International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 19  (2017)  




On Issues, Strategies and Solutions for Computer Security and Disaster Recovery in Online Start-ups
pp. 8009-8015
Omoruyi Osemwegie, Kennedy Okokpujie, Nsikan Nkordeh, Samuel John and Adewale Adeyinka A.

Wide-angle Polarization Independent Multilayer Microwave Absorber Using Wind Driven Optimization Technique
pp. 8016-8025
Prakash Ranjan, Arvind Choubey and Santosh Kumar Mahto

Speaker Recognition System for Limited Speech Data Using High-Level Speaker Specific Features and Support Vector Machines
pp. 8026-8033
Satyanand Singh, Assaf Mansour. H, Nitin Agarwal and Abhay Kumar

A Review on Media Clogging in Attached Growth System
pp. 8034-8039
Gasim Hayder, Ali Najah Ahmed and Nur Farah Syazana Mohamad Fu’ad

An Implementation of Gate Level Controller in Real Time Application
pp. 8040-8043
Zarith Liyana Zahari, Rafiuddin Abdubrani and Nur Zahirah Zainuddin

Intelligent Sensor Module For Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) in Electrical Power Management Applications
pp. 8044-8049
Edwar Jacinto G., Fredy H. Martínez S. and Fernando Martínez S.

Black Smoke Elimination Via PID Controlled Co-Firing Technique at Palm Oil Mill
pp. 8050-8056
Noor Atikah Abdullah, Ramizi Mohamed, Wan Mohd Faizal Wan Mahmood and Mohamad Hanif Md Saad

Water Penetration Test on Basaltcrete with Partial Replacement of M-Sand
pp. 8057-8062
T. Kavitha and P. Partheeban

Analysis of Gas Turbine Foundation under Harmonic Loading with and Without Consideration of Soil –Structure Interaction Effect
pp. 8063-8070
Ali Laftah Abbas, Jasim M Abbas and Saba I Jawad

Active Learning Strategy and WebQuest Prototypein the Entrepreneurship Psychology Courses
pp. 8071-8075
Wiwik Kusdaryani, W


Mobilemath (Mobile Learning Math) Media Design with Seamless Learning Model on Analytical Geometry Course
pp. 8076-8081
Sunandar, Achmad Buchori, Noviana Dini Rahmawati and Wiwik Kusdaryani

Selection of best novel MCDM method during turning of hardened AISI D3 tool steel under minimum quantity lubrication using Bio-degradable oils as cutting fluids
pp. 8082-8091
R.K.Suresh, G.Krishnaiah and P.Venkataramaiah

Implementation of the cryptographic algorithm “Present” in different microcontroller type embedded software platforms
pp. 8092-8096
Edwar Jacinto G., Holman Montiel A. and Fernando Martínez S.

A Study on Reduction of Location Management Cost by Maintaining History
pp. 8097-8102
S. Thabasukannan and M. Ponvadivu

Damage Diagnosis Induction Motor Based on Fuzzy Logic
pp. 8103-8114
Yunus Tjandi and Abdul Muis Mappalotteng

Acquisition and Tracking of NavIC L5 band signals
pp. 8115-8119
Manjula T R and Raju Garudachar

Genetic Algorithm used for Improving the Preventive Maintenance Processes for Electricity Distribution Companies
pp. 8120-8124
Holman Montiel A., Fernando Martínez S. and Fredy H. Martínez S.

Design of Multiband MIMO 2 x 2 Microstrip Antenna with Multi-slot Method
pp. 8125-8130
Nuhung Suleman and Rahmat

A Comparative Study of Big Data Computational Approaches
pp. 8131-8136
Sheikh Ikhlaq and Bright Keswani

The Personal-Centered Model of Development of the Small Enterprises in Universities for High-Tech Sector of the Russian Economy
pp. 8137-8143
Yury Anatolyevich Doroshenko, Andrey Ivanovich Shutenko, Elena Nikolaevna Shutenko and Petr Ivanovich Ospishchev

On Effect of Delayed Differentiation on a Multiproduct Vendor– Buyer Integrated Inventory System with Rework
pp. 8144-8149
Mei-Fang Wu, Tiffany Chiu, Hong-Dar Lin and Singa Wang Chiu

Hough Transform based Approach for Surface Distortion Flaw Detection on Transparent Glass
pp. 8150-8159
Yuan-Shyi Peter Chiu, Yuan-Chin Lo and Hong-Dar Lin

New System for Adaptive Information Retrieval Based on Fuzzy Sets
pp. 8160-8173
Yasser A. Nada, Khaled M. Fouad, Hossam Meshref and Y. M. Assem

A Study of Optimal Spatial Partition Size and Field of View in Massively Multiplayer Online Game Server
pp. 8174-8178
Youngsik Kim

Development of the Russian Arctic Zone: The Role of Innovation Infrastructure and Legal Regulation
pp. 8179-8187
Diana M. Dmitrieva and Alina A. Ilinova

A Study on the Degree of Pronunciation Improvement by a Denture Attachment Using an Weighted-α Formant
pp. 8188-8195
Seong-Geon Bae, Won-Hee Lee and Myung-Jin Bae

Parameter Identification and Real-Time State Estimation in Hydraulic Actuators
pp. 8196-8201
M. Russo

Neuro-Fuzzy Model for the Prediction of Spectral Occupancy
pp. 8202-8208
Angie Cordoba, Sergio Castiblanco, Cesar Hernandez and Luis Pedraza

Development and Calculation-experimental Analysis of Pressure Pulsations and Dynamic Forces Occurrence Models in the Expansion Joints of Pipelines with Fluid
pp. 8209-8216
A.V. Kiryukhin, O.O. Milman, A.V. Ptakhin, L.N. Serezhkin and A.V. Kondratev

Product Capabilities Dynamic on Industrial Design Carved Wood in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) Jepara Furniture in Promoting the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
pp. 8217-8226
Anis Mashdurohatun & M. Ali Mansyur

A Study on Tube and Flange Joint of Car Propeller Shaft Made of Carbon Composite Fiber
pp. 8227-8231
Jeonghoon Ha, Dongchan Shin, Yongtak Lee and Kibong Han

Analysis of Fuel Consumption of HCNG Bus for US and European Test Codes
pp. 8232-8237
Jeongok Han, Jungmin Chae, Tongwon Lee and Kwangho Ko

Effect of Factors on the Hydrogen Composition in the Carburizing Process
pp. 8238-8244
X.D. Pham, A.T. Hoang, D.N. Nguyen and V.V. Le

Case Study of Energy Management Model in the Threshing System for the Production of White Rice
pp. 8245-8251
Ruthber Rodriguez Serrezuela, Nelson Corredor Sánchez, Jorge Bernardo Ramírez Zarta, Denicce Licht Ardila and Ana Lucia Paque Salazar

A Robust Image Watermarking Technique using DTCWT and PCA
pp. 8252-8256
M.S. Sudha and T.C. Thanuja

Desorption of Phenol from Lantana camara, Forest waste: Optimization using Response Surface Methodology and Kinetic Studies
pp. 8257-8263
C R Girish and V Ramachandra Murty

IoT Based Traffic Signalling System
pp. 8264-8269
Ashok. P.V, SivaSankari.S, Vignesh Mani and Suresh Sankaranarayanan

A Roadmap to Security in IoT
pp. 8270-8272
Raman Dugyala, N Hanuman Reddy, N. Chandra Sekhar Reddy and J. Phani Prasad

Designing an IoT Enabled Vehicular Diagnostics System using Automotive Sensors and Actuators Integrated with Onboard Video Camera
pp. 8273-8277
S. Kevin Andrews and V. N. Rajavarman

Encryption Algorithm for defending PUE Attack in Cognitive Radios
pp. 8278-8285
T.Lakshmibai and C. Parthasarathy

The Effect of Machining Parameters on Drilling Induced Delamination of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite
pp. 8286-8293
Divakara Shetty S, Apurv Rajat, Geet Shetty and Prathamesh Patil

Performance Analysis of Security Protocols in Smart Energy Meter System
pp. 8294-8315
Shijo Mathew.T and Suresh Sankaranarayanan

Analysis and Implementation of Fault Tolerant Parallel FFTs & IFFTs Using Parity SOS and ECC
pp. 8316-8322
Afroz Banu Syed and Rani R Kodali

Renewable Energy Potential in Jordan
pp. 8323-8331
Ali M Baniyounes

Software Rejuvenation Model for Cloud Computing Platform
pp. 8332-8337
M Umesh, G N Srinivasan and Matheus Torquato

Soft Starter Induction Motor Three Phase With Fuzzy Logic Controller Inside Delta
pp. 8338-8345
Adhi Kusmantoro, Theodora Indriati W and Sigit Ristanto

DDFF based Low Power Dissipation in Ring Counter using Octree
pp. 8346-8353
Mr. Ngangbam Phalguni Singh, Ndyetabura Y. Hamisi and Hashimu Uledi Iddi

Power System Static Security Assessment for Iraqi Super High Voltage Grid
pp. 8354-8365
Mohammed Abdulla Abdulsada and Firas M. Tuaimah

AC Analysis of Octree based Buffer Using Various Data Conditioning Flip Flops
pp. 8366-8370
Ngangbam Phalguni Singh, Ndyetabura Y. Hamisi and Hashimu Uledi Iddi

Selecting the Visual Landing Markers Located on a Ship Deck for UAV Automatic Landing
pp. 8371-8379
Chupakov M.V., Bezuhlyi N.N., Fedyaeva E.A. and Smirnov D.S.

Estimation of Operational Properties of Lubricant Coolant Liquids by Optical Methods
pp. 8380-8391
Sergii Victorovich Sagin and Valerii Grigorovich Solodovnikov

Experimental Studies on a Sand Blanket with Contour Reinforcement in Seasonally Frozen Heaving Soils
pp. 8392-8394
Andrey Nikolaevich Kraev, Dmitriy Sergeevich Skvortsov, Anna Aleksandrovna Shkileva & Mariya Igorevna Kutuzova

The Water Saturated Peat Mechanics Properties Research with Taking into Account Excessive Pore Pressures
pp. 8395-8400
Aleksandr Vladimirovich Kulikov, Leonid Adolfovich Bartolomey and Vyacheslav Viktorovich Vorontsov

Energy Management for Stand Alone Hybrid Photovoltaic – PEM Fuel Cells Systems
pp. 8401-8411
Ntumba Marc-Alain Mutomboa, Freddie L. Inambaob, Remy Tiakoc and Samuel A. O. Ilupejud

Automated Control Technique for a Hybrid Hydropower Plant
pp. 8412-8419
Samuel A.O. Ilupeju, Freddie L. Inambao and Marc Mutombo

Development of a 3D Disparity Estimation Processing Architecture
pp. 8420-8424
Lean Karlo S. Tolentino and Deebee Michelle T. Beleno

Enhanced Oil Recovery of Medium Crude Oil (31 Api) Using Nanoparticles and Polymer
pp. 8425-8435
John M. F., Olabode O. A., Egeonu G. I. and Ojo T. I.

An Enhanced Search Optimization Proposal Based on Gossip Protocol for the Cloud
pp. 8436-8442
Sudipta Sahana, Rajesh Bose and Debabrata Sarddar

An Enhanced HCC Recurrence Prediction with Common Interest Features in Multiple Measurement Time Series Clinical Dataset
pp. 8443-8449
P. Radha and R. Divya

Numerical Simulation of a Bubble Rising in an Environment Consisting of Xanthan Gum
pp. 8450-8459
Víctor, A, Aguirre, Byron, A, Castillo and Christian, Narvaez Muñoz

Information and Analytical Monitoring Support of Procurement for Public Control
pp. 8460-8468
Mamedova N.A., Aleksandrova K.S., Aleksandrov N.A. and Baykova A.N.

An Improved Cryptographic Mechanism for Cloud Storage System
pp. 8469-8473
Ranjith Kumar Vollala and L. Venkateswara Reddy

Color and Texture Based Image Retrieval Feature Descriptor using Local Mesh Maximum Edge Co-occurrence Pattern
pp. 8474-8486
Harpreet Kaur and Vijay Dhir

Prototype for Effective Utilization of Available Well Water Resource to Irrigate Multiple Agriculture Fields Effectively
pp. 8487-8491
Jaichandran R, Rajaprakash S, Karthik K and Somasundaram K

The Effect of Electromagnetic Stirring on the Homogenization of the Temperature and Composition of a Copper Alloy
pp. 8492-8501
B. Hamri and S. Taibi

Throughput and Delay in Wireless Heterogeneous Ad Hoc Networks
pp. 8502-8508
Yatendra Singh Bhandari, Yashwant Singh Chauhan and Ashish Negi

Software Defects Prediction based on ANN and Fuzzy logic using Software Metrics
pp. 8509-8517
T. Ravi Kumar and T. Srinivasa Rao

Detection a Design Pattern through Merge Static and Dynamic Analysis Using Altova and Lambdes Tools
pp. 8518-8522
Hamed J. Fawareh and Mohammad Alshira'h

Transient Stability Analysis of Power System with Wind Generators
pp. 8523-8528
S. Surender Reddy

Application of Intelligent Voltage Control System to Korean Power Systems
pp. 8529-8533
WonKun Yu and HeungJae Lee

Experimental Convective Heat Transfer Studies on Graphene Nanofluid for the Cooling of Next Generation Electronic Components
pp. 8534-8539
B.Jefferson Raja Bose, L.Godson Asirvatham and Michael N Kumar

Relative Cost-to-Performance Analysis of Virtual Machine Types in Public Cloud Systems
pp. 8540-8547
Jun-Hyeong Choi and Jong Wook Kwak

The Duration Estimate of the Missing Signal with the Unknown Amplitude
pp. 8548-8555
Oleg V. Chernoyarov, Yury E. Korchagin, Alexander A. Makarov and Alexey N. Glushkov

A Parametric Study for Optimization of Gas Injector Orientation and Its Effect on Duel Fuel Engine Using CNG as Fuel
pp. 8556-8559
Nimit M.Pate and A.D.Pate

Performance Comparison of Switched Inductor Based Quasi Impedance Source Inverter Using Different PWM Technique
pp. 8560-8567
Shines T.S and S. Ramamoorthy

A Numerical Model for Adsorption and Bio restoration in a Saturated Porous Media
pp. 8568-8570
Salaheddine Kammouri, Mustapha Htiti and Serghini Elaage

Low Power RF Transceiver using Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesting Technique for Wireless Sensor Node
pp. 8571-8576
Sanjay S.Khonde, Ashok Ghatol and Sanjay .V.Dudul

Design and Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna Array using Different Substrates for X-Band Applications
pp. 8577-8581
Madhukant Patel, Piyush Kuchhal, Kanhiya Lal and Ranjan Mishra

Analysis Intersection Performance Based on Regional Characteristics, Traffic Characteristics and Accessibilities (Case study of central business district area of Ternate city)
pp. 8582-8589
Nurmaiyasa Marsaoli, Lawalenna Samang, Shirly Wunas and Sumarni Hamid Aly

Characterization of Shear Strength Properties of Spoil Dump Based on their Constituent Material
pp. 8590-8594
Ram Manohar Bishwal, Phalguni Sen and M. Jawed

An Approach to Implement Secure User Authentication Scheme using Secret Values extracted from Private Information and Unique Biometric Images of User directed by Randomize Numeric and Image based OTP
pp. 8595-8601
Ramkrishna Das, Aditi Chakraborty, Santosh Nandi and Saurabh Dutta

Simulation of Leakage current and THD Compensation in a Large PV system
pp. 8602-8608
Mohamed Youssef Tarnini, Nabil Abdel-Karim and Khaled Chahine

Linear Precoding using Transmitter Site Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM systems
pp. 8609-8614
R. Raja Kumar and P. Indumathi

Study of Various Algorithms on PAPR Reduction in OFDM System
pp. 8615-8619
R. Raja Kumar and P. Indumathi

Development of Interactive Whiteboard Media To Learning Animal and Plant in the Kindergarten
pp. 8620-8624
Eem Kurniasih and Lusi Rachmiazasi Masduki

The Effect of Concentration Nanoparticles MnO2 DOPED in Activated Carbon as Supercapacitor Electrodes
pp. 8625-8631
Maryati Doloksaribu, Harsojo, Kuwat Triyana and Bambang Prihandoko

Solving the Interoperability problem between UML modeling tools: Modelio and ArgoUML
pp. 8632-8641
W. Lahlayl, N. Berbiche, F. Guerouate and M.Sbihi

Using Poly Sulphonated Phenol –Formal-Dehyde as Additive of Hot Asphalt Mixes to Reduce a Rutting Depth
pp. 8642-8650
Lamia Abdul Jaleel Ahmed

SPICE: A Perspective Approach for Gap Analysis to Improve Student Performance Index
pp. 8651-8659
Satish Thatavarti and K. Thammi Reddy

Optimization of Internal Grinding Process Parameters on C40E Steel Using Taguchi Technique
pp. 8660-8664
S. Jeevanantham, N.M. Sivaram, D.S. Robinson Smart and S. Nallusamy

Sensitivity Analysis of Microwave UWB Radar for TWI System
pp. 8665-8675
Sandeep Kaushal and Dharmendra Singh

Real-time Monitoring Technique Using SFC Classifier in NFV Environment
pp. 8676-8680
Sang-Min Shin and Gu-In Kwon

Behavior of Reinforcement Concrete Beams Using Steel Strips as a Shear Reinforcements
pp. 8681-8688
Haider K. Ammash

Cloud Computing for Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on Machine Learning Technique
pp. 8689-8695
Tamer A. Farrag and Ehab. E. Elattar

The Relative Impacts of High School Types on Adjacent Housing Resale Prices in South Korea1
pp. 8696-8705
Hyunggwon Nam and Wonseok Seo

Preamble Random Access & Downlink Scheduling-Based QoS Assurance in LTE – A Applications
pp. 8706-8716
SudhanshuTripathi and Rajeev Paulus

Development of Mathematical Model of Heat and Mass Transfer in Soil, with Provision for the Gradients of soil-water and soil-salt potentials. Part 2
pp. 8717-8722
Evgeniy V. Markov, Sergey A. Pulnikov, Yuri S. Sysoev and Aleksandr D. Gerber

Investigation of Optimal Proses Parameters in CNC Milling of Insole Shoe Orthotic using Taguchi - Fuzzy Approach
pp. 8723-8726
B. Bawono, P.W. Anggoro, M. Tauviqirrahman, J. Jamari and A.P. Bayuseno

Customized Data Filtering For Mobile Signature Verification
pp. 8727-8731
Seungsoo Nam, Hosung Park, Changho Seo and Daeseon Choi

Main Limiting Parameters of Pro-oxidant Additive Production and Processing
pp. 8732-8739
Vladimir I. Korchagin, Artem V. Protasov, Sebastien L. Jean, Marina S. Mel’nova and Alexsandr A. Smirnykh

Development of Media Mobile Learning with Ethnomatematic Model to Learning Geometry in the Open University Indonesia
pp. 8740-8746
Lusi Rachmiazasi Masduki, Suparman and Edy Prayitno

Study on Physical Network Separation Method and Maintenance System Composed of Optical Cable in Buildings
pp. 8747-8749
EunSang Jang and IlKyoo Lee

The Influence of Defects and Features of the Metal Structure on the Damaging Nature and the Destruction of Welded Joints of the Water-Water Energetic Reactors in the Process of Operation
pp. 8750-8762
E. I. Kolokolov, V. A. Rudenko and S. A. Tomilin

Various Schemes for Database Encryption - A Survey
pp. 8763-8767
P.R.Hariharan & K.P. Thooyamani

Application of Methods of the Optimum Control Theory for Development of High Efficiency Centrifugal Pumps
pp. 8768-8778
A.V. Volkov, A.G. Parygin, A.V. Naumov, A.A. Vikhlyantsev and A.A. Druzhinin

Resource Modeling for the Establishment of a Decision-Making System Applied to HCEFLCD of Morocco
pp. 8779-8787
K.oubedda, M. Khalfaoui, Aziz Ettahir and K. Kettani

Statistical Analysis of Congo Red Dye Removal Using Sawdust Activated Carbon
pp. 8788-8804
M.Srinivas Kini, K.Balakrishna Prabhu, Ankit Gundecha and Devika .U

Three Party Authentication Scheme with Privacy in Telecare Medicine Information Systems
pp. 8805-8811
Hee Joo Park

Identification of Quercetin as a Potential Band 3 Protein Antioxidant Using Ektacytometry and in Silico Molecular Docking Technology
pp. 8812-8816
Dong-Chan Kim

Physical Properties of Tin Base Melt Spun and Composite Solder Alloys
pp. 8817-8823
Emad M Abdlehady Ahmed and Omar H. Abd-Elkader

On Parameters of Normalized Different-Scale Relief Created on Brass Surfaces by Means of Laser
pp. 8824-8829
A.V. Ryzhenkov, M.R. Dasayev, O.V. Ryzhenkov and A.V. Kurshakov

Enhanced Multiloop Control Scheme for an LCL-filtered Grid-connected Inverter under Abnormal Grid Voltage Conditions
pp. 8830-8837
Ngoc-Bao Lai and Kyeong-Hwa Kim

Design and Study the Characteristics of E-shaped Micro Strip Patch Antenna with Different Dielectric Substrates
pp. 8838-8843
M. Lakshmi Raviteja, K. Nehru, T.S. Arulananth, V.Damodhar Rao and G N S Bhagya Sri

Classification of Textures Using a New Descriptor Circular and Elliptical-LBP (CE-ELBP)
pp. 8844-8853
K. Subba Reddy, V.Vijay Kumar and A.P. Siva Kumar

A New Selective Document Image Encryption Using GMM-EM and Mixed Chaotic System
pp. 8854-8865
C R Revanna and C Keshavamurthy

Dominance Rank Fuzzy Clustering and Distributed Probability Graph for Web User Behaviour Mining
pp. 8866-8876
Ulaganathan. N

Earthquake Assessment and Retrofitting of RC Flat Plate Structure
pp. 8877-8883
B.A.H. Ikram, Vaishali G. Ghorpade and H. Sudarsana Rao

An Empirical Study of Intrusion Detection System Using Feature Reduction Based on Evolutionary Algorithms and Swarm Intelligence Methods
pp. 8884-8889
Rachana Dubey, Deepak Rathore, Deepak Kushwaha and Jay Prakash Maurya

An Analogy between the use of Back Propagation and Associative Memory as a Model for the Artificial Immune Network Memory
pp. 8890-8900
Hossam Meshref

Structural Design of Automatic Seatback Table
pp. 8901-8906
Y.S. Yang, E. S. Jeon and D. H. Park

Application of Group Technology to Medical Student’s Learning Style Trend
pp. 8907-8912
Abdelhakim Abdelhadi and Samer Al-Talafha

New Inverter Topology for Independent Control of Multiple Loads
pp. 8913-8920
Gaurav N Goyal and Mohan V Aware

Feature Selection Using Fuzzy Information Measure
pp. 8921-8925
B. Azhagusundari

Relative Strength Index for Developing Effective Trading Strategies in Constructing Optimal Portfolio
pp. 8926-8936
Bhargavi. R, Dr. Srinivas Gumparthi and Anith.R

Performance Evaluation of Multi-threaded Flash Translation Layer
pp. 8937-8940
J. Kim and I. Shin

Investigating The Visual Privacy on Houses layouts in Traditional Desert Settlement of Ghadames City- Libya- By Using Space Syntax Analysis
pp. 8941-8951
Hamza. Mohamed. Alkhazmi and Nur Esin

Flexible Remote Control Application for Virtual Reality using Virtual Graphic Driver and OpenCV
pp. 8952-8955
Yoonsang Kim, Geunyeop Ha and Sangjun Lee

A Review of Data Compression Techniques
pp. 8956-8963
Luluk Anjar Fitriya, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Anggumeka Luhur Prasasti


An Efficient Key Escrow-Free Identity-Based Signature Scheme
pp. 8964-8971
Subhas Chandra Sahana, Bubu Bhuyan and Manik Lal Das

Comparing the techniques for Magnetic Abrasives by Investigating the Surface Finish
pp. 8972-8975
Er. Rohit Rampal and Tarun Goyal

Quality of anode. Overview of Problems and Some Methods of their Solution Part 1. Coal Foam in an aluminum electrolyzer
pp. 8976-8985
Shahrai S.G., Sharapov N.A., Mikhalev U.G., Kondrat’ev V.V. and Karlina A.I.

Creating and Representing Semantic Knowledge of Bell Objects
pp. 8986-8994
Galina Bogdanova, Todor Todorov and Nikolay Noev

Experimental Analysis of the Wear Properties of Carburized HSS (ASTM A600) Cutting Tool
pp. 8995-9003
Sunday A. Afolalu, Enesi Y. Salawu, Imhade P. Okokpujie, Abiodun A. Abioye, Oluwabunmi P. Abioye, Mfon .O Udo, Olajide R. Adetunji and Omolayo M. Ikumapayi

Energy justification of parameters of hydroamelioration systems at the development of wetland landscapes of Western Siberia
pp. 9004-9007
V V Novohatin and N G Osipova

Development and Investigation of Formulations and Technologies of Water Inflow Limitation in Oil and Gas Wells
pp. 9008-9017
Leontiev D.S. and Kleshchenko I.I.

Development of Technology to Reduce Sand Ingress in Oil Producing Wells

pp. 9018-9022
D.S. Leontiev, I.I. Kleshchenko and L.V. Dolzhikova

Development and Study of Peat-Humate Solutions for Drilling and Repairing of Oil and Gas Wells

pp. 9023-9031
Dmitry S. Leontiev and Ivan I. Kleschenko


An Improved CBIR System Using Low-Level Image Features Extraction and Representation

pp. 9032-9037

D. Kiran, C. H. Suresh Babu and T. Venu Gopal

Eviction Bit and Inclusive Cache Based Replacement Policy for Side Channel Attack
pp. 9038-9045
Adi Maheswara Reddy G, K Venkata Rao and JVR Murthy

Detection and Analysis of Skin Cancer from Skin Lesions
pp. 9046-9052
Nidhal K. EL Abbadi and Zahraa Faisal

RSA and ECC: A Comparative Analysis
pp. 9053-9061
Dindayal Mahto and Dilip Kumar Yadav

Research of Oil-Tank Sides Geometrical Forms after Their Long-Term Usage in Processes of the Oil Storage
pp. 9062-9066
Dmitry V. Pyalchenkov, Alexey L. Pimnev, Natalya V. Gumerova and Tatyana G. Ponomareva

Decision Making Modelling with Logistic Regression Approach
pp. 9067-9073
Kataresada Ketaren and Novdin M. Sianturi

A Low-Cost wet Diaper Detector Based on Smart Phone and BLE Sensor
pp. 9074-9077
MD Saifur Rahman, Chulhyung Choi, Young-pil Kim, Sikyung Kim and Jungwan Choi

Use of Hydrogeomorphic Indexes in SAGA-GIS for the Characterization of Flooded Areas in Madre de Dios, Peru
pp. 9078-9086
Alberto E. García-Rivero, Jorge Olivera, Eduardo Salinas, Ricardo A. Yuli and Wilfredo Bulege

Structural Resonance Methods for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
pp. 9087-9098
V.A.Baranov, D.K. Avdeeva, U. Ewert, M.M. Yuzhakov, N.V. Turushev, R.E. Kodermyatov, I.V. Maximov, M.V. Balakhonova

Bridging the Gap between Competency Based Approach and Intelligent Tutoring Systems
pp. 9099-9111
Adil Hachmoud, Abdelkrim Khartoch, Lahcen Oughdir and Salaheddine Kammouri Alami

Experimental Study of Anaerobic Digester Biogas Method Using Leachate from Landfill Municipal Waste
pp. 9112-9115
Caturwati Ni Ketut, Agung Sudrajad, Mekro Permana and Heri Haryanto


Linearity Enhancement Technique for GHz-Band LNA
pp. 9116-9119
Seok-Ho Noh and Jee-Youl Ryu

Wedge-Shaped Sliding Supports Operating on Viscoelastic Lubricant Material Due to the Melt, Taking Into Account the Dependence of Viscosity and Shear Modulus on Pressure
pp. 9120-9127
Elena Olegovna Lagunova

Radial Plain Bearings Operating on Viscoelastic Lubricant Caused by the Melt, Taking into Account the Dependence of the Viscosity of the Lubricant and the Shear Modulus on the Pressure
pp. 9128-9137
Elena Olegovna Lagunova

Calculation Model of the Radial Bearing, Caused by the Melt, Taking into Account the Dependence of Viscosity on Pressure
pp. 9138-9148
Vasilenko Vladimir Vladimirovich, Elena Olegovna Lagunova, Mukutadze Murman Alexsandrovich and Prikhodko Viktor Markovich

Single Image Haze Removal via Accurate Atmosphere Light
pp. 9149-9158
Nidhal el Abbadi, Hussein Mahdi and Hind Rustum

Effect of Baffles Geometry on Hydrodynamics in a Mechanically Agitated System
pp. 9159-9166
L. Benyamina, M. Bouanini and R. Abdeldjebar

Optimal Recovery of the Second Derivatives of Analytic Functions from their Values at a Regular Polygon Vertices
pp. 9167-9169
Mikhail P. Ovchintsev

Inter-regional Performance Analysis of Data Center Networks in Public Cloud Systems
pp. 9170-9175
Jun-Hyeong Choi and Jong Wook Kwak

Analytical Study of Foundation – Soil – Pipe Interaction
pp. 9176-9194
Rafi M. Qasim

Application of Discovery Learning Model for Solving System of Linear Equations Using GeoGebra
pp. 9195-9198
Friska Bernadetta Siahaan

Online Motorcycle Taxi Simulation by Using Multi Agent System
pp. 9199-9208
Purba Daru Kusuma

Estimation of Power Produced by PV Generator Based on Artificial Neural Networks
pp. 9209-9216
Esraa Bashayreh and Eman Abdelhafez








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