International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 4  (2017)  





Design and Analysis of Facial Action by Gabor Filtering
pp. 408-413
Seunghui Cha and Wookhyun Kim

Configuration of the Medium-Haul Twin-Fuselage Passenger Aircraft
pp. 414-421
Y.V. Vedernikov, V.E. Chepiga, V.P. Maslakov, E.A. Kuklev and V.G. Gusev

An Assessment of Mapping Functions for VTEC Estimation using Measurements of Low Latitude Dual Frequency GPS Receiver
pp. 422-427
K. Durga Rao and V.B.S. Srilatha Indira Dutt

Studying Composition of Al2O3 Thin Films Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Electron-Beam Evaporation (EBE) upon Rapid Thermal Processing
pp. 428-433
Alexey Alexeevich Dronov, Darya Alexeevna Dronova, Elena Petrovna Kirilenko,Igor Makarovich Terashkevich and Sergei Aleksandrovich Gavrilov

Active vibration control of a dynamical system subjected to simultaneous excitation forces
pp. 434-442
Y. S. Hamed, M. R. Alharthi and H. K. AlKhathami

Analysis Risk labor assessment by queuing theory of berth and craft waiting containers to professional’s formation in Hazard prevention risk.
pp. 443-451
A. Guardiola Mouhaffel, F.J. Díaz Pérez, A. Ibarra, R. Díaz Martín and B. Arcones

Exploiting Sparsity inWireless Sensor Networks for Energy Saving: A Comparative Study
pp. 452–460
Mohammed E. El-Telbany and Maha A. Maged

Analysis and Prediction of the Potential of Wind Energy in Tetouan, Northern Morocco using the Principle of Maximum Entropy
pp. 461-469
Abderrahman Mouradi and Abdelaziz Mimet

Effect of corrugated web on flexural capacity of steel beams
pp. 470-481
Ahmed S. Elamary, Amr B. Saddek and Mamdooh Alwetaishi

Sintering Effect on the Structural and Electrical Properties of Li0.4Ni0.2Fe2.5O4 Prepared by Citrate Precursor Method
pp. 482-487
Sanatombi S, Sumitra P and Ibetombi S

Stabilization of heavy oil fly ash (HFO) for construction and environmental purposes
pp. 488-497
Mazen Alshaaer, Mohammed Shqair, Hesham G. Abdelwahed, Khaled Abuhasel and Montserrat Zamorano Toro

Application of Means-End Chain Research Model to Explore Attributes of Architecture Studio
pp. 498-508
Chih Siong Wong and Mahmud Bin Mohd Jusan

Low Complexity Background Subtraction and Adaptive Noise Elimination For Moving Object Segmentation
pp. 509-512
Nuwan Sanjeewa and Won Ho Kim

Synthesis of BaFe12O19 Using Templates from Starch
pp. 513-518
Syahwin, Nasruddin MN, Muhammad Zarlis, and Bambang Sunendar

Blade Fault Diagnosis using Artificial Neural Network
pp. 519-526
Wai Keng Ngui, Mohd Salman Leong, Mohd Ibrahim Shapiai and Meng Hee Lim

An Efficient Message Protocol Using Multichannel with Clustering
pp. 527-531
Jaejeong Lee and Byoungchul Ahn

Art Painting Identification using Convolutional Neural Network
pp. 532-539
Yiyu Hong and Jongweon Kim


AI Planning Search In Direct Access Bit Array Based Representation

pp. 540-548

Joseph I. Zalaket and Joe M. Khalil


Pressure Control in a Low-Pressure Casting Furnace

pp. 549-553

M. Carello, G. Belforte and A. Ivanov


Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Fluidisation Phenomena in a Rectangular Multiphase Bed

pp. 554-560

Massimiliana Carello, Guido Belforte and Vladimir Viktorov






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