International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 22  (2017)  





Improvement of a Doppler Profile of a Lower Atmospheric Wind Profiler Radar Time Series data Using Signal Processing Techniques
P. Krishna Murthy, S. Narayana Reddy and V. Thrimurthulu

A Novel Framework for Cloud Storage Security Using two way Verification
pp. 11787-11795
Rakesh Nag Dasari, Y. Prasanth and O. NagaRaju

Subnet Based Ad Hoc Network Algorithm Reducing Energy Consumption in MANET
pp. 11796-11802
Kaushal Kishor, Parma Nand and Pankaj Agarwal

Smart Grids and Mobile Traffic Communication for Improved Spectral Efficiency of LTE systems
pp. 11803-11811
Ben Groenewald, Vipin Balyan and MTE Kahn

Cost Benefit Analysis using G2V and V2G Integrating Solar Energy
pp. 11812-11817
Ravi and Dinesh Kumar Jain

User Interesting Navigation Pattern Discovery Using Fuzzy Correlation Based Rule Mining
pp. 11818-11823
D. Uma Maheswari and R.Gunasundari

Mobile Agent Data Security using Triple Data Encryption Standard
pp. 11824-11829
Prapulla S B, Trisha Venkatesh, Jayanth Chandra, Sindhu B Dinesh and Vindhya Nagaraj

A Novel Weighted Probabilistic Based Gene-Disease Document Classification Model Using Hadoop Framework for Distributed Biomedical Repositories
pp. 11830-11839
B.R.S.Reddy and Narni.Siva Chintaiah

A Study on the Performance of CSK under Noisy Conditions
pp. 11840-11846
Safaa T. M. Jawad, Zahir M. Hussain and Katrina Neville

Development of a Dynamic Model of Thermal Processes for Plasma Surfacing at Direct and Reverse Polarity
pp. 11847-11854
Sergey Dmitrievich Neulybin, Gleb Lvovich Permyakov, Dmitriy Nikolayevich Trushnikov, Yuri Dmitrievich Shchitsyn and Vladimir Yakovlevich Belenkiy

Literature Review: Detection of Image Splicing Forgery
pp. 11855-11861
Araz Rajab Abrahim, Mohd Shafry Mohd Rahim and Ghazali bin Sulong

Deep Neural Network for Runway Visual Range Estimation
pp. 11862-11864
SungKwan Ku and SeokMin Hong

Development of Software Operational Profile
pp. 11865-11873
Amrita and Dilip Kumar Yadav

Multilayer Magnetic Films for Hard Disks
pp. 11874-11877
Sergey Pavlovich Malyukov, Andrey Vladimirovich Kovalev, Sergey Sergeevich Zinoviev and Anastasia Alekseevna Starykh

An Enhanced Digital Signature Scheme
pp. 11878-11884
Seetha. R

Modeling of the Cryogenic Section’s Dynamics of an Experimental GAS-Diesel Locomotive
pp. 11885-11890
Igor V. Volkov, Yuriy P. Bulavin, Vadimir V. Shapovalov, Oleg A. Voron and Alexandr A. Demyanov

Landscape Catenae of Sandy Valley Plains of the Vyatka-Kama Region
pp. 11891-11900
A.S. Matushkin, A.M. Prokashev, N.D. Okhorzin, I.A. Zhuikova and I.A. Vartan

Methodology of Experimental Measurement of Loads, Acting on Rock Cut-ting Elements of Drilling Bit
pp. 11901-11906
Vladimir A. Pyalchenkov, Vladimir V. Dolgushin, Irina A. Purtova and  Lyubov I. Nikitina

Distribution of an Axial Load along the Teeth Rows of Rolling Cutters of Drill Bits (Test Results)
pp. 11907-11912
Vladimir A. Pyalchenkov, Vladimir V. Dolgushin, Irina A. Purtova and Lyubov I. Nikitina

Optimization Algorithm for Minimizing the Earliness/Tardiness of Automated Guided Vehicles Using Artificial Immune System
pp. 11913-11919
Mahalakshmi and Murugesan R

Denoising and Classification of EEG Signals Using Adaptive Line Enhancer in VlSI
pp. 11920-11925
R. Suresh Kumar and P.Manimegalai

Regulation of the Rheological Properties of Polymer-Bitumen Binders by Ultrasonic Intensification of Mixing Process
pp. 11926-11932
Avdeychev Roman, Pimenova Olga, Egorov Alexander, Derevyanov Maxim, Nikitchenko Natalya, Tyukilina Polina and Tyshchenko Vladimir

Energy Saving Technology Analysis for Commercial, Industrial, Social, and Public Sectors to Support Regional Energy Policy: Case Study in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
pp. 11933-11940
Tony K. Hariadi, P.Jutta Prahara, Surya B. Lesmana and Raouf Saidi

Structural Models of Family Health Strengths of Women who have Migrated to Korea through Marriage+
pp. 11941-11950
Soon Jung Yoon and Hee Kyung Kim

Effects of the Ethical Values and Willingness to Report Near Miss on the Perceptions of Patient Safety Culture of Nurses at General Hospitals
pp. 11951-11959
Hyang Soon Kwon, Hee Kyung Kim and Kyoung Sun Park

New Heuristics for Obtaining Smaller Regular Expressions from Deterministic Finite Automata
pp. 11960-11964
Kulwinder Singh, Ajay Kumar and Sunita Garhwal

Feedback Queue with Services in Different Stations under Reneging and Vacation Policies
Sundar Rajan B, Ganesan V and Rita S

Evaluation of BER using Different Adaptive Techniques in a Fading Channel Communication
pp. 11970-11975
Pradyumna Ku. Mohapatra, Ravi Narayan Panda and Siba Prasada Panigrahi

Identification and Validation of Repetitions/Prolongations in Stuttering Speech using Epoch Features
pp. 11976-11980
G. Manjula M., Shiva Kumar, Y. V. Geetha and T. Kasar

Wear Analysis of Surface Composites of AA6063/SICp Produced by Friction Stir Processing Using Taguchi Technique
pp. 11981-11988
Rajesh and Prabhakar Kaushik

An Integrated Hybrid Feature Selection Based Ensemble Learning Model for Parkinson and Alzheimer’s Disease Prediction
pp. 11989-12003
B. Raja Srinivasa Reddy and Bala Brahmeswara Kadaru

Histogram Based on Line Signature Verification System
pp. 12004-12007
Prathiba M K and Basavaraj L

Seismic Performance of Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Buildings with Heavy Loads
pp. 12008-12015
Md Jaweed Jilani Khan, Sheshadri Sekhar T and Bellam Sivarama Krishna Prasad

An Enhanced invisible Digital Watermarking Method for Image Authentication
pp. 12016-12022
N.Vinay Kumar, A.Venkat Ramana, C.Sunil Kumar and V.Raghavendra

Experimental Investigation on Optimization of the Controlling Factors for Machining Al 6061/MoS2 Metal Matrix Composites with Wire EDM
pp. 12023-12028
M. Geeta Rani, Ch.V.S.Parameswara Rao and K .Rama Kotaiah

Implementing Energy Optimization by a Novel Hybrid Technique for Performance Improvement in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
pp. 12029-12035
J. Rangaraj and M. Anitha

Empirical Evaluation of Edge based Background Subtraction Methods for Object Detection in Video Surveillance System
pp. 12036-12043
Surender Singh, Ajay Prasad, Kingshuk Srivastava and Suman Bhattacharya

Bi-Objective Virtual Machine Placement using Hybrid of Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization in Cloud Data Center
pp. 12044-12051
Dilip Kumar and Tarni Mandal

A Multiphase Queuing System with Assorted Servers by using Matrix Geometric Method
pp. 12052-12059
Roshli. Aniyeri and C. Ratnam Nadar

Ontological Representation of Data Sampling in HIV1 Reverse Transcriptase
pp. 12060-12066
R.Geetha and S.Sivasubramanian

Performance Evaluation of Invert Tree Based Interleaver with Receiver Diversity in Interleave Division Multiple Access
pp. 12067-12074
Arpita Patel, Jaymin Bhalani and Manoj Kumar Shukla

A New Categorical Data Clustering Technique Based on Genetic Algorithm
pp. 12075-12082
Irani Hazarika, Anjana Kakoti Mahanta and Dulumoni Das

An Investigation on the Parameter Sensitive Performance of Detonation Sprayed Alumina on EN19 Steel
pp. 12083-12089
V.P. Haridasan, A.Velayudham and R.Krishnamurthy

Identification of Effective Retrieval Percentage for Ctree
pp. 12090-12095
S.Thabasu Kannan and N.Mangalam

Generation of Personalized Ontology based on treatment schemes utilizing semantic rules for HPV
pp.12096- 12101
R.Geetha and S.Sivasubramanian

A Vibrational Energy Harvesting Interface Circuit with Maximum Power Point Tracking Control
pp. 12102-12107
Chong-Gun Yu

Design and Development of Control Electronics for Space Rover Hip Yaw Joint Application
pp. 12108-12118
Greeshma Chandran, Sandip Das, and Praveen R.P

Conditions of Work and Dermatitis in Workers Exposed to Chemical Risks by Cement
pp. 12119-12126
E.A. Bedoya-Marrugo, C.A. Severiche-Sierra, D.D. Sierra-Calderon, J. Jaimes-Morales, Y.A. Marrugo-Ligardo and E.A. Espinosa-Fuentes

Construction of an Electronic Controller for Gripper with Bioelectric Signals
pp. 12127-12132
Jeisson Torrecilla Aguilar, Andrés Sánchez Bocanegra and Holman Montiel Ariza

Closed Formed Solution for Thick Plates Resting on Kerr Foundation
pp. 12133-12143
Ammar A. Abdul Rahman

Effect of Chemical Composition on Radio-Photoluminescence Glass Dosimeter Properties
pp. 12144-12148
M.T.M. Ayob, S. Rahim, I. Abdul Rahman, David. Lewis & S. Radiman

The Construction of a Green School: an Interactional Multidisciplinary Perspective
pp. 12149-12155
Pratheek Sudhakaran, Jitendra Singh, Anjani Kumar Shukla, Bhavesh Joshi and Monisha Yadur

A Novel Analytical Approach for Identifying Outliers from Web Documents
pp. 12156-12161
R.L. Raheemaa Khan, M.S. Irfan Ahmed and A. M. Riyad

A Latent Analysis for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 12162-12168
Indu Maurya and S. K Gupta

Study of Association Rule Mining for Discovery of Frequent Item Sets on Big Data Sets
pp. 12169-12175
Chandaka Babi, Mandapati Venkateswara Rao and Vedula Venkateswara Rao

Revelation of Groundwater Possible Region Using Fuzzy Logic Based GIS Modeling
pp. 12176-12183
Geetha Selvarani Arumaikkani, Sivakumar Chelliah and Maheswaran Gopalan

Improved Depth Approximation through B-Spline Polynomial
pp. 12184-12188
K.Kanthamma and S.A.K.Jilani

A Framework for Multipurpose Cloud Based Data Centre Network Security
pp. 12189-12196
RakeshNag Dasari, Y. Prasanth and O. NagaRaju

Providing Security and Retrieving the Data by Using Distributed file Systems
pp. 12197-12201
C. L Stefi Sterlin, J. Refonaa, Gopivallabhapurapu and Raja.T

Smart Defrost Control for Refrigeration System
pp. 12202-12207
V. Bagyaveereswaran, S. Shiva Subramanian and R. Anitha

GLCM based FNN for Automated Drusen Detection in Fundus Images
pp. 12208-12213
Rama Prasath.A, M.M.Ramya and Kim.R

Series Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement Based on Distributed Generation
pp. 12214-12218
Iyswarya Annapoorani, Ravi Samikannu and Karthikrajan Senthilnathan

Fast Algorithm for PQ Data Compression using Integer DTCWT and Entropy Encoding
pp. 12219-12227
Prathibha Ekanthaiah, A.Manjunath and Cyril Prasanna Raj

Data Driven DSS in Big Data Environments for power supply organization
pp. 12228-12231
Pooja Nahar, Sanjay Kumar

Maximal Frequent Term Based Document Clustering
pp. 12232-12236
Harsha Patil and Ramjeevan Singh Thakur

Identification of Guilt Agent and Leaked Data by Using MAC-IP
pp. 12237-12245
B. Raja Koti, G.V.S. Raj Kumar and Y. Srinivas

Two Sided Complete Bayesian Chain Sampling Plan with Beta Binomial as Prior Distribution
pp. 12246-12249
Milky Mathew C and Rajeswari Murugesan

Optimal Energy Management Using Sequential Quadratic Programming Algorithm for Stand Alone PV System
pp. 12250-12255
S. Angalaeswari and K. Jamuna

Influence of Nano-Particle on Pore Throat Distribution in Micro-Porous Using High Intrusion Mercury Porosimetry in Sandstone Reservoir
pp. 12256-12271
El-Abbas Moustafa Gad-Allah

On Solving the Problems of Nonstationary Diffusion in Layered Environments
pp. 12272-12274
Sergey Vladimirovich Vendin

Effect of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) on Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene (PP) Reinforced Rice Husk (RH)
MSC.Rusul M. Abd Alradha

Review Paper in Vehicle Routing Problem and Future Research Trend
pp. 12279-12283
Modhi Lafta Mutar, Burhanuddin Mohd Aboobaider and Asaad Shakir Hameed

Prediction of the Physico-Chemical Properties of New Compounds for the Replacement of Malathion
pp. 12284-12290
Jorge Buitrago, Dario Amaya and Olga Ramos

The Temperature Influence on Sisal Fiber Activated Carbon
pp. 12291-12294
Lailatin Nuriyah, Alamsyah Juwono, Gancang Saroja and Delta Priyatmojo

Service Area Management towards Integrated Maintenance of Saguling Reservoir as the Raw Water in Bandung Metropolitan Area, Indonesia
pp. 12295-12304
Mariana Marselina, Arwin Sabar and Suci Wulandari

Efficient Method of Retrieving Digital Library Search Results using Clustering and Time Based Ranking
pp. 12305-12314
Sumita Gupta, Neelam Duhan and Poonam Bansal

Virtual Environment for Robotic Assistance
pp. 12315-12318
Robinson Jiménez Moreno, Luis Alfredo Rodriguez Umaña and Javier Eduardo Martinez Baquero

Application of Machine Learning to Determine the Characteristics of Adjacent Normal Tissues in Liver Cancer
pp. 12319-12321
Wafaa Khazaal Shams and Zaw Z. Htike

Determination of Room-and-Pillar system parameters for Transition to Greater Depths
pp. 12322-12331
V.V. Fitsak, E.S. Lomakina, A.A. Strakhova and V.I. Chernobai

An Investigation of Direction of Arrival Estimation Scheme for Correlated Signals in Wireless Communication Systems
pp. 12332-12341
Joseph Nkurunziza, Elijah Mwangi and Dominic B. O. Konditi

Frequency Estimation of Fm Signals Under Non-Gaussian and Colored Noise
pp. 12342-12356
Safaa D. Al-Khafaji, Zahir M. Hussain and Katrina Neville

Theoretical Basis for Designing Integrated Security Systems of Potentially Hazardous Facilities
pp. 12357-12361
Alexander V. Matveev, Oleg V. Shcherbakov, Alexander V. Maximov and Vladimir V. Matveev

Development of New Lubricants for Reducing the Wear of the Elements of the Path and Running Parts of Rolling Stock
pp. 12362-12368
Kargapoltsev S.K., Khomenko A.P., Gozbenko V.E., Minaev N.V. and Karlina A.I.

Creating of the Alternative Lubricants and Practice of their Use
Gozbenko V.E., Khomenko A.P., Kargapoltsev S.K., Minaev N.V. and Karlina A.I.

The Development of a Test Stand for Developing Technological Operation Flotation and Separation of MD2. The Deposition of Nanostructures MD1 Produce Nanostructures with Desired Properties
pp. 12373-12377
Kondratiev V.V., Govorkov A.S., Kolosov A.D., Gorovoy V.O. and Karlina A.I.

Customized Semantic Segmentation by using Virtual World Data
pp. 12378-12383
JueSeok Kang, DongKeun Kim and EunJoo Rhee

Distance Estimation and Localization of Sound Sources in Reverberant Conditions using Deep Neural Networks
pp. 12384-12389
Mariam Yiwere and Eun Joo Rhee

Regenerative Shock Absorber in the Vehicle Suspension System
pp. 12390-12394
Kireev A.V., Kozhemyaka N.M., Burdugov A.S. and Klimov A.V.

Reactive Power Monitoring and Compensation in a Distribution Network of Modern Power System
pp. 12395-12402
Prabhash Nanda, Chinmoy Kumar Panigrahi and Abhijit Dasgupta

Fatigue Assessment in the Brachii Muscles During Dynamic Contractions
pp. 12403-12408
Jawad Hussain, Kenneth Sundaraj, Yin Fen Low, Lam Chee Kiang, Irsa Talib and Fizza Ghulam Nabi

Air Sransportation Simulation to Runway Incursion Safety
pp. 12409-12414
SungKwan Ku, Hojong Baik and SeokJae Yun

Hot Deformation Characteristics of 304 Stainless Steels by Tensile Test
pp. 12415-12420
JongHun Kang, JaeUk Yoo, KuHee Ann and YongChul Kwon

A Study on the Case of Sudden Car Accident Estimation of Frequency Slope Estimation Method
pp. 12421-12424
Myung-Jin Bae and Seong-Geon Bae

Decomposition of a Singularly Perturbed Model of a Two-time-scale Nonlinear System with Multiplicative Connections
pp. 12425-12430
Otto Derzhavin and Elena Sidorova

Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis of Travel Websites through Twitter
pp. 12431-12439
Piyush Bhardwaj, Suruchi Gautam and Payal Pahwa

Nanofluids Slip Mechanisms on Hydromagnetic Flow of Nanofluids over a Nonlinearly Stretching Sheet Under Nonlinear Thermal Radiation
pp. 12440-12450
S.P.Anjali Devi and Mekala Selvaraj

Basics of Mathematical Field Theory in Relation to Geophysical Fields in Development of Systematic Nature of Applied Physical Reasoning
Elena S. Lomakina and Vladimir V. Fitsak

Ensemble Text Classifier: A Document Classification Technique to Predict and Categorizes Regularised and Novel Classes Using Incremental Learning
pp. 12454-12459
Silambarasan and J.Anvar Shathik

Image Mosaic with Rotated Camera and Book Searching Applications Using SURF Method
pp. 12460-12466
Jaejoon Kim

Performance Measures of Adaptive Channel Estimation methods for Enhanced MIMO-OFDM
pp. 12467-12473
Milendrakumar M. Solanki and J.M. Rathod

Direct Neural Network Based UAV Control Algorithm for Moving Landing Site Approach Trajectory Following Using Computer-Vision Based Tracking
pp. 12474-12482
Pavel Vyacheslavovich Skribtsov, Aleksey Vladimirovich Dolgopolov, Denis Vladimirovich Tyulyaev and Vladimir Vasilevich Smirnov

Color Analysis of the Parameters through Time for the Juice of Rubus Glaucus by Addiction of the Insecticide Chlorpyrifos by Colorimetry
pp. 12483-12488
Jorge Buitrago, Dario Amaya and Olga Ramos

Throughput Analysis of Secondary Full Duplex Multi-User Scheduling System in Underlay Cognitive Radio Environment
pp. 12489-12494
Junsu Kim, Su Min Kim and Sukhyun Seo

Potential and the Possibility of Using Synergies in Construction
pp. 12495-12499
S. Petrova

Novel Method to Solve Economic Dispatch Scheduling for Large-Scale Power System
pp. 12500-12509
Jangkung Raharjo, Adi Soeprijanto and Hermagasantos Zein

IoT Platform for Healthcare System: Protocols Interoperability
pp. 12510-12518
Farah Nasri and Abdellatif Mtibaa

Durability of Fibre Reinforced Polymer under Aggressive Environment and Severe Loading: A Review
pp. 12519-12533
Nur Hajarul Falahi Abdul Halim, Sophia C. Alih, Mohammadreza Vafaei, Mahmoud Baniahmadi and Ali Fallah

The Design of E-Maintenance Applied on Vessels’ 2000 Horse Power Diesel Engine
pp. 12534-12537
Dewa Nyoman Susilayasa and Hadi Sutanto

A Heuristic Approach for Single Machine with Different Due Dates and Setup Times to Minimize Total Earliness and Tardiness
pp. 12538-12545
Sukjae Jeong

The Effect of Isopropyl Alcohol- 2-Butanol Mixed Solvent on Degree of Substitution of Carboxymethyl Cellulose from Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) Cellulose
pp. 12546-12553
Alia Badra Pitaloka, Asep Handaya Saputra and Mohammad Nasikin

Structural Differences of Economies of Different Developmental Types: Assessments and Effective Ranking on a Global Basis
pp. 12554-12563
Natalya Evgenievna Buletova and Ekaterina Vladimirovna Stepanova

Lightweight Corrugated Plate for Cargo box by using DOE and Topology Optimization
pp. 12564-12569
Seung Jun Na and Euy Sik Jeon

The Development of General-Purpose Scientific Data Repository for EDISON Platform
pp. 12570-12576
Jae-Sung Kim, Jeong-Cheol Lee, Sun-Il Ahn, Sik Lee and Kum-Won Cho

Electrode structure reducing the variation of the impedance measurement for electrical bio-sensor
pp. 12577-12580
Chan-Young Park, Ji-Seong Park, Yu-Seop Kim, Hye-Jeong Song and Jong-Dae Kim

Customized Treatment Through Ocular Image Analysis Platform Design
pp. 12581-12584
Jong Soo Lee, Dong-Kyun Kim, Do-Hee Kim, Ji-Young Sung, Kwang-Myoung Hwang and Jei-Pil Wang

Critical Factors on Firm’s Digital Transformation Capacity: Empirical Evidence from Korea
pp. 12585-12596
Eun Hee Kwon and Min Jae Park

The Judgment System for the Risk Class of Internal Data Leakage based on GRU Model
pp. 12597-12607
Ye-Seul Lee and Myung-Ho Kim

Teachers' Views on the use of Innovative Techniques and Media for Effective Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools
pp. 12608-12615

Shot Boundary Detection using Logarithmic Intensity Histogram: An Application for Video Retrieval
pp. 12616-12624
Kalpesh M Shah and Ramji M Makwana

Optimal Neural Network Based Face Recognition System for Various Pose and Occluded Images
pp. 12625-12636
Ravindra G. Dabhade and L.M. Waghmare

Semantic Analysis of Reviews Provided by Mobile Web Services Using Rule Based and Supervised Machine Learning Techniques
pp. 12637-12644
Roshan Fernandes and Rio D’Souza G. L.

Impact of Physics Parameterization Schemes in The Simulation of Laila Cyclone Using the Advanced Mesoscale Weather Research and Forecasting Model
pp. 12645-12651
P. Janardhan Saikumar and T. Ramashri

Storage Efficient Capturing of Port Scanning Attack Traffic
pp. 12652-12658
Rajni Ranjan Singh and Deepak Singh Tomar

Two Phase Hybrid AI-Heuristics for Multiple Travelling Salesman Problem
pp. 12659-12664
N.Sathya and A.Muthukumaravel

Review on Intelligent and Soft Computing Techniques to Predict Software Cost Estimation
pp. 12665-12681
Venkataiah V, Ramakanta Mohanty and Nagaratna M

Performance Analysis of Adaptive Channel Equalizer Using LMS, Various Architecture of ANN and GA
pp. 12682-12692
Darshna Kundu and Geeta Nijhawan

Defect Classification Using Naïve Bayes Classification
pp. 12693-12700
S.Veni and Aparna Srinivasan

Integration Scheme of Network Coding and Address Bit Vector in Wireless Network to Acquire More Reliability
pp. 12701-12706
Mayank Kumar Goyal, Satya Prakash Ghrera and Jai Prakash Gupta

Applicability of Ecological Footprint for Environmental Sustainability Evaluation in Sri Lankan Apparel Sector Built Environments
pp. 12707-12715
B. J. Ekanayake and Y. G. Sandanayake

Impact of Cloud Computing Datamining in Digitalization
pp. 12716-12720
Rajeev Sharma, Rupak Sharma and Jai Prakash Bhat

A Novel Approach for Semantic Image Clustering using Object Relation Network, Patterns of Relevance Feedback and Weight of Features
pp. 12721-12727
Kolla Morarjee and T. Venu Gopal

Perturbation Analysis of 2-Dimensional Boundary Layer flow of an Inelastic Fluid Using Williamson Model
pp. 12728-12734
Nirmal C. Sacheti, Tayfour El Bashir and Pallath Chandran

Performance Analysis of the LMS Adaptive Algorithm for Adaptive Beamforming
pp. 12735-12745
Joseph Paulin Nafack Azebaze , Elijah Mwangi and Dominic B.O. Konditi

Designing four-Channel High Rate TDM Passive Optical Network with NRZ Scheme for Wired Environment
pp. 12746-12751
Shailesh Khant and Atul Patel

Structural Changes in the Base-Material under Coating by the Laser Surfacing Method
pp. 12752-12754
Kuskov Konstantin Viktorovich and Mezentseva Olesya Valerievna

A Joint Histogram -2D Correlation Measure for Incomplete Image Similarity
pp. 12755-12761
Nisreen Ryadh Hamza, Hind Rustum Mohammed and D.Zahir M. Hussain

Comparative Analysis for Detecting DNS Tunneling Using Machine Learning Techniques
pp. 12762-12766
Mahmoud Sammour, Burairah Hussin and Mohd Fairuz Iskandar Othman

Sustainable Development- The Definition of the Concept and the Perspectives of Development
pp. 12767-12771
Dubinskii Vladimir Petrovich and Jafari Haghighi Saeed

Design of Power Efficient Reversible Carry Skip Adder
pp. 12772-12782
Isha Sahu, Poorvi K. Joshi, Nitin P. Narkhede and Sharmik V. Admane

Fuzzy Ontological Model of Monitoring and Management of Educational Institution Complex Risks
pp. 12783-12789
A.V. Senkov, T.I. Grechukhina, V.V. Borisov and A.V. Usacheva

Thermographic Studies of Fuel Oil in the Presence of Nikel-2 Ethylhexanoate
pp. 12790-12793
A. Mustafim, Аrslan F. Аkhmetov, Akhat G Mustafin, Rail N. Galiakhmetov and Оksana M. Sudakova

The Method of Quantifying the Intercalation Degree of Clay Minerals by Organic Compounds
pp. 12794-12800
Anton Kasprzhitskii, Georgy Lazorenko and Victor Yavna

Results of Carrying Out of Researches with Revealing of Technological Parameters of Processes of Recycling and Neutralization of the first and Second Cut of the Spent Lining of Electrolyzers for Reception of Aluminum Fluoride
pp. 12801-12808
Kondratiev V.V., Rzhechitskiy E.P., Ershov V.A., Bogdanov Y.V. and Karlina A.I

Description of the test Stand for Developing of Technological Operation of nano-Dispersed Dust Preliminary Coagulation
pp. 12809-12813
Kondratiev V.V., Nebogin S.A., Sysoev I.A., Gorovoy V.O. and Karlina A.I

Crypt Matching using EACO for Iris Recognition
pp. 12814-12820
Z. Zainal Abidin, Z. Abal Abas, R. Ahmad, N. A. Hashim and M. R. Ramli

Observation of Cyclone Occurred in Arabian SEA and bay of Bengal From Saphir Sensor Data
pp. 12821-12832
Vasudha. MP and G. Raju

A Hybrid Calms Technique for Distribution Network Feeder Reconfiguration in Existence of DG
pp. 12833-12843
Kothuri Ramakrishna and Basavaraja Banakara

The Development of Palaeokarst Systems in the Middle Miocene Carbonate Reservoir, South Song Hong Basin
pp. 12844-12851
Phong Van Phung, Anh Vu The and Tung Nguyen Thanh

Optimization of Fermentation Conditions for the Production of Protein Composition in Parkia biglobosa Seeds using Response Surface Methodology
pp. 12852-12859
Modupe E. Ojewumi, James A. Omoleye and Adesola A. Ajayi

Novel Approach for Mixed Pixel Extraction from Remote Sensing Images
pp. 12860-12871
Sumit Kaur and R.K Bansal

Overview of Energy Storage Technologies: A Techno-Economic Comparison
pp. 12872-12879
S. Surender Reddy and Chan-Mook Jung

Modeling of Drilling Rate of Penetration Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System
pp. 12880-12891
Mohammed Ayoub, Goh Shien, Diab Diab and Quosay Ahmed

Experimental Study on Corrosion Inhibition of 304 SS in Acid Solution
pp. 12892-12898
Divakara Shetty S, Ramdev Herle and Nagaraja Shetty

Innovation of Quality Management in Engineering Projects
pp. 12899-12905
Sc. Esat Gashi and Davorin Kralj

Simulating the Carbon foot Print Reduction of an Arid Urban form Applying Canopy Layer Green Coverage under Climate Change Scenarios
pp. 12906-12913
Mohammad Fahmy, Mohamed Mahdy, Hany El-Hady, Yasser Ibrahim and Marwa F. Abdelalim

Extended Median Filter For Salt and Pepper Noise In Image
pp. 12914-12918
Bilal Charmouti, Ahmad Kadri Junoh, Wan Zuki Azman Wan Muhamad, Muhammad Naufal Mansor, Mohd Zamri Hasan and Mohd Yusoff Mashor

Model Development of Main Commercial Port Operational Service in Indonesia (Case Study : Makassar Container Terminal)
pp. 12919-12926
Muhammad Aksar, Shirly Wunas, Muh Saleh Pallu and Misliah Idrus

Effect of Spoiler Angle on the Aerodynamic Performance of Hatchback Model
pp. 12927-12933
Cheng See Yuan, Shuhaimi Mansor and Mohd Azman Abdullah

Non-Linear Programming Approach for Optimization of Construction Project’s Control System
pp. 12934-12939
Yusrizal Lubis and Zuhri

A Combined Cuckoo Search Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm for Parameter Optimization in Computer Vision
pp. 12940-12954
Mansouri Fatimaezzahra, Benchikhi loubna, Sadgal Mohamed and Elfazziki Abdelaziz

Location Holding System of Quad Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) using Laser Guide Beam
pp. 12955-12960
Wonkyung Jang, Masafumi Miwa and Joonhwan Shim

Effective Integration Algorithm for Spin-Angular Variables for Many-Electron Atomic Systems
pp. 12961-12970
Anton Kasprzhitskii, GeorgyLazorenko and Victor Yavna

60 GHz Millimeter-Wave Indoor Propagation Path Loss Models
pp. 12971-12981
Anas Alsalman and Nidal Qasem

Encryption as a Service Based on Parallelizing Fully Homomorphic Encryption Implementation on Openstack Cloud Computing
pp. 12982-12988
Ouadia Zibouh, Anouar Dalli and Hilal Drissi

A Community Based Content Recommender Systems
pp. 12989-12996
Satya Keerthi Gorripati and Valli Kumari Vatsavayi

Simulation of Rectangular Slot-Ring Antenna Fed by Microstrip Line With Tuning Stub for WLAN/WIMAX Communication Applications
pp. 12997-13004
Thep Kueathaweekun

An Analytic Study of Dependence Claims Impact for Characteristics of Moment
pp. 13005-13008

A Study on Election Based Clustering Protocols in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 13009-13014
Preetha K.S, Sasikumar P, Noor Mohammed and K. Saravanan






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