International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 20  (2016)  





Analysis of Incident Causes While Directional and Horizontal Wells Drilling
pp. 10039-10042
Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvoynikov and Pavel Aleksandrovich Blinov

Application of poly (2- hydroxyethyl methacrylate) gel electrolyte in electrochemical device: An Overview
pp. 10043-10047
N. I. B. Wafi, W.R.W. Daud, E. H. Majlan, M.R. Somalu and A. Ahmad

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy interpretation on pretreated Acacia Auriculiformis, Melastoma Malabathricum and Leucaeana Leucocephala
pp. 10048-10051
A. Azizan, N S M Shafaei, N S Sidek, F Hanafi, N Mokti and S Zaharudin

Biogas Upgrading System: Techno-economic Analysis of Membrane Separation Process Implementation
pp. 10052-10059
M.U.M. Junaidi, C.P. Leo and A.L. Ahmad

Overview of H2S Removal Technologies from Biogas Production
pp. 10060-10066
Nurul Noramelya Zulkefli, Mohd Shahbudin Masdar, Jamaliah Jahim and Edy Herianto Majlan

Surface Morphological Studies of the Fermented Rice Grains during Bedak Sejuk Production
pp. 10067-10070
Mohd Alif Afife Dzulfakar, Siti Masrinda Tasirin and Norhisham Tan Kofli

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Scale up Oscillatory Baffled Column in Second Preliminary Study: Heat Transfer Effect
pp. 10071-10074
S.B.Aziz; A.A.Rahman and M.S. Takriff

4-Hydroxycoumarins: Synthesis, Characterization and Antioxidant Activities
pp. 10075-10078
Y. Al-Majedy, A. Kadhuma, A. Mohamada and A. Al-Amiery

Overview of Carbon Capture using Solid Materials
pp. 10079-10084
S.N. Abdullah and F. Hamzah

Development and Experimental Research of Materials for Forming Stable Bottom and Side Ledges
pp. 10085-10092
Gennadiy V. Arkhipov, Peter V. Poliakov, Evgeniy R. Shaydulin and Yuriy O. Avdeev

Fundamental study on the development of forced carbonization reformiong of low-quality recycled aggregates by using a nano-bubble method in Korea
pp. 10094-10101
Myung Kwan Lim, Jong Sik Lee and Ho Myun Jang

Design of A Hot Oil Heat Exchanger System
pp. 10102-10124
Karthik Silaipillayarputhur and Tawfiq Al Mughanam

Validation of Combine White Noise using Simulated Data
pp. 10125-10130
Ayodele Abraham Agboluaje, Suzilah Ismail and Chee Yin Yip

Multilevel Inverter Fed Switched Reluctance Motor
pp. 10131-10138
Mohd Ruddin Ab Ghani, Nabil Farah, M.R.Tamjis, Md Nazri Othman, Nur Huda Mohd Amin, Syariffah Othman and Zanariah Jano

Comparative Study of Different Multilevel Topologies of Five Level Inverter Using SPWM

pp. 10139-10145

Mohd Ruddin Ab Ghani, Nabil Farah, Nur Huda Mohd Amin, Syariffah Othman and Zanariah Jano

A Study on Long Shaft Coupling Using a Finite Element Analysis
pp. 10146-10153
Junwoo Bae, Hanyong On and HyoungWoo Lee

CAM Software Selection Criteria in Education Based on Activity Theory
pp. 10154-10165

Modelling of Daily Solar Energy System Prediction using Support Vector Machine for Oman
pp. 10166-10172
Hussein A Kazem, Jabar H. Yousif and Miqdam T Chaichan

Stress Concentration Changes at Vibrodynamic Workpiece Machining
pp. 10173-10177
Nazieh Nasif Hasan and Makeev Sergey Jurievich

Music Player Application with Sleeping Timer for Android Platform
pp. 10178-10182
S. H. Mun and W. Lim

Development Application of Indoor Logistics Transportation using Autonomous Mobile Robot
pp. 10183-10189
Yudi Pratama and Wansu Lim

Criteria for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Car Service Companies
pp. 10190-10191
Denis Mihailovich Lysanov and Ramis Favzyatovich Utyaganov

Empirical Modelling Technique for Physical Layer Impairments Penalty Measurement in Optical WDM Systems
pp. 10192-10198
Suhail Al-Awis and Ali Y. Fattah

Proposed Multi-Stage PSO Scheme for LTE Network Planning and Operation
pp. 10199-10210
Aied K. AL-Samarrie, Hayam Alyasiri and Aseel H. AL-Nakkash

Using Lagrangian Relaxation Approach to Generate a Lower Bound for No-wait Flow Shop Problem
pp. 10211-10215
Ahmad Jafarnejad, Mohammad Reza Mehregan and Morteza Kazemi, Ali Reza Rahmansetayesh

A Review on Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare
pp. 10216-10221
Mustafa Abdullah Azzawi, Rosilah Hassan and Khairul Azmi Abu Bakar

Theoretical and Experimental Research of Parameters of Pneumatic Aerators and Elementary Cycle Flotation
pp. 10222-10226
Nemarov A.A, Lebedev N.V, Kondrat’ev V.V, Kornyakov M.V and Karlina A. I

Photonic properties of Fresnel lens for thermoelectric system
pp. 10227-10230
Ki-Bong Han and Yongho Choi

Development of optical filter for thermoelectric-photovoltaic hybrid system
pp. 10231-10234
Ki-Bong Han Shichoon Lee and Yongho Chai

Proposal a new architecture of search information system Case of search Information system of Bulletin official of Kingdom of Morocco
pp. 10235-10240
Anass Smaili, Ali Lasfar and Mohamed Sbihi

An elliptic curve Key Management Scheme for Internet of Things
pp. 10241-10246
Hisham Dahshan

USM Internship and Career Portal
pp. 10247-10251
Muhamad Amirul Bin Mat Hussain, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

Obtaining the Zeolite Glaze on Ceramic Products
pp. 10252-10256
Dmitry Alexandrovich Pozhidaev & Vladimir Trofimovich Gulyaev and Lev Igorevich Maksimov

Calculation Method of Energy Efficiency Assessment of Ventilation Systems with Local Recirculation Diffusers
pp. 10257-10263
Dmitry Vladimirovich Kapko, Vyacheslav Erikovich Shkarpet, Kristina Vladimirovna Kochariantc and Iurii Andreevich Tabunshchikov, Marianna Mikhailovna Brodach

The decoding of LUT FPGA configuration of the finite state machine with QuartusII
pp. 10264-10266
Sergey Feofentovich Tyurin and Artem Vladimirovich Grekov

The influence of location of input edges of injection holes on hydraulic characteristics of injector the diesel fuel system
pp. 10267-10273
Mikhail G. Shatrov, Valery I. Malchuk, Andrey U. Dunin and Andrey L. Yakovenko

PID Contol Tuning Using PSO for Prosthetic Hand System
pp. 10274-10280
M.H.Jali, M.N.Azam, R.Ghazali, H.I.Jaafar and Z.H.Bohari

Cross Match Model Adaptation for Voice Biometric
pp. 10281-10285
A. K. Ariff, Sh-Hussain Salleh, Kamarulafizam I. and Alias Mohd. Noor

Study of Shrink Disc for 5 MW Class Offshore Wind Turbine
pp. 10286-10293
HyoungWoo Lee

The Development of Wind Turbine Brake by Finite Element Method
pp. 10294-10298
JongHun Kang and HyoungWoo Lee

Method to flow parameters non-uniformity reduction in the after-extraction stages of two-tier low-pressure turbine
pp. 10299-10306
A.E. Zaryankin, A.N. Rogalev, S.K. Osipov, V.P. Khudyakova and I.I. Komarov

Calculation of Parameters of Rotary Steerable Systems of Push-The-Bit Type
pp. 10307-10314
Dmitry Dmitrievich Vodorezov, Dmitry Sergeevich Leontiev, Vladimir Nikolaevich Svetashov and Sergey Aleksandrovich Frolov

Microhardness Distribution in the Cross-section in Case of Strain Hardening under Combined Local Load
pp. 10315-10320
Vyacheslav A. Golenkov, Sergey Y. Radchenko, Daniil O. Dorohov and Igor’ M. Gryadunov

Assessment Characteristics of the SOI MOSFETS with Technological Rules 0,18 UM at High Temperatures
pp. 10321-10325
P.V. Ignatov, A.A. Mihaylov, A. G. Potupchik, S.O. Safonov and A.E. Timofeev

Improvement of Information Support of the Complex for Remote Multidiagnostics and Rehabilitation
pp. 10326-10331
T.V. Istomina, V.A. Chulkov, M.F. Stepanov and V.V. Istomin

Mathematical Modeling of Combined Sensor Information - Measuring Systems
pp. 10332-10337
P.G. Mikhajlov, Yu.N. Slesarev and V.A. Chulkov

Mathematical Modeling of Magnetic Fields of the Permanent Magnets and Solenoids, and Comparing the Results Obtained
pp. 10338-10342
Yu.N. Slesarev, P.G. Mikhajlov and A.A. Vorontsov

Time Series Clustering Model based on Complexity for Applie Technology Forecasting
pp. 10343-10347
Sunghae Jun

Experimental evaluation of Concrete fracture energy and its dependency on relevant Parameters
pp. 10348-10352
Moh'd El Khatieb

The Wireline Guide Assembly of Lifting Unit
pp. 10353-10357
Merdanov Shakhbuba Magomedkerimovich, Egorov Andrey Leonidovich and Zakirzakov Godil Gazizyanovich

How to analyze and improve a Supermarket Cashier’s Work Cycle
pp. 10358-10366
Claudio Bassi, Francesco Naddeo, Cosimo Pulignano, Biagio Senatore and Diego Tarantino

Definition of the Main Coordinates of the Car with two-Level Spring Suspension
pp. 10367-10373
Gozbenko V.E, Kargapoltcev S.K, Kornilov D.N, Minaev N.V and Karlina A.I








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