International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 13  (2017)  




Accident Detection and Response System with Error Avoidance
pp. 3562-3565
Mochitha Vijayan, ChakshuIshan Kaplas and Samhita Ganguly

Fuzzy I+PD controller for stiction compensation in pneumatic control valve
pp. 3566-3575
Pardeep Rohilla, Vineet Kumar and Feras Al Hakkak

Pressure Drop Measurements of Oil (D80)-Water Flow in 6” Horizontal and Inclined Annulus Pipe
pp. 3576-3589
Mehaboob Basha, Syed. M. Shaahid, A. Ahmad, A. M. Al-Sarkhi, Luai M. Al-Hadhrami Mujahid O. Elobeid, J. J. Xiao, Rafael Lastra, Chidirim E. Ejim and Saudi Aramco

pp. 3590-3599
Daniela Mackovaa, Maria Kozlovskaa, Renata Baskovaa, Marcela Spisakovaa and Katarina Krajnikovaa

Applied Management Support for an Efficient WSN Infrastructure
pp. 3600-3608
Nilayam Kumar Kamila and Sunil Dhal

An Efficient DDoS Attack Detection Mechanism Based on Distributed Self Organizing Map
pp. 3609-3615
Yang-Ick Joo and Minho Park

Modifying the Structures of Composite Grouts with Aluminosilicate Nanotubes
pp. 3616-3621
Marina Panfilova, Nikolay Zubrev and Valentina Kashintseva

Low-Cost Implementation of P&O MPPT based on Microntroller PIC16F877A
pp. 3622-3630
Mhamed Rebhi, Ali Benatiallah and Mebrouk Sellam

A Study on Modeling and Controlling Bead Height in the Robotic GMA Welding
pp. 3631-3638
Marina Panfilova, Nikolay Zubrev and Valentina Kashintseva

Connection of Odkvist Parameter and Values of Microhardness when Hardening by Plastic Deformation
pp. 3639-3644
OlgaV. Pilipenko, Sergey Y. Radchenko, Daniil O. Dorohov, Igor’ M. Gryadunov

Efficiency of Operation and Functioning of the System of an Indirect Transport Flow Regulation and Control
pp. 3645-3652
Sultan V. Zhankaziev, Aleksandr N. Novikov, Andrey I. Vorobyev, Andrei V. Kulev and Dmitry Yu. Morozov

Definition of Accuracy of Qualitative Correspondence Matrixes for Indirect Traffic Flow Control and Regulation
pp. 3653-3658
Sultan V. Zhankaziev, Aleksandr N. Novikov, Andrey I. Vorobyev, Andrei V. Kulev and Dmitry Yu. Morozov

Experimental Investigation on Compressive Strength of Geopolymer Concrete Paver Block
pp. 3659-3664
K. Ashok Kumar and P. Partheeban

FPGA Implementation of Ripple Carry and Carry Look Ahead Adders Using Reversible Logic Gates
pp. 3665-3670
K. Rajesh and G. Umamaheswara Reddy

Optimization of Injection Molding Process Parameters to Improve Mechanical Strength of LFT Specimen
pp. 3671-3676
Jae KyungKim and Euy Sik Jeon

Performance Analysis of Photovoltaic Module at changing Environmental condition using Matlab Simulink
pp. 3677-3683
Arjyadhara Pradhan and Bhagbat Panda

Amplifier Stability in the Case of Non-Linear Inductive Loads
pp. 3684-3689
Azhagan AVR, Anto Nivin . M, Godwin Sylvester, Romano Giannetti and S. Saraswathi Janaki

Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Using Moth-Flame Optimization Algorithm
pp. 3690-3701
P.Anbarasan and T. Jayabarathi

Development of Cluster Routing protocol in Homogeneous networks for Randomly Deployed MSN in WSNs
pp. 3702-3707
T Kamal Raj, T.V Ananthan and R. Balakrishna

Optimal Placement of Unified Power Quality Conditioner using Ant Lion Optimization Method
pp. 3708-3713
M. Laxmidevi Ramanaiah and M. Damodar Reddy

Time-Frequency Analysis of Non-Stationary Waveforms in Power-Quality via Synchrosqueezing Transform
pp. 3714-3718
G. Sahu and A. Choubey

Design of Hand Tractor-trailed Biogas Sludge Applicator and Its Performance on Indonesian Dry Land
pp. 3719-3723
Ary Mustofa Ahmad, Zaenal Kusuma, Bambang Suharto and Sugeng Prijono

F2F: Friend-To-Friend Semantic Path Recommendation
pp. 3724-3729
Mohamed Mahmoud Hasan and Hoda M. O. Mokhtar

The Effect of Electrical Variables on Hydrogen and Oxygen Production Using a Water Electrolyzing System
pp. 3730-3739
HananSaleet, Salah Abdallah b, and Essam Yousef c

Saudi Arabia License Plate Detection based on ANN and Objects Analysis
pp. 3740-3751
Alaa M. Abbasa and Amr E. Rashidc

Query by Singing/Humming System Based on Deep Learning
pp. 3752-3756
Jia-qi Sun and Seok-Pil Lee

Reliability Based Design Optimization of BGA Electronic Packages using the Kriging Substitution Model
pp. 3757-3766
Om. Bendaou, M. Agouzoul, A. El Hami and Ot. Bendaou

Data Filtering Using Reverse Dominance Relation in Reverse Skyline Query
pp. 3767-3772
Jongwan Kim

Mobile Augmented Reality Media Design with Waterfall Model for Learning Geometry in College
pp. 3773-3780
Achmad Buchori, Punaji Setyosari, I Wayan Dasna and Saedah Ulfa

Improving Productivity of Industrial Soda-Filling Machine using PLC Programming
pp. 3781-3783
Kyung Won Kima, Haider Alia, Muhammad Usman Javaida, Jae Sik Kimb, Jong Yun Choic and Cheol Woo Parka

Fano Resonance and EIT-like effect based on 4x4 Multimode Interference Structures
pp. 3784-3788
Duy-Tien Le and Trung-Thanh Le

Generalized Analytic Solutions of The Unsteady Krook Kinetic Model for a Rarefied Gas Affected by a Nonlinear Thermal Radiation Field by using Mean Value Theorem
pp. 3789-3800
Al-Kashif, M. A., Elagan, S.K. and Sayed, M.

Evaluation of Performance of Cast and Laser-Sintered cr-co Alloys for Dental Applications
pp. 3801-3809
Lucia Denti

Stability of Queues in Multi-User Cognitive Radios
pp. 3810-3816
V.Hamsadhwani, Arun Pachai Kannu and K. Lakshmi

Experimental Study on Digital Twin Spark Ignition Gasoline Engine at Different Gasoline-Methanol Blends
pp. 3817-3821
Divakar Shetty A S and Antony A J

Conservative Spatial Reuse Routing in Multi-Hop Cognitive Sensor Networks
pp. 3822-3827
K L Arun Kumar, P V Nageswara Rao and Arjun Atreya V

Investigative Modelling of Behaviour of Expansive Soils Improved using Soil Mixing Technique
pp. 3828-3836
Eyo Umo Eyo, Samson Ng’ambi and Samuel Jonah Abbey

An Enhanced Harmony Search Algorithm Based Power Flow Solution to Non Convex Load Dispatch Problem
pp. 3837-3843
DSNMRAO and Niranjan Kumar

Effect of Blending Temperature and Blending Time on Physical Properties of NRL-Modified Bitumen
pp. 3844-3849
Mohd Amin Shafii, Calvin Lai Yew Veng, Nuryantizpura Mohamad Rais and Amminudin Ab Latif

Provide Safety in School Children’s Vehicle in Urban Environments using Navigation system
pp. 3850-3856
Paparao Nalajala, K Madhavi, Bhavana Godavarthi and M B Naga Aditya

Removal of Phenol from Wastewater Using tea waste and optimization of conditions using response surface methodology
pp. 3857-3863
C R Girish, Purushottam Singh and Ashish Kumar Goyal


Stress Analysis of Lower Limb Exoskeleton for Walking Assistance using Finite Element Method
pp. 3864-3866
Rifki Atmaja., Munadi and Mohammad Tauviqirrahman

Comparative Study of Routing Protocols Performance for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
pp. 3867-3878
Zineb Squalli Houssaini, Mohammed Oumsis, Imane Zaimi and Saïd El Alaoui Ouatik

Social Spider Algorithm-based Spectrum Allocation Optimization for Cognitive Radio Networks
pp. 3879-3887
Binh Thanh Dang, Minh Cong Vo and Tung Khac Truong

Evaluating the Reliability and Quality of Examination Paper for Multi-tier Application Development Course using Rasch Measurement Model
pp. 3887-3893
Zuhaira Muhammad Zain

Design Concept of Strengthen and Ability Development at Naval Operation/ Information System to Supporting Archipelagic Sea Defence Strategy
pp. 3894-3903
I Nengah Putra A., Abdul Hakim, Sholeh H. Pramono and Amin S. Leksono

A Study on Characteristics of Automotive Electromagnetic Control Valve(ECV)
pp. 3904-3907
Uiro Park and Haengmuk Cho

Trust Evaluation Scheme for Cloud Data Security using Fuzzy based Approach
pp. 3908-3913
Muthusenthil Balasubrmanian and Hyunsung Kim

Hydrogen Purification Using Natural Pahae Zeolit and Cocoa Rind Based Filter
pp. 3914-3918
Susilawati, Tulus Ikhsan Nasution, Fynnisa Zebua and Hamonangan Nainggolan

Groundwater and Dependent Ecosystems: Revealing the Impacts of Climate Change
pp. 3919-3926
Karim M. Morsy, Ahmad Alenezi and Duaij S. AlRukaibi

DBSCAN-D: A Density-Based Clustering Method of Directionality
pp. 3927-3932
Joasang Lim, Joongjin Kook and Jinman Kim

Cryptanalysis on Efficient Two-factor User Authentication Scheme with Unlinkability for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 3933-3937
Hae-Won Choi and Hyunsung Kim

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) Study: Exploring the Reason of Increased Mass of CNF/PTFE Composite with Temperature at Higher Weights of CNF
pp. 3938-3940
Sarita Chandra, Fateh Singh Gill and Preeti Garg

Seniors in the Czech Republic and Modern Information Technologies
pp. 3941-3943
Pala David, Lukas Urbancok and Ivan Kovar

Using of Inputs and Outputs on Microcontrollers Raspberry and Arduino
pp. 3944-3949
Michal Sustek, Miroslav Marcanik and Zdenek Urednicek

Hidden CP-ABE to Enhance Patient Data Privacy in Smart Healthcare Systems
pp. 3950-3960
Pallavi Ashok Patil, Shruti Patil and Shashank Joshi

OptimizedWavelet Filters and Modified Huffman Encoding-based Compression and Chaotic Encryption for Image Data
pp. 3961-3977
Renjith V Ravi and Kamalraj Subrahmaniam

Simulation of Auxetic Behavior in Planar Random Steel Fiber Networks
pp. 3978-3987
Mehmet Seha Tatlier and Umut Aksu

Soft Computing Techniques to Estimate FIR Filter Weights in an Adaptive Channel Equalizer: A Comparative Study
pp. 3988-3995
Rashmi Sinha and Arvind Choubey

Texture Feature Based Satellite Image Classification Scheme Using SVM
pp. 3996-4003
Anita Dixit, Nagaratna Hedge and B. Eswar Reddy

Performance Analysis of Hexagonal Node Design For Packet-Switched NoC on FPGA
pp. 4004-4008
Shilpa K Gowda and Rekha K.R.

Pursuance Assessment and Discharge Characteristics Studies of Compression Ignition Diesel Engine by using
pp. 4009-4014
V. Thanigaivelan, M. Loganathan and C.G. Saravanan

COVERED: Content-Version based Removal of Duplicates
pp. 4015-4022
Jyoti Malhotra and Jagdish Bakal

Corrosion Behavior of Inconel 600 Ni-based Alloy
pp. 4023-4028
Sang-An Ha, Jin-Sung Lee, Dong-Kyun Kim and Jei-Pil Wang

Low Voltage Low Power Folded Cascode OTA Design For RF Applications
pp. 4029-4034
Sawssen Lahiani, Houda Daoud, Samir Ben Selem and Mourad Loulou

Building Secretkey Based Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing to avoid Vulnarabilities in Hypervisors
pp. 4035-4043
A. Praveen, M. Nagalakshmi, G.Sreenivasa Yadav and M.Thukaram Reddy






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