International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 6  (2016)  





Pattern Synthesis Using Real Coded Genetic Algorithm and Accelerated Particle Swarm Optimization
pp 3753-3760
P A Sunny Dayal, G S N Raju and S Mishra

Simulation and Implementation of Perturb and observe Fuzzy based DC-DC Converter in PV-Battery Hybrid System
pp 3761-3767
Lakshman Rao S. Paragond, Ciji Pearl Kurian SMIEE, B. K. Singh and Aswanth V

Investigation on Effects of Parameters of the Rock Mass and the Joints Forces Imposed on the Circular Tunnel Concrete Lining
pp 3768-3774
Morteza Yazdanian, Mostafa Yousefi Rad and Mohsen Najarchi

Modified Image Based Approach and Neural Networks For Face Recognition
pp 3775-3777
H. S. Shukla and Ravi Verma

Hybrid Renewable Resource Based Full Bridge DC-DC Converters For Static Load Applications
pp 3778-3785
P. Radhakrishnan

Effect on Performance of Utility Boiler with Variation in Fuel Properties
pp 3786-3790
Harikrishnan S. Pillai, P. S. Seshadri and K. R. Balasubramanian

Development of photo-luminescent Ca2MgSi2O7:Dy3+ phosphor
pp 3791-3794
Nameeta Brahme, Ravi Sharma and Ambuj Pandey

Effect of a Relatively Small Non-Linear Capacitor in the Unit Cell of Transmission Line Model on Scattering Parameters and Propagation Constant
pp 3795-3798
Salman Raju Talluri and Sunil Vidya Bhooshan

A Smoothening Based JPEG Compression for an Objective Image Quality Enhancement of Regular and Noisy Images
pp 3799-3804
Marlapalli Krishna, Prasad Reddy PVGD, G. Srinivas and Ch. Ramesh

An Effective Filtering on Big Data by Finding Relevant Features to Extract Useful Information
pp 3805-3810
Karthick N and X.Agnes Kalarani

Bufferless Routing Algorithms: A survey
pp 3811-3813
D. Muralidharan and R. Muthaiah

An Empirical Study on the Role of HR Practices in Knowledge Sharing With Special Reference to IT / ITeS Firms
pp 3814-3818
Rajasshrie Pillai

Class D Series Resonant Inverter with PDM Scheme For Induction Heating Application
pp 3819-3827
S. Jaanaa Rubavthy and P. Murugesan

A Literature Survey on Energy Efficent Virtual Network Embedding in Cloud Computing
pp 3828-3841
Avinash Kumar Sharma and Nitin

Application of Integrated GA-PSO-TS Algorithm for Solving Hydro Thermal Scheduling Problem with Prohibited Operating Zones
pp 3842-3847
J. Sanjeevikumar and M. Sudhakaran

Computer Simulations of Direct Extrusion of Sintered Ti-6al-4v Alloy at Elecated Temperature
pp 3848-3852
Maziar Ramezani and Thomas Neitzert

Harmonic Reduction in Grid Connected Solar PV System By Using SVPWM Technique
pp 3853-3858
P. Jyothi Bhaskara Rao and B. Srikanth

Performance Identification of Different Heart Diseases Based On Neural Network Classification
pp 3859-3864
I. S. Siva Rao and T. Srinivasa Rao

Study on Friction Joint as a Solution for Losses in High Voltage Joint
pp 3865-3869
G. Lincy, S. Rama moorty and Anselm. W. A. Lenin

A Multiple-Criteria Approach for Forecasting Stock Price Direction: Nonlinear Probability Models with Application in S&P 500 Index
pp 3870-3878
Armin Jabbarzadeh, Saeed Shavvalpour, Hossein Khanjarpanah and Davood Dourvash

MAS based Resource Provisioning in Vehicular Cloud Network
pp 3879-3884
Mousumi Paul and Goutam Sanyal

A Comparative Analysis of Proactive, Reactive and Hybrid Routing Protocols over open Source Network Simulator in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
pp 3885-3896
Deepshikha Bhatia and Durga Prasad Sharma

Metrics for Monitoring a Hierarchical Service-Based System
pp 3897-3904
Sridevi Saralaya, Rio D’Souza and Vishwas Saralaya

A Hybrid Approach to Handle Cold Start in a Recommender by Exploiting Latent Factors
pp 3905-3909
M. Venu Gopalachari and P. Sammulal

Load Balance Scheduling Algorithm for Serving of Requests in Cloud Networks Using Software Defined Networks
pp 3910-3914
Chinthagunta Mukundha, P. Gayathri and I. Surya Prabha

Extending SSD Simulator to Support Shared Channel between Packages
pp 3915-3919
Y. A. Winata, S. Jin and I. Shin

Investigation of Piping Layout with Respect to Pressure and Temperature Using CAESER-II
pp 3920-3922
M. Balaji, S. Malarmannan, V. Mathanraj, G. Manikandaraja, P. Udayakumar and S. Arulkumar

Mediating Effect of Wisdom on the Relationship between Health Promoting Behavior and Health Conservation among the Korean Middle-aged Adults
pp 3923-3929
Hee Kyung Kim and

First Clinical Experience on Transfer Female Nursing Students
pp 3930-3935
Muyeong Seak Yang and Hee Kyung Kim

Location Privacy Based Security Enhancement In Wireless Sensor Network Using LFPM And PPM
pp 3936-3939
S. Saravanan and M. Prabakaran

Design and Implementation of fully pipelined 64-point FFT Processor in a FPGA
pp 3940-3943
Ramesha M and T. Venkata Ramana

A System to Screen Posts that Minimize user Frustration
pp 3944-3949
Rachna. K. S and N. Harini

Evaluation of SEBAL Moldel for Evapotranspiration Mapping in Iraq Using Remote Sensing and GlS
pp 3950-3955
Hussein Sabah Jaber, Shattri Mansor, Biswajeet Pradhan and Noordin Ahmad

Multi Objective QoS aware Energy Efficient Route Discovery for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: An Evolutinoary Computational Approach
pp 3956-3960
K. Srinivas and A. A. Chari

Visual representation of 8+ bit data through the use of a pseudo-coloring algorithm and a non-linear interpolated color gradient palette
pp 3961-3965
Fabio Espinosa, Robinson Jiménez, Oscar Avilés and Mauricio Mauledoux

Vibration Based Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Technologies For Bearing and Gear Components-A Review
pp 3966-3975
S. Devendiran and K. Manivannan

An Implementation of Raspberry Pi on Children Tracker Application
pp 3976-3979
Zarith Liyana Zahari, AzlizaMohamad Arshad, NorhayatiYusoff and SaidatulNajihah Abdul Ghani

Smart Supervisory Control for Optimized Power Management System of hybrid Micro-Grid
pp 3980-3986
M. Sampath, Muthuraman Ramaswamy and Kamalraj Subramaniam

An Intelligent Smart Irrigation System Using WSN and GPRS Module
pp 3987-3992
P. Manimaran and D. Yasar Arfath

LPG Consumption Monitoring and Booking System
pp 3993-3998
A. Infant Augustine and Kamalraj Subramaniam

Modeling of circularity error while machining Inconel-690 using WEDM
pp 3999-4006
Sreenivasa Rao M and Venkaiah N

Differential protection of power transformers based on negative sequence currents detection
pp 4007-4011
Daniil Ivanovich Ivanchenko and Oleg Borisovich Shonin

Outline for Mission-based Morphing Evaluation with Smart Material Technology
pp 4012-4016
Musavir Bashir, Parvathy Rajendran, Theam Foo Ng and Shir Li Wang

Development and Evaluation of an Institutional Research Repository Using Content Management System
pp 4017-4023
Jake M. Laguador, Abner Tupaz, Evelyn L. De Castro and Conrado I. Dotong

DPAODV–A Dynamic Probabilistic-based Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for MANETs
pp 4024-4030
Madan Mohan Agarwal, Mahesh Chandra Govil and Madhavi Sinha

JPEG Image Authentication through Reversible Data Hiding using Differential Histogram of Quantized Coefficients
pp 4031-4035
Hae-Yeoun Lee

Spectral Interpolation With Inter Frame Correlation Filter In Video Resolution Coding
pp 4036-4043
M. Nagaraju Naik and P. Rajesh Kumar

Dynamic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Wireless Sensor Networks Using Different Spectrum Sensing Techniques
pp 4044-4048
S. Anusha and V. Mohanraj

Protecting Sensitive Knowledge with Effective Privacy Preservation
pp 4049-4052
V. K. Saxena and Shashank Pushkar

A Time-Cost Heuristic Algorithm for Routing the Parts in a Flexible Manufacturing System
pp 4053-4058
Hassan MROUE and Thien-My DAO

Joint Flock based Quantization and Antenna Combining Approach for MCCDMA Systems with Limited Feedback
pp 4059-4065
G. Senthilkumar and P. Shanmugapriya

Factor of catching of solar radiation of a tubular heat receiver with a cellular transparent covering
pp 4066-4072
Murat Kunelbayev, Omirlan Auyelbekov, Nazbek Katayev and Dmitry Sergeevich Silnov

The Cobb-Douglas of Production Function Role its to Problem Solving of Home Industry Melinjo Chips: The Case at Home Industry Melinjo Chips in Menes, Pandeglang, Banten Province Indonesia
pp 4073-4075

Scopus Based Analysis of Related Literature to Traffic Safety and Awareness in the Arab Countries
pp 4076-4080
Ahmad M. Abu Abdo, Bilal A. Akash, Mousa S. Mohsen and Omar B. Akash

A Combinational Approach for securing the data in cloud storage using HMAC-SHA512 and Information Secured Algorithm (ISA)
pp 4081-4084
P.Vijaya Bharati and T.Sita Mahalakshmi

Shunt Active Power Filter with MATLAB and d’SPACE 1104 Verification
pp 4085-4090
Kishore Kumar Pedapenki, S. P. Gupta and Mukesh Kumar Pathak

Effective User Requirements Identification and SMI Parameter based WorkLoad Recommendation for Academic Clouds based on Usage logs
pp 4091-4096
C. Madhumathi and Gopinath Ganapathy

A Survey of Stock Price Prediction & Estimation Using Data Mining Techniques
pp 4097-4099
S. Prasanna and D. Ezhilmaran

A Mathematical Programming Model of Activiy-Based Costing in order to Improve Progitability and optimal Production orders
pp 4100-4108
Ahmad Jafarnejad, Mohammad Reza Mehregan, Mohammad Namazi and Seyed Mehdi Abtahi

Parameter Planes of Complex Maps in Agarwal Orbit
pp 4109-4113
Poonam Negi, Yashwant S. Chauhan and Priti Dimri

Wide-ranging Survey on Authentication Mechanisms
pp 4114-4117
R. Thandeeswaran and Saleem Durai M A

Bio-Metric Authentication of an User using Hand Gesture Recognition
pp 4118-4123
Parashuram Baraki and V. Ramaswamy

Sustainability and Pollution Impacts at a Civil Engineering Project in Doha: Contractor Management Implications
pp 4124-4135
P. James

Minority carrier distribution in the front and base regions of a p/n GaAs-Si heterojunction solar cell and its spectral response
pp 4136-4140
Sayantan Biswas and Amitabha Sinha

A dynamic context aware role based access control secure user authentication algorithm for wireless networks
pp 4141-4143
Nagarajan S and N P Gopalan

A dynamic context aware role based access control model for wireless network's application case study in mobile GIS
pp 4144-4149
Nagarajan S and N P Gopalan

A Study of the Efficacy of the Use of Expletives in Tamil in Translating From English to Tamil
pp 4150-4151
K. Pradeep and N. Ramani

A review on the Manawaka Sisters: An orientation towards the Language and Thought Process
pp 4152-4154
S. Patchainayagi

Site Suitability Mapping for Water Storage Structures using Remote Sensing & GIS for Sheonath Basin in Chhattisgarh State
pp 4155-4160
Ishtiyaq Ahmad and M. K. Verma

An Ensemble Data Preprocessing Approach for Intrusion Detection System Using variant Firefly and Bk-NN Techniques
pp 4161-4166
D. Shona and M. Senthilkumar

Investigation of Indian English Speech Recognition using CMU Sphinx
pp 4167-4174
Disha Kaur Phull and G. Bharadwaja Kumar

Reconfiguration of modular robotic system – “MECABOT"
pp 4175-4178
Ricardo A. Castillo, Oscar F Avilés S, Oscar G. Rubiano and Germán A. Vargas and Mauricio M. Mauledoux

Influence of Heat Treatment on Fatigue Behavior of Aluminum Silicon Carbide Graphite Hybrid Composite
pp 4179-4183
Ramakrishna Hegde, B S Ajaykumar, L J Kirthan and V A Girish

Fall Detection of Elderly People in Bathroom: A Complement Method of Wearable Device
pp 4184-4186
Yea-Dat Chuah, Jer-Vui Lee, Dhivya Ganasan, Yong-Siong Chong, Wai-Quin Lum, Nurulizwazi Mohd Nor and Wen-Ying Soong

Modeling and Simulation of Crank Slider Mechanism using Bond Graph Approach: A Case Study
pp 4187-4189
Ming Shun HO, Yong Chai TAN, Chi Wei ONG, YeaDat CHUAH and JerVui LEE

Measuring Software Requirements Quality Following Negotiation through Empirical Study
pp 4190-4196
Sabrina Ahmad and Siti Azirah Asmai

Influence of Different Types of Severe Deformation on Magnetic Properties of Nickel-Based Superalloy
pp 4197-4201
D. I. Davidov, N. N. Stepanova, V. P. Pilyugin and D. A. Shishkin

A Study and Survey of Handoff Strategies in Next Generation Wireless Networks
pp 4202-4213
T.Velmurugan, D.Sumathi, K.Saravanan and V. Thanikaiselvan

ADUN e-Community Portal: e-Complaints for Community Service
pp 4214-4218
Auni binti Aziz, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

ADUN e-community portal within the community: Techniques on used by my profile ADMIN, ADUN and user registration details
pp 4219-4222
Harizah Binti A. Razak, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

An enhanced k nearest neighbor method to detecting and classifying MRI lung cancer images for large amount data
pp 4223-4229
P. Thamilselvan and J. G. R. Sathiaseelan

Bone Fracture Detection Using Active Contour Segmentation
pp 4230-4234
M. U. Joshi and S. T. Gandhe

Security Analysis of Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 4235-4242
Celia John and Charu Wahi

Modeling on Tooth Filling towards Dental Caries and Dental Filling among Children in Bachok, Kelantan, Malaysia: A Structural Equation Modeling Approached
pp 4243-4246
Ruhaya Hasan, Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad, Nor Azlida Aleng, Rosmaliza Ramli, Norhafizah Ghani and Nurfadhlina Abdul Halim

Doctrine and Thought of Khawarij and the Implication in the Present Context
pp 4247-4251
Siti Zubaidah and Zulkifli M

Cycle life assessment PVC from procurement public buildings
pp 4252-4257
Ricardo Diaz Marti n, F. J. Perez Trujillo, Tomás Garcia Martin, Carlos Mayo del Río and Esperanza Batuecas Fernandez, Adib Guardiola Mouhaffel and Jesus Romero Mayoral

Comparision of Conventional Control Techniques For An Energy Efficient HVAC Systems
pp 4258-4263
K. A. Sunitha and Saswati Behera

Erupsion Center Determination of Ancient Volcano Based on Geomagnetic Method around Gunungkidul Area, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia
pp 4264-4269
Agus Santoso, Sismanto, Ary Setiawan and Subagyo Pramumijoyo

Concept for electric power quality indicators evaluation and monitoring stationary intellectual system development
pp 4270-4274
Egor Olegovich Zamyatin, Yaroslav Elievich Shklyarskiy and Emiliya Vladimirovna Yakovleva

Voltage dips compensation via boosting transformer cascades
pp 4275-4279
Andrey Yaroslavovich Shklyarskiy and Vasiliy Stepanovich Dobush

Authenticated key exchange protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 4280-4287
Ayaz Hassan Moon, Ummer Iqbal and G. Mohiuddin Bhat

An Automatic Emotion Detection System from Face Image of A Video Using Bacterial Foraging Optimization
pp 4288-4295
X. Arputha Rathina, M. Ponnavaikko and K.M. Mehata

Real Time Monitoring of Low Level Contamination Detection in Liquid waste Discharge System
pp 4296-4299
M. Vadivel and M. Kothai Nachiyar

Scene-Adaptive Image Colorfulness Enhancement
pp 4300-4303
Ing. Moon-Cheol Kim

Comparison of Compressive and Flexural Strength of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Conventional Concrete
pp 4304-4308
T. Sai Kiran and K. Srinivasa Rao

Aggressive Packet Combining using Cross Packet Coding To Improve Error Resilience
pp 4309-4313
Yang Saring and C. T. Bhunia

The Demand and Operation of Car Service Centers
Denis Mihailovich Lysanov and Almaz Munavirovich Nazmutdinov

Band Stop Filter Loaded Triangular Slot UWB Notch Antenna

pp 4318-4324
T. Venkateswara Rao, A. Sudhakar and K. Padma Raju

Decision Support System for Flow Line Assembly Planning in An Automobile Manufacturing Company
pp 4325-4330
S. Palanisamy, PL. K. Palaniappan, Nimesh Ashok Patel, S. Dinesh and M.Rahat Faza Adeni

Content Based Image Retrieval using color
pp 4331-4334
Mounika B, Y.Sowmya, Sandhya Pasala and A.Sravani

A Hybrid LWT-DWT Digital Image Watermarking Scheme using LSVR and QR-factorization
pp 4335-4342
Koyi Lakshmi Prasad, T. Ch. Malleswara Rao and V. Kannan

Hybrid Brain MRI Segmentation Algorithm Based on K-means Clustering and Texture Pattern Matrix
pp 4343-4348
Shijin Kumar P.S and Dharun V.S

Performance of Copper Slag as Sand Replacement in Concrete
pp 4349-4353
M. V. Patil, Y. D. Patil and G. R. Veshmawala

Two tier Security Scheme for Storing and Retrieval of personal data in Cloud Storage
pp 4354-4357
Jamyang Tashi and J.Godwin Ponsam

Modeling of Electrical Discharge Machining of 17-4 PH steel Using Regression Analysis and Artificial Neural Network
pp 4359-4362
Chandramouli S and Eswaraiah K

Energy Efficient Data Transmission Clustering Algorithm in WSN
pp 4363-4368
Krutika Barabde and Shilpa Gite

Criteria for the building machinery units alternatives
pp 4369-4376
Zalina Ruslanovna Tuskaeva

Study on Cardiovascular Disease Classification Using Machine Learning Approaches
pp 4377-4380
R. Subha, K. Anandakumar and A. Bharathi

Characterization of embedded Micro-heater and Temperature Sensor in a CMOS-MEMS Resonator for gas sensing
pp 4381-4386
Mawahib Gafare Abdalrahman Ahmed, J. O. Dennis, M. Haris M. Khair, Almur A S Rabih and Muhammad Umer Mian

Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Problem Solved By Using Flower Pollination Algorithm
pp 4387-4391
S. Sakthivel, P. Manopriya, S. Venus, S. Ranjitha and R. Subhashini

Networks on Chip, router architectures and performance challenges
pp 4392-4397
Manel Langar, Riadh Bourguiba and Jaouhar Mouine

Microstrip Antenna Design with Circular Polarization Property for RF Energy Harvesting application
pp 4398-4401
Sharif Ahmed, Zahriladha Zakaria, Mohd Nor Husain and Maisarah Abu

Optical Flow Based Velocity Estimation for Vision based Navigation of Aircraft
pp 4402-4405
Julin. J. B, Ravi Kumar K and Mahendran S

Review of Advance Technologies in Mobile Communications
pp 4406-4412
B. Anil kumar and P. Trinatha Rao

Structure and Some Properties of Protective Powder Coatings
pp 4413-4415
Kuskov K.V, Kadolova O.V and Goman E.V.

Digital Signature Schemes for group communication: A Survey
pp 4416-4422
Seetha. R and R. Saravanan

Electricity Audit and Reduction of Consumption: Campus Case Study
pp 4423-4427
Beza Negash Getu and Hussain A. Attia

Task Scheduling and Seedblock Based Fault Tolerance in Cloud
pp 4428-4432
B. Arunkumar and M. Kesavamoorthi

Role of Energy Efficiency in Improving the Quality of Housing Projects
pp 4433-4439
Arkadij Larionov and Ekaterina Nezhnikova

Design of Single Error Correction-Double Adjacent Error Detection-Triple Adjacent Error Detection-Tetra Adjacent Error Detection (Sec-Daed-Taed-Tetra Aed) Codes
pp 4440-4444
J. Manikandan and M. Manikandan

Design of Optimized Bit Parallel Multiplier Based 32-Point Mixed R2SDF-R4MDC FFT Architecture
pp 4445-4450
V. Mangaiyarkarasi and C. Kumar Charlie Paul

Total Transfer Capability In Deregulated Electricity Market Using Firefly Algorithm
pp 4451-4455
A. Ahamed Jeelani Basha and M. Anitha

A Novel Proposal for Bridging Gap between RDB-RDF Semantic Web using Bidirectional Approach
pp 4456-4460
V. Sitharamulu and B. Raveendra Babu

Senor Resolution Modus-Dependent Demosaicking
pp 4461-4466
Ing. Moon-Cheol Kim

Hybrid Fractal Image Compression Based on Graph Theory and Equilateral Triangle Segmentation
pp 4467-4477
Shimal Das and Dibyendu Ghoshal

The 128 Point New Mixed Radix-2 and Radix-4 Pipeline Combined SDF-MDC FFT/IFFT Processor For MIMO-OFDM Transceiver
pp 4478-4484
N. Devi Vasumathy and T. Vigneswaran

Simulation and Analysis of Conventional and Non-Conventional Three Phase Five Level Multilevel Current Source Inverters
pp 4485-4490
Vinesh Kapadia and Hina Chandwani

Modeling and analysis of wind turbine blade with advanced materials by simulation
pp 4491-4499
Vedulla Manoj Kumar, B Nageswara Rao and Sk. Farooq

CFD Prediction of Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer in A Large Scale Spin Filter Bioreactor
pp 4500-4507
L. Niño, M. Peñuela and G.R. Gelves

Design of High Stable PI Current Controller for Motor Driving System
pp 4508-4511
Chul-Woo Park and Jee-Youl Ryu

Modeling, Simulation and Experimental Validation of the Properties of Macro-scale Piezoelectric Cantilevers for Deduction of Mass Sensitivity of Micro-cantilevers
pp 4512-4520
Mawahib Gafare Abdalrahman Ahmed and J. O. Dennis1, M. Haris M. Khair2, Almur A S Rabih2 and Muhammad Umer Mian

Developing A Model-Based Decision Support System For Strategic Marketing: A Case Study For Plastic-Selling Company In Jordan
pp 4521-4528
Adnan Al-Bashir, Fadi Al-Attari and Mahmoud Bargash

A Survey on Devanagari Character Recognition for Indian Postal System Automation
pp 4529-4536
Ankita S. Wanchoo, Preeti Yadav and Alwin Anuse

Analysis of Radiation Loss Factor for Edge Coupled Coplanar Waveguide Discontinuities
pp 4537-4541
Manoj Kumar and R. Gowri

Comparison of Noise Reduction Methods using Speech Stimuli with Reduced Spectral Cues in the Context of Cochlear Implants
pp 4542-4547
Kalyan S. Kasturi

Influences on Artistic Expression in Traditional Domestic Architecture of South West Nigeria
pp 4548-4553
A. P. Opoko, C. O. Adeokun and A. A. Oluwatayo

A synthesis process to arrange the eligibility conditions for the structural decentralised discrete-event systems
pp 4554-4562
Sang-Heon Lee and Jae-Sam Park

Optimization of Sensing Time in Energy Detector Based Sensing of Cognitive Radio Network
pp 4563-4568
Ashim Jyoti Gogoi, Chabungbam Lison Singh, Sourav Nath and Krishna Lal Baishnab

An Analysis on Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks: Research Issues, Challenges and Applications
pp 4569-4575
U D Prasan and S Murugappan

Using Key Six Sigma and Lean Metrics on Agile Scrum Methodology for Performance Improvement
pp 4576-4578
Thirunadana Sikamani K and Surend Raj Dharmapal

UML-based Conceptual Design Approach for Modeling Complex Processes in Web Application
pp 4579-4585
Siti Azreena Mubin and Azrul Hazri Jantan, Rusli Abdullah, Azrina Kamaruddin

Learning Effects of Simulated Incestment Game for Startups
pp 4586-4589
Sangkyun Kim and Sungjin Park

Building Efficient Classifiers For Intrusion Detection With Reduction of Features
pp 4590-4596
Chidananda Murthy P, Anku Jaiswal and Madhu B. R

A Comparative Study of Algorithms For Efficient Dynamic Consolidation of Virtual Machines In Cloud
pp 4597-4600
Madhu B. R, A.S. Manjunatha, Prakash Chandra and Chidananda Murthy P

A 3-bit pseudo-flash ADC for Sensors Interface Circuits
pp 4601-4603
Maher Assaad

Calculation of Electricity Consumption Quantity for Millions of Subscribers Using Hybrid Supercomputer Technologies
pp 4604-4606
Nikolay Petrovich Vasilyev, Aleksandr Ivanovich Donskikh, Kirill Nikolayevich Bibikov and Vladimir Nikolayevich Minayev

Wavelet based segmentation of Liver Tumors from CT Images
pp 4607-4614
Deepesh Edwin and S. Hariharan

The functional of A Mobile Agent System to Enhance DoS and DDoS Detection in Cloud
pp 4615-4617
A. Saidi, A. Kartit, E. Bendriss and M. El Marraki

Self-Adaptive Semantic Classification using Domain Knowledge and Web Usage Log for Web Service Discovery
pp 4618-4622
V. Vineeth Kumar and N Satyanarayana

Digit and Iterative Digit Sum of Fibonacci Numbers, Their Identities and Powers
pp 4623-4627
Hilary I. Okagbue, Muminu O. Adamu, Sheila A. Bishop and Abiodun A. Opanuga

Sun-dried Clay for Sustainable Constructions
pp 4628-4633
Benghida Djamil

The Design of Mobility-Aware Tag-Based Cooperation For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
pp 4634-4639
Nor Effendy Othman and Rosilah Hassan

Two-Level Multiple Face Detection Algorithm Based on Local Feature Search and Structure Recognition Methods
pp 4640-4647
Avenir K. Troitsky

Usage of a Correction Model to Enhance the Evaluation of the Zenith Tropospheric Delay
pp 4648-4654
Meriem Jgouta, Benayad Nsiri and Rachid Marrakh







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