International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 10  (2017)  





A Simple and Low-Cost Data Acquisition System with Multi-Nodes Facility for Geophone Array Sensors
PP. 2109-2114
Didik R. Santoso, Sukir Maryanto, Ahmad Nadhir and Toko Sugiharto

A Novel Approach of Distributed Security Mechanism of Data Distribution in Distributed Environment
pp. 2115-2122
Jai Pratap Dixit, Neelendra Badal and Syed Qamar Abbas

Trust Based Opportunistic Routing Scheme
pp. 2123-2126
Prof. Smita Shukla Patel and M. Mohanpriya

Document Modeling and Clustering using Hypergraph
pp. 2127-2135
Dhanya P.M, Sreekumar A, Jathavedan M and Ramkumar P.B

Economical Short Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Column Design under Combined Axial Load plus Uniaxial Bending Using STAAD Pro
pp. 2136-2149
Talib Abdul Jabbar AL-Eyssawi

Uncertainty analysis in the unavailability assessment using Generalized Stochastic Petri Net with fuzzy parameters
pp. 2150-2161
Wassim Snene, Walid Mechri and Kamel Ben Othman

Principles of Sustainable Architecture in Sistan Architecture (Case Study: Ghale Nov Village)
pp. 2162-2170
Halimeh Poodineh

Development of a Model for Highly Efficient Solar Power Panels
pp. 2171-2181
Janvier Kamanzi and Mohamed T E Kahn

The Indicators of Green Buildings for Malaysian Property Development Industry
pp. 2182-2189
Mohd Wira Mohd Shafiei, Hooman Abadi and Wan Nadzri Osman

A Review of Lung cancer Prediction System using Data Mining Techniques and Self Organizing Map (SOM)
pp. 2190-2195
H.Bharathi and T.S. Arulananth

A Survey of Spectrum Prediction Techniques for Cognitive Radio Networks
pp. 2196-2201
Sweta Jain and Apurva Goel

Digital Modeling of Recursive Spectral Filter for Turbo Coding
pp. 2202-2208
R.Rajendra Prasad, M.V. Subramanyam and K. Satya Prasad

An Efficient Multichannel FIR Filter Architecture for FPGA and ASIC Realizations
pp. 2209-2220
J.Britto Pari and D.Vaithiyanathan

Survey on Video Big Data: Analysis Methods and Applications
pp. 2221-2231
P.Ushapreethi and G.G. Lakshmipriya

Generation Mechanism of Short-term Variations and Fluctuations in the Goods Market
pp. 2232-2238
?.A.Beisenbi, G.S.Shuteyeva and N.N. Kissikova

Sharp Asymmetric Resonance Based on 4x4 Multimode Interference Coupler
pp. 2239-2242
Duy-Tien Le, The-Duong Do, Van-Khoi Nguyen, Anh-Tuan Nguyen and Trung-Thanh Le

Optimization of Cutting Condition in the Turning of AISI D2 Steel by using Carbon Nanofiber Nanofluid
pp. 2243-2252
Pay Jun Liew, Ainusyafiqah Shaaroni, Jeefferie Abd Razak, Mohd Shahir Kasim and Mohd Amri Sulaiman

Preparation and Characterization of Carbon Nanofiber Reinforced Copper Composite Electrodes via Powder Metallurgy Process for Electrical Discharge Machining Applications
pp. 2253-2261
Pay Jun Liew, Nurlishafiqa Zainal and Qumrul Ahsan

An ANN based Classification Scheme for QoS Negotiation to Achieve Overall Social Benefit in Cloud Computing
pp. 2262-2271
B. Sunil Kamath and Rio D’Souza

Comparison Background Modeling Methods on Moving Object Detection in Video Sequences for Thailand
pp. 2272-2276
Kitti Puritat, Suepphong Chernbumroong and Pradorn Sureephong

The Association between Diabetes Mellitus and Community Periodontal Index
pp. 2277-2281
In-Ho Jeong and Myung-Ja Park

A Study of the Relations between Metabolic Syndrome and Periodontal Disease for the Korean Elderly
pp. 2282-2285
Myung-Ja Park and In-Ho Jeong

The Relationship between Dental Prosthesis Status and Mastication Function in the Korean Elderly Population
pp. 2286-2289
Myung-Ja Park and In-Ho Jeong

Measurement of a p-type coaxial HPGe detector total and photopeak efficiencies including self-absorption for cylindrical sources
Dalal Al Oraini

Design of Five Stage Pipelined Microprocessor with a 16K Cache Memory
pp. 2294-2300
Aglow A George, Sanjana Sadasivan and Augusta Sophy

Efficient Service Chaining Framework based on Software Defined Network for Domain Independent
pp. 2301-2305
Woosik Lee, and Namgi Kim

A Statistical Analysis of Short-Term Wind Power Forecasting Error Distribution
pp. 2306-2311
Doan Duc Tung and Tuan-Ho Le

Implementation of an NIC for Virtualization Servers to Support the High-Speed Feature of Virtual Machine Networking
pp. 2312-2319
Changsu Kim, Kiwoong Jung  and Hoekyoung Jung

Metaheuristic Tuning of Linear and Nonlinear PID Controllers to Nonlinear Mass Spring Damper System
pp. 2320-2328
Sudarshan K. Valluru and Madhusudan Singh

Baseline Wander Correction and Impulse Noise Suppression Using Cascaded Empirical Mode Decomposition and Improved Morphological Algorithm
pp. 2329-2337
Ashis Kumar Das and Suman Halder

The Demetallization of West Siberian Crude Oil and Its Residues
pp. 2338-2341
Ildar. A. Mustafin, Aleksandr A. Shevchenko, Karina A. Gilmanshina and Yulia.V. Krasilnikova

A Judgment of Intoxication using Hybrid Analysis with Pitch Contour Compare (HAPCC) in Speech Signal Processing
pp. 2342-2346
Seong-Geon Bae, Won-Hee Lee and Myung-Jin Bae

Strategic Planning for Business Generators of Projects Real Estate”: Builder Case J.E.V.I.
pp. 2347-2360
Juan Carlos Berrú Cabrera, Freddy Espinoza Urgilés, Leyden Oswaldo Carrión Romero and Jesus Enrique Espinoza Correa

Solving the Power System State Estimation Problem Embedded with UPFC Using Glowworm Swarm Optimization Algorithm
pp. 2361-2369
S. Surender Reddy

Transient Thermal Model for Energy Saving for Buildings Using a Green Roof Technique
pp. 2370-2381
K.K.Matrawy, M.M.Bassuoni and A.Alzaed, A.Balabel

Method of calorimetric measurements in molten metal thermostat and its application for developing blade cooling system of gas turbines
pp. 2382-2386
I.V. Shevchenko, A.N. Rogalev, M.I. Shevchenko and A.N. Vegera

Behavior of Continuous-Span Composite Slab: A Review
pp. 2387-2390
Khalid W. Dahham, Shahrizan Baharom and W.H. Wan Badaruzzaman

An Ensemble Model using Genetic Algorithm for Feature Selection and rule mining using Apriori and FP-growth from Cancer Microarray data
pp. 2391-2408
Barnali Sahu, Satchidananda Dehuri and Alok Kumar Jagadev

Review on Three Dimensional (3-D) Acquisition and Range Imaging Techniques
pp. 2409-2421
Maged Aboali, Nurulfajar Abd Manap, Abd Majid Darsono and Zulkalnain Mohd Yusof

Development of Experimental Prototypes of Large Deployable Spacecraft Reflector Antenna Structures Applying New Radio-Technical Metal Mesh Materials
pp. 2422-2429
Valeriy Yuryevich Terekhov, Ivan Dmitriyevich Zolotarenko and Igor Vladimirovich Teminovskiy

Development of the Methodology of Measuring Rheological Properties of the Materials for Reflector Structures to Forecast Mechanical Behavior of the Reflector during its Operational Life
pp. 2430-2436
Igor Vladimirovich Teminovskiy, Valeriy Yuryevich Terekhov and Ivan Dmitriyevich Zolotarenko

Developing Tooling for Making Experimental Antenna Reflector Prototypes of PCM
pp. 2437-2446
Ilya Vladimirovich Chudnov, Vitaliy Igorevich Solodilov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich Kalinnikov, Maksim Andreyevich Orlov

Exploring Fracture Dynamics and Passive Safety of a Superstructure Made of Composite Materials
pp. 2447-2456
Maksim Sergeevich Mikhailov, Valeriy Yuryevich and Dmitry Aleksandrovich

Thermal Analysis of ‘Device-Reflector’ System to Optimize the Molding Conditions and Determine the Shape of Tooling to Ensure Minimal Deviation of Reflecting Surface from the Theoretical Shape in the Binder Curing Process
pp. 2457-2469
Kristina Evgenievna Belokopytova, Iliya Vladimirovich Chudnov and Andrey Sergeevich Kolesnikov

Restoration of Displaced Centre Frequency in Band-pass Distributed Filters using Predistortion Technique
pp. 2470-2479
Charles U. Ndujiuba and Oboyerulu E. Agboje

A Novel Control Algorithm for DSTATCOM Based on Three-Phase Dual SO-SOGI-PLL under Non-Ideal Grid Voltage Conditions Including DC-Offset
pp. 2480-2488
Hareesh Kumar Yada, M.S.R Murthy and K Prakash

A Dual Second-Order SOGI based Control Algorithm for UPQC under Distorted Grid and Load Conditions
pp. 2489-2496
Hareesh Kumar Yada, M.S.R Murthy and Raju Chintakindi

Improved Route Relability To Overcome Route Flooding Attack In Manet
pp. 2497-2501
Nupur Agrawal and Upendra Dwived

Effect of Non-Ionic Cellulose Ethers on Properties of White Portland Cement
pp. 2502-2508
Peter Tumwet Cherop, Sammy Lewis Kiambi and Eric Kiprotich Kosgey

Image Compression using Self Organizing Map and Discrete Wavelet Transform with Error Correction
pp. 2509-2516
Savitri Raju and Satish S Bhairannawar

Mechanical Properties of High Density Polyethylene/Chromium Trioxide under Ultraviolet Rays
pp. 2517-2526
Lina Fadhil Kadhim

Power Quality Improvement of Nine Bus System during Line Interruption Using IVDFC
pp. 2527-2537
P.Suresh and B.Baskaran

Experimental Investigation of Natural Convection Heat Transfer in Heated Vertical Tubes
pp. 2538-2550
Ramesh Chandra Nayak, Manmatha K. Roul and Saroj Kumar Sarangi

Analysis of Economic Evaluation Methods of Environmental Damage at Calculation of Production Efficiency in Mining Industry
pp. 2551-2554
Grigory B. Malyshkov, Leonid S. Sinkov and Liubov A. Nikolaichuk

A Statistical Transformation Tool for Natural Semantics
pp. 2555-2558
Salwa M. Ali, Mohammed W. Al-Neama, Zaid Ahmed Aljawary and Kasim Abduljabbar Al-Salem

Spatial Analysis of Storm Behavior in Peninsular Malaysia during Monsoon Seasons
pp. 2559-2566
Rado Yendra, Anofrizen, Wan Zawiah Wan Zin, Abdul Aziz Jemain and Ahmad Fudholi

Risks Prioritization in Decision Making for Wind Energy Investments using Analytic Network Process (ANP)
pp. 2567-2574
M. Fera, R. Macchiaroli, F. Fruggiero and A. Lambiase

Effect of Mobility Models on Performance of Novel Centralized Clustering Approach based on K-means for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 2575-2580
Hassan Echoukairi, Amine Kada, Khalid Bouragba and Mohammed Ouzzif

A Wide Front View Range Black Box with Two Cameras
pp. 2581-2585
Jaemyoung Lee

Development of a Correlation to Predict Water-Flooding Performance of Sandstone Reservoirs Based On Reservoir Fluid Properties
pp. 2586-2597
Saad Balhasan and Mohammad Jumaa

A No-Reference Metric for Quality Assessment of Tone-Mapped High Dynamic Range Images
pp. 2598-2603
Charles E. Yaacoub, Jad A. Melhem and Petra A. Bilane

A Study on Flow Resistance and Mobility Index at Palu River
pp. 2604-2612
Alifi Yunar, Muhammad Saleh Pallu, Farouk Maricar and Rita Lopa

Aging and Consistency Characterization of Bio-binders from Domestic Wastes
pp. 2613-2622
Sady A. Tayh, Ratnasamy Muniandy, Salihudin Hassim and Fauzan Jakarni

Residential construction costs: An Italian case study
pp. 2623-2634
Rubina Canesi and Giuliano Marella







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