International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 4  (2016)  





Comparison evaluation of Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic algorithm for adaptive beam forming of uniform linear array applications
pp 2157-2160
K. Sridevi and A. Jhansi Rani

Multiresolution based detection of Macular Degeneration
pp 2161-2164
Lakshmipriya R, Padmapriya N and Hanis S

A Study and analysis on Web Information Retrieval System for Distributed Encironment
pp 2165-2176
S. Meenakshi and R. M. Suresh

Free Radical Polymerization of Methyl and Ethyl Methacrylates by Green Methodology
pp 2177-2184
M. Meena, S. Nanjundan and M. J. Umapathy

Shaping of Arts and Crafts Objects Using Computer Graphics
pp 2185-2190
Larisa Vladimirovna Shokorova and Lyubov Nikolaevna Turlyun

Automated monitoring system for asphaltene-resin-paraffin deposits in main oil pipelines
pp 2191-2198
Alexandra Vladimirovna Kopteva and Vladimir Yurievich Koptev

Fractional Order Automatic Generation Controller For A Multi Area Interconnected System Using Evolutionary Algorithms
pp 2199-2205
Ravi Kumar. Chekka and P. V. Ramana Rao

On the Issue of the Innovation Policy at the Road Transport Enterprises
pp 2206-2211
Anna Leonidovna Zaytseva and Tatiana Anatol'yevna Menukhova

The Effect of Oral Exercise on Oral Health and Subjective Experience of Oral Function among Elderly in Care Hospital
pp 2212-2215
Eun-kyong Kim and Eun Young Park, Dong Fan and Hee-Kyung Lee

Need of Smart Water Systems In India
pp 2216-2223
Aditya Gupta, Sudhir Mishra, Neeraj Bokde and Kishore Kulat

Performance Variation of Support Vector Machine and Probabilistic Neural Network in Classification of Cancer Datasets
pp 2224-2234
Kalagotla Satish Kumar and Tummala Sitamahalakshmi

Classification of PD Defects in Gas Insulated Switchgears under HVDC
pp 2235-2239
Sung-Wook Kim, Jae-Ryong Jung, Guoming Wang, Sun-Jae Kim and Gyung-Suk Kil

Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Flame Characteristics in Biogas External Premix Combustion
pp 2240-2243
Fandi D. Suprianto, Willyanto Anggono and Michael S C Tanoto

Biogeography Based Reconfiguration Algorithm for Voltage Stability Enhancement of Distribution Networks
pp 2244-2249
S. Aruul Vizhiy and R. K. Santhi

Joint Algorithm for Energy-Conservation and Secure Key Generation in Wireless Sensor Network
pp 2250-2257
Roopashree H. R. and Anita Kanavalli

An Entropy Based Approach for Risk Factor Analysis in a Software Development Project
pp 2258-2262
Pradnya Purandare

MZDF: An Energy Aware Framework for Multiple-Zone Data Fusion Technique in WSN
pp 2263-2270
S G Shivaprasad Yadavd and A Chitra

Application of The Hydrocuff Technology For Blood Pressure Evaluation
pp 2271-2274
M. S. Gerashchenko, S. M. Gerashchenko, S. I. Gerashchenko and N. N. Yankina

Students’ Employability Prediction Model through Data Mining
pp 2275-2282
Tripti Mishra, Dharminder Kumara and Sangeeta Gupta

A Novel Method of Designing and Implementation of Security Challenges in Data Transmission and Storage in Cloud Computing
pp 2283-2286
Sreedhar Acharya B and M. Siddappa

Analysis of an Efficient 64-Bit Carry Select Adder with Less Delay and Reduced Area Applications
pp 2287-2290
Krishna Naik Dungavathdd and V. Vijayalakshmi

A study of environmental factors affecting indKustrial sustainability using ISM and MICMAC Methodology
pp 2291-2297
Archana Singh, Nehajoan Panackal and Adya Sharma


An Integrated Switching Technique for Minimizing Power Consumption Using MDFSD in Domino Logic System
pp 2298-2304
J. Muralidharan and P. Mamimegalai

Topic Trend Prediction for Learning Objects Using Kernel Fuzzy C Means Clustering and Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Model
pp 2305-2313
E. A. Vimal and S. Chandramathi

Development of a Programmable Mobile Robot
pp 2314-2320
Ademola Abdulkareem, C.O.A. Awosope, S. A. Daramola and E. C. Nnorom

CAD for Detection of Fetal Electrocardiogram by using Wavelets and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
pp 2321-2326
Pradeep Kumar, Sudhir Kumar Sharma and Sidheshwar Prasad

Heuristic Approach for Optimizing the localization of wireless sensor Networks
pp 2327-2331
A. Tamizharasi and A. Kavi Priya

Methodical Advances in Power Systems aimed at Best Arrangement of Distributed Generation Sources
pp 2332-2339
S. Jayalakshmid and V. Balaji

Corpus-Based Studies – Some Perspectives
pp 2340-2342
P. Aswini and R. Srinivasan

Analytical Solution of Vertical Plate in a rotating fluid with variable Temperature, Uniform Mass Diffusion in the Presence of MHD and Thermal Radiation
pp 2343-2348
A. R. Vijayalakshmi and J. Ravikumar

Multiobjective Optimal Reactive Power Flow Using Chemical Reaction Based Optimization
pp 2349-2353
G. K. Moorthy, R. K. Santhi and Alamelu Nachiappan

A Review on Electrochemical Machining Processes
pp 2354-2355
K. Raja and R. Ravikumar

Composition of Capital Inflows Into India During 1991-92 to 2009-2010
pp 2356-2358
G. Raja Rajeswari

Design and Analysis of An Enhanced SHA-1 Hash Generation Scheme for Android Mobile Computers
pp 2359-2363
bh. Padma and GVS Raj Kumar

A Comparative Analysis of Flow Boiling in Micro-Gaps with Internal Micro-Fins of Rectangular and Triangular Profiles
pp 2364-2372
Shugata Ahmed, Ahmad Faris Ismail, Erwin Sulaeman and Muhammad Hasibul Hasan

Improving QoS of TCP/IP Sensor Networks Using Novel Gateway Approach
pp 2373-2378
K. Satya Rajesh and P. Suresh Varma

Use of Oil Palm Shell as Replacement of Coarse Aggregate For Investigating Properties of Concrete
pp 2379-2383
Khan M. M. H, Guong Wei L, Deepak T. J and Nair S

Safety Related Services Using Smart Vehicle Connections
pp 2384-2387
R. Thenmozhi and S. Govindarajan

Speech to Text Synthesis from Video Automated Subtitling using Levinson Durbin Method of Linear Predictive Coding
pp 2388-2395
Sathish Kumar Selvaperumal, Chandrasekharan Nataraj, Vinesh Thiruchelvam and Willy Tong Chen Hung

Combining Artificial Neural Network with Image Data Partitioning for Personal Iris Recognition System
pp 2396-2401
D. Elantamilan, V. Saishanmuga raja and S. P. Rajagopalan

New Uniform Order Single Step Hybrid Block Method for Solving Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations
pp 2402-2406
Zurni. Omar and Ra’ft. Abdelrahim

Solving Two-Point Second Order Boundary Value Problems Using Two-Step Block Method with Starting and Non-Starting Values
pp 2407-2410
Zurni Omar and Oluwaseun Adeyeye

A Survey on Machine Learning Approaches to Social Media Analytics
pp 2411-2416
Magesh. S and Nimala. K

Statistical Analysis of Precipitation over Seonath River Basin, Chhattisgarh, India
pp 2417-2423
Mani Kant Verma, M. K. Verma and Sabyasachi Swain

Image Based Autonomous Navigation for a Lander
pp 2424-2428
V. Bagyaveereswaran, Neeraj Nair Rajagopal and R. Anitha

Investigation of Concrete Beam Behavior in FRP Composite Layering Under Incremental Loading
pp 2429-2435
Mohammadreza Zarringol and Mohammadehsan Zarringol

Extended Approach for Self Ordered Feature Reweighting for Relevance Feedback in CBIR Systems
pp 2436-2450
Kranthi Kumar. K and T.Venu Gopal

Toward Semantic Web Using Personalization Techniques
pp 2451-2453
Sinan Adnan Diwan

Matrix Graph III: The graphs of the symmetric group ????
pp 2454-2457
S. Peninal Dhanamani and R. Stella Maragatham

Business Intelligence as a Service in Analysis of Academic Courses
pp 2458-2467
V.S. Akshaya and T. Purusothaman

An Overview of Performance Evaluation of Inter Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANET’s) Handovers by the Use of Intelligent Metaheuristic Algorithms
pp 2468-2473
Pravin Wararkar, S. S. Dorle, Ankit Dixit, Chhayadevi Bhamre and Pratiksha Meshram

Improvement of the quality of development process of E-learning and M-learning systems
pp 2474-2477
Aissaoui Karima and Azizi Mostafa

Efficient Breast Cancer Classification Using Improved Fuzzy Cognitive Maps with Csonn
pp 2478-2485
D. Thuthi Sarabai and K. Arthi

Strategy and Planning Model Village Fishermen Coastal Areas in Surabaya
pp 2486-2493
Wiwik Widyo Widjajanti

Investigation and assessment of the Project Management Methodology in Iraqi Construction Sector
pp 2494-2507
Faiq Mohammed Sarhan Al-Zwainy,Ibrahim Abed Mohammed, Saja Hadi Raheem

Analysis of an Almost Periodic Reconfigurable Circuits Using Iterative Method
pp 2508-2512
M. Latifa, L. Latrach and A. Gharsallah

Rough Exact Sequences of Modules
pp 2513-2517
Arvind Kumar Sinha and Anand Prakash

Power Quality Improvement in Hybrid Power System: Review
pp 2518-2521
M Vivek, P. K. Srividhya and K. Sujatha

Developing the Reading Skills in English of Students At College Level – A Task-Based Approach
pp 2522-2524
S. Ameer Anisaa and M. A. Mohamed Sahul Hameed

Residents’ Perception of Housing Quality in an Informal Settlement
pp 2525-2535
Akunnaya P. Opoko and Adedapo A. Oluwatayo

Optimization of Digitalized Document Verification Using E-Governance Service Delivery Platform (E-SDP)
pp 2536-2544
Raghunathan V.S, V. Cyril Raj, Sumathy Eswaran, Ambika A and Sangeetha R.U

Geographic Mismatch between Emergency Patients and the Service Area
pp 2545-2552
Sung Hyo Hong and Junhong Im

Analytical Implementation of Web Structure Mining Using Data Analysis in Educational Domain
pp 2553-2557
S. P. Victor and M. Xavier Rex

A Technical Comprehensive Survey of ETL Tools
pp 2557-2559
Vaishali A. Kherdekar and Pravin S. Metkewar

Efficient Parallel Implementation of Single Source Shortest Path Algorithm on GPU Using CUDA
pp 2560-2567
Dhirendra Pratap Singh, Nilay Khare and Akhtar Rasool

VLSI Implementation of Discrete Linear Convolution using Vedic Mathematics (Real and Complex Numbers)
pp 2568-2571
R. Anitha and Sarat Kumar Sahoo

Performance Evaluation of Double Stage Filter Algorithm for Stereo Vision Applications
pp 2572-2578
Teo Chee Huat, Nurulfajar Abd Manap, Abd Majid Darsono

Review Based on Hybrid Renewable Energy Power System for Underrate Cost and Inflate Power
pp 2579-2586
V. R. Vanajaa, D. Priyadharshini and P. Balaji

Performance and Thermal Analysis of One Shell Two Tube PassHeat Exchanger with Ethylene Glycol and SIC Nano Fluid
pp 2587-2594
YogithaSeerapu, M.V.Ramana, D.Sreeramulu and C.J.Rao

Mobile Colored Overlay Application to Korean WRRT With Detailed Color Control
pp 2595-2600
Y. Jang

Agile Development Methods for Online Training Courses Web Application Development
pp 2601-2606
M. Wasim Raja and K. Nirmala

An Efficient Offline Tamil Handwritten Character Recognition System using Zernike Moments and Diagonal-based features
pp 2607-2610
Ashlin Deepa R. N and R. Rajeswara Rao

Evaluation of Two Different Tubular Daylighting Devices in UAE Climate
pp 2611-2614
Omar Akash, Zaki Iqbal and Mousa Mohsen

A Study on Mitigation Measures for the Development of Neermahal Palace and Surrounding Rudrasagar Lake Area in Tripura, India using Analytic Hierarchy Process
pp 2615-2619
Joyanta Pal, Manish Pal, Pankaj Kr. Roy and Asis Mazumdar

Ground Water Quality Assessment of Milli Watershed Area in Zaheerabad
pp 2620-2624
M.A. Kalam and M. Ramesh

Automated Control System for the Milling Unit of Mineral Powders Plant
pp 2625-2628
Andrey Vladimirovich Ostroukh, Igor Vadimovich Nedoseko, Nataliya Evgenievna Surkova and Bulat Galievich Bulatov

Integration of Optimized GDI Logic based NOR Gate and Half Adder into PASTA for Low Power & Low Area Applications
pp 2629-2633
M. Sivakumar and S.Omkumar

Context-aware human-centric 3D visual quality classification model Using Machine Intelligence
pp 2634-2636
P. M. Arun Kumar and S. Chandramathi

Analysis of Cost and Returns from NHAI – A Case Study of Nh45
pp 2637-2639
Prof. Nilavathy. K and N. P. Hariharan

Shunt Active Correction System Analysis in Conditions of Industrial Enterprises Networks
pp 2640-2645
Boris N. Abramovich and Yuriy A. Sychev

Image and Vibration Based Mixed Variable Approach For Machining Performance Estimation
pp 2646-2650
Umamaheswara Raju. R. S, V. Ramachandra Raju and R. Ramesh

Enhancing TCP Performance by detecting spurious RTO in Wireless Network
pp 2651-2657
S.V. Jansi Rani and P. Narayanasamy

Performance and Emission Analysis of Gasoline Blended Hydrogen Gas Fuel Engine
pp 2658-2662
R. Koushik Srinivas and R. Murali

A Set Combine Map Method for Manual Synthesis of Logic Circuits
pp 2663-2670
Sahadev Roy and Chandan Tilak Bhunia

Image Duplication Copy Move Forgery Detection Using Discrete Cosine Transforms Method
pp 2671-2674
M. Buvana Ranjani and R. Poovendran

Removal of Dye by Adsorption: A Review
pp 2675-2679
Ta Wee Seow and Chi Kim Lim

An Overview of Ceramic Wastes Management in Construction
pp 2680–2685
Sh. K. Amin, H. A. Sibak, S. A. El–Sherbiny and M. F. Abadir

On the open sea propagation of 2004 global tsunami generated by the sea bed deformation
pp 2686-2692
Md. Fazlul Karim, D. S. Sankar and Esa Yunus

Clustering Uncertain Gene Dataset using KLSE (Kullback-Leibler & Shennon Entropy) to improve Cluster Quality
pp 2693-2696
S. Vydehi and M. Punithavalli

Feature Extraction Based Lung Nodule Detection in CT Images
pp 2697-2700
Veerakumar Kuppusamy and Ravichandran C Gopalakrishnan

A Four-Step Block Predictor–Block Corrector Method for Solving Third Order Ordinary Differential Equations Directly
pp 2701-2704
Z. Omar, Y. A. Abdullah and J. O. Kuboye

Service Performance Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction: E-Grocery in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
pp 2705-2710
Ahmad Hassan J Thabit, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

Technology Acceptance Factors Affecting Intention to Adopt Geographical Information System (GIS) among the Local Governments in West Aceh, Sumatera, Indonesia
pp 2711-2716
Jamal Mirda, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

Data Mining Framework for Test Time Optimization in Industrial Electronics Manufacturing Enterprise
pp 2717-2722
Thai Chuan Chee, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

Image force effects between lattice dislocations and interphase boundaries in bicrystals of FCC materials Pb-X, X: Al, Au, Ag, Cu and Ni
pp 2723-2728
A. Ouchtati and O. Khalfallah

Radiation effects on MHD non-Newtonian power-law fluid past over a non-linearly stretching surface with viscous dissipation
pp 2729-2736
K. Saritha, M.N. Rajasekhar and B. Shashidar Reddy

Trust in stored data in EHRs acceptance of medical staff: using UTAUT2
pp 2737-2748
Malik Bader Alazzam, Abd. Samad Hasan Basari, Abdul Samad Sibghatullah, Yousif Monadhil Ibrahim, Mohamad Raziff Ramli and Mohd Hariz Naim

Small-Swing Cross-Coupled Inverters Based Low-Power Embedded Memory in Logic CMOS Technology
pp 2749-2754
Sivasundar Manisankar and Yeonbae Chung


Slant Correction for Offline Handwritten Telugu Isolated Characters and Cursive Words
pp 2755-2760
Ch. N. Manisha, Y.K. Sundara Krishna and E. Sreenivasa Reddy

A Fuzzy Parallel Island Model Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm Gene Feature Selection For Microarray Classification
pp 2761-2770
A. Natarajan and R. Balasubramanian

Optimization of Machining {arameters for Tool Wear Rate and Material Removal Rate in CNC turning by Grey Relational Analysis
pp 2771-2775
Upinder kumar, Abhinavkumar Singh and Rakesh kumar

Green Roofs for Energy Conservation and Sustainable Development: A Review
pp 2776-2780
Vinod Kumar V and A.M. Mahalle

Optimum allocation of Renewable DG sources and Synchronous capacitor simultaneously using PSO
pp 2781-2785
R.Sivasangari and N. Kamaraj

Computational Model for Infill Walls under Cyclic Loads
pp 2786-2790
T. Nelson Ponnu Durai, J. Arunachalam, L. Avinash Karthich, D.C. Haran Pragalath, D. Iswarya and Robert Singh

Study and Investigation of Complementary Split Ring Resonators (CSRR)Metamaterials and Its Application in Microstrip Antenna Design
pp 2791-2795
Hassan M. Elkamchouchi, Ahmed A. Sheshtawy and Ayman I. Almahallawy

Unconstrained Handwriting Recognition into Text using Parser
pp 2796-2800
Pinagadi. Venkateswararao and S. Murugavalli

Data Visualization: Enhancing Big Data More Adaptable and Valuable
pp 2801-2804
A. S. Syed Fiaz, N. Asha, D. Sumathi and A.S. Syed Navaz

Feasibility Study of Minute Flaw Detection Using Ultrasonic Waves
pp 2805-2809
Tony George, Elizabeth Rufus and Zachariah C Alex

Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer Employing Wind Generator and Fuel Cell
pp 2810-2815
S. Leela and S. S. Dash

Semantic rocessing and morphosyntactic analysis of Kazakh text
pp 2816-2819
Begimtay Ulykbek Hosmanuly and Karimzhan Bernur

Combinations of Conditions Affecting the Successful Transfer of Korean Saemaul (New Community) Movement Policy to Developing Countries
pp 2820-2828
Young-Chool Choi and Ji-Hyun Jang

A Comparative study of various approaches used for the classification of Hyperspectral Satellite Imagery
pp 2829-2832
R. Venkatesan and S. Prabu

A Survey of Trust Management in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
pp 2833-2838
Vijayan R and Jeyanthi N

Cooperative Random Walk for Pipe Network Layout Optimization
pp 2839-2847
Stefan Ivić, Luka Grbčić and Siniša Družeta

Review on IOT Technologies
pp 2848-2853
Govinda K and Saravanaguru R.A.K

Exprimental Study on the Strength and Durability of Nano Concrete
pp 2854-2858
Rajkumar R, Akkineni Surya Teja and Ramya Sajeevan

Soft Skills-The Need of the Hour for Professional Competence: A Review on Interpersonal Skills and Intrapersonal Skills Theories
pp 2859-2864
V. Vijayalakshmi

Humidity-controlling and deodorizing effects of yellow loess plastering as finishing materials
pp 2865-2871
Hongseok Jang, Hyeseon Kang and Seungyoung So

Mathematical and Software of the Distributed Computing System Work Planning on the Multiagent Approach Basis
pp 2872-2878
Svetlana A. Oleinikova, Oleg Ya. Kravets, Elena B. Zolotukhina, Dmitry V. Shkurkin, Iskandar S. Kobersy and Valentina V. Shadrina

Model for Optimization Elements System for Screening of Cylindrical Hydroacoustic Aerials
pp 2879-2884
Vitaly E. Bolnokin, Valery I. Storozhev, Sergey V. Vasilenko, Iskandar S. Kobersy, Dmitry V. Shkurkin and Valentin Yu. Evtushenko

Functional Modeling of Engineering and Technical Personnel
pp 2885-2889
Marina Nikolaevna Vrazhnova, Aleksandr Vyacheslavovich Akhterov, Andrey Vladimirovich Ostroukh, Ekaterina Igorevna Makarenko, Olga Vladimirovna Lezina and Nataliya Evgenievna Surkova

Rotor Structural Design of A Hydrokinetic Turbine
pp 2890-2897
Chica E, Pérez F and Rubio-Clemente A

A Survey on Screening of Cancer Subtypes using Microarray Data
pp 2898-2901
Vishnu Priya J. P, Jegatheeswari S and Devaki P

Impact of Implementation of Human Resource Management Practices And Its Consequences In Fireworks
pp 2902-2906
Bijeesh Pushpa and S. Nadarajan

Experimental Investigation on Heat Transfer Impinging Liquid Jet Characteristics of the Vapor Chambers
pp 2907-2912
Songkran Wiriyasart and Paisarn Naphon

Instructional Model Based Sharable Content Objects for E-Learning
pp 2913-2916
C. S. Nithya and K Nirmala

Cloud Service for Data Analysis in Medical Information Systems Using Artificial Neural Networks
pp 2917-2920
Alexander A. Zakharov, Evgeni A. Olennikov, Tatyana I. Payusova and Dmitry Sergeevich Silnov

Scientific Approaches to the Assessment of Intellectual Capital of Technology Park Structures
pp 2921-2926
A. Maltseva

A Genetic Algorithm-Based Heterogeneous Random Subspace Ensemble Model for Bankruptcy Prediction
pp 2927-2931
Sung-Hwan Min

Determination of the Existence of Rock Cavities Method Based on Geoelectric Method (2D) in the Karangputih Hill Indarung West Sumatra Indonesia
pp 2932-2937
Agus Santoso, Sismanto, Ary Setiawan, Subagyo Pramumijoyo and Indriati Retno Palupi

Effective Pretending of Encroacher in A Cloud Networks Using Software Defined Networks
pp 2938-2941
Chinthagunta Mukundha, I. Surya Prabha and P. Gayathri

A Literature Survey on Finite State Testing of Graphical User Interface
pp 2942-2954
Sumit Kumar and Nitin

Design of Low complexity Fault Tolerant Parallel FFTs Using Partial Summation
pp 2955-2960
S. Shanthi and S. Kamalraj






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