International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 23  (2016)  





Development of a Real Time Road Accident Location and Emergency Alert System
pp. 11110-11113
Francis E. Idachaba and Augustus E Ibhaze


Simulation Model of an Anthropomorphic Hand

pp. 11114-11120

Oscar F. Avilés, Ruben D. Hernández, Jair L. Loaiza and João M. Rosário


Improving Labour Productivity: An Attribute Case Study of Building Sector Projects in Pakistan

pp. 11121-11125

Shabir Hussain Khahro, Tauha Hussain Ali, Nafees Ahmed Memon and Zubair Ahmed Memon


Development Mathematical Model for Brick Works Productivity by Using Support Vector Machine

pp. 11126-11131

Jumaa Awad AL-Somaydaii


Simulation of the Vibration of the Carriage Asymmetric Parameters in MATHCAD
pp. 11132-11136
Gozbenko V.E., Kargapoltsev S.K., Kornilov D.N., Minaev N.V.and Karlina A.I.

Using Support Vector Machine Technique to Predict the Cost of Bridges Projects in Iraq
pp. 11137-11141
Ibraheem Abd-allah Aidan

Optimizing Solar-Powered Tourist Boat with Converter-Based Maximum Power Point Tracker
pp. 11142-11144
Adi Kurniawan, Eddy Setyo Koenhardono, Agoes Achmad Masroeri, Sardono Sarwito and Agoes Santoso

Compression of EMG Signals by a Hybrid Algorithm Composed of DWPT and DPCM
pp. 11145-11152
Aimé Joseph Oyobé-Okassa, Pascal Ntsama Eloundou and Pierre Elé

Stress-Strain Behavior of the Workings during the Rich Iron Ores Development under the Confined Aquifers
pp. 11153-11164
Vladimir Leonidovich Trushko, Anatoliy Grigoryevich Protosenya and Olga Vladimirovna Trushko

Measurements and Analysis of Wind Characteristics in Northern Emirates for Wind Power Generation
pp. 11165-11170
Waqarullah Kazim and Omar Bilal Akash

Determination of Sound Speed in a Magnetic Fluid Using Acoustomagnetic Effect
pp. 11171-11175
Irina Aleksandrovna Shabanova, Anastasia Mikhaylovna Storozhenko and Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Polunin

A Search for the Physical Principles of Improving the Power Unit Pipeline Expansion Joint with Fluid Vibro-Isolating Properties
pp. 11176-11183
Aleksey Vladimirovich Kiryukhin, Oleg Osherevich Milman and Anton Viktorovich Ptakhin

Thermographic Studies of Vacuum Gas Oil
pp. 11184-11188
R.N. Galiakhmetov, I.А.Mustafin, О.М. Sudakova, А.F. Akhmetov and А.G. Mustafin

Shaping of Injection Rate for Reducing Emission Level of High-Speed Engine
pp. 11189-11198
N.S. Malastowski, F.B. Barchenko, L.V. Grekhov and A.S. Kuleshov

Hybrid Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Value Engineering in Road Rehabilitation and Traffic Improvement Projects
pp. 11199-11206
Tariq Shehab and Mohamad Mahani

Setting Frequency of Works on the Arrangement of Wear and Protective Layers of Road Surfaces
pp. 11207-11214
Viktor Vasilevich Ushakov, Vladimir Petrovich Nosov, Vladimir Apolenarevich Yarmolinsky, Mikhail Gennadjevich Goryachev and Sergey Vladimirovich Lugov

An Analysis of Information and Communication Technology based Learning Models in School
pp. 11215-11222
Zulkifli M, Abd. Rahman P and Sarjaniah Zur

Water Level Controlling System Using Pid Controller
pp. 11223-11227
Beza Negash Getu

The Changing of the Mach number as a Factor of Influence on the Interference Hysteresis of the Counterclaims Shock Waves
pp. 11228-11236
Pavel V. Bulat, Petr V. Denissenko, Nikolai V. Prodan and Vladimir V. Upyrev

Control and Monitoring Elements of High-Voltage Power Lines System
pp. 11237-11240
Mamyrbek A. Beisenbi, Yuliya F. Bulatbayeva, Vladimir V. Nikulin and Aina Zh. Zakarina


Individual Robotic Arms Manipulator Control Employing Electromyographic Signals Acquired by Myo Armbands
pp. 11241-11249
Paula Useche Murillo, Robinson Jimenez Moreno and Oscar F Avilés S

A Barcode Scanner Application Framework Using Android Phones for an Enhanced Shopping Experience
pp. 11250-11258
John Benedict L. Bernardo, MIT and Danica Pacana

Numerical Simulation of Biomagnetic Fluid Flow in an Oscillating Lid Driven Cavity
pp. 11259-11265
Abdullah A.A.A. Al-Rashed, Abdulwahab Ali Alnaqi and M. A. Hossain

Numerical Models of Cathode Erosion for Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters
pp. 11266-11272
Thada Suksila

Efficient Classification Process using the STDC Technique
pp. 11273-11276
Sang Young Lee

Evolution of Robotics in Medical Surgeries and Health Care Systems A Review

pp. 11277–11298
Royson DSouza, Catherine Deborah, Vishal Samuel and Aysha Sunaina


Multi User Myographic Characterization for Robotic Arm Manipulation
pp. 11299-11304
Paula Useche Murillo, Robinson Jimenez Moreno and Mauricio Mauledeox M

A Design of Domain Library to Elicit Accurate Requirements for Manufacturing of Electric Vehicle
pp. 11305-11308
Massila Kamalrudin, Suriati Akmal, Syahida Mohtar and Safiah Sidek

Modeling of Automatic Reflectors for PV panel Attached to Commercial PV/T Module
Mohammed.Belhadj, Tayeb.Benouaz and Sidi Mohammed El Amine Bekkouche

Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Routing Protocols for Multimedia Transmission in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
pp. 11315-11319
Mohammad Al-Rabayah

Impact of Mobility on Geographic Cross-Layer Architecture for Service Differentiation in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 11320-11327
Ridouane El Mezouary, Ali Choukri and Mohammed El Koutbi

A Stress Study on Dissimilar Materials Welds Subjected to Tensile Loading
pp. 11328-11330
Yoonjae Chung, Ranjit Shrestha and Wontae Kim

The Main Trends in the Development of Industry in Cities and Towns from the Position of Environmental Safety
pp. 11331-11334
Andrey Leonidovich Pozdnyakov and Ekaterina Victorovna Pozdnyakova

Purification of Natural Water by Aluminium Bearing Reagents with Application of Coarse-Grained Bed
pp. 11335-11343
Grishin Boris Мikhailovich, Bikunovа Мarina Victorovna, Andreev Sergey Yurievich, Koshev Аleksandr Nikolaevich and Kumburg Vladimir Grigoryevich

The Analysis of Learner’s Concentration by Facial Expression Changes & Movements
pp. 11344-11349
Seunghui Cha and Wookhyun Kim

Mathematical Model of Supply Water of Consumption Systems in Hotels
pp. 11350-11357
Francisco Javier Díaz Perez, David Chinarro, Adib Guardiola Mouhaffel, Ricardo Díaz Martín and Rosa Pino Otín

Seepage Saltwater Reduction by Physical Barrier at Coastal Aquifer
pp. 11358-11362
Nurnawaty, M. Selintung, M.A. Thaha and F. Maricar

Numerical simulation of IR MEMS thermopile sensors
pp. 11363-11368
R. Z. Khafizov, G. I. Oreshkin, A. E. Timofeev and M. A. Belin

Recycling of Spent Pot Lining of Electrolysis Cells with Regeneration of Aluminum Fluoride
pp. 11369-11373
Kondratiev V.V., Rzhechitskiy E.P., Bogdanov Y.V., Zakharov S.V. and Karlina A.I.

Review of Methods of Waste Lining Processing from Aluminum Electrolyzers
pp. 11374-11381
Kondratiev V.V., Rzhechitskiy E.P., Gorovoy V.O., Shahray S.G. and Karlina A.I.

Behaviour of Reinforced Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Beams under Full-Drilled Core
pp. 11382-11393
Adel A. Al-Azzawi

NS2 Simulator to Evaluate the Effective of Nodes Number and Simulation Time on the Reactive Routing Protocols in MANET
pp. 11394-11399
M.A. Jubair and R. C. Muniyandi

Machine Learning for Ground Target Classification in Radar Signal-Processing Unit
pp. 11400-11402
S.A. Ermushev and A.G. Balashov

Multiple Equations Model Selection Algorithm with Iterative Estimation Method
pp. 11403-11408
Nur Azulia Kamarudin and Suzilah Ismail

Implementation of Lightweight Encryption Algorithm based on 32-bit Embedded Systems
pp. 11409-11413
Holman Montiel, Edwar Jacinto, and Fredy Martínez

The Harmonic Structure of the Magnetomotive Force of the Linear Induction Motor with Transverse Magnetic Flux
pp. 11414-11420
Vladimir A. Solomin, Yuriy I. Zharkov, Alexander A. Zaryfyan, Alexander L. Bykadorov and Evgeniy P. Figurnov

The Dynamic Monitoring of Friction Systems
pp. 11421-11427
Vladimir V. Shapovalov, Petr N. Scherbak, Nickolay I. Boiko, Andrey L. Ozyabkin and Akhmat Ch. Erkenov

Algorythmic and Software Support of Efficient Design of Railway Transport Technological Systems
pp. 11428-11438
Oleg N. Chislov, Enver A. Mamaev, Alexander N. Guda, Victor N. Zubkov and Victor A. Finochenko

Increasing the Accuracy of Autonomous Satellite Coordinate Determination of the Objects of Transport Infrastructure
pp. 11439-11441
Vladimir I. Kushtin, Tatiana V. Suvorova, Nickolay F. Dobrynin, Vyacheslav M. Ermakov and Vasiliy I. Novakovich

Interaction Conditions of Improvement in the System “wheel – rail”
pp. 11442-11447
Petr N. Scherbak, Vladimir V. Shapovalov, Nickolay I. Boiko, Akhmat Ch. Erkenov and Alexander L. Bykadorov

The Impact of Structure and Water Saturation of the Subgrade of the Railway on Its Deformation during High-Speed Movement
pp. 11448-11453
Tatiana V. Suvorova, Nickolay F. Dobrynin, Vyacheslav M. Ermakov, Vladimir I. Kushtin and Vasiliy I. Novakovich

Upcoming Trends in Virtual Learning to Enhance Technology Based Learning
pp. 11454-11460
Thanuja Chandani Sandanayake

Comparative Analysis of Various Feeding Structures for a Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna with FR4 Epoxy Substrate
pp. 11461-11470
Osama W. Ata

Analysis on Retention Relaxation Effects for Solid State Drives
pp. 11471-11474
I. Shin

A Study on the Development of a Computer Program for Determining the Local Earth Ellipsoid Best-Fitted to the Earth Surface
pp. 11475-11480
Jae-Myoung Cho


Computer Aided Design of Spherical Involute Bevel Gears
pp. 11481-11486
NamSoo Hur, MunWoo Park and HyoungWoo Lee

Image Enhancement in Single Image Dehazing via Color Weighting
pp. 11487-11490
Hyunji Cho and Hoon Yoo

LFM chirp signal synthesis using FPGA and DAC
pp. 11491-11493
S. A. Ermushev and A. V. Tsarkov

Determination of Optimal Location and Size of Static VAR Compensator in a Hybrid Wind and Solar Power System
pp. 11494-11500
S. Surender Reddy

The Influence of Aerodynamic Characteristics of the Elements of the Flow Range of the Radial Two-row Microturbine on its Dynamic Characteristics
pp. 11501-11509
Vladimir Leonidovich Khimich, Alexander Borisovich Chuvakov, Sergey Nikolaevich Khrunkov and Artem Alexandrovich Kraynov

D2D Communications with Enhanced Physical Layer Security in Cellular Networks
pp. 11510-11514
Bangwon Seo

The Variant of Design Development Decision and Technological Process of Hump Sorting Complexes
pp. 11515-11524
Enver A. Mamaev, Oleg N. Chislov, Alexander N. Guda, Victor N. Zubkov and Victor A. Finochenko

A Study of Layout Options of Augmented Reality Optical System Integrated in a Motorcycle Helmet
pp. 11525-11536
A. B. Artishchev

Performance Analysis and Modeling of Mimo Systems
pp. 11537-11541
Okokpujie Kennedy. O., Okoyeigbo Obinna, Okhaifoh J.E., Omoruyi Osemwegie and Nsikan Nkordeh

Design of Rectangular Patch Antenna for a 60GHz WPAN
pp. 11542-11550
Emmanuel Ufiteyezu, Etienne Ntagwirumugara and Winfred Ingabire

Infiltration Capacity Of The Soil Embankment With Vegetation Cover
pp. 11551-11554
A Rakhim, A. Munier, M.A. Thaha and F. Maricar

Compensation of the Computation Errors in Solving the Normal Equations in the Navigation Systems
pp. 11555-11559
Vladimir Nikolaevich Lutay and Nail' Shavkyatovish Khusainov

Numerical Investigation of Diesel Engine Characteristics During Control System Development
pp. 11560-11565
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Kudryavtsev, Aleksandr Gavriilovich Kuznetsov, Sergey Viktorovich Kharitonov and Dmitriy Sergeevich Vornychev

Questions of digital Control Laws Synthesis for Marine Vessels in View of Uncertainties
pp. 11566-11570
Mikhail N. Smirnov, Maria A. Smirnova, Tatyana E. Smirnova and Nikolay V. Smirnov

Energy Efficient Joint Resource Allocation for Multi-cell C-RAN System
pp. 11571-11574
Minho Choi and Wonsik Yoon

Sustainable Heritage Buildings: A Critical Analysis of Almadhoon Mosque
pp. 11575-11581
Ali Alzaed

Video Acquisition Device Identification using Sensor Pattern Noise
pp. 11582-11588
Sang-Hyeong Lee, Dong-Hyun Kim and Hae-Yeoun Lee

Photovoltaic monitoring system for Cajicá municipality in Colombia
pp. 11589-11594
Daniela del Pilar Uscátegui Bernal, Robinson Jimenez Moreno and Darío Amaya Hurtado

Implementation of a Converter DC / DC Controlled by VMC and PCM in a Photovoltaic System
pp. 11595-11604
N. Mazouz and A. Midoun

A Recommendation System Based on Object of the Interest
pp. 11605-11609
Sung-Woo Byun, Seok-Pil Lee and Jae Ho Lee






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