International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 18  (2016)  





Stability Analysis in Stagnation-point Flow towards a Shrinking Sheet with Homogeneous – Heterogeneous Reactions and Suction Effects
pp 9229-9235
Nurul Syuhada Ismaila, Norihan Md Arifina, Roslinda Nazarb, Norfifah Bachoka and Norhasimah Mahiddin

Survery on the Narrative Structure of th Interactive Storyelling Authoring System
Seok-Kyoo Kim and SeongKi Kim

Patterns of Soil Mass Movement during the Construction of the Metro Station Using the “Top-Down” Technology
pp 9240-9247
Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Potemkin, Olga Vladimirovna Trushko, Mikhail Grigorievich Popov

Provision of Stability of Development Mining at Yakovlevo Iron Ore Deposit
pp 9248-9255
Vladimir Leonidovich Trushko, Olga Vladimirovna Trushko and Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Potemkin

Maximum Rotation Frequency Regulators of High-Speed Small-Sized Pneumatic Actuators
pp 9256-9261
Vladimir Leonidovich Khimich, Alexander Borisovich Chuvakov and Sergey Nikolaevich Khrunkov

Power System Stabilizer Model Using Artificial Immune System for Power System Controlling
pp 9269-9278
Ramadoni Syahputra and Indah Soesanti

AC Conductivity and Dielectric Spectroscopy of Poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)
pp 9279-9288
T. Fahmy, M. T. Ahmed, A. Sarhan, H. G. Abdelwahed and M. Alshaaer

Binning Strategy for Hierarchical Bitmap Indices with Large Scale Domain Hierarchy
pp 9289-9296
Jong Wook Kim

Steam Boilers’ Advanced Constructive Solutions for the Ultra-supercritical Power Plants
pp 9297-9306
Nikolay Rogalev, Vadim Prokhorov, Andrey Rogalev, Ivan Komarov and Vladimir Kindra

Voltage/Power Steady State Stability Enhancement of AC-DC for both SIF and MIF System Configurations by Shunt SVC
pp 9307-9314
Ibrahim B. M. Taha and Mohamed G. Ashmawy


Factors Affecting Contractors’ Bidding Decision for Small and Medium Construction Projects
pp 9315-9319
Titaporn Pobutdee


Overtaking Sight Distance on Two-Lane Highways: Considerations and Experimental Verifications
pp 9320-9326
Francis Cirianni, Giovanni Leonardi and Rocco Palamara

Implementation of Automatic Extinguishing System for Car Fire of Commercial Vehicle
pp 9327-9330
HyoungWoo Lee


Features Extraction Scheme for Behavioural Biometric Authentication in Touchscreen Mobile Devices
pp 9331-9344
Ala Abdulhakim Alariki, Azizah Abdul Manaf and Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi

A Fast Social-user Reaction Analysis using Hadoop and SPARK Platform
pp 9345-9349
Kiejin Park and Limei Peng

Efficient Node Localization Technique in MIMO Networks using AMABC Optimization Algorithm
pp 9350-9358
Fadhil T Alawe, Mahamod Ismail and Rosdiadee Nordin

Application Examples for Detection of Residual Stress Tension in Aluminium Sheet Metal
pp 9359-9363
Vincenzo Niola, Giuseppe Quaremba, Olga Ivtchenko and Luigi Abbruzzese

Geochemical characteristics and circulation of geothermal fluids in the southern Xining basin, NE Tibetan Plateau, China
pp 9364-9376
Vincenzo Niola, Giuseppe Quaremba, Olga Ivtchenko and Luigi Abbruzzese

Analysis of Upper CASE Tools in Software Design Process
pp 9377-9384
Zea Ordóñez Mariuxi Paola, Valarezo Pardo Milton Rafael, Molina Ríos Jimmy Rolando and Contento Segarra María José


A Quarter Car Model Using a Multibody Code
pp 9385-9392
Vincenzo Niola, Aleksandr Sakhnevych, Sergio Savino and Francesco Timpone

Numerical Investigation of the Different Spray Combustion Models under Diesel Condition
pp 9393-9399
F. Lakhfif, Z. Nemouchi and F. Mebarek-Oudina

Modeling of a Control Access Gate
pp 9400-9402
Omar Akasha and Moh’d Sami Ashhab

Development of an Optical Channel for a Motorcycle Helmet-Mounted Display System
pp 9403-9408
A. B. Artishchev

The Study of Structuring of the Limy Composition with the Additive Based on Synthetic Zeolite
pp 9409-9411
V.I.Loganina and M.A. Sadovnikova

Engineers Working in Russian Fuel Industry in 1918-1941: Achievements and Errors
pp 9411-9418
V.G. Afanas'ev, A. B. Mokeev and I.V. Voloshinova

Electric Propulsion System Sizing for Small Solar-powered Electric Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
pp 9419-9423
Parvathy Rajendran, Howard Smith, Khairul Ikhsan Yahaya and Nurul Musfirah Mazlan

A Quantitative Comparison between Chemical Coagulation and Biological Treatment of Municipal Wastewater
pp 9424-9429
Hesham Ahmad

Protection of Lightweight Structural Elements against Explosive and Impact Loading
pp. 9430-9435
Alexander V. Gerasimov, Sergey V. Pashkov and Roman O. Cherepanov

Dynamic Flight Simulation with a 3 d.o.f. Parallel Platform
pp. 9436-9442
Stefano Mauro, Laura Gastaldi, Stefano Pastorelli and Massimo Sorli

Thermal Insulation Lime Compounds for Walls of Aerated Concrete
pp. 9443-9445
VI Loganina, M.V. Frolov and N.I.Makridin

Navigation Receiver Antenna with Improved Parameters
pp. 9446-9447
Nikolay M. Legkiy

Fully Automated Detection of Landmark Spot Pairs using the Topology of Both the First and the Second Neighbor Spots in Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis
pp. 9448-9454
Dae-Seong Jeoune, Chan-Myeong Han and Wook Hyun Kim

The appraisal of office towers in bilateral monopoly's market: evidence from application of Newton's physical laws to the Directional Centre of Naples
pp. 9455-9459
Vincenzo Del Giudice, Pierfrancesco De Paola and Fabiana Forte

Research of the Effect of Scale Inhibitors on the Effectiveness of Corrosion Inhibitors in Oil Wells
pp. 9460-9463
D. Sultanova and D. Mardashov

Swarm Evolutionary Programming for Under-Frequency Load Shedding
pp. 9464-9477
M. Lu, W. A. W. Zainal Abidin, T. Masri, D. H. A. Lee, S. Chen

Innovative Solution for Barriers of Green Logistics in Food Manufacturing Industries
pp. 9478-9487
Meraa Divi Pannirselvan, Syed Radzi Bin Rahamaddulla, Puteri Fadzline Muuhamad,Mohd Ghazali Maarof and Shahryar Sorooshian

Brand globalization and Brand equity promotion of sporitng goods with nanotechnogy
pp. 9488-9490
jin-Ho Shi Youngsam Lim

Multi-Functional Microcontroller Based Monitoring, Alarming and Protection System
pp. 9491-9496
Hussain A. Attia

Experimental Studies of a Thermoelectric Generator for an ICE Exhaust System
pp. 9797-9506
Nikolay Anatolyevich Khripach, Boris Arkadyevich Papkin and Viktor Sergeevich Korotkov and Dmitriy Vladimirovich Zaletov

Theoretical and Experimental Bases for the Creation of Advanced Procces Equipment to Improve the Efficiency of Recoverying High-Viscosity Oil from Deep Oil-Bearing Beds
pp. 9507-9514
Valery A. Moiseev and Vladimir P. Nazarov, Viktor Y. Zhuravlev, Dmitriy A. Zhuykov, Maxsim V. Kubrikov

Production of High Strength Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron during Cast Iron Smelting in Gas Cupola Furnaces
pp. 9515-9519
Vladimir Alexandrovich Grachev

Methods for Determination of Near Electromagnetic Field
pp. 9519-9525
Vadim Valerievich Glotov, Mikhail Aleksandrovich Romashchenko, Oleg Yurievich Makarov and Aleksandr Vasilievich Muratov

Causes and Effects of Delay Factors in Road Construction Projects in Sudan
pp. 9526-9533
Khalid Khair, Hazir Farouk, Zainai Mohamed and R. Mohammad

Vehicular Swept Path Analysis Using K-Means Algorithm
pp. 9536-9538
Gary Reyes Zambrano and Raul Nassib Hidalgo Veliz

Theoretical Model for Detection of Residual Stress Tension in Aluminium Sheet Metal
pp. 9541-9550
Vincenzo Niola, Giuseppe Quaremba1, Olga Ivtchenko

Development and Identification of a Mathematical Model for Unsteady Heat Transfer in the Water/Air System with Forced Convection
pp. 9551- 9556
Tatyana Germanovna Korotkova, Evgeny Nikolaevich Konstantinov, Aleksandra Sergeevna Danilchenko and Svetlana Jurevna Ksandopulo

Strength Analysis of Moving Elements of Steam Microturbine
pp. 9557-9563
Vladimir Ivanovich Parshukov, Nikolai Nikolaevich Efimov, Dmitry Vladimirovich Stepovoy, Dmitry Evgenievich Pritykin, Vadim Valerievich Kopitsa

Comparison of different Air Cooling Channels for Battery Module
pp. 9564-9568
Junyoung Na, Zhucheng Li and Haengmuk Cho

A nonlinear spectrum for the diagnostics of a complex dynamical system
pp. 9569-9575
Vincenzo Niola, Giuseppe Quaremba, Gennaro Pellino, Angelo Montanino

A New Approach of Detecting Chaos in Deterministic Dynamical System
pp. 9576-9583
Vincenzo Niola, Giuseppe Quaremba

Numerical Study of Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
pp. 9584-9588
Mohammad A. Saraireh

Optimization of Thermal Performance of LED Fog Lamps for passenger Cars using Heatsinks with Serration
pp. 9589-9593
I.L.Hwang and Y.L.Lee

Model-Based Training of a Gearbox Condition Monitoring System
pp. 9594-9603
Simone Cinquemani, Francesco Rosa and Emanuele Osto

Study on Thermal Design of 15W-class KED Fig kanos for vehicles
pp. 9604-9607
S.J.Park and Y.L.Lee

Evaluation of the Usefulness of Multidetector Computed Angiography for the Diagnosis of Extracranial Internal Carotid Artery Stenosis by Comparing with Digital Subtraction Angiography
pp. 9608-9613
Woo Jin Jeon and Kyeong Hwan MO

Nonlinear models and discriminant analysis for diagnostics of mechanical systems
pp. 9614-9621
Vincenzo Niola, Giuseppe Quaremba, Gennaro Pellino and Angelo Montanino

Influence of Noise Generator Characteristics on the Adequacy of Modelling Noise-Eliminating Codecs with Low Density of Parity Check
pp. 9622-9629
Alexey Viktorovich Bashkirov, Alexander Vasilievich Muratov, Vladimir Mikhailovich Pitolin, Vasily Ivanovich Borisov and Ksenia Nikolaevna Lapshina

Experimental Testing of Technology and Equipment for Construction of Multilateral Wells
pp. 9630-9632
Sergey A. Frolov, Vladimir N. Svetashov and Dmitry D. Vodorezov

Development of a New Technology of Constructing of Taml Level 4 Multilateral Wells
pp. 9333-9635
Dmitry D. Vodorezov and Dmitry S. Leontiev

Developing a System of Hydraulic Indication of Equipment Landing in the Wellbore
pp. 9636- 9637
Dmitry D. Vodorezov, Yaroslav I. Barannikov

Safe Adaptive Front-light Microcontroller with Symmetric Angle Compensator for Abnormal Steering-Swivel Angle Protection
pp. 9638-9643
Jiae Youn, Jeonghun Cho and Daejin Park

Parametrical Cost Analysis of an Ultra High-rise Building: Detailed Design
pp. 9644-9650
T. Chrysanidis, V. Panoskaltsis and I. Tegos

Exploratory Data Analysis of Foster Campaigns’ Results Using Kohonen’s Neural Network When Planning the Number of Students
pp. 9651-9653
Alexey Ivanovich Pykhtin, Oleg Victorovich Ovchinkin, Natatia Konstantinovna Zarubina and Daria Sergeevna Volkova

Random Oscillators in Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics
pp. 9654-9658
N. J. Hassan, A. Pourdarvish and J. Sadeghi

The Moderating Effect of User Involvement and Self-Readiness and Factors that Influence Information System Net Benefits among Malaysian Public Sector Employees
pp. 9659-9673
Mazlan Mohd Sappri, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Sangeetha Raman

Design Methodology for Pneumatic Servoactuators
pp. 9674-9683
Stefano Pastorelli, Laura Gastaldi, Stefano Mauro and Massimo Sorli







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