International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 9  (2017)  





Threshold Voltage Modeling for Nanometer Scale Junction Less Double Gate MOSFET
pp. 1807-1810
Gaurav Dhiman and P. K. Ghosh

Intelligent Temperature Control System at Greenhouse
pp. 1811-1814
Shahad. Alyousif, Nurul Fadzilawati Zainuddin and Baharudin Bin Hamzah

A Modern Approach in Cloud Computing Storage by Using Compression and Crypto Mechanism
pp. 1815-1818
Sheik Saidhbi and Komati Thirupathi Rao

Performance Comparison of Different Low Cost Cameras for Development of an Eye-Tracking System
pp. 1819-1825
Arpita Ray Sarkar, Goutam Sanyal and Somajyoti Majumder

Effect of the Concentration of the Nanoparticles on the Dielectric Behavior of a Transformar Oil
pp. 1826-1830
Dhanish Mon.N, Shibin S, Praveen Kumar. S, Venkata Jeeven.T and sunitha.K

Efficient Multi Stage Spectrum Sensing Technique For Cognitive Radio Networks Under Noisy Condition
pp. 1831-1835
Gajendra Singh Rathore and Sitadevi Bharatula

A Parallel Approach for the Diagnosis of Electrical Asynchronous Training Anomalies
pp. 1836-1843
Nejib Khalfaoui, Mohamed Salah Salhi and Hamid Amiri

Enhanced Intrusion Detection System Using Data Reduction: An Ant Colony Optimization Approach
pp. 1844-1847
K. Kanaka Vardhini and T. Sitamahalakshmi

Human path tracing using combined Color and Centroid feature in a Video
pp. 1848-1854
Sunitha M R, H S Jayanna and Ramegowda

Optimal Design of Lightweight Seat Extension Equipment Using Topology Optimization and Design of Experiment
pp. 1855-1859
Yu Jun Song and Euy Sik Jeon

Accurate Border Detection of Skin Lesions in Skin Cancer Images using Log Edge Detector
pp. 1860-1866
J.H.Jaseema Yasmin and M. Mohamed sathik

Vulnerability Assessment Using Fragility Curves
pp. 1867-1873
Sopna S Nair, G Hemalatha and P Muthupriya

Terms of melting the permafrost when cementing of boreholes plugged with gas-liquid mixtures with hollow microspheres
pp. 1874-1878
Mikhail Iu. Merzliakov and Aleksei V. Podoliak

Improving the Efficiency of Well Cementing in Permafrost Regions by Using Gas-Liquid Cement Mixtures
pp. 1879-1882
Michail Yu. Merzliakov and Aleksei V. Podoliak

Hydrogen Subatoms in a Multiply Charged Ion Field
pp. 1883-1884
Vladimir K. Nevolin

Forecast of Thermal Behaviour Dynamics at Interface of Borehole 5 and Subglacial Lake Vostok (Antarctica)
pp. 1885-1887
Andrei N. Dmitriev and Sergei A. Ignatiev

Estimation of Generalized Long-Memory Stochastic Volatility for High-Frequency Data
pp. 1888-1892
Alex C. Gonzaga

Two phase Classification Model to Detect Malicious URLs
pp. 1893-1898
N.Jayakanthan, A.V.Ramani and M.Ravichandran

An Experimental Investigation towards Multi Objective Optimization during Hard Turning of Tool Steel Using a Novel MCDM Technique
pp. 1899-1907
R.K Suresh, G.Krishnaiah and P.Venkataramaiah

RERMRS: Residual Energy based Reliable Multipath Routing Scheme for increasing Network Lifetime in MANET
pp. 1908-1913
N. Sureshkumar and S.Bhavani

Improving of Agricultural Products Preservation by Optimization of Ventilation Systems Operation Modes
pp. 1914-1919
Kucherenko Maria Nikolaevna, Sizenko Olga Aleksandrovna and Bikunovа Мarina Victorovna

Optimal Test Suite Selection using Improved Cuckoo Search Algorithm Based on Extensive Testing Constraints
pp. 1920-1928
K. Senthil Kumar and A. Muthukumaravel

An Smarter Multi Queue Job Scheduling Policy for Cloud Computing
pp. 1929-1934
Jaspreet Singh and Deepali Gupta

Minutiae-based Matching Scheme for Fingerprint Identification using the Grassfire Spot Matching
pp. 1935-1942
Dae-Seong Jeoune, Chan-Myeong Han, Yun-Kyoo Ryoo, Jae Hak Sa, Seunghui Cha and Wook Hyun Kim

Energy Efficient Target Tracking and Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 1943-1949
V. Jayaraj and S. Alonshia

A New Image Steganography Depending On Reference & LSB
pp. 1950-1955
Saher Manaseer, Asmaa Aljawawdeh and Dua Alsoudi

Intrusion Detection using RREP Messages Of AODV Routing Protocol
pp. 1956-1961
Deepak Kumar Verma, Renu Jain and Ashwani Kush

Developing a Decision Supprot System (DSS) for utility of Power Supply Organization
pp. 1962-1968
Pooja Nahar and Sanjay Kumar

A Low Power and Linear Voltage Controlled Oscillator Using Hybrid CMOS-CNFET Technology
pp. 1969-1973
S. B. Rahane and A.K. Kureshi

Selection Anti Submarine Sensor of Helicopter Using ELECTRE III Method
pp. 1974-1981
Ahmadi, Siswo H. Sumantri, Okol S. Suharyo and A. Kukuh Susilo

Privacy Protecation Mechanism for Indoor Positioning Systems
pp. 1982-1986
Sungil kim, sang Guun Yoo and Juho Kim

Finite Element Modelling of a Reinforced Concrete Slab-Column Connection under Cyclic Lateral Load
pp. 1987-1993
Asdam Tambusay, Priyo Suprobo, Faimun and Andi Arwin Amiruddin

Study of Mixed Gas Flow Pattern Inside RPC
pp. 1994-1999
S. D. Kalmania, P.V. Verma, R. P. SHINDE and P. V. Hunagund

An Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Vanet
pp. 2000-2005
A.Malathi and N. Sreenath

A Comparative Study of Artificial Neural networks and Adaptive Nero- Fuzzy Inference System for Forecasting Daily Discharge of a Tigris River
pp. 2006-2016
Sarmad A. Abbas

Medication Management Process Modeling using Coloured Petri nets
pp. 2017-2021
Taeho Kim and Yukyung Ko

Relative SMR Wave Power Spectra Analysis of Visula Arts Majors and Non-majors
pp. 2022-2026
Kwang-Ju Kim and Doo-Hyun Choi

Electric Power Quality Distortions Influencing Oil Processing Plant Parameters and Characteristics
pp. 2027-2030
Yuri Vladimirovich Gulkov and Denis Anatolyevich Ustinov

Technological Features of the Interaction between a Flexible Traction Element and Extracting Unit during the Development of Solid Mineral Resources of the Seabed
pp. 2031-2037
Igor A. Korolyova and Sergey A. Lavrenko

Software Fault-proneness Prediction Using Module Severity Metrics
pp. 2038-2043
Euyseok Hong

Proposed Simple and Efficient Control Algorithm Design Approach
pp. 2044-2053
Farhan A. Salem, Mohamed M. K and Usama H. Issa

Visible Neighbor Search Using Skyline Query
pp. 2054-2058
Jongwan Kim

Modeling of the Steel Manufacturing Processes
pp. 2059-2062
Sang Young Lee

Express-centric train operation of Korean capital wide-area railroad
pp. 2063-2070
Baekkyu Namkung and Sungbong Chung

Efficient Big Data Transfer Technique for Static Routing Networks
pp. 2071-2078
Issam Alhadid, Sufian Khwaldeh, Khalid Kaabneh and Hassan Tarawneh

Affecting on Contract Administration in Government Construction Projects
pp. 2079-2086
Pooworakulchai C, Kongsong W, Kongbenjapuch K

Desing of a Mobile Maternal ECG Measurement System with Fetal ECG Extraction Features
pp. 2087-2090
Chulhyung Choi, Md Saifur Rahman, Young-pil Kim and Sikyung Kim

ROAR: New Resource Aware Opportuinstic Roution Protocolfor for Reliable Communication
SmitaShuklaPatel and M. Mohanpriya

Congestion Management and Voltage Profile Improvement in a Hybrid Power System with FACTS Controllers
pp. 2095-2103
S. Surender Reddy


Automation 3D wig Generation Method Using FFD and Robotic Arm
pp. 2104-2108
Md Saifur Rahman, Chulhyung Choi, Young-pil Kim and Sikyung Kim







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