International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 17  (2016)  





Techniques Usedon E-Clinic Portal Access Control
pp 9123-9127
Wei Siang Ang, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

Design Improvement of Thermal Elements in Order to Reduce Thermal Stresses in Thermoelectric Modules
pp 9128-9142
Leila Bakhtiaryfard and Yeong-Shu Chen

Formation of Optimum Structure of a Regional Gas Distribution System for Supply of Consumers with Liquefied Hydrocarbon Gas
pp 9143-9148
Osipova Natalya Nikolaevna, Grishin Boris Mikhailovich, Rodionov Yuri Vladimirovich, Tarakanov Oleg Vyacheslavovich and Greysoukh Grigoriy Isaevitch

Thermodynamic Performance Evaluation of a Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Desalination
pp 9149-9153
Y.Aroussy, M. Nachtane, D. Saifaoui, M.Tarfaoui and M. Rouway

The method of setting of heat consumption standard for buildings
pp 9154-9158
Levtsev Alexey Pavlovich, Grishin Boris Mikhailovich, Beregovoy Aleksandr Marcovich and Salmin Vladimir Vasilyevich

Mitigating Path Explosion in Symbolic Execution via Branches Merging
pp 9159-9165
Yunfei Su, Mengjun Li, Vhaojing Tang and Rongjun Shen

Daylighting Transforming Techniques: An Approach to Reduce Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings, the case of Amman in Jordan
pp 9166-9171
F. Sharaf, G. Irmeili and R Hammad

Event-Driven Sensor/Actuator Microcontroller using Neural Network-based Parameter Reconfiguration Method for Unknown Plant-Model Control Applications
pp 9172-9179
Moon Gi Seok, Bong Gu Kang and Daejin Park

OCR for Mobile Phone App Based on Partial Projections of Letter Pixels
pp 9180-9184
Alshehri, S.

Experimental Study on Performance Analysis of Viterbi Algorithm based on Hidden Markov Model considering Soft Decision Decoding
pp 9185-9190
Favian Dewanta and Yeon-Mo Yang

Comparison of Mechanical Designs of Modules among Modular Robotic Systems
pp 9191-9197
Ricardo A. Castillo, Andrés M. Cifuentes and Nancy E. Olarte

Analysis and Simulation of the Modular Robotic System MECABOT in Caterpillar-Type and Snake-Type Configurations Using WEBOTS Software
pp 9198-9206
Paola Natalia Lancheros Guzmán, Laura Beatriz Sanabria Galvis and Ricardo Andrés Castillo Estepa

Replacing Ground Rod Joining Cable from Copper to Galvanized Iron
pp 9207-9212
Karunakaran, Prashobh, Thomas, Katherine, Rufus, Shirley, Gurusamy, Lakshmanan. and Abdullah Azfar Setari

Utilization of 3D Sensors in Biometry
pp 9213-9220
Hana Talandova, Miroslav Marcanik, Michal Sustek and Milan Adamek

LQR Hybrid Approach Control of a Robotic Arm Two Degrees of Freedom
pp 9221-9228
Jaime Humberto Carvajal Rojas, Ruthber Rodriguez Serrezuela Jair Adrián Quimbayo López and Karen Lorena Roa Perdomo






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