International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 21  (2017)  




New Large System for Face Recognition (NLS)
pp. 10465-10471
Essam Haider Mageed, Hind Rustum Mohammed and Asaad Norri Hashim

Mining Association Rules from No-SQL data bases using Map-Reduce Fuzzy Association Rule Mining Algorithm
pp. 10472-10476
Chatakunta Praveen Kumar, Pole Anjaiah, Santosh Patil, Ediga Lingappa and Mothe Rakesh

An Efficient Symmetric Based Algorithm for Data Security in Cloud Computing Through Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
pp. 10477- 10484
V Biksham and D Vasumathi

Steganography Methods on Text, Audio, Image and Video: A Survey
pp. 10485-10490
Aryfandy Febryan, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Randy Erfa Saputra

An Insight into the Rotational Augmentation on HAWTs by means of CFD Simulations – Part I: State of the Art and Numerical Results
pp. 10491-10504
Mauro S., Lanzafame R. and Messina M.

An Insight into the Rotational Augmentation on HAWTs by means of CFD Simulations – Part II: Post-Processing and Force Analysis
pp. 10505-10529
Mauro S., Lanzafame R. and Messina M.

Performance Enhancement in Job Shop Scheduling with the Aid of Hybrid Social Spider Optimization and Gray Wolf Optimization
pp. 10530-10540
K. B. Gavali, Anand Bewoor, Debabrata Barik and Prabagaran S

A Robust Bloom Filter
pp. 10541-10545
Yoon-Hwa Choi

Efficient analysis of Defects using Naïve Bayes Classification and Impact on Effort and Cost of the Project
pp. 10546-10550
S.Veni and Aparna Srinivasan

Measurement and Modeling of Ground-Level Ozone Concentration in Catania, Italy using Biophysical Remote Sensing and GIS
pp. 10551-10562
Fabio Famoso, Jeffrey Wilson, Pietro Monteforte, Rosario Lanzafame, Sebastian Brusca and Vijay Lulla

Light Field Coding based on Flexible View Ordering for Unfocused Plenoptic Camera Images
pp. 10563-10569
Cristian Perra

A Proposed Method for Secure Steganography on PNG Image Using Spread Spectrum Method and Modified Encryption
pp. 10570-10576
Bogy Oktavianto, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Randy Erfa Saputra

Secure Data Retrieval Scheme in Cloud Computing Using Homomorphic Cryptographic Approach
pp. 10577-10583
N. Madhusudhana Reddy, C. Nagaraju and A. Ananda Rao

Artificial Neural Network Model for Predicting Direct Solar Radiation for a Single Grid Node by MAT LAB
pp. 10584-10588
J. Ashok, Sunita S Shinde, Kiran N Patil and Rupali R Jagtap

A New Simple Method to Measure the X-ray Linear Attenuation Coefficients of Materials using Micro-Digital Radiography Machine
pp. 10589-10594
Almahdi Mousa, Kus Kusminarto and Gede Bayu Suparta

Image Compression and Encryption using OptimizedWavelet Filter Bank and Chaotic Algorithm
pp. 10595–10610
Renjith V Ravi and Kamalraj Subramaniam

An Efficient Watermarking Scheme Based on Non-Symmetric Rotation Angles Attacks
pp. 10611-10616
Sheshang D. Degadwala, Sanjay Gaur and Arpana D. Mahajan

Correlation Study on Safety Culture Awareness and Accident Investigation Recognized By Railroad Staff
pp. 10617-10624
Sangoh Lee and Sungbong Chung

A New Approach of Data Hiding in BMP Image Using LSB Steganography and Caesar Vigenere Cipher Cryptography
pp. 10626-10636
I Gede Arya Putra Dewangga, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Ratna Astuti Nugrahaeni

Comparative Analysis Results of Towing Tank and Numerical Calculations With Harvald Guldammer Method.
pp. 10637-10645
I Nengah Putra, Arica Dwi Susanto and Okol S Suharyo

Converging VANET with Vehicular Cloud Networks to reduce the Traffic Congestions: A review
pp. 10646-10654
Mohammed Saad Talib, Burairah Hussin and Aslinda Hassan

Hardware Processing Comparison in Convolutional Neural Networks Training
pp. 10655-10660
Robinson Jiménez Moreno, Ruben D. Hernández and Javier Martinez Baquero

Detection and Classification of Breast Cancer Based-On Terahertz Imaging Technique Using Artificial Neural Network & K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
pp. 10661-10668
Hassan Jassim Motlak and Safa Isam Hakeem

Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms in the Classification of Parkinson Disease Using Voice Attributes
pp. 10669-10675
J. Sujatha and S.P. Rajagopalan

Spatial and Seasonal Response of the Surface Area-to-Volume Ratio to Changes in Moisture Content in Some Dominant Mediterranean Forest Fuels
pp. 10676-10692
Salaheddine Essaghi, M’hamed Hachmi, Mohammed Yessef, Mohammed Dehhaoui and Abdessadek Sesbou

Potentiality of The Groundwater Resources in North River Side Wadis Basin, Jordan and its God Vulnerability
pp. 10693-10700
Alsharifa Hind Mohammad, Suhail Sharadqah, Maisa'a W. Shammout, Soraya Mercedes Perez and Khaldoun Shatanawi

Analysis on Effects of Perceived Health Status, Social Activities and Wisdom of Elderly Women Residing in Rural Environment on Health Conservation
pp. 10701-10710
Nan Young Lee and Hee Kyung Kim

Effect of Fixative Types on The Natural Dye Efficacy of Rambutan (Nephelium Lappaceum) Peel Extract for the Cotton Fabric Application
pp. 10711-10718
Vita Paramita, Heny Kusumayanti, Wahyuningsih Rizka Amalia and Fransisca and Sri Nugraheni Setiawati

Microcontroller Code Protection Technique based on Simulated-Hot-spot Analysis of Instruction Access Pattern
pp. 10719-10723
Hyeonjae Shin, Jeonghun Cho and Daejin Park

Theoretical Research of Noise and Vibration Spectra in Cabins of Locomotive and Diesel Shunting Locomotive
pp. 10724-10730
Ivan A. Yaitskov, Alexander N. Chukarin and Tatiana A. Finotchenko

Identification of Underground River Flow in Karst Area Using Geoelectric and Self-Potential Methods in Druju Region, Southern Malang, Indonesia
pp. 10731-10738
Adi Susilo, Sunaryo, Alexander T. Sutanhaji, Fina Fitriah and Muhammad F. R. Hasan

Lean Six Sigma Roadmap for Quality Assurance of Biomedical Ontologies
pp. 10739-10746
Gabriele Arcidiacono, Isabella Martini and Ernesto. W. De Luca

The Effectiveness of Collaboration Tools on Virtual Project Management
pp. 10747-10755
Marlen S Bissaliyev

Type of Ship Trim Analysis on Fuel Consumption with a Certain Load and Draft
pp. 10756-10780
I Nengah Putra, Arica Dwi Susanto and Himawan Lestianto

The space of structural features for increasing the efficiency of the algorithms for detecting network attacks, based on the detection of anomalies in the traffic of extremely large volumes
pp. 10781–10790
Galayev Vladimir Sergeevich, Krasnov Andrey Evgenievich, Nikol’skii Dmitrii, Nikolaevich and Repin Dmitrii Sergeevich

Traffic Scheduling Algorithm for Wireless Networks Using QoS Provisioning Framework
pp. 10791-10796
Kishore V Krishnan, A Bagubali, Shanmugasundaram M, Subhabharathi S and Deepika Rani Sona

Feature Extraction using various Pose Angles in Three Dimensional Face Recognition
pp. 10797-10801
M.Soundararajan and S.Selvamuthukumaran

Exergoeconomics Model for Power and Chilled Water Cost Rates of Gas-Fueled District Cooling System
pp. 10802-10808
Mohd Amin Abd Majid and Adzuieen Nordin, Didi Asmara Salim

Multi-Objective Virtual Machine Placement using Improved Teaching Learning Based Optimization in Cloud Data Centers
pp. 10809-10815
Dilip Kumar and Tarni Mandal

Comparative study of Parametric Optimization of the End Milling of Al2024-SiC MMC on Surface Roughness using Taguchi Technique with Applied Statistical Plots
pp. 10816-10823
Atul Kumar, Neeraj Kumar, Sudhir Kumar and Rohit Garg

Technique to Detect and Isolate Jamming Attack in VANET
pp. 10824-10827
Gagandeep Kaur and Parveen Sharma

Secure Symmetric Encryption Scheme Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 10828-10833
Cimi Thomas M and S.Sheeja

Analysis of the Application of Deterministic Interpolation Methods for Land Cadastral Valuation of Low-Rise Residential Development of Localities
pp. 10834-10840
Alina Mikhailovna Rybkina, Polina Mikhailovna Demidova and Vladimir Alekseevich Kiselev

Forecasting Evapotranspiration for Irrigation Scheduling using Neural Networks and ARIMA
pp. 10841-10847
Vardaan Kishore and M. Pushpalatha

Engineering Composition Factors Optimization & Classification in the Earth Sheltered Housing Design
pp. 10848-10855
Boris Leonidovich Krundyshev

Performance Evaluation of Zigbee Network Using AD-HOC On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol
pp. 10856-10860
Prativa P.Saraswala and Jaymin Bhalani

Testing Sufficiency Test (TST) - Evolving a New Model for Estimating Software Test Cases
pp. 10861-10866
Bishan Dayal Chauhan, Ajay Rana and Neeraj Sharma

Temporal Changes of Complete Bougeuer Anomalies at Bromo Volcano, East Java, Indonesia
pp. 10867-10873
Sukir Maryanto, Sri Dwi Wuryani, Aulia Kharisma Nugraha, Andre Prayogo, Syegi Lenarahmi Kunrat and Ahmad Basuki

Portable Spectrum Analyzer Application using Android based on Software Defined Radio (RTL-SDR)
pp. 10874-10877
Toto Supriyanto

Applications of Latent Dirichlet Allocation Algorithm of Published Articles on Cyberbullying
pp. 10878-10884
Rommel L. Verecio

The Study of Residential Life Support Environment System to Initiate Policy on Sustainable Simple Housing
pp. 10885-10894
Nelson M. Siahaan, Agus S. Harahap, Esther Nababan and Ernestasia Siahaan

Lossless Frame Memory Compression with Low Complexity using PCT and AGR for Efficient High Resolution Video Processing
pp. 10895-10901
Jongho Kim

Monitoring of Nonlinear Antifrictional Systems
pp. 10902-10908
Vladimir V. Shapovalov, Petr N. Shcherbak, Marina A. Burakova, Igor V. Volkov and Victor M. Prikhodko

Optimization of Myoelectric Elbow Prosthesis Transmission
pp. 10909-10920
F. Casolo, S. Cinquemania and H. Giberti

Design and FPGA Implementation of Power Efficient Turbo Decoder for 4G LTE Standards
pp. 10921-10925
Manjunatha K N and Vaibhav A Meshram

Characterization of Shielding Material based on Tempreature vs Reflectivity to Control EMI
pp. 10926-10929
M.Satish Kumar and A. Jhansirani

An Advanced Data Processing Based Fusion IDS Structures
pp. 10929-10936
C. Ramachandran

Segmentation of Optic Disc and Optic Cup Using Krill Herd Algorithm for the Assessment of Glaucoma
pp. 10938-10944
Brindha T. Sambandam, M.S. Josephine and V. Jeyabalaraja

Design of Efficient Data Aggregation Methodology for Wireless Sensor Network Using Fuzzy Logic
pp. 10945-10950
Kamlesh A. Waghmare, P.N. Chatur and S.S. Mathurkar

A Multi-Input DC-DC Converter with Effective Charging of Energy Storage Source
pp. 10951-10957
Kushal A. Kanhav and Madhuri A. Chaudhari

Unsteady Free Convection Flow of a Viscous Incompressible Polar Fluid past a Semi Infinite Vertical Porous Moving Plate
pp. 10958-10963
B. Pradhan, S. S. Das, A. K. Paul and R. C. Dash

Load Stabilization and Minimization of Handover Delay in IEEE802.16
pp. 10964-10971
Anil Sangwan and V. R. Singh

Data Rate Control and its Effects on Working of Cognitive Radio Adhoc Networks
pp. 10972-10978
Vikas and V R Singh

Soil Carbon Stock in Sub-optimal Land Rice Paddy Watersheds Due to Climate Change on Development Cymbopogon nardus L. Simawang Village, West Sumatra, Indonesia
pp. 10979-10980

Effect of Crystallisation Time on the Synthesis of Zeolite Y from Elefun Kaolinite Clay
pp. 10981-10988
Ayoola A. Ayodeji, Hymore F. Kofi, Omodara J. Oladele, Oyeniyi A. Esther, Ojo S. Fayomi and Ugochukwu C. Chisom

A Feasibility Study on Energy Saving through Reclaiming Excess Condensed Water into Cooling Tower Circulation
pp. 10989-10998
Nolia Harudin, Juniza Md Saad, Chew Ting Chen and Wan Zuki Azman Wan Muhamad

Comparative Analysis of Steganography Using LSB and Adaptive Method on GIF Image
pp. 10999-11006
Iman Teguh Fathurohman, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Ratna Astuti Nugrahaeni

Biometric Protection Approach Based on Fingerprint Hierarchical Identification
pp. 11007-11014
Meryam Elmouhtadi, Maryam Lafkih and Sanaa El fkihi

CMOS ISFET device for DNA Sequencing: Device Compensation, Application Requirements and Recommendations
pp. 11015-11028
Ahmed M. Dinar, AS Mohd Zain and F.Salehuddin

Rate Adaptive ACO-OFDM on Multipath Channels for Enhancing Spectral Efficency
pp. 11029-11034
Zelalem Hailu, Philip Kibet Langat and Ciira Wa Maina

Trend Analysis of Precipitation Extreme Related to Climate Change in Province Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia
pp. 11035-11038
Amran, Bambang Bakri and Anisa

A Design Guideline for Non-Monetary Incentive Mechanics in Mobile Health Participatory Sensing System
pp. 11039-11049
Syarulnaziah Anawar, Wan Adilah Wan Adnan and Rabiah Ahmad

Electrical Study of Maritime Pine Wood in Relation to Blue Stain
pp. 11050-11054
Abdelillah Hakam, Narjis El Imame, Sanae Drissi Bakhkhat, Mohsine Ziani, bderrahim Famiri, M’Hamed Hachmi, Abdessadek Sesbou and Mohamed Rahouti

Internet of Things Architecture: Current Challenges and Future Direction of Research
pp. 11055-11061
M. A. Burhanuddin, Ali Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed, Ronizam Ismail and Halizah Basiron

Frequency of Rainy Days as One of Parameter Changes in Rainfall Behavior
pp. 11062-11067
Najwa Zainal, Firdaus Mohammad Hamzah & Othman Jaafar

Performance Evaluation of Web Application Security Scanners for Prevention and Protection against Vulnerabilities
pp. 11068-11076
S. El Idrissi, N. Berbiche, F. Guerouate and M. Sbihi

Grain Wagon Fill Detection using Camera and Deep Convolution Network
pp. 11077-11081
AleksandrYurievich Shkanaev, Aleksei Vladimirovich Panchenko and Nikita Igorevich Kodosov

Enhancing Learning Process by Implementing M-learning Paradigm in Open University Education
pp. 11082-11087
Minimol Anil Job

Pattern Recognition of Speech Signals Using Wavelet Transform and Artificial Intelligence
pp. 11088-11093
Oscar Rangel, Dario Amaya and Olga Ramos

Hardening Treatment by Plastic Deformation under Conditions of the Integrated Local Loading of a Deformation Zone
pp. 11094-11100
Igor M. Gryadunov, Vyacheslav A. Golenkov, Olga V. Pilipenko and Sergey J. Radchenko

Using Entropy and 2-D Correlation Coefficient as Measuring Indices for Impulsive Noise Reduction Techniques
pp. 11101-11106
Zayed M. Ramadan

Melting and Crystallization of a Ga-In alloy confined in a porous glass
pp. 11107-11113
A.L. Pirozerski, A.I.Nedbai, Yu. A. Kumzerov, A. V. Fokin and E.L. Lebedeva

Structural Identification of Neighborhood Model for Ventilation-Filtration System
pp. 11114-11117
Anatoliy Shmyrin, Nikolay Mishachev and Valeriya Semina

Recognizing of Traveling Wave Patterns on Digital Substations for Automatic Reclosing of High-Voltage Overhead-Cable Power Lines Transmissions
pp. 11118-11123
Aleksandr Kulikov, Aleksej Loskutov, Anton Loskutov and Pavel Pelevin

EMI Reduction algorithm using enhanced-HARQ Implementation for Controller Area Network
pp. 11124-11129
Cheolsu Han and Hi Seok Kim

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Criteria formulation; The Egyptian Case Study
pp. 11130-11138
Eman Ezzat, Randa Gallal and Pasant Hesham

A Study on the Analysis of Automobile Suddenly using an Acoustic Signal Analysis
pp. 11139-11141
Uk-Jin Soong, Myung-Jin Bae and Seong-Geon Bae

Verification of Neighborhood Model for Diffusion Stage of Sugar Production
pp. 11142-11145
Anatoly Shmyrin, Anastasia Kanyugina and Eugene Trofimov

Development of Mathematical Model of Heat and Mass Transfer in Soil, with Provision for the Gradients of soil-water and soil-salt potentials. Part 3
pp. 11146-11151
Evgeniy V. Markov, Sergey A. Pulnikov, Yuri S. Sysoev and Aleksandr D. Gerber

Lift-Drag Coefficient and Form Factor Analyses of Hydrofoil due to The Shape and Angle of Attack
pp. 11152-11156
Teguh Putranto and Aries Sulisetyono

A Determination of Drinking According to Types of Sentence using Speech Signals
pp. 11157-11163
Seong-Geon Bae, Won-Hee Lee and Myung-Jin Bae

To The Question on the Restoring of Second Derivatives from the Analytic Functions Defined in the Upper Semi-Plane
pp. 11164-11166
Mikhail P. Ovchintsev

A Novel Approach for Evaluation of Parameters of Photovoltaic Modules
pp. 11167-11178
Vandana Jha and Uday Shankar Triar

Real-time Servo Control using EtherCAT Master on Real-time Embedded Linux Extensions
pp. 11179-11185
Raimarius Delgado and Byoung Wook Choi

Effect of Diversity and Filtering on the Performance of Decorrelating Multiuser Detector Combining with Wavelet Packets Multicarrier CDMA system
pp. 11186-11197
Maryam M. Akho-Zahieh

Development of Mobile Application in Android, iOS and Windows for Evaluation of Optimal Machining Parameters in WEDM
pp. 11198-11204
Sivanaga Malleswara Rao Singu and K. Hemachandra Reddy

Analysis and Prediction of Amazon EC2 Spot Instance Prices
pp. 11205-11212
Ashish Kumar Mishra and Dharmendra K. Yadav

Modeling a Safety-Critical System through CCS
pp. 11213-11217
Ram Chandra Bhushan and D. K. Yadav

A Modified Approach for Kerberos Authentication Protocol with Secret Image by using Visual Cryptography
pp. 11218-11223
Ashok Kumar J and Gopinath Ganapathy

Comparative Analysis of the Resistance to Cavitation Erosion of Materials Samples of Ultrasonic Instruments
pp. 11224-11227
Ganigin Sergey, Murzin Andrey, Efimenko Kristina and Koshkur Nikita

Technical and Socio-Economic Aspects of Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources: A Step-by-Step Approach
pp. 11228-11241
Ashok Kumar Akella and Somnath Das

Review on Use of Mobile Apps for Language Learning
pp. 11242-11251
Ramya Gangaiamaran and Madhumathi Pasupathi

A Novel Approach for Testing an Aspect Oriented Software System Using Prioritized-Genetic Algorithm (P-GA)
pp. 11252-11260
Sandeep Dalal and Susheela Hooda

On the Alliance of Urban Economic Management in Heritage Zones: The Case Study of Rosetta Houses, Egypt
pp. 11261-11267
Marwa F. Abdelalim and Mohammad Fahmy

Quality of Anode. Overview of Problems and Some Methods of their Solution Part 2. Improving the quality of the anode
pp. 11268-11278
Shahrai S.G., Sharypov N.A.., Polyakov P.V., Kondratiev V.V. and Karlina A.I.

Visco-Elastic Effects on MHD Free Convection and Mass Transfer for Boundary Layer Flow with Radiation and Transpiration
pp. 11279-11287
Hridi Ranjan Deb

Experimental Analysis of Mild Steel Corrosion in Aqueous Medium
pp. 11288-11293
Divakara Shetty S, Shawn Dmello, Pancham Alva P and Siddhanth Shetty R

Ensemble Secure Communication Protocol (ESCP) for Data Storage and Retrieval in Private Cloud
pp. 11294-11301
A.Anusha Priya and R.Gunasundari

Development of Diagnostic Device for Erectile Dysfunction
pp. 11302-11305
Hyun-Jun Park and Jei-Pil Wang

Bending Fatigue Strength of Case Carburized and Nitrided Gear Steels for Aeronautical Applications
pp. 11306-11322
C. Gorla, F. Rosa, E. Conrado and F. Concli

Using the Least Squares Methods for Detecting Short Circuit Faults in Electrical Systems
pp. 11323-11329
Abderrezak Metatla, Samia Benzahioul and Ridha Kelaiaia

A Mathematical Model for Regulation of Fuel Metabolism during Exercise in Hypopituitarism with Growth Hormone Deficiency
pp. 11330-11335
A.Manickam, M.Gayathri, M.Kavitha and K.Sathishkumar

Adoption of E-Governance Applications towards Big Data Approach
pp. 11336-11340
Ethirajan D, S.Purushothaman, Solai Murugan V and Prema S

A Novel Methodology Based on Statistical Mixture Models for Identifying Lesions
pp. 11341-11344
S.Anuradha and Ch. Satyanarayana

Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna with Polarization Diversity for Wireless Applications
pp. 11345-11349
Inderpreet Kaur Sokhi, Ramesh R and Usha Kiran K

Clustering Methods for Cluster-based Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks: Comparative Study
pp. 11350-11360
Ali Abdul-hussian Hassan, Wahidah Md Shah, Mohd Fairuz Iskandar and Ali Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed

Symmetry Identities of q-Changhee Polynomials
pp. 11361-11364
Se-Kyo Chung and Jongkyum Kwon

Enhanced Secure Data Encryption Standard (ES-DES) Algorithm Using Extended Substitution Box (S-Box)
T.K.Sivakumar, T.Sheela, R.Kumar and K.Ganesan

Simplified HDFS Architecture with Blockchain Distribution of Metadata
pp. 11374-11382
Deepa S. Kumar and M. Abdul Rahman

Control of an Ambiguous Real Time System Using Interval Type 2 Fuzzy Logic Control
Deepa Thangavelusamy, Lakshmi Ponnusamy and Subbulekshmi Durairaj

On Co-Positive Approximation of Unbounded Functions in Weighted Spaces
pp. 11392-11396
Alaa. A. Auad and Alaa. M. F.AL. Jumaili

Influence of Duty Factor of Pulse Generator in Electrical Discharge Machining Process
Jaswanth.K, Ashwin.S and Muthuramalingam.T

Trust Based Intrusion Detection System for Manet
pp. 11400-11403
J. Godwin ponsam and R. Srinivasan

Cooperative Caching in Remote P2P Network Frameworks
pp. 11404-11408
N. Chandra Sekhar Reddy, P. Bhaskara Reddy, K. Sai Prasad, V Srujan Kumar, N. Raja Sekhar and B Suresh Kumar

Cooperative Caching in IEEE802.15.4 based WSNs
Piyush Charan, Tahsin Usmani, Rajeev Paulus and Syed Hasan Saeed

Fea of a High Efficiency Brushless Dc Motor Design
Manoj Kumar Pandey, Anurag Tripathi and Bharti Dwivedi

Occupational Implications by Exposure to Industrial Noise: A Review
pp. 11424-11431
Dario D. Sierra-Calderon, Carlos A. Severiche-Sierra, Elias A. Bedoya-Marrugo and Maria Meza-Aleman

Relational Marketing and Customer Relations Management (CRM) Implementations on Automotive Sector: The Case of Turkey
pp. 11432-11440
Demet Tuzunkan

Enhancement In Distribution Power Quality Using D-STATCOM with Phase Faults
pp. 11441-11446
G.Gupta, W. Fritz and MTE Kahn

Design ofWide-band Power Amplifier Using Power Combining Technique for S-band Communication Applications
pp. 11447-11450
Mussa Mabrok, Zahriladha Zakaria and Nasrullah Saifullah

A Survey on the Implementation of Image Enhancement
pp. 11451-11459
Mohamad Nurfakhrian Aziz, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Anggumeka Luhur Prasasti

Numerical Behavior Study of Short Link, Intermediate Link and Long Link in Eccentrically Braced Frame Steel Structure
pp. 11460-11471
Budi Suswanto, Aniendhita Rizki Amalia, Endah Wahyuni and Jusuf Wilson

A Graph Based Similarity Measure (GBSM) for Finding the Semantic Relation between the Words in Microblogs
pp. 11472-11475
K.Suguna and K.Nandhini

A Proposed System for Learning Paths Personalization Using Learners Profiles
pp. 11476-11487
Mohamed Bendahmane, Brahim Elfalaki and Mohammed Benattou

Impact of various physical exposures on Chlorella Sorokiniana microalgae cultivation
pp. 11488-11492
Natalia Politaeva, Tatyana Kuznetsova, Yulia Smyatskaya, Elena Trukhina and Filipp Ovchinnikov

Hybrid Speech Compression method Based on DWT and SVD
pp. 11493-11499
Maytham Salman azeez and Aqeel Salman azez

Analysis of Value Chain toward Enhancement Competitiveness of Tuna Fishery Industries using Structual Equation Modeling (SEM) and Confirmatory Factor Analysis : Case Study in Cilacap Regency
pp. 11500-11510
Bambang Nariyono, Arief Daryanto, M. Firdaus and Setijadi Djohar

Nonlinear analysis of degenerated FGM shells
pp. 11511-11522
B. Amieur, M. Djermane and F. Hammadi

An Innovative Quality System for Surface Blemish Detection of Touch Panels
pp. 11523-11531
Hong-Dar Lin and Jen-Miao Li

The Analytical Test of Methodological Approaches to the Increasing the Level of Automation of the Basic Functions of the Car Dispatching of the Cargo Delivery to Northern Regions of the Russian Federation
pp. 11532-11535
Filippova Nadezhda Anatolievna, Belyaev Vladimir Mihailovich, Shilimov Mihail Viktorovich, Koshkarev Petr Petrovich and Odinokova Irina Vyacheslavovna

Convergence Research on Emotional Labor, Job Environment, and Organizational Performance of Public and Private Organizations in Senior Industry
pp. 11536-11540
Il Hyun Yun

Automated Tracking of Workers in Work Environments through the Implementation of RFID and Zigbee Technologies
pp. 11541-11545
Fabián Pinzón, Oscar Ruiz and Holman Montiel

An advanced data leakage detection system analyzing relations between data leak activity
pp. 11546-11554
Min-Ji Seo and Myung-Ho Kim

Composite Long Shaft Coupling Design for Cooling Towers
pp. 11555-11561
Junwoo Bae, JongHun Kang, HyoungWoo Lee, Seungkeun Jeong and SooKeun Park

Minimizing Thin Glass Deflection in Flexible Display Manufacturing via Pin Map Optimization
pp. 11562-11567
Nam Hoon Jo, Euy Sik Jeon and Jae Kyung Kim

Design of a Learner Model Based on the Competency-Based Approach Ontology
pp. 11568-11575
Abdelkrim Khartoch, Adil Hachmoud, Lahcen Oughdir and Salaheddine Kammouri Alami

Optimization of Combined-Cycle Power Plant Operating Pattern
pp. 11576-11582
Vicky Ardhitya

Assessment of Damage of Metallic Elements in Oil and Gas Facilities using Small Punch Test
pp. 11583-11587
Samigullin Gafur, Shchipachev Andrey, Samigullina Liliya and Fetisov Vadim

Real Process Characteristic Capacity Weight in the Product 500 Grams in a Rice Mill
pp. 11588-11597
Christian David Gómez Garzón, Julián conde and Huila (Neiva)

A Simulation Study for Practical Control of a Quadrotor
pp. 11598-11605
Jeongho Noh and Yongkyu Song

Routing Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks using Fuzzy Ant Colony
pp. 11606-11613
Veronicah M. Mualuko, Peter K. Kihato and Vitalice Oduol

Environmental Performance Indicators of Oleo-Chemical Based Industrial Park in Indonesia: The Conceptual Model
pp. 11614-11623
Esther S M Nababan, Delvian Delvia and Nelson Siahaan

A Study on a Synthesized Synthesis using a Pitch Change Compensation in Speech Signal
pp. 11624-11626
Sang-Bum Park, Myung-Jin Bae and Seong-Geon Bae

The Design of Tobacco Tax Collecting System for Smoking Cessation
pp. 11627-11634
SungMan Yoon and HoLim Yoo

Drawing Parameter Spaces of Optimal Cubic-order Multiple-zero Finder
pp. 11635-11639
Young Hee Geum

Image Manipulation Detection using Convolutional Neural Network
pp. 11640-11646
Dong-Hyun Kim and Hae-Yeoun Lee

The Mediate Effect of Lean Manufacturing on the Relationship between Transaformational Leadership and Sustainability Performance in Thai SMEs
pp. 11647-11657
Piyachat Burawat

On optimization of a Multi-Retailer Multi-Product VMI Model with Variable Replenishment Cycle
pp. 11658-11667
Debashish Kumar, Danish Ali Khan and Tarni Mandal

Determining the Inventory Level of Spare Parts according to System Utilization in a Two-Echelon Distribution System
pp. 11669-11684
Sukjae Jeong and Jaehyun Han and Jihyun Kim

A Revieew of the User Based Web Design: Usability and Information Architecture
pp. 11685-11690
Edisney García Perdomo, Miguel Ángel Tovar Cardoso, Carlos Andrés Cuellar Perdomo and Ruthber Rodriguez Serrezuela

Machine Learning and Statistical Approaches for Big Data: Issues, Challenges and Research directions
pp. 11691-11699
D. Saidulu and R. Sasikala

An Adaptively Optimized Approach on Random Test Case Generation Using Intuitionistic Genetic Algorithm
pp. 11700-11706
G.Manivasagam and R.Gunasundari

Analysis of the Influence of Pile Cap Thickness to Deflection due to Lateral Load in Sand
pp. 11707-11713
Sjachrul Balamba, Agoes Soehardjono and Yulvi Zaika

Evaluation of Safety Systems in Iraqi Construction Projects
pp. 11714-11726
Wadhah Amer Hatem

Analysis of Different Methods for Identification and Classification of Cervical Spondylosis (CS): A Survey
pp. 11727-11737
Pankaj Pramod Chitte and Ulhaskumar M. Gokhale

Mowing Rice Crop as Ratoon and Applying Chromolaena odorata Compost to Support Food Security
pp. 11738-11748
Jamilah Munir, Juniarti And Srimulyani

Impact Model of Communication and Marketing Tools for the Promotion of Family Houses Built by Modern Methods of Construction
pp. 11749-11759
Tomas Mandicak, Daniela Mackova, Marcela Spisakova and Peter Mesaros

Microscopic Behaviors of Laminated Glass Plate Due to Foreign Object Impact
pp. 11760-11764
Kook Chan Ahn

A Double Carbon Synthesis for Si-Ti Composite Anode Materials for Li-ion Batteries
pp. 11765-11768
Sukeun Yoon

A Part Hardware Implementation of Hydraulic Energy Conversion System Chain in Low Power Controlled by DSP F2812
pp. 11769-11779
Chirine Benzazah, Loubna Lazrak, Soukaina El Daoudi and Mustapha Ait Lafkih








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