteristics Of Biodiesel-Butanol Blended Fuel In Ci Engine
pp 43368-43372
P. Sumathy Muniamuthu, P. Yogesh and S. Babu

Ontology in Cloud Computing: A Survey
pp 43373-43377
N. Geetha and M. S. Anbarasi

Flexible, Scalable and Fine Grained Access Control for Medical Data in Cloud Using Attribute Based Encryption
pp 43378-43383
Lakshmi Mohanan and Ajay Basil Varghese

An Innovative Conception of a Compact Quadruple Frequency Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless and Mobile Communication
pp 43384-43389
Jalal BAAYER, Radouane KARLI and Hassan AMMOR

Iterative method for statistical characterization of neutron flux
pp 43390-43394
A. A. Ilyukhin

A Specialized Assault Adjacent To The Aes And Its Function To System Implementations
pp 43395-43400
M. Navaneetha Krishnan

Schematic design of particular reactor with the aim of aerobic bacteria decomposition
pp 43401-43406
Farnaz Mohseni

Closed Loop Operation of Switched Reluctance Motor with Sliding Mode Current Controller
pp 43407-43411
Stella Kurian and Nisha G. K.

Speech Emotion Recognition using auditory features
pp 43412-43415
F. Chenchah and Z. Lachiri

General Production And Sales Time With Two-Units System And Manpower
pp 43416-43421
P. Madhusoodhanan, P. Sekar and R. Ramanarayanan

Financial Challenges of Self Help Group Women in Chennai
pp 43422-43425
Sreeya B and S Radha

A Comparative Study on Feature Selection Algorithms for Improving Classification Performance
pp 43426-43429
K. Sutha and J. Jebamalar Tamilselvi

Study and Survey of an Efficient Earlier Fault Detection Unit for Cloud
pp 43430-43437
Thangam S and P. Marichamy

Calculation of the velocity of air in the air gap facade systems, where natural ventilation
pp 43438-43441
Gagarin Vladimir Gennadievich, Kozlov Vladimir Vladimirovich and Lushin Kirill Igorevich

Application of arc-length method to calculate deflected state of the compressed strut with random initial imperfection
pp 43442-43445
Mondrus Vladimir Lvovich and Smirnov Vladimir Aleksandrovich

The impact of sanctions on the development of national and regional economy of the Russian Federation
pp 43446-43449
Mottaeva Angela Bahauovna and Mottaeva Asiyat Bahauovna

New principles of codification of material resources and works in construction
pp 43450-43455
Karakozova Irina Victorovna and Pavlov Alexander Sergeevich

Management Systems of Urban Planning
pp 43456-43460
Korol Elena Anatolevna and Kagan Pavel Borisovich

Design Optimization Parameters for Tractor Mounted Mulcher Blades
pp 43461-43464
B.G. Jahun, D. Ahmad M.R. Mahdi and S. Sulaiman

ECV General Performance in the Finite Element Simulation
pp 43465-43468
Wangwenhai and Haeng Muk Cho

Detection And Prevention Of Unknown Vulnerabilites On Enterprise IP Networks
pp 43469-43474
M. Masthan and R. Ravi

A New Method for Control the IC Engine Mechanical Parameters without its Demounting from a Vehicle
pp 43475-43478
A. Egorov, K. Kozlov and V. Belogusev

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Near Busy Road Junctions In Coimbatore City
pp 43479-43483
S.Muneeswaran and M.Issac Solomon Jebamani

An Efficient DDOS Traffic Flooding Attack Resistance Model Using Quantum Flow
pp 43484-43491
R. Saranya and S. Senthamarai Kannan

Optimal Location and Performance Analysis of IPFC Using Adaptive Differential Evolution
pp 43492-43500
S. Arul

Topic Ontology Assisted Multi-document Summary Generation
pp 43501-43508
K. Yogeswara Rao and P. V. Nageswara Rao

Reduction of PAPR in SC-FDMA System using Pulse Shaping Technique
pp 43509-43513
Shatrughna Prasad Yadav and Subhash Chandra Bera

Investigated essence in the infografichesky theory multipoint the logician (part 1)
pp 43514-43516
Volkov Andrey Anatolievich, Chulkov Vitaliy Olegovich, Chulkov Georgy Olegovich and Rahmonov Emomali

The development and evaluation of new biodegradable acrylic acid based antiscalants for reverse osmosis
pp 43517-43525
Pervov Alexey Germanovich, Andrianov Alexey Petrovicha, Chukhin Valentin Aleksandrovich and Efremov Roman Vladimirovich

Investigated essence in the infografichesky theory multipoint the logician (part 2)
pp 43526-43528
Volkov Andrey Anatolievich, Chulkov Vitaliy Olegovich, Chulkov Georgy Olegovich and Rahmonov Emomali

Factors Affecting the Cloud Authorization Model in Cloud Computing Platform
pp 43529-43532
K. Priyadarsini, S. SaravanaKumar and S. Karthik

Cost Reduction Of A BiotechnologyProducts Using Cost Integrated Value Stream Mapping Methods
pp 43533-43537
Rahmat Nurcahyo, Robby Anzil Firdaus and Djoko Sihono Gabriel

The Influence Factors on Health Conservation of Middle-Aged Adults
pp 43538-43544
Hyea Kyung Lee and Hee Kyung Kim

Optimization of the Array for PTC Stone by Thermal-Structural Analysis
pp 43545-43548
Seung Myeon Kim, Jae Kyung Kim and Euy Sik Jeon

Design of low leakage power SRAM using Multithreshold technique
pp 43549-43554
D. Sudha and CH. Santhirani

Factorial Design Analysis of the Recovery of Flavonoids from Bilberry Fruit By-Products
pp 43555-43559
R. Lavecchia, F. Medici, L. Piga and A. Zuorro

Mathematical Model on Plasmodium knowlesi
pp 43560-43571
Buddhadeo Mahato, Bimal Kumar Mishra and Anurag Jayswal

Effect of Humidity on Photovoltaic Performance Based on Experimental Study
pp 43572-43577
Hussein A Kazem and Miqdam T Chaichan

Energy Independent Estimation of the Equivalent Stationary Duration of Earthquake Accelerograms
pp 43578-43584
F. Carli and C. Carino

Environmental aspects of development of renewable power engineering
pp 43585-43589
Volshanik Valeriy Valentinovich, Gagarin Vladimir Gennadievich and Shilova Liubov Andreevna

The Effect of Disclosure for Issuing Convertible Bonds On Chinese Firms Listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Market
pp 43590-43602
Zhang Xue Dong and Shinae Kang

Performance Analysis of Cyclostationary Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio
pp 43603-43610
D. Damodaram and T. Venkateswarlu

Polarized Laser Beam Interaction With Soft Tissue Matter
pp 43611-43614
K. Rajkumar and V. Padmaja

Comprehensive Review on Fault Detection in Induction Motor
pp 43630-43634
W. Rajan Babu and C. S. Ravichandran

A Comprehensive Study on the Recent Variants of the VRP and its Solving Methodologies
pp 43635-43644
R. Ramachandiran, K. Suresh Joseph, P. Ravisasthiri and P. Victer Paul

Impact of Futures Trading on Stock Market Volatility: Evidence from BSE
pp 43645-43648
P. Sakthivel and V.Vijay Anand

Study of Tensile and Corrosion Behaviour from the Microstructure of AZ91D Magnesium Alloy
pp 43649-43654
R. Jayaraman, T. Balusamy and S. Ravi

Improved Linear Channel Estimation Based on Channel Shortening Prefilter for OFDMA Based WiMAX Systems
pp 43655-43658
K. Kavitha and S. Manikandan

Rate Of Chloride Penetration In Polymer Modified Concrete Embedded With Crimped Polypropylene Fibres

pp 43659-43662
S. Thirumurugan and S. K. Sekar

Cost Effective Remote Monitoring for Mini Hybrid Automation System
pp 43663-43668
A. F. M. Amin, A. I. A. Rahman, and S. N. S. Salim, I. B. Aris, M .S. Suliaman, R. T. Mohamad and A. A. Zulkefle

The Role of Characteristics Behavior in Software Development Team to Improve Source Code Quality
pp 43669-43676
Tien Fabrianti Kusumasari, Kridanto Surendro, Husni Sastramihardja and Iping Supriana

Success Factors of Minecraft Game Design using Mechanic, Dynamic, Aesthetic (MDA) and 6-11 Frameworks
pp 43677-43681
Gene Adesara, Maulahikmah Galinium and James Purnama

Protectors of Nature: An Ecocritical Rendering Of Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide
pp 43682-43685
G. Sandhya and V. Bhuvaneswari

Analysis of the Effect of Inverter of Different sizes on the XOR/XNOR Gates at Reduced CMOS Process Technology
pp 43686-43691
Yamini Shanmugam and H. Mangalam


An application of Methods and Principles for Designing and Analyzing Security Protocols
pp 43692-43696
H. Kamal Idrissi and A. Kartit

A Guassian Mixture Based Spatial Resolution Forensic Image Segmentation For Digital Multimedia Data
pp 43697-43704
Gouri MS and RV. Sivabalan

Analysis Stability of Multi-Agents System With Disturbance Function
pp 43705-43708
Sentot Achmadi, Miswanto and Marjono

Data Shielding in Motion Vectors Using LSB algorithm
pp 43709-43712
Parul Garg and Priyanka Tupe-Waghmare

Reactive Resource Allocation Based On Duality Theory In Cloud Computing
pp 43713-43715
P. Pradeepa, M. Karthiha Devi, R. Adhi Lakshmi and B. Mohana Nagalakshmi

The Apartment service dispatch strategy and load estimation
pp 43716-43721
Kakoli Bora and Sumana Sinha

Gas Metal Arc Welding Process: Review of Historical and Recent Development
pp 43722-43725
Swati and N K Singh

Vehicle Telematics and its Applications
pp 43726-43730
Mani Kunnathettu Rajee, Manu Vyas, Shrikant Subhash Warghade and Venugopal P

Experimental and Analytical Study on the Use of Industrial Wastes/By-Products for Highway Construction
pp 43731-43736
S. JudesSujatha, K. Ganesan, R. Anandakumar and A. Seeni

Improving the Performance Using Shared Spread Protocol in Issue Guarantee Protocol over Delay Tolerant Networks
pp 43737-43740
V. Anandkumar, S. Subramaniam, P. Thangam and K. Kumaresan

Design and Application for Stitching Images from Blackbox with Multiple Lenses
pp 43741-43746
Jaejoon Kim

Label-Free Bioparticles Detection Using Lab-on-Chip
pp 43747-43751
Mohammadmahdi Vakilian, Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis

Effect of Phosphorous, Titanium-Boron and Titanium on Thermal Properties of Hypereutectic Aluminium-Silicon Alloys
pp 43752-43757
B. M. Angadi, A. Chennakesava Reddy, V. V. Katti, V.V. Nagathan and S. A. Kori

Development of the recommendations on selection of glass-fiber reinforced polyurethanes for vehicle parts
pp 43758-43762
L.N. Shafigullin, A.A. Bobrishev, V.T. Erofeev, A.A. Treshchev, V.T. Erofeev and A.N. Shafigullina

Cloud Based Comprehensive Architecture (CBCA) for QoS Aware Semantic Web Service Discovery in Emergency Management System
pp 43763-43771
J. Uma Maheswari and G. R. Karpagam

Benchmarking of testing tools used for web services
pp 43772-43775
Anuja Bokhare, Niraj Bohra and P. S. Metkewar

Design Of The Portable Electrocardiograph On The Basis Of MDL-IDM-L35
pp 43776-43778
Alexander Tychkov, Piotr Churakov, Alan Alimuradov and Andrey Kuzmin

Intelligent Color Correction For Enhancement (ICCE)
pp 43779-43793
K. Chandra Sekar, P. Subbaiah and M. N. Giri Prasad

Computational Aero-acoustic Analysis of a Simplified Vehicle Model at Various Rear Slant angles
pp 43794-43800
Rajkumar Vishnu Ganesh, Yagnavalkya Mukkamala, Karan Raul Viegas and S. Venkatraghavan

Effect of Ethylene Oxide Groups on The Performance of Anionic Extended Surfactants in Light Oil Reservoir
pp 43801-43806
T. Marhaendrajana, I. Fauzi and B. Swadesi

A Study On Socio Cultural Factors Influencing Indian Entrepreneurship: A Critical Examination
pp 43807-43812
Syamala Devi Bhoganadam and Dasaraju Srinivasa Rao

Weld Bead Characterization and influence of process parameters of Friction stir Welds of Dissimilar Materials between AA6061 and AA7175 Al alloys
pp 43813-43817
Gedala Lavanya, D Lokanadham, M. V. Ramana and N Haribabu

Thermal Energy Storage Capacity of Composite Solid Desiccant Combined with Paraffin Wax for Solar Drying Applications
pp 43818-43821
R.Mani and V.Shanmugam

Research of the Frequency Spectrum of Mechanical Vibrations of Nonstationary Radio-electronic Systems
pp 43822-43824
N. Yurkov, A.Zatylkin and N. Goryachev

Control Time Constant During Tests of Nonstationary Electronic Facilities
pp 43825-43826
A. Zatylkin, N. Yurkov and D. Golushko

Modeling the Effect of Local Thermal Effect on the Stress-strain state of the Conductive Layer Printed Circuit Board
pp 43827-43830
A.Telegin, A.Zatylkin, M.Kalaev, N. Goryachev and N. Yurkov

Study Algorithm Speed Signal Generating Feedbackfor Information-measuring System Control Active Vibration Protection Red
pp 43831-43834
P. Bushmelev, A. Pivkin, B. Kuatov, A. Lysenko and S. Zatylkin

An Information-measuring Control System for Active Vibroprotection of Radio-electronic Devices
pp 43835-43838
A.Lysenko, A. Zatylkin and N. Yurkov

The Report of Data Exchange of Multichannel Vibration Testing Equipment with the Program Environment of Researches Control
pp 43839-43841
G. Tankov, A. Zatylkin and N. Yurkov

Adaptive Control of Functional Elements of Complex Radio Electronic Systems
pp 43842-43845
A. Grishko, N. Goryachev and N. Yurkov

Multi Wavelet Based Image Denoising With Hard And Soft Threshold In Bone Cancer Images
pp 43846-43849
Sinthia. P and K. Sujatha

Effect of Leading Edge and Trailing Edge Radii on a 2-D Low Wave Drag Supersonic Busemann Biplane at Design and Off-Design Condition
pp 43850-43855
Vijay Kumar Patidar, Rajesh Yadav, Ugur Guven and Sudhir Joshi

The Implication of graph theory Approach with different cognitive conditions of electroencephalography Signal
pp 43856-43860
R. Kalpana and M. Chitra

Design And Implementation Of DMC Encoder And Decoder For Secured Applications
pp 43861-43865
V. Naga Jyothirmai and A. V. N. Tilak

Power Optimized LBIST for Cryptographic Applications
pp 43866-43872
N. Rama Priya and A. V. N. Tilak

Wastewater Treatment Plant "CONTUS
pp 43873-43874
Nina Zaletova and Sergey Zaletov

Fuzzy Medical Expert System for Diagnosis of Thalassemia Disease
pp 43875-43879
Nidhi Mishra and P. Jha

An Efficient Low Power and Delay Optimized Floating Point Multiplier using Modified Booth’s Algorithm
pp 43880-43884
A. Sirisha and A. V. N. Tilak

Event Driven Dynamic Traffic Routing Protocol (EDDTRP) based on Gradient Search Approach in Multi-Sink Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 43885-43890
Bode Prasad, Kadamati Dileep Kumar and Ravuri Daniel

Hybrid approaches for Word Sense Disambiguation: A Survey
pp 43891-43895
Neeraja, B. Padmaja Rani and Koppula Srinivas Rao

Bandelet Transform With Predictive Entropy Encoding For 4d fMRI Image Compression
pp 43896-43904
M. P. Chennaiah, K. E. Sreenivasa Murthy and K. Rama Naidu

Optimization of Cutting Parameters in Turning of AA6351 Using Response Surface Methodology and Genetic Algorithm
pp 43905-43911
P. Jayaraman, L. Mahesh Kumar and V.S. Senthil kumar

Taguchi-Fuzzy Multi Output Optimization (MOO) in Turning of AA6351
pp 43912-43918
P. Jayaraman, L. Mahesh Kumar and V.S. Senthil kumar

Experimental Investigation of Forced Convection Solar Dryer Integrated with Solid Desiccant and Phase Change Material
pp 43919-43922
R. Mani and V. Shanmugam










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