International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 16  (2016)  





Discovering similar user navigation behavior in Web log data
pp 8797-8805
Tawfiq A. Al-asadi and Ahmed J. Obaid

Development of Virtual Reality (VR)System with Haptic Controller and Augmented Reality (AR) System to Enhance Learning and Training Experience.
pp 8806-8809
Rohidatun M. W, Faieza A. A, Rosnah M.Y, Nor Hayati S and Rahinah I

MAC Protocols for Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks: A Comparative Review
pp 8810-8819
Sabin Bhandari and Sangman Moh

Evaluation of the Performances of Two Wearable Systems for Gait Analysis: A Pilot Study
pp 8820-8827
Laura Gastaldi, Valentina Agostini, Ryo Takeda, Stefano Pastorelli and Shigeru Tadano

Evaluation of Cracking of Coatings Cement Concrete
pp 8828-8830
V.I. Loganina and G.A. Fokin

Performance Improvement of A Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System Utilizing HERIC Transformerless Inverter Using Fuzzy PID Contoller
pp 8831-8840
I.E. Atawi

An Optimal Control Based Approach to Dynamics Autonomous Vehicle
pp 8841-8847
Ruthber Rodríguez Serrezuela, Adrian Fernando Chavarro Chavarro, Miguel Angel Tovar Cardozo and Jorge Bernardo Ramirez Zarta

Mining Correlation Rules forMultiple Attribute Group Decision Making Models with Vague Sets
pp 8848-8857
V. Thiagarasu and P. Umasankar

Effect of Wind Induced on Road Accident along East Coast Expressway (ECE)
pp 8858-8862
Parameswary Sundara, Nurul Nadrah Aqilah binti Tukimat, Mohamad Idris bin Ali and Norain binti Md Yusof

Investigation and Evaluation the Performance of the Construction Residential Complexes Projects
pp 8863-8877
Faiq M. S. Al-Zwainy and Mohammed S. Kh. Al-Marsomi

Risk Factors Affecting The Performance of Flexible Pavement in West Java Roads - Indonesia
pp 8878-8881
Hary Agus Rahardjo and Budi Karusi

Assessment of the Level of Building Damage Induced by Tunnel Construction in Soft Soil
pp 8882-8891
Nouaman Tafraouti, Rhali Benamar and Nouzha Lamdouar

A Survey on Data Correction of Observation and Prediction Using Machine Learning: Preliminary Study for Optimizing Oil Spill Model
pp 8892-8895
Ji-Hum Ha and Yong-Hyuk Kim

Higher-Order Nonlocal Vibration for Silicon Nanobeams with Initial Axial Stress
pp 8896-8899

Statistical Design Approach to Maximize the Printed Cells in Bio Printing Process
pp 8900-8907
Maria Corrales Gonzalez, Tzu-Liang (Bill) Tseng, Sungjoo Lee and Yongjin Kwon

Operation of UAV in the Helicopter Simulator to Assess the Mission Task Load (Experiment I)
pp 8908-8915
Sekyung Jeong, Jinyeong Heo, Seunghee Yu, Sungjoo Lee and Yongjin Kwon

Optoelectronic Properties of Dome-Shaped Substrate UV Detector with Optical Coating
pp 8916-8919
Haider Al-Mumen

Slope Remediation Method Using Rock Buttress in Malaysia: A Review
pp 8920-8923
Nurul Ain Ahmad, Mohd Faiz Mohammad Zaki and Afizah Ayob

The Studies of determination of grinding time on Rougher flotation on Rangin Flez copper concentration plant
pp 8924-8927
Ali Pourbahaadinia and Amir Pazoki

Quality of Work Life: A Literature Review
pp 8928-8931
R. Geetha and R. S. Mani

Pattern Design Tourism Village in Borneo Border Area
pp 8932-8939
Randy Pratama S and Wiwik Widyo Widjajanti

The Analysis of the CFD about the Swirl Generation in Four- Stroke Engine
pp 8940-8945
Chang Chun Xu and Haeng Muk Cho

Desalination Property of Pure multi-walled carbon nanotubes
pp 8946-8948
Ki-Bong Han, Shyun Kim and Yongho Choi

Investigating Mechanical Properties of Argillaceous Grounds in Order to Improve Safety of Development of Megalopolis Underground Space
pp 8949-8956
Anatoliy Grigoryevich Protosenya, Maksim Anatolievich Karasev and Dmitriy Nikolaevich Petrov

A Transfer Matrix Method to Determine Power Transfer among Coupled Fibers
pp 8957-8960
Rado YENDRA, Dedi Irawan, Hartono and Muhammad Nur

Kinematics of Simple Planetary Mechanism
pp 8961-8965
V.I. Nekrasov, R.A. Ziganshin and O.O. Gorshkova

Upgrading the Efficiency of Harvesting Machines by Means of Thrashing Accelerator of a New Type
pp 8966-8970
Zharylkasyn S. Sadykov, Zhumakul S. Baizakova, Meyram S. Toylybaev Kabdyrakhim Kalym and Tanirnazar K. Sultangaziyev

Group Chain Sampling Plans Based on Truncated Life Tests for Log-Logistic Distribution
pp 8971-8974
Mohd Azri Pawan Teh, Nazrina Aziz and Zakiyah Zain

LLFpi : Schedulability-Improved LLF Algorithm in Multiprocessor Real-Time Embedded Systems
pp 8975-8981
Sangchul Han, Jinsoo Kim, Junghwan Kim and Minkyu Park

Two-rimming radial turbine for drive of manual pneumatic grinders
pp 8982-8986
Vladimir Leonidovich Khimich, Alexander Borisovich Chuvakov, Vasiliy Andreyevich Kikeyev,Sergey Nikolaevich Khrunkov and Artem Alexandrovich Kraynov

Conditions for Testing Electromagnetic Susceptibility of Electronic Devices
pp 8987-8991
Hana Urbancokova, Jan Valouch, Stanislav Kovar

Survival Mixtrue Model of Gamma Distribution F of Modelling Heterogeneous Data
pp 8992-8998
Yusuf A. Mohammed, Bidin Yatim and Suzilah Ismail

Wear of a CTP-Impregnated Plain Carbon Contact Strip Sliding against a Copper Trolley under Electric Current
pp 8999-9001
Jin Kyu Lee

Statement and Mathematical Characterization of the Task of Assessing the Strategic Potential of Fuel and Energy Industry of Russia
pp 9002-9006
Sergey Vladimirovich Fedoseev, Alexey Evgenevich Cherepovitsyn and Pavel Sergeevich Tsvetkov

Organizational-Economic Mechanism of Financing Strategic Investment Projects at the Regional Level in Regions with Poor Infrastructure
pp 9007-9013
Tatyana Vladimirovna Ponomarenko, Alexey Evgenevich Cherepovitsyn, Sergey Vladimirovich Fedoseev and Dmitriy Evgenevich Sidorov

The prospects of creation and use of modern resource-saving technologies in the mining sector of the russian economy (with titanium industry as an example)
pp 9014-9017
Maria V. Tochilo and Sergey Vladimirovich Fedoseev

The analysis of the problems of mining waste products in the mineral resources sector of the Russian Federation
pp 9018-9025
Marina Anatolyevna Nevskaya, Sergey Vladimirovich Fedoseev and Oksana Anatolyevna Marinina

Development of Safety Algorithm Based construction Controllers Interface
pp 9026-9030
Sang Young lee

Volume Target Delineation for Brain Tumor in Mri Images Using Active Contour Segmentation Method
pp 9031-9036
Catur Edi Widodo, Kusworo Adi, Aris Sugiharto, Qidir Maulana B. S and Adi Pamungkas

Modeling of Electric Water Heater and Air Conditioner for Residential Demand Response Strategy
pp 9037-9046
Maytham S. Ahmed, Azah Mohamed, Raad Z. Homod, Hussain Shareef and Khairuddin Khalid

Software Instruments for Computer-Aided Design Onboard Cable Network of the Aircraft
pp 9047-9051
Evgenii Yu. Fedorov and Anton G. Gorodnov

Risk assessment in fuzzy business processes based on High Level Fuzzy Petri net
pp 9052-9057
Aleksey Senkov and Vadim Borisov

Effect of Light Hydrocarbons on Wax Precipitation
pp 9058-9062
I.A. Struchkov and P.V. Roschin

Heat Exchanger Control Based on Artificial Intelligence Approach
pp 9063-9069
Agus Jamal and Ramadoni Syahputra


Analysis Methodologies Web Application Development
pp 9070-9078
Jimmy Rolando Molina Ríos, Mariuxi Paola Zea Ordóñez, Joofre Antonio Honores Tapia and Antonio Steeven Gómez Moreno

An Improvement of label Power Set Method Based on Priority Label Transgormation
pp 9079-9087
Ziad Abdallah, Ali El-Zaart and Mohamad Oueidat

Temperature Effect on the Performance of a GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs Quantum Well Laser
pp 9088-9092
F. Hadjaj , A. Belghachi and A. Helmaoui

The Design of a Flexible Wind Turbine Coupling Structure considering Torsional Vibration
pp 9093-9098
JongHun Kang, Junwoo Bae, Hanyong On and HyoungWoo Lee

Innovative improved Direct Torque Control of Doubly Fed Induction Machine (DFIM) using Artificial Neural Network (ANN-DTC)
pp 9099-9105
Abderrahim ZEMMIT, Sabir MESSALTI and Abdelghani HARRAG

Effect of Coolant Temperature on Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics in a SI Engine with Bio-ethanol Blended Fuel
pp 9106-9110
Byungmo Yang, Seongcheol Han and Haengmuk Cho

Operation of UAV in the Helicopter Simulator to Compare the Control Interface Methods (Experiment II)
pp 9111-9115
Sekyung Jeong, Jinyeong Heo, Seunghee Yu, Sungjoo Lee and Yongjin Kwon

Unconventional Aircraft Morphing Employing Smart Actuators to Enhance Aerodynamic Efficiency
pp 9116-9122
Musavir Bashir, Parvathy Rajendran and Norizham Abdul Razak







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