International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 2  (2016)  





A Study on Analysis of Kinetic Art In Terms of Gestalt Psychology : Base On Basic Elements
pp 756-761
Charyung Kim, Changyong Jung and Hyunggi Kim

A Study on providing Alternative Text of Image for Web Accessibility Improvement
pp 762-765
Eunju Park and Hankyu Lim

Design of Customized Local Information System Based on Big Data Analysis
pp 766-769
Eunmi Jung, Jooyoung Ko and Hyenki Kim

A Study on the UI Element for NUI Trends and Real-Time VJing System
pp 770-774
Joohun Lee and Ju Yeon Hur

Study on Virtual Control of a Robotic Arm via a Myo Armband for the Self- Manipulation of a Hand Amputee
pp 775-782
Asilbek Ganiev, Ho-Sun Shin and Kang-Hee Lee

The Impact of Electronic Word-of-Mouth on Mobile Social Network Games
pp 783-787
M.Y. Kang, K.S. Han, J.I. Choi and Y.S. Chi

A Comparative Study about Style Change of Modern Art and GUI
pp 788-792
Kang-E Lee and Jong-Hoon Choe

The Development of a Closed-circuit camera Error Alarming System Using Current Detection Technique
pp 793-797
Lee Yong Hui, Kim Hwan Seok and Kim Baek Ki

The Design Methodology on Government Identity through Visual Thinking: Gestalt Theory
pp 798-803
Yunjung Lee and Su-jeung Kim

“Between”: Hand Drawing Media Art Using Stereoscopic Movie
pp 804-807
YoungEun Kim

Stochastic Classifier Integration Model
pp 809-814
M. Jang and D.-C. Park

An Analysis of Voter Behavior in Campaign Scenes Utilizing an Inverse-Order Tree and a Smartphone Application
pp 815-819
Kwang-Cheol Rim and Kang-Bok Lee

Expression Recognition Based on Artificial Neural Network Using Error Backpropagation Learning Algorithm
pp 820-823
Sang-Kwon Sim and Jun-dong Cho

An Implementation of Gesture Interaction for Inner Object Selection and Its Application to AR Advertising
pp 824-828
Byeong Jeong Kim, Eun Taek You and Seop Hyeong Park

A Development of Virtual Reality Game utilizing Kinect, Oculus Rift and Smartphone
pp 829-833
DongIk Lee, KiYeol Baek, JiHyun Lee and Hankyu Lim

Interactive Responsive Space for Effective Learning in Ubiquitous Computing Environment
pp 834-837
Myeong-Cheol Ko, Moon Sun Shin, Junghwan Kim, Hyun-Kyu Kang, Jinsoo Kim and Si-hun Park

Insulation-Affecting Factors of Low-Emissivity Insulation
pp 838-842
Young Cheol Kwon and Kyung Min Kim

A Study on the Activation of the Real Estate Market with Alternatives to Improve the Financial Structure of Suspended Project Financing Projects of Mutual Savings Banks
pp 843-849
Baik. Minseok and Kim. Jaehwan

Space Planning of Kindergarten based on the Nuri, Kindergarten Curriculum from cases of Kindergartens of Cheongju, Korea
pp 850-856
Eugene. Jung, Seonwoo. Lee and Jinju. Jung

Research on Architectural Planning that Supports the Free Learning Semester Program School Curriculum in Middle Schools
pp 857-864
Hyejin. Kang, Seonwoo. Lee and Jinju. Jung

Study on Improvement of the Light Enviroment in Location Recogntion-Based Lighting Control System
pp 865-869
Juil Park, Heangwoo Lee, Sungho Yoon and Yongseong Kim

A Fault Tolerant Nine Level Cascaded H Bridge Multi Level Inverter for Electrical Vehicle Application
pp 870-886
B. Madhu Kiran and B.V. Sanker Ram

Fault Detection and Tolerance on Robot Manipulators Locked Joint Failure Using Anfis
pp 887-891
T.Raja prathab and R.Suja Mani Malar

A Coplanar Waveguide Fed Hexagon Slotted Hexagonal Patch Antenna for Ultra Wideband Applications
pp 892-896
Riboy Cheriyan and K P Zacharia

MFCC, LPCC, Formants and Pitch Proven to be Best Features in Diagnosis of Speech Disorder using Neural Networks and SVM
pp 897-903
S. M. Ali and P.T.Karule

Active Inductor Designs for RF CMOS Receiver Front - End
pp 904-908
R.K.Lamba and C.H.Vithalani

New Approach to Model Salam Contract for Profit and Loss Sharing
pp 909-916
A. Dchieche and R. Aboulaich

Workload-based Column Partitioning to Efficiently Process Data Warehouse Query
pp 917-921
Jong Wook Kim, Sae-Hong Cho and Il-Min Kim

Design of Low Power Optimized MixColumn/Inverse MixColumn Architecture for AES
pp 922-926
Rajasekar P and H. Mangalam

Measuring Various Conflict Decision Policies in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
pp 927-933
R. Suganya and L.S. Jayashree

High-Gain Low-Area Power Amplifier for 77-GHz Automotive Radars
pp 934-937
J. -Y. Ryu

First Stage Cross Flow Turbine Performance
pp 938-943
Rudy Soenoko

Optimized Fast Handover using TBU Scheme for PMIPv6 Based Network Mobility
pp 944-949
S. Kayalvizhi and M. Ponnavaikko

Economics Analysis of Diesel and Solar Water Pumping with Case Study Water Pumping for Irrigation in Egypt
pp 950-954
Enas R. Shouman, E.T. El Shenawy and M.A. Badr

Contemporary Period of Civilized Society Development is Characterized the Process of Informatization
pp 955-957
Gulnara Bostanovna Issayeva, Nazira Sahimjanovna Baimuldina, Ilyas Zhanserkenovich Yessengabylov, Aigul Onalbekovna Aldabergenova, Laura Amangeldievna and Smagulova

Performance Analysis of A Hybrid Power System with basic Bidirectional Converter
N.Chaitanya, K.S.R Anjaneyulu and K.Chandra Sekhar

Implementing A Simulator of Wireless Cognitive Radio Network Primary Users
pp 967-975
Danilo A. López S, Nancy Y. Gélvez G and Edwin R. Trujillo

pp 976-979
C.R Biswal and Kampal Mishra

Service Life Estimation of Rubber Seals
pp 980-986
C.R Biswal, Kampal Mishra

Practical Analysis of Heavy Commecial Vehicle Repair Data Using Non-Homogenous Poisson Process
pp 987-999
L. Goverthanan and Arbind Kumar

Classification of APT’s and Methodological Approach to Secure Cloud Services
pp 1000-1005
Chandini Sasanapuri, Sudhakar Ch, Chilsi Hasan K.C and Narasimham Challa

Study of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer in Geopolymer Concrete using M-Sand
pp 1006-1015
Nagajothi. S and Elavenil. S

Study of Preference for each user on a Road Traffic Guide Robot Deployed at a Road Construction Site
pp 1016-1019
C.H. Do and Y.W. Lee

A Study on the Performance Evaluation of External Light-shelf according to the Arrangement Plan of Furniture
pp 1020-1024
Beomdong Seo, Jiun Her and Heangwoo Lee

A study on the spatial characteristics of Traditional Pavilions architecture through visual perception -Focusing on the Gwangpunggak in Soswaewon
pp 1025-1030
Ri Ryu, Yuchang Choi, Janghoo Seo and Yongseong Kim

Study on the Performance Evaluation of Internally-Built and Blind-Type Triple Glazing Window Based on Office Environment
pp 1031-1035
Gangmin Jeon, Heangwoo Lee, Sungho Yoon and Yongseong Kim

The Analysis of Urban Transition Focusing on Correlational Patterns between Physical and Socio-economic Indicators
pp 1036-1039
Jinho Park and Woo-Hyoung Lee

An Analysis of the spatial organization of Gangnam Bogeumjari A3BL Complex
pp 1040-1043
Young Lee

A study of SNS characteristics and consumer preference, User satisfaction on e-WOM
pp 1044-1050
Jeong Suk Noh, Gantumur Khongorzul and Hyong Yu Jang

The Effect of Smart Device Usage on Purchase of Online Fee-based Digital Contents1
pp 1051-1057
Wookjoon Sung

The Adoption of Mobile Payment Services for “Fintech”
pp 1058-1061
Yonghee Kim, Jeongil Choi, Young-Ju Park and JiyoungYeon

Determinants of Online Information Credibility: A Case of Korean Medical Tourism Industry
pp 1062-1068
Min-Sook Kim

Development of Convergence Design Content through Animation Production - Focusing on the enhancement of core competencies
pp 1069-1072
Yooseon. Chong and Yoomi. Choi

Learning management system: Medium For Interactive Communication
pp 1073-1076
Jinhee Kim and Jaewoo Do

Real-time EKF SLAM System Using Confidence Map Of Depth Information
pp 1077-1081
Jae-Woo Choi, Ho-Keun Song, Seok-Han Lee and Hyunki Hong

Target pointing and Circling of a Region of interest with Quadcopter
pp 1082-1088
Doyoon Kim and Sung Kyung Hong

Dynamic System Identification and Validation of a Quadrotor UAV
pp 1089-1093
Min Goo Yoo and Sung Kyung Hong

Study on V2V communication based Lateral Collision Risk
pp 1094-1098
Hyeonggeun Munand Gyoungeun Kim

A Study on Emergency Braking System Algorithm that Considers Changes in Incline Angles in Real Time
pp 1099-1103
Ming Lin, Jaewoo Yoon and Byeongwoo Kim

V2V-Based Evaluation of Overtaking Risk in Curved Road Conditions
pp 1104-1108
Sangduck Jeon and Byeongwoo Kim

A Study on Energy Efficiency Analysis by Changing Maglev Train Slip Frequency
pp 1109-1112
Kyoung Bok Lee and Ji Chan Kim

Comparison of Driving Characteristics between Expert and Novice Drivers: Lateral Behaviors for Lane Changes on a Highway
pp 1113-1120
Chulwoo Moon, Youngseok Le, Chang-Hyun Jeong and Byeongwoo Kim

Development of Program for Delivery Nursing Care Education for Students of Nursing Colleges, and its Educational Effects
pp 1121-1127
Hong Sun-Yeun and Kim Mi-ye

Light-weight Secure Data Transfer in Remote Healthcare System
pp 1128-1131
Jinsoo Hwang and Kichang Kim

Design and Implementation of An Information Analysis System to Prevent Recurrence in Patients with Bladder Cancer
pp 1132-1135
Seong-Ran Lee

Internet Use of Korean Adolescents: A Test of Causal Model
pp 1136-1141
Ji Eun Kim, Hyuncheol Kang, Kuem-Sun Han and Young Sun Hong

‘Analyzing Recognition of Clinical Nurses’ Health Careusing Q-methodology
pp 1142-1146
Mihye Kim and Yeon ja Kim

Exposure Assessment for Even and Odd modes of Highly Resonant Wireless Power Transfer System
pp 1147-1151
S. W. Park and B. J. Choi

Flexible Hospital Information System Using Data Validation
pp 1152-1155
Sang Young Lee

Development of a Feasibility Test App for a Smartphone-Sensor-Based Bus Information System
pp 1156-1161
J. Yim and B. Park

Channel Access with Priority for Urgent Data in Medical Wireless Body Sensor Networks
pp 1162-1166
Rae Hyeon Kim, Jeong Gon Kim and Bang Won Seo

An Investigation of Media Users Watching Movies through Various Media
pp 1167-1170
Hyungjoon Kim and Bong Gyou Lee

A Study of Cyberbullying Policies in the Smart Age
pp 1171-1176
Wookjoon Sung

Parent HPV Vaccine Perspectives and the Likelihood of HPV Vaccination of Adolescent Girls
pp 1177-1181
H.S. Choi, H.Y. Ahn, J.E. Lee and W.H. Park

Comparison on the Usability between SQA and HCD with Quality-In-Use Perspective
pp 1182-1186
Seojeong Lee and Jieun Jung

Multi-thread Flash Translation Layer for Multi-core Solid State Drives
pp 1187-1191
J. Kim, Y.A.Winata, and I. Shin

Microstructure and Vacuum Leak Characteristics of SiC coating Layer by Three Different Deposition Methods
pp 1192-1196
Y. Kim and J. Choi

A Study on the Improvement in the Accuracy of Mesh Generation Method : Application to Meshless Method
pp 1197-1202
Joon Seong Lee

Lets3D-C : A Robust Collaborative 3D Editing Tool Utilizing Distributed Consensus Protocol
pp 1203-1207
Yeoun Ui Ha, Jae-Hwan Jin and Myung-Joon Lee

The Effects of Young Children's Smartphone Use Experience on Their Parents' Perceptions and Needs and Their Self-Regulation
pp 1208-1211
Joeng-Kyoum Kim and Young-Sik Kang

LetsVi: A Collaborative Video Editing Tool Based on Cloud Storage
pp 1212-1216
Hyeong-Bae An, Jongmoon Park and Myung-Joon Lee

Liblo: A New Robotic Building Block Set That Promotes Creativity
pp 1217-1220
J. W. Park and B. Jeon

3D Facial Gaze Tracking Method using Kinect
Byoung Cheul, Minwoo Park, Kimhansol Kim and Eui Chul Lee

Design and Implementation of Mobile Medication-Hour Notification System with Push Service Function
pp 1225-1231
Jun-Ho Huh, Namjug Kim and Kyungryong Seo

Compression Analysis on the Aluminum Sandwich and the Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Sandwich
pp 1232-1235
Teng Gao and Jae Ung Cho

Numerical Evaluation of the Flow and Emission Characteristics in a Can-Combustor with Excess-Air Ratios
pp 1236-1238
S. K. Kumaresh, M. Y. Kim and G. W. Lee

A Study on Flow Analysis of the Exhaust Manifold for Automobile
pp 1239-1242
Jae Ung Cho

Development of the multi-sensory augmented DDC (Direct Digital Control) to improve the cognitive Characteristic of the Nursery Facilities
pp 1243-1246
Jung-Min Kim and Myung-Ho Kim

A study about Multi sensory Stimulation of Fluctuation and Color Temperature Effects on Neuro-energy
pp 1247-1250
Dong-Sik Kang, Jung-Min Kim and Myung-Ho Kim

Experimental Investigation of Tensile Strength Behavior on Friction Welded Austenitic Stainless Steel Grade 304L Joints
pp 1251-1255
M. Ganesan and P. Marimuthu

Analysis of SFDR Using Power Spectrum Based on Wavelet Extraction
pp 1256-1260
Emad A. Awada

Improvement of network voltage distortion when Electric Vehicles are connected to smart grid with SRFC and NVC
pp 1261-1265
Saeid Gholami Farkoush, Kyu-Ho Kim, Si-Na Park and Sang-Bong Rhee

Investors Sentiments To Mergers Announcement & Stock Market Reaction
pp 1266-1272
K. Murali Krishnan and R. Satish

A New Method for Prediction of Local Heat Flux on Membrane Waterwall with Rifled Tubes of Subcritical Boilers
pp 1273-1281
Sankar G, Chandrasekhara Rao A, Kartikeyan V R, Seshadri P S and Balasubramanian K R

Terrain analysis of exponentially sprawling urban environs of Hyderabad, Telangana, India - an integrated geospatial and Seismo-tectonic approach
pp 1282-1286
Sunil, Ramesh K and Reddy S R K

An Investigation on Newly Developed THH Connector
pp 1287-1292
V. A. Arekar, H. S. Patil, Y. D. Patil and G. R. Vesmawala

Heartbeats Arrhythmia Classification Using Probabilistic Multi-Class Support Vector Machines: A Comparative Study
pp 1293-1297
M. Hendel and A. Benyettou

Development and Investigation of Mechanical Properties of PEEK Fine Particles Reinforced UHMWPE Composites
pp 1298-1303
S. Selvam and K. Marimuthu

Holoentropy Based Dynamic Semantic Latent Dirichilet Allocation For Topic Extraction
pp 1304-1313
Sunil Bhutada, VVSSS Balaram and Vishnu Vardhan Bulusu

Parallelizing K-Anonymity Algorithm for Privacy Preserving Knowledge Discovery from Big Data
pp 1314-1321
Y. Sowmya and M. Nagaratna

Job Stress among Teaching Faculty – A Review
pp 1322-1324
S. Suganya and A. Dunstan Rajkumar

Remote Sensing and GIS Based Topograghicial Mapping For Environmental Management Study
pp 1325-1334
K. Yugandhar Reddy, K.V.S.G. Murali Krishna and I.Srinivasa Reddy

ENCODING-MAT: A Novel Encryption Method to Secure Information in Cloud Storage
pp 1335-1341
S. Lakshmi Priya and K. Thilagam

Mechanical Characteristics of Recycled Concrete Aggregates as Backfill Material
pp 1342-1346
N. Al-Kindi, A. Al-Moqbali, M. Qureshi, A. Al-Shidi and I. Ala-Aldhen

Distance and Speed Measurement and Classification of Road Traffic
pp 1347-1352
M. Boumehed, B. Alshaqaqi and M. Amraoui

Equivalence between PWA formalism and MLD formalism: Inverted pendulum system example
pp 1353-1360
E. Saidi, Y. Hammi and A. Douik

The Bandung Soil Characteristics as a Function of Injection Current Frequency For Electrical Grounding Systems
pp 1361-1368
B. Anggoro, Junaidy Burhan, R. T. Mohamad and A. A. Zulkefle

Cluster Based Feature Subset Selection (CFSS) for High-Dimensional Data
pp 1369-1372
Sudhakar Ch, Swapna Priya Ch, Chandini Sasanapuri and Narasimham Challa

Self Healing Materials: A New Era in Material Technology: A Review
pp 1373-1378
Gurumurthy B.M, Shivaprakash Y.M, Anupama Hiremath, Gowrishankar M.C and Jayashree P.K

Improved Cluster Head Selection For Energy Efficient Data Aggregation In Sensor Networks
pp 1379-1385
A. Rajasekaran and V. Nagarajan

Clustering Assisted Co-location Pattern Mining for Spatial Data
pp 1386-1393
Naveen Kumar and S. Siva Sathya

Self-Healing Materials: A New EraIn Material Technology-A Review
pp 1394-1399
Gurumurthy B. M, Anupama R. Hiremath, Shivaprakash Y M and Gowrishankar M C and Jayashree P. K

Novel Outlier Detection In Diabetics Classification Using Data Mining Techniques
pp 1400-1403
K.Vembandasamy and T.Karthikeyan

Analysis of real time social tweets for opinion mining
pp 1404-1407
B. M. Bandgar, S. Sheeja

Indoor Positioning Method of a Motorcar Based on Chirp Spread Spectrum
pp 1408-1413
Ho-Hung Jung and Key-Seo Lee

Reduction of Turbidity of Water using Moringa Oleifera
pp 1414-1423
Lijesh K.P and Raghav Malhotra

Effectiveness of Viral Marketing In Educational Institutions
pp 1424-1431
V. Siva Sankaran and pp 1424-1431

Effect of annealing temperature on the optical properties of Co3O4 thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis
pp 1432-1435
A. Louardi, T. Chtouki, A. Rmili, B. Elidrissi and H. Erguig

On The Relationship between Compressive Strength and Water Binder Ratio of High Volumes of Slag Concrete
pp 1436-1442
T. Vijaya Gowri, P. Sravana and P. Srinivasa Rao

Application of magnetorheological damper and semi-active control to isolate vibration of an autoparametric pendulum
pp 1443-1452
Y. S. Hamed

Performance Improvement of Mu-Mimo Downlink System And Cognitive Radio System Using Precoding Technique
pp 1453-1456
A. CH. Sudhir and B. Prabhakara Rao

High Speed IEEE-754 Quadruple Precision Floating Point Multiplier Using Verilog
pp 1457-1463
Addanki Purna Ramesh

A Novel Approach for the Design of Valve System
pp 1464-1468
S. M. Muzakkir

Coexistence between Gopro of Drone and Wireless LAN in ISM bands
pp 1469-1470
SeungNam Kim and IlKyoo Lee

Experimental Results of PV-Diesel Hybrid Energy System
pp 1471-1477
K. A. Abed, A. Bahgat, M.A. Badr, M. El-Bayoumi and A.A. Ragheb

Energy Efficient Transmission Power Control In Sensor Nodes of WSN SCADA Systems Using Cognitive Fuzzy Systems
pp 1478-1484
A. Keerthi Venkatesh Kumar and E. Baburaj

Design and Implementation of Real-time Kernel Patch System for Embedded Linux
pp 1485-1487
Jaeman Yoo, Yonghwan Jeon, Jinyung Hong, Dongyeon Kim and Sangjun Lee

An Experimental of Distribution Board Monitoring Using GSM Application
pp 1488-1493
Zahari. Z. L, Shariffuddin. N. S, Salleh. N, Abdubrani. R, Sapiee. N. A and Ludin. R

Open-switch fault detection and faulty switch identification of PWM inverter in PMSM drives using DOB based voltage information
pp 1494-1502
Hyun-Sou Kim, Myeong-Jun Jang, Nguyen Tien Hai, Ngoc Bao Lai, Joong-Ho Song and Kyeong-Hwa Kim

A Simple Model to Predicting Pore Pressure from Shear Wave Sensitivity Analysis
pp 1503-1517
Oluwatosin John ROTIMI, EfeogheneENAWORU, Charles Y. ONUH and Olumide Peter SOWANDE

Execution Time Based Load Distribution over Virtual Machines in Cloud Environment
pp 1518-1522
Syam Sankar and Devi Dath

Application of Structural Building Information Modeling (S-BIM) for Sustainable Buildings Design and Waste Reduction: A Review
pp 1523-1532
Usman Aminu Umar, Nasir Shafiq, Amirhossein Malakahmad, Muhd Fadhil Nuruddin, Syed Ahmad Farhan and Ibrahim Umar Salihi

Application of Forecasting Models on Indian Coal Mining Fatal Accident (Time Series) Data
pp 1533-1537
Anupam Anant Kher and Rajendra Yerpude

Architecture for Integrating Healthcare Services between Emergency Regulator Centre and Hospital Networks
pp 1538-1541
L. Martinez, J. Puello, R. Mendoza and E. Quintana

Characteristic Study and Comparison of Different Hardening Methods on Low-Alloy Medium-Carbon Spring Steel
pp 1542-1547
Darshan Bhavesh Mehta, S.S. Sharma, Gurumurthy. B.M, Kishan Bairy S, Eril Joy Dsouza and Antony Prajwal Mendonca

Fuzzy based Response and Avoidance Technique for DDoS Attacks in WLAN
pp 1548-1555
S. Suganthi and M. Aramudhan







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