International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 9  (2016)  





The Continuity of Astrolabe as a Multipurpose Astrofiqh Instrument
pp 6081-6086
Mohd Hafiz Safiai, Ibnor Azli Ibrahim, Ezad Azraai Jamsari, Md Yazid Ahmad and Badlihisham Mohd Nasir

Selecting relevant features for providing improved recommender system through Question Answering task
pp 6087-6096
Janet Rajeswari and Shanmugasundaram Hariharan

Improving of gas-liquid mass transfer in a Stirred Tank Bioreactor: A CFD Approach

pp 6097-6108
Lilibeth Caridad Niño López, Mariana Peñuela and Germán Ricardo Gelves-Zambrano

Structure prediction of Stem Bromelain from pineapples (Ananas Comosus) using procaricain enzyme as a modelling template
pp 6109-6111
Fatahiya Mohamed Tap, Fadzilah Adibah Abd Majid and Nurul Bahiyah Ahmad Khairudin

A Comparative Study of National/Public Universities and Private Universities on Education Service Quality Affecting Satisfaction and Loyalty
pp 6112-6116
Sung-Kyung Yang, Ji-Young Lee and Seong-Woo Choi

Detection and Tracking over Image Pyramids using Lucas and Kanade Algorithm
pp 6117-6120
Viacheslav Tarasenko and Dong-Won Park

Evaluation of multimedia usage for supporting blended learning
pp 6121-6127
Adhistya Erna Permanasari, Esty Swandana, Indriana Hidayah and Eny Sukani Rahayu

Structural Health Monitoring of Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete Structures Using X-Ray Diffraction
pp 6128-6131
N. K. Dhapekar and D. M. Chopkar

CQS: Heuristics to Capitalize on Quality of Service for Cooperative Underlay Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Ad hoc Networks
pp 6132-6138
N. Shribala, P. Srihari and B.C. Jinaga

Transform Based Techniques for ECG Signal Compression
pp 6139-6143
Surekha K.S and B. P. Patil

Advanced Nonlinear Control of A Fish Population Model
pp 6144-6150
Younes Adnani, El houssine EL Mazoudi, Jamila EL Alami, Noureddine Elalami and Nissrine Drioui

Thermovision-thermografic Research of Local Current Density Distribution over the Area of PV Cells
pp 6151-6154
Leonid D. Saginov

Physical and Chemical Fundamentals of Obtaining Reusable Oil Sorbents Based on Low-Alkali Aluminoborosilicate Glasses and Regularities of Oil Absorption by them
pp 6155-6159
Vadim E. Kogan, Anastasia A. Gafiullina and Petr V. Zgonnik

Iterative Channel Decoding of FEC-Based Multiple Descriptions using LDPC-RS Product Codes
pp 6160-6167
Saikat Majumder and Shrish Verma

Justification of Drilling and Blasting Parameters for the Conditions of Vostochno-Beysky Open-Cut
pp 6168-6173
Korshunov G.I, Rudakov M.L and Afanasyev P.I

Adaptive E-Learning for Efficient E-Book Search
pp 6174-6177
N.Vigneshwari and R.Rajkumar

Field layout analysis for Russian forms
pp 6178-6184
Vitali Kliatskine, Oleg Slavin and Vladimir Arlazarov

Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility of Russian Mining Companies
pp 6185-6188
Leonid S. Sinkov, Grigory B. Malyshkov

A New and Simple Space Vector Modulated Front-End PWM Rectifier feeding 3-Ph Induction Motor Drive for near Unity Power Factor and Low Supply Current Harmonics Operation at Line Side
pp 6189-6194
Mahedihusain A. Lokhandwala and Hina B. Chandwani

Energy Efficient Task Provisioning for Distributed Cloud Networks using Meta Heuristic Multidisciplinary Technique
pp 6195-6199
M. Dhanalakshmi and Anirban Basu

A Power Saving Multiplication Algorithm
pp 6200-6203
S. Subha and R. Sakthivel

Analysis of Permeability Variation of Gas Sand Reservoir toward the Low Frequency Seismic Reflection Based on Well and Seismic Data
pp 6204-6209
Sudarmaji, Sismanto, Waluyo and BambangSoedijono

The Effect of Titanium Chlorides on Corrosion Resistance of Materials
pp 6210-6213
Kuzhaeva А.А and Grigorieva L.V

Sorption of Anionic Complexes of Lanthanum on Weakly Basic Anion
pp 6214-6218
O. Cheremisina, M. Ponomareva and V. Sagdiev

Compacting Biogas Digester for Installation in the Backyard
pp 6219-6226
Neena Ahuja, Dipali Bansal and Khwaja M. Rafi

Method of Choice of the Robot-Manipulator of Laparoscope Controlling in the Minimally Invasive Surgery
pp 6230-6235
Y.Y. Bliznyuk, V.I. Finaev, O.V. Kosenko, E.A. Shestova and E.D. Sinyavskaya

Stabilization Of Stone Slurry Waste With Cement And Cohesive Soils
pp 6236-6243
Nabil Al-Joulani

Comparative Analysis of Content Based Image Retrieval using Texture Features for Plant Leaf Diseases
pp  6244-6249
Jayamala K.Patil and Rajkumar

Attack of malicious objects in computer network under antivirus and quarantine defence
pp 6250-6253
Prasant Kumar Nayak, Debdas Mishra and Subhashree Ram

Image Fusion of mammogaphy images using Meta Heuristic Method Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)
pp 6254-6258
M Prema Kumar and P Rajesh Kumar

Design and manufacturing of a plasma torch for deposition of α-alumina nanolayer by atmospheric plasma spray
pp 6259-6263
Samad sobhanian

Spectacles, Themed Architecture and Urban Replicas Places Shaped for Globalization
pp 6264-6270
Hussam Hussein Salama and Rania Said Shafik

Parametrical Study of Natural Organic Materials as Admixture in Concrete
pp 6271-6277
G.K. Patel and S.V.Deo

Analyzing and Predicting User Behavior Pattern from Weblogs
pp 6278-6283
P. G. Om Prakash and A. Jaya

Implementing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Improved AODV Protocol
pp 6284-6289
Ravi Kumar, Charllo Bala Vignesh, Sreena Nallamothu and Saranya KC

An Approach for Detection and Classification of Transmission Line Faults by Wavelet Analysis
pp 6290-6296
Preety Gupta and R.N. Mahanty


Transmission line protection by wavelet analysis

pp 6297-6304

Preeti Gupta and R. N. Mahanty

Robust Biometrics Based Authentication Scheme Using Watermarking
pp 6305-6308
M. Raghavi and M. Rajasekar

Performance Analysis of Clustering Algorithms for 3d Medical Image Rendering and Its Volume Calculation
pp 6309-6311
Kalyanapu Srinivas and B. Raja Srinivasa Reddy

Performance Analysis of 1.8 GHz to 5 GHz HEMT Multiband Mixer
pp 6312-6317
Sonam Tiwari, J. Manjula and Sourabh Tiwari

Smart Parking Management System Using Vehicle Authentication
pp 6318-6324
I.V. Vaibhav and A. Ramya

Design and Development of Optimal Software Architecture Using Grounded Theory
pp 6325-6327
Vinay Krishna and Anirban Basu

Papermaking Plant Static Load Characteristics Experimental Determination
pp 6328-6333
Aleksandr Nikolaevich Skamyin and Evgeniy Anatolevich Lyubin

Securely Coupled and Extendable Role Based Access Control (SERBAC) in Public Cloud
pp 6334-6341
Sunitha B S and Anir Ban Basu

Immunity of Web Camera against Electrostatic Discharge
pp 6342-6344
Stanislav Kovář, Jan Valouch, Hana Urbančoková and Milan Adámek

The Effect of Socio-Economic Status, Environmental Knowledge and Mitigation Attitude Toward Disaster preventionBehavior Of Community in The Coastal Area of Makassar City
pp 6345-6349
Muhammad Amir Mallarangan, WasirThalib, Maddatuang, Guntur Yusuf and Gufran Darma Dirawan

Solvent Sublation of the TB (III) From Aqueous Solutions with Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate
pp 6350-6354
O. Lobacheva and Berlinskii

A Comparison And Prediction Analysis For The Diagnosis Of Parkinson Disease Using Data Mining Techniques On Voice Datasets
pp 6355-6360
Tarigoppula.V.S.Sriram, M. Venkateswara Rao and DSVGK Kaladhar

Detail Optimization of the Tesla Model S to Alleviate Aero-acoustic Noise and Increase Range
pp 6361-6372
Karan Raul Viegas and Yagnavalkya Mukkamala

Determination of the Uncertainties and the Physiological Similarities of Family Members by using the Biometric Device the Broadway 3D
pp 6373-6375
Hana Talandova, Lukas Kralik and Milan Adamek

Round-Trip Assembly for Investigations of Subglacial Lake Vostok
pp 6376-6380
Nikolai I. Vasilev, Alexey V. Bolshunov, Andrei N. Dmitriev and Aleksei V. Podoliak

Supporting Reliable Data Deletion for NAND-based Gadgets with Limited Memory
pp 6381-6386
I. Shin

Spectral Sensitivity Design of Imaging Sensor Regarding Color Fidelity and Noise Characteristic
pp 6387-6391
Moon-Cheol Kim

Improving interference alignment of Gaussian MIMO X Channel and the Gaussian MIMO Z channel
pp 6392-6395
Katamreddy Krishna Sai Anirudh, Pondugula Tarun Reddy, Ravi Kumar and saranya KC

Effectiveness the use of Virtual Laboratories in Improving Vocational Competence and Character Behavior for Students Vocational High School in Makassar
pp 6396-6401
Hendra Jaya, Sapto Haryoko, and Gufran Darma Dirawan

Synthesis Procedure of the Power Supply Systems Topology at Mineral Resource Enterprises based on Logical-Probabilistic Assessments
pp 6402-6406
Denis Anatolyevich Ustinov and Sergey Vasilyevich Baburin

Institutional Stressors among Engineering Faculty of Select Colleges in Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh
pp 6407-6410
G. Uma Maheswari and N. Sundaram

The technology of directional drilling in ice via drills on carrying cable
pp  6411-6417
Aleksei V. Podoli0k and Pavel A. Blinov

Crumb Rubber Utilization in Pavements to Improve the Durability: An Experimental Study
pp 6418-6423
SS. Asadi, T. NagaSeshu Babu, B. Harish Kumar, M. Sumanth, G. Sumanth Kumar, S. Harsha vardhan and P. Khasim khan

A New 2 Directional Direction of Arrival Estimation Algorithm for Smart Antenna
pp 6424-6429
Sitakanta Maharatha and Mainak Mukhopadhyay

Technology of Monitoring and Control Algorithm Design for Earth-Moving Machine
pp 6430-6434
Oleg Igorevich Maksimychev, Andrey Mikhailovich Ivakhnenko, Andrey Vladimirovich Ostroukh, Dmitry Borisovich Ephimenko, Pavel Yurievich Zbavitel and Maria Yurievna Karelina

The Simulation Model of Autonomous Truck Caravan Movement in Terms of an Extreme and Non-Stationary Environment
pp 6435-6440
Dmitry Akimov, Valery Ivchenko, Petr Krug, Tatyana Morozova, Andrey Ostroukh and Ildar Sadyko

Automated Control System of Road Construction Works
pp 6441-6446
Oleg Igorevich Maksimychev, Maria Yurievna Karelina, Andrey Vladimirovich Ostroukh, Sultan Vladimirovich Zhankaziev, Denis Andreevich Pastukhov and Yashar Elshan-ogly Nuruev

Scalability Improvement of Tunnel FET on SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator) with Intrinsic Channel Penetrated into Drain Region
pp 6647-6450
Jong-Wook Lee

Wavelet Estimation of THD Based on Hilbert Transform Extraction
pp 6451-6456
Emad A. Awada, Mohammad H. Alomari and Eyad Radwan

A recommendation System Based on user’s Content Consumption Patterns and Objects of the Interest
pp 6457-6461
Sung-Woo Byun, So-Min Lee and Seok-Pil Lee

Hydride Vapor-phase Epitaxial Growth of GaN Template on Patterned Sapphire Substrate and Its Properties
pp 6462-6464
Sung Soo Park

CFD Analysis on Ahmed Body and the suggested aerodynamic changes to the Ahmed Body
pp 6465-6471
Sparsh Sharma and Yagnavalkya Mukkamala

Control of the Home Appliances using Mobile Telephony
pp 6472-6478
Akshay S, Arun K and Sunu P. B


An EOQ Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Linear Demand, Salvage Value and Partial Backlogging
pp 6479-6484
Pandit Jagatananda Mishra, Trailokyanath Singh and Hadibandhu Pattanayak

Optimization for a Novel Single Switch Resonant Power Converter using GA to improve MPPT efficiency of PV Applications
pp 6485-6488
M Siva Ram Kumar, A Amudha and R Rajeev

Energy Efficient Shift-Based Sleep Scheduling Mechanism for WSN Deployment in Rescuebots
pp 6489-6496
Selvakumar R and Prasadh K

Performance Evaluation of an Augmented Session Dissimilarity Matrix of Web User Sessions Using Relational Fuzzy C-means clustering
pp 6497-6503
Dilip Singh Sisodia, Shrish Verma and Om Prakash Vyas

Sliced Images and Encryption Techniques in Steganography Using Multi Threading For Fast Retrieval
pp 6504-6509
A. Balasubramani and Chdv. Subba Rao

FPGA Implementation of Image Compression and Denoisng Scheme for Satellite images
pp 6510-6516
Sendamarai.P and Giriprasad M.N

Enabling Secure Acoustic Communication for Smartphones
pp 6517-6520
S. V. Juno Bella Gracia, Rahul. G, Jeyavignesh. R and Suriya Vasan. R

Free Vibration Analysis of Cantilever Beam of Different Materials
pp 6521-6524
Nirmall. T and Vimala.S

Simultaneous optimization of multiple quality characteristics in TIG welding of AA5083; H111 Aluminum Alloy using Response Surface Methodology coupled with composite desirability function
pp 6525-6541
Suneel Ramachandra Joshi and Jagadeesh Puttappa Ganjigatti

Beam Steering Double Triangular Loop Antenna for UWB Communication
pp 6542-6545
Arun Raaza, K. Priyadarshni and R. Sathya

Implementation of LLL Based Preprocessor for MIMO Detection
pp 6546-6553
Midhun M. Pillai, Archana T.M and K Ferents Koni Jiavana

Energy Efficient Geographic Routing Protocol on Smart Car Parking in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 6554-6562
M. Rahimal Beevi and R. Kalaimaga

A New Approach for Information Collection from Web With Ontology
pp 6563-6567
T V K P Prasad, V. Dilip Kumar, T Srinivasa Rao and D Madhu Babu

Cloud Billing & Verification of Consumed Resources and Storage Spaces by a Cloud User
pp 6568-6576
Rajesh Bose, Himadri Biswas, Debabrata Sarddar and Manas Kumar Sanyal

Sharing Visual Secrets with Click Points Encryption
pp 6577-6582
Amal C and R. Joshua Samuel Raj

Decentralized Non-Linear Control of Leader-Follower Formation of Multiple Autonomous Mobile Robots
pp 6583-6590
Azza El-Sayed Bayoumi Ibrahim

Nutrition Facts Label Processing using Image Segmentation and Token Matching based on OCR
pp 6591-6597
Apoorva P, Bindushree.M and Bhamati.H.A

Secret Key Sharing Using Homomorphic Commitments and its application to Threshold Cryptography
pp 6598-6602
P. Swetha and P. Premchand

Intelligent Multi-Line Lubricating Mechanism Based on Temperature Monitoring System
pp 6603-6606
Murugesan R, Thanikachalam R and Veeranaath V

Development of a spatial decision support system for Milli Watershed management in Zaheerabad, that combines volunteered geographic information system with Cloud Mobile Data Collection
pp 6607-6612
M.A. Kalam, M. Ramesh, N. Bhaskara Rao and P. Kesava Rao

Development of algorithms ensemble in case of the solution of the task of statistical classification in recommender systems
pp 6613-6618
Vasiliy S. Kireev and Igor A. Kuznetsov

Frequent Itemsets Mining with VIL - Tree Algorithm
pp 6619-6624
Supatra Sahaphong

Fuzzy logic based Load Forecasting
pp 6625-6626
Aanchal Tehlan and Vijay Kumar

The Method of Determining the Effects of Drilling Fluid on the Stability of Loose Rocks
pp 6627-6629
Pavel A. Blinov and Aleksei V. Podoliak

The Process of Hardening Loose Rock by Mud Filtrat
pp 6630-6632
Pavel Aleksandrovich Blinov and Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvoynikov

Analysis of Secured Energy Efficient Key Management in Wormhole Attack
pp 6633-6636
M. Mythily and S. Saravana Kumar

Deployment of a fuzzy XNOR based evaluativ system for the maintainability features of aspect oriented systems
pp 6637-6642
Ananthi Sheshasaayee and Roby Jose

MPEG-2 and ECC Security in DCT Domain
pp 6643-6647
Samia Bouaziz, Ramzi Hadaji and Abdellatif Mtibaa

Effective Grade Planning and Instant Cloud Storage Provisioning
pp 6648-6650
T. Sumathy and S. Saravana Kumar

Moving Object Segmentation from Underwater Videos Using Adaptive Collective Background Learning Approach
pp 6651-6654
Hemavathy R, Rashmi G N and Shobha G

A Study on the Posture Based Control of Robotic Fixation Device
pp 6655-6659
DongJun Lee, TaeseonYoon and Chibum Lee

Preliminary Studies on the Application of Laboratory Scaled Stepped Solar Still for Seawater Treatment in Ukm, Bangi
pp 6660-6664
Mohamad Affendi Ismail, Fatihah Suja and Rada Zarasvand Asadi

A Joint Recovery Transaction Model in MANET Network Environment
pp 6665-6670
K. Ramesh and M.A. Dorai Rangaswamy

Performance Analysis of Patient Monitoring Wireless Body Area Networks using Queueing Models
pp 6671-6675
Kusum Grewal Dangi and Supriya P Panda

Inverse Secure Restrained Domination in the Join and Corona of Graphs

pp 6676-6679
Edward M. Kiunisala and Enrico L. Enriquez


An Adaptive Fuzzy C-Means (AFCM) Clustering Method for Retrieval of Videos in Multimedia

pp 6680-6688

Manjunath R and S. Balaji

Analysis of Factors Influencing Procurement Process and Proposing a Decision Making Module for Construction Projects on Multi-Site Context
pp 6689-6693
Nikhil C Laby, A Arokiaprakash, M Indira and S Manivel

Measurement of Temperature Dependence of Complex Susceptibility and its Anisotropy in Ferromagnetic Material
pp 6694-6700

Energy Efficient Polynomial Based Group Key Management Protocol for Secure Group Communications in MANET
pp 6701-6705
G.Narayana, M.Akkalakshmi and A.Damodaram

Distributed System Reconfiguration For Energy Losses Reduction With The Consideration of Load Growth
pp 6706-6710
D Sattianadan, LintoThottan, K. Selvakumar and C.S.Boopathi

Placement Of Fuel Cell And Wind Turbine In Distributionsystem
pp 6711-6715
D Sattianadan, M PavanSekhar, K. Selvakumar and C.S.Boopathi

Identifying Malicious Nodes and Performance Analysis in VANET
pp 6716-6719
J. Nethravathy and G. Maragatham

A Novel RSS-Ratio Indoor Positioning scheme in WLAN environments
pp 6720-6724
Younguk Yun, Nammoon Kim and Youngok Kim

A Sensor Subsystem of An Exoskeleton
pp 6725-6730
S.A. Mineev, V.A. Novikov, I.V. Kuzmina, R.A. Shatalin and I.V. Grin

Finite Element Analysis of a Spruce Timber Beam Reinforced by FRP Fabrics
pp 6731-6735
Claudio Carino and Fabio Carli

Technocenological approach to managing power supplying substation loads
pp 6736-6739
Mikhail I. Bozhkov and Vladimir N. Kostin

Geometrical Modeling of Facial Regions and CUDA based Parallel Face Segmentation for Emotion Recognition

pp 6740-6752
Sabu George

Effect of thickness on impact resistance of lightweight aggragate concrete
pp 6753-6756
Javad Yahaghi, Zakaria Che Muda, Payam Shafigh and Salmia ButBeddu

Correlation between Peak Ground Acceleration and Strength Parameters of Residual Soil
pp 6757-6759
Noor Hasnida Baharudin, Anuar Kasa, Zamri Chik, Mohd Raihan Taha and Azlan Adnan

Simulation Crack Growth in the Wall of Cylindrical Steel Storage Tank under Complex Stress State
pp 6760-6766
Anastasiia Lyagova

Determination of some Physicochemical Properties from two Different Cranberry Bean, Phaseolus Vulgaris Species
pp 6767-6773
A.J. García, K.A. Moreno, M. Acevedo-Morantesa and A. Realpe-Jiménez

The effect of electromagnetic stirring during solidifying on the copper alloys structure (Cu + 2% Sn)
pp 6774-6781
B. Hamri

Discrete Time Sliding Mode Control of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems Based on Estimation of Uncertainties and External Disturbances
pp 6782-6786
Ibtissem Bsili, Jalel Ghabi and Hassani Messaoud

Theoretical and mathematical development of gate operated two stroke magnetic piston engine
pp 6787-6793
Manoj Gattani, Sahoo P.K. and Parag Diwan

Determination of Displacements in the Biomechanical Orthodontic System by Using Finite Elements Method
pp 6794-6799
Kadry Ali Ezzat, Ahmed H. Kandil, Sahar Ali Fawzi and Ahmed M. El-Bialy

Application of Image Processing and Computer Vision on Rice Seed Germination Analysis
pp 6800-6807
B. Lurstwut and C. Pornpanomchai

Basic priorities of innovative development Russian regions
pp 6808-6816
Mottaeva Angela Bahauovna and Mottaeva Asiyat Bahauovna

The Effect of Tax Clientele for Fund Investment on Fund Manager’s Behavior in Fund Market: The Case of Korea
pp 6817-6823
Hyeong Tae Cho and Sung Man Yoon

Divergence on Students’ Interest in Engineering Program and Academic Performance in General and Professional Courses as Input to K-12 Engineering Education
pp 6824-6831
Jake M. Laguador, Nestor C. Camello, Conrado I. Dotong, Nemy H. Chavez and Evelyn L. De Castro

The State of Modern Malicious Software: Foundations of Study on Cyber-Armaments
pp 6832-6834
Alexander A. Grebenkov and Elena O. Yakovleva

A study on NOx removal performance of SCR catalyst wash coated on the metal foam substrate
pp 6835-6839
Woo-Jin Na, Jong-Seong Bang, Min-Kee Jeon and Hea-Kyung Park

Two-and three-dimensional algoritms for hashing and pseudo random number generation targeted to CUDA implementation
pp 6840-6845
A. U. Kolmykov and N. P. Vasilyev

Implementation Flight Simulator Size Scale using Parallel Stewart Platforms
pp 6846-6849
Oscar F Avilés S, CarlosI. Zubieta and Mauricio F. Mauledoux M

A DTQ Scheduling Algorithm with Check pointing approach in Computational Grid
pp 6850-6855
S. Gokuldev, Arjun Ashokan and Rajeev R

Thermal Unit Commitment Strategy Integrated with Solar Energy System
K.Selcakumar, B.Vignesh, C.S.Boopathi and T.Kannan

Gas Leakage Detection and Rectification Using GSM
pp 6861-6864
V. Hazarathaiah, Ch. Krishna Mohan, S. Rahulgowtham and A. K. Mariselvam

A turbulence model for momentum and heat transfer in internal flow of viscous non-Newtonian fluids
pp 6865-6871
Vedula Dharma Rao, Bhagavatula Lakshmipathi Raju and Banavath BalaKrishna

Quantitative Performance Analysis for the Family of Enhanced Strange Points Clustering Algorithms
pp 6872-6880
Terence Johnson and Santosh Kumar Singh

Improved Steganography using Enhanced K Strange Points Clustering
pp 6881-6885
Terence Johnson, Santosh Kumar Singh, Valerie Menezes, Edrich Rocha, Shriyan Walke, Diksha Khorjuvekar and Sana Pathan






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