International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 5  (2015)  





Effect of Holding Time on Strength and Abrasion Resistance of Cu-Ni-Mn Alloyed Permanent Molded Toughened Austempered Ductile Iron For Automotive Gear Applications.

pp. 11565-11574

Uma T.R, Chandramohan G


Secure Video Channeling

pp. 11575-11580

Mohamed abdaal taj.N , Lenin M, Venkateswaran.A, N.R.Raajan


A Study on The Sectors That Increase The Percentage of Carbon Dioxide Which Causes Global Warming Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

pp. 11581-11586

B.Kumaresan, N.Vijayaraghavan


An Improved Trimmed Median Filter For The Restoration of Images Corrupted By High Density Impulse Noise

pp. 11587-11597

J Jezebel Priestley, V Nandhini ,V Elamaran


A Dual Face Detection Water Marking System Using Sf For Verifying Security

pp. 11599-11609

Bestley Joe.S,


Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques For The Prediction of Blood Glucose Concentration

pp. 11611-11631

S.Shanthi, P.Balamurugan, D.Kumar


Fuzzy RG-Super Open Set

pp. 11633-11640

M.K. Mishra, Govindaswamy Indhumathi, D. Bindu


Design and Implementation of Fault Tolerant Energy Efficient Technique In Enhancing The Life Time of Sensor Nodes

pp. 11641-11648

S.Saranyavisalini, M.Vadivel


Harmonic Reduction In Single Phase Induction Motor By Coating Sio2 and Al2o3 Nano Filler Mixed Enamel To The Stator Windings of The Single Phase Induction Motor

pp. 11649-11659

Mohanadasse. K, Dr. C. Sharmeela, D. Edison Selvaraj


Fpga Implementation of Rotated Local Gabor Xor Pattern For Hybrid Face Recognition System

pp. 11661-11676

P. Kannan, R.ShanthaSelva Kumari and A. Sivanantha Raja


Flexural Behaviour of Self Compacting Concrete Slabs Using Conventional Steel Bars and Carbon Fibers

pp. 11677-11689

D. Benita M Hexton, S. Ajin


A Reliable Treatment of Analytic Functions

pp. 11691-11695

Saumya ranjan Jena, Arjun Singh


Design and Simulation of Receiver Circuit For Eddy Current Flow Meter

pp. 11697-11708



English Language Teaching and Learning With Technology: A Study

pp. 11709-11712

Richard Jegadeesan P


Solving Non-Smooth Economic Load Dispatch Problem Using Self-Adaptive Cuckoo Search

pp. 11713-11721

Sivakumar R. S


An Experimental Investigation on Paper Concrete

pp. 11723-11736

Abarna Subramanian


Simulation of Different Diaphragm Structures For Optical MEMS Pressure Sensors and Its Comparison

pp. 11749-11754

T.Sripriya, Dr.V.Jeyalakshmi


An Overview of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Applications

pp. 11755-11761

Abel J Francis, Dr. V.K. Bupesh Raja


Decoding Approach With Unsupervised Learning of Two Motion Fields For Improving Wyner-Ziv Coding of Video

pp. 11763-11776

I Made Oka Widyantara


Estimation of Aquifer Parameter By Well Dilution Technique

pp. 11777-11786

B.Priyadharshini, Nandini


A Review on Image Processing Applications Used In Agriculture

pp. 11787-11793

T. Senthil Murugan, K. Antony Kumar, K. A. Varunkumar, M. Thanjai Vadivel,V. Shanmuganathan


A FPGA Implementation of Novel Median Filter To Remove Impulse Noise

pp. 11795-11802

L.S.Usharani, Dr. P. Thiruvalarselvan


An Intelligent Repeated Objects Tracking on Video Sequences

pp. 11803-11810

A. L.EscalinTresa, B.Dr. M. Sundararajan


Analysis of Seizure Detection Using Back Propagation Neural Network

pp. 11811-11821

Kshitij. D. Palkar, Archith Rajan, Rajkumar E.R


Comparative Analysis of Different Brain Tumor Segmentation Methods

pp. 11823-11833

Shruthi Gubbi, Apoorva Safai, Neha Anegondi , Rajkumar E.R


VLSI Implementation of 4X4 MIMO SC-FDMA Transceiver For Low Power Applications

pp. 11835-11852

Dr.J.Raja, P.Mangayarkarsai, K.Moorthi


Area Efficient, Low Power, High Performance Cached FFT Processor For MIMO OFDM Application

pp. 11853-11867

Dr.J.Raja, P.Mangayarkarsai, K.Moorthi


Research on The Fmri Study of Chinese Speech Region of Interest Based on DIVA Model

pp. 11869-11880

Shaobai Zhang, Yanlin Chen , Youyi Liu


Image Recognition By Majority Voting

pp. 11881-11887

K.Komathi,M.Latha ,C.Swaraj Paul ,J.Senthil Kumar


Detection and Minimization of Harmonics Using Daubechies Wavelet

pp. 11889-11908

Y. Srinivasa Rao, K.Naresh ,M. Kiran kumar , Mahaboob Shareef Syed


Application of Bat Algorithm To Optimize A SPARQL Query

pp. 11909-11918

R.Gomathi, D.Sharmila


Empirical Performance Analysis of Distributed Differential Evolution For Varying Migration Topologies

pp. 11919-11932

Meera Sanu1 G.Jeyakumar


Detection of Epilepsy Disorder Features By Eeg Using Dwt

pp. 11933-11940

A.Gracekumar, S.Manirathnam, R.Deepan, K.Narasimhan


Ontology Integration For Query Expansion and Semantic Filtering Using Word net For Information Retrieval

pp. 11941-11956

J. Mannar Mannan, Dr. M Sundarambal


Implementation and Comparison of RSA and Triple DES Algorithm For Encryption and Decryption In Cloud Environment

pp. 11957-11971

Rachna Jain, Dr. Sushila Madan and Dr. Bindu Garg


Student Attendance Management System Using Ldn and Face Recongnition Concept

pp. 11973-11977

G venkatesh, G jithesh, E V Manju, Dra V K Shanthi


Performance Analysis of Biorthogonal Wavelets For Edge Feature Extraction of X-Ray Images Based on Parameterized Filter Design

pp. 11979-11993

P.M.K.Prasad, Prof.G Sasi Bhushana Rao, M N V S S Kumar


Timeslot Allocation and Management Scheme To Deal With Emergency Data In Wireless Body Area Network

pp. 11995-12008

Reema Goyal, Dr. H.S. Bhadauria, Dr. R. B. Patel, Dr. Devendra Prasad


Experimental Study on The Mechanical Properties of Natural Fibers Reinforced Hybrid Composite

pp. 12009-12019

Parandaman P, Jayaraman M


A Novel Accelerated Fuzzy Pi Controller Based Chopper Driven Pmdc Motor

pp. 12021-12032

Muthukrishnan S, Murugananth G, & Samidurai K


Harmonic Reduction For Adjustable Speed Drive With Reduced Switch Topology

pp. 12033-12044

J. Deepika, D. Uma


Analysis of Various Controllers For Single Phase Shunt Active Filter

pp. 12045-12055

P. EzhilMeera, D. Uma, K.Vijayarekha


Minimizing Makespan of Permutation Flow-Shop Scheduling Using New Heuristic Approach

pp. 12057-12071

P. Dharmalingam, J. Maniraj, R. K. Suresh, R. Gopinath


A Survey of MIMO-Transceiver Designs In Wireless Communication Systems

pp. 12073-12078

C. Manikandan, Dr. P. Neelamegam, A. Srivishnu, K. Gowtham Raj


Power Quality Improvement Using A Voltage Controlled Dstatcom

pp. 12079-12091

K. Sivapriya, Dr. S. Thiruvenkadam,


Performance and Analysis of Z-Source Inverter

pp. 12093-12104

R. Ramya and T.S. Sivakumaran


A Detailed Investigation of Crack and Failure Study of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams

pp. 12105-12112

R.Subashchandrabose,  Dr.R.Venkatasubramani


An Efficient and Secure Dynamic Multi Dimensional Cloud Confidence

pp. 12113-12119

S.Kavinhariharasudhan, Dr.S.Saravanakumar


Neo Liberalism, Social Exclusion, Education Policy and Kiss Odisha

pp. 12121-12132

Dr. Monalisa Bal


Performance Analysis and Detection and Correction of Sink Hole Attack In MANET

pp. 12133-12144

Sandeep Kumar Arora, Nisha Puri, Sanjeev Sharma


A Novel Approach In Increasing Power Quality Using Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Based Statcom

pp. 12145-12151

G.Sundar, R.Vinothini, M.Divya Menon


Tuning of A Conventional Diesel Engine Into A Low Compression Ratio Diesel Engine

pp. 12153-12163

P.Bridjesh, G. Arunkumar and S.Mohanamurugan


Efficiency Measurement of Detecting Object From Video

pp. 12165-12175

Saranu Kavya Pooja, Koganti Koundinya, J Hemamalini


Agricultural Robocop Using Raspberry Pi

pp. 12177-12186

Mr. C. Balaji , Mr. L. Lakshmanan


A Single Sensor Based PFC SEPIC Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive For Fan Applications

pp. 12187-12196

K Babul Reddy, A Santhi Mary Antony


Base Station Power Consumption Performance Improvement With Novel Reduction Methods And Optimum Utility Management

pp. 12197-12212

Payel Giri, Sudhansu Sekhar Singh


Design and Implementation SEPIC Integrated KY Converter For SLIT-LAMP

pp. 12213-12227

Venkatanarayanan S, M.Saravanan


Density Dynamics Using Gis

pp. 12229-12236

S.Dhamodaran, K.Sunil


Design of Frequency Synthesizer For Water Detection

pp. 12237-12242

Govindaswamy Indhumathi, Dr.R. Seshasayanam, Dr.M.K. Mishra


Survey on Dual Mode Logic(DML)- Increasing Performance and Efficiency

pp. 12243-12252

N.Freeben David Robinson, Arunya .R


Continuous Improvement Model For Enhancing Student Engagement And Interaction In E-Learning Using Web Usage Pattern Analysis

pp. 12253-12276

N Vivekananthamoorthy and Dr. E R Naganathan


Space Vecor Modulated Three Level Neutral Point Clamped Inverter Using A Single Z Source Network

pp. 12277-12286

D.Prakash, Dr.R.Mahalakshmi and R.Arjunan


Dynamic Bounding Unsolicited Data to User Profile Using Confined Text Clustering

pp. 12287-12296

Kardeepa .V. M. Priyadharshini .Dr.V. M. Anitha Rajathi


Control of Reactive Power For Distributed Generation Power Plants During Grid Faults

pp. 12297-12306

S.Vivekchander, N.B.Rajesh, Dr.B.Viswanathan, R.Sathya, R.Abinaya


Improvement of Voltage Profile In Hybrid AC/DC Distribution generation Systems With Co-Ordination Control

pp. 12307-12316

R.Sathya, N.B. Rajesh, Dr. B. Viswanathan, S. Vivekchander. R.Abinaya


Energy Efficiency Analysis For Cluster Networks

pp. 12317-12328

P.Maheswaravenkatesh, Dr.A.Sivanantha Raja


A Parallel Algorithm of Case-based Reasoning on Precedents Represented as Attributed Graphs

pp. 12329-12339

Valeriy Nikonorovich Kuchuganov


Additive For Kaolin Suspensions On The Basis Of Production Wastes

pp. 12341-12351

Nikolay Afanasyevich Shapovalov, Oksana Anatolyevna Slyusar, Elena Yurevna Skuryatina


Analysis Of The Magnetic Parameters Of Co/Cu/Co Films On The Basis Of Magnetic And Magnetoresistive Hysteresis Loops

pp. 12353-12362

Yevgeny Ivanovich Evtushenko, Andrey Viktorovich Kornilov,, Ekaterina Sergeevna Dorokhova, Yevgenya Anatolyevna Kornilova,


Application Of Statistical And Multi Fractalmodels For Parameters Optimization Of Nano-Modified Concrete

pp. 12363-12370

Lev Evelson and Natalya Lukuttsova


Controlling Of Thermal Parameters For Mechanical Treatment On The Basis Of Numerical Modeling Of Their Thermal Relationship

pp. 12371-12382

Tatyana Aleksandrovna Duyun, Anna Vladimirovna Grinek, Vasiliy Grigorievich Rubanov, Ivan Vasilievich Kalatozishvili


Designing Of Mortar Compositions On The Basis Of Dry Mixes

pp. 12383-12390

Valery Stanislavovich Lesovik, Lilia Khasanovna Zagorodnyuk, Alexey Egorovich Mestnikov, Anastasia Igorevna Kudinova, Dmitry Alekseevich Sumskoi


Designing Of Tube Trusses Without Gusset Plate With Joint Connections

pp. 12391-12398

ViktorijaAnatolievnaZinkova, AlexanderGavrilovichYuriev, ElenaVladimirovnaPeshkova


Energy Efficient Technologies Of Production And Use Non-Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

pp. 12399-12406

Lyudmila Alexandrovna Suleymanova, Valeriy Stanislavovich Lesovik, Natalya Petrovna Lukuttsova, Kirill Romanovich Kondrashеv, Karim Abdullaevich Suleymanov


Evaluation Of The Energy Parameters Of The High-Speed Spiral Blade Mixer For Dry Materials

pp. 12407-12418

Vasilij Stepanovich Bogdanov,, Nikolaj Petrovich Nesmeyanov, Pavel Sergeevich Gorskov, Yuliya Viktorovna Brazhnik, Olga Vladimirovna Domozhirova, Mikhail Genadievich Matusov


The Method Of Support Vectors In The Analysis Of Social Networks User Profiles

pp. 12427-12436

Alexander A. Chumak, Alla G. Kravets

The Effects of Manager’s Over-Investment on Bond Market: Focusing on Bond Spread In Korea

pp. 12437-12448

SungMan Yoon, KangYoung Lee


Identification of Counteractive Routes Along The Water Courses By Applying The Traffic Engineering Models

pp. 12449-12455



Recitation Scrutiny of Concrete With E – Waste

pp. 12457-12464

S. Vanitha


Power Saving of The CPU By Improving The Performance of The Real - Time System Kernal Using The PSCPPTS Algorithm

pp. 12465-12473

Lavanya Dhanesh and P.Murugesan


Fabrication and Development of Aluminum Alloy AA6063 - Titanium Carbide Composite Prepared By In Situ Method

pp. 12475-12481

Vinayagam Mohanavel, M.Karthick , D.L Belgin Paul


Isomorphic Properties of Alpha, Beta and Gamma Product of Fuzzy Graphs

pp. 12483-12496

A.Nagoor Gani and B.Fathima Kani


Unsupervised Web Data Extraction

pp. 12497-12506

B.Abarnaa, B.Angel, A. Maryposonia


A Survey on Low Power and Latency Less Viterbi Decoders

pp. 12507-12512

Manikandan M, Balamurugan V


Cross-Layer Qos-Aware Routing Protocol For Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks

pp. 12513-12525

M. Aravind Undergraduate Student,P. Edreena


Image Scrambling Technique Using Block Segmentation Method

pp. 12527-12534

Lavanya Dhanesh, and P.Murugesan


Optimization of Resource Allocation In Multi User - OFDM Based Cognitive Radio Networks

pp. 12535-12542



Traffic Engineering In Wireless U-Health Systems For Enhancing Comfortable Human Life

pp. 12543-12556

Kyeong Hur, Won-Sung Sohn, and Kil Young Kwon


A Survey on Speech Enhancement Techniques For Noisy Files

pp. 12571-12582

Jaya lakshmi Ravipati


Printed G-Shaped Monopole Antenna For Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 12583-12592

Surendran Subramaniam, Ajmal Hussain Shah, Sathish Kumar, Selvaperumal, Veeraiyah Thangasamy


Application of Regression Analysis and Evolutionary Algorithms For Modeling and Optimization of Cylindrical Grinding Process Parameters For The Prediction of Surface Roughness of AISI 316

pp. 12593-12610

R. Rekha, N. Baskar, K.Padmanaban, V.Venkatraman


Numerical Modeling of Non-Contact Bernoulli Gripper With Cone- Mill Nozzle Using Matlab

pp. 12611-12616

Dhanapalan Lavanya, Subramanian Ragunathan and Ramalingam Padmanaban


Analysis of Stop Band and Pass Band Filter Using Various Shaped Complementary Split Ring Resonator (CSRR)

pp. 12617-12626

J. Mangaiyarkarasi, N.Sureshkumar and C.Nigantha


Anomaly-Detection In Diabetes Using SVM

pp. 12627-12636

Jabez J, Dr.B.Muthu Kumar


Influence of Demographic Variables of An Authoritative Executive – An Empirical Study In Corporate

pp. 12637-12641

Dr. Krishna Priya & Dr. M. Maya


Smart Alert for EB Metering with Enhanced Security

pp. 12643-12653

Deepa.B, Arthi Rathna.R, Vigneshwari.S


Fenwick Tree Based Capability-Aware Live Multimedia Streaming in Sparse MANETs

pp. 12655-12670

B Uma Maheswari and TSB Sudarshan


Optimization of Buffer Allocation In Tandem Closed Queuing Network Using Symbiotic Organisms Search

pp. 12671-12681

K.L.Narasimhamu, V. Venugopal Reddy,  C. S. P. Rao


Transmission of Secret-Image By Reversible Color Transformations

pp. 12683-12691

Ravali. M, Srujana. A, Andrews. J


A Survey on Cloud Metering Service

pp. 12693-12702

D. Palanivel Rajan,  Dr. S. Gunasekaran and G. Ranjith


Performance of Distressed Irrigation Structure – A Numerical Approach Using FEM

pp. 12703-12719

J. Nirmala, Dr.G. Dhanalakshmi


Gleaming System – A Commonly Verifiable Billing Scheme For The Cloud Computing Environment

pp. 12721-12732

P.Amudhavalli, Dr.A.Chandrasekar


Energy And Location Aware Cluster Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks (ELACRP)

pp. 12733-12744

K. Vignesh  and Dr. N. Radhika


Intrusion Detection Systems in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: A Survey

pp. 12745-12750

Mohamed Elboukhari, MostafaAzizi and AbdelmalekAzizi


Ranking of Cloud Computing Services With The PRASPM Model Using Shortest Path Algorithms

pp. 12751-12760

I.Felcia Jerlin,  B. Dora Arul Selvi


Optimal Dispatch of Residential Distributed Energy Sources Using Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm

pp. 12761-12778

G.R.Venkatakrishnan, J. Mahadevan,  R.Rengaraj


Certain Energy Conservation Techniques For Reducing Power Transmission Losses In Low Tension Distribution

pp. 12779-12791

K.Suresh and Dr. J. Devi Shree


RFID Sensors For Path Planning and Tracking In Warehouse Management

pp. 12793-12801

Ms. Kalarani, Dr. R. Rani Hemamalini


SeLHOC: Secured Location Estimation With One Hop Clusters In Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 12803-12812

Gulshan Kumar, Rahul Saha , Dr. Mritunjay Kumar Rai


Design and Performance of Cost Effective BLDC Drive Using Fuzzy Logic

pp. 12813-12824

Dr.S.S.Sivaraju,  B.S. Shivakumar


Product Demand Forecasting: Will This Product Sell

pp. 12843-12853

Mrs. Pallavi M S , M K Shanmuga Shanker, Nishanth Bhat K


Design and Optimization of High Speed Low Power Modified SCRL Using QCA Circuits

pp. 12855-12870

M.Usharani , Dr.A.Senthilkumar


Blob Analysis Technique Used For Real Time Image Tracking

pp. 12871-12880

Praviya Bharathi B.S , Charanya R , Santhosh Priyanka


Three Axes Unloading Pneumatic Modern Trailer

pp. 12881-12892

R.Gobinath and P.Karthikeyan


Speech Emotion Recognition using Classification Algorithms

pp. 12893-12904

S. Meenakshi and S. Karpagavalli


Retina Based Image Crytography Using Advanced Encryption Algorithm

pp. 12905-12914

Harini R.V and Yogalakshmi S


Online Monitoring And Counting Of Voting Using Zigbee Protocol And Cloud Computing

pp. 12915-12928

S.Karthikeyan, K.Vimala Devi, K.Valarmathi


A Probabilistic Analysis On Time To Recruitment In A Two Grade Manpower System With Correlated Inter-Decision Times And Independent Inter-Exit Times

pp. 12929-12938

G. Ishwarya and A. Srinivasan


Impact Analysis of D-STATCOM on the Performance of Distribution Relay Protection

pp. 12939-12950

R. Ilango and T. Sree Renga Raja


Analysing the Discriminative Capability of Texture Features in Mammogram Image Classification with Adaptive ROI Extraction

pp. 12951-12970

Dr.S.Deepa and Dr.V.Subbiah Bharathi


Analysis Of Multicast Routing Protocols In Manet Based On Path Stability - A Review

pp. 12971-12980

P Vigneshwaran, K Kumaresan, S Vignesh Raja


Detection of Mountains and Surface Waters from Satellite Images Using Active Contour Model

pp. 12981-12988

Pranashi Bandyopadhyay and Sasi Rekha Sankar


Fuzzy Feedback PFC Pre Regulator For AC To DC Boost Converter

pp. 12989-13003

S.Muthukaruppasamy and A.Abudhahir


A Critical Analysis on Statistical Evaluation of Human Skin Detection Approaches using Relevance Measure

pp. 13005-13025

Richa Mishra and Dr. Ravi Subban


A Simple Boost Shoot Through Control For Single Phase Cascaded Quasi Impedance Source Network DC-DC Converters

pp. 13027-13042

N.Shobana Devi, Dr.V.Krishnamurty, Dr. N. Stalin


R2RML Extension and Implementation for a Dynamic Schema Mapping

pp. 13043-13051

Sunil Ahn and Seok-Kyoo Kim


Identification of Similarity in Human Action using Contour

pp. 13053-13062

K. Anuradha and  N. Sairam


Secured Data Aggregation on Multiple Sensor Applications

pp. 13063-13071

N.Anusha  and B. Ajan Babu


Influence Of External And Internal Security Of An Aircraft Towards Enriching TTL (Total Technical Life)

pp. 13073-13085

Balachandran. A, P R Suresh, Shriram K Vasudevan


Hybrid Intelligent Approach to Build Up Voltage under Stressed Conditions

pp. 13087-13096

D. Godwin Immanuel


Performance Evaluation of MANET Using Static and Dynamic Data Replication Strategies

pp. 13097-13108

Senthil Kumar and J.William


Turbine Supplier Selection For Small Hydro Project: Application Of Multi-Criteria Optimization Technique

pp. 13109-13122

Priyabrata Adhikary, Pankaj Kr Roy and Asis Mazumdar


Design And Simulation Of Cuk Converter With State Space Analysis Using MATLAB-Simulink

pp. 13123-13133

Vivek Kumar, Saquib Reza and Ankur Vats


Finding the Aberration Spots of Intellectually Challengened Child – A Case Study

pp. 13135-13153



Automatic Recognition And Verification Of Defective Tablet Blisters Using Entropy Based Filtering And Histogram Processing

pp. 13155-13167

N. Shobha Rani , Nithusha V. K. , Roshna T. P


A Comparative Analysis of Classifier Algorithm in Defect Prediction Using CGBR Framework

pp. 13169-13177

Shiva Priya.K.P, Monisha.S, Keerthiga.R, Lawanya Shri.M


An Experimental Study On Utilization Of Parabolic Solar Cooker With Single Basin Solar Still For Water Desalination

pp. 13179-13196

C.Elango, N.Gunasekaran, S.Sridhar, K.Sampathkumar


Role of Taxonomy in Knowledge Discovery Patterns

pp. 13211-13219

Subashka Ramesh and Dr.A.Chandrasekar


Effects of Concrete By Using Waste tyre Rubber (Solid Waste)

pp. 13221-13230

Shanmugapriya M


Bio Inspired Algorithm Based Web Service Optimization –A Survey

pp. 13231-13242

V. Priya dharshini P. Divya D. Preethi N. Pazhaniraja P. Victer Paul


Designing of Antenna By Using Firefly Algorithm For Wimax Applications

pp. 13243-13260

Kantida Primson and Dr.R. Anita


Behaviour of Concrete Structure Under Impact and Blast Load

pp. 13261-13281

S Hemamalini, S Gopinathan


Evaluation of Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Ti-6al-4v Alloy By Ansys

pp. 13283-13286

S. Krishnamohan , S. Ramanathan, V. Ramakrishnan


Software Development and Reuse Using Functional Clones

pp. 13287-13295

Kavitha Esther Rajakumari, Dr. S. Srinivasan


VLSI Implementation of Weld Bead Defect and Detection By Guided Image Filtering

pp. 13297-13304

A. Abinaya, R. M. Joany


A Review on Variours Converters Used In Dc and Ac Locomotives

pp. 13305-13325

Ms. J. Suganthi Vinodhini, Dr. R. Samuel Rajesh Babu


Language Corpora and Learning Opportunities: An Analysis of The Academic Corpus of Contemporary American English (ACOCA)

pp. 13327-13338

A. Rajesh, Dr. Sarika Tyagi, Dr.Vijayakumar C


Performance of Basalt Fibre Reinforced Polymer (BFRP) Composites Retrofitted Rcc Piles Subjected To Impact Loads

pp. 13339-13352

R.Anandakumar, Dr.C.Selvamony, A.Seeni, S.Bright Singh


Estimation of Co-Efficient of Variance For Transmission Flow Series-Parallel Reliability Systems

pp. 13353-13363

K. Abdul Razak, K. Rajakumar


A High Speed Divider Architecture Using Paravartya Sutra of Vedic Mathematics

pp. 13365-13375

Manoranjan Pradhan and Bandan Kumar Bhoi


Preserving Privacy In Data Mining Application

pp. 13377-13382

S.Madhan, Ms.A.Viji Amutha Mary


A Review on Security Aspects of Data Storage in Cloud Computing

pp. 13383-13394

K Ruth Ramya, T. Sasidhar, D Naga Malleswari, M.T.V.S. Rahul


An Efficient Model for Music Information Retrieval of Carnatic Raaga

pp. 13395-13402

L. Prabaharan and A. Ganesh


Data Clustering Approach To Determine Smart-Phone

pp. 13403-13414

Pinaki Bhattacharjee, Rajeshwari Barman, Sudha S and Brindha K

Analysis and Performance Comparison Of 3-D NoC Routing Algorithms

pp. 13415-13429

A.Sweety, A. Karthikeyan, S.J.Jebasingh Kirubakaran


A Survey Paper on Big Data Analytics

pp. 13431-13438

R.Wesley Daniel, Prof D.Venkata Subramanian, E.Jasper Samuel,B.Sambalaji


An Optimized Core Aided Mesh Protocol for MANET Multicasting

pp. 13437-13446

B.Thenral and Dr. K. Thirunadana Sikamani


Big Data Analytics: A Supervised Approach for Sentiment Classification Using Mahout: An Illustration

pp. 13447-13457

Jaswant U and PN Kumar


Design Of FIR Filter With Clock Pipelining

pp. 13459-13466

Priya Stalin and C. Arun


Dahlin’s Control Technique to Controlling the Temperature in a Glycerin Bleaching Process

pp. 13467-13474

K.Harshavardhana Reddy, Sudha Ramasamy, Prabhu Ramanathan.


Bacterial Foraging Optimization Based Security Assessment And Enhancement In An Interconnected Power System With Jimmas Load Using Various Facts Devices

pp. 13473-13494

I.A.Chidambaram  and T.A.Ramesh Kumaar


MIMO Based Distributed Communication Using Decode And Forward Relay Channels

pp. 13494-13504

K. Maithili and M.Vadivel


CloudASR An Android Application For Capturing Architecturally Significant Requirements Visually In Cloud Computing Applications Using Platform As Service

pp. 13505-13514

B. Sathis Kumar and Ilango Krishnamurthi


Quality Sensing of Degummed and Neutralized Calophyllum Inophyllum Oil Using Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra

pp. 13515-13527

R. Prabhakar , R. Vijayan, T.Shanthi


Identification of Fault in Grid Connected PV System

pp. 13529-13544

M. Mano Raja Pau, R.Mahalakshmi, M.Karuppasamypandiyan and A.Bhuvanesh


Hybrid Knowledge Based Approach For Extractive Summarization In Tamil Language

pp. 13545-13554

Dr.S.Gunasekaran and D.Nithyavaishanvi


Review on Heat Transfer Enhancement using V-shaped Ribs

pp. 13555-13570

Khushal G. Sonawane and Uday S. Wankhede


Protected File Storage Over Specific Time Allowance Paradigm

pp. 13571-13578

B.Lavanya, J.Mounika, P.M.S.S.Chandu


Differential Evolution with Added Components for Early Detection and Avoidance of Premature Convergence in Solving Unconstrained Global Optimization Problems

pp. 13579-13594

Rachamalla Rahul Reddy and G.Jeyakumar


Identification and Recommendation of Best and High Reputed Users with Incentives in Spectrum Resource Allocation

pp. 13595-13613

Pravin.R, Prasanth.M, Vigneshwari. S


Data Compression Using Combination Of Huffman And Lempel-Ziv Welch Technique Based On Wavelet Transform

pp. 13615-13623

A.Alish Preethi and S.Lakshmi


Enhancing The Search Engine Results Through Web Content Ranking

pp. 13625-13635

S.Sathya Bama, M.S.Irfan Ahmed, A.Saravanan


Overhead Reduction And Security Enhancement In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

pp. 13637-13650

Hepzibah Golda M and Amrutha V


Client-Side Embedding With Asymmetric Fingerprinting For Identifying Illegal Distributor

pp. 13651-13660

V. Praveen, M. Vigneshvaran, Ms. Lydia Jeba


Active and Reactive power Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Based Wind Turbine Using SVPWM Technique During Voltage Sag

pp. 13661-13674

A. Senthilkumar and A. Senthilkumar


Efficiency Intensification Of Humidification-Dehumidification Desalination System Using Different Inserts In Air Heater

pp. 13675-13690

K .Srithar , C. Muthusamy, R. Periyasamy, G.Nishanth


Effect Of Fully Wrapped - Band Wrapped CFRP Confined Concrete Columns

pp. 13691-13701

N. Vallalperumal and Dr. B. Vidivelli


Mapping of Software Architectural Styles to Vastu Patterns

pp. 13703-13720

Roselin Mary S, Paul Rodrigues, Naganathan E.R


Forecasting Energy Demands based on Ensemble of Classifiers

pp. 13721-13733

Amutha Venkatessh, Soundaryadevi.M, Dr.L.S.Jayashree


Time Emphasizing For Frequent Closed Itemset Using Transaction Translate Closed Enumeration Tree In Tmoment Algorithm

pp. 13735-13748

R.Devika, M.Kamaladevi, K.Jayashree


Application of Six Sigma for reduction of “Lack of Fusion” defects in GTAW of nuclear piping installation

pp. 13749-13762

Shanmuga Raman G, Venkat Raman B, John Rajan A,  Kuppusamy M .V


A Review on Keyword Search for XML Databases

pp. 13763-13773

Dr. S. Selvaganesan and GV. Shrichandran






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