International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 8  (2016)  





A Hierarchical Bio-inspired Computing for the Hub Location-Routing Problem in Parcel Service
pp 5357-5362
Ji Ung Sun

Software Engineering Development & Reuse
pp 5363-5368
D. Deva prakash, Kavitha Esther Rajakumari and S. Ganesh Ram

Easy Understanding of Attribute Oriented Induction (AOI) Characteristic Rule Algorithm
pp 5369-5375
Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars, Muhamad Iskandar Wijaya, Hok Bun Tjung, Dendy Fransiskus Xaverius, Dedy Van Hauten and Sasmoko

Survey on various Classes of Picture Languages
pp 5376-5381
G. Ramya and Anand. M

Security Analysis on Yu et al.’s Group Certificate Digital Signature Scheme for EMR Authentication Process
pp 5382-5388
Nai-Wei Lo, Yu-Chen Cheng, Tzong-Chen Wu, Shih-Jen Chen and Ming-Yuan Hsu

Effective Test Case Minimization and Fault Detection Capability Using Multiple Coverage Technique
pp 5389-5394
P. Velmurugan and Rajendra Prasad Mahapatra

The Break-Even Point of the Utilities in the Real Estate Market of Bilateral Monopoly
pp 5395-5399
Benedetto Manganelli

An Enhanced Multi Featured Video Object Detection and Tracking Using Threshold Filters
pp 5400-5407
P.Vijaya Kumar and A.V.Senthil Kumar

WeCare: Assistive Solution for Severe Speech and Motion Impairment People
pp 5408-5413
How Siang Chuah, Sin Siang Soh, Abdullah Zawawi Talib and MohdAzam Osman

Classification on Hand Gesture Recognition and Translation from Real Time Video using SVM-KNN
pp 5414-5418
Shruthi S, Sona KC and Kiran Kumar S

Low Cost Real Time Monitoring System and Storing Image Data Using Motion Detection
pp 5419-5424
Ferry Wahyu Wibowo and Muhammad Andari Ardiansyah

A Study On Named Entity Recognition For Malayalam Language Using TnT Tagger & Maximum Entropy Markov Model
pp 5425-5429
Shruthi S, Jiljo and Pranav P V

The perceptions of knowledge sharing behavior in virtual community: Using an extended social cognitive theory approach
pp 5430-5439
Man-Ki MOON, Surng-Gahb JAHNG, Sun-Young PARK and Jae-Eun LEE

An Efficient Approach To Allocating Service In Integrated Cellular Networks
pp 5440-5445
Maheswaran C P and Helen Sulochana C

A Modular Approach for Implementation of Honeypots in Cyber Security
pp 5446-5451
Muneeb Mirza, Muhammad Usman, Robert P. Biuk-Aghai and Simon Fong

An Improved Non-Restoring Algorithm
pp 5452-5454
S. Subha

Social Media Advice and Its Impact on Belief Revision
pp 5455-5460
S. Subha

Numerical Techniques for Inverse Problems from Modeling of Microbial Depolymerization Processes
pp 5461-5468
Masaji Watanabe and Fusako Kawai

Improved Techniques for Estimating Living Standards of the Population: A Case Study of the Siberian Federal District
pp 5469-5473
Eva Vladislavovna Shcherbenko, Julia Jurevna Suslova, Nadezhda Vasilievna Ananeva, Larisa Valentinovna Ivanova

Internet Connection to Manage the Control of Electro-Flotation Process for the Water Treatment
pp 5474-5479
Anna Antonyová, Peter Antony and Benfano Soewito

Control system using HIL, PID and Fuzzy Logic with Rapid Prototyping
pp 5480-5487
Angie Valencia, Nicolás Linares and Darío Amaya

The Efficiency of Information System in Enterprise Management
pp 5488-5491
Saya Kenzhegulova, Assel Kambarova, and Galiya Abdraupova

Economic Agent Based Models: Review
pp 5492-5502
Nawfal NACIRI and Mohamed TKIOUAT

Identification of Human in real-time video streaming with the use of some facial classification parameters in Kazakhstan
pp 5503-5505
Nurbek Saparkhojayev, Yerlan Akhmetov, and Gaukhar Seydaliyeva

Support Vector Machine and Artificial Neural Networks Time-Series Weather Forecasting
pp 5506-5510
Moh'd Rasoul Al-Hadidi

Application of Numerical Methods for Calculating the Burning Problems of Coal-Dust Flame in Real Scale
pp 5511-5515
Aliya Askarova, Saltanat Bolegenova, Symbat Bolegenova, Valeriy Maximov, Aigul Yergaliyeva, Zarina Gabitova and Ardak Maxutkhanova

Cost Modelling of Overhauled Engines used in Dumpers
pp 5516-5518
Dinkar Brajeshkumar Kishorilal

NFC- based Access Control and Management System Using Smartphones as Keys
pp 5519-5522
Nurbek Saparkhojayev, Aybek Nurtayev and Gulnara Seydaliyeva

Implementing Heuristic Miner for Different Types of Event Logs
pp 5523-5529
Angelina Prima Kurniati, GunturPrabawa Kusuma and GedeAgungAry Wisudiawan

Problems of the Organization and Safety Ensuring of School Children Busing in the Russian Federation (Primorsky Region)
pp 5530-5535
Natalya Sergeevna Pogotovkina, Pavel Pavlovich Volodkin, Sergey Maksimovich Ugay and Ekaterina Sergeevna Demakhina

Rough Set Approach for Malicious Node Detection And Secure Data Aggregation in WSN
pp 5536-5541
Arabinda Nanda and Amiya Kumar Rath

Smart Cooling System: Load, Energy Usage And Return On Investment (Roi) For Air Cooled Classrooms
pp 5542-5544
M.R Tamjis

Design And Construction Of An Autoamted System For Parts Assembly Machine
pp 5545-5548
Maslan bin Zainon and Mohd Zaim bin Zulkifli, M.R.Tamjis

Computational Analysis of the Physics of Flow over Backward/Forward Facing Step
pp 5549-5554
Konica Sarker and HaengMukCho

Assessing the Effect of Service Quality Dimensions on Bank Customers Behavioural Responses: A Structural Equation Model
pp 5555-5566
Arunkumar S, Sudarsan Jayasingh, Poornima Tapas and R. Venkatesh

Application Of Strategic Analysis Methods And Tools In Russian Mining And Chemical Complex
pp 5567-5572

An Empirical Study Of Effect Of Total Productive Maintenance On Overall Equipment Effectiveness In A Water Bottling Industry
pp 5573-5579
Vittaleshwar A, Dasharathraj K Shetty and PrajualPJ

Resolution Enhancement in Model Resistivity using the Data Levels Amalgamation Technique for Groundwater Exploration
pp 5580-5583
Andy Anderson Bery

Islamic Financial Engineering Al Arboun Sale
pp 5584-5590
Siham Omrana and Rajae Aboulaich

Modelling Of The Single Staggered Wire And Tube Heat Exchanger
pp 5591-5599
I Made Arsana, Kusno Budhikardjono, Susianto and Ali Altway

Design of 5.2-GHz Low Noise Amplifier for Wireless LAN
pp 5600-5603
Jae-Hwan Kim, Seok-Ho Noh and Jee-Youl Ryu

Comparative Study to Assess the Performance of an Integrated Treatment System Using ANN vs. GPS_X
pp 5604-5609
Ola D. El Monayeri

Theoretical studies of the tobacco stalk interaction with the leaf-separating unit
pp 5610-5613
S.K. Papusha, S.V. Belousov, A.E. Bogus and V.I. Konovalov

Improvement of ecological conditions of water areas adjacent to the land used in agricultural activities through the use of new types of glassy phosphate fertilizers
pp 5614-5618
Kirill Karapetian and Natalia Dzhevaga

Electron scattering in titanium-doped indium oxide transparent conducting oxide thin film by polymer-assisted-solution process
pp 5619-5622
Kaveti Rajaram and Jihoon Kim

Modeling and Simulation of Doubly Fed Induction Motor (DFIM) Control using DTC and DFOC: A comparative study
pp 5623-5628
Abderrahim ZEMMIT and Sabir Messalti

Mining Association Rules in Various Computing Environments: A Survey
pp 5629-5640
Sudhakar Singh, Pankaj Singh, Rakhi Garg and P. K. Mishra

Analysis of Spread Spectrum Techniques in Cognitive Radio Networks
pp 5641-5645
Navpreet Kaur, Inderdeep Kaur Aulakh and Renu Vig

Design of aC-Band Low-Noise Block Front-end for Satellite Receivers
pp 5646-4652
Tran Van Hoi, Nguyen Xuan Truong, Ngo Thi Lanh and Bach Gia Duong

Evaluation Mechanical Alignment Measurement Anteroposterior Axis and Transepicondylar Axis of Total Knee for Thai Female by Using Reverse Engineering Techniques
pp 5653-5656
Surasith Piyasin and Kriengkrai Nabudda

Factor Analysis for Women in Engineering Education Program to Increase the Retention Rate of Female Engineering Students
pp 5657-5663
Jong Tae Youn and Song Ah Choi

Application of Queuing Theory for Effective Equipment Utilization and Maximization of Productivity in Construction Management
pp 5664-5672
Afshan Sheikh, M. Lakshmipathy and ArokiaPrakash

A Novel Computerized System To Simulate Orthodontic Treatment Plan
pp 5673-5681
Kadry Ali Ezzat, Ahmed H. Kandil and Sahar Ali Fawzi

Generation of Ultra Side lobe levels in Circular Array Antennas using Evolutionary Algorithms
pp 5682-5687
D. Prabhakar, Ch. Harsha vardhan, S. Ratna Spandana and P. Mallikarjuna Rao

Power System Frequency Stability and Control: Survey
pp 5688-5695
Bashar Sabeeh Abdulraheem and Chin Kim Gan

FPGA based Architecture for Moving Object Tracking using Kalman Filter
pp 5696-5699
Yahia Said, Marwa Ben Jabra and Mohamed Atri

Modeling and Simulation of AUV using Hardware In The Loop
pp 5700-5703
Ruben D. Hernández, Pablo A. Mora, Vinicius B. Falquetto, Janito V. Ferreira and Oscar F. Avilés

Mapping of Indoor Environments using Point Cloud Library (PCL)
pp 5704-5713
Leonardo A. Góngora Velandia, Ruben D. Hernández, Oscar F. Avilés and João M. Rosário

RF Based Node Location and Mobility Tracking in IoT
pp 5714-5718
J. Ann Roseela, S. Ravi and M. Anand

Design and Manufacturing of a Multi Input Converter for Hybrid Energy Applications
pp 5719-5724
S. C. Vijaya Kumar, M. Karthikeyan, R. Jeninprabhu, Deepakkumar. C. T, S. Jagadeesh, A. Marimuthu and K. Dhinesh

Hybridization methods of traditional and distance learning as the basis for modern approaches to organization of educational processes
pp 5725-5727
Ivashchenko M. G and Vladimir Kozyrev

Finite Element Model Based On Abaqus / Explicit To Analyze The Temperature Effects Of Turning
pp 5728-5734
B. V. R. M. Kumar, K. Hemachandra Reddy and Ch. R. Vikram Kumar

Diagnosis of Faults in Three Phase Induction Motor using Neuro Fuzzy Logic
pp 5735-5740
R Chandralekha and D Jayanthi

Characteristics of Patch Antenna with Notch gap Variations for Wi-Fi Applications
pp 5741-5746
D. Prabhakar, P. Mallikarjuna Rao and M. Satyanarayana

Assessment of Sorptivity and Water Absorption of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement by Sugarcane Bagasse Ash (SCBA) and Silica Fume
pp 5747-5752
T.Santhosh Kumar, K.V.G.D Balaji and K.Rajasekhar

An EMT Scheduling Approach with Optimum Load Balancing in Computational Grid
pp 5753-5757
Gokuldev S, Arpitha Rao and Karthi

High Gas Barrier of Equibiaxially Stretched EVOH Nanocomposite Film
pp 5758-5761
Hye-Jin Bae and Jin-Hae Chang

An Investigation of the Substrate-Integrated Luneburg Lens Antenna with gradient Index and Meta-material Structures
pp 5762-5766
Deepthi KVBL and K. Jaya sankar

Virtual Mouse with RGB Colored Tapes
pp 5767-5771
Upasana V, Monisha Joseph and Kanchana V

Landslides Mitigation Using Various Techniques
pp 5772-5776
J. Bhattacharjee

Optimization of Cooling Channels in Plastic Injection Molding
pp 5777-5780
Mahdi Yadegari, Hamed Masoumi and Mohsen Gheisari

A Novel Iddq Scanning Technique For Pre-Bond Testing
pp 5781-5786
Badi GUIBANE, Belgacem HAMDI and Abdellatif MTIBAA

Necessity of different patterns of fingerprint and its applications: A study
pp 5787-5790
R. Raghavan and K. John Singh

Thermal analysis of B2O3-Na2O-ZnO glass doped Nd2O3
pp 5791-5796
Y. H. Elbashar and D. A. Rayan

Assessment of the Impact of Circulation Design on Guests’ Satisfaction with Hotel facilities in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
pp 5797-5805
Obiageli Onugha; Eziyi O. Ibem and Peter A. Aderonmu

Thermal performance of disc brakes using genuine and non-genuine brake pads in Kuwait
pp 5806-5810
Murad, Ahmad E, Alnaqi, Abdulwahab A, Mullali, Hassan A, Alsarraf, Jalal, Alawadhi, Khaled, AlRashed, Abdullah A. A. A, Morad and Mukhtar M. A.

The integral method of definition of basic tension condition of anisotropic shell
pp 5811-5816
Eugene Mikhailovich Zveryaev, Mikhail Vasilievich Berlinov, Marina Nikolaevna Berlinova

Slag-Soil Composites Application for Service Performance Enhancement of the Roads with Low Traffic Density
pp 5817-5821
Vladislav P. Podolsky, Alexandr G. Lukashuk and Evgeny B. Tyukov

Optical detection technique for physical disorders in Capsicum annum leaves
pp 5822-5825
Rakesh Kumar Jha, Mansik Jeon and Jeehyun Kim

Fixed bed pyrolysis of Pongamia non edible oil seed cake: Characterization of char, oil and gas obtained at low heating rate
pp 5826-5833
Joseph John Marshal.S and T. Michael N Kumar

Fixed-Pitch Wind Turbine Interfaced Self-Excited Multi-Phase Induction Generator for Stand-Alone Renewable Power Generation-An Operational Review
pp 5834-5842
Alok Kumar Mohanty and K B Yadav

Research on Conceptual Model of Contaminant Transport From Septic-Tank Through Saturated And Unsaturated Sand Medium
pp 5843-5851
Saad Abu-Alhail, Wisam Sabeeh N. Alrekabi and Ammar A. Akish

Heuristics for a two-machine permutation flowshop with limited queue time constraint and arrival times in a semiconductor manufacturing line
pp 5852-5855
Seong-Woo Choi

Auto-Switching Energy Harvesting Circuit for Low-Power Sensing Systems
pp 5856-5862
Eun-Jung Yoon and Chong-Gun Yu

ENES: Exploratory Node Eminence State for Secure Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
pp 5863-5868
G. Soma Sekhar and E. Sreenivas Reddy

An Experimental Assessment of the Influence of Extensive Green Roofs on Energy Conservation
pp 5869-5874
Vinod Kumar V and A.M. Mahalle

Content Based Filtering Rules To Prevent Unwanted Messages From The User Wall
pp 5875-5879
Poojitha R, Anagha Raj P.P, Akshatha Prabhu

Paper Reduction And Total Inter-Carrier Interference Cancelled Multiuser Detection In CFO Corrected CDMA-OFDM With Elliptic Curve Cryptography
pp 5880-5888
M. Ranag Rao and B. Prabhakara Rao

Influence of Overall Equipment Effectiveness on Print Quality, Delivery and Cost: A System Dynamics Approach
pp 5889-5898
Nagaraj Kamath H and Lewlyn L R Rodrigues

A Novel Collapsed GIBBS Sampling Methodology for Various Categories of Corpus in Collaborative Cybercriminal Network Discovery
pp 5899-5910
S. Anbazhagi and Ananthi Sheshasaayee

Optimisation In Overhaul Of Heavy Vehicles Through Lead Or Cycle Time Reduction
pp 5911-5914
A. Shanmugam and S. Mahadevan


Performance Analysis of Various Keeper Circuits By Using Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor

pp 5915-5919

Kishore Kumar. P. C and Sathish Kumar. P

An Approach on Effective & Efficient Project-Based Learning (PBL)
pp 5920-5926
Rajesh Kannan. R, Shashank Mahajan and R. Rajkumar

Security Core Technology Implementation for Hardware-based Smart Devices
pp 5927-5930
JeongNyeo Kim and Yong-Sung Jeon

A Study On Job Stress In Chocolate Industry-India
pp 5931-5933
S Uma Mageswari and H Shankaran

Study On The Increament Of Shear Resistance Of Soft Soil Due To Vertical Piles Reinforcement Based On Modeling In Laboratory
pp 5934-5942
Rusdiansyah, I. B. Mochtar and dan N. E. Mochtar

A Secure Architecture For M-Commerce Users Using Biometerics And Pin Distribution Technique
pp 5943-5946
P. Angelinsundari and Rajasekaran

Stability enhancement of Power systems by tuning FACTS controllers
pp 5947-5955
E. Kirankumar, V. C. Veera reddy and P. Hema chandu

Electric Power Quality Events Classification Using Kalman Filter and Fuzzy Expert System
pp 5956-5962
P.Kalyana Sundaram and R.Neela

An Enhanced Secure Collaborative Trust Aware MANET for Prevention of Selfish Nodes
pp 5963-5967
Swetha Sri.P and Pradeep.S

Characteristics of metal cations sorption from aqueous solutions on ferrimanganese nodules of the Gulf of Finland compared to ferrimanganese sediment of various deposits
pp 5968-5971
Berlinskii Igor Vyacheslavovich and Zhadovskii Ivan Tarasovich

The Efficiency Potential Of Organizational, Technological And Managerial Solutions For Non-destructive Quality Control Methods In The Construction Of Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Structures
Lapidus AzariyAbramovich and Bidov Tembot Khasanbievich

An improved routing scheme for vehicular delay tolerant network
pp 5975-5977
Sanjay Kumar and Sudhakar Pandey

Integration of a virtual robotic environment applied to a system of tele-surgical training
pp 5978-5983
Bravo Diego and Amaya Darío

Sequence Covering Array Generator (SCAT) For Sequence Based Combinatorial Testing
pp 5984-5991
Mohd Zamri Zahir Ahmad, Rozmie Razif Othman and Mohd Shaiful Aziz Rashid Ali

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Low Pressure Turbine Cycle Using Low Temperature Heat Source
pp 5992-5996
Pattanachok Saiai, Sumpun Chaitep and Chatchawan Chaichana

Oblique Crushing Performances of Kenaf/Aluminum Composite Tubes
pp 5997-6002
Al Emran Ismail

Performance of Palm Oil-Diesel Blending inside Liquid Spray Burner
pp 6003-6006

Experimental study of the sand-Alfa stems interface frictional resistance-application to compacted fill reinforcement
pp 6007-6012
Zakia Khelifi, Mohammed Amine Allal, Nabil Abou-bekr, Said Taibi and Benoit Duchemin

A New FPGA-based Medical Device for the Real Time Prevention of the Risk of Arrythmias
pp 6013-6017
Agostino Giorgio

E-Cig Digital Design for the Smoke Control Optimization
pp 6018-6023
Agostino Giorgio

Facebook for Telemedicine Applications
pp 6024-6028
Agostino Giorgio

Microcontroller Based Low Power Three Phase Induction Motor Frequency Drive
pp 6029-6034
Mohamed Y. Tarnini

Energy Efficient EAACK based on SHA1 for MANET
pp 6035-6038
Harshal R. Kale and Rahul Joshi

Multivariable Control Alternatives for the Prototype Tower Distillation and Evaporation Plant
pp 6039-6043
Ruthber Rodríguez Serrezuela and Adrian Fernando Chavarro Chavarro

Investigation on effects of tooth profile modifications and transmitted torque on tooth engagements of a pair of helical gears
pp 6044-6052
S. Devendiran, N Harsha Teja, D.N. Praveen and C. Hoshima Reddy

Design of Compact Tunable Bandpass Filter for Wideband Application
pp 6053-6057
Anthony Bruster Jiim, Eliyana Ruslan and Zahriladha Zakaria

Performance Analysis of Wireless Mobile Network
pp 6058-6062
Oboyerulu E. Agboje, Augustus E. Ibhaze and Olabode B. Idowu-Bismark

Texture Segmentation Using Threshold Based Micro Texture Unit Approach
pp 6063-6080
Anuradha.S.G, K. Karibasappa, B. Eswar Reddy







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