International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 7  (2015)  






Performance Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks in Presence of Wormhole Attacks for Various Topologies

pp. 16181-16196

S.Umamaheswari and R.Mahalakshmi


An Efficient Text Pattern Mining and Clustering (TPMC) Approach for Record Retrieval

pp. 16197-16217

A.Rajesh Kumar and Dr.R.Sasikala


Content Based Video Retrieval (CBVR) in Multimedia Video Sequences Using Adaptive Fuzzy C-Means (AFCM) Clustering

pp. 16219-16236

Manjunath R, S. Balaji


Detection Of Squats In Railways Infrastructure With High Hit Ratio

pp. 16237-16243

Harshvardhan Saraogi, Asst.Prof (S.G).A.Ruhan Bevi


Simulation of Hybrid Active Power Filter with Selective Harmonic Suppression

pp. 16245-16260

Unnikrishnan A.K, Chandira Sekaran E and Subhash Joshi T.G.


Grey Box System Identification And Optimal Control Of A Single Link Flexible Manipulator With Acld Treatment Using Stand – Off – Layer

pp. 16261-16282

Rajiv Kumar


Experimental Investigation Of Effect On Coefficient Of Lift Using Fixed To Flexible Winglets

pp. 16283-16290

Ramakrishnan B Durai Karthikeyan K Faizur Rahman Nasir M Achyuth Yadav V Syam Narayanan S


Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data: Based on User-Behavior

pp. 16291-16301

Ms.Umaa Ramakrishnan, Ms.Rashmi Shankar and Mr.Ganesha K


Development of Smart Nano composites for Aerospace Structural Health Monitoring System

pp. 16303-16320

P.Lakshmi and M.S.Nisha


Critical Review On Web Services And Legacy Systems - And Its Migration

pp. 16321-16329

E. Sreedevi and Dr. Y. Prasanth


Efficient Handover Mechanism of Proxy Mobile Ipv6 Based on Multi_homing Technology

pp. 16331-16341

L.K.Indumathi and Dr.D.Shalini Punithavathani


Hardware Architecture for Variational Mode Decomposition for Breast Cancer Feature Extraction on Ultrasound Images

pp. 16343-16354

Gopika Menon, T.Palanisamy, R.Lavanya


Fault Current Limitation and Voltage Dip Mitigation in a Radial Distribution System with the Use of Active Type Superconducting Fault Current Limiter

pp. 16355-16366

Supriya Saddi and K. Muthukumar


Stress Factor of Working Women In Engineering Institutions

pp. 16367-16384

Sreedevi A


Usage of Key-Aggregate Crypto With Steganography For Secured Data Sharing In Cloud Computing

pp. 16385-16392

S.Vinod Kumar, M.K.V Sreeram, Ms.S.Sarika


Effects of Alkali Treatment of Nata De Cassava on Tensile Strength and Morphology of Bacterial Cellulose Sheet

pp. 16393-16398

Heru Santoso Budi Rochardjo ,Dini Cahyandari, Soekrisno, Kusmono


Bowl Bladed Vertical Shaft Kinetic Turbine Performance Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)

pp. 16399-16407

Kennie A. Lempoy, Rudy Soenoko, SlametWahyudi, Moch. Agus Choiron


Simulation of The Process of Destruction of The Array of Cambrian Clays By Cutters Actuating Device of Sinking Machinery In Terms of OJSC “Metrostroy", St. Petersbu

pp. 16409-16417

Lavrenko Sergey Aleksandrovich, Yungmeister Dmitriy Alekseevich, Shishliannikov Dmitriy Igorevich, Iusupov Grigorii Adambaevich


Automated Control System For Survey Passenger Traffics

pp. 16419-16427

Nataliya GrigorievnaKuftinova , Andrey Vladimirovich Ostroukh, Anna Vladimirovna Vorobieva


Kalman Filtering For RSSI Based Localization System in Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 16429-16440

Maryjo M George, K Vadivukkarasi


Design and Capacity Analysis In Selection of Vibrating Feeder

pp. 16441-16449

Bhuvaneswari S, Ravikumar.S


A FQPSKDemodulatorwith Phase and Symbol Timing Synchronization

pp. 16451-16461

Minho Choi and Wonsik Yoon


Analysis of Morphology Based Block By Block Image Enhancement

pp. 16463-16474

Muthupandi G, Vincent Antony Kumar A


Dynamic Power Reduction For VLSI Circuit Using Delay Insertion Methodology

pp. 16475-16482

Suganya.S, Aravind. T and Sivakumar.D


Energy Harvesting For Driving Low Power Devices

pp. 16483-16490

Dr.V.V.Karthikeyan, Beny.J.R


Role of The Algorithm In Introductory Programming Courses

pp. 16491-16504

Teodosi K. Teodosiev and Anatoli M. Nachev


Investigations on Vehicle Rollover Prevention Using GA Tuned PID Controller

pp. 16505-16520

Binda.M.B., Dr.M.Rajaram,


Hierarchical Load Balanced Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 16521-16534

C.R. Rathish and Dr. A.Rajaram


Joint Strength Analysis of Single Lap Joint In Glass Fiber Composite Material

pp. 16535-16545

N.Senguttuvan, J.Lillymercy


Effective Extraction and Analysis of Data From Social Media

pp. 16547-16552

V. G. Krithiga


A Parallel Sentinal K-Means Clustering on GPU

pp. 16553-16562

V.Saveetha, Dr. S.Sophia, Pratul P Nambiar


An Approach For Prioritising Soft and Hard Goals In Self Adaptive Software Systems

pp. 16563-16574

Dr.Ananthi Sheshasaayee, Brinda Ramanujam


“Heat Transfer Enhancement By Using Twisted Tape With Elliptical Holes”

pp. 16575-16584

Kaustubh L. Kumbhar, Prof. S. L. Borse


TLS: Improving Security For Mobility Based MANET Using Three Level Security Mechanism

pp. 16585-16594

R. Rajamohamed, V.Rajamani


A High Voltage Gain DC-DC Converter With Voltage Multiplier Module For Photovoltaic System

pp. 16595-16612

S. Chandraleka and K. Sivapriya


A Bidirectional Isolated AC-DC Converter For Hybrid Power Systems

pp. 16613-16626

W.Margaret Amutha A.One and Dr.V.Rajini B.Two


Nano Material - Thermal Spraying Process

pp. 16627-16636

R.Vigithra, S.Shanmugasundaram, V.Rajkumar, K.Saravanan


Management Strategies of a Coastal Basin Through Regional Groundwater Modelling

pp. 16637-16653

K.S.A. Dinesh Kumar, S. Mohan, S.S. Rama Krishnan


Improved Density-Based K-Clustering (E-DBK) Algorithm For Effectual Investigation Of Crime Data

pp. 16655-16664

K.S.A. Dinesh Kumar, S. Mohan, S.S. Rama Krishnan


Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radio-A Survey

pp. 16665-16684

Subhajit Chatterjee, Jibendu Sekhar Roy, Partha Pratim Bhattacharya


Temperature Distribution Of A Heat Sink Used In Transformer

pp. 16685-16692

V.Thiruvengadam, S.Kolappan, D.Yogaraj


Solar Thermal Preheathing of Metallic Seraps in Foundries
pp. 16693-16708
J.Selvaraj and V.Harikesavan


Implementation Of Photovoltaic And Isolated Wind Energy Based ILST Control Strategy For Power Quality Improvement

pp. 16709-16726

Arun Prakash R,  J.Jayachandran, S.Malathi


Secure Data Distribution on Cloud Using Mobile Key Padding Algorithm

pp. 16727-16735

M.Rajeev Kumar, D.Naveen Raju, S.Deepan, R.Hariharan


Warm Cyclic Fatigue Analysis of Aluminum Piston Alloys

pp. 16737-16746

P.Kishore Kanna, J.Arun, N. Vinoj Kumar


Enhancing The Efficiency Of Accessing Big Data Using Genetic Algorithm

pp. 16747-16757

K.Anandhi, S.EbenazerRoselin, R.Hariharan, Member IEEE and K.Durairaj


FM0 And Manchester Encoder For DSRC Systems Using Power Efficient Dual Edge - Triggered Flip – Flop

pp. 16759-16767

Jithin Jose and Avm Manikandan


Cosine Based Partition Algorithm For Clustering Breast Cancer Data

pp. 16769-16785

S. Anitha Elavarasi and Dr. J. Akilandeswari


Removal Of Harmonic Distortion In Audio Signals Using Wavelet Packet Decomposition

pp. 16787-16796

T Anusuya, R Pratheepa , V Elamaran


Efficient Memory Built in Self Test Address Generator Implementation

pp. 16797-16813

V. Suresh Kumar and R. Manimegalai


Design And Optimization Of Single Notched UWB Antenna Using Genetic Algorithm

pp. 16815-16823

Priyadarshi Suraj, Vibha Rani Gupta, Manish Saxena


Study on Effect of Various Cutting Fluids During Turning Operations of AISI 1016 Steel

pp. 16825-16832

R.J. Kiran, Sanjivi Arul, S.Ilangovan, A.Shanmugasundaram


Simulation of Single Electron Transistor for Low Power VLSI Circuits

pp. 16833-16842

L. Sheela, N.B.Balamurugan , J.Thanga Ananth


Modeling Of Global Solar Radiation By Using Ambient Air Temperature At Coastal Cities In India

pp. 16843-16852

S. Ravichandran and Dr.J. David Rathnaraj


Improving Network Capacity for Effective Traffic Management using Graphs

pp. 16853-16863

P. Ranjana and A.George


Enhanced Support Vector Machine (SVM) Algorithm For Classify Microarray Data

pp. 16865-16872

Dr M. Hemalatha and S.Kavitha


Comparative Review Of Existing Mobile Payment Systems

pp. 16873-16884

Rushabh Patela, Akhil Kunchea, Nihar Mishraa, Zakwan Bhaiyata, Rahul Joshi


A Highly Adaptive Fault Tolerant Source Routing Protocol For Energy Constrained Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

pp. 16885-16897

P. Manickam and  Dr. D. Manimegalai


A Study on Investor Objective towards Mutual Fund Products

pp. 16899-16906

T.Velmurugan, Dr.N.Vijai Anand, K.Balaji, B.Rakesh


Effect of Thermal Barrier Coating on Performance, Combustion and Exhaust Emission in Bio-Fuel Powered Diesel Engine

pp. 16907-16922

K. Anandavelu


Segmentation Approach for Offline Cursive Handwritten Words

pp. 16923-16930

Sonal Bansal and Dr. Rinku Dixit


Desalination Of Effluent Waste Using Biomass Heat Source And Analytical Validation Using RSM

pp. 16931-16952

A.Senthil Rajana and K.Raja


A Study On Verbalization Of OWL Axioms Using Controlled Natural Language

pp. 16953-16960

Archana Venugopal and Dr. Gowtham Ramesh


Study And Analysis Of Energy Issues In Cloud Computing

pp. 16961-16969

P. Sanjeevi, P. Viswanathan, M. Rajasekhara Babu, P. Venkata Krishna


Study of ECV Valve Vibration Characteristics

pp. 16971-16975

WANGWENHAI and Haeng Muk Cho


The Effect of Head Inflow and Turbine Axis Angle Towards The Three Row Bladed Screw Turbine Efficiency

pp. 16977-16984

Tineke Saroinsong , Rudy Soenoko, Slamet Wahyudi, Mega Nur Sasongko


The Effects Of Group Work As A Primary Teaching Strategy On Accomplishment Of The Course-Level Program Outcomes: A Case Study

pp. 16985-16998

JinShil Kim, DongGook Park, SeWon Kang,


ITIL - A Systematic Approach to Solving Problems

pp. 16999-17017

Jog Yatin, TrivediShamik, Dudhe Prashant


Performance Analysis of Carry Lookahead Adder Using MCC Logic in 90-nm Technology

pp. 17019-17028

JasbirMalik and AbhinavVishnoi


Efficient NOC Architecture For FPGA Based Soft Core Embedded System

pp. 17029-17036

J.Gopi and Mrs. J Manjula


Effects of Sugar Palm Fiber Immersed In Sea Water Toward the Palm Fiber Tensile Strength As A Composite Strengthen

pp. 17037-17045

Mardin H, ING Wardhana, Pratikto, Wahyono Suprapto


Shattering The Glass Ceiling In Corporates

pp. 17047-17058

Dr.Suruchi Pandey, Vasundhara Pande, Prakriti R Singh


The Needs Analysis and Design of Programmable Logic Controller Trainer Panel System In Vocational High Schools

pp. 17059-17071

Abdul Muis Mappalotteng, Muhammad Yahya, Syahrul


Estimating The Video Watermark Quality Using SVD

pp. 17073-17084

S.Poongodi, Dr.B.Kalaavathi, V.Ramadevi


Comparison of Different Control Techniques For DSTATCOM With PV Array For Power Quality Improvement

pp. 17085-17101

M.Manoj Kumar, J.Jayachandran, S.Malathi


Implementation of Non-Linear Control Strategy For Hybrid D-Statcom In Mitigation of Harmonics and Reactive Power Compensation

pp. 17103-17119

R Muralekrishnen, J Jayachandran and S Malathi


Power Quality Improvement In Smps Using Modified Bridgeless Cuk Converter

pp. 17121-17135

Vinay Prasanth R, Malathi S and Jayachandran J


Extended Kalman Filter Based Localization With Sonar Features Extracted By Grid Association For Mobile Robots

pp. 17137-17148

Se-Jin Lee, Nam-Hun Kim


Clustering and De-Centralised Clustering With Compressive Data Gathering For Effective Data Transmission In Wireless Sensor Network

pp. 17149-17161

Mrs. S. Jothi Muneeswari, R.Aishwarya, Dr.A.Kannan


Multifunction Sensor Node For Home Intelligent System And Raspberry Pi As Gateway

pp. 17163-17170

Swathy Suresh and K.Vadivukkarasi


Analysis of Brain Computer Interface Based Robot Wheel Chair Control

pp. 17171-17179

P.Priyan, M.Uma, S.Prabhu


Pi Control Based Power Quality Improvement Using Ac Voltage Controller

pp. 17181-17191

Ponraj V, Balasubramani M


Home Automation Using GSM

pp. 17193-17200

Deepikarani Sona, Anshul Choudhary,


Review of Different Compressive Sensing Algorithms and Recovery Guarantee of Iterative Orthogonal Matching PursuitAsheesh Kumar Goyal

pp. 17201-17212

P. Vimala and G. Yamuna


Wmns: Efficient Scheduling Algorithm and Classification of Routers With Multiple Gateways

pp. 17213-17228

M. Sudhakar


Removal of Mutual Coupling Between MIMO Antennas Using U Section and Concave Microstrip Structures

pp. 17229-17241

Pushveen Mattu, Pushveen Mattu, R. Madhusudhan Goud


Typology of Information Technology Enabled Organizations

pp. 17243-17250

Priya Xavier and , Dr.K.Prabhakar


Geotechnical Parameters Prediction Models For Infrastructure Developments

pp. 17251-17260

Arulkumaran. S, Sukumar. S


Network Constrained Economic and Emission Dispatch Using Differential Evolution Algorithm

pp. 17261-17273

Augusteen W A and Dr. Rengaraj R


A Dynamic Approach To History Based DTN Routing on Delivery Predictabilities

pp. 17275-17282

Mohsin Naziruddin, M.Pushpalatha


Certificateless Sequential Signature Scheme In New Multi-Party Key Agreement Protocol

pp. 17283-17290

P.R.Vijayalakshmi, K. Bommanna Raja


Implementation of Cleaner Production Strategies In A Manufacturing Industry

pp. 17291-17302

Sangeeth Kumar. K.S, Gokulachandran. J


Risk Assessment and Management In A Manufacturing Industry

pp. 17303-17314

Nithin.M, Gokulachandran.J


Gripping Force Measurement and EMG Classification For Hand Functions.

pp. 17315-17326

Vigneswari S V, Savithri D, Mahendran V S


Compression of Data In Body Sensor Networks

pp. 17327-17337

Viona Pamela Quadros, Dr. M Pushpalatha


Novel Approach ForReduction In PAPR Using LDPC Code With PTS and Linear Block Code

pp. 17339-17346

PonkhiBhuyan, GopalKrishan


NIRS Based PPG Sensor For Detection of Oxy –Hb and Deoxy-Hb Change During Activity

pp. 17347-17356

Nivedita Daimiwal, Dr.M.Sundhararajan, Revati Shriram


Osmotic Dehydration of Coconut Slices In Hypertonic Sugar Solution: Optimization of Process Variable Using RSM

pp. 17357-17374

G. Kamalanathan and  RM. Meyyappan


Product Metrics Based Predictive Classification of Software Using RAR Mining and Naive Bayesapproach

pp. 17375-17391

Kumudha. P, Venkatesan, Radhika Engimuri


An Efficient PFC Zeta Converter-Based PMBLDCM Drive for Air-Conditioners

pp. 17393-17409

D. Saravanan, Dr. M. Gopinath


Frugal Innovation In India: The Case of Tata Nano

pp. 17411-17420

Dr. Loveleen Gaur and Ms. Supriya Lamba Sahdev


Approach For Reduction of PAPR In OFDM System Using PTS Along With Clipping and Hamming Codes

pp. 17421-17427

Rubina Rajbongshi, Gopal Krishan


An Effective Algorithm For Web Search Result Clustering Based on Cuckoo Search and Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms

pp. 17429-17440

P.Salini, P.Umaa Shangari, G.A Nagalakshmi, K.Sangeetha Kumari


A Novel Image Hiding Using SMVQ/Image Inpainting Technique

pp. 17441-17447

R.Pratheepa, J.Jezebel Priestley, T.Anusuya, V Elamaran


Comparative Study of Human Recognition For Video Surveillance

pp. 17449-17457

C. Chairmakani and J.P Ananth


Global Solar Radiation Estimation Using Sunshine Duration In Pollachi Area

pp. 17459-17467

S.Ranganathan, A.SenthilKumar


Parallel Processing Agents For Data Mining With Cloud Computing & Multi-Agent Systems

pp. 17469-17478

Annie Sheryl S, J.P Ananth


Performance Evaluation of Multi User MC-CDMA Systems on Rayleigh and AWGN Channels For 4G Mobile Communications

pp. 17479-17489

T. Jaya, E.Gopinathan


Low Complexity Duplex Model For Multi-User LTE System In High Speed Train Environment

pp.  17491-17501

Shuvabrata Bandopadhaya, Jibendu Sekhar Roy


Perimeter-Area Ratios and Thermal Discomfort Due To Excess Heat In Rural Mud Architecture of Jharkhand: A Study Through Simulation and Temperature Measurements In Composite Climate

pp. 17503-17518

Janmejoy Gupta, Dr Manjari Chakraborty


Implementation For Prognostication of Cancer Using Gene Expression Data

pp. 17519-17532

Mr. S.Sivakumar, D.VIJI


Hybrid PSO Algorithm With Tabu Search For Economic and Emission Dispatch Problems

pp. 17533-17551

Prabakaran S., Senthilkumar V


Secure Data Deduplication Using Efficient Cokm In Cloud Storage

pp. 17553-17561

Sreeram.G and Arun.M


Design and Analysis of Multiple Test Patterns In Bist Scheme

pp. 17563-17571

M.Saranya, R.Muthaiah


Analysing Delay Test For Power Switch Technique

pp. 17573-17579
K.Muni sowjanya, R.Muthaiah


Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference System For Aircraft Control

pp. 17581-17591

J. Gnanasoundharam, Dr. K. Latha


Enhanced Error Correcting Parallel Decoder For Bch Codes

pp. 17591-17599

V.Annapoorani, R.Muthaiah


Some Striking Characterizations of Structural Properties of Intuitionistic Fuzzy H-Ideals In Г-Hemiring

pp. 17601-17614

D.Ezhilmaran, V.Krishnamoorthy


An Effective Compression Based Secure Authentication Protocol For WSN

pp. 17615-17630

A.S.Anshad, R.Radhakrishnan


Design and Development of All Wheel Nut Remover For Automotive

pp. 17631-17641

Amol Bhanage, Suraj Bedse, Keval Devare, Varsharani Batte, Komal Dixit


Detection of Masses In Digital Mammograms Using KMeans and Neural Network

pp. 17643-17656

S. Julian Savari Antony, S.Ravi


Matching of Dental Radiographs For Discriminating Features of Human

pp. 17657-17664

Radhika. G, Vidhya. S, T. Rajasundari


Intrusion Detection and Classification of Attacks Using Fuzzy Logic

pp. 17665-17674

Sabna Sulaiman, Dr. M.Pushpalatha


Experimental Evidence of Quantum Confinement Impairment In The Optical Properties of Annealed Lead Sulphide Thin Film

pp. 17675-17683

Uno E. U, Emetere M.E., Faluyi E.S, Gbenga B.A


Progress on Mangiferaindica As Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

pp. 17685-17694

Uno, U.E, Emetere, M.E, Fadipe, L.A, Oyediji, J


A Novel Message Verification Scheme For Vehicular Interaction Networks Using EMAC Algorithm

pp. 17695-17710

D.David Neels Ponkumar, I.Elaveni, C.K.Balasundari and S.Janeshwari


An Efficient Dynamic Fuzzy Based Priority Scheduler For Mobile Wimax

pp. 17711-17720

Dr. D. David Neels Ponkumar


Advertisement Source Trust Predicition Using Bayesian Probabilistic Classification Model With K-Nearest-Neighbor

pp. 17721-17728

R. Selvavinayagam, Dr. A. AshokKumar


Design Optimization of Large Diameter Ball Bearings Using Genetic Algorithms

pp. 17729-17741

Starvin.M.S., 2Manisekar.K.,. Nagasubramanian.N


Design of PLL And Frequency Synthesizer With SRL CMOS Using GDI Technique

pp. 17743-17749

Venkata Subba Reddy Takkoli, Mr. A V M Manikandan


CUK Converter Based PWM Inverter For Micro Grid Applications

pp. 17751-17761

P. Priyadharshini


Detection of Various Areas on The Fundus Image Used For The Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy

pp. 17763-17770

Vijay Kaushal, .B. Hemalatha


Outlier Detection In Wireless Sensor Networks Using Compressive Sensing Algorithm

pp. 17771-17778

Natasha Swarnkar, .B. Hemalatha


Synchronous Reference Frame Method For A Four Legactive Power Filter Using UDCS Frequency Scheme Undernon-Stiff Source Conditions

pp. 17779-17787

Deepthi Joseph, KalaiarasiN, PradeepKatta


Measurement of The Performance Factor: A Forward Feature Selection Approach

pp. 17789-17794

Prafulla Bharat Bafna


Finite Element Simulation of Angular Distortion In Carbon Steel Butt Welded Joint

pp. 17795-17806

Hitesh Arora, Prashant K. Pandey, Mandeep Singh, Vishaldeep Singh


Feature Extraction of Object From Reconstructed Images

pp. 17807-17814

S.Saraswathi, Anishin Raj M.M, V.Vaithiyanathan


FACTS Based Multi Objective Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Using NSGA-II

pp. 17815-17826

Dr. S. K. Nandha Kumar, R. M. Dhivya , Dr. I. Gerald Christopher Raj


A Novel Scheme For Extracting Maximum Power From SPV Module Under All Conditions

pp. 17827-17836

T.Brindha, Dr.V.Rajini


Analysis of Sensitization of Austenitic Stainless Steel By Different Welding Processes: A Review

pp. 17837-17848

Viranshu Kumar , Hitesh Arora, Prashant Kumar Pandey and Vikas Ratore


Enhanced Built-In Self Test For MSP 430

pp. 17849-17856

J.R.Nishanth C.Jeevanatham and S.Sharmila


AQM Congestion Control Mechanism For Sensor Cloud Networks: A Survey

pp. 17857-17869

M.Satheesh Kumar, J.Alice Anandhi


A Novel Integrated Fly Back Converter With Battery Backup

pp. 17871-17882

Ms.P.Anto Jailyn, Dr.V.Rajini


Study of I2C Communication Protocol Using Nuvot on micro controller Device

pp. 17883-17890

Arun Mohan, K. Ramesh,


Optical Pressure Sensor: A Review

pp. 17891-17908

Sarita Kumari


Design of Ultrawideb and Micros Trip Antenna Using EBG Structures

pp. 17909-17918

Sabzar Ahmad Bhat and R. Madhusudhan Goud


Speed Control of Brushless Dc Motor In Four Quadrant Operation Using Dsp

pp. 17919-17931

B. Mahesh Kumar, Babu Ashok R


Improving The Accuracy of Intrusion Detection Systems In Mobile Adhoc Network Using Fuzzy Logic Method

pp. 17933-17950

S.Russia, Dr.R.Anita, K.Murugan


System Identification Techinques For Non Linear Level Process

pp. 17951-17970

Ms. F Fareeza, Dr. B Rama Murthy


Reduction of Harmonics In Three Phase Shunt Active Power Filter Using Pi-Vpi and Fuzzy-Vpi Controllers

pp. 17971-17980

Hareesh P, Sudha V


Dual Modulus Prescalers Using Mos Current Mode Logic

pp. 17981-17989

Shwetha K, Avm Manikandan


Spending on Education Determinant of Economic Growth Using Using Structural Equation Modeling

pp. 17991-18005

L.Kamatchi Priya,Dr.M.K.Kavitha Devi, Dr.S.Nagarajan


Signal Integrity Analysis of High Speed Interconnects In SATA Connector

pp. 18007-18014

Mrs. P. Rajeswari, S. Raju, M. Divya Poornima, R. Sudharshana,A. Gobinath


Multilevel Inverter Topology For Grid Interconnection

pp. 18015-18029

G Vikhram, J Gowrisankar and M Balasubramaniam


Secure Information Retrieval and Transferal of Decentralized Data By Using CP-ABE Technology

pp. 18031-18046

Sandeep Kota. Vinod Kumar Maddineni , Manjeera Boppana , Jathin Yalamanchili


HARS: Heterogeneity-Aware Resource Scheduling In Grid Environment Using K-Centroids Clustering And PSO Techniques

pp. 18047-18062

CH V T E V Laxmi, Dr. K.Somasundaram


Machining A Component Using Vision Based 3-Axis Cartesian Robot

pp. 18063-18077

Bhagyashree Das, M.R Stalin John


Securing DSR Protocol From Selfish Node Attack

pp. 18079-18087

S.Sundar,R.Kumar, Harish M.Kittur


A Study on Phase Change Material Based Thermal Energy Storage System Using Fuzzy Logic and Ann

pp. 18089-18103

K Dharma Reddy, Dr. P Venkataramaiah


A Review on Congestion Control Mechanisms In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

pp. 18105-18114

M.S.Gowtham, Dr.M.Sudha


Existence of Fuzzy Solutions for Second Order Boundary Value Problems with Integral Boundary Conditions

pp. 18115-18125

R. Ramesh, S. Vengataasalam


Assessing Disaster in Tank Command Areas of Cooum Basin using IRS LISS III Data

pp. 18127-18139

S. Sharmila, Dr. R. Latha,  Anandhi


Decode And Forward Strategies Of Cooperative Relaying In Next Generation Wireless Communication

pp. 18141-18150

Sharon Priyanka.S, P. Vetrivelan, R. Ratheesh, and  M. Jagannath


Reliability Improvement Of Partitioned VLSI Systems For Fault Tolerance

pp. 18151-18165

Deepa Jose, Chitra M, P. Nirmal Kumar


Smart Leakdec Wireless Sensor Network For Water Leakage Detection

pp. 18167-18179

Mrudul S Shingwekar and  A. Ruhan Bevi


Holographic Data Storage

pp. 18181-18193

J V N Ramesh, K. Harish, S. Samrajyam and S. Eswar Reddy


Annotation Based Algorithm For Content Based Image Retrieval of Digital Images

pp. 18195-18210

Pathur Nisha S, Ilango Krishnamurthi


Multicasting Video Streaming In Large – Scale Areas Using Wireless Mesh Networks

pp. 18211-18220

B. Ardly Melba Reena and B.Vinayaga Sundaram


Automatic Morphology-Based MRI Brain Segmentation In Edge Detection With Neural-Network Optimization

pp. 18221-18229

B.Balakumar, P.Raviraj


Tackle The Deferral Messages Under Jamming Using TACT

pp. 18231-18239

Isaimathi. C, Narayanan. A. E, AP/IT, Anbaan. P


Hyperbolic Tangent Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm With Spatial Information For MRI Segmentation

pp. 18241-18257

Nookala.Venu, Dr.B.Anuradha


Simulation on Inlet Ports of Six Cylinder Diesel Engine To Obtain The Swirl Motion

pp. 18259-18269

N. Nithyanandan, B. Dhanasakkaravarthi, N. Balaji and C.Velmurugan


An Efficient Classifier Decision Tree For Active Context Source Discover On Mobile Pervasive Environment

pp. 18271-18284

H.Shaheen and Dr.S.Karthik


A Novel Approach for Mining Cluster Data bases Using Fuzzy Link Analysis

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Adaptive Link Based Cluster Ensemble Process for Cluster Relational Data

pp. 18299-18312

D. Veeraiah and Dr. D. Vasumathi


Flexible House Attributes As Perceived By The End-Users

pp. 18313-18324

Khwla A.M.H. Alaraji and Mahmud Bin Mohd Jusan


Design of Low Leakage Power Wallace Tree Multiplier Using SVL Circuits

pp. 18325-18335

R. Nireesha and Dr. T. Vigneswaran


Groundwater Quality Assessment And Recharge Well Design Of Cengkareng Area, West Jakarta

pp. 18337-18348

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Congestion Adaptive Routing Techniques for 2D NOC

pp. 18349-18356

Hemamalini.A and  D. Fercy Filona Selvi


Semi-Analytical Approach To The Fixed Systems Of Differential Equations Solution On The Example Of The Oscillating Model Of The Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction

pp. 18357-18361

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Frequent Itemsets Mining Algorithms: A Review

pp. 18363-18373

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Hypertension Control and Associated Factors in Korean Hypertensive Adults Based on the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2008-2010

pp. 18375-18384

Eunok Park and Hyo Geun Geun


Landslide Hazard Zonation using GIS: A Case Study from Sindhupalchowk, Nepal

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Optimization Analysis of Microwave Ring Resonator for Bio-sensing Application

pp. 18395-18406

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Effects Of An 8-Week Twin Exercise Program On Functional Fitness In 40 To 50 Year Old Women

pp. 18407-18416

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Usage Effectiveness Of E-Learning Media Based On Joomdle Automotive Engineering Department Of Education Faculty Of Engineering Makassar State University

pp. 18417-18424

Muhammad Yahya


The Algorithm For A Single Competition For Admission To Higher Education Programmes

pp. 18425-18434

Alexey Ivanovich Pykhtin


Load Balancing Of Tasks In Cloud Computing Environments Using Modified Artificial Bee Colony (MABC) Algorithm

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Survey On Swarm Intelligence Based Optimization Algorithm

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Test Case Prioritization Using Improved Prim’s Algorithm

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A Dossier Fortification With Cover-Up And Load Balanced Structure

pp. 18469-18476

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Mechanical Behaviour Of Calotropis Reinforced Vinyl Ester Composite

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Multi-Core Processor Based TCP/IP Client and Server Module Using OpenMP

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A Study on Automation of Blood Donor Classification and Notification Techniques

pp. 18503-18514

Arunkumar Chinnaswamy, Gurusankar Gopalakrishnan, Kamal Kiran Pandala Venkata, Shabala Natarajan


Effect of Multi Component Activating Fluxes on Mechanical Properties of TIG Welded Stainless Steel Weldments

pp. 18515-18527

M. Gnanasekaran, A. Kumaravel, S. Jerome, K. Perumal


A Method to Effort Estimation for XP Projects in Clients Perspective

pp. 18529-18550

E.Karunakaran and N.Sreenath


2-D Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Dual Material Surrounding Gate Tunnel FET (DMSGTFET) For Diminished SCES

pp. 18551-18563

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Congestion Controlled Multipath Routing Protocol Using Bandwidth Metric In WMN

pp. 18565-18579

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Quality Of Service (QoS) Enhancement For Mobile Multimedia Applications Using Cross - Layer (CL) Mapper

pp. 18581-18592

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Sensitivity Based Voltage Profile Improvement in Radial Distribution System

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Dynamic Resource Allocation Scheme Based on Interference Coordination and Load Balancing for Multihop Cellular Networks

pp. 18607-18616

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Demographic Scrutiny and Novel Pertinence of Image Transition Disclosure Mechanism For Satellite Images

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Unconventional Approach to Low Energy Universal Shift Register and Up/Down Counter for Digital Circuits

pp. 18639-18655

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Design and Fabrication of Delta Robot With Voice Control

pp. 18657-18668

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Design and Analysis of Multiband Micros trip b and pass Filter

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A Rajesh, Mrs. J Manjula


ABC Algorithm Based Voltage Stability Enhancement Strategy For Distribution System

pp. 18679-18690

C. R. Amudha, Dr. V. Senthil Kumar


An Efficient Bernstein Operational Matrix Based Algorithm For A Few Boundary Value Problems

pp. 18691-18708

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Performance Analysis of OFDM System With Channel Estimation And Phase Noise Reduction Using EKF

pp. 18721-18735

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Design, Fabrication and Control of A Six-Legged Robot For Search and Rescue

pp. 18737-18749

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Review on Integration of IP Multimedia Subsystem With fem to cells Network

pp. 18751-18758

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An Optimized WCIP Method Based on A 2D Discrete Wavelet Transform

pp. 18759-18770

S.Bennour, N.Sboui


Design and Simulation of A New Topology Boost Inverter To Run Home Load Appliances

pp. 18771-18778

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Automatic Detection Of Porosity In Tubular Butt Welds Using Digital Radiographic Image Processing Techniques

pp. 18779-18786

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CPSEL: Cloud Provider Selection Framework For Ranking and Selection of Cloud Provider

pp. 18787-18810

Harshpreet Singh and Dr. Rajneesh Randhawa


Intra-Cluster Optimization In Zone-Based Wireless Sensor Networks Using DBSCAN

pp. 18811-18824

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Tricriteria Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problem Using Metaheuristic

pp. 18825-18835

M. Saravanan, S. Joseph Dominic Vijaya kumar*, R. Srinivasan and S. Paul Singarayar


Simulation of PWM Control of Single Phase Switched Boost Inverter With Low Harmonics

pp. 18837-18845

Priya Panneerselvam, Balu Velayutham, Anandaraj Chinnasamy


BER Assessment of MIMO-OFDM Using Spatial Diversity With OSTBC4

pp. 18847-18860

Bhanu and Lavish Kansal


Energy Efficient Broadcasting and Forward Node Selection Using Network Coding In Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks (MWSN)

pp. 18861-18878

K.Balamurugan,Dr.A. Subramani


Fault Detection Based on Instantaneous Power Computation of Residue Application To Dynamical Systems

pp. 18879-18888

Hatem Bellahsene Noura Razika, Mostefai Mohamed and Aktouf Oum El Kheir






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