International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 8  (2017)  





Security Analysis of a Biometric-based Authenticated Key Agreement Scheme using ECC for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 1446-1451
Youngsook Lee

Comparative study of three yttria-stabilized zirconia formulations in colored vs natural shades
pp. 1452-1459
Lucia Denti

Analysis of 3 RPS Robotic Platform Motion in SimScape and MATLAB GUI Environment
pp. 1460-1468
John Olaya, Nicolás Pintor, Oscar F. Avilés and Juan Chaparro

Design and Implementation of a Controller Using Genetic Algorithms
pp. 1469-1477
Juan M. Chaparro F, Oscar F. Aviles S and Alonso J. Chica L

Simulation Study on Scalability Improvement of Logic Transistors With MoS2 Channel and N+/P+Si Tunnel Junction
pp. 1478-1482
Jong-Wook Lee

Development Of Application Program Libraries For The Design Of The Sectional Drilling Augers By Means Of Solid Works
pp. 1483-1487
Andrey I. Folomkin and Viktoriya A. Merkulova

The Quantity Variations of the High-Strength Reinforcing Bars on the Underground Parking in a Rigid-Frame Building
pp. 1488-1499

Seung-Ho Cho and Seunguk Na

Technical Realization of the Task of Controlling the Temperature Field of a Tunnel Furnace of a Conveyor Type
pp. 1500-1510
Yury Ilyushin and Anton Mokeev

Development of M-shaped boiler for ultra-supercritical steam parameters for 1000 MW power unit
pp. 1511-1519
Sergey Chernov, Vadim Prokhorov and Vladimir Kirichkov

Environmentally Friendly Fluid loss Control Agent in Water-Based Mud for Oil and Gas Drilling Operations
pp. 1520-1523
Onuh C.Y, Igwilo K.C, Anawe P.A.L, Daramola Olakunle and Ogunwomoju Omotoke

Artificial Neural Network Based Voltage Stability Analysis of Radial Distribution System
pp. 1524-1528
Gagari Deb and Kabir Chakraborty

Investigation Testing of Structural Members of Large-sized Reconfigurable Spacecraft Antenna Reflectors
pp. 1529-1535
Mikhail Viktorovich Boyarchuk, Sergey Alekseevich Gusev, Igor Vladimirovich Teminovskiy and Valeriy Yuryevich Terekhov

Laboratory Studies of Optical and Radiophysical Properties of New Materials for Application in Large-sized Reconfigurable Spacecraft Antenna Reflectors
pp. 1536-1550
Oleg Vladimirovich Zajcev, Aleksandr Nikolaevich Kalinnikov, Sergey Sergeevich Muzyka and Ilya Vladimirovich Chudnov

Developing an Experimental Antenna Reflector Prototype of PCM
pp. 1551-1563
Andrey Sergeevich Kolesnikov, Kristina Evgenyevna Belokopytova, Aleksandr Nikolaevich Kalinikov, Ilya Vladimirovich Chudnov and Maksim Andreevich Orlov

Enhancing Transport of Media Using Physical Layer Based Approach
pp. 1564-1575
Sake Madhu, M. Bal Raju and P. Chenna Reddy

Voltage Sag Compensation in Multiline Distribution System using Closed Loop Controlled IDVR
pp. 1576-1583
P.Suresh and B.Baskaran

EMAS Framework For Text Plagarism Detection (Evolutionary Multi-Agent System)
pp. 1584-1590
S.N.Autade, Prof.S.Z.Gawali and D. M. Thakore

Suitability of Conventional 1D Noise Subspace Algorithms for DOA Estimation using Large Arrays at Millimeter Wave Band
pp. 1591-1597
Ashish Patwari, G.R.Reddy, Harshit Gupta and Vidha Nigam

Influence of Fly Ash and Fine Aggregates on the Characteristics of Pervious Concrete
pp. 1598-1609
Uma Maguesvari, M and Sundararajan, T

The Effects of Different Surcharge Pressures on 3-D Consolidation of Soil
pp. 1610-1615
Arpan Laskar and Sujit Kumar Pal

Error Free Coding In Transformed Domain for Multimedia Streaming
pp. 1616-1621
Maheswara Reddy Sura and H. S. N. Murthy

Performance Analysis of Beacon enabled Prioritized CSMA/CA for IEEE Sensor Networks
pp. 1628-1632
Sambhaji Sarode and Jagdish Bakal

Multi-objective Hierarchical Particle Swarm Optimization of Linear Antenna Array with Low Side Lobe and Beam-Width
pp. 1622-1627
Jayanta Ghosh, Arun Kumar Poonia and Ruchi Varma

Speaker Identification and Verification Using Different Model for Text-Dependent
pp. 1633-1638
Shrikant Upadhyay, Sudhir Kumar Sharma and Aditi Upadhyay

Preserving the Privacy of Sensitive Data using Data Anonymization
pp. 1639-1663
M. Jyothi and M. V. P. Chandra Sekhara Rao

DLL Based Clock Generator with Low Power and High Speed Frequency Multiplier
pp. 1664-1670
Thutivaka Vasudeepthi, P.Malarvezhi and R.Dayana

Implementing Seam Carving in Digital Image: The Fractal Way

pp. 1671-1674
Shashank Lingwal, Ashish Negi, Gajendra Singh, Durgesh Pant and Nidhi Lingwal

Comparative Analysis of a User Space EtherCAT Master Application for Hard Real-time Control
pp. 1675-1682
Raimarius Delgados and Byoung Wook Choi

Vibration Impact on Fresh Concrete of Conventional and UHPFRC
pp. 1683-1690
Sudarshan N.M and Chandrasekhar Rao

Data Model and Case Study of Seasonal Data in Web GIS
pp. 1691-1696
Ing. Jakub Konopásek and Doc. RNDr. Dana Klimešová, CSc

A Case Study in Requirements Engineering in Context of Agile
pp. 1697-1702
Vandana Gaikwad and Prasanna Joeg

Information Security System on the Basis of the Distributed Storage with Splitting of Data
pp. 1703-1711
Erbol Asylhanovich Kurmanbaev, Iskendr Narimanovich Syrgabekov, Erkin Zadauly, Ardak Zhumagazievna Karipzhanova and Kumys Toleubekovna Urazbaeva

Enrichment of Power Quality using PID-Intelligence Controller with D-STATCOM in Wind Energy conversion system
pp. 1712-1718
A. Nabisha, X. Felix Joseph and Ganesan

Lightweight Optimization of Headrest Modules Including Flat-Plate Sliding Brackets
pp. 1719-1724
Deok Jeon and Euy Sik Jeon

Filtration of Submicron Particles From Motorcycle Emission Using a DC Low Electrostatic Filter
pp. 1725-1728
Arinto Y. P. Wardoyo, Arif Budianto and Abdurrouf

Multi Objective Optimization of Machining Parameters for AA7075 Metal Matrix Composite Using Grey - Fuzzy Technique
pp. 1729-1735
Ramanan G and Edwin Raja Dhas J

Implementing and analyzing different Machine Learning Algorithms using EEG based BCI
pp. 1736-1741
Anupama.H.S, Raj V Jain, Revannur Venkatesh, N.K.Cauvery and Lingaraju.G.M

Research of the Effect of the Concrete Reinforcement Structure on the Stress-Strain State of Structures
pp. 1742-1751
Andrey Anatolievich Shubin, Pavel Kirillovich Tulin and Irina Vitalyevna Potseshkovskaya

Reliability Analysis of a Single Machine Subsystem of a Cable Plant with Six Maintenance Categories
pp. 1752-1757
Taj SZ, Rizwan SM , Alkali BM, Harrison DK and Taneja GL

Vector Based Classification of Dermoscopic Images Using SURF
pp. 1725-1728
Arinto Y. P. Wardoyo, Arif Budianto and aAbdurrouf

PSO-inspired BIRCH and Improved Bipartite Graph for Automatic Web Service Composition
pp. 1765-1771
K. Meenakshi Sundaram and T. Parimalam

Design of Hierarchical Trust based Intrusion Detection System for Wireless Sensor Network [HTBID]
pp. 1772-1778
Amol R. Dhakne and Prashant N. Chatur

Adaptive Power Control for Quality of Service Improvement in WCDMA Wireless Networks
pp. 1779-1783
Vandana Khare,Y.Madhavee Latha and D.Sreenivasa Rao

A Review on Failures of Industrial Components due to Hydrogen Embrittlement & Techniques for Damage Prevention
pp. 1784-1792
Amit Khare, Manish Vishwakarma and Vishal Parashar

PAPR reduction using SC-FDMA in Underwater acoustic channel
pp. 1793-1797
Bevek Subba and G. Elavel Visuvanathan

Crowd Surveillance with the Video Captured by Handheld Devices
pp. 1798-1806
Chandra Prakash Sahu, Vikas, Yashpal Yadav and Madan Singh







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