International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 12  (2017)  




Analysis of Run Time of Li-polymer Secondary Cell with or without FlybackConverter Active Balancing BMS
pp. 3009-3014
Young-pil Kim, MD Saifur Rahman, ChulhyungChoi, Sikyung Kim and Seok-Cheol Ko

Integrated Mathematical Model and Control Design for Hybrid Active Power Filter
pp. 3015-3022
VanBao Chau, CongPhuong Vo and Minh Thuyen Chau

CHECKERMARC: A Modified Novel Memory-Testing Approach for Bit-Oriented SRAM
pp. 3023-3028
Aditya Kumar Singh Pundir and Om Prakash Sharma

Component-based Self-adaptive Middleware Architecture for Networked Embedded Systems
pp. 3029-3034
M.Ramesh Babu and Y.Mohana Roopa

Modeling of Resource Allocation in OFDMA systems with Multiple Handover Stations
pp. 3035-3041
G. Chandra Sekhar, P. Ila Chandana Kumari, Syed Umar and N. Yongender Nath

A Unified Approach in the Analysis of Prescalers and Dual Modulus Prescalers for low-power systems
pp. 3042-3048
Sakshi Bhargava and Uma Nirmal

A Compact Circular Disc Shaped Monopole Antenna for UWB Applications
pp. 3049-3053
Rajan Mishra and Vijay Shanker Tripathi

Finite Element Analysis of Concrete-filled Aluminum tube columns
pp. 3054-3062
Fadhil Kamil Idan

A Survey on Service-Oriented Network Virtualization Software Defined Networking for Cloud Computing
pp. 3063-3069
Vatsal Mishra and Manjula R

2-D Numerical Simulation of Transport and Bioremediation in a Saturated Porous Media
pp. 3070-3074
Loukili Hind and Kammouri Alami Salaheddine

Iris Recognition Based on Unique Iris Templates for Reliable Personal Authentication
pp. 3075-3083
Shailender Kumar, Krishnanand Mishra and Rahul Vashisht

Optimal Capacitor Allocation for the Reconfigured Network using Ant Lion Optimization Algorithm
pp. 3084-3089
A.V. Sudhakara Reddy and M. Damodar Reddy

Novel Algorithm for PPDM of Vertically Partitioned Data
pp. 3090-3096
Hemlata and Preeti Gulia

A Design Method for the Prediction of the Behavior of Moorings
pp. 3097-3104
Filippo Cucinotta and Felice Sfravara

Reducing Fan Blade Vibration in Rice Harvesters and Combine Harvesters by Applying Product Grouping
pp. 3105-3110
Kittichote Supakumnerd, Phaireepinas Phimpisan, Chatchapol Chungchoo and Pichai Asadamongkon

Structural Optimization Study on Hybrid TFET with MoS2 Channel and N+/P+ Si Tunnel Junction
pp. 3111-3116
Jong-Wook Lee

A Mixed C-VIKOR Fuzzy Approach for Material Selection during Design Phase: A Case Study in Valve Seats for High Performance Engine
pp. 3117-3129
Alessandro Giorgetti, Carlo Cavallini, Gabriele Arcidiacono and Paolo Citti

An Authentication of Significant Security for Accessing Password through Network System
pp. 3130-3133
S.Swarajya Laxmi P. Krishna Kishore, Syed Umar and K.Kondaiah

Capacitated Location-Allocation Problem in a Competitive Environment
pp. 3134-3144
Ait Bassou Aziz,Bilali Mohamed,Solhi Aziz and El Alami Jamila

Stress Distribution Analysis of Two Aluminium Hook Models by Photoelasticity Method
pp. 3145-3150
Nicky Yongkimandalan and Djoko Setyanto

Relational Neighborhood Model for Diffusion Stage of Sugar Production
pp. 3151-3156
Anatoly Shmyrin, Anastasia Kanyugina and Artem Kuznetsov

Design and Implementation of Android-based MobileSecond Platform Architecture & its Smart Care Service
pp. 3157-3161
Joongjin Kook, Jinman Kim and Eui Chul Lee

Experimental Analysis on Stability and Indirect Tensile Strength in Asphalt Emulsion Mixture Containing Buton Granular Asphalt
pp. 3162-3169
Abrar Mahyuddin, M.W. Tjaronge, Nur Ali and M. Isran Ramli

On optimization of a Multi-Product EPQ Model with Scrap and an Improved Multi-Delivery Policy
pp. 3170-3173
Singa Wang Chiu, Hua Yao Wu and Yuan-Shyi Peter Chiu

Reduction of the Fluctuation Range of Hot-Rolled Strip Coiling Temperature Using Mixed Control with Variable Coefficients
pp. 3174-3176
А.М. Shmyrin and А.G. Yartsev

Reviews on Five Subjects inMechanical Engineering thatNeed Rehabilitations in Presentation
pp. 3177-3181
Hyun-WookKwon and Young-DooKwon

Experimental Investigation for the Design of Epoxy Bonding in Joints of Carbon Fibre Laminates
pp. 3182-3187
Filippo Cucinotta and Felice Sfravara

E-Commerce Analysis as a Technological Tool for the Development of Pymes in Ecuador
pp. 3188-3195
Galo Rodrigo Moreno Sotomayor, Rodrigo Fernando Morocho Roman, Yandri Vanessa Avila Jaramillo and Luis Octavio Señalin Morales

Evaluation of the Existing Maintenance Policy for the Seawater Reverse-Osmosis Plant at Kuwait Bay Based on the Degradation Characteristics of Membranes
pp. 3197-3202
Sung Kyu Kim, Jun Hyoung Lim and Yong Soo Kim

Review on Application of Haptic in Robotic Rehabilitation Technology
pp. 3203-3213
Sari Abdo Ali, Muhammad Fahmi Miskon, Ahmad Zaki Hj Shukor, Mohd Bazli Bahar and Marwan Qaid Mohammed

A Study of Tungsten Carbide Surfaces during the Electrical Discharge Machining Using Artificial Neural Network Model
pp. 3214-3227
Pichai Janmanee and Sanya Kumjing

Estimation of Software Development Efforts using Improved Delphi Technique: A Novel Approach
pp. 3228-3236
Ashish Rai, G. P. Gupta and Pankaj Kumar

Investigating the Inhibiting Action of Thiourea Derivative on Mild Steel Corrosion in Acid Medium
pp. 3237-3242
S. Divakara Shetty, Nagaraja Shetty, Faiz Parvaz, Karthik Agnihotri and Parthiv Mewawala

Antenna Array with Low Mutual Coupling for MIMO-LTE Applications
pp. 3243-3247
Eduardo Rodríguez Araque, Ezdeen Elghannai, Roberto G. Rojas and Roberto Bustamante

Efficiency of PAC in Water Treatment Plant & Disposal of Its Sludge
pp. 3253-3262
N. Kumar and N. Balasundaram

Analysis of Mobility Models and Routing Schemes for Flying Ad-Hoc Networks (FANETS)
pp. 3263-3269
Rabia Bilal and Bilal Muhammad Khan

Adhoc Protocol to Enhance Wireless Network Performance
pp. 3270-3274
Bilal Muhammad Khan and Rabia Bilal

A Feasibility Study of Wireless Sussex MK4 System for Electrical Impedance Mammography
pp. 3275-3281
Rabia Bilal, Bilal Muhammad Khan, Rupert Young and Chris Chatwin

Design and Implementation of Tizen IVI-based MobileSecond Platform Architecture &its Applications
pp. 3282-3286
Joongjin Kook

On an Improved Sharpening Method for Interfacial Flow
pp. 3287-3292
Noureddine Kaid and Belkacem Draoui

Electromagnetic Suspension used for High-Speed Vacuum Transport
pp. 3293-3297
Nikolay Grebennikov and Alexander Kireev

Experience in Applying Data Mining Techniques to Musical Content Database to Identify Personality Traits
pp. 3298-3304
Xavier Campaña, Rubén Arroyo and Sang Guun Yoo

On Solving a Fabrication Lot-Size and Shipping Frequency Problem with an Outsourcing Policy and Random Scrap
pp. 3305-3310
Yuan-Shyi Peter Chiu, Victoria Chiu and Peng-Cheng Sung

Q Learning Based Workflow Scheduling in Hadoop
pp. 3311-3317
Rashmi S and Anirban Basu

Cost Effective High Reliability Routing in Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Networks
pp. 3318-3328
Nandini K. S. and S.A. Hariprasad

Design Development and Modelling of Linear Permanent Magnet Generator Topologies for Wave Energy Conversion
pp. 3329-3336
Aamir Hussain Memon, Taib bin Ibrahim and Perumal Nallagoowden

Gait Impairment Score: A Fuzzy Logic-Based Index for Gait Assessment
pp. 3337-3345
Samanta Rosati, Valentina Agostini, Marco Knaflitz and Gabriella Balestra

Simulation Model of Radial Bearing, Taking into Account the Dependence of Viscosity Characteristics of Micro-Polar Lubricant Material on Temperature
pp. 3346-3352
Elena Olegovna Lagunova

Photocoupling of Ag3PO4-Ag2CO3 with molecularly imprinted Polymer for enhanced removal of phenol under solar light: Application of Taguchi method
pp. 3353-3359
Hager R. Ali

Study on the Noise Reduction in the Resonator Connection of Automotive Air Cleaner
pp. 3360-3364
Ho Seop Song, Byung Mo Yang and Haeng Muk Cho

Lower Bound for Mean Object Transfer Latency in the Narrowband IoT Environment

pp. 3365-3369
Y. –J. Lee

Evaluation of PCA and K-means Algorithm for Efficient Intrusion Detection
pp. 3370-3376
N. Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Purna Chandra Rao Vemuri and A. Govardhan

A Study on the Optimum Shape of Automobile Air Cleaner Diffuser
pp. 3377-3381
HoseopSong, Byungmo Yang and Haengmuk Cho

An Advanced Embedded Application for Receiver Processor Unit
pp. 3382-3386
Vandana Khare and M. Sudhakar

A Comprehensive Review of DSTATCOM: Control and Compensation Strategies
pp. 3387-3393
G. Gupta, W. Fritz and M.T.E. Kahn

Key Parameters Optimization of Spacecraft Orbital Constellations in Low Circular Orbits for Priority Service of the Russian Federation Territory
pp. 3394-3402
Ivanova Marina Pavlovna, Golovkov Vladimir Vladimirovich, Badertdinov Albert Mansourovich, Esipenko Anton Andreevich and Kuzovnikov Aleksander Vitalievich

Design and Implementation of an 8-Bit Double Tail Comparator using Foot Transistor Logic
pp. 3403-3410
K Aruna Manjusha, Anu Radha Thotakuri, T Ravinder, J Nagaraju and R Karthik

Design of low threshold Full Adder cell using CNTFET
pp. 3411-3415
P Chandrashekar, R Karthik, O Koteswara Sai Krishna and Ardhi Bhavana

Development of Empirical Model for Tube Hydroforming Process using RSM
pp. 3416-3425
Bathina Sreenivasulu and G. Prasanthi

Studying the Effect of Compression Ratio on DI-CI Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics Fueled with Ethanol Blended Diesel
pp. 3426-3430
K Srinivasa Rao

Analysis of Spinal EMG Signal When Swinging an Object
pp. 3431-3438
M.B. Bahar , J.W. Too, M.F. Miskon, N.M. Sobran and N.L.A. Shaari

A Study on Reinforcement Learning based SFC Path Selection in SDN/NFV
pp. 3439-3443
Hye-Jin Ku, Joo-hee Jung and Gu-In Kwon

The Study on Helmholtz Resonator with Extended Neck within the Limited Space
pp. 3444-3447
Hyunho Lee, Byungmo Yang and Haengmuk Cho

The Influence of Engine Emission Relating to the Biodiesel
pp. 3448-3454
HongWu Zhao and HaengMuk Cho

Optimization Algorithms of the Industrial Clusters’ Innovative Development Programs
pp. 3455-3460
Maxim Dli, Artur Zaenchkovski,Dmitry Tukaev and Tatiana Kakatunova

Acoustic Signals Recognition by Convolutional Neural Network
pp. 3461-3469
Vera Barat, Peter Kostenko, Vladimir Bardakov and Denis Terentyev

An Efficient Approach for Item Set Mining Using Both Utility and Frequency Based Methods
pp. 3470-3473
Paul P Mathai, R.V. Siva Balan and Ierin Babu

Remote Sensing and GIS Technique Enable to Assess and Predict Landuse Changes in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu, India
pp. 3474-3482
Jhimli Ghosh and P.Porchelvan

Efficient Approach for Mining Consistent Profit Based Pattern over Large Dynamic Data Stream
pp. 3483-3486
Vijay Kumar Verma and Kanak Saxena

Scalable Hyperspace Partitioning Based Data Preprocessing Algorithm for Distance-Metric Based Clustering in Data Mining
pp. 3487-3490
Manju Pandey and Ravi K Jade

Classification of EEG Signals Using Novel Algorithm for Channel Selection and Feature Extraction
pp. 3491-3499
Jаtin Sokhаl, Shubhаm Аggаrwаl and Bindu Garg

A Secure Electronic Medical Information Retrieval System in EMIRS
pp. 3500-3506
R.Aravazhi and M.Chidambaram

Measurement of the Best Z-Factor Correlation Using Gas Well Inflow Performance Data in Niger-Delta
pp. 3507-3522
Okoro Emeka Emmanuel, Dike Honfre, Igwilo Kevin C. and Mamudu Angela

Development Prospective for a Picosatellites Laboratory
pp. 3523-3531
Carlos Alfredo González G., Jonattan Morrison Tarquino A. and Lilia Edith Aparicio P.

An MDA approach for the development of data warehouses from Relational Databases Using ATL Transformation Language
pp. 3532-3538
A. Srai, F.Guerouate, N. Berbiche and H. Drissi

Effective Solution of Large-Scale Optimization Problems Using the Similarity Criteria
pp. 3539-3541
Roman Solopov, Valeriy Kavchenkov, Larisa Doletskaya and Viktor Kiselev

A Probability Learning Model for Constructing Artificial Minds
pp. 3542-3545
Sunghae Jun

Event-Detection Microcontroller using Interoperation-based Acoustic Surface Sensing for Individualized Things-Human Interaction
pp. 3546-3552
Seongseop Kim, Giho Choi, Sanghyun Lee, Jeonghun Cho and Daejin Park

Analysis and Comparison of Compression Algorithm for Light Field Mask
pp. 3553-3556
Hyunji Cho and Hoon Yoo






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