International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 24  (2016)  





GSM/GPS Assisted Road and Traffic Congestion Detection System
pp. 11610-11613
Francis E. Idachaba and Augustus E Ibhaze

A Contribution to The Thermal Insulation of Building using Phase Change Materials in Taif, Saudi Arabia
pp. 11614-11617
Ali Alzaed

Image Contour Extraction using Bacterial Quorum Sensing
pp. 11618-11622
Fredy H. Martínez S, Holman Montiel A. and Fernando Martínez S

Research of Shungit Mineral Powder Effect on Stone – Mastic Asphalt Concrete Deformation Stability in Operating Conditions
pp. 11623-11630
Vladislav P. Podolsky, Evgeny B. Tyukov, Dmitry I. Chernousov and Alexandr G. Lukashuk

Working-Out of the Geostatistical Model of Mass Cadastral Valuation of Urban Lands Evildence from the City Vsevolozhsk (Russia)
pp. 11631-11638
Alina Mikhailovan Rybkina, Polina Mikhailovan Demidova Vladimir Alekseevich Kiselev

A Study on the Factors Influencing on Repurchase Intentions of Major Web Shopping Sites in China
pp. 11639-11646
O. Lee, H. S. Lee, M. K. Jee and J. C. Ahn

Experimental Study of Magnesium Anode Voltaic Cell as Electrical Source of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection for Ship Hull
pp. 11647-11650
Adi Kurniawan, Faisal Adam, Sutopo Purwono Fitri and Sardono Sarwito

Analysis and implementation of embedded systems based on microprocessors ARM
pp. 11651-11661
Rubén D. Hernández, Oscar Avilés, Joao Mauricio Rosário, Mauricio Felipe Mauledoux and Robinson Jimenez

Moisture Adsorption with Capillary-Porous Textile Materials in Air Conditioning Systems
pp. 11662-11667
Eremkin Alexandr Ivanovich, Averkin Alexandr Grigoryevich, Salmin Vladimir Vasilyevich, Tarakanov Oleg Vyacheslavovich and Shein Aleksandr Ivanovich

Analysis and comparison of different methods to determine Weibull parameters for wind energy potential prediction for Tetouan, northern Morocco
pp. 11668-11674
Abderrahman Mouradia, Lahoucine Ouhsaine, Abdelaziz Mimeta and Mohammed El Ganaoui

Fast Implementation of Morphological Filtering Using ARM NEON Extension

pp. 11675-11680

Elena Limonova, Arseny Terekhin, Dmitry Nikolaev and Vladimir Arlazarov

Combined Effects of Lead Crowning and Assembly Deviations on Meshing Characteristics of Helical Gears
pp. 11681-11694
Carlo Gorla, Francesco Rosa, Edoardo Conrado and Yonatan A Tesfahunegn

The Use of SOFC-based Mini-CHP for Remote Consumers Power Supply
pp. 11695-11699
Elena N. Sosnina, Evgeny V. Kryukov and Leonid E. Veselov

Analysis of Complex PCB Design Data Using Data Mining Approach to Better Estimate the Work Hours
pp. 11700-11711
Tzu-Liang (Bill) Tseng, Johnny C. Ho, Sungjoo Lee and Yongjin Kwon

Prametric optimal designs of wine glasses using special power funcations while reflecting designer' philosophy in advance
pp. 11712-11721
Young-Doo Kwon

Optimization of Discrete Problems using Artificially Smoothed Objective Function and Sectioning Method
pp. 11722-11728
Young-DooKwon, Seong-Su Kim and Jin-SikHan

A Semi-analytical Method for Designing Anchor Bolts of Structures under Seismic Load

pp. 11729-11739

Young-Doo Kwon and Jin-Sik Han

Industrial Trials of the Automatic Device Controlling the Concentration of Dicyanoaurate in Alkaline Solutions at Gold Mills

pp. 11740-11745

Victor Vladimirivich Elshin, Aleksey Aleksandrovich Kolodin and Aleksandr Evgenievich Ovsyukov

Design and comparison of automatic control systems with artificial vision for a 2-DOF cartesian robot
pp. 11741-11748
Miguel A. Sarmiento, Mauricio Mauledoux, Oscar I. Caldas

Efficient Dynamic Communication Method According to Vehicle Density in Smart Traffic Environment
pp. 11749-11754
Woosik Lee, Jong-Sik Kim and Sang-Cheal Byun

Text-Fragment Similarity Measurement using Word Sense Identification
pp. 11755-11762
Khaled Abdalgader

Air Intake Noise Reduction of using a Turbocharger Engine in Vehicles
pp. 11763-11767
Jongwoo Park, Byungmo Yang and Haengmuk Cho

Magnetic Design of a New Flat Magnetostrictive Actuators
pp. 11768-11774
S.Cinquemani and H.Giberti

Automatic Synthesis of UAV Flight Information to Reduce the Ground Operator's Workload
pp. 11775-11785
Sekyung Jeong, Sungjoo Lee and Yongjin Kwon

Engineering Development of Wide Pickup-chopper for Making Chopped Hay and Silage
pp. 11786-11793
Tokhtar Abilzhanuly, Daniyar Tokhtarovich Abilzhanov, Assem Seidegalymovna Alshurina and Kaimova Rizvangul Turganovna

Performance Evaluation of Static VM Consolidation Algorithms for Cloud-Based Data Centers Considering Inter-VM Performance Interference
pp. 11794-11802
Young-Chul Shim

Straw Row Position And Orientation Reconstruction Through Image Segmentation
pp. 11803-11810
Aleksandr Yurievich Shkanaev, Dmitry Valerevich Polevoy, Aleksei Vladimirovich Panchenko, Yuri Yurievich Borisov and Maxim Igorevich Kolomeychenko

A 0.9-V 176-nW Curvature-Compensated Voltage Reference in 0.35-μm CMOS Technology
pp. 11811-11817
Eun-Jung Yoon, Eun-Young Park, Jong-Tae Park and Chong-Gun Yu

Effect of Temperature on Hardness and Microstructure in Rotary Bending of Copper Sheets
pp. 11818-11825
Naser Abdulrahman Alsaleh

Research into the Sustainable Development Problem of Urban Electric Power Systems on the Basis of Cognitive Modeling Technology
pp. 11826-11831
Vadim Borisov, Aleksei Stefantsov, Evgeniy Gasho, Mihail Postelnik and Aleksandr Bobryakov

Improving the Quality of Additive Methods for Forming the Surfaces of Odd-Shaped Parts with the Application of Parallel Kinematics Mechanisms
pp. 11832-11835
Vadim Vasilyevich Kuts, Mikhail Sergeevich Razumov, Alexander Nikolaevich Grechukhin, Natalia Aleksandrovna Bychkova

Numerical Simulation of Glow Discharges in Air Mixtures under Low Pressure Conditions
pp. 11836-11846
A.S. Chirtsov, E.V. Lebedevaa, V.M. Mikusheva and S.V. Sychov

Scanning Thermal Imaging Systems with Thermopile Array Modules
pp. 11847-11851
R. Z. Khafizov, A. M. Kamenskiy, S. G. Vasiliev, G. I. Oreshkin and Y. A. Krupnov

Economic Evaluation of Incentive-Based Demand Response Programs Implementation on Congestion Management under Contingency Conditions
pp. 11852-11863
Abdullah Asuhaimi Bin Mohd Zin, Mehdi Moradi, Azhar Bin Khairuddin, Amirreza Naderipour and Mohammad Moradi

Removal of RFI and Clutter from Atmospheric Radar Power Spectra
pp. 11864-11870
Swati Sinha, T.V. Chandrasekhar Sarma and Mary Lourde R

Development of a Descending Commands Unit for the Downhole Telemetry System via the Hydraulic Communication Channel
pp. 11871-11876
Dmitry D. Vodorezov, Dmitry S. Leontiev, Yuri V. Kirpischikov and Sergey A. Frolov

Optimization of Thermal Calculation of Buildings on Permafrost Soils to Reduce Boundary Effects
pp. 11877-11882
Sergey A. Pulnikov, Evgeniy V. Markov, Yuri S. Sysoev and Natalia V. Kazakova

Development of a Mathematical Model of the Diffusion-Filtration Mass Transfer in a Porous Plastically Deformable Medium
pp. 11883-11887
Sergey A. Pulnikov, Evgeniy V. Markov, Yuri S. Sysoev and Natalia V. Kazakova

Analysis of Melting Techniques for Positive Displacement Motor Rotor Coatings Applied by Gas-Thermal Spraying
pp. 11888-11893
Sergey A. Frolov, Vladimir N. Svetashov, Dmitry D. Vodorezov and Dmitry S. Leontiev

A New Proposal of Handover Algorithm between Cellular Mobile and Mobile WiMAX Systems
pp. 11894-11900
Nasser A. Hamad

Improvement of the TMS Deployment Methods on Ships and Offshore Plants
pp. 11901-11907
Jungwoo Kim, Jooyoung Son and Kyoungkuk Yoon

An Optimal Antenna Placement Scheme for UHF Systems in Ships by a Coverage Study
pp. 11908-11912
Jungwoo Kim, Jeoungkyu Lim and Jooyoung Son

Flexible Access Control for Complex Business Application: A Case Study
pp. 11913-11924
Yonghan Lee and Young-Gab Kim

Interference Mitigation of Heterogeneous Networks by Proposed Combined Optimal Frequency and Power Allocations Scheme
pp. 11925-11934
Hayam Alyasiri, Aied K. AL-Samarrie and Aseel H. AL-Nakkash

Simulation of Failure Scenarios related to Maintenance Activities
pp. 11935-11949
Maryam Gallab, Hafida Bouloiz, Mohamed Tkiouat, Emmanuel Garbolino and Mohamed Ali ElKilani

Assessment of Mathematical Modeling to Improve Agricole Irrigation Area Works in Senegal (Kas Kas).
pp. 11950-11957
Adib Guardiola Mouhaffel, Carlos Martínez Dominguez, Assane Seck, Wagué Ahmadou and Ricardo Díaz Martín

Applicability of a Strategic TPM Release Planning Model on a CRM Project Case
pp. 11958-11966
Samia Naciri and Mohammed Abdou Janati Idrissi

Amelioration of the Relationships Aggregating Educational Entities in Recursive Entity Modeling Method
pp. 11967-11975
RIFAI Amal, BAKRIM M’hamed, MESSOUSSI Rochdi and TOUAHNI Rajaa






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