International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 5  (2016)  





Performance Evaluation of various PWM strategies of Trinary DC source Multilevel Inverter fed Universal Motor Load
pp 2961-2968
K. Sathiyanarayanan, S. P. Natarajan, R.Johnson Uthayakumar and P. Suresh Pandiarajan

Patent Image Visualization
pp 2969-2972
M. Pratheeban and S. Balasubramanian

Semi Automated Semantic Matched Concept Extraction Model for E-Content Development
pp 2973-2975
D. Elangovan and K. Nirmala

K-means clustering Algorithm to improve website performance
pp 2976-2978
Arthi K, Dhilsath Fathima M, Uvaneshwari M and Naveen Raju D

A New Correlating Parameter to Quantify Productivity of Extended Hydraulic Fractured Wells
pp 2979-2985
T. Marhaendrajana and S. Parsaulian

CFD Simulation Study of De-Icing on a Pitot Tube
pp 2986-2989
Daniel Owusu Asante, Manish Pokhrel and Jungho Cho

Evaluation of the environmental benefits of recycling materials in the moving parts of a wind turbine using the life cycle assessment (LCA)
pp 2990-2995
R. Díaz Martín, F. J. Pérez Trujillo, J. F. Morales García, C. Mayo del Río, E. Batuecas Fernández and Adib Guardiola Mouhaffel

Comparative Study of Computationally Intensive Algorithms on CPU and GPU
pp 2996-2999
Anala M.R, Kartik K.R, Madhusudhan Aithal M. and Jeevan D.C

Comparison of PAPR reduction techniques in OFDM based Cognitive Radio
pp 3000-3003
Jagsir Singh, Roopali Garg and Inderdeep Kaur Aulakh

Impact Analysis of Software Processes for SPI in Indian SMEs
pp 3004-3011
Ashima Singh and Himanshu Aggarwal

A Novel Approach for Multi-User Oriented Resource Utilization in SaaS Cloud Model using Modified Act Colony Optimization (MaCo) technique
pp 3012-3018
Ananthi Sheshasaayee and Swetha Margaret T.A

An Extensive Survey on Co-Resident Attack in Dynamic Cloud Computing Environment
pp 3019-3023
G. Nalinipriya, P. J. Varalakshmi, K. G. Maheswari and R. Anita

Optimized PIDF Controller for Enhancing Stability in Power Systemwith UPFC and Redox Flow Batteries
pp 3024-3033
Mary.A.G.Ezhil, Joseph Jawhar S and Chellaswamy C

Using Computer Technologies in Professional Work Future Specialists of Art
pp 3034-3037
Isabek N. E, Zhumahmetova Z. Zh, Mukanov M. F. 1, 2 and Nurlybayeva E

The Modern Educational Technology in Professional Competence Enhancement of Future Specialists
pp 3038-3041
Gumarova Sh, Zhubanova K, Issabaeyva B, Sayakova B. and Sabyrbayeva N

Modeling and Control of Medical Herb Greenhouse based on Solar Thermal System
pp 3042-3049
Ninet Mohamed Ahmed, Faten Hosney Fahmy and Hanaa Mohamed Farghally

Numerical Simulation Study for Leaching of Potash Salt Using Cocoa Pod Husk as the Basic Raw Material
pp 3050-3053
Daniel Owusu Asante, Manish Pokhrel and Jungho Cho

Education and Training Systems Issues: Synthesis of the Elite Production Factors
pp 3054-3056
Abdelhak LAHLALI and Houda EL AOUFIR

Sulfur Composite Technology from Oil Refinery Waste
pp 3057-3061
A.A. Yusupova, R.T. Akhmetova, A.A. Treshchev, L.N. Shafigullin, A.V. Lakhno and A.A. Bobrishev

Methods of Organization of Protected Data Processing Center of Virtual Economic Object
pp 3066-3074
Evgeniy N. Tishchenko, Pavel P. Belenkiy, Tatiana N. Sharypova and Oleg V. Serpeninov

Curing Kinetic Study of Epoxy Toughened by Precipitated Calcium Carbonate from Industrial Waste
pp 3075-3082
Muhammad Noor Dzuhri Shohor, Nor Yuliana Yuhana, Mohd Khairulazfar Moh Dat and Rohaya Othman

Trusty DSR Protocol for MANET To Mitigate BLACKHOLE Attacks
pp 3083-3091
Mahamuni, K and C. Chandrasekar

A Survey on Authorship Profiling Techniques
pp 3092-3102
T. Raghunadha Reddy, B. Vishnu Vardhan and P. Vijayapal Reddy

Killing Vector Fields on Warped Products
pp 3103-3107
Jae-Up So, Yeo-Jin Song and Mi-Suk Ha

Power Transformer Failure Analysis through DGA, Furan Test and Wavelet Analysis
pp 3108-3111
Mohammed Abdul Rahman Uzair and Basavaraja Banakara

Direction of Arrival Estimation Using MUSIC Algorithm in FPGA: Hardware Software Co-Design
pp 3112-3116
M. Devendra and K. Manjunathachari

My Learners’ Perspective in Feedback Mechanism-A Survey
pp 3117-3119
B. Sivakami

A Nobel Chaos based Secure Image Encryption Algorithm
pp 3120-3127
Bhaskar Mondal and Tarni Mandal

Vision Based Vehicle Detection: A Literature Review
pp 3128-3133
J. Joseph Antony and M. Suchetha

Social Engineering through the Optics of Passivity/Activity Opposition: A Literature Review
pp 3134-3140
Sergey Gashkov, Mariia Rubtcova, Irina Borisovna Khmyrova-Pruel, Tatiana Borisovna Malinina and Tuyana Sanzhimitupova

Reduction of Reworks in Green Sand Casting Process: A Six Sigma Prospective
pp 3141-3150
Sanjiv Kumar Tiwari, Ritesh Kumar Singh and Sharad Chandra Srivatava

Modal Analysis of RC Slab on Elastic Foundation
pp 3151-3154
Hussam K. Risan

Leaky Bucket Algorithm for Congestion Control
pp 3155-3159
M. Swarna, S. Ravi and M. Anand

Review of Green Building Index in Malaysia; Existing Work and Challenges
pp 3160-3167
Saleh M. Algburi, A. A. Faieza and Baharudin, B.T.H.T

Multiple Kernel Support Vector Regression with Higher Norm in Option Pricing
pp 3168-3174
Neetu Verma, Sujoy Das and Namita Srivastava

Multiple Model Based Adaptive Control for Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Process
pp 3175-3180
R. Manikandan and R. Vinodha

ARQ Technique with Aggressive Packet Combining Scheme for Variable Error Rate Channels to Reduce the Bandwidth and Power Consumption
pp 3181-3185
Yaka Bulo, Misso Anju and Chandhan T Bhunia

An Efficient Algorithm for Detecting and Removing Black hole Attack for Secure Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Network
pp 3186-3191
Viswa Jhananie K.R

Numerical Study of the Dispersion of a Passive Scalar in Simplified Urban
pp 3192-3198
Medjahed Bendida and Bouzit Mohamed

Comparative Analysis of Segmentation Efficiency Method the Halftont Image Based on the Selection of Priority Direction of Machining Segment Boundaries
pp 3199-3206
Rimma Alexandrovna Tomakova, Sergey Alekseevich Filist and Alexey Ivanovich Pykhtin

Parametric Optimization of MRR and Surface Roughness in E.D.M Using By Taguchi Method
pp 3207-3210
M. Robertsagayadoss and P. Parthiban

Ensuring Business Continuity of A Machine Building Enterprise Through Organisation Development of Manufacturing System
pp 3211-3215
Alexander Alexeevich Rudenko, Dmitry Vyacheslavovich Antipov and Maxim Olegovich Iskoskov

Intrusion Detection Analysis by Implementing Fuzzy Logic
pp 3216-3220
D. Nethra Pingala Suthishni and G. P. Ramesh Kumar

Hand Gesture Identification using Preprocessing, Background Subtraction and Segmentation Techniques
pp 3221-3228
Priyanka Parvathy. D and Hema C. R.

Performance Appraisal in India – A Review
pp 3229-3234
Ramila Ram Sing and S. Vadivelu

Integrity based Video Watermarking Using Gaussian Based DWT Embedding and Extraction Process
pp 3235-3240
T. Srinivasa Rao and Rajasekhara Rao Kurra

A Knowledge Discovery Based Big Data for Context aware Monitoring Model for Assisted Healthcare
pp 3241-3246
M. Angel Vinodhini and R. Vanitha

Graphical User Interface Based Computer Aided Diagnosis Tool of Human Brain Tumor Segmentation Through MRI and Validation
pp 3247-3254
Gopi Karnam and Ramashri Thirumala

Hybrid GSA-CSSA based Emotional ELMAN Neural Network Classifier for Software Defect Prediction
pp 3255-3270
Kumudha. P and Venkatesan. R

A Design and Development of Smart Wireless Sensor Network for Farming Water Supply Sistem
pp 3271-3275
Ritesh Boda and Jabeena.A

Semantic-Based Web Mining For Image Retrieval Using Enhanced Support Vector Machine
pp 3276-3281
P. Sumathi and R. Manickachezian

Evaluation Performance of Worm-Hole Attack Using Proposed AODV In MANET
pp 3282-3288
Satheesh N and Prasadh K

Study on Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Tools and Techniques
pp 3289-3293
M. Yogesh and S. Prabagaran

A Study on the Thermal Performance of Automotive LED Head Lamps with Synthetic Jet
pp 3294-3298
S. W. Jang and Y. L. Lee

App Enabled Remote Testing and Verification of Digital Circuit
pp 3299-3303
R. Bharathikannan and S. Ravi

Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Slabs on Discrete Sets of Design Parameters
pp 3304-3308
I.N. Serpik, S.N. Shvachko and K.V. Muymarov

Acoustic studies of the ferroelastic phase transition in LiCsSO4/MCM-41 nanocomposite using longitudinal ultrasonic waves
pp 3309-3313
A.L. Pirozerski, E.V.Charnaya, S.V. Baryshnikov, A.I.Nedbai, B.F. Borisov, V.M.Mikushev, E.L. Lebedeva1, A.S. Khomutova and M.V.Dolgova

Technology and methods of professional design education
pp 3314-3318
Klara Ilyasovna Kudabaeva and Perisat Meiramovna Aitmukhanova

Virtual-Interactive Visualization of Atomic Structures, Electron Configurations, Energy Levels in 3D Format for the Construction of Virtual-Interactive Laboratories with the Mechanisms of Chemical Reactions in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
pp 3319-3321
Adambek Tatenov, Akerke Shiynkulovna Amirkhanova and Victoria Viacheslavovna Savelyeva

Software for Processing and Analysis of Images on Injected Crystal Polystyrene Specimens in the Determination of Residual Stresses by Photoelasticity
pp 3322-3325
M. Acevedo-Morantes, J. Martinez-Garcia and A. Realpe-Jiménez

A Thorough Survey on Lossy Image Compression Techniques
pp 3326-3329
M. Hemalatha and S. Nithya

Review and Comparison of Flat and Undulating Geometry of Steel Shear Walls on Their Seismic Behavior
Kamal Shokrollahzadeh and Fathollah Sajedi

Analysis of Control Scheme for Unified Power Quality Conditioner to Improve the Power Quality in Distribution System
pp 3340-3346
N. C. Kotaiah and K. Chandra Sekhar

Watermarking Mammograms using Spline based Fractional Wave Packet Transform
pp 3347-3351
Pushpa Mala S, D Jayadevappa and K Ezhilarasan

Fuzzy Based Load Frequency Control in Two Area Network Including DG
pp 3352-3358
J. Srinu Naick and K. Chandra Sekhar

Flow Based Layer Selection Algorithm for Data Collection in Tree Structure Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 3359-3363
A. S. Syed Navaz and G. M. Kadhar Nawaz

Comparison of various Algorithms for RD, RID and RIC methods using ISAR imaging
pp 3364-3368
G. Anitha and K. S. Ranga Rao

Geometrical Coding For Medical Image Retrieval Using Transformed Contour Coding
pp 3369-3385
Sura Vyshali, M. V. Subramanyam and K. Soundara Raajan

Developing Evaluavators For E-Commerce Application
pp 3386-3389
Sandhya P

Fatigue Analysis of Dissimilar Materials Welded Specimen Using Finite Element Analysis
pp 3390-3393
Shrestha Ranjit, Wontae Kim and Kooahn Kwon

Orthogonal Hybrid LTE MIMO Antennas for the Smartphone
pp 3394-3403
Imee Ristika Rahmi Barani, Sholeh Hadi Pramono, Onny Setyawati and Kin-Lu Wong

Multi Attribute Data Availability Estimation Scheme for Multi Agent Data Mining in Parallel and Distributed System
pp 3404-3408
K. Syed Kousar Niasi and E. Kannan

Statistical Thermodynamics of Money (Thermoney)
pp 3409-3420
S Prabakaran

Develop A Vibration Based MEMS Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Using Micro Cantilever Beam
pp 3421-3426
Mahidur R. Sarker, Azah Mohamed and Ramizi Mohamed

New Experimental Method for Measuring the Dynamic Behavior of the Average Density of Human Cell Membrane
pp 3427-3429
Rodríguez P., Omar and Casas S., Javier


An Approach for Quick & Efficient Detetion of Duplicate Deta-Survey
pp 3430-3432
J.Sutha Merlin and A.Viji Amutha Mary

Popular Agile Methods in Software Development: Review and Analysis
pp 3433-3437
R. Vijay Anand and M. Dinakaran

Acoustic Studies of Thin Film Composite Materials
pp 3438-3441
Nyssanbayeva S. K. and Omarov S. S

A Methodical Review on Image Stitching and Video Stitching Techniques
pp 3442-3448
S. Pravenaa and R. Menaka

Assessment of Employee Attrition amone IT Employees
pp 3449-3453
R. Shanmugam and N. Giri Babu


Investigation of novel drugs as potential H1N1 neuraminidase inhibitors
pp 3454-3457
G. Nageswara rao, Ravi kishore and Smt Y. Rajya lakshmi

Analysis of the influence of Moroccan thermal regulation on energy consumption of a typical apartment located in Morocco
pp 3458-3461
Gueddouch Touria, Saad Abdallah and Hmidat Abdelhamid

An Effective Mechanism of Feature Based Retrieval of Mathematical Expression from Documents
pp 3462-3468
S. Jhansi Rani and V. Valli Kumari

Voltage-Island based Floorplanning in VLSI for Area Minimization using Meta-heuristic Optimization Algorithm
pp 3469-3477
K. Sivasubramanian and K. B. Jayanthi

Multiband RF Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) base on Multi section Impedance Transformer for Multi frequency Application
pp 3478-3483
Firmansyah Teguh, Supriyanto Supriyanto, Herudin Herudin, Wibisono Gunawan and Alaydrus Mudrik

Collusion-Resistant Digital Video Watermarking For Copyright Protection Application
pp 3484-3495
Azizah Abdul Manaf, Ali Boroujerdizade and Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi

Wastewater Treatment to Remove Phosphate and Organic Pollutants
pp 3496-3498
Olga Ruzhitskaya and Olga Yantsen

SRP: A Stable Routing Protocol for VANETs
pp 3499-3504
T. Sivakumar and R. Manoharan

Comparative Analysis of Higher Education between Indian and United States Universities
pp 3505-3508
Siva Gurunathan S and Hariharan N.P

A Review on Effect of Adding Additives and Nano Additives on Thermal properties of Gear Box Lubricants
pp 3509-3526
Suresh Babu Koppula and N. V. V. S. Sudheer

Extending Disease Ontology with Newly Evaluated Terms to Improve Semantic Medical Information Retrieval
pp 3527-3535
P. Karpagam, S. Sivasubramanian and C. Nalini

Effect of Free Convection on Unsteady Viscous Flow of an Electrically Conducting Fluid past an Infinite Vertical Porous Plate with Heat Source/Sink in presence of Magnetic Field
pp 3536-3541
S. S. Das, S. Mishra and P. Tripathy

Artificial Neural Network Analysis on the Heat Transfer and Friction Factor of the Double Tube with Spring Insert
pp 3542-3549
P. Naphon, T. Arisariyawong and T. Nualboonrueng

Algorithm for Enhancement of Biometric Images Used in Feature Extraction and Authentication
pp 3550-3552
Abhilash K.S and V. S. Dharun


Deep Belief Network Based Approach to Recognize Handwritten Kannada Characters Using Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Raw Pixel Features
pp 3553-3557
Karthik S and Srikanta Murthy K

Recognition of Expressions Based on Kernel Global and Local Symmetrical Weighted Fisher Discriminant Nonlinear Subspace Approach
pp 3558-3569
G. P. Hegde, Shubhada V. P, M. Seetha and Nagaratna P. Hegde

Energy Efficient Qos Routing Protocol Using Swarm Intelligence For MANET
pp 3570-3575
A Charles and R. Bensraj

Comparison of Speed Up between Various Stage Pipelines in Arm Processor
pp 3576-3579
Pandaba Pradhan, Ajay Kumar Parida, Subhendu Kumar Pani and Sateesh Kumar Pradhan

Implementation of Quality Improvement Tools in Brassware Manufacturing Unit to Improve Quality & Enhance Productivity
pp 3580-3590
Kapil Deo Prasad, Sanjay Kumar Jha and Ritesh Kumar Singh

Dynamic Selection of Robust Features for Tampering Detection Based on Surf
pp 3591-3595
Sareena and V. Sundaram

Forecast Renewable Energy for Electricity to Assist Decision Makers with Case study-Economics Solar Energy for Electricity Supply in Rural Areas in Egypt
pp 3596-3604
Enas R. Shouman

Evaluation of Student’s Performance of an Institute Using Clustering Algorithms
pp 3605-3609
Shiwani Rana and Roopali Garg

Copy Move Tampering Detection Techniques: A Review
pp 3610-3615
Ratnam Singh and Mandeep Kaur

Emerging Shifts in Learning Paradigms-From Millenials to the Digital Natives
pp 3616-3618
YelanaThomas and R Srinivasan

Enhanced Energy-Efficient Balanced Clustering Protocol for WSN
pp 3619-3623
Harendra S. Jangwan and Ashish Negi

Optimization of Skein Hash Funcation Using Pluto Tool
pp 3624-3631
S.Shivaprasad, A.Ramaswamy Reddy, T.Raviprasad and M.Sadanandam

Scheduling Effective Cloud Updates in Streaming Data Warehouses using RECSS Algorithm
pp 3632-3636
D. S. Misbha and J. R. Jeba

Effluent Characteristics of Non-settling Sequencing Batch Reactor System Treating Real sewage
pp 3637-3644
Rusul Naseer Mohammed

Simulation of Suspended Sediment Load of Shapour River with Using of Artificial Nerve Network Patterns (ANN) and Phasic Nerve (ANFIS) Schedule Series (Stochastic)
pp 3645-3650
Ali Monfared and Amir Hossein Pourgholam Darabi

Compare the Flow Rate of Namin Chai River Stations in Namin Station of Ardabil Province by using Artificial Neural Networks and Neural Fuzzy Inference Systems
pp 3651-3653
Ali Monfared and Amir Hossein Pourgholam Darabi

Risk Management and control mechanism of Retention Rate in IT and ITES sectors in India
pp 3654-3657
Munikrishna Appireddi and N. P. Hariharan

An Improved and Efficient RSA Based Certificateless Signature Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 3658-3662
K. El Marssi, A. Kartit and M. El Marraki

Estimation of Inductance for Sine and Cosine Shape Spiral Coils
pp 3663-3669
A. Darwin Jose Raju, S. Solai Manohar and M. Azhagar Raj

AES Algorithm Based Secure Date Transmission for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 3670-3674

Segmentation of Medical Imagery with Wavelet Based Active Contour Model
pp 3675-3680
Ganta Raghotham Reddy, Kama Ramudu, Azmeera Srinivas and Rameshwar Rao

Evaluating the capability, joining and characterization of similar and dissimilar pipes by Friction Welding process-Review
pp 3681-3688
K Reddi Prasad and V G Sridhar

Some Thoughts on Variation of Response according to Longitudinal Track-Bridge Interaction Analysis Methods
pp 3689-3695
K. M. Yun, B. H. Park, H. U. Bae and N. H. Lim

An Efficient RREQ Flooding Attack Avoidance Technique for Adaptive Wireless Network
pp 3696-3702
D. Srinivasa Rao and P.V. Nageswara Rao

Influence of Refrigerant (R134a/R1234yf) Properties on Cooling Performance of an Automobile Hvac
pp 3703-3707
Rajamanickam C S, Karthikeyan CP and Anand A Samuel

Implementation of Robust Acoustic Echo Cancellation in the Short Time Fourier Transform Domain Using Adaptive Filter
pp 3708-3712
Gopalaiah and K. Suresh

Cloud-Based Medical Image Issues
pp 3713-3719
M. Marwan, A. Kartit and H. Ouahmane

Usage of RFID Technology in Supply Chain: Benefits and Challenges
pp 3720-3727
Syed Abdul Rehman Khan., CSCP, Dong Qianli and Yu Zhang

A Combined Approach for Workspace Location Selection Decision Problem: A Linguistic-Mathematical Modeling Methodology
pp 3728-3732
Sara Haddou Amar and Abdellah Abouadellah

A Highly Robust Vehicle Detection, Tracking and Speed Measurement Model for Intelligent Transport Systems
pp 3733-3742
S. Sri Harsha and K. R. Anne

OntopsychologicalApproach to the Study of X-Y-institutional Matrix Russia and Conditions of its Construction
pp 3743-3752
N. Buletova, I.Gorelova and E. Kravchenko






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