International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 24  (2017)  






LMinimizing Weighted Earliness and Tardiness under Fuzziness using Firefly Algorithm
pp. 13974-13980
S.E. Jayanthi and S. Karthigeyan

Bio-inspired Swarm Intelligence Algorithms –A Systematic Analysis
pp. 13981-13989
Manu Rajan Nair and T.Amudha

Estimation of Boundary Regions for Images using Contour Based Model
pp. 13990-13994
K.Srinivasan, N.R. Anantha Narayanan and S.K.Srivatsa

Dual Band Integrated Dielectric Resonator Antenna for S Band and Wi-max Applications
pp. 13995-13999
Deepika Pathak, Sudhir Kumar Sharma and Vivek Singh Kushwah

Nonlinear Wave Interaction in Magnetized Plasma with Two-Temperature Kappa-Distributed Electrons
pp. 14000-14007
Rizk Yassen

Explorative Data Visualization Using Business Intelligence and Data Mining Techniques
pp. 14008-14013
G S Ramesh, T.V. Rajinikanth and D Vasumathi

Enactment of Face Recognition Algorithm for Attendance System
pp. 14014-14018
Punitha K

Design And Construction of an Electrocardiogram with Visualization of Data in an App
pp. 14019-14025
Eduardo Borrero, Andrés Jiménez and John Anzola

A Study on the Effective Maintenance of Water-Facilities using RF Method
pp. 14026-14032
Moon, Jeom Hwan and Choi, Seung Pil

RPAD: Rule based Pattern Discovery for Input Type Validation Vulnerabilities Detection & Prevention of HTTP Requests
pp. 14033-14039
S. Venkatramulu and C.V. Guru Rao

A Grid Based Design to Estimate Shortest Path for Road Network Using Path Planning By Caching
pp. 14040-14045
Santosh Patil, S Laxman Kumar, Jambula Hareesha and Mothe Rakesh

An Intelligent Control System for Refrigeration Cycle Powered by Renewable Energy
pp. 14046-14053
Ayman A. Aly and B. Saleh

The Effects of Taxpayer’s Environmental Morale on the Willingness to Pay Environmental Tax for Sustainable Environment
pp. 14054-14063
SungOok Park and SungMan Yoon

An Accuracy Analysis of Tumor Tracking Algorithm According to Types of Respiration
pp. 14064-14074
Wan Sun Kim, Jung Keun Cho and Sung Min Ahn

Experimental Study of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Beams Strengthened by Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP): Effect of Beam Size and Length of CFRP.
pp. 14075-14081
Mohit Jaiswal and Gangadhar Ramtekkar

Demand Analysis on Curriculum of Radiological Science
pp. 14082-14087
Kyoungho Choi and Jung Keun Cho

A Study on Warning Sound for Drowsiness Driving Prevention System
pp. 14088-14094
Ik-Soo Ahn, Myung-Jin Bae and Seong-Geon Bae

The Differential Transimpedance Amplifier Design based 0.18 µm CMOS Technology
pp. 14095-14100
Adnan Manasreh

Novel Resource-Quality Aware Algorithm for Privacy- Preserving Location Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 14101-14107
Soumyasri S M and Rajkiran Ballal

Secure Communication Based On Authentication Techniques Using NIDS
pp. 14108-14113
P.Thangavel and A. Senthil Kumar

Multi Spectral Efficient Image Coding Approach for Medical Image Compression
pp. 14114-14121
S.Jagadeesh and E. Nagabhooshanam

Evaluating the Dynamic Performance of Passenger Cars Having CNG Cylinders
pp. 14122-14129
Reza Fathollahi

Photovoltaic Module Performance Analysis of Aluminum and Zinc Thin Metal Sheet Attached With Direct Current Brushless Fans Cooling System
pp. 14130-14135
M.Irwanto, W.Z.Leow, Y.M.Irwan, A.R.Amelia and I.Safwati

Modelling the Quality of Service at Multilane Midblock U-Turn Facilities
pp. 14136-14140
Ben-Edigbe, J and Paydar, A.P

Cost of Corrosion of Metallic Products in Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
pp. 14141-14147
Orisanmi B.O, Sunday A. Afolalu, Olayide R. Adetunji, Enesi Y. Salawu, Imhade P. Okokpujie, Abiodun A. Abioye, Akinyemi, and O.O. Oluwabunmi P. Abioye

Designing a High-End Cryptographic Engine for Multi-Core Processor Arrays of FPGA
pp. 14148-14153
S.Neelima and R.Brindha

Radio Access Technologies for Sustainable Deployment of 5G Networks in Emerging Markets
pp. 14154-14172
Segun I. Popoola, Nasir Faruk, Aderemi A. Atayero, M. Adeyeye Oshin, Olayiwola W. Bello and Edward Mutafungwa

The Mode Coating Effect on Its Thickness and Adhesion
pp. 14173-14175
Kuskov Konstantin Viktorovich, Mezentseva Olesya Valerievna, Deneko Marina Vitalievna and Evtin Pavel Vladimirovich

Two-Point Explicit and Implicit Block Multistep Methods for Solving Special Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations
pp. 14176-14189
Aini Fadhlina Mansor, Fudziah Ismail and Norazak Senu

Design and Development of Ensemble of Naïve Bayes Classifiers to predict Social and Communication Deficiency among Children
pp. 14190-14198
Sumathi M.R. and B.Poorna

Algorithms, Mechanisms and Procedures for the Computer-aided Project Generation System
pp. 14199-14207
Anton O. Butko, Aleksandr P. Briukhovetskii, Dmitry E. Grigoriev and Konstantin S. Kalashnikov

Evaluation of Laney p’ Chart Performance
pp. 14208-14217
Muhammad Ahsan, Muhammad Mashuri and Hidayatul Khusna

GOA-based DBN: Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm-based Deep Belief Neural Networks for Cancer Classification
pp. 14218-14231
Praveen Tumuluru and Bhramaramba Ravi

Prediction of Personalized Rating by Combining Bandwagon Effect and Social Group Opinion: using Hadoop-Spark Framework
pp. 14232-14237
Lu Sun, Kiejin Park and Limei Peng

Combination of K-means clustering with Genetic Algorithm: A review
pp. 14238-14245
Diyar Qader Zeebaree, Habibollah Haron, Adnan Mohsin Abdulazeez and Subhi R. M. Zeebaree

A Deterministic Approach to Nurse Rerostering Problem
pp. 14246-14250
Saangyong Uhmn, Young-Woong Ko and Jin Kim

A Security Model For Preserving Privacy of Healthcare Information
pp. 14251-14258
Isra’a Ahmed Zriqat and Ahmad Mousa Altamimi

Experimental Studies of a Heat Pump with Microprocessor Control on an Animal Farm
pp. 14259-14267
Omarov Rashit, Ivaylo Stoyanov, Demessova Saule, Murat Kunelbayev and Yerzhigitov Yerkin

Run Length Distribution of Synthetic Double Sampling Chart
pp. 14268-14272
You Huay Woon

Comparison of Methods for Estimation of Sample Sizes under the Weibull Distribution
pp. 14273-14278
Jun Hyoung Lim and Yong Soo Kim

The Comparative Study of Lightweight Slab Solutions in Terms of Construction Cost
pp. 14279-14286
Renata Bašková, Mária Kozlovská, Alena Tažiková and Zuzana Struková

Experimental Flight Testing and System Identification of Eurocopter AS365N2 Dauphin Helicopter using CIFER
pp. 14287-14298
Ashok Kuppusamy and Sug Joon Yoon

Measurement of Sugar Concentration in Korean Commercial Coffee Drinks Using Portable Saccharimeters
pp. 14299-14306
Young-Tae Kong

Linking Just in Time to Financial Statements Profitability Analysis Based on Duality Properties
pp. 14307-14313
Fernando Juárez

Stock Management System Using RFID and Geolocation Technologies
pp. 14314-14321
Franz Gualoto Suárez, Germán Ñacato Caiza and Sang Guun Yoo

Design of Mechanical Structure and Communications Frame Prototype for an Automobile Locking System via Bluetooth
pp. 14322-14326
Holman Montiel Ariza, Jose Reyes Mozo and Henry Montaña Quintero

Applying Grey Systems and Shannon Entropy to Social Impact Assessment and Environmental Conflict Analysis
pp. 14327-14337
Alexi Delgado and I. Romero

KDV and FKDV Model for the Run-up of Tsunamis via Lattice Boltzmann Method
pp. 14338-14347
Sara Zergani, J. H. Lee, Z. A. Aziz and K. K. Viswanathan

Evaluation of Environmental Performance of Airtightness Improved Window
pp. 14348-14357
Hyeon Ku Park

Use of SAR and Optical Satellite Data for Land Use and Land Cover Classification in the Songkhla Lake Basin, Thailand
pp. 14358-14364
Narissara Nuthammachot and Dimitris Stratoulias

Establishment and Management of Internal Control Information System: Organizational and Socio-Psychological Factors
pp. 14365-14369
Kurylev V.A., Morozov A.A., Nozdreva I.E., Vinokurov A.I. and Raskatova M.V.

Design and Performance Evaluation of TCP Performance Enhancement Algorithm with Machine Learning in Wireless Environments
pp. 14370-14376
An Kyu Hwang, Jae Yong Lee and Byung Chul Kim

Monitoring of Taif University Campus by using The Internet of Things Techniques
pp. 14377-14381
Salah Talha Babiker Edris

Active Control of Wind Turbine Aerodynamic Noise Using FXLMS Algorithm
pp. 14382-14390
Gloria Adewumi and Freddie Inambao

A Novel Approach For The Solution Of Urysohn Integral Equations Using Hermite Polynomials
pp. 14391-14395
Jumah Aswad Zarnan

Eczema Disease Detection and Recognition in Cloud Computing
pp. 14396-14402
Azmi Shawkat Abdulbaki, Saif Al-din M. Najim and Samir Abdulrasoul Khadim

Research on Various Pilot Pattern Design for Channel Estimation in OFDM System
pp. 14403-14407
A B Bambhaniya and J M Rathod

A Survey of Intrusion Detection System in Manets using Security Algorithms
pp. 14408-14414
K. Spurthi and T. Narayan Shankar

A Novel Machine Learning Algorithm to Analyze the Interaction on Social Networks
pp. 14415-14420
Sashi kanth Reddy Avula and P S K Reddy

Adaptive Lion Fuzzy System to Generate the Classification Rules using Membership Functions based on Uniform Distribution
pp. 14421-14433
B. Lakshmi Ramani and Padmaja Poosapati

Texture Unit Pattern Approach For Stone Texture Classification
pp. 14434-14440
G.S.N Murthy, Srinivasa Rao V, SVVSR Kumar Pullela and S. Sai Ganesh

Forwarding Node Reduction with Link Break Time Prediction
pp. 14441-14446
S.Gayathri Devi and A.Marimuthu

Development of a Low Power Energy Harvesting Using Solar Input for Portable Electronic Devices
pp. 14447-14451
Hanani Mohamed Nadzirin, Jahariah Sampe, Noorfazila Kamal and Ruwaida Ramly

Eye Gaze Detection Using Hough Circle Transform
pp. 14452-14459
Anis Hazirah Rodzi, Zalhan Mohd Zin and Norazlin Ibrahim

The Implementation of Integrated Management System in Automotive Service Industry: A Review
pp. 14460-14465
Eida Nadirah Roslin, Haqimi Abdul Ghani , Muhd Haziq Akmal Ishak, Mohd Firdaus Ibrahim, Norazwani Muhammad Zain and Mohamad Asmidzam Ahamat

Coral Reefs 3D Mapping using Low Cost Autonomous Water Surface Vehicle
pp. 14466-14470
T.F.K. Tengku Mohd Kamil, Azrul Amri Jamal, Syed Abdullah Fadzli, Fathurrahman Lananan and Amir Fadzli Abd Ghani

The Microstructural Evaluation and Mechanical Properties of Al 6061-T6 Friction Stir Welding Joint with Varied Parameters
pp. 14471-14477
Mohamed Ackiel Mohamed, Yupiter HP Manurung, Mohd Kamil Md Said, Khairudin Salim and Siti Wan Zuraine

Development of Fuzzy PID Controller for Mecanum Wheel Robot
pp. 14478-14483
Addzrull Hi-Fi Syam Ahmad Jamil, Rosli Omar, Sazali Yaacob and Mohd Firdaus Mokhtar

Water flow measuring methods in small hydropower for streams and rivers - A study
pp. 14484-14489
Affandy Othman, Wan Mohd Khairudin, Jamel Othman, Mahadzir Abd Ghani and Ahmad Shakir Mohd Saudi

Reinforcement of Kenaf Fiber in Natural Rubber Composite for Automotive Engine Rubber Mounting
pp. 14490-14494
D.A.Shahril, A.M. Noor Azammi and S.M. Zulfadli

The Acceptance of Flipped Language Learning (FLL) A study of Engineering Students at Technical Matriculation College
pp. 14495-14504
Fazilawati Harun and Supyan Hussin

Volume Measuring System Using Arduino for Automatic Liquid Filling Machine
pp. 14505-14509
M.H. Muhammad Sidik and S.A. Che Ghani

Ergonomic Partisipatory Approach for Designing the Innovative Trash Bin
pp. 14510-14513
Hartomo Soewardi, Amaria Dila Sari and Ripal Aktoba

Perforation of Polycarbonate Sheet When Subjected to Impact Test– A Review
pp. 14514-14522
Hasan Muhamad Abid, Qassim H. Shah and Mohd Sultan Ibrahim

Developing Curricula for Energy and Environmental Course at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysia France Institute (UniKL-MFI) through Knowledge Transfer Program
pp. 14523-14530
M.F.Humar, H.Abu Hassan and H. Hamid

Wireless Datalogger via Satellite Communication for Statistical Performance Analysis of Remote Power Generation System
pp. 14531-14540
M.F.Humar, E.A.A.Engku Mohamed and M.A.Dandu

Performance of Brazed and Adhesive Bonded Pin Fins
pp. 14541-14546
Mohamad Asmidzam Ahamat, Razali Abidin, Eida Nadirah Roslin, Norazwani Muhammad Zain, Rosita Ishak and Pua Chin Kuan

Transient Heat Measurement in a Wall Using Thermoelectric Heat Flux Meter: A Mathematical Model
pp. 14547-14551
Mohamad Asmidzam Ahamat, Razali Abidin, Eida Nadirah Roslin, Norazwani Muhammad Zain and Muhammad Khalilul Azim Mohd Khatib

Effect of Spray and Complete Submerged Method on Material Removal Rate for EDM Die Sinking
pp. 14552-14557
Mohd Shahril Mohd Yusop, Mohd Azri Azhar, Ana Salwa Ramli and Izatul Hamimi Abd Razak

Experimental Investigation of the Performance of a Closed Loop Thermosyphon Solar Drying System
pp. 14558-14567
WenBin Ng, Wee Chin Tey and Yeong Jin King

Proposed Oxidation Mechanisms of Welded 6061 Al Alloy Using ER 5356 (Al-5Mg) Filler Metal Oxidized at 600oC
pp. 14568-14573
Nur Azida Che Lah and Muhamad Hellmy Hussin

Recovery of Oil from Waste Palm Kernel Cake by Sub-Critical Water
pp. 14574-14579
Munawarrah Zazalli, Hiroyuki Yoshida, Mohd Halim Shah Ismail, Nordin Sabli and Shamsul Izhar

Motion Detector Using High Level Feature Extraction
pp. 14580-14584
Mohd Saifulnizam Zaharin, Norazlin Ibrahim and Tengku Azahar Tuan Dir

Hovering Recovery Strategies for Single Rotor Inoperative Quadcopter
pp. 14585-14588
Sallehuddin Muhamad, Harith Md Nasir, Sarudin Kari and Muhamad Sukri Mat Ali

Classification of Probability Densities on the Basis of Pearson Curves with Application to Small Hydro Potential Analysis
pp. 14589-14595
Samizee Abdullah, Mohd Juhari Mat Basri, Engku Ahmad Azrulhisham, Wan Mohd Khairudin and Badrul Hisham Hamdan

Numerical investigation for performance study of photovoltaic thermal nanofluids system
pp. 14596-14602
W.Mustafa, M.Y.Othman and A.Fudholi

Feasibility Study on Application of Palm Oil as Cutting Fluid in Machining of Aerospace Materials
pp. 14603-14607
Ahmad Yasir M.S., Ana Salwa R., Zailan K. and Cindy C.

Value Prediction of Materials Mechanical Properties Using I-kaz Analysis Method during Impact Test: Experimental Study
pp. 14608-14619
Z. Karim1, A. Y. M. Said, M. Z. Nuawi, J. A. Ghani and A. R. Bahari

Mode Shape and Mode Shape Difference Evaluation to Damage Location in Plate Structures
pp. 14620-14627
Muyideen Abdulkarem, Norhisham Bakhary, Mohammadreza Vafaei and Norhazilan Noor

Small Hydro Power System: Measurement of Turgo Turbine Vibration Level Using VIBSCANNER Analyzer
pp. 14628-14637
A.Z Jamil, J.Othman and E.A. Azrulhisham

Enhanced Median Filter for Low Density Salt and Pepper Noise Removal in Lead Frame Image
pp. 14638-14644
Muhammad Syafiq Alza Alias, Norazlin Ibrahim and Zalhan Mohd Zin

A Model of Agile System in Automotive Service Industry
pp. 14645-14651
Eida Nadirah Roslin, Mohamad Hafiz Mohamad Mahfuz, Jamel Othman, Norazwani Muhammad Zain, and Mohamad Asmidzam Ahamat

A Study towards Improving Eye Tracking Calibration Technique Using Support Vector Regression
pp. 14652-14657
Farah Nadia Ibrahim, Norazlin Ibrahim and Zalhan Mohd Zin

An Experimental Study on Effects of Post Weld Impact Treatment on Spot Welded Steel
pp. 14658-14663
Farizah Adliza Ghazali, Zuraidah Salleh, Yupiter H.P. Manurung, Aminuddin Zulkifli, Norazwani Muhammad Zain, Shahfuan Hanif Ahmad Hamidi and Siti Wanzuraine Ismail

CNC Machine Capability Study based on Structural and Thermal Analysis of Ball Screw Using Finite Element Method
pp. 14664-14668
Izatul Hamimi Abdul Razak, Wan Mansor Wan Muhamad, Meseret Nasir Reshid and Nur Shazila Baharudin

Empirical Analysis of Chilled Water Generation for Off Peak Period of Cogeneration plant Using Neural Network
pp. 14669-14676
Meseret Nasir Reshid, Wan Mansor Wan Muhamad and Raja Aziz Raja Maarof

Effectiveness of Warm Water Treatment on Weld Bonding Performances of 061 Aluminium Alloy
pp. 14677-14686
Norazwani Muhammad Zain, Eida Nadirah Roslin and Mohamad Asmidzam Ahamat

Performance of Self-Curing Concrete Using Baby Diapers Polymer
pp. 14687-14692
Daud Mohamad, Salmia Beddu, Siti Nabihah Sadon, Nur Liyana Mohd Kamal, Zarina Itam, Agusril Syamsir, Khodrulnadiah Mohamad and Wani Mohd Sapuan

Restaurant Pre-Ordering System: An Approach to Channeling Dynamic Business Creativity
pp. 14693-14701
Sazly Anuar, Salfarina Abdullah and Soon Joon Wai

Development and Characterization of the PMMA/Clay Nanocomposite
pp. 14702-14709
Nurul Shafrah Shaharil

An Innovative FEA methodology for Minimizing the Heat generation on Tungsten carbide insert by applying Air and Water as Coolants
pp. 14710-14717
Madan Mohan Reddy Nune and Phaneendra Kiran Chaganti

Performance of Unified Power Quality Conditioner in radial distribution networks using Particle Swarm Optimization Method
pp. 14718-14726
M. Laxmidevi Ramanaiah and M. Damodar Reddy

Hierarchical Energy Efficient MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 14727-14738
Rajan Sharma, Balwinder Singh Sohi and Nitin Mittal

A Comparative study of Sugarcane Bagasse gasification and Direct Combustion
pp. 14739-14745
Arpit Shukla and Sudhir Y Kumar

Improvement Mechanism of Fracture Toughness of HDPE with Mixing Mechanism (Nano particle) for Pipe Application
pp. 14746-14749
Najim A. saad, Ali A. Al-Zubiedy and Mays S.Mahmood

Text Extraction from Video Images
pp. 14750-14754
Nidhin Raju and Anita H.B

A proposed Analytical Model for Integrated Multiple Layers of OSI for Energy Utilization in WSN
pp. 14755-14759
Urmila Patil, Anju V. Kulkarni and Radhika Menon

Process Integration using Pinch Analysis: A Cement Industry Case Study
pp. 14760-14763
Sachin Verma and Sudhir Y Kumar

Face Recognition over FFT-OFDM Computer Networks
pp. 14764-14773
Rashsa A. Dihin and Zahir M. Hussain

Feature Selection for Improving Multi-Label Classification using MEKA
pp. 14774-14782
Susan Koshy and R.Padmajavalli

Preparation Activated Carbon from Biji Refinery Asphalt Treated with Sulfur and Waste Polymers
pp. 14783-14788
Muwafaq A. Rabeea, Rasim F. Muslim and Atyaf A. Younis

Experimental Study of Clear Atmospheric Turbulence Effects on Laser Beam Spreading in Free Space
pp. 14789-14796
R. N. Ali, Jassim Mohammed Jassim, Khalid Mahdi Jasim and Mariam Kadhim Jawad

Characterizations of DCM/PS Co-Doped Anatas Particulates Thin Film Underwent the Annealing Treatments
pp. 14797-14804
Haider Tawfiq Naeem

Modulation Properties of Quantum Dot Semiconductor Laser with Optical Feedback

pp. 14805-14809
Nada Allawi fadhl, Sami A. habana and Basim Abdullattif Ghalib

Biosorbent Sewage Sludge for Removing Basic Dye from Aqueous Solutions
pp. 14810-14817
Alaa Hussein AL-Fatlawi and Farah Hasan Radad

Synthesis of Stoichiometric Phase Pure NiAl2O4 Using Molten Salt Method
pp. 14818-14827
Mohammed M. Hussein Al-Marzooqee, Imad A. Disher Al-Hydary and Shaker J. Idress Al- Mohana

Antimicrobial effect of Sliver Nanoparticles Synthesized by Chemical Reduction on some Bacteria and Fungi
pp. 14828-14832
Nebras N. Al-Dabbagh, Fattima Al-Zahraa G.Gassim and Nada Khazal Kadhim Hindi

Effect of Addition Au Nanoparticles on Emission Spectra of Laser Dye
pp. 14833-14841
Sara Ali Razzak, Lazem Hassan Aboud And Galeb Al-Dahash

Simulation Following for Initiation, Growth, and Branching of Streamer Discharge in a3mm Transformer Oil Filled Gap
pp. 14842-14848
Thamir H. Khalaf and Duaa A.Uamran

Synthesis then Characterization Regarding Nanostructured Ferric Oxide
pp. 14849-14853
Mohammed Yahya Hadi Al-mansoori, Ali Hussein F Alnasraui and Ali Adil T. Aldalawi

Study Positron Lifetime Spectrum with High Resolution Effect and Lifetime Effects
pp. 14854-14857
Mohanad H.Oleiwi and Teeba Mohammed Talib

Using of Coagulation Process of Pomegranate Peels for the Tertiary Treatment of Wastewater
pp. 14858-14864
Jabbar H. Al-Baidhani and Azhar Hadi Jassim Al-Khafaji

Study to Transform the Laser Beam Transmitted Through Free Space into Electrical Energy Using Solar Cells
pp. 14865-14868
Jassim Mohammed Jassim, Qussay Mohammed Salman and Amjad Zuhair Naji

Struectural, Thermal and Electrical properties of prepered polyaniline / Sliver Nanocomposites
pp. 14869-14873
Nadia A. Ali, Salma M. Hassan, and Seena I. Huseen

Synthesis and Characterizations of Reduced Graphene Oxide/ Iron Oxide: as a Model of Water Treatment
pp. 14874-14877
Ibrahim Jooda Sahib, Laith Sameer Jasim and Ayad F. Alkaim

Preparation, Spectra characterization of new 1,2,4- Triazole Derivatives and its complexities with some transition metal ions
pp. 14878-14881
Ibrahim.A.Flifel and Amna.N.Hlail

Sowing Seeds Protocol based Key Distribution for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 14882-14888
Saif Al-Alak

Learning Styles of ASEAN Students: A Pilot Case Study of Thai Freshmen in English Major at the School of Liberal Arts, Mae Fah Luang University
pp. 14889-14894
Sarinrat Yosraveevorakul, Maneerat Ekkayokkaya, Sorawit Sangsuwan, Leo van Lier and Robin Gene Hatfield

Sustainable Mangrove Forest Management Analysis (a case study from Dusun Taman Jaya, West Seram Regency, Maluku)
pp. 14895-14900
Oleh. Debby V Pattimahu, Agustinus Kastanya and dan Patrich E Papilaya

An Analysis of Usability on Smartphone Virtual Reality Interior Applications
pp. 14901-14907
Joonseok Lee and Kyungsook Nam

Implementation of a Methodology to Perform an Energy Audit with Academic Purpose
pp. 14908-14913
M.A. Paucar, P.I. Amancha, E.F. Viera, T.D. San Antonio and D.M. Salazar

Universidad De Zamboanga Weather Station: Monitoring on Wind Speed and Wind Direction
pp. 14914-14926
Mary Ann Beth L. Kong

Green Synthesis of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles in Aqueous Medium as a Potential Efficient Catalyst for Catalysis Applications
pp. 14927-14930
Waad Mohsen, M. A. Sadek and Hany A. Elazab

An Implementation of LOD Instance Development System using Schema-Instance Layer Separation
pp. 14931-14937
Heekyung Moon, Zhanfang Zhao, Jintak Choi and Sungkook Han

Design and Implement of Bigdata Analysis Systems
pp. 14938-14943
Jeong-Joon Kim

IP-in-IP Encapsulation Methods using Proxy Server for Medical Information Exchange
pp. 14944-14947
Hak Joon Lee, Yong Kyu Park and Yong Gyu Jung

Haptic Interactions for Probing Real Objects in Remote Places
pp. 14948-14954
A Ram Choi, Chan Woo Kim, Migyeong Gwak and Mee Young Sung

Healthcare Security System using IP Hiding methods
pp. 14955-14957
Yong Kyu Park, Lee Hak Joon and Yong Gyu Jung

An Analysis on Optimization of Domestic Water Conservation Practices
pp. 14958-14963
Muthukrishna vellaisamy Kumarasamy, Santhesh Naicker, Joy T. Adu and Peter O Ocholla

Performance Analysis of Novel Hybrid A-BAT Algorithm in Crowdsourcing Environment
pp. 14964-14969
W.C.Cincy and J.R. Jeba

Characterization of Rice Husks Active Carbon Using Catalyst and Ultrasonic
pp. 14970-14973
Masdania Zurairah Siregar and Julia Maulina

Root Cause Analysis of a Jet Fuel Tanker Accident
pp. 14974-14983
Adekitan Israel Aderibigbe

A Comprehensive Study of Dispute Resolution using Artificial Neural Network in Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Project
pp. 14984-14988
Asra Fatima, B.S.R.K Prasad and Seshadri Sekhar T

The Effects of Feed Rate to Dimensional Accuracy and Roughness on Machining Process of Propeller Blade using 5-Axis CNC Turn-Milling Machine
pp. 14989-14992
Achmad Zaki Rahman, Khairul Jauhari, Helmi Suryaputra, Mulyamin Abubakar, Endarto Tri Wibowo and Mahfudz Al Huda

Steady State Stability Assessment using Continuation Power Flow based on Load Tap Changer
pp. 14993-14997
Indar Caherah Gunadin, Zaenab Muslimin and Yusran

Numerical Computations on Sediment Transport Models Base on Threshold Sediment Motions of Shield’s Graphic due to Simulation of the Groyne Placement Analysis
pp. 14998-15006
Suharjoko, Srie Subekti and Edy Sumirman

Discrete Model of System Research of Economic System’s Complicated Behaviour
pp. 15007-15010
?.A.Beisenbi, G.S.Shuteyeva and A.U.Sadvakassova

A Novel Hybrid Approach for Retrieval of the Music Information
pp. 15011-15017
Varsha N. Degaonkar and Anju V. Kulkarni

A Discrete Time Heuristic for Storage and Scheduling Unloading Operations in Container Terminal under Capacity and Non-Interference Constraints
pp. 15018-15026
Sanae Kouismi

Influence of Endocrine Symptoms on Quality of Life related to Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Breast Cancer Survivors
pp. 15027-15033
Ok-Hee Cho and Sun Hee Yun

Optimized Estimation of Mangosteen Maturity Stage using SVM and Color Features Combination Approach
pp. 15034-15038
Slamet Riyadi, Afrizal Zuhri, Tony K. Hariadi, Indira Prabasari and Nafi Ananda Utama

The Innovation Oriented and Human Resource Development Policy Affecting Markets and Products Development through Organization Innovation Support
pp. 15039-15049
Chanongkorn Kuntonbutr, Natnarong Jaturat, Tsutomu Konosu and Phenpimon Wilairatana

IoT Distributed Processing System Based on Resource Allocation Algorithm
pp. 15050-15054
Changsu Kim, Hankil Kim and Hoekyoung Jung

Crowd Simulation in Souvenir Market by Using Multi Agent System
pp. 15055-15065
Purba Daru Kusuma

Matrix Method of Calculation for Simulation of Distribution Electric Networks Of Medium Voltage
pp. 15066-15072
Martynyuk M. V., Sokolova E. S., Dmitriev D.V. and Tyurin A. I.

Environmental Considerations of Recycling Polymer and Other Industrial Waste and By-Products
pp. 15073-15077
Inna N. Pugacheva, Larisa V. Molokanova, Alexsandr A. Smirnykh, Lyubov’ V. Popova and Pavel S. Repin

Experimental Comparison of Processes for Recovery of Copper and Zinc from Mine Water
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Improvement in Stereocomplexation of Poly(L-lactide)/Poly(D-lactide) Blended Bioplastics by Melt Blending with Epoxidized Natural Rubber
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Test Bench for Pressure Calibration of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Device for Sleep Apnea Applications
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Improving Customized Recommendation Accuracy Including User’s Expectancy in Bandwagon Phenomenon
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Vibtration Transimmition of Human Femuer Bone Due to Massage Device
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Thermal Analysis of Thermal Conductivity of Headlamp Reflectors
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Using Multi-Sensory Instruction in Managing Classroom for Effective Teaching and Learning
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Use of BIM in Design of Standard Facilities
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Influencing the PageRank using Link Analysis in SEO
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Advanced Pixel –Level Enhancement Technique for NOAA satellite image using PCA and Morphological Operations
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A Study of Thermal Stability on Dusty Couple - Stress Fluid in Hydromagnetic Field with Rotation
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Engineering Properties on the Sugar Cane Bagasse with Sisal Fibre Reinforced Concrete
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Case Study on Enhanced K-Means Algorithm for Bioinformatics Data Clustering
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A New Hadoop Scheduler Framework
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An Analytical Model for HDFS Replication Pipeline based on Queuing Theory
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Static Analysis Tool for Identification of Permission Misuse by Android Applications
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Renovated RSA Cryptosystem for secure Data Transmission
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Distributed Web Crawlers using Hadoop
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Lung Tuberculosis Detection Using X-Ray Images
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A Severity Based Source Code Defect Finding Framework and Improvements over Methods
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Study on Impact of Solar Photovoltaic Generation by Atmospheric Variables using ANN, ANFIS and Image Processing Techniques
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Kannada Script Recognitions from Scanned Book Cover Images
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Properties of Fiberglass Crossarm in Transmission Tower - A Review
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Alternative Construction Materials for Furniture Production
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Lean Management Concept in Energy Efficiency Improvement for Non-domestic
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Fix Speed Pump-Turbine with Incorporated Flow Control using Flapping Blade Mechanism
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The Effect of Sintering Temperature and Soaking Time on the Transparency of Silica Glass Prepared by Gel-Casting and Sintering
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Design of Online Self-Testable Multi-core System using Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration of FPGA
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Results of the Complex Studies of Microstructural, Physical and Mechanical Properties of Engineering Materials Using Innovative Methods
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On the Comparison of Stability Analysis with Phase Portrait for a Discrete Prey-Predator System
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Electric Load Forecasting in Electrical Power Supply Systems
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Application of Alginate Film for Soursop Fruit Preservation
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Food Safety Knowledge and Hygiene Practice of Street Vendors in Mekong River Delta Region
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Investigation of Map for Durian Preservation
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Knowledge, Handling Behavior Affecting to Food Safety of Industrial Kitchen Handlers
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Production of Formulated Juice Beverage from Soursop and Grapefruit
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Various Factors Affecting to the Dried Goat Meat Production
pp. 15316-15318
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Design and Development of Reliability Sampling Plans for Intermittent Testing Based on Type-I Censoring
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The Effective Technological Processes for PGM Recovery from Dunites of Urals Platinum Belt, Russia
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Effect of using Sand Contaminated with Petroleum Products on Mechanical Properties of Concrete
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Evaluation of Factors Having a Significant Impact on the Development of Scientific Organizations in the Field of Engineering
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Analysis of Claims Causing the Quality Deficiency and Time Overruns in Construction Projects
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A Study of Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention Influenced for Nano-Convergence Employees
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Security Issues in DNA Based on Data Hiding: A Review
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Mapping of the Assets and Utilities: A vision for the development of Smart Cities in India
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Relationship between Platelet counts and High Sensitivity C-reactive protein according to Body Mass Index of Korean adolescents
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The Definition of the Dominant Concept of Organizational Development for Research Organizations in the Applied Engineering Field
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Sediment Distribution Model for Reservoir Life Service Management
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Hydrogen Subatoms and Photosynthesis in Certain Plants
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Achieving High Throughput and Fairness in Dense WLANs by Mitigating Problem Nodes
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Ensuring Relay Selectivity in Power Supply Systems using the Bayesian Method of Hypothesis Testing
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Images Classification and Feature Extraction by Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s)
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Estimation of Solar Radiation of Clear Sky using Non- Linear Methods Case Study: Fuerteventura (Spain)
pp. 15438-154446
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The Program Complex of Operational Monitoring of Agricultural Machinery Work with the Use of High-Precision Positioning Systems
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Design of an Electronic Bracelet for Remote Surveillance of People Deprived of their Freedom in Colombia
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A Review on Classification and Comparison of Automatic Logo Based Document Image Retrieval Methods and other Applications
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Study of the Composition of Gold Nanoparticle—Immunoglobulins G Conjugates Using Dissociating Lanthanide Label
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Educational Robotics: Algorithm Logic Learning Comparison
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A Key Distribution Scheme in Broadcast Encryption Using Polynomial Interpolation
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A Review on Association Rule Mining Techniques with Respect to their Privacy Preserving Capabilities
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An Advanced H-Infinity Filtering Approach for Multiple Object Tracking in Video Sequences
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An Analysis of Most Effective Virtual Machine Image Encryption Technique for Cloud Security
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Experimental Studies on Performance and Combustion Characteristics of a DI Engine Fueled with sunflower Blends
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A Weighted Dynamic Data Replication Management for Cloud Data Storage Systems
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Quality Aware Deterministic Batch Scheduling Algorithm for Optimal Channel Utilization in Optical Burst Switching Networks
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Self-Centered Single Valued Neutrosophic Graphs
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The Influence of Work Environment on Job Performance: A Case Study of Engineering Company in Jordan
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Empirical Model for Improving the Capacity of Wireless Adhoc Network
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Photovoltaic Module Interconnection Modified to Improve Efficiency & Robustness
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Analysis of PM 2.5 and PM 10 using particle analyzer for development the STEAM program
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Pure Shear Performance of Steel- Concrete Interfaces with Stud Shear Connectors of Diverse Geometric and Embedding Conditions
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A Study on Business Ecosystem of 3D Printing Contents Distribution Platform : Using Service Value Network Analysis
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Using on Compressed Gas Vehicles Combined Injection of Fuels
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Optimization of Anisotropic Conductive Film Bonding for Improving the Quality of the Image in Vision Inspection
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Differential equations associated with twisted q-tangent polynomials
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Use of Digital Aerial Photogrammetry Sensors for Land Cover Classification
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Generation of Surface Energy in Metals Using Row-by-Row Microdeformation
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Psychological and Didactic Resources of Use of Information Technologies as Tools of Students' Self-Fulfillment in University Training
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Design and realization of a Flexible Finger Actuated by Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Wires
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Optimization Study on Chemical Flooding for Viscous Oil Reservoirs by an Artificial Neural Network with the Support of the Response Surface Methodology
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Rectification of distorted elemental image array using four markers in three-dimensional integral imaging
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Analysis of color transforms for lossless frame memory compression
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Enhancement of Dielectric Characteristics of Transformer oils with Nanoparticles
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Design of a Strawberry Freeze System with IQF Freezing
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GIS for analyzing Pumping Tests and Wells Data for Assessing Groundwater Prospects of Pedda Kedari Reserve Forest, Srikakulam, AP
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An Enhanced CTES Design for Authentication and Authorization to Cloud Services and Resources
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Improving the Performance of MANETs using the Feedback Based Adaptive Speedy TCP applied with Adept Route Yielding Algorithm
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Heat Transfer Enhancement in Fe3O4-water Nanofluid through a Finned Tube Counter Flow Heat Exchanger
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Proposed Framework with Comparative Analysis of Access Control & Authentication based Security Models Employed over Cloud
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Cloud Micro Services Architecture for Portable Workloads using Container Technologies and Standards
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Robust Feature Extraction using Embedded Hidden Markov Model for Face Identification and Verification
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Trend of Performance in the Licensure Examination of Teacher Education Institutions in Central Luzon, Philippines
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Application Level Resource Scheduling with Optimal Schedule Interval Filling (RS-OSIF) for Distributed Cloud Computing Environments
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An Invisible Watermarking Technique for Integrity and Right Protection of Relational Databases
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The Implementation of Real Options Theory for Economic Evaluation in Oil and Gas Field Project: Case Studies in Indonesia
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IoT-Aided Indoor Positioning based on Fingerprinting
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A Frame Work of Real Time Disaster Management System (RDMS) Using ADHOC wireless Networks
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Energy and Cost Efficient Dynamic Load Balancing Mechanism for Resource Provisioning in Cloud Computing
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Solving The Modified Ostrovsky Equation using Pseudo-Spectral Method
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A Study on a Suitability of Sound Fire Extinguisher in Duct Environment
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Performance Analysis of Reed Solomon Code & BCH Code for various Modulation Schemes over AWGN Channel
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The Integration of Association Rules and AHP in Cloud Service Selection
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Factors and Reserves of Increase of Efficiency of Agricultural Production
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Comparison of Serum Iron, Total Iron Binding Capacity and hemoglobin A1c level according to Obesity in South Korean Adult
pp. 15830-15837
Hea Shoon Lee

Channel and Source Coding Applied in the Bit Stream with Optimization in the Bit Rate Using Pattern Search (PS)
pp. 15838-15847
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Space Time Shift Keying (STSK) MIMO based on Constant Envelope multicarrier multiple access in different antenna configuration under AWGN channel
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A Proposed Methodology for Phase Wise Software Testing Using Soft Computing
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Combined Economic Emission Dispatch in a Micro Grid: A Comprehensive Survey
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Analysis of User driven Availability and Resource level Availability for a Composite Web Service
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Unsupervised Behavioral Modeling of an E-learning Domain Based on Timed Automata
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DTBC: Decision Tree based binary Classification using with Feature Selection and Optimization for Malaria Infected Erythrocyte Detection
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A New Strengthening Technique for Deep Beam Openings Using Steel Plates
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A Novel Approach of Back-propagated Fuzzy Switching Median Filter for Medical Lung CT image denoising
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The Design of Cascode, Shunt feedback Low Noise Amplifiers in 180nm Technology for WiMAX Applications
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An Efficient Content Based Image Retrieval Using Block Color Histogram and Color Co-occurrence Matrix
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Distributed Memory and CPU Management in Cloud Computing Environment
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An Efficient Clustering of Two Way Multi-Child Semantic Maps and Spanning Trees for Mining
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Enhancing Performance of Deep Learning Based Text Summarizer
pp. 15986-15993
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Review on Techniques and Applications Involved in Web Usage Mining
pp. 15994-15998
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Comparative Study of Conventional and Optimal PID Tunned Methods for PMDCM Speed Control
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A Proposed Conception of the Learner Model for Adaptive Hypermedia

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Pentagon Fractal Antenna for Above 6 Ghz band Applications

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Techniques of Efficiency Measurement in Ecology Research of Forest Management Using Data Envelopment Analysis

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Superhydrophobic Nanocomposites Coating Using Electrospinning Technique on Different Materials

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Failure Classification in High Concentration Photovoltaic System (HCPV) by using Probabilistic Neural Networks

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Back-forward Model Analysis for Spatial Localization of Pollutant Sources

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A Site Selection Model to Identify Optimal Locations for Microalgae Biofuel Production Facilities in Sicily (Italy)

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Wind Turbine Wake Mathematical Models Validation by Means of Wind Field Data

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Geological Aspects of Producing Reserves from Complex Gas Deposits

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Synthesis and Characterization of SiCp Reinforced Magnesium Alloy Based Metal Matrix Composite Through Vacuum Assisted Stir Casting Process

pp. 16087-16093

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FPGA - based Optimized Systolic Design for Median Filtering Algorithms

pp. 16100-16113

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Lindley Approximation Generalized Compound Rayleigh Model under General Entropy Loss Function
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Environmental Impact Assessment of A Proposed Highway Project in Vijayawada Using Riam Software
pp. 16121-16126
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Groundwater Quality Assessment of an Aquaculture Affected Area
pp. 16127-16133
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