International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 9  (2015)  





Tissue Classification And Boundary Based Segmentation In Thyroid Ultrasound Image
pp. 21565-21581
Sheeja Agustin A and S Suresh Babu

GPS Based Routing for Urban Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
pp. 21583-21590
N. Srichakradhar Reddy, V. Naga Krishna and Davuluri Vinaya Sai

Identification and Translation of Nouns in a Bilingual Code Mixed Language into Pure Form
pp. 21591-21604
Shree Harsh, T. V. Prasad and G Rama Krishna

A Novel Privacy Preserving Model to Enhance Data Privacy
pp. 21605-21613
Sowmyarani C N and G N Srinivasan

A Hybrid Renewable Energy Model For Riyadh City of Saudi Arabia Using Integer Linear Programming
pp. 21615-21622
Adel S Bahakeem

A Study On Combustion Of Torrefiedsewage Sludge
pp. 21625-21632
Jeeban Poudel and Sea Cheon Oh

Prioritization Of Students’ Needs For Education Service Design And Development By Embedding AHP And Fuzzy Set Theory: A Case Study
pp. 21633-21645
Lupo Toni

Fuzzy Logic Control for Pneumatic Excavator Model
pp. 21647-21657
Rafiuddin Syam

A Report On The Importance Of Work-Life Balance
pp. 21659-21665
D.Babin Dhas

Fault Location of 230kv Transmission Line Using Travelling Wave Technique
pp. 21667-21674
V. Venkatesh, R. Murali Sachithanandam, U.M. Meenakshi and S. Ari Prasath

Integration of Wind and Hydro Power Generation and Its Forecasting
pp. 21675-21682
R.Murali Sachidhanadham Thirumavalavan K.Venkatesh V Ariprsath S

Measurement of Supply Chain Conflicts: a Petri Net Approach

pp. 21683-21698
Franklin R. John and R. Jayachitra

Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based Enhancement of Available Transfer Capability By Incorporating FACTS Device In Restructured Power Market
pp. 21699-21708
Sabthunika K and Balamurugan K

SYMCBIR: A Symbiotic Feature Fusion Approach For CBIR Systems
pp. 21709-21718
Preetam Badgujar and Shruti Patil

Investing In Information Technology To Acquire A Competitive Advantage In Egyptian Companies: A Mixed Methods Approach
pp. 21711-21727
Sherif El Batanony and Rasha Abd El Aziz

Durability Evaluation of Variable Swash Plate Air Conditioning Compressors
pp. 21729-21735
Seo Hyun Sang and Haeng Muk Cho

Slashing Energy Consumption Inclusive of Reliable Packet Delivery Via IWDA and DSRA
pp. 21737-21748
T.Akila and P.Uma Maheswari

A Model Based Regression Test Reduction Approach For SOA Based Applications
pp. 21749-21765
Rajani Kanta Mohanty, Binod Kumar Pattanayak and Durga Prasad Mohapatra

Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Radiation Detection System
pp. 21767-21775
V.Rajkumar, Sathiendran.Rk, K.Saravanan, and Hariharavarshan

Reviewing Otsu’s Method For Image Thresholding
pp. 21777-21783
Sunil L. Bangare, Amruta Dubal, Pallavi S. Bangare and S. T. Patil

High Frequency Ultrasonic Transducer on Base of Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) Films
pp. 21785-21791
V. M. Sarnatskii, I. E. Lezova and I.O. Mavlonazarov

Vague Prime Ideals In G-Semirings
pp. 21793-21811
Y. Bhargavi and T. Eswarlal

Variable Hit or Miss Transform Based Feature Extraction Inlidar For Robotics Application
pp. 21813-21824
M.Elakkiya, and S.Rakeshkumar

Nearest Neighbor Search Using Spatial Inverted Index Method
pp. 21825-21832
D.Haritha, Poojitha.M, S. Prasanna Kumar, K.Rahul ,and K. Bala Krishna

Global Optimization of PID Parameters For A Nonlinear System Using Firefly Algorithm
pp. 21833-21852
A. Jayachitra and R. Vinodha

A Study on Network Storage Technologies: DAS, NAS And SAN
pp. 21853-21866
M. Saravanamuthu and G. M. Kadhar Nawaz

Line Flow Based WLAV State Estimation Technique for Power Systems with Bad Measurements
pp. 21867-21876
M. Kalpanadevi and R. Neela

Cancer Classification on Expression Data Using Phylogenetic Methods With Parallel Reconstruction of Neighbor Joining Tress Using CUDA
pp. 21877-21884
A. Natarajan and.T.Ravi

Modelling Surface Finish For Aluminium Based Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite By RSM
pp. 21885-21897
V.Janakiramana, John David.Sb, Ramu Murugan

Penaeid Prawn Species Classification Based on Shape and Texture Feature Extraction Using Support Vector Machine
pp. 21899-21908
V. Sucharita, S. Jyothi and D.M. Mamatha

Prediction of Afflux (backwater) Caused by a Single Spur Dike Using Artificial Neural Network
pp. 21909-21919
Hamed Sarveram and Hamed Ebrahimkhani

Fluid-Structure Interactions of Physiological and Pulsatile Flow cases in Stenosed Artery
pp. 21921-21937
Taewon Seo

Factors Related to Suicidal Ideation in Elders in Four Asian Countries: A Literature Review
pp. 21939-21958
Jung Nam Sohn, Hae Kyung Chang and Linda S. Beeber

Importance of Core Basic Nursing Skills Achievement by Nursing Students and Demand in the Incipient Stage of Clinical Practice as Perceived by Preceptors
pp. 21959-21970
JinShil Kim and Se-Won Kang

Performance Evaluation Of Automobile Industry Effluent Treatment Plant To Achieve Zero Discharge
pp. 21971-21982
S.Virapan, R.Saravanane,and T.Sundarajan

Obstacle Avoiding Robot Using Karnaugh Map
pp. 21983-21990
Priyanshi Agrahari, Amandeep Kaur, Harjit Kaur Dhanoa and Gurjot Singh

Enhancement of a GSM Based Control System
pp. 21991-22000
Ashraf Mohamed Ali Hassan

Push Metal V-Belt Life Time Analysis Based On Austenitic Standart Material AISI 205 For Automotive Continous Variable Transmission
pp. 22001-22010
Kadek Rihendra Dantes

A Complexity Reduction Demodulator For Multi-h CPM With Phase And Symbol Timing Synchronization
pp. 22011-22022
Minho Choi and Wonsik Yoon

An Effective Approach For The Maintenance Scheduling In Large Systems With Required Reliability Level: A Case Study
pp. 22023-22033
A.Certa, G. Galante, T. Lupo and G. Passannanti

Maintenance Planning For The Reliability Maximization In A Large System With Vagueness In The Reliability Values Of Some Components
pp. 22034-22046
A.Certa, G. Galante, T. Lupo and G. Passannanti

A Multi-Criteria Group Decision To Support The Maintenance Service: A Case Study
pp. 22047-22055
Antonella Certa, Mario Enea, Giacomo Galante and Toni Lupo

Mitigation of Harmonics In 6.6kv Bus In MTPS By Using MMC
pp. 22057-22068
Arun.G, Thirumavalavan.K and K.Vijayarekha

Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites Subjected To Different Environmental Conditions
pp. 22069-22076
Shivraj Puggal, Sumit Mahajan, Simran Dutt Sharma, Novepreet Dhall and Navjeet Singh

A New Power Gating Scheme Using Multi-Mode Power Switches For Static Power Reduction
pp. 22077-22084
Famitha.B, Kuppusamy P.G, Jebasingh Kirubakaran.S.J, Karthikeyan. A

Shunt Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Switch With Holes And Integrated Complementary Split Ring Resonator (CSRR) Meta-Materials For RF Applications
pp. 22085-22095
Elangovan R and Usha Kiran K

Experimental Investigation of Mechanical and Durability Properties of Self Compacting Concrete With Fly Ash and M Sand
pp. 22097-22108
A. Tamilarasan, S.Sankaran

Optimal Conductor Selection In Radial Distribution System Using ABC Algorithm
pp. 22109-22122
P.R. Shankar

Design of An Efficient Carry Select Adder
pp. 22123-22131
C. Yuvaraj, R. Saravanan

Fast Approximate Aggregation Algorithms For Effective Browser Visualization Using Similarity Heuristics
pp. 22133-22144
Shiju Sathyadevan, Hariram S, Akhil Antony and Mahith VP

Review-The Identification and Location of Fault In VSC-HVDC Transmission
pp. 22145-22162
Shrikant Shantaram Mopari, and Pannala Krishna Murthy

Implementation of N-Level Clustered Architecture For Multicasting Using PMAC In Wireless Networks
pp. 22163-22175
Adwitiya Mukhopadhyay, Rakesh MV and, Nimisha Nair

Design and Implementation of A 16-Bit Parallel Self-Timed Adder Using GDI Logic
pp. 22177-22188
MDV Satya Swaroop, and J Manjula, AP

Design of Digital Logic Circuits Using Multiple Valued Logic IC Gates
pp. 22189-22200
K Saketh and J Manjula

Automated Recommendation System With Feedback Analysis
pp. 22201-22210
Kavin Kumar.V, Rachamalla Rahul Reddy, Rohit Balasubramanian, Sridhar.M, Sridharan.Kand D. Venkataraman

Implementation of VLSI Progressive Supervised Transmission Algorithm For Image Transmission In Satellite Communications
pp. 22211-22218
S.Harshavardhan Naidu, and K. Siddappa Naidu

An Analysis of Optical Code Division Multiple Access Passive Optical Network Systems
pp. 22221-22232
Liju Mohan and A. Sangeetha

A Novel Light Weight Cryptography For Mobile Database With Performance Analysis
pp. 22233-22246
D. Roselin Selvarani, T. N. Ravi and T. Kannan Loganathan

Design and Fabrication of A Four-Legged Robot For Fertilizer Spraying
pp. 22249-22263
V. Manikandaprabu and R.Ambigai

Design and Fabrication of Hand Gesture Wheelchair For Disable Person Using Mems
pp. 22265-22274
K.naveen kumar, and Naveen john punnoose

A Novel Image Reconstruction Technique Using Steerable Wavelet Transform and Modified Morphological Approach
pp. 22275-22286
G.K.Rajini, N.Amutha Prabha, Abhishek Gudipalli, G.Vidhyasagar and J.Latha

Enterprise Data Warehousing And Mining Through Business Visual Tools Interaction With UML Profile Modeling
pp. 22287-22298
Padmanathan Anantharaman and H. V. Ramakrishnan

A New PWM Technique For symmetric and Asymmetric Seven Level Multilevel Inverter Topology with reduced number of DC sources
pp. 22299-22311
V.S.Kirthika Devi and S.G.Srivani Iyengar

BMRI TISEHHT: Brain MRI Image Segment Based On Enhanced Hilbert Huang Transform
pp. 22313-22337
VijayaLakshmi S and Padma S

Particle Filter Based Mobile Robot Localization
pp. 22339-22346
R. Abinethri

Reducing Power Consumption Based On Software Coding
pp. 22347-22353
Omsakthi.R and Sendhil Mourougane. S

Design Of Level Shifter Using Dual Cascode Voltage Switch For Low Power Application
pp. 22355-22361
Priya.P. A, Mohammad Abbas.A and Kuppusamy.P.G

An Experimental Performance Evaluation of Parabolic Reflector Assisted Evacuated Tube Solar Air Heater
pp. 22363-22374
Venkatesan N and Arjunan T.V

Read/Write Stability Improvement Of Ultralow Voltage CAM Using Schmitt Trigger
pp. 22375-22384
Sruthi N and Sharmila P

Modified Booth Recoding For Complex Arithmetic Operation In DSP Application
pp. 22385-22392
V. Lokeshwari and Vishnu Vardhan

A Survey on DNA Cryptography
pp. 22393-22401
Rama Devi. K and S. Prabakaran

Comparative Studies In Batch Reactor on Removal of Hexavalent Chromium Using Tabebuia Aurea , Allium Cepa, Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis, Delonix Regia And Saraca Indica Leaves As A Biosorbent By Using Immobilization/Non-Immobilization Technique
pp. 22403-22413
Saranya.K, Thirumarimurugan M, Sivakumar V.M, and Manivasagan. V

Power Flow Control In Transmission Grid By Using UPFC With DPC And Fuzzy Logic Controllers
pp. 22415-22428
P. Bhaskar Prasad, C. Ganesh and B. Leela Satish

Effect of Multi-pass Serpentine Flow Field Designs on the Performance of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

pp. 22429-22435
M.Muthukumara, S.Saravanaperumala, P.Karthikeyanb, V.Lakshminarayananc, A.P.Senthil Kumar

A Perspective View of Hypervisor Architecture Functions and Issues In Cloud Computing
pp. 22437-22447
M. Jaiganesh, P.Muneeswari, J.Jeganathan, A.Sangeetha

An Energy Efficient Multilevel Clustering Algorithm In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 22449-22458
N. Ashok Babu and.R.Kumar

A Hybrid Interface For Generating Improvement Ratio In Quality Function Deployment
pp. 22459-22466
Venu P and Jeoju M Issac

A Hybrid Scheme For Detecting Clone And Sybil Attacks In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 22467-22476
C. Geetha and M. Ramakrishnan

Design of Dynamic Voltage Restorer For The Mitigation of Voltage Swell / Sag In Distribution Network Using Space Vector Modulation Technique
pp. 22477-22488
N.Nirmal and S. Mohamed Ghouse

A Distributed Control Strategy for Coordination of an Autonomous LVDC System
pp. 22489-22502
R Deenadayalan, K Parkavi Kathirvelu, R Balasubramanian and Rengarajan Amirtharajan

Solitary Waves In Weakly Inhomogeneous Plasma With Nonthermal Electrons
pp. 22503-22514
L. B. Gogoi and P. N. Deka

Extraction of Frequent Sequential Patterns From Web Usage Data and Their Applications In Pre-Fetching Rules Generation For Effective Web Latency Reduction
pp. 22515-22534
Nandini N and G T Raju

Design and Implementation of IEEE 754 Compatible Dual Mode Floating Point Coprocessor
pp. 22535-22544
Sriadibhatla Sridevi, Alok Jadhav, Monika Gupta, Snehal Kate

A Comparative Study of Air Pollution Monitoring System In Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 22545-22562
S.Murali and , N.Jaisankar

Performance Characterisation of Scheffler Solar Concentrator and Primary Feasibility Assessment of Performance Improvement Using Combination System of Scheffler With Flat Plate Concentrator
pp. 22563-22569
Anita A. Nene and.S.Suyambazhahan

Reliable Grid Scheduler With Failure Prediction Using System Logs
pp. 22571-22588
S.Sathyalakshmi, C.Rajathi, P.Narayanasamy and S.Ramamoorthy

Analysis of Different Line Coding Schemes In Optical Transport Network
pp. 22589-22596
Vetrivel S and Sangeetha A

Generation of 3rd Order Intermodulation Products In Rof System and Its Use In Inter-Satellite Communication
pp. 22597-22602
Vignesh V, Sangeetha A.

Design of Sensible Voltage and Current References In CMOS Process Technologies
pp. 22603-22612
Venkatesh Arige, G Rakesh Chowdary, T V Rama Krishna

A Brief Review on Imperialist Competitive Algorithm Limitations & Future Directions
pp. 22613-22618
F.Elin Manju Preethi

Regression Testing on Services In Mobile Applications
pp. 22619-22626
Rajkumar J. Bhojan, K. Vivekanandan and Pankaj Moses Monickaraj

Split Tensile Strength of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Fly ash Concrete

pp. 22627-22638
T.Ch.Madhavi, Mohan Reddy, K.Anjenayulu, A.Nagi Reddy and G.Karunakar Reddy

Flexural Behaviour of Copper Slag Concrete

pp. 22639-22650
T.Ch.Madhavi, Vivek G, C.R.Prasand Khanna and Mohan Das

Enriching Packet Aggregation Mechanism Based on Cloud Services I/O Virtualization
pp. 22651-22662
S. Selvakani and J.Nelson

Investigation on Structural Behaviour of R.C.Columns Subjected To Steel Corrosion Under Loading
pp. 22663-22676
Murugan Usha Rani, and.Binu Sukumar

Design of Pipelined Based Dct Architecture For Image Processing Applications
pp. 22677-22684
Abhinaya Rajasekaran, R.Manikandan

EEG Based Hospital Automation and Monitoring System For Locked-In Syndrome Patients
pp. 22685-22690
Navneet Aravind and S. Vivekanandan

Combined Effect of Blind Source Separation and Common Spatial Pattern
pp. 22691-22701
Manoj Kumar and Mukul

An Efficient IKSVM Based Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring System
pp. 22703-22710
Dhanya Mohan and C. Santhosh Kumar

Performance Studies On Aeroprofile Box Type Solar Cooker
pp. 22711-22716
S. Jai Sankar

Metamaterial Inspired Circular Patch Antenna using Complementary Split Ring Resonator and Comlementary Spiral Resonator
pp. 22717-22727
Rajni, Anupma Marwaha and Gursharan Kaur

Efficient Mobile Service Delivery With Out Layer of Finite Networking Without Fading
pp. 22729-22738
Manoj Kumar Gupta and. V. Somasundaram

Wave and Tidal Renewable Energy: Review
pp. 22739-22746
D.Madan, M.Rajendran, M.Prabhakaran

Secure Cluster Based Architecture For MANET With Threshold Signature and Certificate Revocation
pp. 22747-22764
Syeda Kausar Fatima, Syed Abdul Sattar, and D.Sreenivasa rao

A Survey on Biometric Template Security Schemes and Protection In Cloud Environment
pp. 22765-22778
Midhuna Jyothi R.and N. Jeyanthi

Distance Based Residual Energy For Cluster Head Selection In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 22779-22790
R.N.Shanmugasundaram and M.Madheswaran

Detection and Removal of Rain From Static Background Videos
pp. 22791-22797
Pankaj Prusty, Jhilirani Nayak

Design of A PV Based Zero-Voltage Switching Converter Fed DC Microgrid
pp. 22799-22812
S. Santhosh Kumar and K. Parkavi Kathirvelu

Spectrum Sensing In Cognitive Radios Using Wavelet Packet Transforms
pp. 22813-22820
M.S.G.Prasad, M.Divya, T.L.Santosh, P.Vinay, K.Gopi Vasanth Kumar and G.Ravali

Efficacious Data Transmission Using Adequate Energy To Avert Fake Agent Attackers
pp. 22821-22834
S. Lavanya and V. Murali Bhaskaran

An Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate With E-Waste Material (Fr-4) In M30 Grade of Concrete
pp. 22835-22842
A. A. Dhanraj and C. Selvamony

Application of Metaheuristic Approach In Parallel Flow Line Scheduling
pp. 22843-22851
Rajendran.S, Balasubramanian K and Rajeswari N

Handling Unstructured Event Logs Using Process Discovery Algorithms
pp. 22853-22860

K.Lalitha dev and M.Suriakala

EOQ Model For Decaying Items With Power Demand,Partial Backlogging and Inflation
pp. 22861-22873
Yogendra Kumar Rajoria, Seema Saini, and S.R.Singh

Finite Element Analysis of Femur Bone Under Different Loading Conditions For Healthcare System
pp. 22875-22888
R. Vijayakumar M. Madheswaran

Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) of Bright Lesion Detection in Fundus Images
pp. 22889-22896
V. Ratna Bhargavi, V.Rajesh, P.Satyanarayana ,Vadlani Dinesh, Alla Sasi Kanth, Mankina Sowmya and Naraharisetty Jaswanth

Robust Reversible Watermarking Using Logarithmic Quantization Index Modulation Techniques
pp. 22897-22908
M.Subbulakshmi and M.Vijayaraj

Enhancement of Heat Transfer Coefficient In Nucleate Pool Boiling on Vertical Cylindrical Stainless Steel Surface By Using Silica and Tungsten Oxide Nanofluids
pp. 22909-22917
M.P.Rangaiah, and B. Uma Maheswar Gowd

Application of Gene Expression Programming In Predicting Software Reliability
pp. 22919-22926
Shailee Lohmora, and. B B Sagar

Secure- ZHLS: Secure Zone Based Hierarchical Link State Routing Protocolusing Digital Signature
pp. 22927-22938
M V Narayana, G Narsimha and SSVN Sarma

Proposal of Browser By Exploiting The Proficiency of V8 For Large Data Visualization
pp. 22939-22946
Shiju Sathyadevan, Jaison P.J and Geethu Sankar

A Novel Distributed Reprogramming Protocol In WSN
pp. 22947-22957
Bhanu and Mritunjay Kumar Rai

Application of Bayesian Methods For Risk Assessmentof Oil & Gas Separator
pp. 22959-22968
G. Unnikrishnan, Nihal Siddiqui and andShrihari

Prediction of HIV/AIDS Disease Using Multilayer Perceptron and Radial Basis Function With Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence
pp. 22969-22984
A.M. Saravanan and C. Jothi Venkateswaran

Detection of Atmospheric Water Vapor Using Lidar Techniques
Sangeetha N and Spoorthi B R,Kalaimagal A

Compare The Perform of Voice Recognition Using Deep Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic
pp. 22991-22998
J.Seethalakshmi and C. Jayakumar

Svm Classifier Enbled Quad Tree Segmentation For Adaptive Image Watermarking System
pp. 22999-23007
Ruban R and.S.SanthoshBaboo

Performance Analysis of Dircet Torque Controller Based Variable Structure Control of Induction Motor Drive
pp. 23009-23020
R.Kannan and J. Kanakaraj

Cross-Layer Based Delay Latency Reduction Technique For Multipath Routing In MANET
pp. 23021-23042
P. Senthilnathan,and C. Kalaiarasan

Design and Analysis of High Efficient UART on Spartan-6 and Virtex-7 Devices
pp. 23043-23052
Hari Kishore K, C.V.R.N.Aswin Kumar, T Vijay Srinivas. G V Govardhan, ChNaga PavanKumar and RVenkatesh

Influence of Humic Acid As An Admixture In Concrete
pp. 23053-23062
P. V. Premalatha, S.Senthilkumar, K. Ramamoorthy and M.Senthilkumar

Automatize Content Personalizationby Agents In Digital Learning of Java Course
pp. 23063-23071
Senjaliya Mudra and Jenila Livingstone L.M

Context-Based Term Identification and Extraction For Ontology Construction In Indian Regional Language
pp. 23073-23085
Rajeshwari S B and S R Swamy

Financial Inclusion - A Study on Small and Marginal Farmer In Theni District
pp. 23087-23101
S.Chinnathambi and T.Ramachandran

Automatic Irrigation System With Smart Water Pump Control
pp. 23103-23108
K. Manikandansurineni Kruthikapoojitha Nanduri K. Sai Surya

Fabrication of Carbon Nanofiber - PVA Nanomats With Different Carbon Nanofiber Concentrations and The Mechanical Studies For The Industrial Applications
pp. 23109-23118
N.Danni, and T.Sasikumar

A Fundamental Approach of Electro Spinning In Nanofiber/ Polymer Composites
pp. 23119-23126
N. Danni and T.Sasikumar

Gate Mapping and Performance Optimization of Asynchronous Circuits Using NCL
pp. 23127-23136
Neethu.B.S, and. D. Ruban Thomas

Identifying Effective Attributes For Structuring Social Circle/Lists In Social Media Using Principal Component Analysis
pp. 23137-23152
Samiya Shafi and Harshpreet Singh

A Study on Different Face Recognition Algorithms on Identical Twins Database
pp. 23153-23166
Chetana K and Jagadish S Kallimani

Semiprimary Ideals In Duo Ternary Semigroups
pp. 23167-23179
C. Sreemannarayana, A. Gangadhara Rao and Y. Sarala

Design of FFT Based Hilbert Transform For Phase Detection
pp. 23181-23189
S. Suvethasri, and R. Parameshwaran

Design of Pipelined AES Algorithm With Area Optimization For Cryptographic Applications
pp. 23191-23197
M A. Pradeepa and R. Manikandan

Efficient Singular Value Decomposition Using Cordic For Signal Processing Applications
pp. 23199-23205
K.Mangala Gowri and R.Manikandan

A Tool To Convert E-R Diagram To Property Graph Database
pp. 23207-23221
Dimple Chehal and Hanu Bhardwaj

Nonlinear Constellation Precoding For MIMO-OFDM Systems With Subcarrier Grouping
pp. 23223-23230
E. Divya and C. Manikandan

Hashed Identity Based Secure Key and Data Exchange In Wireless Sensor Networks Using IEEE 802.15.4 Standard
pp. 23231-23241
K.Lakshmanarao and, Hima Bindu Maringanti

Artificial Intelligent Techniques in Economic Power Dispatch Problems
pp. 23243-23254
C.Kumar, .A.Anbarasan, M.Karpagam and .T.Alwarsamy

Mobility Based High Reliable Low Energy Cost Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET)
pp. 23255-23262
V Srividhya, J Faritha Banu, R Senthamizhselvan and K Revanth

Advanced Eclat Algorithm for Frequent Itemsets Generation
pp. 23263-23279
Manjit Kaur, Urvashi Garg and Sarbjit Kaur

Abundant and Deficient Groups
pp. 23281-23289
H.Khosravi and H. M. Mohammadi Nezhad

A Study on Tracking Control of Next-Generation Transportation Systems on Connected Buses Equipped with 4WS
pp. 23291-23296
Byungmo Yang and HaengMuk Cho

A Study on the Steering Control for the Next Generation of Guideway Bus Systems
pp. 23297-23302
Byungmo Yang and HaengMuk Cho

A Study on Trajectory Estimation for the Next Generation Interconnected Bus in the Case of Vehicle Steering Control System Failure
pp. 23303-23308
Byungmo Yang and Haeng Muk Cho

Design and Analysis of Unbuffered Amplifier Using 180nm Technology
pp. 23309-23318
P.S.Karthika,. Arul Mary and.N.Arunkumar

Manual Detection of Feature Envy Bad Smell in Software code
pp. 23319-23331
Durai S, Kishore Kumar K and Manikandan N K

Fingerprint Matching Algorithm Using Gabor, Median And Anisotropic Filters
pp. 23333-23343
A.Murugan and P.J.Arul Leena Rose

Novel Enhancement Of Security And Performance Of Software Define Network (SDN)
pp. 23345-23354
Simranpreet Singh ChhatwalAmanpreet Singh Manan Arora and Manmohan Sharma

Analysis on Dispersion Compensation For Long Haul DWDM System Using Different Input Pulses
pp. 23355-23366
Sanjay Thakur and Munish Singh

Diagnosis Of Stator Winding Of Induction Machine Using Hystresis Curves Based On Maximum Partial Discharge Magnitude
pp. 23367-23377
T Elayaraja and S.Natarajan

Spectral Graph Wavelet Theory Based Person Authentication System Using Multispectral Palmprint Images
pp. 23379-23390
R. Premalatha Kanikannan and K. Duraiswamy

Ranking Viral Websites for Effective Digital Marketing
pp. 23391-23397
Easwar V Aiyer, Saikaran Balmuri, Ramprasath Karunakaran, Sriram Subramanian, Kamalaveni Vanjigounder

Ultrasonic Studies Of Aromatic Amine With Ketone In Nonpolar Solvent At 303.15, 308.15 And 313.15k
pp. 23399-23413
N.S.Priya, R.Kesavasamy and M.Umadevi

Trust Management Scheme for MANET
pp. 23415-23423
J. Godwin Ponsam and R.Srinivasan

Thermal Analysis of Electromagnetic Launcher Using Numerical Simulation
pp. 23425-23433
Umakant Thakur, Sandip Budhiya, Ranjith Maniyeri and Nitin Khedkar

Simulation of Electromagnetic Launcher Structure Using Finite Element Method
pp. 23435-23443
Nischal Bhavsar, Sandip Budhiya, Ranjith Maniyeri and Nitin Khedkar

An Efficient 3D Ear Recognition System Hiring Branch Points And Line Points
pp. 23445-23454
S. Jayanthi, M. Sukhanya, R.Niveditha, M.Saranya and N.R. Raajan

An Investigation Of The Wicking Behaviour Of Bamboo/Polyester Blended Yarns
pp. 23455-23464
A.Viswanathan, S.N. Subbramanian and R. Sowmya

Low Latency And Less Power Dissipation Of A 4:2 Compressor Based Distributed Arithmetic Unit FIR Filter Design
pp. 23465-23477
S.Karunakaran and S.Rukmanidevi

A Review On Tribological Characteristics Of Reciprocating Hydraulic Seals
pp. 23479-23512
Shankar Bhaumik and Vinayak Nyamagoudar

Parameter Optimization for Insert Blowhole Defect in Piston Die Casting through DOE
pp. 23513-23522
P. Kannan, K. Balasubramanian and N. Rajeswari

An Overview Of Conducted EMI And Its Mitigation In Photovoltaic Systems
pp. 23523-23534
K.Rajkumar, B.Karthikeyan, and S.Senthilkumar

Performance Analysis of Various Edge Detection Techniques In Cleft Lip Images Using Curvelet Transform
pp. 23535-23545
N. Shanmuga Vadivu, K. Sankaranarayanan and V. Vijayakumari

Design of An Efficient Cordic Architecture For Signal Processing Applications
pp. 23547-23553
P. Raja Sekhar and K.Hariharan

De-Noising Methods For Fmri Time Series Sequences With Rician Noise Model
pp. 23555-23572
P. Suresh and K. Bommanna Raja

Deduction of Pilferage of Energy Using PLC Signals
pp. 23573-23581
Dj. Taniguevelane and K. N. Srinivas

Data Analysis and Visualization Technique: An Empirical Framework
pp. 23583-23597
Manohara M, Dinesh R and Sowmya M S

Implementation of Image Fusion Algorithms For Clinical Diagnosis
pp. 23599-23607
Mredhula.L and Dorairangaswamy.M.A

E-Governance Service Delivery Platform – Platform To Optimize SDLC, Re-Engineering Application Architecture And Elimination of Processes
pp. 23609-23620
V.S. Raghunathan, S. Dinesh Kumar, G. Thamaraiselvi

A Study of Harmonics In PV-Wind Turbine Microgrid System
pp. 23621-23629
Imam Abadi, Ontoseno Penangsang and Rahmat Langgeng Praseto

Procedure of Wearing The Orders of The Russian Empire For Military and Civilian Ranks In 1889-1890
pp. 23631-23637
Golovin Sergey Nikolaevich

Body Sensor Network For Pregnancy Women
pp. 23639-23644
S.Subalakshmi and G.Murugaboopathi

Framework of Wireless Sensor Network for Power Quality Monitoring
pp. 23645-23663
Rajkamal R, Mohanram S , VimalrajAmbeth and G.Panneerselvam

A Versatile Canal For Effective Elearning on Cloud
pp. 23665-23676
Bhuvaneswari Nagarajan and Chenni Kumaran J

An Efficient Analysis of Normalized Histogram Based Image Retrieval Using Distance Metrics
pp. 23667-23691
J.V.S.S Krishnakanth , K.Vamsikrishna,, A.S.V.Pavan Kumar and.Suman maloji

A Review of Data Management In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 23693-23700
R. K. Krishna, S. G. Akojwar and. B. Seetharamanjaneyulu

Intelligent Traffic Signal Control System For Vehicle-To-Infrastructure Communication In Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network
pp. 23701-23713
T. Hamsa Valli, J.Jeevitha, V.Nandhini and M.Siva Sangari

A New Approach on Three-Phase Three-Switch Buck-Type Rectifier For Variable-Frequency Drives Pre-Charging Application
pp. 23715-23726
Anandh S, Vijayan S and Paramasivam S

An Application of Value Stream Mapping In Manufacturing of Taper Roller Bearing For Identification of Bottlenecks
pp. 23727-23737
Snehil A. Umredkar and. Nitin Solke

A 4.2ppm/°C Temperature Compensated CMOS Voltage Reference
pp. 23739-23746
Paulcy Paul, and N.Kayalvizhi

A Parametric Spline Method For Second-Order Singularly Perturbed Boundary-Value Robin Problems
pp. 23747-23754
J. Jayakumar and P. Jayasilan

Remaining Life Assessment of Boiler Components
pp. 23755-23767
Raghuram P, Hemanath S, Hiran S.H, Vignesh M, and Ranjith S

Memory Modelling Schemes In Neuromorphic VLSI Chips Using Reinforcement Learning Based on Cognition A Computational Cognititve Neuroscience Approach
pp. 23769-23778
Mohammed Riyaz Ahmed and B.K. Sujatha

Deterministic Partition Protocol In Zone Based Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 23779-23796
S.A. Sahaaya Arul Mary, and Jasmine Beulah Gnanadurai

TV-DSR : Trust Vector Based DSR Protocol For Secure Routing In Mobile Adhoc Networks
pp. 23797-23814
Jayalakshmi V and Abdul Razak T

Linked Query Routing
pp. 23815-23819
RituRaj and N.Srinivasan

Design Of An Architecture For Error Monitoring In FEC Communication Channel Using Turbo Codes
pp. 23821-23829
R. Karthiga.,. K. Saravanan,. M.R. Bibin and. M. Raja

Estimating A Machine Learning Model For Fault Detection Using Test Case Prioritization Technique In Open Dependency
pp. 23831-23838
T. Dinesh Parthiban

Dual Feed E-Shaped Multiband Patch Antenna for Microwave Communication Applications
pp. 23839-23849
S. S. Mohan Reddy, P Mallikarjuna Rao, G. Kiran Kumar, G. Rajesh Gowd, A. Raghuveer and A. Bangar Raju

Irrigation Network Management Using GIS Application Along With SCADA
pp. 23851-23858
Nitesh Agrawal and Sagar Kolekar

Axiomatic Design Of A Car Bonnet: A New Decoupling Method Based On Fuzzy Logic Application
pp. 23859-23870
Alessandro Naddeo

Effect Of Electrolyte Type On The Hydrogen Production Using A Plate Electrolyzer
pp. 23871-23880
A. Realpe-Jiméneza, A. Salamanca-Echeverria and M. Acevedo-Morantes

Enhancing Multimedia Security of Digital Images For 3D Faces
pp. 23881-23889
M.Ramani and S. J. GraceShoba

Designing The Extraction of The Facial Expression and Detection Using Canny Edge Detection Method
pp. 23891-23898
K. Gnanamuthu Prakash and S. Balasubramanian

Design and Analysis of An Enhanced Microstrip Patch Antenna For Ultrawideband (Uwb) Applications
pp. 23899-23907
Saniya Bekturganova, Ajmal Hussain Shah and Veeraiyah Thangasamy

Optimizing Energy Consumption and Providing Security Using Hybrid Approach in MANET

pp. 23909-23922
Pooja Chahal, Gaurav kumar Tak and Anurag Singh Tomar

An Approach For Big Data Analytics on Log Data of Medical Devices In Healthcare
pp. 23923-23932
Prajwal Kalmane and Jagadish S Kallimani

A Performance Analysis on Inter-Cell Subcarrier Collisions Due To Random Access Based Upon SHARP Technique In Cognitive Radio Networks
pp. 23933-23944
Priyesh Roushan, P. Sujith Kumar and Rajkiran Saini

Tongue Controlled Mouse Pointer: An Assistive Technology For The Disabled
pp. 23945-23952
Darshna Siva, T. Sangavi, Sheena Mohan, Sowndhariya A, Sukanya Desikan and M. Priyatharishini

Review of Particle Swarm Optimization For Truss Structure
pp. 23953-23958
T. Niruban Projoth

Random Linear Network Coding Over Connected Dominating Set In on-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 23959-23988
Sampradeepraj. T, Suruliandi.A, Murugan.D

Cohen Kappa Reliability Coefficient Based Mitigation Mechanism For Byzantine Attack In Manets
pp. 23989-24001
A.Geetha and N.Sreenath

Evaluation of Video Analytics For Face Detection and Recognition
pp. 24003-24016
T. Senthil Kumar and S. Saivenkateswaran

Redistribution of Routing Protocols Using VLSM And CIDR
pp. 24017-24023
M Punya Kiran, N Anusha, Bns Mounika and Ravi Kumar C V

Detection of sub-millimeter crack on metal surface using Complementary Spiral Resonator
pp. 24025-24036
Rajni, Amanpreet Kaur and Anupma Marwaha

Control Performance Standards Criteria Based Load Frequency Control Using Dual Mode Two Layer Fuzzy Logic Controller For An Interconnected Power System With Super Capacitor Unit Considering Nonlinearities
pp. 24035-24056
V.Adhimoorty and I.A.Chidambaram

Knowledge Management In Engineering Through ICT
pp. 24057-24068
S Nobert Leo Raja, K Dhamodharn and K A Janardhanan

Computing the Complexity of LTE Uplink System Using Channel Estimation DCT Based Pilot Aided
pp. 24069-24082
Chandika Mohan Babu and Ramya Teja

Nmdd2rs: Increase The Data Availability For Cloud Environment
pp. 24083-24091
S.Kirubakaran, S.Valarmathy, C.Kamalanathan

Localization and Detection of Attackers Using Dynamic Distance and Location Aware Detection (DDALD) Approach
pp. 24093-24104
E.Selvi and M.S. Shashidara

Covertids- An Optimal Intrusion Detection System For Covert Communication
pp. 24105-24112
N. Vadivelan and S.Anbu

Multi Fed Power Electronic Transformer For Modern Power Distribution System
pp. 24113-24124
S. Shanthini, R. Balasubramanian K. Parkavi Kathirvelu and Rengarajan Amirtharajan

VLSI Implementation of Optimized Carry Select Adder
pp. 24125-24134
Moosa Irshad KP, M. Meenakumari and S. Sharmila

Modelling, Simulation and PQ Analysis of PWM DC –AC Converter
pp. 24135-24146
Bindu.K.V and B. Justus Rabi 

Implementation of 4096 Point FFT Using Modified 4 Point Radix 2 FFT Kernels To Reduce Latency
pp. 24147-24164
Amos Jeeva Oli H

Molecular Interaction Studies of Acetonitrile With Chlorobenzene and Bromobenzene In A Non Polar Solvent At 303, 308 and 313K
pp. 24165-24172
V. Rohini, R. Kesavasamy and G. Mohana Priya

Part-of Speech Tagger For Sanskrit: A State of Art Survey
pp. 24173-24178
Sharadha Adinarayanan, N.Sri Ranjaniee and Naren. J

Anomaly Detection In Wireless Sensor Network Using Rule-Based Technique
pp. 24179-24187
Gowri M and B. Paramasivam,

Analyzing Integral Components of SQL Server Databases
pp. 24189-24200
Muthukumar Murugesan,.K.Karthikeyan and.K.Sivakumar

Hybrid LDPC Decoder For High Error Detection and Correction Applications
pp. 24201-24214
M.Revathy and R.Saravanan

LDPC Decoder Based on Superimposing of Bit Streams For Low Power Applications
pp. 24215-24225
M.Revathy and R.Saravanan

Gray level Local Derivative Texture Pattern _ A Texture Descriptor For Face Recognition Using Various Distance Metrics
pp. 24227-24242
K.Meena and A. Suruliandi

A Novel Feature Selection Algorithm and Neural Network Classifier For Brain Computer Interface
pp. 24243-24258
K. Akilandeswari and G.M.Nasira

Performance Analysis of Noise Variance Based Adaptive Spectrum Sensing In Different Fading Channels
pp. 24259-24270
S.Varalakshmi and S.Shanmugavel

An Intelligent Framework for Cardio Vascular Disease Diagnosis
pp. 24271-24286
Subhashini Narayan and Ilango paramasivam

Optimization Of Copper Nano-Fluid Used ECM By Firefly Algorithm
pp. 24287-24297
V.Sathiyamoorthy, T.Sekar and M.Subramanian

Effect Of Walking On Different Surfaces On Selected Motor Fitness And Physiological Variables Among Obese School Boys
pp. 24301-24306
Shunmuga Kumar.M and K. Sankaran

A Critical Analysis Of Walking On Different Surfaces On Selected Physiological And Biochemical Variables Among Obese Men
pp. 24307-24311
Shunmuga Kumar.M and . K. Sankaran

Performance of GRNN Classifier Used In Pap Smear Test on Cervical Cell
pp. 24313-24322
I. Immaculate and A. Grace Selvarani

Fuzzy Classifier for Diagnosis Pima Indians Diabetes
pp. 24323-24330
Juan Contreras, Laura Martínez, Yuliana Puerta, Maria Claudia Bonfante


Compact Microstrip Rectangular Edge Fed Antenna with DGS Structure
pp. 24331-24348
V Narasimha Nayak, B T P Madhav, R Sai Divya, A Nava Sai Krishna, K Rohith Ramana, D Mounika


Construct Pure Dynamic S-box
pp. 24349-24360
Shishir Katiyar and N.Jayanti

Empirical study on Input Use, Yield Dynamics, and Disposal Pattern of Litchi Cultivation
pp. 24361-24370
B.K. Mali and Vivek vishal

Development of Efficient PV System using SEPIC Converter and DVR for Power Quality Improvement
pp. 24371-24384
J.R.Maglin and R.Ramesh

Obstacle Detection And Guidence For Blind And Partially Sighted People With Digital Image Processing
pp. 24385-24394
M. Karthikeyan M. E, Joseph Henry and Ramakrishnan

Study Line Riparian: Case Study Of Citanduy River Downstream Of West Java
pp. 24395-24406
I Wayan Sutapa

Investigation On Full Bridge And Coupled Inductor ZVS DC-DC Converter Fed PMDC Motor
pp. 24407-24422
S.A.Elankurisil, K.K.Saravannan, N.Stalin and P.Mahendra Peruman

Design and Control of Modular Multi-Level Converter For Mitigation of Harmonics Using Artificial Neural Networks In Thermal Power Plant
pp. 24423-24432
Jitesh.V, Thirumavalavan.K and K.Vijayarekha

Reduced Power and Optimized Switching Activity Multiplier Architecture Design
pp. 24433-24441
S.Harshavardhini and R. Saravanan

Implementation of Optimized SRAM Cell Design For High Speed And Low Power Applications
pp. 24443-24450
R. Mohamed Niyas, E. Praveen Kumar, P.Banu Priya and D.Gowdhami

An Efficient Password Based Authentication Scheme Using Dynamic Identity and Smart Card
pp. 24452-24462
B. Indrani and M. Amutha Prabakar 

A Comparative Study on Fault Tolerance Strategies For Job Scheduling In Grid Environment
pp. 24463-24478
B.Muthulakshmi and K.Somasundaram

Parametric Optimization & Simulation of Mild Steel Cup In Deep-Drawing Using LS-Dyna
pp. 24479-24489
N. A. Daniel, B, N.K. Singh, C. and U.K. Vates

SIPp: Enhancement in SIP user Agents Emulation
pp. 24491-24497
Harshal Patila and Praveen Gubbala

Randomized Policy Based Wireless Mesh Networks Using Hierarchal Policy Based Model
pp. 24499-24509
P.N.V.Satyakonda, T.Pavankumar and E. Suresh Babu

Boost Inverter For Grid Connected Wind Energy Systems
pp. 24511-24519
P Sriram, K VKrishna rao and V S Prasadarao k

Implemention of Kalman Filter For Object Tracking Applications
pp. 24521-24527
Sista Raghava Rama Sripad, and R. Parameshwaran

Analysis and Performance of Collaborative Filtering and Classification Algorithms
pp. 24529-24540
Jaysri S, Priyadharshini J , P Subathra and ,PN Kumar

Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Using A New Heuristic Black Hole Algorithm
pp. 24541-24549
R.Suresh and.J.Baskaran


Evaluation of Indian B2C E-Shopping Websites under Multi Criteria Decision-Making using Fuzzy Hybrid Technique
pp. 24551-24580
Sandipan Dey, Biswajit Jana, Mahendra Kumar Gourisaria, Sachi Nandan Mohanty and Rajdeep Chatterjee

Design of Optimum FFT Architecture For OFDM Application
pp. 24581-24586
Rajesh Garikapati and K.Hariharan

Water Absorption In Fly Ash Concrete
pp. 24587-24596
T.Ch.Madhavi, Teja Vardhan Reddy, Bhaskar Singh and Bheru Lal

Experimental Investigations on A Pulse Tube Water Cooler Using Natural Refrigerant
pp. 24597-24606
B. Jayaraman

Selection and Prioritization of Luggage Bag Designs Using Combined AHP and TOPSIS Methodology
pp. 24607-24616
Shivang Gupta, Shaurabh Kumar Singh, Kunal Agrawal and Dega Nagaraju

A Low Cost Inventory Location Identification Kiosk For Indoor Environments Using Passive RFID Tags And Open Source Hardware
pp. 24617-24625
K. Sripath Roy, A. Lavanya

Analysis of UWB Signal Propagation Through Common Building Materials
pp. 24627-24639
D. Madhavi, G. Padmaja Rani and N. V. Poornachandra Rao

Characterization of Diffusion Bonded Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites (Al/Fly Ash MMC)
pp. 24641-24648
A. Sittaramane and G. Mahendran


Experimental Investigation In CFRP For Application In Retrofitting of Diaphragm Wall Structure
pp. 24649-24658
Sreeranjani Ravi, and. C. Venkatasubramanian

Corrosion Studies on Diffusion Bonded Aluminium Alloys
pp. 24659-24669
Venugopal. S and Mahendran.G

Multiple Single Input Change Vector Generation By Using Single Cycle Access Method: BIST Architecture
pp. 24671-24680
P.jubair ahamed and S. Pavithra

Design and Simulation of Matched E-Plane Tee
pp. 24681-24691
Debendra Kumar Panda and Ajay Chakraborty

Sybil Defense Mechanisms: A Survey
pp. 24693-24700
Akash Suresh, Varun Babu, Jithin J, Jeshwanth Manne and Abirami K

Efficient Compensation of Receiver IQ Imbalance in OFDM System
pp. 24701-24712
Seshadri Sastry Kunapuli

Challenges & Control Opportunities in the Integration of Solar Energy into the Smart Grid: A Survey
pp. 24713-24725
J.V. Desai, Pradeep Kumar Dadhich and P.K. Bhatt

Web Graphical User Interface for FPGA Modules using System on Chip
pp. 24729-24740
S S Sai Kiran and Jayanta Biswas

Automated Subtitle Generation
pp. 24741-24746
N. Radha and R. Pradeep






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