International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 14  (2016)  





Fanpage KPI Analytics: “Determining the Impact of KPI Metrics on Growth Rate and User Base “
pp 8098-8103
Zoha Rahman, Kumaran Suberamanian, Hasmah Zanuddin, Sedigheh Moghavvemi, Mohd Hairul Nizam Bin Md Nasir

Microstrip Bandpass Filter with Tunable Notch Response at 5.2 GHz Using Defected Microstrip Structure
pp 8104-8108
Mohamad Ariffin Mutalib, Zahriladha Zakaria, Noor Azwan Shairi

Design of 24GHz Down-Conversion CMOS Mixer
pp 8109-8112
Jee-Youl Ryu

Demonstration Study on Standalone PV System for Solar Desalination in Korea
pp 8113-8116
Byunggyu Yu

Protecting the rights of consumers of transport services
pp 8117-8119
cls. Aralbayeva Aigerim, Kurmanalieva Elmira, cls. Moldakhmetova Zhanar, master of Law Mukasheva Assel and master of law Myrzatayev Nurmukhamed

Soft and Hard Biometrics for the Authentication of Remote People in Front and Side Views
pp 8120-8127
Asma El Kissi Ghalleb and Najoua Essoukri Ben Amara

Variation Order, The Causal Or The Resolver Of Claims And Disputes In The Construction Projects
pp 8128-8135
Sarwono Hardjomuljadi

Improvement Of Energy Collection In A Solar System
pp 8136-8139
Syariffah Binti Othman, Mohd Ruddin Bin Ab Ghani and Mohamad Rom bin Tamjis

Nano Chitosan Shrimp Shell (Nephropidae) For Dentistry Applications
pp 8140-8144
Wedagama D. M, Edi Widjajanto, Bambang Parjianto and Sutiman. D. Sumitro

Factors Affecting the Cloud Computing Technology adoption among Public Organizations
pp 8145-8148
Muhammad Imran Bin MdYusof, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

Water Purification Of A Surface Source With The Use Of Concentrated Coagulation And Aeration
pp 8149-8152
Grishin Boris Мikhailovich, Bikunovа Мarina Victorovna, Коshev Аleksandr Nikolaevich, Vilkovа Natalya Georgievna and Chertes Кonstantin Lvovich

Investigation of the Friction Stir Processing and Nano-coating Methods’ Effect on the Microhardness changes in St37 Steel
pp 8153-8157
Armin Sabetghadam-Isfahani, Seyed MohammadHosseinSharifi and AmirHossein SAEEDINIA

Performance of Sliding Mode Controller with Static and Dynamic Sliding Surface
pp 8158-8162
Dian Mursyitah, Nanda Putri Miefthawati, Rado Yendra and Ahmad Fudholi

Model predictive control of an inverted pendulum by Mixed Logical Dynamical approach
pp 8163-8170
Essia SAIDI, Yosra HAMMI and Ali DOUIK

Corporate Islamic Financing In A Complex Economy
pp 8171-8176
Ilham Boularhmane and Mohamed Amine Souissi

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
pp 8177-8180
Michal Sustek, Miroslav Marcanik and Zdenek Urednicek

Thermodynamic investigation of Mg-Si binary alloys
pp 8181-8184
Adiba RAIS, Yassine El Karim and Rachid LBIBB

Monte Carlo calculation of 6 MV Varian Linac photon beam Spectral characteristics using the BEAM code
pp 8185-8194
Ankit kajaria, Neeraj Sharma, Shiru Sharma, Satyajit Pradhan, Abhijit Mandal and Lalit. M. Aggarwal

Set the Nurses Working Hours Using Graph Coloring Method and Algorithm of Cooling of Metals
pp 8195-8199
Elham Photoohi Bafghi

Structural elements of the innovation process in industrial enterprises
pp 8200-8206
Elham Photoohi Bafghi


The Characteristic of yellow loess plastering with Hanji wallpaper
pp 8207-8212
Hongseok Jang, Boram Lee, Hyeseon Kang and Seungyoung So


A Study on the Effects of Online Appointment Systems on Patients and Hospitals
pp 8213-8216
Heesun Kim

Development and Application of Arduino Based Scanning System for Non-destructive Testing
pp 8217-8220
Jinho Kim, Lalita Udpa and Jaejoon Kim


A Design of High-speed Big Data Query Processing System for Social Data Analysis: Using Spark SQL
pp 8221-8225
Kiejin Park and Limei Peng

Repair Technology Development of Non-Rigid and Intermediate Types of Road Structure with Application of New Material from Asphalt-Road Stone-Soil Mix as Structural Layer
pp 8226-8228
Artyom E. Borisov, Аlexandr N. Kanischev and Fyodor V. Matvienko

An Event-B Approach of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
pp 8229-8233
Sanae El Mimouni and Mohamed Bouhdadi


Low-Cost Three-Dimensional Scanners Using Line-Laser and Maker Recognition for Rotation Angles
pp 8234-8237
Kyungme. Lee and Yoo. Hoon

Private Browser Mode: Secured! Or Unsecured
pp 8238-8242
Hanin AL-Maghrabi, ShahdShami, Sumaya AL-Sefri and Hemalatha.M


Design of Front-end for Automotive Collision Avoidance Radar
pp 8243-8246
Seok-Ho Noh and Jee-Youl Ryu

The Analysis Of Geological Characteristics In Mantewe, Tanah Bumbu Regency, South Kalimantan, Indonesia
pp 8247-8252
Hanif Faisol Nurofiq, Mohammad Bisri, Soemarno, Athaillah Mursyid, and M. Haris Miftakhul Fajar

Behavior of a Base-Isolated Residential House in a Highly Seismic Region
pp 8253-8258
H. Sugihardjo, Tavio and Y. Lesmana

Development of Underwater Terrain Map Building Method on Polar Coordinates by Using 3D Sonar Point Clouds
pp 8259-8264
Eon-ho Lee and Sejin Lee

Techniques used in Patient Queue Module, Medical Record Module and Payment Module of E-Clinic Portal
pp 8265-8270
Ng Tiang Huat, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

An Analysis of Variables to Predict Traffic Fatalities Based on the Characteristics of Road Transport Infrastructure In Indonesia
pp 8271-8280
Supratman Agus

Finite element analysis of the passenger side airbag deployment in Out-of-Position
pp 8281-8287
D. Bendjaballah, A. Bouchoucha, M.L. Sahli and J-C. Gelin

Finite Element Analysis on Thermal Performance of Exhaust Gas Recirculationby using CFD
pp 8288-8292
Ranjit Shrestha, Yoonjae Chung, AhrumHan Seungsu Hong and Wontae Kim

Power Plant Fault Data Management System based on Big Data

pp 8293-8297
Junghoon Shin and Sangjun Lee

Identifying the Most Significant Solutions from Pareto Front Using Hybrid Genetic K-Means Approach
pp 8298-8311
A. AL Malki, M. M. Rizk, M. A. El-Shorbagy and A. A. Mousa

Adaptation Of Soil Spectral Reflectance Technique For Monitoring And Managing Of Center-Pivot Irrigation Water
pp 8312-8317
Yasser E. Arafa and Khaled A. Shalabi

Optimization System for Indonesian Steel Structure Using Genetic Algorithm and Sni 1726-2012
pp 8318-8321
Mohammad Ghozi and Anik Budiati

Improving Electricity Supply in Nigeria-Potential for Renewable Energy from Biomass
pp 8322-8339
Saifuddin N., Bello S., Fatihah S. and Vigna KR

Computing Flexible Pavement Distress Zone Travel Time Differentials on Multilane Highway
pp 8340-8344
Johnnie Ben-Edigbe

Ultra-wideband (UWB) Based Classification Of Benign And Malignant Tumor
pp 8345-8349
V. Vijayasarveswari, S. Khatun, M. Jusoh and M. M. Fakir


The Methods of Selection of Refurbishment Options for Heat Supply Systems in the Process of Renovation of Real Estate Objects
pp 8350-8354
Ariadna N. Kirillova, Evgeniya M. Plotnikova and Nina N. Musinova, Olga S. Semkina

Background and Analysis of co-creation: Path towards Innovation
pp 8355-8364
Alexandra Rodríguez Chala, Giovanny Mauricio Tarazona B and Katherine Andrea Cuartas Castro

Improved Design of Locklever in an Aircraft Landing Gear for Reduction of Stress Concentration
pp 8365-8372
Hyun-Wook Kwon, Ji-Min Song and Young-Doo Kwon

Non-invasive Ultra-wide Band System for Reliable Blood Glucose Level Detection
pp 8373-8376
Md Shawkat Ali, S. Khatun, L. M. Kamarudin, N. J. Shoumy, V. Vijayasarveswari, and Monirul Islam

The Application Of The Holographic Method For Evaluation Of A Stress Deformation State Of Cement Paint Coatings
pp 8377-8378
Loganina Valentina Ivanovna and Skachkov Yuri Petrovich

Nonlinear Methods for the Determination of Dynamic Evolution of a Time Series
pp 8379-8383
Vincenzo Niola, Giuseppe Quaremba and Sergio Savino

Efficient Adaptive Power Control Protocol for MANET
pp 8384-8391
J.Suresh and J.M. Gnanasekar







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