International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 1  (2017)  





The Influence of the Spectral Components of Backlight on the Basic Camera Characteristics
pp. 1-6
Karina Muratovna Turzhanova, Rafail Tlegenovich Safin, Yelena Grigoryevna Satimova and Vladimir Viktorovich Artyukhin

The Study of Influence of Changes of Fractal Antennas Forms during Using Affine "Compression" Transformation on Its Characteristics
pp. 7-10
Alexandr Vladislavovich Solochshenko, Andrey Aleksandrovich Kulikov,Yelena Grigoryevna Satimova and Oleg Zinovyevich Rutgayzer

Influence of vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer on early-age ettringite formation and behavior in OPC/CAC /hemihydrate gypsum binder system: A case of higher CAC content than OPC content in the binder
pp. 11-21
Peter Tumwet Cherop, Sammy Lewis Kiambi and Eric Kiprotich Kosgey

Multi-Criteria Analysis Coupled with GIS and IF… THEN… Rules for Ranking Industrial Zones
pp. 22-36
AissaTaibi and Baghdad Atmani

Management Issues and Implications at the Pre-Construction Stage of a Sewer Tunnel Build in London, UK
pp. 37-54
P. James

The Development of Interactive Content for a No-smoking Campaign
pp. 55-61
Jeeyoun Kim

Advances, Processes Today, Methods of Control and Automation of Greenhouses for Crops
pp. 62-67
Diego Fernando Baquero Hernández, Juan Pablo Espitia Alba and Lilia Edith Aparicio Pico

Concentrated Photovoltaics and its techno-economic comparison with the Photovoltaics
pp. 68-75
Yuejiang LIU and Zaki Iqbal

Research of Drive Factor of Damper with Double-Layer Porous Ring with Compound Feed of Lubricant Material
pp. 76-85
Kamil Samedovich Akhverdiev and Aleksandr Murmanovich Mukutadze

An Accurate Fingerprinting based Indoor Positioning Algorithm
pp. 86-90
Min-Seok Choi and Beakcheol Jang

A Study on the Profit Analysis of Online Game Hacking Programmes and Blocking Methods
pp. 91-94
Chang-Seon Lee, Dong-Hwan Jo and Jinho Yoo

Forecasting Models Based CO2 Emission for Sultanate of Oman
pp. 95-100
Jabar H. Yousif, Nebras N. Alattar and Mabruk A. Fekihal

The Constructive Schemes, the Durability and the Consumer Properties of Multi-Story Residential Buildings
pp. 101-109
Boris Leonidovich Krundyshev

Robust Reversible Data Hiding Technique toward Modification and Recompression in JPEG Images using Average Prediction Difference Expansion
pp. 110-118
Hyunjung Kim , SeungIl Yu and Sang-ug Kang

MyGJU Student View and its Online and preventive Registration Flow
pp. 119-133
Feras Hamdan Al-Hawari

An Improved Hybrid Technique for Energy and Delay Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
pp. 134-139
Mustafa Hamid Hassan and Ravie Chandren Muniyandi







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