International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 12  (2016)  





Simulation Analysis of Switch Controlled Power Filters for Harmonic Reduction
pp 7597-7602
V. Narasimhulu, D. V. Ashok Kumar and Ch. Sai Babu

Design of Ultra Low Power Tri-CAM with45nm
pp 7603-7608
Sreenivasa Rao Ijjada and Raviteja Patnala

A Hybrid Extensive Machine Learning Algorithm (HEMLA) for Classification and Clustering
pp 7609-7614
T. Muralidharan, V. Saishanmuga Raja and S.P. Rajagopalan

A study on the stiffness effects of link beam on the behavior of coupling shear wall
pp 7615-7621
Seyyed Mahmoud Sheikhaleslamzadeh and Taner Yilmaz

A Common Fixed Point Theorem without Orbital Continuity
pp 7622-7623
Swatmaram, K. Kumar swamy and T. Phaneendra

Applying FIR and IIR Digital Filters over Video Image Processing
pp 7624-7632
S. Aparna and M. Ekambaram Naidu

Design of Composite Pipes Conveying Fluid for Improved Stability Characteristics
pp 7633-7639
K.Y. Maalawi, A. M. Abouel-Fotouh, M. El Bayoumi and Khaled Ahmed Ali Yehia

Mineral speciation determination and quantitative x-ray analysis of struvite family crystals precipitated in wastewater
pp 7640-7647
L. Edahwati, S.Muryanto, J. Jamari and A. P. Bayuseno

Model for Automated Integration of Data from Heterogeneous Sources in the COMPASS-OK Application for (Self) Evaluation and Accreditation
pp 7648-7653
Stanka Hadzhikoleva and Emil Hadzhikolev

Design and Control of Cuk Converter and modified IC MPPT Technique for Off-Grid PV Systems
pp 7654-7661
Essam Hendawi, M. M. Salem and Yousry Atia

Characterization of Multiple Input Multiple Output: Investigating Spatial Diversity
pp 7662-7665
Charles Nduujiba, Nsikan Nkordeh, Ibinabo Bob Manuel and Oluyinka Oni

A Survey On Direct Detection Methods Of Gravitational Waves
pp 7666-7668
Eilaf Ahmed and Hemalatha.M

Security Issues in Cloud Computing
pp 7669-7671
Sara AlJadaani, Mariam AlMaliki, and Wejdan AlGhamdi and Hemalatha. M

Security Issues in Social Networking Sites
pp 7672-7675
Abeer AL-Mutairi, Maha Hassan, Nada AL-Sharif and Hemalatha. M

Fabrication of Ferromanganese from Manganese Oxide of Spent Alkaline Battery
pp 7676-7679
Young-ik Choi, Heo-Sae Kwon and Jei-Pil Wang

A Study on the Recycling Process to Fabricate Iron Powder from Waste Iron Sludge
pp 7680-7683
Jong-Moon Lee, Woo-Jin Lee and Jei-Pil Wang

Novel approach towards TSP
pp 7684-7687
Morouj Qassem Al Ahdel and Hemalatha. M

The Study of the Effect of the Natural Gas in the CNG Engine
pp 7688-7690
Chang Chun Xu and Haeng Muk Cho

Impact Evaluation of Cryogenic Treatment to Wear Characteristics of ADI Cutting Tool
pp 7691-7697
Agus Suprapto, Agus Iswantoko and Ike Widyastuti


Calculation of the Stress State of Certain Elements of Engineering Structures
pp 7698-7701
Aygerim Rysbekkyzi Baimakhan, Aiman Kalievna Rysbayeva, Assima Asylbekkyzy Seinassinova, Gulshat Polatovna Rysbayeva, Zhumazhan Kaldygulovnа Kulmagambetova, Aizhamal Madievna Aliyeva and Rysbek Baimakhanuly Baimakhan

Stochastic Behaviour of Propagation of Partial Discharge Acoustic Signals in Transformer Oil
pp 7702-7707
Syed Aqeel Ashraf, Brian G. Stewart, KhaliquzzamanKhan, D. M. Hepburn and Sabir Ali Siddiqui

An Overview of Production and Development of Ceramic Membranes
pp 7702-7707
Syed Aqeel Ashraf, Brian G. Stewart, KhaliquzzamanKhan, D. M. Hepburn and Sabir Ali Siddiqui

Data Quality Improvement for Korean Nationl Long-Term Ecological Research
pp 7722-7727
Taesang Huh and Hoe-Kyoung Jung

Optical screening of Venturianashicola caused Pyruspyrifolia (Asian pear) scab using optical coherence tomography
pp 7728-7731
RuchireEranga Wijesinghe, Seung-Yeol Lee, Naresh Kumar Ravichandran, Muhammad Faizan Shirazi, Pilun Kim, Hee-Young Jung, Mansik Jeon and Jeehyun Kim

High-temperature phase transformations in CaO-SO3-SiO2-H2O system with nanosized component
pp 7732-7735
I.V. Zhernovsky, A.V. Cherevatova, E.V. Voitovich, N.I. Kozhukhova, E.I. Evtushenko

Wireless Charging in the Context of Sensor Networks
pp 7736-7741
Maen Takruri, Hussain A. Attia and Mohamad Hussam Awad

Physical effects of children's indoor shoes on floor-impact sound in apartment and psychological effects of sound produced
pp 7742-7748
Hyeon Ku Park

Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Project Value: Quantity Take-Off of Building Frame Approach
pp 7749-7757
Seoung-Wook Whang and Park, Sang Min

On a Financial Engineering Formula for European Options
pp 7758-7766
Jacob M. Manale

Three column configuration for the separation of IPA-water using by heteroazeotropic distillation
pp 7767-7771
Manish Pokhrel, Daniel Owusu Asante and Jung Ho Cho

Separation of Acetone-chloroform maximum boiling azeotrope using Dimethyl sulfoxide
pp 7772-7775
Manish Pokhrel, Asante Daniel Owusu, and Jung Ho Cho

A Development of Flexible Real-time Detabase Platform of Microgrid Energy Management System for Generation Applications
pp 7776-7785
Jin-Man Sohn

Investigation On The Air-Gas Characteristics Of Air-Gas Mixer Designed For Bi-Engines
pp 7786-7794
Hussein Adel Mahmood, Nor Mariah Adam, B.B. Sahari and S.U. Masuri

Forecasting Of Automatic Relevance Determination For Feature Selection (FARD-FS) In Financial Fraud Detection
pp 7795-7800
C. Gayathri and R.Umarani

Forecasting and bankruptcy diagnostics in the context of globalization
pp 7801-7803
Baidildina A. M, Dzhakisheva U. K, Akimbaeva K. T, Alimbekova G. A and Ashimova R. M

Multi-Resolution Model Generation from Range Images of a Structured Light System
pp 7804-7808
Yong H. Chung, Won K. Ham, S. Lee and Sang C. Park

Implementation of Heart Rate Variability Analysis Algorithm on FPGA Platform
pp 7809-7814
Nur Sabrina Rismana, SitiNorhayati MD Yassinb, Nazrul Anuar Nayana, and Sia Chen Weic, Yuan Wen Hau

Analysis of Metal Catalyst Etching in Graphene Transfer Process
pp 7815-7822
Nazrul Anuar Nayan and Norlida Ramli

Research on ball forging by ring rolling process
pp 7823-7828
Jong Hun Kang and Hyoung Woo Lee

Intelligent Plateform to Select The Best IT-GRC Framework For Treatment The Needs Of Stakeholders
pp 7829-7835
Aziza CHAKIR, Meriyem Chergui, Soukaina Elhasnaoui, Hicham MEDROMI, Adil SAYOUTI

Improving Web Accessibility
pp 7836-7845
Islam ElKabani, Rached Zantout, Lama Hamandi and Simar Mansi

Study Of Energy And Water Conservation In A Residential Compound In Egypt
pp 7846-7850
H.H. El-Ghetany and H.M.S. Hussein

Analysis and design of planar FSS circuits of approach multiscale combined with an auxiliary source technique using an Iterative Method
pp 7851-7856
A. Sassi, L.latrach, N. Sboui, A. Gharbi and H. Baudrand

Topological Object-Association Model for Simulating Electrical Networks
pp 7857-7867
Ilya Abramovich Golovinskii

The Automation of the Design of the Additional Aerodynamic Surfaces of the Wing as a Component of the Configuration of a Commercial Airliner
pp 7868-7874
Aleksandr Alekseevich Gorbunov, Aleksej Dmitrievich Pripadchev and Irina Sergeevna Bykova

Hydrogen Atoms based on the Hypothesis of Louis de Broglie
pp 7875-7877
Vladimir K. Nevolin

NLFEA Fire Resistance of 3D System Ceiling Panel
pp 7878-7882
Rajai Z. Al-Rousan

Non-overlapping Channel Utilization and Noise Floor Measurement of 2.4 GHz Wireless LAN Based Cognitive Radio Network
pp 7883-7887
Mohammad Nayeem Morshed, Sabira Khatun, Latifah Munirah Kamarudin, Syed Alwee Aljunid and Moslemuddin Fakir

The Evolution of Voting: Analysis of Conventional and Electronic Voting Systems
pp 7888-7896
Mohammed Awad and Ernst L. Leiss

Justification Of Safe Plugging Options For Subway Tunnels Flooded In An Accident Based On Risk Assessment
pp 7897-7906
Anatoliy Grigoryevich Protosenya, Petr Alekseevich Demenkov, Olga Vladimirovna Trushko and Pavel Eduardovich Verbilo






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