International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 10  (2016)  





Structural Optimization of Tunnel FET on SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator) substrate for Sub-0.5V Aplication
Jong-Wook Lee

A Numerical Study on the Seismic Behavior of Composite Steel Plate Shear Walls with Openings
pp 6890-6896
Soheil Kordbegli and Farhang Farahbod

Designing a Learning Media of Teaching in ALFHE class by Implementing MCU 8051 IDE, SDCC-Small Devices C Compiler, and Function of C Language Programming in Accessing Ports bits
pp 6897-6900
Darwis Robinson Manalu and Dahlan RP Sitompul

Implementation and Reconfiguration of Basic Digital Modulation and Demodulation Techniques on FPGA
pp 6901-6910
B. K. V. Prasad, P. Satish Kumar, B. S. Charles and R. Sai Priya

Facial expression recognition with enhanced feature extraction using PSO & EBPNN
pp 6911-6915
Vedantham Ramachandran and E. Srinivasa Reddy

Testing of Dummy Instrument for Ultrasonic Testing of Stresses in Rail Bars under Conditions of Active Railroad Line
pp 6916-6919
Oleg Aleksandrovich Suslova, Aleksandr Anatolievich Novikova, Aleksandr Alekseevich Karabutovb, Nataliya Borisovna Podymovab, and Varvara Arkadievna Simonova

Laboratory Experimental Studies of Dummy Instrument for Ultrasonic Testing of Stresses in Rail Bars
pp 6920-6923
Oleg Aleksandrovich Suslov, Aleksandr Anatolievich Novikov, Aleksandr Alekseevich Karabutov, Nataliya Borisovna Podymova, and Varvara Arkadievna Simonova

Finger Identification and Gesture Recognition Using Gaussian Classifier Model
pp 6924-6931
Noor A. Ibraheem

8 Connected Branches AMC-EBG and FSS for Circle Connected Dipole at 5.8 GHz
pp 6932-6939
Rose Farahiyan Binti Munawar, Maisarah Binti Abu and Siti Adlina Binti Md Ali

Effect of Enzymes on the Unconfined Compressive Strength of Soil
pp 6940-6942
Ansu Thomas, R. K. Tripathi, and L. K. Yadu

Development of Learning Module Work Competence Integrated Character Value of Electricity in Vocational High School
pp 6943-6948
Riana T. Mangesa and Gufran Darma Dirawan

Experimental Research of Hydrodynamic Effects in Common Rail Fuel System in Case of Multiple Injection
pp 6949-6953
Mikheil G. Shatrov, Leonid N. Golubkov, Andrey U. Dunin, Andrey L. Yakovenko and Pavel V. Dushkin

Ontology Based Context-aware Post-mining of Association Rules
pp 6954-6963
R. Subashchandrabose and R. Sivakumar

Study and Simulation of a Biosensor Based on a SRR
pp 6964-6969
S. Gamouh and A. Chaabi

ECMST:Minimal Energy Usage Competent Multicast Steiner Tree based Route Discovery for Mobile Ad hon Networks
pp 6970-6975
SK. Nagula Meera, D. Srinivasa Kumar and Srinivasa Rao

Transmission Line Conductor Galloping Analysis using FEM
pp 6972-6982
Deepika Srivastava and Dinesh Chandra

Implementation of Localization System Using Learning Automata based Sensor Fusion in Unmanned Forklifts
pp 6983-6989
Hyoung Woo Lee, Man Ho Kim and Jong Hun Kang

A Survey on Energy Efficient Data Aggregation Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 6990-7002
M. Shanmukhi and O. B. V. Ramanaiah

Technical Aspects of External Devices into Vehicles’ Networks Integration
pp 7003-7006
Sergey Sergeevich Shadrin, Andrey Mikhailovich Ivanov and Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Prikhodko

Mathematical Model for Production Equipment Volume Estimation during Refueling of Vehicles on Compressed Natural Gas CNGRS
pp 7007-7011
Andrey A. Evstifeev, Margarita A. Zaeva, Andrey S. Kotelnikov and Maxim S. Sergeev

Analytical and Experimental Study of the Mechanisms of Diamond Bits Interaction with Rocks in the Wellbore During Sinking Processes
pp 7012-7016
Gorelikov V. G, Lykov Yu. V and Baatarkhuu Gantulga

Implementation of Domain Separation-based Security Platform for Smart Device
pp 7017-7019
Jeong Nyeo Kim and Yong-Sung Jeon

Adaptive PID Fuzzy gain scheduling for performance enhancement of Brushless DC Motor using dSPACE DS1103
pp 7020-7024
Devendra Potnuru, Alice Mary. K and Sai Babu. Ch

Simple Active Harmonics Eliminator for Non-linear Single Phase Loads
pp 7025-7029
Mohamed Y. Tarnini

A Study on Seismic Performance of RCC Frame with Various Bracing Systems using Base Isolation Technique
pp 7030-7033
M.Vijayakumar, S.Manivel and A.Arokiaprakash

Survey Results of Series-Produced Downhole Drilling Motors and Technical Solutions in Motor Design Improvement
pp 7034-7039
Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvoynikov and Pavel Aleksandrovich Blinov

Multivariate Approach to Identifying Co-expressed Genes by Spectral Clustering of Difference Vectors
pp 7040-7043
Gouchol Pok, Young-Ho Sohn and Dong-Won Park

Squared Euclidean Distance Matrix: A Heuristic Based Approach for Cell Formation Applications
pp 7044-7048
K.V. Durga Rajesh, D. Mukesh, M. Harshavardhan, R. Jaganadha Swamy, G. Suresh Krishnasai and K.Gopi

Assessment of Residual Strength and Residual Life of Concrete Beams
pp 7049-7057
Neethu Urs and M. N. Hegde

Selective Inhibition Sintering: Advancements & Systematic Research approaches for the process development
pp 7058-7062
Sagar M Baligidad, K Elangovan and S Gopi

Secure Storage and Retrieval of Big Data on Distributed cloud Environment
pp 7063-7071
Rathamani M Babu

TagLDA based User Persona Model to Identify Topical Experts for Newly Posted Questions in Community Question Answering Sites
pp 7072-7078
Tirath Prasad Sahu, Naresh Kumar Nagwani and Shrish Verma

Independent Engineering Assessment of Higher Education Quality
pp 7079-7086
Dulma Tsyrendashiyevna Dugarova, Sesegma Zandarayevna Kimova and Svetlana Efimvona Starostina

Design of New Architecture to Detect Leukemia Cancer from Medical Images

pp 7087-7094
Gurpreet Singh, Gaurav Bathla and SharanPreet Kaur

Are Tidal Power Generation Suitable as the Future Generation for Malaysian Climate and Location: A Technical Review?
pp 7095-7099
Z.H. Bohari, M. F Baharom, M. H Jali, M. F. Sulaima and W. M. Bukhari

A Note on Solar Energy Research in Jordan
pp 7100-7105
Omar B. Akash, Ahmad M. Abu Abdo

Static Behavior Characteristics of H-type Sleepers Considering the Hanging Condition
pp 7106-7113
Kyung-Min Yun, Beom-Ho Park, Hyun-Ung-Bae and Nam-Hyoung Lim

Virtual Ergonomic Analysis and Redesign Methods: an Application to Lunch Payment Station at University of Salerno
pp 7114-7118
Rosaria Califano, Pietro Cozzitorto1, Marco Delmastro, Carmine De Vito, Giovanni Sellitto and Mariarosaria Vallone

Comparison and Analysis of Surface Waves Propagation in Initially Stressed Dry Sandy Layer Using Conventional and Time Dependent Finite Difference Scheme
pp 7119-7124
Jayantika Pal and Anjana P. Ghorai

A Method for Network Assisted Relay selection in Device to Device Communication for The 5 G
pp 7125-7131
Pavan Kumar Mishra and Sudhakar Pandey

Analytical Research of Segmentation Methods on Skin Lesion
pp 7132-7138
Felsia Thompson and M.K. Jeyakumar

A Novel Approach for Video Frame Interpolation using Cubic Motion Compensation Technique
pp 7139-7146
Ragina C. Ghutke, Ch. Naveen and Vishal R. Satpute

An Efficient Secure Multimodal Biometric Fusion Using Palm print and Face Image
pp 7147-7150
V.H. Patil and Sampada A. Dhole

Mixed Integer Non Linear Algorithm for Dermis Detection for Glucose Blood Monitoring Based on Optical Coherence Tomography
pp 7151-7154
S.Amrane, N.Azami and Y. Elboulqe

RFID Code Wireless Transceiver System Based on Amplitude Shift Keying Modulation
pp 7155-7158
Hussain A. Attia and Maen Takruri

Review and Site Selection for Mehre Eghtesad Banks’ Branches Using Fuzzy AHP and Fuzzy TOPSIS
pp 7159-7165
Najmeh Kalantari Bengar and Jafarzadeh Afshari

Design and Analysis of Square Model Unit Cell for the prediction of Thermal Conductivity of Fibre Reinforced Composites
pp 7166-7170
Kamala Priya B, Md. Abid Ali and Naga Sai Ram. G

Students’ Preferred Types of Pedagogical Agents Based on Students of Different Anxiety Levels
pp 7171-7175
Wern Lin Yeo, Choo Kim Tan, Sook Ling Lew and Choo Peng Tan

Preparation of Nano-Size Ceramic Membrane from Industrial Waste

pp 7176-7181
Sh. K. Amin, M. H. Roushdy, S. A. El-Sherbiny, H. A. M. Abdallah and M. F. Abadir

A Study on Design of a Lightwweight 7MW Class Offshore Wind-turbine Hollow Rotor Shaft
pp 7182-7187
DaeGoo Song, JongHun Kang and HyoungWoo Lee


Hazard Analysis and Metrics Identification for Software Safety in Medical Cyber-Physical Systems

pp 7188-7195

Kadupukotla Satish Kumar and Panchumarthy Seetha Ramaiah


Dissect the performance of network layer routing protocols (AODV, DSDV and ZRP) for video streaming over Worldwide Interoperability of Microwaves Access (WiMAX)

pp 7196-7199

Gurmandeep Kaur and Navneet Kaur







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