International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 13  (2016)  





A Low Cost Prototype for Multiple Access Security System
pp 7907-7913
Yokesh Babu Sundaresan, Ashish Kumar Jaiswal and Kumaresan P

Anamolized Based Security for Private Information Attacks on Social Network
pp 7914-7919
Yokesh Babu Sundaresan, Kumaresan P. and Prabu A.S

Fuzzy Rule-Based Fingerprint Image Classification
pp 7920-7925
Shing Chyi Chua, Eng Kiong Wong and Alan Wee Chiat Tan

Kinetics of Barium Sulfate Cristallisation at the Process its Spontaneous Precipitation in an Aqueous Solution
pp 7926-7928
Shangaraeva Liliya Albertovna and Tananykhin Dmitry Sergeevich

Safety of Precast Concrete Installation for Industrialised Building System Construction
pp 7929-7932
Adilah Arma Shaari, Mohd Faiz Mohammad Zaki, Wan Zuki Azman Wan Muhamad and AfizahAyob

Battery Thermal Management System in HEV/EV
pp 7933-7937
Jun-Young Na and Haeng-Muk Cho

Numerical Studies of Isotopic Oxidation in Packed Bed Reactor
pp 7938-7942
Daniel Owusu Asante, Manish Pokhrel, Jung Ho Cho and Dong Sun Kim

Trajectory Planning For Exoskeleton Robot By Using Cubic And Quintic Polynomial Equation
pp 7943-7946
Sari Abdo Ali, Khalil Azha Mohd Annuar and Muhammad Fahmi Miskon

Preprocessing Using Classification for Lossless Compression of 3D Geometry Data
pp 7947-7950
Miryeong Ha and Hoon Yoo

Efficiency of Text Extraction Technique via Email for Jobs at
pp 7951-7957
Love Jhoye M. Raboy, Maiden Flor C. Caumban, Alaiza Geene C. Maandig and Andrelin R. Pareṅo

A Rough Set Data Model for Kidney Disease diagnostics
pp 7958-7960
Aaron Don M. Africa

Tools to Support the Decision-making in the Design and Operation of Activated Sludge Process for Municipal Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries
pp 7967-7973
Gustavo Andrés Baquero-Rodríguez and Jaime A. Lara-Borrero

Factors Affecting Quality During The Construction Phase In Iraqi Government Companies
pp 7974-7981
Husam. M. Ahmed and Rosnah Mohd Yusuff

Simulation of Thermophysical Processes in Residential Storey Buildings
pp 7982-7985
lkhomzhon Sadrievich Shukurov, Ilnaz Rafikovich Khalilov and Lenar Nurgaleevich Shafigullin

Mixed Integer Linear Programming-Based Peak Shaving Algorithm Considering Multiple Energy Storage Systems
pp 7986-7988
Won-Bin Choi and Hwachang Song

Implementation of an efficient Carry Select Adder
pp 7989-7991
G.V.Arunraj and R.Varatharajan

Design and Implementation of Low Power and Efficient Adders - A Review
pp 7992-7996
G.V.Arunraj and R.Varatharajan

A Middleware Application Framework For Academic Institution Services Utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology
pp 7997-8004
Archie O. Pachica and John Benedict L. Bernardo

Developing of the Logical-Mathematical Model of Cloud Call-Center to Predict the Utilization in Case of Increase in the Number of Users
pp 8005-8009
Anton Pavlovich Teykhrib

Effects of Volume-Delay Function on Time, Speed and Assigned Volume in Transportation Planning Process
pp 8010-8018
Lee Vien Leong

Improvement of On-State Current of Tunnel FET(Field-Effect Transistor) by Design of Channel Doping Profile
pp 8019-8023
Jong-Wook Lee

Paradoxes Of The Service Economy And The Role Of The State In Strategic Management Of Their Effects
pp 8024-8030
Elena Roaldovna Orlova, Natalya Evgenievna Buletova, Evgenia Vyacheslavovna Gulyaeva and Igor Arkadievich Zlochevsky

Simulation Study for Evaluation of Weighting Methods in National Socio-Economics Survey (Susenas)
pp 8031-8036
Ary Santoso, Anang Kurnia, Bagus Sartono and Siti Muchlisoh

Coconut Residue as Biopolymer Drag Reducer Agent in Water Injection System
pp 8037-8040
Siti Sarah Salehudin and Syahrir Ridha

Feasibility of Development of Wind Farms in Northern Province of Saudi Arabia
pp 8041-8045
S. M. Shaahid, Luai M. Al-Hadhrami and M. K. Rahman

Evaluation of Oil-Bearing Waste Water Treatment Efficiency with Application of Drain Hydrocyclone Chambers
pp 8046-8049
Grishin Boris Mikhailovich, Bikunova Marina Viktorovna, Vilkova Natalya Grigorievna, Garkina Irina Aleksandrovna  and Laskov Nikolay Nikolaevich

Investigations into Applicability of Additive Techniques for Fabrication of Aerodynamically Stabilized Aerostat System
pp 8050-8055
Sabir Magomed-Kadievich Bakmaev, Ilia Sergeevich Vorontsov, Dmitry Aleksandrovich Demskiy and Aleksandr Fedotovich Makarov

The Choice of the Parameters of Vacuum Freeze Drying to Thermolabile Materials with Desired Quality Level
pp 8056-8061
Gennadiy Vyacheslavovich Semenov, Aleksey Aleksandrovich Tikhomirov and Irina Stanislavovna Krasnova

Quality Of Cast Iron Smelted In A Gas Cupola Furnace As A Constructional Material
pp 8062-8066
Vladimir Alexandrovich Grachev

Integrated design methodology for development of a free-piston Stirling engine
pp 8067-8074
Lev Yurievich Lezhnev, Nikolay Anatolievich Khripach, Denis Alekseevich Ivanov, Fedor Andreevich Shustrov and Dmitriy A. Dobrodomov

Thermodynamic Characteristics of Phase Interaction During Melting of Cast Iron Under Conditions of Temperature Fluctuations
pp 8075-8079
V. A. Grachev

Evaluation of Different Frequency Domain Transformation on Digital Image Watermarking
pp 8080-8084
Ahmed M.N. Al-Gindy

Low Cost Instrument to Profiling Surface Roughness and Its Elevation
pp 8085-8089
Suprijadi, Fahdzi Muttaqien and Syhalath Xaphakdy

Effect of Friction-Stir-Processing on Fracture Toughness Determination of Oil Pipelines in ST 37 Group, Numerically and Experimentally
pp 8090-8097
Armin Sabetghadam-Isfahani, Amir Hossein Saeedinia and Vahid Zarei






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