International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 19  (2016)  





Macrovoids suppression in Polyetherimide (PEI) hollow fibre membranes by optimizing the air gap
pp. 9684-9688
Asif Jamil, Oh Pei Ching and Azmi M Shariff

Current status and challenges of the process safety practices in Malaysia
pp. 9689-9695
Chin K. Yana, Piong H. Sionga, M.H.T. Abu Bakara, K. Kidamab and M.W.Ali

Server Trace Analysis for an Optimal Design of Solid State Drives
pp. 9696-9699
I. Shin

Yes/no Rapid Microwell Immunoenzyme Assay for Non-Laboratory Monitoring of Food Contaminants
pp. 9700-9704
Аlina V. Petrakova, Аlexandr Е. Urusov, Аnatoly V. Zherdev and Boris B.Dzantiev

Sustainable Technology Forecasting using Statistical Testing of Social Networks
pp. 9705-9710
Sunghae Jun

Releasing Study of Encapsulated Aloe Vera from Electrospun Chitosan Nanofibers
pp. 9711-9714
ILLANI Ibrahim and KHAIRUNNADIM Ahmad Sekak

High Concentration Photovoltaic System with Parallel Kinematic Solar Tracker
pp. 9715-9722
Stefano Mauro and Gabriele Biondi

Electronic Design of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Leakage Monitoring, Alarm, and Protection System Based on Discrete Components
pp. 9721-9726
Hussain A. Attia and Halah Y. Ali

Assessment of the Stability of the Staining Process of Building Products and Constructions
pp. 9727-9729
V.I.Loganina, J .P. Skachkov and T.V. Uchaeva

Production from Macro Algae as a Biofuel for Diesel Engine
pp. 9730-9734
Sulaiman O Olanrewaju and Ali N. Ahmed

Asset Management and Maintenance in Transmission and Distribution Networks
pp. 9735-9739
S. Surender Reddy

Maintaining Differential Pressure in Boreholes Drilled in Ice and the Effect of Ice Hydrofracturing
pp. 9740-9747
Nikolai I. Vasilev, Andrei N. Dmitriev, Aleksei V. Podoliak, Valeriy V. Lukin and Alexey V. Turkeev

Emerging ICT trends Versus Receding Health
pp. 9748-9753
Sonal Devesh and Runita Marwah

Digital Forensics Tools
pp. 9754-9762
Rodrigo Fernando Morocho Román, Nancy Magaly Loja Mora, Johnny Paúl Novillo Vicuña and Josias Israel Piña Orozco4

Study on Maximum Power Point Tracking Method Using Open Circuit Voltage
pp. 9763-9766
Byunggyu Yu

Average Memory Access Time ReductionVia Adding Victim Cache
pp. 9767-9771
Amal Q. Ahmad, Mohammad Masoud and Shereen S. Ismail

Simulation of e-puck path planning in Webots
pp. 9772-9775
Germán A. Vargas, Oscar G. Rubiano, Ricardo A. Castillo, Oscar F. Avilés and Mauricio F. Mauledoux

Tailgate Hinge Stiffness Design using Topology Optimization
pp. 9776-9781
Yunsik Yang and Euy Sik Jeon

Development of Data Base and Computer Program for Solar Home Systems Design
pp. 9782-9791
Mohamed K. Metwaly, Mohamed B. ZAHRAN and Mahmoud M. SALEM

Model of Rock Drilling Process in Terms of Roller Cone Bit Remaining Life
pp. 9792-9799
Anna Aleksandrovna Shigina, Andrey Olegovich Shigin, Alena Aleksandrovna Stupina, Georgij Sergeevich Kurchin4 and Aleksandr Konstantinovich Kirsanov

Early Damage Detection using Nonlinear Models Related to Chaos Theory: First Evidences
pp. 9800-9805
Vincenzo Niola, Vincenzo Niola, Gennaro Pellino and Angelo Montanino

Precoder Design for Multicast D2D Communications Underlaying Cellular Networks
pp. 9806-9813
Bangwon Seo

A Fully Integrated CMOS Precision Full-Wave Rectifier
pp. 9814-9823
Montree Kumngern

Design and Implementation of Bio-IT Integrated Ringer Injection System for IoT based Efficient Healthcare Management
pp. 9824-9830
Jun-Hyeong Choi and Hyeon Cheol Zin and Jong Wook Kwak

Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks and Wavelet Transform
pp. 9831-9836
S. Surender Reddy and Chan-Mook Jung

Information system for management of distributed dynamic resources
pp. 9837-9841
M.U. Babich, M.M. Butaev and I.I. Salnikov

The research of the electroosmotic dehydration features of porous waste taking into account the osmosis physical model influence and the voltage values dynamics
pp. 9842-9845
Alina Olegovna Kholudeneva

Investigation of the memory subsystem of information systems by buffering transactions on the queuing models
pp. 9846-9849
I.I. Salnikov, M.U. Babich, M.M. Butaev and A.I. Martyshkin

Comparison of Low Voltage Current Mirrors
pp. 9850-9855
Jimin Cheon

Prediction of Grain Size in the TiN Coating Using Artificial Neural Network
pp. 9856-9869
Muath Ibrahim Jarrah, Abdul Syukor Mohamad Jaya, Mohd Asyadi Azam, Muhd. Razali Muhamad and Azlan Mohd Zain

Indicators of the Duration of Transient Processes in Asynchronous Adders
pp. 9870-9875
Anastasia Alekseevna Starykh and Andrey Vladimirovich Kovalev

Extraction of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) from cocoa pod husk via alkaline pretreatment combined with ultrasonication
pp. 9876-9879
Zailani I.S.A, Aviceena, Jimat D.N and Jami M.S.

A novel Task scheduling method based on Black Hole Algorithm in Cloud Computing
pp. 9880-9885
Mohsen broushaki, Mansour Esmaeilpour and Ali yousefi


Physiochemical Changes and Mass Balance of Raw and Alkaline Pretreated Oil Palm Frond: Pressed Versus Non-Pressed Sample
pp. 9886-9893
F. Nurul Aina, H. Shuhaida and J. Jamaliah

Ecology and Archectural and Town-Planning Space
pp. 9894-9905
Sergey V. Litvinov and Anton B. Kogan

Low Density Polyethylene Tubular Reactor Modeling: Overview of the Model Developments and Future Directions
pp. 9906-9913
A. Azmi and N. Aziz

High torque, low velocity pneumatic rotary servomotor
pp. 9914-9920
Stefano Mauro, Giuliana Mattiazzo and Massimo Sorli

Effects of Various Co-Dopants and Carbonates on the Properties of Doped Ceria-Based Electrolytes: A Brief Review
pp. 9921-9928
Mustafa Anwar, Andanastuti Muchtar and Mahendra Rao Somalu

Design Procedure for Autonomous Photovoltaic Power Systems Based on the Calculation of Power Balance and Statistical Values of the Insolation Diagram for a Given Area
pp. 9929-9934
Yuri A. Shinyakov and Arthur I. Otto

Methodology Development for Sustainable Energy Efficient Distillation Columns (Sustain-EEDCs) Sequence Design
pp. 9935-9939
Muhammad Zakwan Zaine and Mohd. Kamaruddin Abd. Hamid

Design solutions to prevent heat exchanger surface cold-end corrosion at gas turbine CHP
pp. 9940-9945
Vladimir Kindra, Evgeny Lisin, Valery Burov and Alexey Egorov

A Review of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid (2,4-D) Derivatives: 2,4-D Dimethylamine Salt and 2,4-D Butyl Ester
pp. 9946-9955
A. Qurratu and A. Reehan

Designing of the Vibrating Hydraulic Tyre Roller in Order to Research the Optimal Regime Set Parameters for the Snow Mass Compacting
pp. 9956-9959
Egorov Andrey Leonidovich, Kostyrchenko Viktor Anatolevich, Madyarov Timur Maratovich and Plokhov Andrey Alexandrovich

Challenges and Prospects of Bio-hydrogen Production for PEMFC Application: A Review
pp. 9960-9969
N Y Yusuf, M S Masdar, W N R W Isahak, D Nordin and T Husaini

Analysis of Corrosion Induced Crack in Reinforced Concrete with Smeared Crack Approach
pp. 9970-9974
Wahyuniarsih Sutrisno, I Ketut Hartana, Priyo Suprobo, Endah Wahyuni and Data Iranata

Assessment of Economic Implication of the RDF Facility in Malaysia
pp. 9975-9978
Rashid Z.A, Ku Hamid K.H, Alias A.B, Wan Omar W. A and M. Shahnor Bani

Description of the Heat Exchanger Unit Construction, Created in IRNITU
pp. 9979-9983
Kondrat’ev V.V, Govorkov A.S, Lavrent’eva M.V, Sysoev I.A and Karlina A.I.

Comparison of Catalytic Reforming Processes for Process Integration Opportunities: Brief Review
pp. 9984-9989
Badiea S. Babaqi, Mohd S. Takriff, Siti K. Kamarudin, Nur T. Ali Othman, Muneer M. Ba-Abbad

Touch-Aid: The Impact of User Factors on Users’ Intention to Adopt Location-Based Mobile Application for Emergency Services
pp. 9990-9993
Lau Keng Yew, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

Techniques Used in E-Clinic Portal and Implementation of Sign Up Module, Patients Module, E-Scheduling Module, Pharmacy Module and Reporting Module
pp. 9994-9998
Wen Jie Teng, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

Implementing User Module in the Development of e-Grocery Portal
pp. 9999-10002
Mohd Faizal Bin Md Rejab, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

Techniques Used in E-Clinic Portal and Implementation of Each Module
pp. 10003-10008
T.H.Ng, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

A short review on alkaline solid polymer electrolyte based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as polymer electrolyte for electrochemical devices applications
pp. 10009-10015
M. Mokhtar, E. H. Majlan, M. Z. M. Talib, A. Ahmad, S. M. Tasirin and W. R. W. Daud

Potential of Biomass for Biomethanol Production
pp. 10016-10019
N. H. Kasmuri, S. K. Kamarudin, S. R. S. Abdullah, H. A. Hasan and A. Md. Som

Intention to Adaption and Influence of using Online Freelance Portal among Malaysians
pp. 10020-10026
Ramesh A/L Krishnamoorthy, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi


Experimental Works on the Influence of Malaysian Kitchen Temperature on the Energy Consumption of Domestic Refrigerator

pp. 10027-10038

Abdullah Mohamed Abdulwahab and Nor Mariah Adam and Azizan As'arry







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