International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 21  (2016)  





Fertility Analysis Method Based on Supervised and Unsupervised Data Mining Techniques
pp. 10374-10379
Mendoza-Palechor, Fabio E, Ariza-Colpas, Paola P, Sepulveda-Ojeda, Jorge A, De-la-Hoz-Manotas, Alexis and Piñeres Melo, Marlon

Double Diffusion due to a Vertical Concentration Gradient
pp. 10380-10384
Abdulwahab A. Alnaqi, Sarfaraz Kamangara, Abdullah A.A.A. Al-Rashed, H.M.T. Khaleed and Abdulgaphur Athani

CFD Analysis of a Patient Specific Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Model using CT Scan Images
pp. 10385-10388
Taewon Seo

Increasing the Performance of Abrasive Tools
pp. 10389-10391
Nazzal Salem

Chaotic Dynamics of Two Timoshenko Beams with a Gap
pp. 10392-10397
O.A. Saltykova and V.A. Krysko

The Study of the Size-Dependent Geometrically Nonlinear Bernoulli-Euler Beam in the Temperature Field Impacted by the Transversal Load
pp. 10398-10401
А.V. Krysko, I.Е. Kutepov, I.V. Papkova, О.А. Saltykova and S.P. Pavlov

Research of Conditions of Condensate Formation in Enclosure Mass and Its Influence on Thermal Engineering Properties of Wall Structures
pp. 10402-10407
Koroleva Tamara Ivanovna, Arzhaeva Nataliya Vladimirovna, Greysoukh Grigoriy Isaevich and Ezhov Evgeniy Grigorievich

Effect of the Reinforcement on the Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Matrix Composite: A Review
pp. 10408-10413
AKM Asif Iqbal and Dewan Muhammad Nuruzzaman

Building Occupancy Monitoring Based on Microcontroller and PIR Sensors
pp. 10414-10419
Emmanuel Hitiyise, Etienne Ntagwirumugara, William Habarurema, Winfred Ingabire and Geoffrey Gasore

The Development of the New Advanced Material Model for Numerical Modelling of the Tunnel Excavation in Clays
pp. 10420-10426
Jan Vesely

Nonlinear Dynamics of Multilayer Beam Structures with Gaps between them taking into Account the Geometrical and Physical Nonlinearities
pp. 10427-10432
M.V. Zhigalov, S.P. Pavlov and V.A. Krysko

Alteration in the Mechanical Strength of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Mortar upon Exposure to Elevated Temperatures
pp. 10433-10440
Tai Tran-Thanh, Tuan Le-Anh and Kwon Hyug Moon

Development of ASIC for Sine-Cosine to Position Code Conversion with High Resolution
pp. 10441-10446
G.V. Prokofiev, K.N. Bolshakov and V.G. Stakhin

Geometric Features of Different Parts Lost in the Collapse of the Blasted Rock
pp. 10447-10453
B.R. Rakishev, O.H. Shampikova and A.E. Kazangap

Moldagozhina Marzhan Kuanyshbekovna, Doctoral
pp. 10454-10457
Leonid Krupnik, Prof. Yelemesov Kasim Koptileuovich, Eluzah Mukhtar and Abdykhalykova Roza

New Tehnologii Production Mining on a Steep Board Deep Pits
pp. 10458-10464
S.K. Moldabaev and E. Aben

Nanoporous Silicon Based Energetic Formulations for Use in Explosives Initiating System
pp. 10465-10471
Hendrik Cornelius Bezuidenhout and Samir Mukhopadhyay

Forecasting Techniques in the Research Rail Market
pp. 10472-10474
Gulnara Albertovna Gareeva, Diana Ramilevna Grigoreva and Denis Mihailovich Lysanov


Performance Assessment of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) in Wireless Communication System
pp. 10475-10483
Nubailah binti Arshad and Nurul Asyikin Mohamed Radzi

Wearable Sensors for Gait Analysis in the Clinical Setting: Rehabilitation Outcomes Measures after Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery
pp. 10484-10489
Marina Carlone, Alice RE, Giuseppe Massazza, Marco Knaflitz and Valentina Agostini

Mamdani and Sugeno Modeling for Taper Quality Analysis in Laser Turning
pp. 10490-10496
Sivaraos, A.K Zuhair, Abu Abdullah, M.A Amran and A.R. Soufhwee

A Preliminary Cut-off Indoor Positioning Scheme Applied to Positioning in Vessels
pp. 10497-10500
Dongjun Kim, Byoungkwan Park and Jooyoung Son

Comparison between Concrete with Granite Powder and Concrete with Iron Powder
pp. 10501-10515
Shehdeh Ghannam

Assessment of Performance of TADAS Dampers for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings
pp. 10516-10523
Mehdi Moghaddasi and Ali Namazi

The Quality of Instructional Design Made by Educators of Vocational Electronic in Vocational High School
pp. 10524-10530
Darlan Sidik

The Development of Intrinsic Safety Box by Finite Element Method
pp. 10531-10535
JongHun Kang and HyoungWoo Lee

Method of Time Series Analysis Using Fuzzy Scenarios
pp. 10536-10539
Vadim Borisov, Maxim Dli, Mihail Zernov and Alexander Fedulov

The Study of the Spectral Model of Pressure Pulsations in the Axial Compressor
pp. 10540-10542
Natalia Y. Golovina, Aygul Z. Ibatova, Svetlana Y. Krivosheeva and Lubov K. Ilyashenko

Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Annular Pellet Nuclear Fuel and Its Comparison with Solid and Annular Nuclear Fuel Types
pp. 10543-10552
Young-Doo Kwon, Bo-Kyoung Shim, Dae-Suep Lee and Hui-Jeong Cho

Inclusion of Internal Quantum Efficiency Results on PbSe/PbSrSe MQW Structure Performance
pp. 10553-10558
Majed Khodr

Forming Mining Processing Plant Ore-Pulverizing Milldrive Starting Characteristics
pp. 10559-10562
Denis Anatolyevich Ustinov and Yuri Vladimirovich Gulkov

Unsteady Slip Flow of a Couple Stress Fluid through an Infinite Circular Cylinder
pp. 10563-10573
Hikmat S. Saad and E. A. Ashmawy

A Dempster-Shafer Theory-Based Approach to Compute the Birnbaum Importance Measure under Epistemic Uncertainty
pp. 10574-10585
Curcurù Giuseppe, Galante Giacomo Maria and Concetta Manuela La Fata

Development and Control of an Omnidirectional Mobile Robot on an EtherCAT Network
pp. 10586-10592
Raimarius Delgado, Wook Cheol Shin, Chang Hwi Hongs and Byoung Wook Choi

Coordination and Communication Strategy for Automation Collaborative Systems

pp. 10593-10600
Ricardo A. Castillo, João Mauricio Rosário and Oscar F. Avilés

Robust Reputation Based Trust Management Framework for Federated-Cloud Environments
pp. 10601-10605
M.N. Derahman, A. Abdullah and M. F. Azmi

Active Suspension Control Proposal for a Six-Wheeled Autonomous Car for Mining Tasks
pp. 10606-10609
Juan C. Hernández, Oscar F. Avilés S, Mauricio F. Mauledoux M, Hoffman F. Ramírez and Oscar I. Caldas

In-Situ Analysis of the Local Value of Theramal Conductivity at Korear's Geothermal Fields
pp. 10610-10617
Chang-hee Lee, jae Myoung Cho and Hyeon Ku Park

A New Algorithm for Generating all Binary Huffman Codes Based on Path-Length Extensions
pp. 10618-10623
Othmane Niyaoui and Oussama Mohamed Reda

Study of the Interaction between Two Parallel Tunnels in the Case where the Second Tunnel is excavated after the Construction of the First Tunnel
pp. 10624-10633
Nouaman Tafraouti, Rhali Benamar and Nouzha Lamdouar

Effect of the Aspect Ratio on the Transitional Structural Behavior between Plates and Shells
pp. 10634-10639
Moayyad Al-Nasraa and Mohamad Daoud

Lossless Compression of 3D Geometry Data via Optimal Selection
pp. 10640-10643
Miryeong Ha and Hoon Yoo

Physical Study of Boundary Layer Suction Effect on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Steam Turbine Exhaust Nozzles
pp. 10644-10647
Andrey Rogalev, Vladimir Kindra, Evgeny Lisin and Ivan Garanin

CFD assessment of Aerodynamic Efficiency Improvement Methods for Steam Turbine Exhaust Hood
pp. 10648-10654
A.E. Zaryankin, I.V. Garanin, E. Yu. Grigoriev, V.O. Kindra and V.P. Khudyakova

Traffic Sign Detection with Color Probability Map Using Artificial Neural Networks
pp. 10655-10658
Vu Thi Ngoc Hanh and Dong Chul Park

A Mathematical Treadmill Exercise Model Using Fuzzy Logic Engineering
pp. 10659-10664
Aaron Don M. Africa

The Role of Hydrodynamics for Designing High Efficient Devices in the Improvement of Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer
pp. 10665-10680
Lilibeth Caridad Niño López, Mariana Peñuela and Germán Ricardo Gelves-Zambrano

Implementation and Assembly of a Robotic Module for the MECABOT-3 Reconfigurable System
pp. 10681-10684
Ricardo A. Castillo, David J. Gómez and Germán A. Vargas

Current-mode universal filter with three-input one-output using CCCII
pp. 10685-10693
Usa Torteanchai and Montree Kumngern

Complexing of Mesalamine with Urasil Derivatives in Aqueaus Medium
pp. 10694-10697
Natalia S. Borisova, Yurii S. Zimin, Elvira R. Gazizova and Akhat G. Mustafin

Emergency Assessment of Semi-Embedded Construction
pp. 10698-10707
Petr Alekseevich Demenkov, Nikita Andreevich Belakov and Valery Ivanovich Ochkurov

Ranking Critical Success Factors for Sustaining Total Quality Management Implementation in Engineering Sector in Sudan
pp. 10708-10715
Sharaf Eldin Hamed Ahmed and Sha’ri Mohd. Yusof

Artificial Noise Based Secure Transmission Scheme in Multiple Antenna Systems
pp. 10716-10720
Bangwon Seo

Experimental Results for Ventilation System with Local Recirculation Diffusers
pp. 10721-10730
Dmitry Vladimirovich Kapko, Vyacheslav Erikovich Shkarpet, Kristina Vladimirovna Kochariantc, Iurii Andreevich Tabunshchikov and Marianna Mihailovna Brodach






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