International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 7  (2016)  





Axial Compressive Behavior of Square Concrete Columns Externally Collared by Light Structural Steel Angle Sections
pp 4655-4666
Pamuda Pudjisuryadi, Tavio and Priyo Suprobo

The effect of Electromagnetic Stirring during Solidification on the Copper Structure
pp 4667-4675
B. Hamri

Binding Energy of Subatomic States of Hydrogen
pp 4676-4678
Vladimir K. Nevolin

Design and Optimization of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Array Antenna Using Frequency Selective Surfaces for 60 GHz
pp 4679-4687
Ehab Dheyab and Nidal Qasem

Measuring and Strengthening Well-being at Regional Level in OECD Countries: Application of the QCA Method
pp 4688-4699
Young-Chool Choi and Ji-Hyun Jang

Simulation of Soil Water Retention Curve using Artificial Neural Networks with Pseudocontinuous Pedotransfer Functions
pp 4700-4706
M. Adams Joe and P. Rajesh Prasanna

On Secure Convex and Restrained Convex Domination in Graphs
pp 4707-4710
Carmelita M. Loquias and Enrico L. Enriquez

Prediction of Daylight Availability For Visual Comfort
pp 4711-4717
Sandhyalaxmi G Navada, Chandrashekhara S Adiga and Savitha G Kini

An enhancement crypto-compression scheme for image Based on chaotic system
pp 4718-4725
Manel Dridi, Bekgacen Bouallegue, Mohaned Ali Hajjaji and Abdellatif Mtibaa

Application of Inquiry-Based Science Assessment Questions on Earth Science Content Domain (V)
pp 4726-4730
Young-Tae Kong and Sang-Je Park

Case study of science writing with Argumentation on Biological ethics (I)
pp 4731-4735
Young-Tae Kong and Myo-Jeong Kang

Analysis of TIMSS results (III): A Trend analysis of the influence of students’ family background factors on the international science achievement
pp 4736-4739
Young-Tae Kong

Secured Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 4740-4745
P. Padmaja and G. V. Marutheswar

A Hybrid Filtering Technique for Denoising the Citrus Fruit Images
pp 4746-4750
M. Renuka Devi and V. Kavitha

Power Efficient Scheduling for Network on Chip Applications on Multicore Processor
pp 4751-4757
R. Rubavani, S. Saranraj, S. Saranya and R. Ranjani Devi

The Dimensional Reduction to Improve the Speed and Accuracy of Neural Network in Identyfying the Senior High Scool Students’ Major
pp 4758-4762
Arief Hermawan

Detection Of External Defects On Mango
pp 4763-4769
Pujitha N, Swathi C, Kanchana V

Text Document Clustering Using Dimension Reduction Technique
pp 4770-4774
A. Sudha Ramkumar and B. Poorna

Analysis on the Noise Reduction Characteristics of a Railway Bridge with a Sound Absorption System
pp 4775-4782
Hyun-Ung Bae, Jong-Tae Lee, Young-Do Jeong, Ki-Yong Yoon and Nam-Hyoung Lim

Temporal Reuse based MAC Protocol in Underwater Acoustic Networks
pp 4783-4786
Sunmyeng Kim


Trust Based Security Enhancement Mechanism For Neighbor Discovery Protocol In IPV6

pp 4787-4796

K. Perumal and M. Jessie Pauline Jeya Priya

An Energy Saving Approach inWireless Body Sensor Networks for Health Care Monitoring
pp 4797-4802
Sudha. R and Devapriya.M

Solar Energy Analytics Using Internet of Things
pp 4803-4806
B. Vikas Reddy, Sai Preetham Sata, Sateesh Kumar Reddy and Bandi Jaswanth Babu

Genetic and Greedy Optimization Algorithms for Effective Production Scheduling Techniques with Minimizing Makespan
pp 4807-4812
D. S. Jenaris and P. Periyasamy

A Survey on Parametric Evaluation of Nodes in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
pp 4817-4821
N. Snehalatha and Paul Rodrigues

Cubical Representation and Minimization through Cubical Technique A Tabular Approach
pp 4822-4829
Rajesh Kumar and Saurabh Rawat

Improved Associativity Based Routing for Multi Hop Networks Using TABU Initialized Genetic Algorithm
pp 4830-4837
H. Santhi, N. Jaisankar, Aroshi Handa and Aman Kaul

Towards a Relational Framework for Supply Chain Analytics
pp 4838-4843
Santanu Mandal

Heirostics to Multicast Route Discovery (HMRD): Engergy Eggicient Multicast Routing Topology for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
pp 4844-4848
K. Seshadri Ramana and A.A. Chari

Detection and Removal of Graphical Components in Pre-Printed Documents
pp 4849-4856
N. Shobha Rani, Vineeth,P and Deeptha Ajith

Empirical Study of Service quality and customer satisfaction using SERVQUAL in Private and PSU credit card service providers
pp 4857-4865
VanishreePabalkar, Pankaj Kanwal, Sachin Kushwaha and Virender Thakur

Macro Perspective: E-Waste Environmental Impacts
pp 4866-4873
Kanchan Patil

Shared Neighbor Clustering Approach based on Affinity Propagation
pp 4874-4877
A. Jenneth and K. Thangavel

Optimal Feeder Reconfiguration and DG Placement in Distribution Network
pp 4878-4885
Sarfaraz Nawaz, Mohd. Imran, Avadhesh Kumar Sharma and Anjali Jain

Process and Impacts of Illegal Land Subdivision: Its Relevance to Planning
pp 4886-4892
Swapna Sarita Swain and Omkar Mohanty

A Survey on visible light communication appliances used in inter-vehicular and indoor communication
pp 4893-4897
S. Vijay and K. Geetha

An Integrated Defense Approach for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks In Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
pp 4898-4910
Karthikeyan Thyagarajan and Arunkumar Thangavelu

The Technology of Interview
pp 4911-4916
A. Kurmanbayeva, A. Kundahbayeva, and N. B. Eshuatova and Zh. Nogaibayeva

Dynamic Ontology Based Model for Text Classification
K. Purna Chand and G. Narsimha

Review of Tunnel Field Effect Transistor (TFET)
pp 4922-4929
Satish M Turkane and A. K. Kureshi

Economic Implication of Power Outage in Nigeria: An Industrial Review
pp 4930-4933
Abel Ehimen Airoboman, Peter Aigboviosa Amaize, Augustus Ehiremen Ibhaze and Olayinka Omowunmi Ayo

Prevention of CSRF Attack using STG pattern and JSED
pp 4934-4938
Kadambari Chaudhari and Manisha Tijare

Area Efficient and High Speed VLSI Based Pipelined 64-Point Radix-4 Mixed Architecture Design
pp 4939-4944
K. Malathy and B. Justus Rabi

Efficient Fault Detection Model Design “Hamming SEC-DAED-TAED-TETRA AED” Based AES Encryption and Decryption
pp 4945-4950
M. Vaidehi and B. Justus Rabi

A Combined Framework for Routing and Channel Allocation for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing using Cognitive Radio
pp 4951-4953
S. Arul Selvi and M.Sundararajan

Dynamic Quantum Shift Algorithm For Load Balancing in High Performance Clysters
pp 4954-4960
Roopashree N, Roopashree N and Sneha K V

Automatic Test Generation from UML Sequence Diagrams for Android Mobiles
pp 4961-4979
Anbunathan R and Anirban Basu

Selection of Commercial and Open Source LMS: Multi-Criteria Analysis and Advanced Comparative Study
pp 4980-4989
Abdellah Bakhouyi, Rachid Dehbi, Mohamed Talea and Zouhair Ibn Batouta

Technology commercialization: Exprerience of the U.S and Possibilities for Oli and Gas Industrv Russia
pp 4990-4994
Ilinoca Alina and Dmitrieva Diana

Analysis of UPS impact on voltage THD at point of common coupling
pp 4995-4998
Aleksey A. Belsky and Vasiliy S. Dobush

Performance Evaluation of Wind Turbine with Doubly-Fed Induction Generator
pp 4999-5004
Agus Jamal, Slamet Suripto and Ramadoni Syahputra

Analysis and Forecast of Tourist Traffic in the Russian Far East
pp 5005-5007
Alexander Kosolapov, Nonna Guremina and Anastasia Topchiy

Reference Sensor Pattern Noise with Quaternion-Based Encryption for DICOM Images
pp 5008-5013
L. Saraladeve and A. Chandra Sekar

Reading and Re-reading: A Review of Interpretations on Kamala Das’s My Story
pp 5014-5015
Jasmine Jose, V. Rajasekaran and Godwin Raj

Performance Analysis of Small Business Servers
pp 5016-5019
N. Malarvizhi, K. Meena, D. Sujeethalakshmi, K. Rajathi and G. Tamilmani

BNIMS: Block-based Non-Iterative Mean-Shift Segmentation algorithm for Medical Images
pp 5020-5027
P. Pedda Sadhu Naik and T. Venu Gopal

Application of LabView as real time SCADA in power system transmission line
pp 5028-5031
Shuma Adhikari, Nidul Sinha and Thingam Dorendrajit

Multiple Intelligence based Cooperative and Collaborative Learning
pp 5032-5037
Rajashree Jain, Viren Rao and Harshit Sunda

An Efficient Frequent Pattern Mining Algorithm to Find the Existence of K-Selective Interesting Patterns in Large Dataset Using SIFPMM
pp 5038-5045
Saravanan Suba and Christopher. T

DPAT based knowledge retrieval for online buyers using Decision Making Approach
pp 5046-5051
K. Kannan and K. Raja

Steel-Trussed Sandwich Panel-Design For Axial
pp 5052-5054
Ashraf M. Shalaby

Enhanced Functional Properties of Mg Alloys by Cryogenic Machining
pp 5055-5059
Mohd Danish, Turnad Lenggo Ginta and Bambang Ari Wahjoedi

Integrating Instance Selection and Bagging Ensemble using a Genetic Algorithm
pp 5060-5066
Sung-Hwan Min

Cascade Stage Artificial Neural Network for Identifying Volcano Hotspots using Satellite Images
pp 5067-5071
S. Muni Rathnam and T. Ramashri

Methodical Approach to Evaluation of the Russian Peat Deposits Exploitation Attractiveness Based on Geology-Technological Criteria
pp 5072-5078
Alexey Evgenevich Cherepovitsyn and Pavel Sergeevich Tsvetkov

Hybridized Soft Computing Approaches Based Data Mining Techniques For Protein Dataset
pp 5079-5085
A.Revathi and P. Sumathi

A robust regression scale of residual estimator: SSAC
pp 5086-5090
Muthukrishnan R and Ravi J.

Energy Based Topology Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 5091-5096
S. Venkataramana, P.V.G.D. Prsad Reddy and S. KrishnaRao

Evolution of Children’s Literature: Oral Tradition to Digitalization: A Literature Review
pp 5097-5102
Elizabeth Biju and K. Meenakshi

A Scalable Ensemble Architecture for Collaborative Filtering in Recommender Systems
pp 5103-5109
T.Srikanth and M.Shashi

Investigating the Effect of Asymmetrical Faults at Some Selected Buses on the Performance of the Nigerian 330-kV Transmission System
pp 5110-5122
Ademola Abdulkareem, Awosope C. O. A and Adoghe A. U and Alayande, S. A

A Review of Data Dissemination through Broadcast Channel
pp 5123-5127
Rajesh N

Experimental Investigation on the Study of Mechanical Properties and Modelling Analysis of Hybrid Composite Cement Beams Reinforced with Mulit-Walled Carbon Nano Tubes and Glass Fibres
pp 5128-5131
Anand. M. Hunashyal, Nagaraj R. Banapurmath, Shankar A. Hallad3, Dr. S. S. Quadri, Chetan Kulkarni, Akshay Pujar M, and Ashok S. Shettar

Performance Analysis of TimeLine Algorithm against CONS, PBS_PRO and BestGap in Grid Environment using Alea
pp 5132-5138
Bimal VO and M. Anand Kumar

Long wavelength Tanh Soliton Solutions of KdV Equation
pp 5139-5141
Tapas Kumar Sinha, Sanjib Malla Bujar Baruah and Joseph Mathew

Ayurvedic Plant Species Recognition using Statistical Parameters on Leaf Images
pp 5142-5147
Pushpa BR, Anand C. and Mithun Nambiar P

Personal Identification via Hand Feature Extraction Algorithm
pp 5148-5151
Samuel A. Daramola and Morakinyo Adefunmiyin

An Environmental Friendly Material:Epoxide-Based Resin from Vegetables Oil for Bio-Fiber Reinforced Composites
pp 5152-5155
Flora Elvistia Firdaus

Investigation of Neural and Fuzzy Neural Networks for Diagnosis of Endogenous Intoxication Syndrome in Patients with Chronic Renal Failure
pp 5156-5162
V. I. Gorbachenko, O. Yu. Kuznetsova and D. S. Silnov

Numerical Analysis of Spring Stiffness in Vehicle Design Development Stage
pp 5163-5168
Muhammad Zahir Hassan, Mohd Kamarul Hafis Abdul Aziz and Frank Delbressine and Matthias Rauterberg

A Study of Dynamic Characteristics of the Meteorological Tower of the Pole Shape in Case of with and Without Guys
pp 5169-5176
Dongchan Shin and Kibong Han

Fuel Sector Development in Russia in the First Half of the 20th Century
pp 5177-5181
Irina V. Voloshinova and Anton B. Mokeev

Comparison of Micro and Nano Level Reinforcements in Polymer Based Composites for Structural Applications
pp 5182-5187
Shankar A. Hallad, Nagaraj R. Banapurmath, Anand. M. Hunashyal, Akshay Pujar M, Chetan Kulkarni, Ashok S. Shettar and Narasimha H. Ayachit

Garbage Collection Technique using Erasure Interval for NAND Flash Memory-based Storage Systems
pp 5188-5194
Sung Ho Kim, Jong Wook Kwak

Development of Automated Body Mass Index Calculation Device
pp 5195-5201
Bernard Mark S. Baladad, Julius V. Magsombol, Joshua Nathaniel B. Roxas, Evelyn L. De Castro and Joselito A. Dolot

Impact of Brand Equity on Customers Purchase Decision Making while Choosing Branded over Unbranded Apparel in Andhra Pradesh
pp 5202-5209
M. Sandeep Kumar, D. Prasanna Kumar and M. Srinivasa Narayana

Calculation of Path Losses at CM3 for Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN) by using Different Types of Antennas
K. SaiSanathKumar, K. Naveen Kumar Reddy, V. Pushpavathy, P. Raja Reddy, Dinesh Sharma, Purnima K Sharma and B. Vamsi Krishna

The Impact of SARFAESI Act 2002 in recovering the Non Performance Assets in Public Sector Banks: A study on Recovery in SBI, CBI, CB, BOB and PNB (2008 to 2014)
pp 5218-5224
Chandra Shaardha and Ajay Jain

Analysis of Solar PV Performance with change in Temperature
Arjyadhara Pradhan and S. M. Ali

A Fragmented Approach: Audio Steganography using Phase Coding and LSB
pp 5228-5230
Joel T George and A.Arokiaraj Jovith

Card Less Access to POS Transactions
pp 5231-5236
Y. Dileepsai and S. Sudarvizhi and S. Sudarvizhi

HTTP Performance Analyzer Tool
pp 5237-5243
Manikrao Dhore and Rushi Chandurkar, Sanket Joglekar, Parikshit Budhe and Pranayan Choudhary

Secret sharing schemes for Multipartite access structures
pp 5244-5249
Appala Naidu Tentu, V. Kamakshi Prasad and V. Ch. Venkaiah

Smart E-Service Implementation as mobile Agent in a Smart E-Government Platform
pp 5250-5255
Sinan Adnan Diwan, Sundresan Perumal and Dhyaa Shaheed Siber

DFIG Control Scheme of Wind Power Using ANFIS Method in Electrical Power Grid System
pp 5256-5262
Ramadoni Syahputra and Indah Soesanti

The Study of an Air Intake the Throttle of the Engine by CFD in Spark Ignition Engine
pp 5263-5266
Chang Chun Xu and Haeng Muk Cho

Influence by Technological Process onto Mineral Resources Sector Enterprise Power Supplies Reliability Parameters
pp 5267-5270
Denis Anatolyevich Ustinov and Sergey Vasilyevich Baburin

Prospects of Ecological Technologies Development in the Russian Oil Industry
pp 5271-5276
Liubov A. Nikolaichuk and Pavel S. Tsvetkov

A Robust Method to Detect and Track Moving Targets in Cluttered Scenes with Respect to Illumination Changes
pp 5277-5283
Seyed Aliakbar Mousavi, Putra Sumari, Zahra Hanifeloof and Muhammad Rafie Mohd Arshad

On the Definition of Limit Zones in the Layered Array with the Development of Various Flow Conditions
pp 5284-5287
M. Ye. Yeskaliyev, G. I. Salgarayeva, N. Kurmanbekkyzy, N. S. Katayev and O. Auelbaekov

Innovative Design Strategy to Develop Facades Opening for a Commercial Building in Amman, Jordan
pp 5288-5292
Hind Alshoubaki and Tasneem Rawashdeh and Khaled Alomari And Rizq Hammad

An Efficient Authentication Protocol to amplify collision resistance using Dynamic Cryptographic Hash Function & LSB Hop based Image Steganographic Technique
pp 5293-5296
B. Madhuravani and DSR Murthy

Mining PPIs using recent methods and algorithms
pp 5297-5303
M. Thillainayaki and M. Hemalatha

Effect of Meterological Parameters on Prediction of Daily Solar Radiations
pp 5304-5311
Anand Mohan, Piyush Kuchhal and M.G. Sharma

A Novel and Hybrid Approach that Comprises Condensation of Nodes and Implication of Multi-Graph for Message Diffusion in the Social Network
pp 5312-5315
Shruthi S

Enhanced De-key Approach to Reduce Data De-Duplication in Cloud Storage
pp 5316-5320
Antony Xavier Bronson, V. Sai Shanmuga Raja and SP. Rajagopalan

Role of Link expiration time to make reliable link between the nodes in MANETs: A Review
pp 5321-5325
Gopal Singh, Deepak Saini, Rahul Rishi and Harish Rohil

Boundary Detection Algorithm for Brain Tumor Position and Area Detection Using OPENCV
pp 5326-5331
E. T. Merlin Sathia Raj and M. Kumaresan

Dynamic Detection and Protection Mechanism against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks using Fuzzy Logic
pp 5332-5337
M. Parameswari and S. Sukumaran

Survey on Web Content Extraction
pp 5338-5341
Jincymol Joseph and J.R. Jeba

Challenges in Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network-A Review
pp 5342-5345
Siva Rama Krishnan S, Karthik Balasubramanian and Arun Kumar T

Experimental Study on the Performanace of an Acetylene aspirated Diesel Engine using EGR
pp 5346-5351
Shaik Khader Basha, P.Srinivasa Rao, K. Rajagopal and K. Ravi Kumar

Low Noise Amplifier Selection for Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
pp 5352-5356
Gayathri K.M. and Thangadurai N







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