International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 7  (2017)  





Reliability Based Analysis of Berthing Structure Subjected to Variable Crane Load
pp. 1123-1128
G. T. Naidu, Dr. Balaji K.V.G.D, M. Pavan kumar and M. Jeevan Kumar Reddy

Feature Extraction Of Optical Character Recognition: Survey
pp. 1129-1137
Marial A and Jibrael Jos

CFD Analysis of Dehumidification Characteristics of Cross Flow Dehumidifier with Calcium Chloride as Liquid Desiccant
pp. 1138-1141
Eflita Yohana, M. S. K. Tony Suryo Utomo, Yohanes Aditya Wisnu Arisandhy, Endy Yulianto and Mohammad Tauviqirrahman

A Subtractive Relational Fuzzy C-Medoids Clustering Approach To Cluster Web User Sessions from Web Server Logs
pp. 1142-1150
Dilip Singh Sisodia, Shrish Verma and Om Prakash Vyas

Impacts of Solar Variability on Distribution Networks Performance
pp. 1151-1155
Vinodh Annathurai, Chin Kim Gan, Mohd Ruddin Abdul Ghani and Kyairul Azmi Baharin

Review of Nucleate Pool Boiling Heat Transfer using Refrigerant
pp. 1156-1165
Mukul Ray and Swapan Bhaumik

Hybrid Transmission with Simple Planetary Gear
pp. 1166-1172
Vladimir Ivanovich Nekrasov, Ruslan Albertovich Ziganshin, Oksana Olegovna Gorshkova, Mikhail Mikhailovich Ivankiv

Design and Implementation of Asynchronous 8-bit Microprocessor
pp. 1173-1177
Kyung Ki Kim

Computational Hydrodynamic Analysis of Horizontal-Axis Hydrokinetic Turbine With and without Diffuser
pp. 1178-1181
Cristian Cardona-Mancilla, Jorge Andrés Sierra del Río and Diego Andrés Hincapié Zuluaga

Raspberry Analysis in the Teaching of Computer Sciences
pp. 1182-1189
Johnny Paúl Novillo Vicuña, Fausto Fabian Redrován Castillo, Freddy Leonardo Espinoza Urgilés and Freddy Leonardo Espinoza Urgilés

Comparison between non-Newtonian and Newtonian Lubrication of Journal Bearing Considering Cavitation using CFD
pp. 1190-1193
A.W. Pratomo, M. Tauviqirrahman, M. Muchammad, A.P. Bayuseno and J. Jamari

Thin-Film Coatings Based on Hollow Inorganic Microsheres and Polyacrylic Binder
pp. 1194-1199
Vladimir Yu. Chukhlanov, Tatyana A. Trifonova, Oleg G. Selivanov, Marina E. Ilinа and Natalia V. Chukhlanova

Analysis of Wind Power Potential and Electric Energy in the Algerian Sahara Regions
pp. 1200-1204

Bio-Physics Concept for Camera Vision Hypothesis of Colour White
pp. 1205-1208
Shahrudin Zakaria, Syed Najib Syed Salim, Mohd Hanif Che Hasan, Maslan Zainon and Norazlina Abd Razak

A Comparison between Hydrodynamic and Monte Carlo Model Characteristics of n+nn+ Diode Based on Hg0.8Cd0.2Te
pp. 1209-1212
Moughli.H, Belghachi.A and Daoudi.M

Behavior of Continuous-Span Composite Slab: A Review
pp. 1213-1215
Khalid W. Dahham, Shahrizan Baharom and W.H. Wan Badaruzzaman

Structures, Functions and Means of Access to Remote Resources
pp. 1216-1221
Victor A. Rusakov

Security Weakness of Efficient and Secure Smart Card Based Password Authentication Scheme
pp. 1222-1226
Younsung Choi

Study on the Development of Class C Flyash Based GPC by Ambient Curing
pp. 1227-1231
G.Mohankumar and R.Manickavasagam

Internet Usage Patterns: An Exploratory Study in Oman
pp. 1232-1236
Mohammad Ahmar Khan, Sarfraz Khan, Asad Rehman and Suhail M. Ghouse

Redesign of Work Environment with Ergonomics Intervention to Reduce Fatigue
pp. 1237-1243
Sajiyo and M Adhi Prasnowo

Development of an Automatic Luminaire Control System
pp. 1244-1246
Olowoleni J.O, Adoghe A.U, Agbetuyi A. F, Awosope C. O. A. and Arokoyo J. B.

Determination of Lockhart-Martinelli Parameter Using CFD in 2D Vertical Rectangular and offset Mini-Channels with R717
pp. 1247-1253
Sreebhash S Kutty and T.P Ashok Babu

Literature Statistical Analysis of Gas Hydrate Research in China
pp. 1254-1259
Di SHI and Jianjun LIU

Assessment Carbon Footprint of Canal Works to Irrigation Agriculture by Theoretical Queuing (Siore 1_2_3_kAS kAS).
pp. 1260-1270
Author Adib Guardiola Mouhaffel, Assane Seck, Wagué Ahmadou, Díaz Pérez F.J. and Ddjibril Sall

Rapid Particle Size Analysis of Suspensions Based on Video Technology and Artificial Neural Network with Additional Training During Operation
pp. 1271-1278
Vladimir S. Fetisov, Zarina I. Kharisova, Oleg A. Dmitriyev and Olga V. Melnichuk

Multi-Objective Optimization of friction stir welded dissimilar aluminium composites using grey analysis
pp. 1279-1289
G.Diju Samuel and J.Edwin Raja Dhas


Three-Dimensional Container Loading: A Simulated Annealing Approach
pp. 1290-1304
Hanan Mostaghimi, Bryan St.Amour and Walid Abdul-Kader

Visual Study of Droplet Bouncing Phenomena upon Impact on Hot Horizontal Surface
pp. 1305-1310
S. Illias, S. Hussain, M. S. A. Ishak, M. Z. M. Zain and M. A. Idris

Particles Trajectories Simulation of Hydrodynamic Focusing in Circular and Rectangular Polymer Microflow Cytometer
pp. 1311-1315
Norasyikin Selamat, Muhammad Syafiq Bin Rahim and Abang Annuar Ehsan

Face Recognition Using Gradient Derivative Local Binary Patterns
pp. 1316-1323
D. Sharadamani and C. NagaRaju

An Improved Image Resizing Approach with Protection of Main Objects
pp. 1324-1328
Chin-Chen Chang, Chun-Ju Chen and Shao-Hung Hung

MCU-based Battery Management System for Fast Charging of IoT-based Large-Scale Battery-Cells
pp. 1329-1333
Meng Di Yin, Jiae Youn, Jeonghun Cho and Daejin Park

Predictive Data Mining of Chronic Diseases Using Decision Tree: A Case Study of Health Insurance Company in Indonesia
pp. 1334-1339
Dini Hidayatul Qudsi, Mira Kartiwi and Nurliyana Binte Saleh

Video Evidence Appraisal Using Changing Keypoints: A case study
pp. 1340-1344
Yea-June Yoon

A Robust Method to Extract Polar Words from Unstructured Text
pp. 1345-1349
Guijia He and Soowon Lee

Preparation and Microstructure of Ag-Doped Tio2 Nanotubes by Anodization Method
pp. 1350-1354
Somkuan Photharin and Udom Tipparach

Ergonomic Risk Factors associated with Muscuslokeletal Disorders in Computer Workstation
pp. 1355-1359
Mohd Nasrull Abdol Rahman, Ibrahim Masood, Nur Farahanim Awalludin and Mohd Fahrul Hassan

Effectiveness of Different Percentage of Bentonite in Soil Liner on Interface Shear Strength with Geosynthetic
pp. 1360-1364
Farah Hafifee Ahmad, Mazidah Mukri and Nor Azizah Che Azmi

The Influence of Geopolymer for Laterite Soil with Different Compaction Effort as a Soil Liner
pp. 1365-1370
Mazidah Mukri and Nik Nurul Syuhada Nik Ab Aziz

Cogging Torque Reduction of IPM Motor using Skewing, Notching, Pole Pairing and Rotor Pole Axial Pairing
pp. 1371-1376
Fatihah Shafiqah Bahrim, E. Sulaiman, Laili Iwani Jusoh, M. Fairoz Omar and Rajesh Kumar

Preliminary Studies of Various Rotor Pole Number for Permanent Magnet Flux Switching Machines (PMFSM)
pp. 1377-1382
Laili Iwani Jusoh, Erwan Sulaiman, Rajesh Kumar, Fatihah Shafiqah Bahrim and M. Fairoz Omar

Design of Outer Rotor Permanent Magnet Flux Switching Machine for Downhole Application
pp. 1383-1388
Rajesh Kumar, Erwan Sulaiman, Laili Iwani Jusoh and Fatihah Shafiqah Bahrim

A Systematic Literature Review of the Test Case Prioritization Technique for Sequence of Events
pp. 1389-1395
Johanna Ahmad and Salmi Baharom

PIN and APD Analysis for Optical CDMA based on The Proposed Radio over Fiber (RoF) Approach
pp. 1396-1400
Z. Ibrahim, C. B. M. Rashidi, S. A. Aljunid, A. K. Rahmana and S. Yaakob

The Performance of Varies Data Rate in Free Space Optical Communication System using Dual Diffuser Modulation
pp. 1401-1405
M.F Talib, A.K Rahman, Anuar M.S, C.B.M.Rashidi, S.A Aljunid and Z. Ibrahim

A Novel of an Optimal Power Received in Outdoor Optical Wireless Access Networks
pp. 1406-1410
A.A.Anis, A. K. Rahman, C. B. M. Rashidi and S. A. Aljunid

Enhanced Performance of Bit Error Rate by Utilizing Sequential Algorithm (SeQ) Code in Optical CDMA Network Systems
pp. 1411-1415
C. A. S. Fazlina, C. B. M. Rashidi, A. K. Rahman, S. A. Aljunid and R. Endut

The Performance in FSO Communication Due to Atmospheric Turbulence Via Utilizing New Dual Diffuser Modulation Approach
pp. 1416-1420
K. R. Ummul, M.S.Anuar, A.K.Rahman, C.B.M.Rashidi and S.A.Aljunid

Optimization of Assembly Line Balancing with Resource Constraint using NSGA-II: A Case Study
pp. 1421-1426
Masitah Jusop and Mohd Fadzil Faisae Ab Rashid

Improving Thermal Deformation of Double Crystal Monochromators by Cryogenic Cooling
pp. 1427-1431
Dongsu Lee, Seoung-Seun Yang, Kyunghan Chun and Bonghwan Kim

Real-time Multiview Autostereoscopic Image Synthesis System
pp. 1432-1436
Yongjun Jon, Kyunghan Chun, Bonghwan Kim, Dongin Lee, Insoo Lee and Dongkyun Kim

PV Characteristics and Their Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithms using LabVIEW
pp. 1437-1441
Byeungleul Lee, Zin Mar Myint and Bonghwan Kim

Saturation-type Reaching Law for Altitude Control
pp. 1442-1445
Kyunghan Chun, Bonghwan Kim, Yongjun Jon, Dongin Lee and Insoo Lee







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