International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 17  (2017)  




Wireless Sensor Network Storage with Light Weight File System using Update Logic for Cloud Interface
pp. 6323-6329
R.Kumaravelu, Satheesh. A, Poornima. S and V. Murugesh

Energy efficient cross layer approach for Wireless Ad-hoc Network
pp. 6330-6337
Nileshkumar R. Patel and Shishir Kumar

A study on Deep Machine Learning Algorithms for diagnosis of diseases
pp. 6338-6346
Dinu A.J., Ganesan R, Felix Joseph and Balaji V

Generalized Estimating Equations Models for Rubber Yields in Thailand
pp. 6347-6353
Watcharin Sangma and Suttipong Jumroonrut

Test Bench Trials of the Electromagnetic Regenerative Shock Absorber
pp. 6354-6359
Kireev A.V., Kozhemyaka N.M., Burdugov A.S. and Klimov A.V.

Characteristic Surface Potential of Selected Oligocene-Miocene Shales from the Setap Formation, Onshore Sarawak-Malaysia
pp. 6360-6368
E.L. Fosu-Duah, E. Padmanabhan and J. A. Gámez Vintaned

A Low Area Overhead Fault Tolerant Strategy for Multiple Stuck-At-Faults in Digital Circuits
pp. 6369-6376
S.Meyyappan and John Kalloor

Cyclic loading of Exterior Beam - Column Joint with Threaded Headed Reinforcement
pp. 6377-6383
Vaibhav R. Pawar, Y.D.Patil and H.S.Patil

Design and Implementation of Low Power Testing Using Advanced Razor Based Processor
pp. 6384-6390
R.Karthick and M.Sundararajan

Performance Analysis of Reed Solomon Code for various Modulation Schemes over AWGN Channel
pp. 6391-6398
Monika Kapoor and Anubhuti khare

Sensoric and Motion System of Quadrocopter
pp. 6399-6404
Miroslav Marcanik, Michal Sustek and Roman Jasek

Performance Analysis of Linear Polarization Antenna in 2.45 GHz on Body Communications
pp. 6405-6413
Lingfeng Liu, Xiaonan Wang and Peng Zhang

Modelling of the operating circuit of main nozzle for air-jet looms
pp. 6414-6419
G.Belforte, G.Mattiazzo, F.Testore and C. Visconte

Adopted COBIT-5 Framework for System Design of Indonesia Navy IS/IT : An Evaluation
pp. 6420-6427
Nengah Putra, Abdul Hakim, Sholeh H. Pramono and Herman Tolle

Experimental Research of Variability of Surface Energy Value of Fe37-3FN, C45 and 41Cr4 Steels
pp. 6428-6433
Mousokhranov M.V., Kalmykov V.V. and Malyshev E.N.

Optimization of Injection Molding Process Parameters for Improved Moldability of Plastic Stand Necks
pp. 6434-6439
Jae Kyung Kim, Euy Sik Jeon and Kwang Ho Jung

A Comparative Evaluation of Biodiesel Blends of Soapnut, Palm, and Karanja for Usage in CI Engine
pp. 6440-6446
Mukesh Tiwari and A.P.Singh

An Overview of Mobile Broadband in 4G Long Term Evolution and Emerging Strategies for Resolving Deployment Limitations in Developing Countries
pp. 6447-6451
Agboje A.O, Oni O.O and Nkordeh N.S

Edge Domination on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 6452-6461
A.Nagoor Gani, J.Kavikumar and S.Anupriya

Optimized Inner Product Computation Architectures using DAOBC
pp. 6462-6470
Zainul Abdin Jaffery and Shaheen Khan

Analysis of Longitudinal Fin Patterns in a Concentric Double Tube Heat Exchanger using LMTD and CFD Techniques
pp. 6471-6479
Nakul Sreedhar and George Varghese

Heliostat Mirror Technology: A Survey
pp. 6472-6476
Vinodhini R. and C.Gomathy / S.Chitralakshmi

Design of Robust Controller for Hemi-Spherical Tank System Using Volumetric Observer
pp. 6477-6481
Muthumari S, Rakesh Kumar S, Srimathy R and Kanimozhi G

A Novel Evolving Mutation Analysis approach of Hybrid Parallel Ant Colony Optimization algorithm for DICOM images
pp. 6482-6486
Chetan S., H S Sheshadri and Lokesha V

Performance Analysis of Cloud Computing Bulk Service Using Queueing Models
pp. 6487-6492
K. Santhi and R. Saravanan

Industrial Sensor Networks - Signal Processing with Compressive Sensing
pp. 6493-6498
Vivek P K, V S Dharun and Veenus P K

Laser Alloying of Wear Surfaces with Metal Components
pp. 6499-6503
Kargapoltsev S.K., Shastin V.I., Gozbenko V.E., Livshits A.V. and Filippenko N.G.

Localisation of Fault Using Travelling Wave Theory Based on Multi-End System
pp. 6504-6513
M.A. Baseer, Praveen R.P, A. Galal Abo Khalil, Youcef and Manaa

Review of Mixer and Balun Designs for UWB Applications
pp. 6514-6522
M. Y. Algumaei, N. A. Shairi, Z. Zakaria and I. M. Ibrahim

A Characteristic of Ijuk Palm Saray Composite with Resin Polyester
pp. 6523-6527
Perdinan Sinuhaji, Timbangen Sembiring and Junedi Ginting

The Parameters Effect on the Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Gas-Metal-Arc Welded SKD 61 Hot Work Tool Steel
pp. 6528-6533
Teerayut Kanchanasangtong and Supachai Surapunt

Verification IP for AMBA AXI Protocol using System Verilog
pp. 6534-6541
Murali .M., Umadevi. S and Sakthivel.S.M.

Priority and Probability Based Model to Evaluate Aggregate Function Used in Iceberg Query
pp. 6542-6552
Kale Sarika Prakash and P.M.Joe Prathap

Implementation 3-Axis CNC Router for Small Scale Industry
pp. 6553-6558
R.Ginting, S. Hadiyoso and S.Aulia

RFID Based Smart Car Parking System
pp. 6559-6563
Anusooya G, Christy Jackson J, Sathyarajasekaran K and Kumar Kannan

An Efficient Informal Data Processing Method by Removing Duplicated Data
pp. 6564-6569
Jaejeong Lee, Hyeongrak Park and Byoungchul Ahn

Physical Modelling of Temperature’s Potential Decrease for Near-Wellbore Rocks during Extraction of Thermal Energy
pp. 6570-6575
A.V. Volkov, A.V. Ryzhenkov, A.V. Kurshakov, S.V. Grigoriev, and V.V. Bekker

Learning Media Of Applications Design Based Android Mobile Smartphone
pp. 6576-6585

Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of BaFe12-2xMgxAlxO19 for Microwave Absorbing Materials
pp. 6586-6590
Martha Rianna, Timbangen Sembiring, Candra Kurniawan, Eko Arief Setiadi, Silviana Simbolon, Masno Ginting and Perdamean Sebayang

The effect of sport technology on student-athletes’ Petanque Skill Performance
pp. 6591-6596
Asiah Mohd Pilus, Mohd Norafif Mohd Amin, Norharyati Harum and Nurul Azma Zakaria

Quality Learning Assurance through Standard Course Syllabus Template
pp. 6597-6602
Louay A. Hussein Al-Nuaimy, Md Mastan and G. Jai Arul Jose

Structural Analysis and Criteria for Assessment of State Economic Policy
pp. 6603-6614
Natalya Evgenievna Buletova, Igor Arkadievich Zlochevsky, Igor Vadimovich Sharkevich and Ekaterina Vladimirovna Stepanova

Holistic Haptic Education Platform for Developmental Disorder Children
pp. 6615-6622
Tami Im, In-ho Yun and Sang-Youn Kim

Study of Sensitivity and Selectivity of Protection Coordination Settings for 110kV Network in Western Region of Saudi Arabia
pp. 6623-6626
Rakan A. Hakami

Lightweight Optimal Design of Tailgate Lift Link under Eccentric Loading
pp. 6627-6632
Hee Teak Oh and Euy Sik Jeon

Limited Cluster Technique to Enhance Wireless Sensor Network lifespan
pp. 6633-6640
Alok Sahelay and Shiv Prasad Kori

Monitoring of EDMed surface using Barkhausen Noise Technique
pp. 6641-6646
Binayaka Nahak, Mohd. Zaheer Khan Yusufzai and Meghanshu Vashista

Aspects of Friction stir weldments of rare earth AE42 Magnesium Alloy
pp. 6647-6652
Vuppula Prasanna, A. Seshu Kumar and P. Ramesh Babu

A Framework for Reconstruction and Operation of Auto-Healing strategy for the Switch Inference Attack for WSN
pp. 6653-6657
K.Lakshmi Narasimha, N. Sainath, D. Moulali and M. Ravi Kumar

A Novel Technique of Security Improvement in Ad-hoc Network by using FTP
pp. 6658-6662
Preeti Gulia and Reena

Task Scheduling on Virtual Machines using BAT Strategy for Efficient Utilization of Resources in Cloud Environment
pp. 6663-6669
T Sunitha Rani and Shyamala Kannan

A Collaborative filtering based sentiment analyzer to evaluate textual user feedbacks/opinions
pp. 6670-6677
Alok Kumar and Renu Jain

Exploring Innovative Learning Environment (ILE): Big Data Era
pp. 6678-6685
Miftachul Huda, Zulkiflee Haron, Mohd Nasir Ripin, Aminudin Hehsan and Ahmad Bin Che Yaacob

A Novel Model for Benchmarking the Performance of Retail Stores for Retail Operations using Lean Manufacturing Approach
pp. 6686-6692
Mwafak Shakoor, Nasser Jaber, Wisam Abu Jadayil, Mohamed Qureshi and Samar Jaber

The Validity of the Diagnosis of Plant Leaf Infections Using Non-Destructive Optical Inspection Technique and Depth-Scan Signal Analysis
pp. 6693-6698
Ruchire Eranga Wijesinghe, Seung-Yeol Lee, Hee-Young Jung, Mansik Jeon and Jeehyun Kim

Optimization of Membrane Thickness in Physical Aging Study of Polymeric Membranes
pp. 6699-6703
S.S.M. Lock, K.K. Lau, A.M. Shariff, Y.F. Yeong and F. Ahmad

Characteristics and application of nanomaterials on sportswear fabric
pp. 6704-6709
Yongho Choi, Sang-Duk Lee and Shin Hwan Yoo

Conceptual Design Selection of Manual Wheelchair for Elderly by Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Method: A Case Study
pp. 6710-6719
Mohd Nazri Ahmad, N.A. Maidin, M.H.A. Rahman and M.H. Osman

Application of Optimal Pole Shifting Control to Isolated Wind Energy System
pp. 6720-6729
I. E. Atawi

Kruskal-Wallis Test for the Identification of Factors that Influence the Perception of Accidents in Workers in the Construction Sector
pp. 6730-6734
Elias A. Bedoya-Marrugo, Luz E. Vargas-Ortiz, Carlos A. Severiche-Sierra and Dario D. Sierra-Calderon

Multi-Level Privacy Preservation and Transmission of Medical Records Using Cryptographic Technique
pp. 6735-6740
Karmel A and Saravanan

Experience in Applying the Analysis and Risk Management Methodology called MAGERIT to Identify Threats and Vulnerabilities in an Agro-industrial Company
pp. 6741-6750
Ricardo Guagalango Vega, Rubén Arroyo and Sang Guun Yoo

Behaviour of the Intraocular Pressure during Manual and Vented Gas Forced Infusion in a Simulated Pars Plana Vitrectomy
pp. 6751-6757
Marco Dal Vecchio, Antonio Maria Fea, Roberta Spinetta, Simone Luigi Marasso, Matteo Cocuzza, Luciano Scaltrito and Giancarlo Canavese

Strength, Durability and Thermal Performance of Ferrocement Panels for Use in Secondary Roofing
pp. 6758-6768
Mohamed Iburahim M, Dyana Joseline and Haji Sheik Mohammed M.S.

Corrosion Inhibition of Carbon Steel in 1M HCl Medium using butanol Extract of Traganum Nudatum Del.
pp. 6769-6777
Messaouda Allaoui, Noureddine Gherraf, Oumelkheir. Rahim, Elyacout Chebouat and Messaoud Gouamid

Analysis on Retrospective Cardiac Disorder Using Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Techniques
pp. 6778-6787
Jyotismita Talukdar and Sanjib Kr. Kalita

Combating Cross-Site Scripting Assaults without Proprietary Software
pp. 6788-6796
Ganga Rama Koteswara Rao and R.Satya Prasad

Decolonising the Engineering curriculum in a South African University of Technology
pp. 6797-6805
Kehdinga G. Fomunyam

The Performance of ARIMAX Method in Forecasting Number of Tuberculosis Patients in Malang Regency, Indonesia
pp. 6806-6813
Wiwik Anggraeni, Niswati Pusparinda, Edwin Riksakomara, Febriliyan Samopa and Pujiadi

Comparison between Backpropagation and CNN for the Recognition of Traffic Signs
pp. 6814-6820
Jorge Enrique Zafra, Robinson Jimenez Moreno and Ruben Dario Hernández

A Parabolic-Curvilinear Reverse-Flow Air-Flotation System (PAF) for Removal of Suspended Solids in Sago Starch Production Wastewater Effluents
pp. 6821-6831
Oon Yin Wee, Law Puong Ling, Kopli Bujang and Lim Soh Fong

Estimation of Temperature Distribution for Heating Mat Surface Using Infrared Thermography
pp. 6832-6840
J. R. Lim, B.Y.Kim and E.S. Jeon

The Effect of Binder Type and Temperature Differential on The Rutting Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt
pp. 6841-6852
Sohaib Ghasan Abdulmajeed and Ratnasamy Muniandy

Numerical analysis of the influence of turbulators constructive features on heat transfer in gas turbine blade cooling channels
pp. 6853-6861
I.V. Shevchenko, N.D. Rogalev, V.O. Kindra, S.K. Osipov and D.M. Rostova

Structural Safety Analysis of Main Shaft for Wind Power Generators Considering Mass Effect
pp. 6862-6869
Jong Hun Kang and HyoungWoo Lee

Performance Evaluation of e-Advertising Framework using Intelligent Mobile Agents
pp. 6870-6880
Roopa G M and Nirmala C R

Survey on Robot Vision: Techniques, Tools and Methodologies
pp. 6887-6896
Anuradha Thotakuri, T.Kalyani, Mahendra Vucha, Chinnaaiah.M.C and T. Nagarjuna

Comparative performance analysis of LBP and LTP based Facial Expression Recognition
pp. 6897-6900
Shaik Taj Mahaboob and S. Narayana Reddy

Strengthening Interaction from Direct to Virtual Basis: Insights from Ethical and Professional Empowerment
pp. 6901-6909
Miftachul Huda, Andino Maseleno, Kamarul Azmi Jasmi, Ismail Mustari and Bushrah Basiron

Climate Variability and Heat Stress Index have Increasing Potential Ill-health and Environmental Impacts in the East London, South Africa
pp. 6910-6918
Orimoloye Israel Ropo, Mazinyo Sonwabo Perez, Nel Werner and Iortyom Enoch T.

NHPP Model based Reliability Growth Management of a Hybrid DC-DC Converter
pp. 6919-6928
Kang H. Cho, Joong S. Jang and Sang C. Park

Cognition and Its Relationship with Endogenous and Exogenous Factors in Engineering Students
pp 6929-6933
W. Fong-Silva, C.A. Severiche-Sierra, J. Jaimes-Morales, Y.A. Marrugo-Ligardo and E.A. Espinosa-Fuentes

Thinking Process of Students with High-Mathematics Ability (A Study on QSR Nvino 11-Assisted Data Analysis)
pp. 6934-6940
Muhtarom, Yanuar Hery Murtianto and Sutrisno

Interpretation of Groundwater Potential Zones Based on Lineament Pattern Data Analysis in Ambon Island, Moluccas Province, Indonesia
pp. 6941-6945
Andi Agus Nur, Gumilar Utamas Nugraha, and Pulung Arya Pranantya

A Study on professors’ and learners’ perceptions of real-time Online Korean Studies Courses
pp. 6946-6953
Haiyoung Lee, Sun Hee Park and Jeehye Ha

Construction of Control Systems with High Potential of Robust Stability in the Case of Catastrophe Elliptical Umbilic
pp. 6954-6961
Mamyrbek A. Beisenbi, Salamat T. Suleimenova, Vladimir V. Nikulin and Dana K. Satybaldina

Weaknesses of Temporal Credential-Based Mutual Authentication with a Multiple-Password Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 6962-6969
Younsung Choi

Cloud Computing and Big Data is there a Relation between the Two: A Study
pp. 6970-6982
Nabeel Zanoon, Abdullah Al-Haj and Sufian M Khwaldeh

Cyber Security Insurance Status in Malawi
pp. 6983-6987
Kondwani Makanda and Hyunsung Kim

Improved Technique for Verification of Call-return Flow Integrity for Compiler-based Defense against Return-oriented Programming Attacks
pp. 6988-6996
Younsung Choi

Stability of Finite Difference Method for Frost Heaving Calculation in 2D Space
pp. 6997-7000
Evgeniy V. Markov, Sergey A. Pulnikov, Yuri S. Sysoev and Aleksandr D. Gerber

Experience in Getting Access to Remote Resources of a Complex Installation
pp. 7001-7006
Victor A. Rusakov

Reduction of Boundary Effects in Thermal Calculation of Tanks on Permafrost Soils
pp. 7007-7010
Evgeniy V. Markov, Sergey A. Pulnikov and Yuri S. Sysoev

Investigation of Characteristics in Electrical Discharge Machining Of Certain Cast Irons Using Response Surface Methodology
pp. 7011-7018
M.Sai Ram and B. Srinivasa Varma

Robust Feature Selection Model for Outlier Detection Using Fuzzy Clustering and Rule Mining
pp. 7019-7028
Karthikeyan G. and Balasubramanie P.


Rank-Based Weighted Rule Mining Using Post Mining Methods with Ontology Support

pp. 7029-7032

G. Silambarasan, T. Anand and V. Chandrasekar








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